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Full text of "The Canada directory for 1857-58 : containing names of professional and businessmen, and of the principal inhabitants, in the cities, towns and villages throughout the Province, alphabetical directories of banks ... Post Office Department, Post Offices ... and railway and steamboat routes throughout Canada, corrected to November 1857"

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3 1924 073 590 899 

Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 



FOR ±357-63:'^"^'^/^ " 
















ilontreal x 



PeICB $5. 



" 187. 
" 246. 

Page BO. Eatiscan Bridge— Por "Seigniory of St. Lawrence," 
read " Seigniory of Batiscan." 

Dund!#— For ''^Cash, William," read " Lash, Wiliam." 

Dungannon— As a note to this place, read " Th» Post 
office was formerly called Wawanosh." 

Embro — Name omitted, "DANIEL CALLAHAN, 
dealer in dry goods, hoots, shoes, crockery, hard- 
ware, country produce, &c." 

Kingston— The names of the directors of the Commer- 
cial Bank, and of the officers of the bank at Brock- 
ville, Perth, and Presoott, are incorrectly given, 
and the asency at St. Mary's omitted, Por a 
later and complete account of the bank direc- 
tors and officers, see p. 1023. 

Kingston— St. George's church— For " rev. Archibald 
Stuart," read '^rev. G. O'Kill Stuart." The rev. 
Archibald Stewart is second assistant minister. 
St. Paul's church— Por " rev. — WeDloch." read 
" rev. John A. Muloch." 

Lambeth— In note to this place, for "The Postofllce 
was formerly called Lambeth," read " The Post 
office was formerly called Westminster." 

Lennoxville — The bursar of Bishop's College is B. 
Chapman, not rev. J. H. Thompson, M.A. Por 
correct information as to the college, see p. 1137. 

Maskinong^— In place of first line of description, read 
" A flourishing Village situated on the River Haski. 



'■ 994 
" 1038. 

nong6,in the Seijsniory and County of Maskinong^.' 

Trinity House— B. David David is now treasurer, ii 
place of 3. Holmes, resigned. 

The name of the Villa«e the description of which 
follows Eockton, is " Bookside." 

Spencer's Mills— Por * appended to this place put t. 

The name of the place at head of this pa^e is Both- 
well. In some copies the "B" is missing. 

Haldimand— The name of the Clerk of the Peace for 
this County is " John B. Martin," not " Thomas 
H, Aikraan." 

Joseph Amable Heureux, of St. J^rflme, is now Regis- 
trar of Terrebonne, vice J. Lachaine, resigned. 

Pp. 846 & 1110. The names of the officers of the Agncultur^ 
Association for Upper Canada, of the Board of Agriculture, and 
of the Horticultural Society, are incon-ect in some particu- 
lars. The following, recently received, is to be substituted ^— 


B. Stevenson, M.P.P.. Picton, president; "William Perguson, 
Kingston, and John Wade, Port Hope, vice presidents. 

oncers.— Si. L. Denison, Toronto, treasurer ; professor Buck- 
land, Toronto, secretary of the Board of Agriculture, and J. 
Edwards, Toronto, secretary of the Board of Arts and Manufac- 
tures, ioint secretaries ; professor Croft, University college, 
consulting chemist ; James Fleming, Toronto, seedsman ; Bank 
of Upper Canada, bankers. 

Office 52 King st. east. 

Hon. P. M. Vankoughnet, minister of agriculture; B. W.Thomp- 
son, Toronto, president j J. B. Marks, Kingston, vice president ; 
D. B. Stevenson, M.P.P., Picton, president of the Agricultural 
Association , W. B. Jarvis, president of the Board of Arts 
and Manufactures; D. Beatty, Cobourg.-vioe president of the 
Board of Arts and Manufactures ; rev. Dr. Ryerson, chief super- 
intendent of education, C. W. ; R. L. Denison, Toronto ; profes- 
sor Buckland, Toronto, secretary ; hon. Adam Fergusson, Wood- 
hill ; sheriff Ruttan, Cobourg ; David Christie, M.P.P., Brant- 
ford J Asa A. Burnham, Cobourg. 

The members of this Board constitute the Council of the Pro- 
vincial Agricultural Association, as above, between the annual 
meetings thereof. 


His Excellency the Governor General, patron ; G. W. Allan, 
president ; J. D. Humphreys, professor Buckland, and Robert 
Beard, vice presidents. 

Officer. — James 0. Small, secretary- treasurer. 

Committee of Management. — Rev. T. Schreiber, sheriff Jarvis, 
George Leslie. Rice Lewis, John Gray, captaiu Jones, hon. Jos, 
C. Morrison, F. W. Coate, James Fleming. George Sootheran, J. 
A. Simmers, and Alexander Mason, 

N.B, — The information as to Newspapers and Bank officers, as printed under the different places, is in some cases incorrect, 
owing to changes during the time the different sheets were printing. Por a list of Newspapers and Bank officers as corrected 
to the latest moment, see pp. 1022-1025 and 1140-1145. 

Entered, according to the Act of the Provincial Parliament, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty- 
seven, by John Lotbll, in the office of the Registrar of the Province of Canada. 





AKbott's Corners.... 33 

Abbottsford 33 

Aberoorn 33 

*~''^fbercrombie East ... 33 
Aberdeen, see Rapides 

des Joachims 630 

Aberfoyle 33 

Abingdon 33 

Acton 34 

Acton Vale 34 

Adams, see Allumette 

Island 36 

Adamaville, C. E. . . . 34 

Adamsville, C. W. . . 34 

Adare 35 

Addison 34 

Adelaide 35 

Admaston 35 

Adolphustown 35 

AJnleysville 35 

Alibert.... 35 

Albertville .-. . . 35 

Albion, see Bolton. . . 63 
Albion Mills,seeMount 

Albion 458 

AlbionTiUe, see Mount 

Albion 458 

Aldershott 36 

Alexandria 36 

Allan Park 36 

Allanburg 36 

Allan's Corners 36 

AUansTille, see Glen 

Allan 150 

AUisontille 36 

Allumette Island .... 36 

Alma 31 

Alma (Pine River) . . 37 

Almira 37 

Almonte 37 

Alton -... 37 

Altona 38 

Alvinston . . » 38 

'Ameliasburg 38 

Amherst Island 38 

Amherstburg 39 

Ancaster 38 

Ancienne Lorette ... 39 

Angus 38 

Appleton — Appletoo 

iPalls 38 

Apto 40 

Aqueduct,see MerrittB- 

Tille 301 

Arkona 890 

Arlington 40 

Arnprior 40 

Arran, see Wexford. . 876 

Arthabaska 40 

Arthur 41 

Arva 41 

■ Ashburn 40 

Ashgrove 41 

Ashton 41 

Atbelstau 42 


Atherly 42 

Athlone 42 

Atbol 41 

Audley 43 

«&ughrim 42 

Aultsville 42 

Anrora 42 

Avon 42 

Aylmer, C. E 43 

Aylmer, O.W 45 

Aylwin 44 

Ayr 44 

Baby's Point 45 

Baby ville 45 

Baden 46 

Bagot, see Spring- 
town 659 

Bagotville 45 

Baker's Corners 46 

Balaclava 46 

Balaclava, see Glen- 

lyon 153 

Balaclava Mills 46 

Ballinafad 46 

Ballyduff 46 

Balmoral 47 

Baltimore 47 

Barnston — Barnston 

Corner 46 

Barrie 47 

Barriefield 48 

Bartonville 890 

Batesis Corners, see 

West Winchester.. 874 

Bath 49 

Batiscan 49 

Batiscan Bridge 50 

Battersea 48 

Bayfield '. . . 50 

Bayham,see Richmond 

(Bayham) 634 

Beachburgh 51 

Beaehville 50 

Beamaville 51 

Bear Brook 51 

Beauharnois 51 

Beaumont 52 

Beauport 53 

Beaverton 54 

B6caneour 52 

Bedford 54 

Beebe Plain 52 

Bell BWart 54 

Bellamy's Mills, see 

Clayton 102 

Belle Riviere 53 

Belleville 55 

Bellowston 58 

Bell's Corners 58 

Bell's Corners, see 

North Williamsburg, 475 

Belmont 890 

Belmore 60 

Belceil 58 

Bennie's Corners .-.. 58 


Bentinck, see Durham, 

C. W 132 

Bentley's Corners, see 

Brougham . . . , 77 

Berlin 59 

Berthier en Bas 61 

Berthier en Haul .... 60 

Berwick 61 

Beverley, see Delta . . 123 

Bewdley 59 

Bic 61 

Biddulph, see Adare. . 35 
Binbrook, see Hall's 

Corners 200 

Birmingham 62 

Black Creek 62 

Black Creek, see Seb- 

ringville 646 

Blenheim 62 

Bloomfield 62 

Bloomfield (South Mo- 

nagham) 62 

Blythe 62 

Bobcaygeon 64 

Bodmin 63 

Bolton 63 

Bond Head 63 

Bond Head Harbor, 

see Newcastle 470 

Bongard's Corners. . . 63 
Bonsville, see Platts- 

ville Station 513 

Borelia 64 

BosanquetjSeeArkona, 890 

Boscobel 64 

Boston 64 

Bothwell 891 

Boucherville 65 

Bourg Louis 64 

Bowen 65 

Boiymanton 65 

Bowmanville 65 

Bradford 67 

Brampton 68 

Branchton 69 

Brant, see Walkerton, 866 

Brantford 69 

Breslau 72 

Brewer's Mills 72 

Bridgenorth 72 

Bridgeport 72 

Brighton 72 

Bristol — ,Bristol Mills 73 

Britannia Mills 73 

Britonville, see Morin, 456 

Broad Creek 73 

Brockton 73 

Broekville 74 

Brome — Brome Cor- 
ner 76 

Brompton Falls 77 

Bronte 77 

Brooklin 77 

Brookville 78 

Brougham.^ 77 


Broughtou 78 

Brown's Corners, see 

Audley 43 

Brown's Corners — 

Brownsburg 78 

Brownsville (Oxford), 78 

Brownsville (York) . . 78 

Bruce Mines 78 

Bruoefield 79 

Buckingham 79 

Burford 79 

Burgessville 80 

Burnstown 80 

Burritt's Rapids 79 

Burwick 80 

Bute 80 

Buttouville 80 

Buxton 81 

Cacouna 81 

Oaeaarea 81 

Cainsville 81 

Caintowu 81 

Oaistorville 82 

Caledon East 82 

Caledonia 82 

Caledonia Plats 83 

Caledonia Springs ... 83 

Calumet Island 83 

Camden East, see 

Clarke's Mills 101 

Oampbellford 83 

Campbell's Cross.. .. 83 

Campbellville 83 

Canboro 84 

Canestoga 84 

Canfield 84 

Cauifton 84 

Canning 85 

Cannington 85 

Canrobert, seeL'Ange 

Grardieu(Canrobert), 256 

Canton 86 

Canton (Pickering).. 85 

Canton, see Cashmere, 89 
Cap a rCEil, see St. 

Fidele 686 

Cap de la Magdeleine 86 

Cap des Rosiers 891 

Cap"Sant6 86 

Cap St. Ignace 87 

Cape Cove 85 

Cape Rich 86 

Carillon 87 

Carleton 87 

Carleton Place 88 

Carlingford 88 

Carlisle '88 

Carlisle (Falkirk)... 89 

Carlow 8S 

Carluke 38 



Carradoc, see Mount 

Brydges 45/ 



1857. [Cahaba 


Carrying Place, see 

Murray 460 

Carstairs, see Harris- 
burg 202 

Cartwright, see Wil- 

Uamsburgh 8 78 

Cashel 89 

Cashmere 89 

Castlebar 89 

Oastleton 90 

Oaughnawaga 90 

Cavagnol 90 

Cavan — Cavanville.. 90 

Cayuga 91 

Cayuga Heights, see 

Cainsville 81 

Cedar Grove 91 

Cedars 91 

CentreyiUe 91 

Ohambly 92 

OWmplain 93 

Charlesbourg 93 

Oharlesville 93 

Charlerille 94 

Chateau Richer 94 

Chateauguay 95 

Chatham, 0. E 91 

Chatham, C. W 95 

Chelsea 97 

Cheltenham 9l 

Clierry Creek 98 

Cherry Valley 9T 

C'hertsey 98 

Chesterfield, see Platts- 

' Tille Station 513 

Chez Marse '98 

Chichester 99 

Chicoutimi 98 

Chippawa 99 

Christierille, see St. 

Athanase 668 

Churchill 99 

ChurchTille 99 

City of the Falls 100 

Clairville, see North 

liancaster 474 

Clarence, see New 

England 464 

Clarenceville 100 

Clarendon Centre 100 

Clare view 100 

Clarke, see Newton.. 471 

Clarke's Mills 101 


Mills 101 

Olarksville 102 

Clayton 102 

Clearville 100 

Clifton 102 

Clifton, see Clayton.. 102 

Clinton 101 

Clover Hill 103 

Clunas, see Spring- 
field (Clunas) 658 

Coaticook 103 

Cobden 103 

Cobourg 103 

Go,ckburn's Corners, 

see Berwick 61 

Godrington 109 

Golborne 110 

Oolborne Harbor Ill 

Colchester, see Oxford, 500 

Oolebrook Ill 

Coldsprings 109 

Coldstream..^ HO 


Ooldwater 110 

Coleraine Ill 

CoUingwood. 112 

Collin's Bay Ill 

Oolnmbia Ill 

Columbus 113 

Comber 113 

Comer's Mills 112 

Compton — Compton 

Centre 113 

Consecon 114 

Constance, see Kinburn 220 

Contreooeur 113 

Cook's Mills, see 

Crowlandville 121 

Cookshire 114 

Cookstown 1J.4 

Cooksville 115 

Cooksville, see Syden- 
ham (Oooksville) . . 747 

Copetown 115 

Cornellsville 115 

Cornwall 115 

Corunna 116 

C6te de la Visitation, 117 

Cote des Neiges 117 

Cote St. Antoine 117 

C6te Ste. Catherine . . 117 

Cote St. Luc 118 

Cote St. Paul 118 

Coteau dn Lac 118 

Coteau Landing 118 

Coteau St. Louis 119 

C6teau St. Pierre 120 

Goulthard's Corners, 

see Manilla 294 

Courtland 119 

Oowansville 120 

Cox's Creek, see 

Winterbourne 880 

Craigleith 120 

Craigville 120 

Granbourne 119 

Credit, see Springfield 

(Credit) 658 

Creek Bank 121 

Creemore Mills 120 

Grewson's Corners, see 

Morgantown 456 

Crook's Rapids, see 

Hastings 202 

Crosby's Corners, see 

Cashel 89 

Crossbill 121 

Cross Point 121 

Croton 121 

Croton (Johnston's 

Corner) 121 

Crowland — Crow- 
landville 121 

Croydon 121 

Culloden 121 

Cumberland, see Os- 
borne 482 

Cumminsville 122 

Daillebout 122 

Dalesville 122 

Dalhousie Mills 122 

Danville 123 

Dartford 123 

Dawn Mills 123 

Dealtown 123 

Decewsville 123 

Delaware 1 24 

Delhi, see Fredericks- 
burg. . .^. . . ... 145 


Delta 123 

Demorestville 124 

Dereham, see Tilson- 

burgh 760 

Derry West 124 

DeschambauTt 124 

Dewittville 125 

Dickinson's Landing . . 125 
Dingle, see Ainleys- 

ville 35 

Dingwall 126 

Donaldson's Corners, 

see Reading 631 

Doon 126 

Dorchester, see Put- 
nam 534 

Dorchester Station, 

see Edwardsburgh.. 134 

Douglas 126 

Douglas (Garafraxa).. 126 

Douglastown 126 

Downeyville 126 

Drayton 126 

Dresden 127 

Drew's Mills 127 

Drumbo 127 

Drummond,seeBlythe, 62 
Drummondville, G. B. 127 
Drummondville, G.W. 128 

Dudswell 128 

Duffin's Greek, see 

Canton (Pickering) 85 
Dunany, see Went- 

worth 872 

Dunbar 128 

Dunbarton. 128 

Dunblane 128 

Duncansville 129 

Dundalk ; 128 

Dundas 129 

Dundee 130 

Dungannon 130 

Dunham — Dunham 

Flats 130 

Dunnville 131 

Durham, C. E 130 

Durham, G.W 132 

Durham, (Ormstown), 131 

East Bolton 132 

East Clifton 890 

East Farnham 133 

East Prampton, see St. 

Malachie 713 

EastHatley 132 

East Hawkeshury 133 

East Hereford 133 

East Oro 133 

East Plympton, see 

Kertch 219 

Easton's Corners .... 133 

Eastwood 891 

Eaton — Eaton Cor- 
ner 133 

Eboulemens 134 ' 

Ecureuils 134 

Eden 135 

Eden Mills 891 

Edwardsburg 134 

Edwardsburgh 134 

Edwardstown, see St. 
Jean Chrysostome, 

en haut 702 

Eganville 135 

Egmondville 135 

Elgin 135 

Elginbnrg .'; . . ...... 135 


Elginfield 135 

Elizabethville 136 

Elma, see Towbridge, 85T 

Elmira 136 

Blora 136 

Embro 137 

Emily, see Omemee.. 479 

Enniskillen 131 

Ennisville 137 

Enterprise 133 

Epiphanie 138 

Epsom 138 

Erin 138 

Erinsville 138 

Errol 138 

Escott 139 

Eseoumains 139 

Esquesingf see Stew- 

arttown 739 

Euphrasia, see Wil- 
liamstown (Euphra- 
sia) 878 

EYerton 139 

Etobicoke, see Milton 
on the Humber. . . . 305 

Exeter 139 

Falkirk, see Carlisle 

(Falkirk) 89 

Farmersville 140 

Farmersvillef see Cor- 
nellsville 115 

Farnham Centre 140 

Farran's Point 140 

Fenelon Falls 140 

Fergus. 141 

Ferguson's Falls. > . . > 140 
Ferrall's Landing. . J. 141 
Finch, see Berwick. . 61 

Pingal 142 

Fitch Bay 141 

Pitzroy Harbor 142 

Five Stakes, see Tal- 

botville Royal 748 

Flint's, Mills. 142 

Florence 142 

Ponthill 143 

Forester's Falls 142 

Porestville 143 

Forfar 143 

Fort Coulonge 143 

Fort Erie 143 

Fort Lennox 891 

Fort William 144 

Pournier — Fournier- 

ville 144 

Pox River. 144 

Prampton 144 

Francestown 144 

Frankford 145 

Prankland 145 

Franktown 144 

Prankville 145 

Praserville 146 

Fredericksburg 145 

Freelton 146 

Freiburg 14I 

Brelighshurg 14t 

French Village 14'i 

Froomfield 148 

Frost Village 147 

Fullarton — Pullar- 

ton Corners 143 

Gait 148 

Gananoque 150 

Garafraxa, see Doug- 
las (Garafraxa) 12.6 

Directory.] 1858. 



Garden River, see Ke- 

tegaune-Seebe 219 

Garthby, see St. Oli- 
vier 721 

Gasp6 151 

Gasp^ Basin 151 

Gatineau Point, see 
Waterloo (Temple- 
ton) 868 

Gentilly 152 

Georgetown 152 

Georgetown 859 

Georgeville 153 

George ville,seeHenry- 

ville 205 

Georgina, see Sutton. T45 
Glanford, see Mount 

Hope 892 

Glanford Centre, see 

Mount Hope 892 

Glasgow, see Bridge- 
port 12 

Glen Allan 150 

Glen Morris 153 

Glen William 153 

Glencoe 153 

Glenlyon 153 

Goderich 154 

Golden Greek; see Port 

Franks 519 

Goodwood 153 

Gore 155 

Gore's Landing 155 

Gosfield, see Albert- 

ville 35 

Gonld 155 

Grafton 156 

Grahamsville 155 

Granby 15T 

Grand Bay 156 

Grand Brul6 157 

Grand River .-. . . 157 

Grande Greve,see Cap 

des Rosiers 891 

Gravelly Bay, see Port 

Oolborne 519 

Greenbush 157 

Greensville 158 

Greenwood 158 

Greetville, see Mor- 

gantown 456 

Grenville 158 

Grey, see Tannersville, 748 

Griersville 158 

Griffin's Corner 159 

Grimsby 158 

Grondines 159 

Grosse Isle 159 

Guelph 159 

Ha! Ha! Bay, see 

Grand Bay 156 

Hagersville 162 

Haldimand, see Graf- 
ton 156 

Halifax 200 

Hall's Corner 200 

Ham 162 

Hamilton 162 

Hammondsville, see 

Sheridan 649 

Hampton 200 

Hanover 201 

Harlem 200 

Harpurhey 201 

Harrietsville 201 

Harrington, C. E.... 201 


Harrington, C. W.. .. 201 

Harrisburg 202 

Harriston 891 

Harrowsmith 202 

Hartford 202 

Hastings 202 

Hastings (Madoc).... 202 
Hatley, see East Hat- 
ley 132 

Hatter's Bay, see 

Portsmouth 530 

Hattville 203 

Hawkesbury 203 

Hawkstone 203 

Hawksville 203 

Hay, seePrancestown, 144 

Haysville 204 

Headford 204 

Headville 205 

Heck's Corners — Heck- 

ston 892 

Heidelburg 204 

Hemmingford 204 

Henrysburgh 205 

Henryville 205 

Highland Creek 205 

Hillier 206 

Hillsboro' 205 

Hillsburgh 206 

Hilton 206 

Hochelaga 206 

Holland Landing 207 

HoUin 207 

Holt's Corners 207 

Hopetown 207 

Hopeville, see Canton. 86 

Hornby 208 

Homing's Mills 208 

Houghton — Hough- 
ton Centre 208 

Howick 208 

Hull 209 

Hullsville 208 

Humberstone, see Pe- 
*tersburgh (Humber- 

mone) 509 

Huntingdon 209 

Huntingville 209 

Huntley 209 

Huston — Huston- 

ville 209 

Indiana 210 

Industry Tillage 210 

Ingersoll 211 

Inkermann 212 

Inkermann, see Tavis- 
tock 749 

Innerkip 892 

Inuisfil 212 

Innisville, see Ennis- 

ville 137 

Inverhuron 212 

Invermay, see Wex- 
ford 876 

Inverness 212 

lona. 212 

Ireland 213 

Iroquois 213 

Isle aux Coudres 214 

Isle aux Grues 214 

Isle aux Noix, see Fort 

Lennox 891 

Isle Bizard 214 

Isle du Pads 215 

Isle Terte 214 

Jarratt's Corners.... 215 


Jarvis 215 

Jentir Wharf, see Am- 
herst Island 38 

Jerseyville 215 

Johnson's Corners... 215 
Johnson's Mills, see 

Lake View 253 

Johnson's Mills, see 

Pefferlaw 504 

Johnston's Corners,see 
Croton (Johnston's 

Corners) 121 

Johnville 216 

Joliette Village, see 

Lanoraie 254 

Jordan 216 

Kaladar, see Flint's 

Mills 142 

Kamouraska 216 

Ears 217 

Kastner 217 

Katesville 217 

Keenansville 217 

Keene 218 

Kelvin 218 

Kemptville 218 

Kendall ' 219 

Kenmore 219 

Kenyon, see Laggan.. 251 

Kertch 219 

Ketegaune-Seebe .... 219 

Kettleby Mills 219 

Kilbride 220 

Kildare 220 

Kilkenny 220 

Kilworth 220 

Kinburn 220 

Kincardine, see Pene- 

tangore 505 

Kingsey Palls 220 

Kingston 221 

Kingston Mills 248 

Kingsville 248 

Kinkora 248 

Kintail 248 

Kirkwall 248 

Kitley, see Toledo ... 751 

Klineburg 249 

Knowlton 249 

Knowlton Palls 249 

Komoka 249 

Kummer's Settlement, 
see Willowdale. . . . 879 

La Bale 250 

La Beauce, see Ste. 

Marie 715 

La Petite Riviere St. 
Francois, see Petite 

Riviere 510 

La Pigeonniere, see St. 
Michel Archange. . 720 

La Presentation 250 

La Terriere, see Grand 

Brul6 157 

La Tortue 251 

Lac Maskinong^, see 
St. Gabriel de Bran- 
don 689 

Lachenaie 250 

Lachine 251 

Lachute 252 

LacoUe 252 

Laggan 251 

Lagrange 251 

Lake Beauport 252 

Lakeof TwoMountains 253 


Lake View 253 

Lakefield 253 

Lakefield, see Gore . . 155 

Lambeth 253 

Lambton 254 

Lambton 305 

La'nark 253 

Lancaster. . . . , 254 

Lanoraie 254 

Lansdowne 255 

Laprairie 255 

Laskay 255 

Laval 255 

Lavaltrie 256 

Lawrenceville 256 

L'Acadie 256 

L'Ange Gardien 257 

L'Ange Gardien (Can- 

robert) 256 

L'Assomption 257 

L'Avenir 258 

L'Epiphanie, see Epi- 

phanie 133 

L'Islet 258 

L'Orignal 259 

Le Poulon 259 

Leamington 259 

Leaskdale 259 

Leeds 260 

Lefroy 259 

Leith , 260 

Lemonville 260 

Lennoxville 260 

Les Eboulemens, see 

Eboulemens 134 

Les-Ecureuils,see Ecu- 

reuils 134 

Les Escoumains, see 

Escoumains 139 

Leskard 261 

Lewisville 261 

Lifford 261 

Lindsay 262 

Lippincott, see Brock- 
ton 73 

Lisadel 261 

Listowell 261 

Litchfield 261 

Little Britain 262 

Little Current, see 

Wuhyabejewung . . 885 

Little Rideau 262 

Liverpool 262 

Lloydtown 203 

Lobo 263 

Lochiel, see Quigley's 

Corners 630 

Lockton 263 

Lombar's Corners, see 

South Elmsley 655 

London 265 

Long Island Locks.. . 264 

Long Point 263 

Longueuil 264 

Lonsdale 288^ 

Lorette 2891 

Lotbiniere 290 

Loughboro', see Syd- 

enham(Loughboro') 747 

Louisville 289 

Lower Ireland 288 

Lowville 290 

Lurgan 289 

Lyn 290 

Lynden 291 

Lyndhurst Mi 


1857. [Canada 


Lynedocli 291 

Lyons 291 

iastcville 292 

Maddington 292 

Madoc, see Hastings 

(Madoc) 202 

Magdalen Islands .... 291 

Magog 292 

Mahnetooalming 292 

Maltland 292 


Cross 293 

Major's wharfjsee Mon- 

tebello 308 

Malbaic 293 

Mallorytown 294 

Malta •. 293 

Mai ton 293 

Malvern 294 

Manawakie 294 

Manchester, see Sal- 
ford 642 

Manilla 294 

Manningville 295 

Mansonville 295 

Manvers, see BallydufF, 46 

Maple Orove 295 

Mapleton, see Listo- 

Tvell 261 

Marialeton 294 

March 295 

Mariposa, see Manilla, 294 

Markham 296 

Marmora '. . 295 

Martinto-wn 29T 

Martinville 29^ 

fcrysville 296 

Mascouche 29'7 

MaskiTiong6_ 298 

Massawippi 299 

Matane 298 

Matilda, see Iroquois. . 213 

Mayfield 298 

McDonald's Corners... 299 
McGillivray, see Ire- 
land 213 

HcGruin'BMills,see Col- 

,- lin's Bay Ill 

Meadowvale 300 

Meaford 299 

Melbourne 300 

Melbourne Ridge 300 

Melrose 300 

Melrose (Lobo) 301 

Melville 301 

MerrittSTille 301 

Morton 301 

Metcalfe 302 

Metcalfe, see Omemee, 479 

M^tis 302 

Meyersburg 303 

Middleport 302 

Middleton 303 

Middleton Centre, see 

Courtland 119 

Middieville, see Mid- 
dleton 303 

Milbank 303 

Milford 303 

Mill Brook 304 

Mill Creek, see Odessa, 4'79 

Mill Grove 303 

MillHavfen 304 

Mill Point, see Bowen, 65 

Mille Isles 303 

Milles Roches 305 


Milnesville 304 

Milton 306 

Milton — Milton Cor- 
ners 305 

Milton on the Humber, 305 

Mimico 305 

Mirickville 30 1 

Mitchell 308 

Mohawk, see Mount 

Pleasant (Mohawk) 459 

Moira 306 

Molesworth 307 

Mono Mills 307 

Mont St. Hilaire 308 

Montebello 308 

Montreal ,309 

Moore 456 

Morgantown 456 

Morin 456 

Morningdale — Morn- 

ingdale Mills 456 

Morpeth 456 

Morphj's Palls, see 

Carleton Place 88 

Morrisburg 457 

Morrisdale 457 

Morriston 458 

Morton 457 

Morven 458 

Mosa, see Wardsville, 868 

Moscow 458 

Moulinette 458 

Mount Albert 458 

Mount Albion 458 

Mount Brydges 459 

Mount Elgin 459 

Mount Healey 459 

Mount Johnson, see St. 

Gr^goire 692 

Mount Hope 892 

Mount Pleasant "459 

Mount Pleasant (Mo- 
hawk) '. 459 

Mount St. Patrick 460 

Mount Vernon 459 

Mountain 460 

Murray • 460 

Murray Bay, see Mal- 

baie 293 

Murvale 460 

Nairn 460 

Nanticoke 460 

Napauea 461 

Napier 462 

Napierville 463 

Nelson 462 

Nelsonville, see Cow- 

ansville 120 

Neustadt 463 

New Aberdeen 462 

New Carlisle 463 

New Dundee 464 

New Durham 464 

New Edinburgh 464 

New England 464 

New Germany, see 

Freiburg 147 

New Glasgow, C. E. . 465 

New Glasgow, O.W. . 464 

New Hamburg 466 

New Hope 465 

New Ireland 466 

New Liverpool 467 

New Lowell 466 

New Paisley, see New 

Glasgow, C. E . . . . 465 


New Philadelphia, see 

Quio 630 

New Richmond 467 

New Sarum 468 

Newash 467 

Newboro' 467 

Newburgh 468 

Newbury 468 

Newcastle 470 

Newland, see Mount 

Albert 458 

Newmarket 469 

Newry 470 

Newton 471 

Newtown Robinson. . 471 

Niagara , 472 

Niagara River, see 

Black Creek 62 

Nicolet 473 

Nilestowh 471 

Nithburg 471 

Nobleton 471 

Norham, see Percy*. . 506 

Normandale 471 

Normanton, see Port 

Elgin 520 

North Augusta 473 

North Douro,see Lake- 
field 253 

North Ely 474 

North Gower 892 

North Lancaster 474 

North Port 474 

North Stanbridge 474 

North Stukely 474 

North 'Williamsburg. . 475 

Norton Creek 474 

Nerval 475 

Norway 476 

Norwich — Norwich- 

ville 476 

Norwood 475 

Notre Damede Bonse- 
cours dite Les Ebou- 
leinens, see Eboule-(^ 

mens 134 

Notre Dame de la Yic- 

toire, seePointL^vi, Bl4 
Notre Dame de Mont 

Carmel 476 

Notre Dame du Por- 
tage 476 

Nottawa 476 

Nottawasaga Station, 

see Dingwall 126 

Oakland 477 

Oakville 477 

Oakwood 478 

Oban 478 

Odelltown 478 

Odessa 479 

Omagh 478 

Omemee 479 

Oneida 478 

Onondaga 481 

Onslow, see Quio 630 

Ontario 480 

Orangeville 480 

Orillia 481 

Ormstown, see Dur- 
ham (Ormslown) . . 131 
Oro 215 


Oronb 482 

Orwell 481 

Osborne 482 

Osgoode, see Metcalfe 302 

Oshawa 482 

Oshabruck Centre.. .. 484 

Ospringe 484 

Otonabee, see Keene. . 218 

Ottawa 485 

Ottawa Glass Workg, 4«4 

Otterville 484 

Owen Sound 499 

Oxford 500 

Oxford Mills 501 

Paisley 501 

Pakenham 501 

Palermo 502 

Papineauville 502 

Paris 502 

Paspebiac 501 


Admaston 35 

Pefferlaw 504 

Pelham, see Fonthill, 143 

Pembroke 504 

Penetangore 506 

Penetangnishene .... 505 

Penville . . . ; 504 

Perc6 505 

Percy (now Norham), 506 

Perry town 506 

Perth 506 

Peterborough 50S 

Peterborough East. . . 510 

Petersburg 510 

Petersburgh (Humber- 

stone) 509 

Petite Riviere 510 

Philipsburg, C.B 510 

Philipsburg, C. "W . . . 511 

Philipsville 511 

Pickeririgj see Canton 

(Pickering) 85 

Picton 512 

Pierreville 511 

Pigeon Hill 511 

Pike River 511 

Pine Grove Mills 513 

Pine Hill, see Widder, 878 

Pine Orchard 513 

Pine River, see Alma, 37 
Plantagenet, see Hatt- 

ville 203 

Plattsville 513 

Plattsville Station. . . 513 

Playfair's Mills 514 

Plessisville 513 

Plymouth,see BelinoBt 890 
Plympton,see Oban. . 478 
Point Abinojsee Ridge- 
way ., 635 

Point Fortune, 514 

Point Levi 514 

Point Levi East 516 

Point St. Peter 516 

Pointe a Cavaghol, see 

Cavagnol 90 

Pointe aux Trembles 

(en has). 517 

Pointe aux Trembles 

(en haut) Bl7 

Pointe Claire 518 

' Notice of the change in the name Of this place to N orhaiu 
was reeelved too late to make the necessiirjr correction in the 
body 6f the Work. 

Directory.] 1858. 



Pointe du Lao . . i . . . 517 
Fontiac — Pontiao 

Mills 518 

Port AIbert,see Albert 35 

Port Britain 518 

Port Bruce 518 

Port Bruce (Malta).. 519 

PortBurwell.... 519 

Port Colborne 519 

Port Credit. 520 

Port Dalhousie 520 

Port Dover 521 

Port Elgin 520 

PortElmsley ....... 519 

Port Franks 519 

Port Granby 521 

¥^t Hoover 521 

Pwiigope 522 

Port island 527 

Port M^Sand, see 

Broad Orebl'; 73 

Port Nelson . . .v, . . . 527 

Port Perry Xv 527 

Port Robinson >ii\627 

Polrt Eowan *28 

Port Royal 527 

Port Ryerse 527 

Port Sarnia, see Sar- 

nia 644 

Port- Stanley 529 

Port Union 528 

Portage du Port 528 

PM-tland 528 

Portneuf 529 

Portsmouth 530 

Postville 530 

Prescott 530 

Preston 533 

Prioeville 533 

Prince Albert.. 534 

Ptlnceville 534 

Prospect 532 

Puslinch 632 

E'Utnam 534 

Quebec 635 

Queenston 629 

Queensville 629 

Quigley's Corners .... 630 

Quio 630 

Raglan 630 

Eailton 630 

Ealnham 630 

Rainham Centre 630 

Ramsay, see Almonte, 37 
Rapides des Joachims, 630 

Rathe 630 

Rawdon 631 

Seach, see Prince Al- 
bert 534 

Reading 631 

Eednersville 631 

Renfrew 632 

Repentigny 631 

Riceville, 0. B 632 

EicevUle, C. W 632 

Richardson's Tillage, 

see Brookville 78 

Richelieu 632 

Richmond, C. B 633 

Richmond, O.W 634 

Richmond(Bayham).. 634 

Richmond Hill. . . 633 

Richview 634 

Richwood 635 

Ridgetown ......... 635 

Eidgeway 635 


Rigaud 63S 

Rlmouski 636 

Ringwood 637 

River Beaudet 637 

River David 637 

River Delisle, see St. 

Polycarpe 726 

River Desert, see Ma- 

nawakie 294 

Riversdale 637 

Riviere des Prairies . . 638 
Riviere du Loup en 

bas, see Praserville, 146 
Riviere du Loup en 

haut 638 

Riviere du Sud, see 

Henryville 205 

Riviere Quelle. 639 

Riviere St. Pierre. . . . 638 

Robinson 639 

Roblin, see Spencer's 

Mills 657 

Roblin's Mills, see 

Ameliasburg 38 

Rock Island 639 

Rockport 640 

Rockside 640 

Rockton 640 

Rockwood 640 

Rodgerville 640 

Rolph, see Courtland, 119 

Romney 640 

Rond'Eau, see Blen- 
heim 62 

Rosebank (Brant) . . . 641 
Rosebank (Lanark).. 641 

Rosetta 641 

Roseville 641 

Roslin 641 

Ross, see Rockside.. . 640 

Rouge Hill 641 

Rougemont 641 

Rowan Mills 642 

Roxborough 641 

Roxton Falls 642 

Russell, see Duncans- 

ville 129 

Russeltown 642 

Salem 642 

Salford 642 

Sand Point 642 

Sandhill 643 

Sandwich 643 

Sandy hill 643 

Sarnia 644 

Saugeen, see South- 
ampton 657 

Saillt au R^coUet.... 645 
Sault St. Lbuis, see 
Caughnawaga .... 90 

■ Sault Ste. Marie 645 

Sawyerville ......... 645 

Scarborough 645 

Scotch Block 646 

Scotch Village, see 
Peterborough East, 510 

Sebastopol 646 

Sebringville 646 

Seeley'sBay 646 

Selby 646 

Selby, see Lakefield.. 253 

Selkirk 646 

Seneca, see Caledonia, 82 

Seymour Bast 646 

Shakespeare €47 

Shannonville 647 


Sharon ..;-.... 648 

Sheffield 647 

Sherbrooke 648 

Sheridan 649 

Sherrington 649 

Sherrington, see Ba- 

byville 45 

Siddellsville..'. 649 

Silver Creek 650 

Simcoe 660 

Simcoe Falls 651 

Sinclairville 892 

Skenesville, see Dou- 
glas (Garafraxa) . . 126 
Slab Creek, see Hil- 

lier,. 206 

Bligo 651 

Smithfield 651 

Smith's Corners, see 

Wooler 885 

Smith's Falls 652 

Smithville (Hastings), 651 
Smithville (Lincoln).. 653 
Smithville, see John- 

ville 216 

Smithville, see Wel- 

lesley 872 

Snow Village 653 

Sombra 652 

Somerset, see Plessis- 

ville 513 

Soraba 653 

Sorel 654 

South Cayuga 653 

South Douro 655 

South Durham 655 

South Blmsley 655 

South Ely 655 

South Finch 656 

South Granby. 656 

South Hinchinbrook.. 656 
South Lake Bridge.. 656 
South March, see Lew- 

isville 261 

South Montreal, see 
St. Lambert (South 

Montreal) 710 

South Monaghan, See 

Bloomfield 62 

South Mountain 656 

SouthPotton, see Man- 

sonville.... 295 

South Stukely 656 

South Westmeath, see 

Beachburgh 51 

Southampton 667 

Sparta 657 

Spencer Cove 656 

Spencer's Mills 657 

Spencerville 658 

Spike's Corners, see 

Harrowsmith 202 

Spring Arbour 657 

Springfield (Clunas) . 658 
Springfield (Credit). . 658 

Springford.. . 658 

Springtown 659 

Springville 658 

Springville, see Har- 
rington, O.W 201 

Ste. Adele 659 

Ste. Agathe 659 

Ste. Agnes 659 

St. Aim<S 660 

St. Alexandre (Iber- 
ville) ., 660 


St. Alexandre (Ka- 

mouraska) 660 

St. Alexis 661 

St. Alphonse 661 

St. Alphonse de la 
Grande Bale, see 

Bagotville 45 

St. Ambroise de Kil- 

dare, see Kildare.. . 220 
St. Ambroise de la 
Jeune Lorette, see 

Lorette 289 

St. Andr^ 662 

St. Andr« Avelin.... 662 
St. Andrews, C. B... 662 
St. Andrews, O.W... 663 
St. Andrews, see This- 

tletown 750 

St. Anicet 661 

Ste. Anne... 661 

Ste. Anne (Bout de 
L'Isle,) see Ste. 

Anne 661 

Ste. Anne de la Pa- 
rade 664 

Ste. Anne de la Pooa- 

tiere 665 

Ste. Anne des Monts . 664 
Ste. Anne des Plaines 665 
Ste. Anne duNord... 666 

St. Anns 664 

St. Anselme 666 

St. Antoine 666 

St. Antoine de Tilly.. 667 

St. ApoUinaire 667 

St. Atmand Centre... 668 

St. Arsene 667 

St. Athanase 668 

St. Augustin (Port- 
neuf) 670 

St. Augustin (Two 

Mountains^ 669 

St. Barnab6 (River 

Tamaska) 669 

St. Barnab6 (St. Mau- 
rice) 669 

St. Barthelemi 670 

St. Basile 670 

St.Benoit. 671 

St. Bernard 6T1 

Ste. Brigide 671 

St. Oasimir 672 

St. Catharines 673 

Ste. Catherine 672 

St. Oalixte de Kil- 

kenny,see Kilkenny, 220 
Ste. C^cile du Bic, see 

Bic 61 

St. Oflestin..-. 676 

St. C^saire 672 

St. Charles (Belle- 

chasse) 678 

St. Charles de Lache- 

naie, see Lachenaie. 250 
St. Charles, River 

Richelieu 677 

St. Christophe 677 

Ste. Claire 678 

St. Clements 679 

St. Oolumban 677 

St. Constant 679 

Ste. Croix 679 

St. Cuthbert 680 

St. Cyrille 680 

St. Damase 681 

St. Davids 681^ 



1867. [Canada' 


St. Denis 680 

St. Denis delaBouteil- 

lerie 681 

St. Didace 681 

St. Dominique 682 

Ste. Elizabeth 683 

St. Elz^ar 683 

St. Bphrem 683 

St. Esprit 684 

St. Etienne 683 

St. Bustaclie 684 

St. Edouard 682 

St. Eloi' 682 

St. Pabien 685 

Ste. Pamille 685 

St. F61ix de Valois .. . 685 

St. F^r^ol 685 

St. Fidele 686 

Ste. Plavie 686 

St. Plavien 68'7 

Ste. Poye 687 

St. Pranjois (Beauce) 687 
St. PranQoia de Sales, 688 
St. Pran^ois du Lac. . 686 
St. Francois du Sud . . 688 
St. Francois (Isle 

d'Orl^ans) 688 

St. Frederic 689 

St. Gabriel de Brandon 689 

St. Genevieve 688 

Ste. G^nevieye de Ba- 

tiscan, see Batiscan, 49 
St. George, Beauce.. . 690 
St. George, Brant. . . . 689 
St. George d'Henry- 

ville, see Henryville, 205 

Ste. Gertrude 690 

St. Giles 690 

St. GerTais 691 

St. Gr^goire 691 

St. Gr^jgoire (Mount 

Johnson) 692 

St. Guillaume 692 

Ste. H^lene 692 

Ste. H^lene de Bagot, 693 

St. Helens 692 

St. Helen's Island. . . . 693 

Ste. H^n^dine 693 

St. Henri 694 

St. Henri, (Tannery 

West) 693 

St. Hermas 694 

St. Hilaire 694 

St. Hugues 698 

St. Hyaeinthe 695 

St. Hypolite 694 

St. Ignaoe du Cdteau 

du Lao, see Goteau 

du Lac 118 

St. Ir^n^e 699 

St. Isidore, (Dorches- 

?ter) 699 

St. Isjdore,(Laprairie) 699 

St. Jacobs loo 

St. Jacques '700 

St. Jacques le Mineur, '701 

St. Janvier '700 

St. Jean Baptiste .... 699 
St. Jean Chrysost6me 

enbas '701 

St. Jean Ohrysostdme 

en haut '702 

St. Jean d'Eschaillons '702 
St. Jean d'OrlSans,. . '701 
St. Jean Port Joli. ... '703 
St. J^rdme '704 


St. Joachim '702 

St. Johns, O.E '705 

St. Johns, 0. W '703 

St. Johns, see Arva . . 41 

St. Joseph '704 

St. Joseph du Lao . . . '708 

St. Jude '709 

Ste. Julienne '709 

St. JustjSeeHuUsTille, 208 

St. Lambert '709 

St. Lambert (South 

.Montreal) '710 

St. Laurent, (Jacques 

Oartier) '710 

St. Laurent (Montmo- 
rency) '710 

St. Lazare '711 

St. L6on *'711 

St. Liguori '711 

St. Lin '712 

St. Louis de Gonzague '712 

St. Luc 712 

Ste. Luce Yl3 

St. Malachie '713 

St. Marc — St. Marc de 

Cournoyer '713 

St. Marcel '714 

Ste. Marguerite '714 

Ste. Marie '715 

Ste. Marie de Monnoir, '714 

Ste. Marthe '715 

St. Martin '716 

Ste. Martine '718 

St. Mary's '716 

St. Mathias '71'7 

St. Maurice ....■,.... lis 
St. Maurice Forges.. . '719 
Ste. M^lanie de Daille- 

bout, see Daillebout 122 
St. Michaels, see 

Athelstan 42 

St. Michel Archange, '720 
St. Michel de Belle- 

cliasse.. '719 

St. Michel d'Yamaska, 

see Yamaska 886 

Ste. Monique '721 

St. Narcisse 718 

St. Nicholas 720 

St. Norbert 721 

St. Olivier 721 

St. Onesime d'lxworth 721 

St. Ours 722 

St. Pacome 722 

St. Pascal 723 

St. Patrick of Sher- 
rington, see Sher- 
rington 649 

St. Patrick's Settle- 
ment, see Kinkora. . 248 

St. Paul 721 

St. Paulin 723 

St. Paul's Bay 724 

St. Philippe 723 

Ste. Philomene 725 

St. Pie 725 

St. Pierre 725 

St. Pierre du Sud 724 

St. Pierre les Becquets 726 

St. Placide 726 

St. Polycarpe 726 

St. Prosper 727 

St. Raphael, 0. E 727 

St. Raphael, 0. W... 727 

St. Raymond 72 7 

St. R^mi 728 


St. Robert 729 

St. Roch de I'Achigan 730 
St. Roch des Aulnais, 729 
St. Romuald d'Etche- 
min, see New Liver- 
pool 467 

Ste. Rosalie 730 

Ste. Rose 728 

St. Sauveur 729 

Ste. Scholastique .... 731 

St. Severe 731 

St. Simon de Rimouski, 730 
St. Simon d'Yamaska, 731 
St. Stanislas de Batis- 
can 732 

St. Stanislas de Kost- 

ka 732 

St. Sulpice 732 

St. Sylvester 732 

Ste. 'Th^rese de Blain- 

ville 733 

St. Thomas, C. "W.... 735 
St. Thomas (Joliette), 733 
St. Thomas (Missis- 

quoi) 732 

St. Thomas (Montma- 

gny) 734 

St. Timothy 736 

St. Urbaiu en bas 736 

St. Urbain en haut. . . 736 

Ste. Ursule 737 

St. Valentin 737 

St. Yalier 737 

Ste. Victoire 738 

St.'Yincent, see Mea- 

ford.- 299 

St. Vincent de Paul.. 738 

St. Williams 737 

St. Z^phirin 738 

St. Zotique 738 

Stanbridge East 739 

Standon 739 

Stanfold, see Prince- 

ville 534 

Stanley's Mills 739 

Stanstead — Stanstead 

Plain 740 

Stevenson's Corners, 
see Victoria Corners, 864 

Stevensville 740 

Stewarttown 739 

Stirling 740 

Stittsville 742 

Stoco 742 

Stonebridge, see Pe- 
tersburgh (Humber- 

stone) 509 

Stoneham 742 

Stoney Creek 742 

Stornoway 742 

Stottville 742 

Stouflfville 742 

Strabane 743 

Straffordville 743 

Stratford 743 

Strathroy 745 

Streetsville 746 

Stukely, see South 

Stukely 656 

Sullivan 745 

Summerstown 746 

Summerville 746 

Sunnidale Station, see 

New Lowell 466 

Suspension Bridge, see 
Clifton 102 


Sutton, 0. B. — Sut- 
ton Flats 747 

Sutton, C. W 745 

Sweetsburgh 746 

Switzerville 747 

Sydenham, see Owen 

Sound 499 

Sydenham ( Cooks- 

ville) 747 

Sydenham (Lough- 

boro') 747 

Sylvan 747 

Tadousac 748 

Talbotville Royal 748 

Tamarac 748 

Tamworth 748 

Tannersville 748 

Tannery West, see St. 
Henri ( Tannery 

West) 693 

Tapleytown 749 

Tara 748 

Tavistock 749 

Tecumseth,see Olarks- 

viUe 102 

Temperanceville, see 

Orwell 481 

Templeton, see Water- 
loo (Templeton) . . . 868 

Teohanta 749 

Terrebonne 749 

Thamesford 750 

Thamesville 750 

The Junction, see 

Lambeth 253 

Thistletown 750 


Vallentyne 862 

Thornbury 750 

Thornhill 751 

Thornton 750 

Thorold 752 

Thorpville 760 

Three Rivers 753 

Thurlow, see Snow 

Village 653 

Thurso 751 

Tilbury East 752 

Tilsonburgh 760 

Tingwick, see Castle- 
bar 89 

Toledo 751 

Tooley's Corners, see 

Williamsburgh .... 878 

Toronto 761 

Towbridge 857 

Trafalgar, see Post- 

ville 530 

Treadwell 85'7 

Trecastle 857 

Trenholm 85'7 

Trenton 857 

Tring 858 

Trois Pistoles 859 

Trois Saumons 860 

Troy (Hastings) 860 

Troy (Wentworth). . . 858 

Troy Mills 860 

Tullamore 860 

Turner's Mills, see Sey- 
mour East 646 

Tuscarora, see Middle- 
port 302 

Tweed 859 

Tyrconnel 860 

Tyrone 8S0 

DiKKCTORT.] 1858. 




Union 861 

UniouTiUe .i. 861 

Upton, see St. Guil- 

laume 692 

Upton Station, see So- 

raba 653 

Utica 861 

Uxbridge 861 

Valcartler 862 

Vallentyne 862 

Valleyfield 862 

VankleekHill 862 

Tarennes 863 

Varna 864 

Vaudreuil 863 

Vercheres 864 

Vernonville 864 

■Victoria, see Florence, 142 

Victoria Corners 864 

Victoria Square 864 

Vienna 865 

Villa Nova 865 

Vittoria 865 

Vroomanton 866 

Wainfleet Centre 866 

Wakefield 866 

Walkerton 866 

Wallace, see Wallace- 

Tille 866 

Wallaoeburg 867 

WaUaoetown 867 

Wallaceville 866 

Walmer 861 


Walpole, see Selkirk, 646 
Walsingham, see St. 

Williams 131 

Walter's Falls 86f 

Wardsville 868 

Warsaw 86T 

Warwick, C. W 868 

Warwick, C. E., see 

Frankland 145 

Washington 868 

Waterdown 869 

Waterford 869 

Waterloo, C. E 8l0 

Waterloo, C. W 870 

Waterloo (Kingston) . 811 

Waterloo (Templeton) 868 

Waterville Sll 

Watford Sli 

Watson's Corners 871 

Wawanosh, see Dun- 

gannon 130 

Welland Port 871 

Wellesley 872 

Wellington 872 

Wellington, see Ears, 217 

Wellington Mines 871 

Wellington Eoad, see 

Ririere St. Pierre.. 638 

Wellington Square... 873 

Wentworth 872 

Wequamikoong 872 

West Bolton 873 

West Brome 873 


West Farnham 874 

West Flamboro' 873 

WestShefford 874 

West Winchester .... 874 

Westbury 875 

Westmeath, see Bel- 

lowston 58 

Westminster, see Lam- 
beth 253 

Weston 875 

Westover 876 

Westport 875 

West's Corners 874 

Westwood 874 

Wexford 876 

Whitby 876 

White Lake 878 

Widder 878 

William Henry, see 

Sorel 654 

Williams, see Nairn . . 460 
Williamsburg, see Mor- 

risburg 457 

Williamsburgh 878 

Williauisburgh, see 

Glen William 153 

Williamstown 879 

Williamstown ( Eu- 
phrasia) 878 

Willocks 879 

Willowdale 879 

Wilmot, see Haysville. 204 
Wilsonburg 879 


Wilton 880 

Winchester 880 

Windsor, C. E 879 

Windsor, C. W 881 

Windsor Mills 883 

Winterbourne 880 

Wolfe Island 882 

Wolfestown 882 

Wolverton 882 

Woodbourne 882 

Woodbridge, see Bur- 
wick 80 

Woodside 882 

Woodstock 883 

Woodville 885 

Wooler 885 

Woolwich, see Winter- 
bourne 880 


Wuhyabejewung 885 

Wurtelburg, see St. 
Prancjois du Lac . . . 686 

Wyoming 886 

Wyton 886 

Yamachiohe 885 

Yamaska 886 

Yonge Mills 886 

York 886 

Yorkville 887 

Zetland 889 

Zimmerman 889 

Zone Mills, see Flor- 
ence .- 142 



Acts OF Parliament affecting the Publio gener- 
ally 1003-1011 

Index 1003 

Statutes 1003 

Acts OF Parliament PASSED IN 1857 .. .. 997-1001 

Local Acts 999 

Private 999 

Public 997 

Agrigdlturb 1108-1111 

Agricultural Association, L. C 1109 

Agricultural Association, U. C. (see Errata) 1110 

Agricultural Societies, L. 1109 

Agricultural Societies, U. C 1110 

Board of Agriculture, L. 1109 

Board of Agriculture, U 0. (see Errata) .. 1110 

Grants to Societies, L. 1110 

Grants to Societies, U. 1111 

Remarks 1108 and 1111 

Banking Directory 1022-1031 

Bajiks in Canada, alphabetical list of . . ■ 1022 
Liabilities of shareholders of the different 

Banks 1025 

Periodical returns of Chartered Banks . . . 1027 

Periodical returns of Free Banks 1030 

Savings Banks, alphabetical list of 1025 

Bar of Lower Canada 1040 

Board of Arts and Manufactures for Lower 

Canada 1150 

Canals OF Canada 1148-1150 

Remarks 1148 

Statistics 1149 

Civil Service, Statute relating to 1003 

Clerical Directory 1060-1093 

Alphabetical list of Clergy of all Denomi- 
nations .• 1"''''^ 


American Presbyterian Church.. .. .. 1076 

Baptist Church 1076 

Bible Christian Church 1075 

Canada Christian Conference Church .. 107t 

Church of England 1060 

Congregational Church 1075 

Episcopal Methodist Church 1073 

French Evangelical Church 1077 

Jewish Synagogue 1077 

New Connection Methodist Church .. ..1074 
Presbyterian Church, (Church of Scotland.) 1068 
Presbyterian Church, (Free Church.) .. .. 1069 

Primitive Methodist Church 1075 

Roman Catholic Church 1062 

United Presbyterian Church 1070 

Unitarian Church 1077 

Wesleyan Church 1070 

Common SoHOOL Acts 934-968 

Lower Canada Index 934 

Lower Canada Statutes 934 

Upper Canada Index . . . . . ■ • • " 950 
Upper Canada Statutes ._. 950 

Commissioners for Civil Erection of Parishes in 

Lower Canada 968 

Crown Lands 1041-1049 

Crown Lands in general 1043 

List of Crown Land Agents . . 1041 

List of Crown Timber Agents 1041 

Provincial Fisheries 1047 

Sale and Management of Public Lands . ■ ■ 1045 

Staff 1041 

Territorial Descriptions 1042 

Territorial Summary 1045 

Woods and Forests 1046 

Currency and Legal Tender.. .. 1004 



1857. [Canada 


Customs .' 969-989 

Collectors and Officers in charge 969 

Tariffs of Duties, Canada 9^1 

Great Britain and Ireland, 976 

New Brunswick .. .. 973 

Newfoundland 974 

Nova Scotia 972 

Prince Edward's Island . . 976 

United States 986 

Education 1120-1138 

OfiScers of Educational Department, 0. C . . . 1120 

Officers of Educational Department, L. 0. .. 1122 

Eemarks on Education, tr. C 1120 

Remarks on Education, L. 1123 

Statistics of Education, U. 1121 

Statistics of Education, L. 1124 

Universities and Colleges, U. 1129 

Universities and Colleges, L. C 1134 

Extradition of Offenders . . 1004 

Gbneeal Statistics .. .. 1012-1021 and 1032-1037 

Census of 1851, Origins 1036 

Population 1033 

Beligions 1034 

Imports and Exports 1013 

Provincial Affairs, Statement of 1020 

Public Debt 1018 

Public Debt on Account of Provincial Works, 1013 

Returns of Clerks of Councils 1032 

Revenue and Expenditure of Province.. .. 1013 

Trade of Canadian Ports 1018 

©EOLOGIOAL , .. ..1117-1119 

Minerals of Canada . . 1118 

Sketch of Geology of Canada 1117 

Staff of Geological Department 1117 

GovBRNMBNT Inspectors 970 

Inspectors of Fisheries 970 

Railways 970 

Steamboats 970 

GovBEmEHTAL 1151-1164 

Alphabetical list of Government and Public 

Officers .. 1158 

Imperial Ministers 1151 

Provincial Government and Governmental 

Departments .. .. 1151 

Provincial Parliament and Officers .. .. 1153 

Public Officers and Salaries ..1156 

Queen's Household 1151 

Royal Family of Great Britain 1151 

Standing Rules on Private and Local Bills. . 1155 

IMMIGBATION 1112-1116 

Remarks .. .. 1112 

Statistics 1114 

Inoorpobated Cities, Towns and Villasbs.. 100 1-1002 

Lower Canada 1001 

Upper Canada 1002 

Joint Stock Companies 995-997 

Incorporated under 13 and 14 Vic, cap. 28, 

and 16 Vic, cap. 172 995 

Incorporated under 16 Vic, cap. 173 .. .. 997 

/UDIOIAL 989-994 

Law Courts and Officers, L. C 989 

Law Courts and Officers, U. C. .. .. .. 991 


Law Terms and Cironits, U. 991 

New Judicial Districts, L. C. 991 

Law Society of Upper Canada 1040 

MiMTAET DlBEOTOBY 1094-1108 

Imperial Regiments 1095 

Militia, Active Force 1096 

Sedentary Battalions 1102 

Staff 1096 and 1102 

Provincial Military Departments 1094 

Naturalization of Aliens, Statute relating to . . 1003 

Newspapers AND Pbriodioals 1140-1145 

Alphabetical list of Newspapers and Peri- 
odicals in Canada 1 140 

Remarks on the Canadian press 1145 

Ordnance Lands Agent 1150 

Patents 1049-1059 

Form of Petition for Patent 1049 

List of Patents granted 1050 

Regulations for obtaining Patents . . . . 1049 

Statutes relating to Patents - 1049 

Personal Estates of Intestates 933 

Distribution according to laws of Lower 

Canada 933 

Distribution according to laws of Upper Ca- 
nada 933 

Post Office Department 893-894 

General staff 893 

Inspector's branch 893 

Statistics 893 

Post Opfiob DiHEOTORT .. 895-910 

General observations 900 

Money Order Offices 901 

Money Order System and Regulations.. .. 901 

Post Offices, alphabetical list of 902 

Postage Rates, Books 899 

Letters 895 

Newspapers and Periodicals . 898 

Registration of Letters 898 

Railroad and Steamboat Routes in Canada, 910-932 
Cities, Towns and Villages, alphabetically ar- 
ranged, and their most convenient rail- 
road station or landing place . . . . 914 
Passage lines across Lake Ontario . . . . 913 
Passage lines across the upper St. Lawrence 

( and the upper Lakes 913 

Routes, Main ,. .. gio 

Subsidiary or Intermediate .. .. 912 

St. Lawrence River ferries .. 913 

Railway Accidents, Prevention of 1010 

Railways 1146-1148 

Customs Regulations for Railroads . . . . 1148 

List of Railways in Canada 1146 

Particulars respecting various Railway Com- 
panies 1147 

Religious and Benevolent Institutions 1138 

Reqistrabs 1038-1040 

Lower Canada (see Errata) 1038 

Upper Canada 1040 

Steamboats, Inspection of . . . . loio 

Tables of Revenue, Expenditure and War Force of 

different Nations ii65 

DiRKCTOBY.] 1858. 







Brantford, 1167 

Chatham, 1161 

Embro, 1168 

Guelph, 1168 

Hamilton, .* 1169 

Kingston, 1177 

London, 1181 

Montreal, 1185 



Oakville, 126^ 

Owen Sound, 126& 

Quebec, 1270 

Sorel, 1274 

St. Johns, 0. E., 1273 

Toronto, 1275 

Waterloo, 1308 


Birmingham, 1310 

Edinburgh, 1312 

Glasgow, 1313 

Leeds, 1324 


Liverpool, 1326 

London, 1328 

Paisley, 1335 


Albany, 1339 

Boston, , 1842 

Buffalo, 1373 

Cleveland - 1374 

Fairhaven, 1379 

New York, 1381 


Ogdensburgh 1531 

Providence 1534 

Rochester, 1537 

Springfield, , , 1539 

Utica, 1541 

West Fitchburg, 1543 



1867. [Canada 



Moon's Phases. 




. London. 

Moon's Phases. 






h. m. 

hk m. 

h, m. 

h. m. 


h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m^ 

last Quarter, 


7 53 ev. 

7 41 ev. 

7 SO ev. 

7 22 ev. 

Last Quarter, 


4 23 ev. 

4 11 ev. 

4 00 ev. 

3 62 ev. 

Sew, Moon, 


S8 mo. 

26 mo. 

15 mo. 

7 mo. 

New Moon, 


5 10 ev. 

5 7ev. 

4 66 ev. 

4 48ev. 

Krst Quarter, 



11 51 mo. 

11 40 mo. 

11 32 mo. 

First Quarter. 


8 8 ev. 

7 63 ev. 

7 42 ev. 

7 34 ev. 




4 18 mow 

4 6 mo. 

3 35 mo. 

^ 47 mo. 


uU Moon, 27 

S 11 ev. 

4 59 ev. 

4 43 ev. 

4 40ev. 






BVBNTS, &0. 

Sun Sun 
Rises. Sets. 

Sun ^ °"*^ 












h, m 

h. m 

h. m 

h. m. 



h. m 






4 21 


4 28 


Charlevoix died, 1761. 

7 27 

5 1 

7 22 

6 1 



Wolfe died, 1726. 













2»d Sunday after ChrMmat. 


4 23 

7 40 

4 30 





































Dr. Priestly died, 1804. 












Sexagesima Sunday. 

7 19 

5 9 

7 15 

6 8 



Galileo died, 1642. 

















Canada ceded to Britain, 1783 







1»< Sunday after Epiphcmy, 
Ijinnseus died, 1778. 


4 31 

7 38 

4 37 


Queen Victoria married, 1843. 


















Lavater died, 1801. 






Revolution in Mexico, 1845. 







Halley died. 1801. 






Sir Astley Cooper died, 1810. 







Bruce died, 1611. 






Quirequagesima Suniia/y. 

7 9 

5 19 

7 6 

5 18 















Moore killed, 1809. 






Shrove Tuesday. 







ind SvMday after Epiphamy. 

7 40 

4 39 

7 36 



Ash Wednesday. 















6 59 




James Watt horn, 1736. 







Galileo born, 1664. 







Garrick died, 1779. 







7 00 












\st Sunday in Lent. 

6 59 

5 30 

6 66 

B 28 



Byron horn, 1788. 
Pitt died, 1805. 







Washington born, 1732. 




















Srd Sunday after Upvphamy^ 

7 84 

4 49 

7 30 

4 54 



Revolutionln Paris, 1848. 













Canton taken by British, 1841. 







Dr. Jehrier died, 1823. 













Mozart born, 1736. - 







Texas annexed to U. S., 1845. 







Henry VIII. died, 1547. 




5 00 



ind Sundau in Lent. 


5 89 


S 39 










Charles I. beheaded, 1649. 







Septuagesima Sunday. 

7 28 1 6 00 

7 23 

6 05 



Moon's Phases. 





Moon's Phases. 1 






h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 



h. m. 


h. m. 

last Quarter, 


1 17 ev. 

1 6 ev. 

64 ev. 

46 ev. 

Third Quarter, 


8 49 mo. 

8 37 mo. 

8 26 mo. 

8 18 mo. 

New Moon, 


7 18 mo. 

7 6 mo. 

6 65 mo. 

6 47 mo. 

New Moon, 


6 21 ev. 

6 9 ev. 

5 68 ev. 

6 60 ev. 

First Quarter, 


2 49 mo. 

2 37 mo. 

2 24 mo. 

2 16 mo. 

First Quarter, 
Full Moon, 


9 32 mo. 

9 20 mo. 

9 9 mo. 

9 1 mo. 

Full Moon, 


7 14 mo. 

7 2 mo. 

6 49 mo. 

6 41 mo. 


10 2 ev. 

9 60 ev. 

9 39 ev. 

9 31 ev. 









JJI T J^J,. X U, U.\J. 







C.T, "^ 

o,,„ c 









13 UU 


h. m. 

h, m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 



h. m. 

h. m. 



St. David. 


5 42 

6 42 

6 44 



All Pool's Day. 

5 46 

6 22 

5 47 

6 21 



Wesley died, 1791. 

Great Tire at Canton, 1820. 







3cOOD Peidat. 













Bishop Heber died, 1826. 













Easter Da/u. 

5 41 

6 26 

S 42 

6 21 



1st Congress at Wash., 1800. 







Canada discovered, 1499. 



















Ird Sundajy in Lent. 

6 34 

6 49 

6 82 

6 60 









William III. died, 1702. 



















Lord Bacon died, 1626. 







Botany Bay discovered, 1787. 














St. Geeookt. 








\st Sunday after Easter. 

S 28 

6 34 

5 30 

6 33 



Planet Herschel discov., 1781. 













ith Sunday in Lent. 

6 20 

6 69 

6 20 

6 00 



Peace with Prance, 1814. 








6 1 




Battle of CuUoden, 1746. 


















St. Pateick'b Dat. 

















Ind Sunday after Easter. 

5 15 


5 17 

6 41 




Sir Isaao Newton died, 1727. 







Byron died, 1824. 








ith Sumday in Lent. 

6 7 

6 8 

6 6 

6 8 



Henry VII. died, 1609. 












Fieldnig born, 1707. 













St. Geoegb'b Dat. 







Queen Elizabeth died, 1603. 














6 59 


6 00 




Id Sunday before Easter. 

5 8 

6 63 

6 7 

6 49 



Bank of England incorp., 1695. 



6 68 













16 ,27 


6 00 






Sunday before Easter. 

6 53 

6 17 

6 64 

6 17 28 


4 68 









18 '29 


Duke of Sussex died, 1843. 



5 00 







20 30 




6 00 



■W 1 47 1 21 1 50 1 21 I 

Circumcision. , January 1 

Epiphany „ " « 

Annunriation March 26 

Good Friday. , , April 2 


Ascension Day May 13 

Queen's Birth Day, " 24 

DiRBOTOET.] 1858. 




Moon's Fhase%, 





Last Quarter. 
N6w Moon, 


h. m. 
1 46 mo. 

h. m. 
1 34 mo. 

h. m, 
1 28 mo. 

h. m. 
I 15 mo. 


2 54 mo. 

2 43 mo. 

2 31 mo. 

2 23 mo. 

First Quarter, 


5 26 ev. 

5 14 ev. 

5 3 ev. 

4 65 ev. 

FuU Moon. 27 

1 11 ev. 

59 ev. 

48 ev. 

40 ev. 















Philip aito James. 

h. m. 

4 54 

h. m. 

7 00 

b. m. 

4 58 

h. m. 
6 56 



ith Sunday after faster. 

4 S3 

7 1 

4 57 

6 57 



Seige of Quebec raised, 1776. 






7 00 



Buonaparte died, 1821. 







Battle of Badajoz, 1812. 

















Bth Sunday after Easter. 

4 42 

7 10 


7 5 









Earl of Chatham died, 1778. 


























Daniel O'Connell died, 1847. 







Sunday after Ascension. 

4 84 

7 18 

4 39 

7 13 









Sir C. Bagot died, 1843. 
Boswell died, 1795. 













Columbus died, 1506. 



















Whit Sundwy. 

4 27 

7 25 

4 32 

7 20 



Queen Victoria bom, 1819. 













Haydn died, 1809. 













Great Fire at Quebec, 1843. 







Sir H. Davy died, 1829. 







Trinity Sunday. 

4 21 

7 21 

4 28 

7 26 















h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 

Laat Quarter, 


81,27 ev. 
9*62 mo. 

3 15 ev. 

3 4 ev. 

2 66 ev. 

New Moon, 


9 40 mo. 

8 29 mo. 

3 21 mo. 

First Quarter, 


8 20 mo. 

8 8 mo. 

2 57 mo. 

2 49 mo. 

Pull Moon, 


4 19 mo. 

4 7 mo. 

3 66 mo. 

3 48 mo. 


EVEKTS, &e. 













h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 



4 20 

7 84 

4 27 

7 28 



Eiots in London, 1780. 














George III. born, 1738. 













1st Sunday after Trinity. 

4 18 

7 38 

4 24 

7 31 









Pope bom, 1688. 













Cholera in Montreal, 1832. 







8t. Baehabas. 













Md Sunday after Trinity. 

4 16 

7 43 


7 86 



Magna Charta signed, 1215. 



















John "Wesley born, 1703. 







Ijattle of Waterloo, 1316. 













3rd Sunday after Trinity. 

4 16 

7 46 


7 39 



Queen Victoria procl., 1837. 
Eevolution in Paris, 1848. 


















Th St. Jean Baptiste. 












S George IV. died, 1830. 






SU ith Sunday after Trinity. 

4 18 

7 46 

4 26 

7 39 



Victoria crowned, 1838. 






Tu iSi. Pei'sh AMD St. Paul. 














Moon's Phases. 

Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 

First Quarter, 1 17 
Full Moon, |25 


h. m. 
1 50 mo. 

4 31 ev. 
8 45 ev. 
7 9 ev. 



h. m. 

h. m. 

1 88 mo. 

1 27 mo. 

4 19 ev. 

4 8 ev. 

3 33 ev. 

3 22 ev. 

6 57 ev. 

6 46 ev. 


Moon's Phages. 

h. m. 
1 19 mo. 
4 00 ev. 
8 14 ev. 
6 38 ev. 


Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 
First Quarter, 
Full Moon, 
Third Quarter, 


h. m. 

9 27 mo. 
12 ev. 
6 48 mo. 
9 18 mo. 
3 23 ev. 


h. ra 

9 16 


11 48 


6 36 


9 6 


3 11 



9 4 mo. 
lI 37 ev. 
6 23 mo. 
8 53 mo. 
3 00 ev. 

evests, &c. 

Sun. Sun I Sun Sun 
Rises. Sets. Rises. Sets. 

Pilgrim Fathers sailed, 1620. 
Quebec founded, 1608. 
5th Sunday after Trinity. 

Sheridan died, 1816. 

Duke of Cambridge, died, 1860. 

Cholera in Montreal, 1834. 

Columbus born, 1447. 

Uh Sunday after Trinity. 

St. SwiTHiir. 

Dr. Watts born, 1674. 
Ith Sunday after Trinity. 
Kirk took Quebec, 1629. 
Playfair died, 1819. 
Burns born, 1759. 
Battle of Salamanca, 1812. 
Canada Union assented, 1840. 

9ith Sunday after Trinity, 
Coleridge died, 1834. 
French Revolution, 1880. 

Wilberforce died, 1833. 
William Penn died, 1716. 
Gibraltar taken, 1604. 

Montreal. | Toronto. 

h. m, 
4 20 
4 28 

4 27 

4 33 

4 40 


7 46 

7 45 

7 43 

7 88 

7 81 


4 27 

4 80 

4 34 

4 40 



7 89 

7 38 

7 86 

7 32 


7 26 

EVESTS, &0. 

Sun Sun 
Rises. Sets. 

Uh Sunday after Trinity. 

Shelly bom, 1792. 

Queen Caroline died, 1821. 
\}ith Sunday after Trinity. 
Louis Philippe dec. King, 1830, 

George IV. born, 1762. 

Printing invented, 1437. 
ll^A Sunday after Trinity. 
Ben Johnson died, 16S7. 

Steamboats invented, 1807. 
Royal George sunk, 1782. 
Isaac Walton born, 1593. 

lith Sunday after Trinity. 

St. Baktholomew. 
Herschel died, 1822. 
Prince Albert born, 1819. 


nth SvMday after Trinity. 
John Bunyan died, 1688. 



4 48 







4 57 



6 1 




6 5 







6 13 







6 22 



Sun Sun 
Rises. Sets, 

h. m. 

7 24 







7 14 







7 3 



6 69 




6 52 

. 50 






6 40 


h. m. 
8 56 mo. 
11 29 ev. 
6 17 mo. 
8 45 mo. 
2 62 ev. 


h. m. 

4 54 

6 00 
3 1 

5 fl 

3 17 

3 26 

h. m. 

7 18 

7 10 

6 69 

6 49 

6 87 

27 I 34 


Corpus Christi June 

St. Peter and St. Paul June 

All Saints' Day.....„ Not. 

Conception B. V. M Dec. 

1 I Christmas Day. Dec. 25 





Moon's Phages. 





Moon's Phases. 












h. m. 



New Moon. 


9 aimo. 

9 9 mo. 

8 58 mo. 

8 50 mo. 

New Moon, 


9 14 ev. 

9 2 ev. 

8 51 ev. 

8 43ev. 

■Pirst Quarter. 
Full Moon. 


22 mo. 

10 mo. 

11 69 ev. 

11 51 ev 

First Quarter, 


7 48 ev. 

7 36 ev. 

7 25 ev 

7 17 ev. 


10 27ev. 

10 15 ev. 

10 4ev. 

9 56 ev. 

Full Moon, 


10 25 mo. 

10 13 mo. 

10 2 mo 

9 64 mo. 

Last Quarter. 


8 58 ev. 

8 46 ev. 

8 35 ev. 

8 27 ev. 


1st Quarter, 


3 40 mo. 

8 28 mo. 

3 17 mo 

3 9 mo. 


EVENTS, &0. 






Sun Sun 
Rises. Sets. 


Sun 1 ^"" 

ftim 1 Suu 



!Sun "*' 






Rises. 1 Sets. 

h. m 

li. m. 

h. m. h. m. 


h. m 

h, m 




Cartier disc. Saguenay, 1B3B. 

5 26 

6 34 

6 28 6 32 



6 8 

6 37 

6 2 

6 38 





80 , 29 



Cartier arriv'd at Montreal,1536 







Cromwell died, 1658. 



80 , 28 



\Uh Sunday after Trinity. 

6 5 

6 33 

6 4 

S 84 





32 26 









14a Sunday after TrinHa. 

5 31 

6 27 

6 83 6 25 



America discovered, 1492. 







Warsaw taken, 1831. 







Louis Philippe born, 1773. 













Fire at Miramiehi, 1825. 







Nativity B. V. M. 







Sheridan born, 1751. 







Sebastopol taken, 1865. 
Mungo Park died, 1771. 


















\9th Sunday after Trimty. 

6 14 

6 20 

6 11 

6 22 



Thomson born, 1700. 







Dutch fleet defeated, 1797. 







lUh Sunday after Trimty. 
Wolfe kUled, 1759. 

6 39 

6 14 

6 40 6 18 



Penn bom, 1644. 



















Holt Ceoss. 







Murat shot, 1815. 







Moscow burnt, 1812, 



















Kosomsko died, 1817. 

mfh Sunday after Trinity . 







Dr. Johnson born, 1709. 








6 6 

6 20 

5 9 









St. Luke. 







\Uh Sunday after Trimty. 


6 00 


6 1 



Dean Swift died, 1745. 
Kirk White died, 1806. 







Battleof Alma, 1864. 


5 67 


6 67 









Sir Walter Scott died, 1832. 







Nelson kUled, 1805. 


4 59 


























4 69 



Charles I. dethroned, 1640. 







21«* Sunday after Trinity. 

6 33 

4 53 

6 29 

4 58 









Battle of Balaklavai 186*. 







I7tt Sunday after Trmity, 

5 66 


5 55 










Nelson born, 1758, 







Captain Cook born, 1728. 













Sts. Simoh and Jude. 








6 00 


6 00 










Whitfield died, 1770. 













Wd Simday after Triaiiy. 


4 45 





Moon's Phases. 





Moon's Phases. 












h. m. 

h. m. 


New Moon, 


11 65 mo. 

11 43 mo. 

11 32 mo. 

11 24 mo. 

New Moon, 


5 16 mo. 

5 4 mo. 

4 58 mo. 

4 45 mo. 

First Quarter, 
Full Moon, 


3 48 ev. 

3 36 ev. 

8 25 ev. 

8 17 ev. 

First Quarter, 


10 34 mo. 

10 22 mo. 

10 11 mo. 

10 8 mo. 


9 31 ev. 

9 19 ev. 

9 8ev. 

9 00 ev. 

Pull Moon, 


8 13 mo. 

8 Imo. 

7 50 mo. 

7 42 mo. 

Last Quarter, 


41 ev. 

29 ev. 

18 ev. 

10 ev. 

Last Quarter, 


43 mo. 

33 mo. 

22 mo. 

14 mo. 








4K I JZfXl J^Of MfV, 

Sun 1 Sun 
Rises. Sets. 

Sun ""*' 


Sun ^"ri 

Sun *^"» 











h. m.' h. m. 


h. m. 

h. m. 


h. m. 




All Saikts' Dat. 

6 44 

4 44 

6 41 

4 47 



7 26 

4 12 

7 19 

4 19 



Bomilley died, 1818. 







Buonaparte crowned, 1804. 

























Mozart died, 1792. 







Battle of Inkermann, 1854. 







ind Sunday in Advent. 

7 SO 

4 11 

7 24 

4 18 
















28rd Sunday after Trimty. 

6 64 


6 49 

4 39 









Milton died, 1674. 







Cokceftion B. T. M. 













Milton bom, 1608. 







Martin Luther born, 1483. 




















Charles XII killed, 1718. 







Montreal taken, 1775. 

7 00 






Srd Sunday in Adoent. 

7 86 

4 11 

7 30 

4 18 



Ourran died, 1817. 







Dr. Johnson died, 1784. 







24<ft Sunday after Trinity. 

7 8 


6 58 

4 31 



Council of Trent opened, 1685. 







Chatham born, 1708. 



7 00 






















Lord Brskine died, 1823. 







First L. 0. Parliament, 1792. 







King of Hanover died, 1851. 







Bolivar died, 1830. 







Battle of Navarino, 1827. 







ith Sunday in Aclmenii. 

7 42 

4 13 

7 34 

4 20 



Cardinal Wolsey died, 1630. 













2^th Sunday after Trimty. 

7 18 

4 19 

7 7 

4 25 



St. Thomas. [1620. 













Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, 













Newton bom, 1642. 







John Knox died, 1572. 


























East India Co. incorp,, 1700. 







Svmda/y after CImstmas. 

7 45 

4 16 

7 88 

4 24 









St. John THJi EvANaELisi. 







Adment Sunday. 

7 22 


7 16 

4 21 










Polish aevolution, 1830. 













St. Aitdeew. 







Jesuit Societv founded, 1534. 














ABBOTT'S CORNERS, C. E.— A small Village in the East Parish of the Seigniory of St. Armand. in the County of 

Missisquoi and District of Montreal. Distant from Frelighsburgh 2 miles. Population about 100. 
Carpenter, David P., blacksmith, I Tracey, J., cabinetmaker and builder. 

Smith, Holden H., postmaster and storekeeper. | 

ABBOTTSFORD, C. E.-A Village in the Parish 
Rouville, and District of iVJ ontreal. There is a daily stage 
Hyacinthe Ballway Station (distant 15 miles, fare 750.) 
Mail daily. Population about 100. 

Abbottsford Academy, Oscar Prisby, M.A., principal 

Robert Gillespie, jr., secretary. 
Battolon, Jean B., blacksmith. * 

Brunelle, L. C. A. & A. A., grocers. 
Crossfield, Onias, tavernkeeper. 
Crossfield, Robert, carpenter and joiner. 
Fisk, Ebenezer, J.P., postmaster. 
Portia, rev. E. E., Roman catholic. 
Frisby, Oscar, M.A., principal of Academy. 

of St. Paul d' Abbottsford, Seigniory of St. Hyacinthe, County of 

from St. Johns, distant 29 miles, fare $2, and the stage from St. 

passes through daily to Frost Village, distant 23 miles, fare $1. 

Gill, William, farmer, and parish secretary-treasurer. 
Gillespie, Robert, jr., storekeeper and secretary oi 

Houle, Francois Xavier, shoemaker. 
Montier, William, blacksmith. 

Newington, Thomas, J. P., farmer, and parish mayor. 
Rol)in3on, rev. Frederick, church of England. 
Standish, Edward, bricklayer. 

ABERCORN, C. E.— a Port of Entry, near the Provincial Boundaiy, in the Township of Sutton, County of Brome, and 
District of Montreal. The stage from Brome Corner, 12 miles, fare 600., passes through tri-weekly to Eiohford, Vermont, 3 
miles, fare 15c. Population about 50. 

SEATON, BENJAMIN, J.P., postmaster, physician and I Shephard, Richard, farmer. 
Burgeon, and collector of customs. | Spencer, Richard, farmer. 

ABERCROMBIE EAST, C. E.— A Township situated in the County of Terrebonne and District of MontreaJ, 
forming part of the Parish of St. J6r6me. It has a good timber and flour trade. Distant from Montreal 42 miles, and 
from St. .J^rdme 9 miles. Access by stage. Population of Township about 500. 

Beauchamp, Alexis, councillor. 
Dajenais, Antoine, councillor. 
Goyer, Dominique, councillor. 
Lariviere, Franjois, councillor. 

ABERFOYLE, C. W.— A Village situated on the Brock Road, leading from Hamilton to Guelpb, in the Township of 
Puslinch and County of Wellington. Distant from Guelph 7 miles, stage fare 37^c., and from Hamilton 24. miles, stage 
fare $1.25. Daily mail. Population about 100. 

Loyer, Hyacinthe, J. P., mayor. 
Nadon, Pranjois, councillor. 
Rattel, Edouard, miller and councillor. 
Simard, Pierre, mill owner. 

Cavanah, William, general store. 

Falconbridge, S., postmaster and general storekeeper. 

Hart, J., shoemaker. 

Eing, Thomas, innkeeper and saw millowner. 

UcEenzie, A., blacksmith and farmer. 

McLean, rev. A., Free church. 

McLeod, R., shoemaker. 

Robs, David, waggonmaker and blacksmith'. 

Scott, Peter, merchant tailor. 

ABINGDON, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Caistor and County of Lincoln. Distajut from Hamilton 20 miles. 
Mail bi-weekly. Population about 60. 

Greer, John Andrew, mill owner. 
Liten, Daniel, farmer. 
UcCarter, John, councillor. 

McDougall, John, councillor. 

Wilson, Andrew, postmaster,' storekeeper and reeve. 

N. B. — The alphabetical order of places has in a few instances been slightly interrupted, to avoid the division of a short 
list of names. A reference, however, to the General Index will prevent the least delay in finding any place in the work. 




1857. [Canada 

ACTON, C. W.— A Village in the TownsWp of Esquesing and County of Halton, on the Grand Trank Railroad, with a 
station at which all trains stop. A large quantity of wheat is purchased here, and there is a considerable manufacture of 
flour, lumber and leather. Distant from Toronto 40 miles, and fi'om Guelph 14 miles. Daily mail. Population about 600. 

Marshall, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Acton Amateur Theatrical club, D. Fraser, president ; 

A. McPhee, secretary. 
Atcheson, James, & Co., tanners. 
Beals, Samuel, innkeeper. 
Beer, James, tinsmith. 
Benzie, James, storekeeper. 
Cameron, John, carpenter. 
Chute, George, baker. 
Derby, Thomas, saddler. 
Dixon, Adam, tailor. 
Fraser, D., president of Acton Amateur Theatrical 

Grant, Alexander, shoemaker. 
Holt, John, miller. 
Imperial Fire, Life and Marine Insurance Companj, L. 

McDonald, agent. 
Kelso, James, blacksmith. 
Kennedy, Duncan, storekeeper. 
Kennedy, M., builder. 
Kennedy, R., builder. 
Lane, Henry, storekeeper. 
Lighthead, James, blacksmith. 
Lighthead, John, carpenter. 
Lozier, Oliver, cooper. 

Mathews, James, storekeeper. 

McBAIN, J. G., wholesale and retail dealer in dry 
goods, hardware, groceries, and wheat merchant. 

McDonald, LACHLAN,J.P.,postmaster,commissioner 
in Queen's bench, conveyancer. Division court clerk 
and agent for Imperial Fire, Life, and Marine Insur- 
ance Company. 

McDougal, Allan, butcher. 

McGarry, N., M.D. 

McGregor, Donald, tailor. 

Mcintosh, William, builder. 

McLachlan, rev. John, Free church. 

McPhee, A., secretary of Acton Amateur Theatrical 

NICKLIN, JOHN, miller and dealer in flour, wheat and 

Overton, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Parryman, T., plasterer. 

Smith, Edward, stave factor. 

Spaight & Brothers, waggon and cabinet makers. 

Steele, William, carpenter and joiner. 

Storey & Taylor, saddlers. 

WALLACE, JOHN, innkeeper. 

ACTON VALE, C. E.— A thriving Village in the Township of Acton, County of Bagot, and District of MontreaL Itis 
contiguous to the Grand Trunk Biailway. There is a daily stage from f oxtou Falls, distant 6 mUes, fare 25c. Distant from 
Montreal 49 miles, and from Richmond Railway Jimction 23 miles. Hail daily. Population about 150. 

Beauregard, Charles, J.P., postmaster, station agent 
and township mayor. 

Gushing, J. A., & Co., storekeepers. 

Decker, Reuben, proprietors of Acton house, and gene- 
ral store. 

Dion, Louis, lumber merchant. 

Dubord, W. H., storekeeper, and township secretary- 

Dubrule, Hilaire, freight master. 

HENSHAW, GEORGE, lumber merchant, and pro- 
prietor of grist and saw mills ; house at St. Hya- 

Henshaw, J., agent for mills. 

M'BVILA, ANTHONY, lumber manufacturer. 

Merrill, Henry P., boarding house. 

St. Denis, G. B., lumber merchant. 

ADAMSVILLE, C> E.— A thriving little Village in the Eastern Division of the Township of Farnham, County of Brome 
(excluding the Western Division), and District of Montreal. The Eastern Division is annexed to the Municipality of the 
Township of Brome. The stage from Cowansville, distant 6 miles, fare 25o., passes through daily to Granby, distant 10 
miles, fare 50c. Mail daily. Population about 100. 

Adamsville Academy, rev. A. C. Scarth, principal ; 
G. Adams, secretary. 

ADAMS, GEORGE, J.P., postmaster, storekeeper, 
owner of grist and saw mill, and secretary of aca- 

Bennett, Edwin, carpenter and joiner. 

Cook, Otis, cloth dresser and woolcarder. 

Oowee, Elmer, shoemaker. 

Dufresne, Eusebe, blacksmith. 

England, Stephen, farmer. 

Puller, John, millwright. 

Galvin, John, shoemaker and tavern keeper. 

Gilbert, Richard, farmer. 

Goddard, David, saw mill. 

Knight, Alson, tanner. 

Newton, David, bricklayer and mason. 

Scarth, rev. A. C, church of England, principal of the 

Skinner, Thomas, haruessmaker. 
Sloggett & Thompson, sash and door manufacturers 

and builders. 
Tabor, Joseph, farmer. 
Woodbury, Charles E., general store. 

ADAMSVILLE, C. W.— A Village on the River Tay,in the Towiship of Bathurst and County of Lanark. It is well 
adapted for the establishment of machinery. Distant from Perth about S miles, and from the Bddeau Canal 7 miles. Popu- 
lation about 100. 

Adams, Joshua, of Adams & Moorhouse, carding and 

cloth dressing factory. 
ADAMS & MOORHOUSE, grist mill owners. 
C onion, James, blacksmith. 

Kearns, James, blacksmith. 

MOORHOUSE & DODDS, saw mill, and shingle fac- 
PLAYPAIR, A. W., (Bathurst.) 

ADDISON, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Blizabethtown and County of Leeds. Distant from Brockville 12 miles, 

and from Perth 33 miles. Stage fare from Brockville 75c. Daily mail. Population about 150. 
Bellamy, Ohauncey, grist and saw mills. 
Codd, Richard, cooper. 
Gallengher, Matthew, blacksmith. 

Kelley, Henry, tailor. 

Lewis, Coleman, postmaster. 
Lewis, C. & W., general store. 
Lewis, William C, Temperance honse, 
Wiltse, Ezra, mechanic. 

Directory.] 1858. 



'ADARE, C. W.— A Village situated between McGillivray and Biddtilph, in the County of Huron. 
23 miles, and from Goderich 36 nules. Daily mail. Population about 50. 

Distant from London , 

Clark & Sons, storekeepers. 

Clark, William, postmaster, 

Graham, Norman, blacksmith. 

Hodglns, Thomas, reeve. 

Kinlough, George, carpenter aad undertaker. 

Lavatt, Mrs. Agnes, milliner. 

Maguire, captain James, J.P, 
Moody, John, shoemaker. 
Robinson, James, tavernkeeper. 
Sholts, John, pumpmaker. 

ADELAIDE, C> Wir— a Village situated in the Township of Adelaide and County of Middlesex. Distant from liondon 
25 miles, and from Samia 36 miles. Stage fare to London $1.60, and to Samia $2.7S. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Abernethy, James, shoemaker. 

Atkinson, Robert, innkeeper. 

BRAY, WILLIAM, dealer in dry goods, hardware, gro- 
ceries, produce, &c. 

Brett, James, carpenter. 

Cooper, William, steam grist mllL 

Clelford, William, carpenter. 

Fitzpatrick, James, tailor. 

Freel, George, shoemaker. 

Hall, Charles, tailor. 

HOARE, J. S., postmaster, and dealer in dry goods, 
hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Ivor, John, store and inn keeper. 

Macklin, William, general store. 

McGarvey, John, smith and waggonmaker. 

Mortimer, rev. Arthur, rector, church of England. 

Murray, Robert, Innkeeper. 

Parker, Edwin, blacksmith. 

Pegley, Robert, J.P. 

Preston, Anthony, shoemaker. 

Saddler, Thomas, hamessmaker. 

Stanley, John, general store. 

West, John, shoemaker. 

tADM ASTON, C. W.— A Village in the Township of the same name and Coimty of Renfrew. Distant from Perth 6S 
miles, and from Ottawa 65 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 100. 

Brown, George, clerk of council. 
Campbell, John, councillor. 
Gibbons, William, councillor. 
Gorman, Thomas, councillor. 
Graham, David, councillor. 

Moore, Elias, grist and saw mill owner and reeve. 
Patterson, Archibald, J.P., postmaster, and township 

Reid, Ephraim, woollen factor. 

ADOLPHUSTOWN, C. Wr-A Village situated in the Township of Adolphustown, on the Bay of Quints, in the 
County of Lennox. Distant from Kingston 30 miles, steamboat fare 60c., stage fare in winter $1,50. Daily mail. Popu- 
lation about 100. 

Allen, Parker, cwnmlssioner in Queen's bench. 

Baker, James, blacksmith. 

Daverne, Richard, J.P., notary public and major of 

Borland, John P., J.P. 
Gilbert, Lazarus, cabinetmaker. 
Johnson, Samuel, shoemaker. 

Lyons, Samuel & John, carpenters and joiners. 
McWhirter, David, wharfinger. 
Muloch, rev. John A., church of England. 
Pool, W. A., innkeeper. 
Sweetman, William H., J.P. 

Watson, John J., J.P., postmaster, wharfinger and gene- 
ral storekeeper. 

4AINLEYSVILLE, C. Wr— A small Village in the Township of Grey and County of Huron. Distant from Goderich 
the County Town, 25 miles. Mail four times a week. Population about 60. 

Dix, rev. Joseph, Bible christian. 

Grant, William, postmaster and storekeeper. 

Bvans, James, storekeeper. 

Knechtle, John, storekeeper. 

McKenzie, Angus, innkeeper, 
McLeod, William, innkeeper, 
Mooney, William, J.P. 

IIALBERT, C. W»— A small Village on Lake Huron, in the Township of Ashfleld and County of Huron. ACrown Re- 
serve is surveyed for a Harbour at this Port. Distant from London 70 miles, and from Goderich 10 miles. Mail tri-weekly 
Population about 100. 

Dougherty, Michael and James, weavers. 

Graham, George, shoemaker. 

Hawkins, George, saw mill. 

Hawkins, John, jr^ reeve. 

Hawkins, John, sen., land agent and miller. 

Hawkins, Thomas, postmaster and iSonr miller, 

Hawkins, William, oatmeal miller. 

Helmer, Adam, tavernkeeper. 

Martin, John, boat owner. 

Martin, Stephen, fishmonger. 

Murray, William and Peter, boat builders. 

O'Connor, Joseph, carpenter and wheelwright. 

Williams, Joseph, storekeeper. 


§ALBERTVILLE, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Grosfleld and County of Essex, Distant from Sandwich 

32 miles. Tri-weekly maiL Population about 80. 
Ambridge, P. A., general dealer. [ Wigle, S. S. & C. R,, grist and saw mills. 

Coatsworth, Joseph, postmaster. Wigle, William, saddler and hamessmaker. 

Loveless, Peter, shoemaker. Woodbridge, W., shoemaker. 

Wigle, James, carpenter and joiner. | 

• Lately called Biddulph. t Formerly called Patterson's Comers. i The Post office is called Diiigle. 
Fort Albert. § The Post office is called Gosfield. 

I Also called 



1857. [Canada 

ALDERSHOTT, C. W.— A risinR Village in the Township of Flamborough East and County of Wentworth. It is 
a Port of Kntry for Waterdown and neighbourhood, and its tratflc in consequence is veiy considerable. Diataut from Water- 
down 2 miles, and from Hamilton 4 miles. Mail daily. Population about 75. 

Gracy, John, waggonmaker. 

Hill, Alexis, carpenter. 

Applegath, John, & Brothers, mill owners. 
BROWN, ALEXANDER, postmaster, forwarder, &c. 
Carrol, Peter, J.P. 
Grracy, Alexander, blacksmith. 

Olirer, John, tavernkeeper. 

ALEXANDRIA, C. W.- A Village situated in the Township of Loohiel, County of Glengaiy. A larse local 
trade is carried on here. Distant from Montreal 70 miles, and from Lancaster Station Grand Trunk Eailway IS miles. Fare 
to Lancaster $1.50. Daily mail. Population about 8UU. 

Allan, 0. L., general store. 
Campbell, Neil, blacksmith. 
Ohisholm, rev. James, Roman catholic, 
dimming, John, cooper. 
Falkoner, Samuel, stone cutter. 
Grant, Archibald, blacksmith. 
Grant, D., & Co., general store. 
Hoy, William, stone engraver. 
Jollie, Edward, mason. 
Jolly, Emanuel, tailor. 
Kennedy, John, wheelwright. 
Lock, William, engineer. 
Luke, Harvey, weaver. 
McAuly, Mrs., dressmaker. 
McCallum, Duncan, blacksmith. 
McDonald, Alexander, carter. 
McDonald, A. S., general store. 
McDonald, Colin, physician and surgeon. 
McDonald, D. A., registrar. 
McDonald, Donald A., general store. 
McDonald, John, joiner. 
McDonald, John, shoemaker. 
McDonald, John R., general store. 

McDonald, Hugh, tailor. 

McDonald, Miss, dressmaker. 

McDonald, Norman, general store. 

McDonald, William, innkeeper. 

McDonald & Pawch, carriagemakera. 

McDonald & McLeod, tanners and shoemakers. 

McDonell, Alex., postmaster, general store and ashery, 

McGillis, John, farmer. 

McGillis, Mrs., dressmaker. 

McKenzie, Alexander, barrister. 

McLennon, R., teacher. 

McMillan, Ronald, cabinetmaker, 

McNeil, Donald, shoemaker. 

McPhee, Alexander, grocer. 

MePhee, Alexander, blacksmith. 

McPhee, Donald, carpenter. 

McPhee, Dugald, waggonmaker. 

McPherson, John, general store. 

Murchison, William, innkeeper. 

Simpson, James, physician and surgeon. 

Smith & Millan, iron founders. 

White, William, carpenter. 

ALLAN PARK, C. W.— A Post office Station on the Durham road, in the Township of Bentinck and County of Grey, 

Distant fmm Durham 64 miles. 
Allan, Mrs. Robert. I Allan, Thomas & George B., general dealers. 

ALLAN, GEORGE B., postmaster. | 

ALLAN BURG, C. W.— A small Village situated on the WelJand Canal, in the Township of Thorold and County of 

Welland. Distant from Merrittsville, the County Town, 
from Niagara 12 miles. 

Johnson, J., blacksmith. 

Misner, A., innkeeper. 

Musson, P. S., bricklayer. 

Rannie, John, postmaster and general storekeeper. 

Tucker, B., saw mill. 

7 miles, from Hamilton 40 miles, from BafEitlo, N. Y., 36 miles, and 

Upper, Joseph, innkeeper. 
Vanderbury & Hoorer, saw mill. 
Waters & Smith, machinists. 
Wilson, John, carriagemaker. 
Wright, William, general store. 

ALLAN'S CORNERS, C. E.— A Village in the Township of North Georgetown and County of Chateaugnay. Distant 

from Montreal 30 miles. Daily mail. Population about 60. 
Allan, William, postmaster, and storekeeper. | Dougall, Thompson, storekeeper. 

ALLISONVILLE, C. W.-A small Village in the Township of Hillier and County of Prince Edward. Distant fh>m 
Picton, the County Town, 12 miles, and from Kingston 52 miles; Mail tri-weekly. Population about 60. 

Allison, rev. Cyrus R., Wesleyan. 
Brown, William, blacksmith. 
Hicks, Royal C, postmaster. 
Kingsbury, Chamberlin A., shoemaker. 

Pine, Gideon, cooper. 
Rednor, Thomas, carpenter, 
Spafford, Samuel, carpenter. 

•ALLUMETTE ISLAND, C. E.— A station on Allumette Island, in the County of Pontiac, on the Ottawa 

Elver. Distant from Ottawn. about 90 miles, and from Pembroke 6 miles. Mail weakly. 

Adams, Samuel, general dealer. 
COGHLIN, JOHN, lumber merchant. 
Gray, Thomas, warden. 
Huntingdon, Samuel, grist and saw mills. 
T.ynch, rev. J.., Roman catholic. 
Lynch, John, postmaster. 

McAdams, J., farmer. 
McAulay, Charles, lumber merchant 
McDonell, A. H. L., general store, 
McNahon, P., lumber merchant. 
Warren, J., farmer. 

' Also called Adams. 

Directory.] 1858. 



ALMA, C. W.— A small Village ia the Township of Haron and County of Bruce, nearly adjoining the Village of Lurgan. 
Distant from Goderioh 25 miles. Population about 50. 

Grod, William, hotelkeeper. 

Blair, William, J.P., saw mill owner. 
GAMBLE, J. W., M.P.P., postmaster, and dealer in 
dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &o. 

Greenham, Henry, school teacher. 
Greenham, Rotiert. 

ALM A, C. W.— A Village in the Townships of Peel and Pilkington, and County of Wellington. 

miles, and flrom Hamilton 48 miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about 70. 
Allen, Charles, reeve of Pilkington. 
Cromer, Robert, deputy reeve of Pilkiagtom. 
CuUum, J. & D., carpenters. 
Duff, rev. J., church of Scotland. 
Farmer, J. & W^ blacksmiths and waggonmakers. 
Garbert, Thomas, reeve of Peel. 
Graham, Thomas, postmaster and general dealer. 
Gray, Hugh, carpenter. 
Isaac, James, blacksmith. 

Distant from Guelph 18 

Martin, James, general dealer. 
MoCrea, Alexander, innkeeper. 
Miller, Henry, carpenter and joiner. 
O'Callaghan, Cornelius, major of militia. 
Stubridge, William, deputy reeve of Peel. 
Truman, J. H., innkeeper. 
Weatherilt, James A., auctioneer. 
Wilton, John, lieut. colonel 8th Battalion. 

ALM IRA, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Markham and County of Tork, Distant from Toronto 24 miles. Tri- 
weekly mail. Population about 60. » 

Ball, Henderson, manufacturer of cotton goods. 
Bowman, Benjamin, jr., physician and surgeon. 
Bowman, Benj., sen., postmaster, and general dealer. 
Bowman, John & Scott, millers and woollen manufac- 
BOWMAN, THOMAS, deputy postmaster. 

Finis, William, boot and shoe maker. 

Keler, captain Joseph. 

Pingle, George, councillor. 

Reesor, David, reeve. 

Swinton, rev. R. C, Free church. 

tALMONTE, C W. — a flourishing Village situated on the Biver Mississippi, in the Township of Eamsay and County 
of Lanark. It is a Station on the line of the Brookville and Ottawa Railway. This place was founded by the late Daniel Ship- 
man, Esq., and it is progressing with great rapidity. There is a considerable trade here in flour lumber, &o. Distant fiom 
the County Town, Perth, 26 miles, from Ottawa .'i5 miles, and from Brookville by railway 62 miles. Value of assessed pro- 
perty in the village $60,000. Mail daily. Population about SOO. 

ANDERSON, MATTHEW, general merchant, commis- 
sioner Queen's bench and issuer of marriage licences. 

BARBEAU, ANTHONY, Almonte house,— neat and 

Barnett, Moses, cooper. 

Cameron, Donald, blacksmith. 

CAMPBELL, DAVID, commissioner in court of Queen's 
bench and insurance agent. 

Colman, Smith, tanner. 

Forgie, William, grocer. 


Hall of Sons of Temperance. 

Henderson, Dr. Peter. 

Lang, Alexander, blacksmith. ' 

Lang, John, saw mill. 

Leckie, Thomas, saw mill. 

L6tang, Joseph, cooper. 

Lockhart, Hugh, carpenter. 

Lockhart, William, carpenter. 

McDonald, Alexander, physician and surgeon. 

McEwan, Dugald, tailor. 

McFarlane & Anderson, merchants. 

McGregor, DUNCAN, victoria hotel,— travellers will 
do well to stop here. 

McLaren, Thomas, tailor. 

McMorine, rev. John, church of Scotland. 

McMulkin, Frank, blacksmith. 

McNorton, Daniel, shoemaker. 

MENZIES, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, hardware, gro- 
ceries, produce, &G., and insurance agent. 

Monaghan, Robert, shoemaker. 

Murphy, John, innkeeper. 

Patterson, Henry, cabinetmaker. 

Patterson, John, blacksmith. 

Provincial Insurance Company,James Rosamond, agent. 

Rea, W. H., general store. 

Riddle, William", chair factory. 

Ried & Mcintosh, woollen factory. 

ROSAMOND, JAMES, woollen cloth manufacturer and 
agent for Provincial Insurance Company. 

Scott, John, waggonmaker. 

Shipman, Norman, grist mill. 

Shipman, Sylvanus, saw mill. 

Smith, Andrew, waggonmaker, 

Thompson, John, shoemaker. 

West, James, carpenter. 

White, Maurice, tailor. 

WYLIE, J. & J., importers, generalmerchantsandmillera. 

Wylie, James H., postmaster. 

ALTON, C. Wr-A Village in the Township of Caledon and County of Peel. Distant from Toronto 50 miles. Mailtri- 
weekly. Population about 200. 

Chaffen, William, miller. 

Chambers, Philip, councillor. 

Clark, William, storekeeper. 

Faulkner, Isaiah, reeve. 

Ford, John, chairmaker. 

Meek, John S., J. P., postmaster and deputy reeve. 

McGregor, John, councillor. 

McLure, Robert, clothier. 
McQuarrie, John, storekeeper, 
Richardson, John, councillor. 
Russell, Thomas, J.P. 
Smith, Nicholas, millwright. 
Wright, J. & T., storekeepers. 

• Formerly called Pine Biver, which is still the name of the Post office. t The Post office is called Ramsay. 



1851. [Canada 

ALTONA, C. W.-A Tillage in the Town8hip of 
■Whitby 20 miles, and from Toronto 81 miles. Tri-' 

Balkie, Magnus, shoemaker. 
Beesaw, John, carpenter. 
Brown, Joseph, farmer. 
Campbell, James, shoemaker. 
Chambers, James, blacksmith. 
Cliff, Edwin, carder and fuller. 
Peaster, William, stonemason. 
Haggerman, Lorenzo, pumpmaker. 
Jones, Abijah, farmer. 
Lindsay, Andrew, innkeeper. 

Pickering and South Eidlng of the County of Ontario. Distant ftom 
mail. Population about 200. 

McFarlane, Robert, farmer. 

Millard, Timothy, farmer. 

MONKHOUSE, JOSEPH, postmaster and storekeeper. 

Mordon, George. 

Neighswander, Martin, farmer. 

Reeson, C.,millowner. 

Skeme, William TJ., millwright. 

Stiner, Henry, cooper. 

Stouffer, Jacob, farmer. 

Wideman, John, reeve of Uxbridge. 

A L V I NSTON, C. W.— A Tillage situated on the Elver Sydenham, in the Township ot Brooke and County of Laanbtom. 
Distant from Port Samia, the County Town, 40 miles, and from London 40 miles. Weekly mail. Population about 60. 

Benner, William, general dealer, librarian and super- 
intendent of schools. ^ 

BRANAN, CAPTAIN J. W., postmaster, general dealer 
in flour and lumber, and mill owner. 

Campbell, Daniel, innkeeper. 
Eliott, John, township clerk. 
MoDougall, Malcolm, distiller. 

*AMELIASBURQ, C. W A Village situated on the Outlet of Boblin Lake, in the Township of Ameliasburgb 

and County of Prince Edward. Distant from Picton 15 miles, from Bellevillfi 10 miles, and from Kingston 65 miles. Mail tri- 
weekly. Population about 100. 


Carurjke, John, Temperance house. 
Cotter, S. C. H., J.P., clerk Division court and gene- 
ral storekeeper. 

Delong, Henry, tailor. 
Henessey, Royal, shoemaker. 

Roblin, Owen, JP., postmaster, commissioner la 
Queen's bench, general storekeeper and grist and 
saw mill owner. 

Sprague & Brother, blacksmiths and carriagemakers. 

tAMHERST ISLAND, C. W^A Village situated 
the same name, in the County of Addington. Distant l^om 
Kingston 29c. Mail semi-weekly. Population about 100. 

Boyes, John, J.P. and councillor. 

Dulmage, James, blacksmith. 

Glenn, Samuel, councillor. 

Howard, George, J.P. 

Howard, William, J.P., and reeve. 

McGinn, John, storekeeper and councillor. 

M'Intosh, rev. James, church of Scotland. 

opposite the North shore ot Lake Ontario, on an Island bearing 
Bath 5 miles, and from Kingston 12 miles. Steamboat fare ta 

Mulholland, James, tavemkeeper. 

Preston, David, councillor. 

Rothwell, rev. John, church of England. 

Scott, William, postmaster and general storekeeper. 

Tait, David, shipbuilder. 

Watson, John, tavemkeeper. 

Wemp, Barnabas, blacksmith and sleighmaker. 

ANCASTER and CARLUKE, C. W.— Two Post office Stationsin the TownshipofAncasterand Countyof Went- 
worth. Distant from Hamilton 7 miles. Mail daily. Population of neighborhood about 600. 

Binkley, Jacob, deputy reeve. 

Calder, James, postmaster at Carluke, and councillor. 

Cooley, W. A., clerk of council. 

Crane, J. G., shirt and stocking manufacturer, Ancas- 

ter factory. 
Baglestone, H. & A., foundrymen. 
Gage, Andrew. 

Gnrnett & McDonald, machinists. 
Heslop, John, J.P., reeve. 

Lees, rev. John, United Presbyterian. 

Mcintosh, John, councillor. 

McEelcan, — , M.D. 

Ostler, rev. Featherstone, church of England. 

Rousseaux, G. B., postmaster at Aneaster. 

Sexton, William, councillor. 

Shaver, Daniel, J.P. 

Thureson, Eyre, machinist. 

Tisdale, M. D. L., J.P. 

ANGUS, C. W.— A Tillage in the Township of Essa and County of Simcoe, at the junction of Nottawasaga and Fine 
Elvers. This village is situated in the centre of a lumbering district, and supplies Quebec with spars and masts, and Cleve- 
land, Chicago, &c., with lumber. It is on the line of the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Eailroad. Distant trova Barrie, the 
-County Town, 11 miles, from Toronto 73 miles, and from Collingwood 21 miles. Daily mail. Population about 150. 

BUSH, JONAS T., steam flouring and saw mills. 

Coots, John, proprietor of Angus hotel. 

CURTIS, JOHN B., J.P., postmaster and steam saw 

mill owner. 
Hopper, Francis, innkeeper. 

McCarty, William, millwright. 

Stewart, H., J.P., commissioner in Queen's bench and 

land agent. 
Thomson, A. C, manufacturer of masts and spars. 

tAPPLETON, C- W.— A small Tillage situated on the Mississippi Eiver, in the Township of Eamsay and County of 

miles, and from Brockville by Ottawa and Brockville Eailway 

Lanark. Distant from Perth 24^ miles, from Ottawa I 
62 miles. Population about 76. 

Cram, J. & P., tannery. 
Heuston, John, shoemaker. 
Manho, Martin, blacksmith. 
Miller, Duncan, waggonmaker. 
Sullivan, M., blacksmith. 

Teskey, Albert, postmaster and general storekeeper. 
Teskey, Joseph, grist mill. 
Teskey, Robert, saw mill. 
Wilson, Andrew, farmer. 
Young, William, tailor. 

Also called Eoblin's Mills. t Also, called Jeutir Wharf, % Pwmerly called Appletou Falls. 

Directory.] 1858. 


AMHERSTBURG) C. Wi— An incorporated Village beautifully situated at the mouth of the Elver Detroit, at the head 
of Lake Erie. It is the extreme south-western point of Canada. The climate cannot bo surpassed. The Imperial Govern- 
ment has a military post on the north side of the village, and this place is now garrisoned by pensioners. A large business 
is done here in lumber. The Southwestern Bailroad is expected to terminate at this place, to connect with the Michigan 
Southern. Distant from Toronto 2S8 miles, and trom Windsor 18 miles. Daily mail. Population about 2600. 

Anderson, Edmund, collector of customs, and agent for 
Provincial Insurance Company. 

Archer, William, grocer. 

Babcock, L. D., innkeeper. 

Barber, rev. M., Morissonian. 

Borrowman, James, hatter. 

Borrowman, James, tinsmith. 

Bungay & Carpenter, carriagemakers. 

Bush, rev. S., Baptist. 

Canada Western Assurance Co.,Thoma3 Salmoni, agent. 

Chapman, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

Conroy, F., innkeeper. 

Daudet, rev. M., Roman catholic. 

Degrand & Rabideux, druggists. 

Delisle & Kolfedge, dealers in stoves. 

DUNBAR, JAMES, baker, confectioner and provision 

Equitable Fire Insurance Co., James Kevill, agent. 

Pox, Angus, telegraph operator. 

GOTT, GEORGE, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

Hamilton, James, landing waiter. 

HEDLY, WILLIAM, & Co. dealers in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Horseman, Thomas, innkeeper. 

International Life Assurance Co., James Kevill, agent. 

JONES & Co., founders, machinists, pattern-makers, 
manufacturers, and dealers in iron, stoves, copper, 
tin and sheet-iron ware. 

KALCHTHALLBR, THEODORE A., cigar manufac- 
turer and dealer in snuffs and tobaccos. 

KEVILL, JAMES, postmaster, and agent for Equitable, 
International, and Unity Assurance Companies. 

KOLFAGB, JOHN G., tanner and dealer in dry goods, 
hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 

KANE, JOHN A., druggist. 

Lafferty, F. A., general dealer. 

Lambert, — , physician and surgeon. 

LEGGATT, GORDON W., barrister and attorney, and 
agent , for Provident Life Assurance and Invest- 
ment Company. 

Mack, rev. P., church of England. 

McGee & Son, general dealers. 

McGregor, W., butcher. 

McGregor, R., cabinetmaker. 

McKenny, H., general dealer. 

McLaren, rev. William, Free church. 

McLeod, John, distiller and ship owner. 

MEARS & BROTHER, dealers in British, French and 
American goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &o. 


Montreal Telegraph office. 

Noble, James, general dealer. 

Noble, Thomas, harnessmaker. 

O'Madden, A. D., grocer. 

Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 
G. W. Leggatt, agent. 

Provincial Insurance Co., Edmund Anderson, agent. 

Reynolds, R. T., M.D. 

Ridsdale, William, baker. 

Ridsdale, John W., miller. 

SALMONI HOUSE, T. Salmoni, proprietor. 

SALMONI, THOMAS, proprietor of Salmoni house, 
and agent for Canada Western Assurance Co. 

Smith, Daniel, baker. 

Stokes, John, butcher and grocer. 

Unity Fire & Life Insurance, James Kevill, agent. 

Ward, Joseph, butcher. 

WARNER, C, Warner's exchange. 

Whitson, James, butcher. 

ANCIENNE LORETTE, C. E^— a large village situated in rear of Ste. Toy, in the Seigniories of Demaure, Gau- 
dreville and St. Gabriel, Counties of Portneuf and Quebec. It has a large lumbering trade. There are here forty-dve families 
of Huron Indians, whose principal business consists in making moccasins and snowshoes. Distant from Ste. IFoy H miles, and 
ft'om Quebec 7^ miles. 

Alain, Isidore, carpenter. 

Alain, Jean, wheelwright and carpenter. 

Alain, Michel, shoemaker. 

Beaulieu, Joseph, wheelwright. 

Bedard, Thomas, saddler. 

Belleau, Michel, shoemaker. 

Belleau, Olivier, baker. 

Blondeau, Ignace, road overseer. 

Blondeau, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Blondeau, Louis, butcher. 

Blondeau, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Boiteau, Jean, road overseer. 

Boivin, Fran5oi3, mason. 

Cantin, Edmond, road overseer. 

Delisle, Pierre, carpenter. 

D6ry, captain Joseph, J.P. 

D^ry, George, inspector of roads. 

Drolet, Fran90is, road overseer. 

Drolet, Gabriel, carpenter and grocer. 

Drolet, Jean Baptiste, secretary and treasurer of schools. 

Drolet, Joseph, road overseer. 

Duchesneau, Francois, road overseer. 

Dufresne, George, tailor. 

Dufresne, Isaie, wheelwright. 

Palardeau, Francois, road overseer. 

Gagn6, Bvang^liste, shoemaker. 

Gauvin, Charles, mason and wheelwright. 

Gauvin, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Gauvin, Louis, jr., blacksmith. 

Gauvin, Louis, sen., wheelwright. 

Gauvin, Michel, postmaster, storekeeper and Custom 

house officer. 
Gauvin, Pierre, grocer and wheelwright. 

Girard, J, saddler. 
Hamel, Jacques, general store, 
Hamel, Jean, miller. 
Hamel, Joseph, carpenter. 
Jobin, Captain Joseph, mayor. 
Laberge, rev. Joseph, Roman catholic. 
Lajeunesse, Edouard, general storekeeper, and secre- 
tary-treasurer of municipality. 
Laurin, Joseph, J.P., notary public. 
L6gar6, Jean Baptiste, inspector of roads. 
L6gar6, Louis, road overseer. 
Marois, Lazare, blacksmith. 
Mayi, Isidore, shoemaker. 
Moreau, Fran9ois, jr., baker. 
Moreau, Franjois, sen. carpenter. 
Moreau, Joseph, carpenter. 
Moysan, Gatien, shoemaker. 
Pag^, Hubert, grocer and dealer in flour. 
Pag6, Jean Baptiste, road overseer. 
Pageau, Edouard, general storekeeper. 
Pageau, major Jacques Edouard, J.P. ' 
Parent, Etienne, blacksmith. 
Parent, Pierre, road overseer. 
Pepin, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Plante, Jean, oarpenl^r. 
Robitaille, Joseph, inspector of roads. 
Robitaille, Louis, baker. 
Robitaille, Luce, general Bto;:e. 
Tardif, Pierre, blacksmith. 
Well, Thomas, shoemaker. 
Yon, Francois, butcher. 
Yon, Jacques, road overseer. 



1857. [Canada 

APTO, C. W.— A promiaiog little Village in the Township of Vespra and County of Simooe. Distant from Barrie, th« 
County Town, 9 miles, and ttom Toronto 72 miles. Mail weeWy. Population about 30. 

Hinds, Alexander, J.P. 
Johnstone, James, farmer. 
Mathison, James, J. P., miller. 

Richardson, James, J.P. 

Stewart, Malcolm, postmaster and storekeeper. 

ARLINGTON, C. W.-A Village situated in the Township of Adjala and County of Simooe. 
611 miles, iind from Bradford 25 miles. Weekly mail. Population about 7B. 

Distant firom Toronta 

Cassidy, William, physician and surgeon. 

Clendening, Arthur, cooper. 

Oowen, T., physician and surgeon. 

Ferguson, John, school teacher. 

Irwin, William, professor of gymnastics. 

KIDD, THOMAS, postmaster and dealer in dry goods, 

groceries, hardware, produce, &c. 
Lamon, Robert J., proprietor of Adjala hotel. 

Langly, Patrick, hotel keeper. 
Langly, Simon, general store. 
Langly, Thomas, veterinary surgeon. 
Lawrence, P. Rinafake, tailor. 
Mathers, Thomas, tailor. 
Russell, James, woollen manufacturer. 
Stephens, Thomas, blacksmith. 

ARNPRIOR, C. W.— A Village situated at the mouth of the Eiver Madawaska, in the Township of MacNab and 
Coun'y of Renfrew. At this place the Brockville and Ottawa Bailway first strikes the waters of the Ottawa Eiver. Arnimor 
was laid out about four years ago by Daniel MoLauchlia, Esq., and it is growing rapidly. There is splendid water power, and 
mills are being built by several enterprising persons. 40,000 pieces of timber annually through this village for Quebec. 
Distant from Ottawa 40 miles, from Perth 40 miles, and from Broiliville 70 miles. Daily mail. Population about 2S0. 

Bell, James, general storekeeper, and agent for Pro- 
vincial Insurance Company. 

Burwash, Nathaniel, contractor, grist mill owner, &c. 

Cam ibell, John, blacksmith. 

CAMPBELL, JOHN, Railroad hotel, — good accommo- 
dation, &c. 

Church, 0. M., M.D. 

Dart, Alman, innkeeper. 

Bdey, Edmund, hotelkeeper. 

Bdey, Henry, carriagemaker. 

Farley, James, general storekeeper. 

Freeman, J., baker. 

Graham, R., carriagemaker. 

Grant, John, sawyer. 

Harrington, A., clerk. 

Harrington, E., general storekeeper. 

Harvey, John, slide master. 

Jenkins, J., carpenter. 

LYONS, ROBINSON, hotelkeeper. 

McDiarmid, James, carpenter. 

McLauchlin, Daniel, lumber merchant. 

McLean, Peter, miller. 

Miller, William, cooper. 

Moore, John, carpenter. 

Nichols, John, brickmaker. 

Prout, Mrs., innkeeper. 

Provincial Insurance Company, James Bell, agent. 

Ramsay, Daniel, carpenter. 

Russell, Andrew, postmaster and storekeeper. 

Stewart, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Story, Thomas, carpenter. 

Stubbs, Edward, innkeeper. 

Tierney, J., shoemaker. 

Tough, William, cabinetmaker. 

Toy, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Young, Robert, general dealer. 

A RT HABASKA, C. E»— A rising Village in the Township and County of the same name, and District of Three Rivers. 
A considerable quantity of pearlash is manufactured in this place. There is a tri-weekly stage to Stanfold, 5 miles, fare 25o. 
Mail tri-weekly. Population about 160. 

Abel, Joseph, millwright. 

Alard, Joseph, millwright. 

Audibert, Pierre, shoemaker. 

Beaupr^, Charles, shoemaker. 

BoutiUette, Lazare, millwright. 

Brisson, Olivier, bailiff. 

Caron, Jean B., blacksmith. 

Corriveau, Bustache, shoemaker. 

Dargie, Antoine, carpenter. 

Gaguon, Antoine, mason. 

Gauvreau, Henry, blacksmith. 

Gosselin, Guillaume, pearlash manufacturer. 

Gosselin, Joseph, millwright. 

Hubert, Noel, pearlash manufacturer, secretary 

treasurer to municipality. 
Hubert, Stanislas, shoemaker. 
Juneau, Joseph, J.P., farmer. 
Landry, Joseph L., millwright. 
Landry, Pierre, cooper. 
Larriviere, Francois, pearlash manufacturer. 


Lanrandeau, Nazaire, millwright. 

L^gar6, Charles, shoemaker. 

Matte, Jean, pearlash manufacturer. 

Morin, Ambroise, carpenter. 

Morin, Jean B., cooper. 

Ouellet, R^mi, cooper. 

PACAUD, CHARLES A., dry goods, groceries, hard- 
ware and provision merchant, and pearlash manu- 

PACAUD, PHILIPPE N., J.P., postmaster, and notary- 

Paradis, Edward, mayor of municipality. 

Perrault, Jean B., blacksmith. 

Poisson, David, cooper. 

Puize, Elz^ar, bailiff. 

Roy dit Mazurette, Jean B., cooper. 

Roy, rev. Pierre, Roman catholic. 

Sharp, William, shoemaker. 

St. Pierre, P., carpenter. 

Wilbrenner, Auguste, M.D. 

ASHBURN, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Whitby and County of Ontario. Distant from Whitby 9 miles. 
Daily mail. Population about 200. 

Bates, John, carpenter and painter. 
Bowler, Daniel, waggonmaker. 
Burchell, John, shoemaker. 

Foley, William, shoemaker. 
Lawrence, James, saddler. 

Oliver, Edward, tailor. 
Robinson, Joseph, hotel keeper. 
Ross, James, general storekeeper. 
Smith, George, teacher. 
Wilson, Alexander, hotelkeeper. 

Directory.] 1B58. 



A RX H U R, C . W.— A Village in the Township of Arthur and County of Wellington, situated on the main road from Guelph 
to Owen Soumd, at the angle of the Townships of Arthur, Peel, Garafraxa and Luther. The Division Court is held here. Dis- 
tant from Guelph 25 miles, and from Fergus 12 miles. Population about 300. ; 

Boultbee, W. & S. A., architects, surveyors and land 

Bushlan, Anthony, blacksmith. 

Bushlan, John, wheelwright. 

Byers, William, teamster. 

Callaghan, Cornelius 0., clerk of DiTision court. 

Carson, John, wheelwright. 

Church, George, blacksmith. 

Clark, Robert C, & Brothers, blacksmiths and wheel- 

Clark, William, hotel keeper. 

Dryden, Robert, grist and saw mill owner. 

Dumontier, rev. F., Roman catholic. 

Fraser, James, carpenter. 

Gilmour, William R., M.B. 

Gordon, John H., surgeon. 

Gourley, Peter, tailor. 

Grant, John, carpenter. 

GREEN, ISAAC, auctioneer, commission agent and 

Green, C. C, hotelkeeper. 

Grieve, Peter, storekeeper , baker, and proprietor of 

Wellington hotel. 
Halstead, John, druggist. 
Hughes, John, innkeeper. 
McKay, rev. R. D., Free church. 
McPherson, John, general store. 
MITCHELL, ANDREW, postmaster. 
Mitchell Brothers, general store. 
Mitchell, Thomas, tanner and shoemaker. 
Mitchell, William, teamster. 
Mowat, A. H., general store. 
Preston, rev. James A., M.A., church of England. 
Quay, David, & Brothers, carpenters. 
Quart, John, teamster. 
Small & Brothers, shoemakers. 
Thompson, William, saw mill owner. 
Tindall, rev. R. L., Episcopal methodist. 
Whyte, rev. John, church of Scotland. 

*ARVA, C. W.— A Village situated on the Proof-line road, in the Township of London and County of Middlesex. Distant 
ftom the City of London 6 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Atkinson, John, St. Johns hotel. 

Bell, William, waggonmaker. 

Brunson, Dr. 

Elliott, John, blacksmith and waggon maker. 

Elliot, Thomas, saloon keeper, baker and confectioner. 

Green & Brothers, wollen factory and saw mill. 

Hebblethwaite, John, cabinetmaker. 

Irwin, John, shoemaker. 

McNab, John, blacksmith. 

Monahan, George, innkeeper. 

Orr, Robert, waggonmaker and constable. 

Saunby, William, grist mill. 

Sifton, Joseph, postmaster. 

Sifton, B. E. S., general store. 

Stiles & Gordon, general store. 

Wheatley, Miss, milliner. 

Wilson, Crowell, farmer. 

Wilson, Job, shoemaker. 

ASHGROVE, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Esquesing and County of Halton. Distant fi'om Milton 8 miles, ft'om 
Hamilton 34 miles, and from Toronto 38 miles. Daily mail. Population about 50. 

Cameron, Angus, tailor. 
Dewer, William P., carpenter. 
Howson, James, innkeeper. 
Huston, F., captain of militia. 

Hunter, John, J.P., postmaster and general dealer. 
McKeheny, Gilbert, blacksmith. 
Welch, Thomas, blacksmith. 

ASHTON, C. W.— A small Village situated partly in the Township of Goulhoum, County of Carleton, and partly in the 
Township of Beokwith, County of Lanark. Distant from Ottawa 26 miles. The Post office is in the Township of Goul- 
houm. Daily mail. Population about 200. 

Argue, George, tanner. 

Camnbell, Archibald, blacksmith. 

CONN, JAMES, dealer in dry goods, groceries,hardware, 

produce, &c. 
Fleming, James, shoemaker. 
Gray, rev. Peter, Free church mission, Beckwith. 
Hughston, Hugh, blacksmith. 
Hurd, William H., physician and surgeon. 
McCRAKEN, ROBERT, dealer in dry goods, groceries, 

crockery, &c. • 
McDonald, ANGUS, farmer and shoemaker. 
McFARLANE, DONALD, saw mill owner and hotel 

keeper. Travellers will find suitable accommodation 

at this house. 

McGregor, Duncan, carpenter and joiner. 

Paien, Matthew, saddler and harnessmaker. 

Pettit, rev. Charles B., church of England ; mission 

here, resides at Richmond, 0. W. 
Robinson, Donald, blacksmith. 
Scott, John & James, waggonmakers. 
Shannon, James, shoemaker. 
Shore, John, carpenter and joiner. 
Stewart & Oram, steam saw mill. 
SUMNER, JOHN, postmaster, importer of and dealer 

in dry goods, groceries, hardware, &c., wholesale 

and retail. 
Torrance, Robert, blacksmith. 

ATHOL, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Kenyon and County of Glengary. Distant from Cornwall, the County 
Town, iti miles, and from Montreal 84 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 100. 

Bone, Andrew, jobber. 
Campbell, Duncan, blacksmith. 
Campbell, John, carriagemaker. 
Campbell, John, carpenter. 
Campbell, rev. John, Congregationalist. 
Fisher, Alexander, weaver. 
Gillis, Donald, shoemaker. 
Gordon, rev. D., Free church. 

Larue, Charles, miller. 

Larocque, Joseph, pearlash manufacturer. 

McDonell, G. & J., storekeepers. 

McDonell, George, of G. & J. McDonell, reeve. 

McDonell, James, of G. & J. McDonell, postmaster 

and commissioner in Queen's bench. 
McGillivray, Duncan, blacksmith. 
McGregor, Peter, weaver. 

' Also called St. Johns. 



185T. [Canada 

ATHELSTAN, C- E.— A small TUlage situated near the Hlnchinbrook Elver, In the Township of Hlnchinbrook, 
County of Huntingdon, and District of Montreal. Distant from Montreal 60 miles, from Huntingdon 4 miles, and from Province 
Line 3i miles. Mail hi-weekly. Population about 76, 

Somerville & Anderson, grist, oatmeal and saw milla. 

Graham, Robert, blacksmith. 

McGiunis, Hugh, shoemaker. 

Mills, Harvey, postmaster, and general storekeeper, 

Milne, David, hotelkeeper. 

SOMERVILLE, R. B., M.P.P., proprietor of a large 

tannery, mill owner, &c. 
Vosburg, Jamea, carpenter and joiner. 

ATHERLY, C. W.— A small Tillage situated on lake Simooe, in the Township of Mara and County of Ontario. Distant 
from Toronto 90 miles, and fi-om BeU Ewart station on the Northern Railway 40 miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about 70. 

Dudenhoffer, Andrew, general store. 

Adams, Josiah, carpenter. 
Adams, Joseph N., shoemaker. 
Cameron, Duncan, general store, 
Darling, William, hotelkeeper. 

Hunachy, John, general store. 
McMuUen, W. 0., postmaster. 

ATHLONE, C. Wr-A Village in the Township of Adjala and South Elding of the County of Simooe. The land in the 
neighbourhood is extremely fertile and productive. Distimt from Toronto 40 miles. Daily mail. Population about 300. 

Barnes, John. 

Barton, G. & J., cabinetmakers and upholsterers. 

Barton, Robert, Athlone hotel. 

Connor, John, saw mill owner. 

Ferguson, Michael. 

EIDD, JOSEPH, postmaster and dealer in groceries, 

provisions and general merchandize. 
MoLoghlin, John, jr., flour mill owner. 
Moodiewark, 0. A., M.D. 
Piggott, John, Athlone tannery. 

AUGHRIM, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Brooke and County of Lambton. Distant from London 45 miles, and 

from Samia, the County Town, 46 miles. 'Weekly mail. Population about 25. 
MoKEUNE, JOHN, postmaster. 

AULTSVILLE, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Osnabruck and County of Stormont. It is near a station of 
the Grand Trunk Bailway. Distant from Montreal 84 miles, and f^om Kingston 89 miles. Doily mail. Population about ISO. 

Anderson, Francis, carriagemaker. 

Anderson, James, blacksmith. 

Ault, Isaiah, of I. R. & S. Ault, postmaster. 

AULT, I. R. & S., dealers in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
Ault, Samuel, J.P., reeve. 
Baker, Simon, storekeeper. 
Barnhert, Ebenezer, carriage^aaker. 
Bugbee, A. B., painter. 
Dufoe, Erastus, potter. 
Dufoe, Richard, grocer. 
Dufoe, Richard, shoemaker. 

Elliott & Brothers, potters and brickmakers. 

Empey, Gordon, innkeeper and brickmaker. 

Empey, Ira, blacksmith. 

Ferris, George, storekeeper. 

Hanes, John, shoemaker. 

Hanes, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Hay, John, blacksmith. 

Morgan, Nelson, shoTOaker. 

McCulloch, Henry, preventive officer. 

Ross, Jacob, storekeeper. 

Wyatt, Daniel, tanner and councillor. 

AURORA, C- Wr-A Village on the line of the Townships of King and Whitchurch, in the County of York. Distantfrom 
Toronto, by Ontario, Simooe and Huron Eailroad, 81 miles, and by Tonge Street 25 miles. Daily mail. Population about 400. 

Abbott, Isaac, tanner. 

Andrew, James, shoemaker. 

Andrews, Edward, tailor. 

Ashton, Miss, milliner and dressmaker. 

Atkinson, James, boot and shoe maker. 

Ayerton, Clayton, blacksmith. 

Beresford, Charles, Aurora hotel. 

Campbell, rev. A. R., Weeleyan. 

Cummer, James, copper and tin store. 

Doan, Charles, postmaster and general storekeeper. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Co., William Mosley, agent. 

Holyday, James, butcher. 

Hughes, W. C, grocer. 

Hunt, Joseph, shoemaker. 

International Life Ass. Co., William Mosley, agent. 

Kershaw, rev. J. B., New Connection methodist. 

Kissop, J. W., railroad inn. 

Lepper, Matthew, general store. ' 

Lukes, Thomas, Wellington hotel. 

MACHELL, ROBERT, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
MoOLBOD, DAVID, hotel and livery stables. 
McFadden, rev. William, Wesley an. 
MOSLEY, WILLIAM, land agent, conveyancer, and 

agent for Equitable Fire and International Life 

Assurance Companies. 
Pearson, Benjamin, general store. 
Provincial Insurance Co., G. h. Stevenson, agent. 
Ramsay, rev. S. F., M.A., church of England j mission 

here, resides at Newmarket. 
Ransom, Thomas, general store. 
Stevenson, G. L., saddler and harnessmaker, and agent 

for Provincial Insurance Company. 
Todd, James, blacksmith. 
Tracey, John, tailor. 
Wellington hotel, Thomas Lukes, proprietor. 

AVON, C. W.— A Village in the Township of North Dorchester and Counties of Middlesex and Elgin. Distant from Lon- 
don 22 miles, from Ingersoll U miles, from St. Thomas 26 miles, and from Ayhuer IS miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population 
about 60. 

Andrew, J. H., waggonmaker. 

Byrns, Sylvester, boot and shoe maker. 

McLachlan, J. D., & Co., general dealers. 

Mills, Daniel, millowner. 
Smith, Henry, innkeeper. 
Whaley, S., postmaster. 

* Formerly called St. Michaels. 

Director^.] 1858. 



*AUDLEY, C. W.— A Vfflage in the Township of Pickering and County of Ontario. Distant from Tniitby 5 miles. Daily 
mail. Population about 300. 

Brethal, Edward, hotel keeper. 
Carpenter, Ira B., J.P. 
Oooly, Abraham, cabinetmaker. 
Hehner, Josiah, patentee of shingles. 
Karr, F., general dealer. 
Kett, rev. James, Wesleyan. 
Leach, Lewis, boot and shoe maker. 
Madill, Henry. 

Madill, 'William B., postmaster. 
McBrady, Daniel, carriagemaker. 
Montgomery, John, blacksmith. 
Palmer, Thomas, general dealer. 
Eeinhart, Robert, blacksmith. 
Sullivan, William, bootmaker. 
White, Truman T., reeve. 

AYLMER, C. E. — The chief Town of the County of Ottawa, in the Township of Hull, situated on the Chaudi^ro 
Lake, 8 miles above Ottawa. The Town was originally laid out by Charles Symmes, Esq., in 1830 ; and it is now a thriving 
place, containing several large lumbering establishments. Daily mail. Population about IBOO. 

Agricultural Society County of Ottawa, Charles 

Symmes, secretary-treasurer. 
ALLEN, WILLIAM, bookseller and stationer, and pub- 
lisher of the Aylmer Times, agent for British Ame- 
rican Friendly Society, British American Express 
Company, and Mutual Fire Insurance Company of 
Allen, William John, boot and shoe maker. 
ALLENS & CLAUSON, proprietors of the Aylmer 

Allen, William John & W., auctioneers. 
ATLEN, PETER, jr., advocate. 
Aylen, Peter, sen., farmer. 
Aylmer Academy, Paraclete Sheldon, principal. 
Aylmer Dissentient district school, T. I. Speuce, 

Aylmer hotel, Dominick Fox, proprietor. 
Aylmer Roman Catholic academy, H. F. Murphy, 

Aylmer Roman Catholic district school, Miss Griffin, 

AYLMER TIMES, (THE) weekly, annual subscription 
$2, Aliens & Clauson, proprietors ; Wm. Allen, 
publisher ; George Nolan, printer. 
Baily, James, cabinetmaker. 
Bartlette, Edmund, blacksmith. 
Beaudry, Amable, carpenter. 
Bertram, Miss, milliner. 
Bolton, George, innkeeper. 
Brady, James, blacksmith. 
Brennen, John, laborer. 
British American Friendly Society, William Allen, 

British and American Express Company, William 

Allen, agent. 
BRITISH HOTEL, John McCooke, proprietor. Travel- 
lers will find every convenience at this house, and 
conveyances furnished when required. 
Bryant, George, butcher and baker. 
Burgeois, Alexander, shoemaker and grocer. 
Bytown and Aylmer Turnpike Road Company. 
Campbell, William A., general store. 
Chamberlain, George, laborer. 
Chamberlain, Richard, tanner and currier. 
Cherry Cottage boarding and day school for young 

ladies, Mrs. C. C. Symmes, principal. 
Church, Peter H., M.D., physician and surgeon to 

Aylmer gaol. 
CLAUSON, JOHN, bailiff, deputy revenue inspector, 
and secretary-treasurer of municipality of Aylmer. 
Cleworth, rev. Thomas, Wesleyan. , 

Connor, John, tailor. 
CONROY, ROBERT, J.P., lumber merchant and dealer 

in dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
COUTLEB, LOUIS M., sheriff district of Ottawa. 
Cowan, Mrs., grocery. 
CUMING, THOMAS A., agent for Union forwarding 

Company, and captain of steamer Emerald. 
Ouzner, Mark, tinsmith. 

Darby, John, carpenter. 

Delisle, John, advocate. 

DEVLIN, CHARLES, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

Donahue, Michael, blacksmith. 

Doyle, James, J.P., bookkeeper. 

Edwards, James, laborer. 

BGAN, JOHN, M.P.P., lumber merchant and dealer in 
dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Robert A. Young, 

Farron, Narcissus, carpenter. 

Penwick, Thomas G., advocate. 

Poren, John, J.P., lumber merchant, &c. 

Fox, Dominick, Aylmer hotel. 

Gordon, John, high constable district of Ottawa. 

Gourlay, rev. John L., Free church. 

Gravelle, Francis, tinsmith. 

GrifBn, Miss, teacher in Roman catholic district school. 

Haldane, Mark, bailiff. 

Heath, Mrs., farmer. 

Hill, Simeon, farmer. 

Hodges, W. K., bailiff. 

Holt, Moses, jr., mail contractor, Ottawa hotel. 

Huntington, rev. Silas, Wesleyan. 

Johnston, rev. John, church of England ; mission at 

Kenny, Robert, lumber merchant and farmer. 

Kenny, William, carriagemaker. 

Klock, Robert, lumber merchant and hotel keeper. 

LAFONTAINE, AIM^, prothonotary, and clerk of Su- 
perior court. 
LARUE, ANDR£, notary public, and coroner District 

of Ottawa. 
Lesp^rance, A. P., hotel keeper, and bowling alley. 
Lindsay, Archibald, axe maker. 
Loranger, Augustin, carpenter. 
Lucas, Paul A., bailiff. 
Lynch, rev. M. J., Roman catholic. 
Marcroix, Alexander, carpenter. 
MoCOOKE, JOHN, proprietor of British hotel. 
MoCORD, THOMAS, Q.C., advocate. 
McCord, W. King, judge of Circuit court. 
McDonald, James, laborer. 
McGuire, George, shoemaker. 
McLarky, P., plasterer. 

McLaughlan, Michael, steward, steamer Emerald. 
McLean, John & William, general store. 
McMahan, John, gardener. 
Mooney, Dennis, wheelwright. 
Mooney, James, blacksmith. 
Morrow, Alexander, carter. 
Morrow, Charles, laborer. 
Mulligan, James, butcher. 

MurpSy, H. F., teacher in Roman catholic academy. 
Murphy, James, laborer. 

MURPHY, JOHN, bookkeeper Union Forwarding Com- 
Murphy, John, gaoler. 

' lately called Brown's Comers. 



1857. [Canada 

Mutual Fire Inaurance Company of Preacott, William 

^ Allen, agent. 

Newman, John, provincial land surveyor. 

NOLAN, GEORGE, printer of the Aylmer Times. 

Norman, Richard, J. P. 

O'Keefe, Martin, saddler. 

Ottawa hotel, Moses Holt, jr., proprietor. 

Parker, Harvey, farmer. 

Perrauit, Isidore, earriagemaker. 

Perranlt, N., pilot. 

PETRIE, JOHN, steam mill proprietor. 

Prentiss, T. B., general dealer. 

Ranger, Andr6, grocer. 

Eeilly, Patrick, turnkey of gaol. 

Richie, Robert, butcher. 

Robert, John, cabinetmaker. 

Robillard, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Roi, Pran<;oi3, carpenter and joiner. ^ 

Eoi, William, carpenter and joiner. 

Eoney, Daniel, tailor. 

RONEY, J. J., provincial land surveyor and inspector 

of chools for district of Ottawa. 
SCOTT, ALEXANDER, baker, Aylmer bakery. 
Sheldon, Paraclete, principal of Aylmer academy. 
Shuter, Mrs. Jessie, general store. 

Smith, Mrs. D., dealer in dry goods, groceries, &c. 

Spence, Thomas J., teacher in Dissentient district 

Strutt, James, gardener. 

SYMMES, CHARLES, mayor of Aylmer, warden coun- 
ty of Ottawa, district revenue inspector, and se- 
cretary-treasurer of Agricultural Society. 

Symmes, Henry, contractor. 

Symmes, Mrs. 0. C, principal young ladies academy. 

Symmes, Thomas, tanner and currier. 

Taylor, James P., J.P., county registrar. 

Thompson, James, general dealer. 

Thorpe, William, laborer. 

Topley, John, harnessmaker and saddler. 

Union Forwarding Company, Thomas A. Cuming, agent. 

Walker, James, lumber merchant. 

Walsh, Charles, laborer. 

Watson, Thomas, bailiflf and printer. 

Watt, James, carter. 

Whalen, James, laborer. 

White, Richard, tailor. 

Woods, John R., postmaster. 

Wright, Charles, farmer. 

Young, Robert A., notary public, land agent, and agent 
for Equitable Fire Insurance Company. 

AYLWIN, C. W.— A ■Villase ill the Township of the same name and County of Ottawa. Distant from Ottawa 60 miles. 
Mail weekly. Population about ino. 

Chamberlin, Ephraim, carpenter and cabinetmaker. 

Draper, John, shoemaker. 

Lebeau, Alexander, tavern keeper and mail contractor. 

Litle, John, postmaster and storekeeper, 
Mitfee, John, cooper. 
Wilson, Robert, tanner. 

AYR, C ■ W .—A flourishing Village situated at the confluence of Smith and Cedar Creeks, in the Township of North Dum- 
fries and County of Waterloo. It has extensive water privileges, a considerable flour trade, a lumber business, and some large 
manufactories, besides an important wheat and grain market constantly supplied. Di.stant from Berlin 15 miles, from Paris 
railway station (with wliich ifr is connected by a gravel road) 7 miles, and from Gait 10 miles. Stage fare to Gait 7Bo., 
to Paris station 6:iic. Mail daily. Population about lUOO. 

Anderson, Robert, cooperage. 

Anderson, Robert, saw mill and stave factory. 

Anderson, Thomas, general store. 

Anderson, W., proprietor of Union hotel & livery stable. 

Baker, William, general store. 

Black, James, general store. 

Black, James, provincial land surveyor and conveyancer. 

Brogan, John, plasterer. 

Canada Western Assurance Co., Robert Wyllie, agent. 

Colcleugh, George, clerk of Division court. 

Colcleugh, George, distillery and shoe peg factory. 

Colwell, Joseph, cooperage. 

CoUwell, T., Wellington hotel, stage office, &c. 

Cassady, Francis, shoemaker. 

Ooutts, William, shoemaker. 

Cunningham, Peter, brewer. 

Cuthbertson, Hugh, shoemaker. 

Davidson, Robert, blacksmith. 

Dunlop, Andrew, harness, saddle and trunk maker. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Co., Richard Senior, agent. 

Gladstone, Walter, general store. 

Goldie, John, flouring mill owner, Greenfield mills. 

Goldie, William, cooperage. 

GroiSf & Bell, chemists and druggists. 

Gumma, William, butcher. 

Hall, Robert, builder. 

Hall, William, flouring mill owner, Jedburgh mills. 

Eaugh, Thomas, saloon keeper. 

Hope & Gladstone, builders. 

Hope & Vietch, builders. 

Hope, Thomas, blacksmith. ' 

Hutchinson, James, butcher. 

Hutchinson, James, general store. 

International Life Assurance Co., Richard Senior, agent. 

Kay, John, cabinetmaker. 

Kay, Robert, blacksmith. 

Kilgour, Joseph, J.P., general store. 

Kyle, Walter, blacksmith. 

Lockhart, James, general store. 

Longhland, William, Glengary cap manufacturer. 

Manley, D., flour mill owner, Ayr mills. 

Marriott, William, tinsmith. 

Mathieson, Alexander, builder. 

McClory, Roger, blacksmith. 

McDonald & Tilley, general store. 

McDonald, William, shoemaker. 

McGeorge & Bell, physicians and surgeons. 

M'Gregor, J. & P., blacksmiths. 

M'Gregor, William, carriage and waggon maker 

M'Neill, Duncan, tailor. 

McRae, James, shoemaker. 

McRuar, rev. Duncan, Free church 

Murray, William, baker and confectioner. 

OBSERVER, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2, 
James Somerville, editor, proprietor and publisher. 

Plowman, rev. George, church of Scotland. 

Provident Life Ass. & Invest. Co., J. Somerville, agent. 

Renwick, John, watchmaker. 

Ritchie, rev. Alexander, United Presbyterian. 

Ross, Robert, plasterer. 

Scott, William, carriage and waggon maker. 

Senior, Richard, agent for Equitable Fire, and Inter- 
national Life Assurance Companies. 

Shepherd, Alexander, general store. 

Shepherd, Duncan, daguerrean artist. 

Smith, Henry, gunsmith. 

SOMERVILLE, JAMES, editor, proprietor and pub- 
lisher of the Observer, and agent for Provident Life 
Assurance and Investment Company. 

Souter, James, tailor. 

Union hotel, William Anderson, proprietor. 

Walker, John, general store. 

Walker, William, woollen factor and carder. 

Wallace, Mungo, shoemaker. 

Watson, John, J.P., iron founder. 

Weir, D., & Co., carriage and waggon makers. 

Wellington hotel, T. CoUwell, proprietor. 

White, Charles, butcher. 

Wood, Joseph, saloon keeper. 

Wyllie, Robert, J.P., postmaster, issuer of marriage li- 
censes, agent for Canada Western As. Co., and flour, 
oatmeal, and saw mill owner, Nithvale mills. 

Directory.] 1858. 



AYLMER, C. W.— A thriving Village situated in the Township of Malahide and County of Elgin Country produce is 
the chief business of the place. Distant from St. Thomas 12 miles, and from London 26 miles. Mall daily. Population 
about 650. 

ABOTT, R., proprietor of National hotel. 

Barber, rev. 0., Wesleyau. 

Bell, Joseph J., barrister. 

Brooks, J., tannery. 

Campbell, William, clerk of Division court, and agent 
for International Life Assurance Company. 

Cluten, Joseph, woollen factory. 

Cluten, rev. W., Baptist. 

Corey, William, harnessmaker. 

Cronk, E., shoe shop. 

Cronk, J. H., shoe shop. 

Elliott, John, saloon. 

Foot, E., M.D., druggist. 

Gardner, B., harnessmaker. 

Glover, John, general dealer. 

Hall, E., innkeeper. 

Hodgkinson, Philip, postmaster. 

International Life Assurance Company, William Camp- 
bell, agent. 

Kennedy, William & J., cabhietmakers. 

Lake, rev. J. M., Wesleyan. 

Little, W. & T. J., general dealers. 

MANN, J. A., dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, 
produce, &c. 

MARTIN & NAIRN, dealers in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &o. 
Mathews, Thomas, carpenter. 
McCausland, John A., carriagemaker. 
McKinney, A., innkeeper. 
Mechanics Institute. 
Murdoch, John, shoe shop. 
MURRAY, A. & W. E., importers and dealers in dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
NATIONAL HOTEL, R. Abott, proprietor — carriages 

at all times. 
Plumer, P., innkeeper. 
Price, A., druggist. 
Price, E., M.D. 

Scovell, Hiram, general dealer. 
Smith, Samuel, carpenter. 
Springsted, P., bailiiF. 
Walker, John, cabinetmaker. 
Williams, A., M.D. 
Williams, B. B., carriagemaker. 
WOOD & KIRKLAND, dealers in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
York, S. D., tannery. 

BABY'S POINT, C. W.-A Village situated on the St. Cla^r River, in the Township of Sombra and County of Lamb- 
ton. Distaut from Port Sarnia 26 miles, from Chatham 27 miles, and from Windsor 40 miles. Steamboat fare to Sarnia 76o., 
to Windsor or Detroit $1. Daily stage from Wallaoeburg, distant s miles, fare 5(lc. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 100. 

Hiffernan, Cornelius, general store. 
KTelly, John, innkeeper. 
McDonald, A. P., innkeeper. 

MENTEN, JAMES, postmaster, commissioner in 
Queen's bench, landing waiter and searcher in 

Taylor, William, steam saw mill owner and ship builder 

*BABYVILLE, C. E.— A Village in the Parish of St. Patrick, Sherrington, and County of Napierville. Distant fi-om 
Wapierville lu miles, from Montreal 34 miles, and from Johnston's Corners railway station 2 miles ; fares thence to Montreal 
$1.20 and 80c. Mail tri-weekly. Population about SoO. 

Barr6, G^d^on, blacksmith. 

Bell, John, storekeeper and councillor. 

Carrol, Patrick, stone mason. 

Fleming, Edward, school commissioner. 

Fleming, William, J.P. 

Fortin & Tremblay, weavers. 

Greer, Robert, carpenter. 

Hughes, Owen, blacksmith. 

Kennedy, miss Sarah, milliner. 

Kilgour, John, miller and engineer. 

Kirke, Miss Matilda, dressmaker. 

Lcblanc, — , wheelwright. 

Laplante, J., shoemaker. 

McKay, William, miller and commissioner of smallcauses . 

Nesbitt, Humphrey, postmaster, warden of county, and 

Mussen, rev. Thomas, church of England. 
O'Connell, Daniel, carpenter. 
O'Connell, miss Hannah, dressmaker. 
O'Meara, Nicholas, shoemaker. 
O'Meara, William, J.P., councillor and commissioner of 

small causes. 
Reilly, Bernard, bailiff. 
Ryan, Michael, schoolmaster. 
Sentenna, Miss Mary, dressmaker.' 
Stapleton, Patrick, stonemason. 
Woods, Francis, butcher. 

tBAGOTVILLE, C. E.— A Village in the Township of Bagot and County of Chiooutimi. Ship-building is the prin- 
cipal business of the neighborhood. Distant from Quebec 13S miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population of parish about 2300. 

Auger, L^andre. 

Bellemard, Onezime, storekeeper. 

Bouchard, Joseph, carpenter. 

Cote, E., township councillor. 

Danielson, Louis, shoemaker. 

Falfard, Ferdinand, storekeeper. 

Fiset, Thomas C, librarian of Institut Oanadien. 

Fortin, F. X., cabinetmaker. 

Gagne, Clet, township councillor. 

Gagnou, Ambroise, county councillor. 

Gravel, Aime, treasurer of Institut Oanadien. 

Gravel, Ignace, J.P., storekeeper, and president of Insti- 
tut Oanadien. 

Institut Canadien, rev. L. Otis, honorary president; 
I. Gravel, active president; A. Normand, vice- 
president ; L. Z. Rousseau, secretary. 

Larouche, Ferdinand, county councillor. 

Laroughe, Joseph, farmer. 

L^vdque, Etienne, assistant librarian of Institut Cana- 

McLaren, David, county councillor. 

Normand, Antoine, vice president of Institut Canadien, 

Otis, rev. L., Roman catholic, and honorary president 
of Institut Oanadien. 

Pepin dit Lachance, L.P., assistant secretary of Institut 

Potvin, Andr^, storekeeper. 

Rousseau, Louis Z., postmaster, notary public and 
secretary of county council and of Institut Ca- 

Roy, Charles, storekeeper, ship carpenter and township 

"Premblay, A., blacksmith. 

Tremblay, Barthelemi, storekeeper. 

Tremblay, Paschal, township ccuncillor. 

Valin, Pierre, ship builder and storekeeper. 

• Formerly called Sherrington. t Also called St. Alphonse de la Grand Bale. 



1857. [Canada 

BADEN, C. W.— A Village in the Township ofWilmot and County of Waterloo. Itis contiguous to a station of the Grand 
Trunk Eailwajy. Distant from Toronto 72 miles, and from Berlin 9 miles. Population about IBO. 

Beck, Jacob, postmaster, miller, founder and machinist. 
Emery, J., harnessmaker. 
Eralcb, Christian, innkeeper. 

Liereh, Henry, brewer. 
Smith, Henry, blacksmith. 

BAKER'S CORNERS, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Osnahmok and County of Stormont. Distant 
from Cornwall 16 miles, and from Dickinson's Lauding station on the Grand Trunk Bailway i miles. Daily mail. Popu- 
lation about 80, 

Baker, Mrs., steam saw mills. 
Dorran, Mrs. A., innkeeper. 
Johnston, William, general store. 
Mann, William, general store. 
Mattioe, John, saw mills. 
Quin, rcT. Charles, Free church. 

Eewen, John, general dealer. 
Shaver, Tunis, saw mill. 
Waggoner, Daniel, general store. 
WOOD, JOHN R., foundry and machine shop, — ^letters 
addressed Dickinson's Landing. 

BALACLAVA, C. W.— A small Village in the Townships of East Zorra and South Easthope, Counties of Oxford and 
Perth. Distant ft-om Stratford 8 miles, and trom Woodstock li miles. 

Bennett, B. C, innkeeper. 
Ecchenduer, Conrad, weaver. 
Gfroeren, John, tailor. 
Grebestein, J. & G-., masons. 

Schrt, John, mason. 
Schmidt, — , tailor. 
Eettlebom, Christian, shoemaker. 

BALACLAVA MILLS, C. W.— A Station on Constance Creek, in the Township of Grattan and County of Renfrew. 
Distant f^om Ottawa about 78 miles, and t^om Perth about 80 miles. 

Brimer, George, farmer. 

Bank, W., farmer. 

FERGUSON, D. & H., grist and saw mills. 

Livingston, Hugh, farmer. 
Livingston, John, farmer. 

BALLINAFAD, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Erin and County of Wellington. Distant from Toronto about 
36 miles. Population about 100. 

Appleby, John, general store. 

Bennie, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Campbell, James, postmaster and general storekeeper. 

Farrell, Henry, shoemaker. 

Fletcher, Angus, waggonmaker. 

McKinnon, Hector, Traveller's house. 
McMullin, James, waggonmaker. 
Morgan, William, hotel keeper. 
Nichol, James, hotel keeper. 
Seers, Orange, blacksmith. 

*BALLYDUFF, C. W.— a small Village in the Township of Manvers and County of Durham. Distant ftoin Newcastle 

17 miles, and frnm Pnrf. TTnno anA T.indaoir VaiIwot. a TniToD l^niin wiflila .»»»U1.. -n 1-JJ 1 J. ..nA 

17 miles, and from Port Hope and Lindsay Railway 6 miles, 
Benson, G. & T., general store. 
Benson, Greigh, hotel keeper. 
Cameron, James, waggonmaker. 
Corniel, Mrs., dressmaker. 
Corniel, Samuel, teacher. 
Harrison, Robert, hotel keeper. 
Morrow, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Pour mails weekly. Population about 100. 
Parker, William, blacksmith. 
STAPLES, HENRY, postmaster and dealer in dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Stewart, Charles, shoemaker. 
Stewart, James, tailor. 
Williamson, James, carpenter. 
Williamson, John, carpenter. 

tBARNSTON CORNER, C. E.-A Village in the Township of Barnston, County of Stanstead, and District of St. 
Prancis There is a daily stage from Ooatioook, 5 miles, fare 25o., and one to Stanstead Plain, 13 mUes, fare 76c. Popu- 
lation about 200. , . . .» . ^^'v 

Humphrey, Samuel, blacksmith and bailiff. 

Humphrey, Samuel A., bailiff. 

Jenks, Nathaniel, M.D. 

Johnson, John, tavern keeper. 

Linton, Jacques, tinsmith. 

Moshiers, Michael, blacksmith. 

Norton, Arthur, carriagemaker. 

Oliver, William L., J.P., farmer. 

Shorey, H., secretary of Academy. 

SHOREY, HOLLIS & Co., manufacturers of clothing 
and dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, pro- 
duce, &c. 

Southmayd, Ebenezer, tanner and shoemaker. 

Way, Daniel, clothier. 

Way, Lorenzo S., painter and carriagemaker. 

Academy and Classical Seminary, H. Hubbard, M. A., 

principal ; Mrs. L. F. Hubbard, preceptress ; H. 

Shorey, secretary. 
Baldwin, Charles, painter and carriagemaker. 
Baldwin, John P., saw and grist mills. 
Bellows, John,J.P., farmer. 
Buokland, Walter, cabinet and carriage maker. 
Campbell, rev. G., Baptist. 
Clark, Simeon, J.P., farmer. 
Cleveland, Norman, M.D. 
Cramer, Adam, blacksmith. 
Henry, David, carriagemaker. 
Hubbard, H., M.A., principal of Academy. 
Hubbard, Mrs. L. P., preceptress of Academy. 
HUMPHREY, JOHN, postmaster, general merchant, 

potash manufacturer, and township secretary and 


• The Post office is called Manvers. t The Post office is called Barnston. 

Directory.] 1858. 



BALMORAL, C. W.— A Tillage in the Townships of Eainham and Walpole, and County of Haldimand. Distant from 
Cayuga, the Cc^jnty Town, 6 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 120. 

Anguish, Lewis, postmaster, auctioneer and miller. 

Dougherty, Michael, shoemaker. 

Dougherty, Thomas, tailor. 

Fleming, Alexander, tailor. 

Jones, Andrew, carpenter. 

Easkett, Thomas, storekeeper. 

Macbeth, John, stonemason. 

McDonnell, Alexander, tavernkeeper. 
Mitchell, James, M.D., reeve. 
Mitchell, Peter, carriagemaker. 
Palmer, John, blacksmith. 
Perk, Jacob, cooper. 
UUman, Lewis, cabinetmaker. 
Vager, Isaac, shoemaker. 

BALTIMORE, C. \A/.— A Village situated five miles to the North-east of Cobourg, in the Township of Hamilton and 
County of Northumberland. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 300. 

Bird, Edmund, painter. 

Surges, John, general store. 

Campbell, John, carder and cloth dresser. 

Chapman, Nicholas, blacksmith. 

Clark, Mark, blacksmith. 

Cockburn, Mrs. A., tavern keeper. 

Denham, George, druggist and general storekeeper. 

Harry, Richard, boot and shoe maker. 

Harstone, Robert, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Hogg, George M., blacksmith. 

Johnston, Archibald, carriage and sleigh maker. 

Kelly, George, wheelwright. 

Lapp, Jeremiah, grist mill. 

MACBEAN, ALEXANDER, saw mill owner. Glen saw 

MACBEAN, WILLIAM, M.D., Baltimore station. 
Mann, William, grist mill owner and distiller. 
McDonald, Colin M., M.D. 
McDonald, John, tanner and currier. 
McDonald, Owen, cooper. 

McDougall, William, flouring mill and stave factory. 
McKenzie, rev. William James, Free church. 
Mortimer, S. & W., carding and cloth dressers. 
Pickering, E., tavern keeper. 
Powers, Cornelius, carriage and sleigh maker. 
Wimbles, Francis, boot and shoe maker. 

B A RR I E, C. W.— An incorporated Town in the Township of Vespra and County of Simcoe.and the chief Town of the 
County of Simcoe. It is situated at the head of Kempenfeldt Bay, on Lake Simooe. Trade chiefly local. Distant from 
Toronto 64 miles, and from Collingwood 31 miles, by Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railroad. Daily line of stages to Pene- 
tangiiishene, fare $1.50 ; and to Orillia by steamer, fare $1.25. Two mails daily. Population about 2600. 

ALEXANDER, JOHN, crown land agent, and agent for 

Equitable Fire, and International Life Insurance 

Ardagh, John R., M.D., T.C.D. 
Ardagh, rev. S. B., church of England. 
Ardagh, W. D., barrister, and agent for Monarch Fire 

and Life Insurance Company. 
ARKSEY, AMOS S., carriagemaker. 
Bank of Toronto, John T. M. Burnside, agent. 
Bank of Upper Canada, E. S. Lally, agent. 
BARRIE ACADEMY, F. Gore, proprietor. 
BARRIE HOTEL, John Elgie, proprietor. 
Bell, J., boot and' shoemaker. 
Bennett, Humphrey, tailor. 
Bernard, Hewitt, barrister and agent for Canada Life 

Insurance Company. 
BERNARD, RICHARD B., clerk of County council. 
Bingham, Henry, butcher and poulterer. 
Bishop, Edward T., tailor. 
Boon, John, Northern Railroad hotel. 
BOULTON & McCarthy, barristers. 
BOYS, WILLIAM, commissioner in Queen's bench, 

land agent, conveyancer, &c. 
Brewer, James, baker and confectioner. 
British America Fire Insurance Co., E. S. Lally, agent. 
Burnett, Aaron, stove and tin store. 
Burns, Michael, gunmaker. 
Burnside, John T. M., agent for Bank of Toronto. 
Byrne, Alexander, boot and shoemaker. 
Canada Life Insurance Company, Hewitt Bernard, agent. 
Canada Western Insurance Company, hon. J. Patton, 

M.L.C., agent. 
Carson, J., boot and shoe maker. 
Checkley, rev. William, M.A., church of England and 

master of Grammar school. 
Clark, William B., general storekeeper, auctioneer and 

commission merchant. 
Colonial Life Assurance Company, B. W. Smith agent. 

Commercial hotel, Joseph Johnson, proprietor. 
COPELAND, ROBERT, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, crockery, provisions, &c. 
Craig, John, warden County Simcoe. 

Creswicke, Henry, provincial land surveyor. 

Crookshank, J. S., surgeon. 

Crosby, W. H., machinist. 

Crown hotel, J. H. Speirs, proprietor. 

Davis, George, general store. 

Dougal, David, carpenter and turner. 

Dougal, Henry, carpenter and joiner. 

Dunlop, Alexander, butcher, baker and grocer. 

Dunlop, J., Simcoe hotel. 

Durham, James, steam saw mills. 

ELGIE, JOHN, Barrie hotel. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Co., John Alexander, agent. 

FORD, B., proprietor of the Herald. 

Foster, William, cooper. 

FRASER, HENRY, Queen's arms hotel & livery stables. 

Georgeu, T. H., druggist and agent for Provident 

Life Assurance and Investment Company. 
GORE, F., Barrie Academy. 
Gowan, Henry H., deputy clerk of crown. 
GOWAN, JAMES ROBERT,iudge for County of Simcoe. 
GRAHAM, ANDREW, general storekeeper, boot and 

shoe maker, tanner and leather dealer. 
Graver, Edward, confectioner and hau: dresser. 

Harrison, Christopher, general store. 
HERALD, (THE) weekly, aniipal subscription $2, E. 

Ford, proprietor; Thomas Martin, printer and 

Hoban, rev. James, Roman catholic. 
Holt, William, broker. 

HOPKINS, HENRY B., barrister and reeve of Barrie. 
Howell, Edwin, butcher. 
Howell, George H., general store. 
Hurst, Thomas, cabinetmaker. 
International Life Assurance Company, J. -Alexander 

Jannot, rev. F., Roman catholic. 
Johnson, Joseph, Commercial hotel. 
King, Brothers, general store. 
Laird, John, carpenter and joiner. 
LALLY, EDMOND S., agent for Bank of Upper Canada, 

British America Fire Insurance Company, and 

treasurer of county of Simcoe. 
Lane, George, grocer, town clerk and treasurer. 



1867. [Canada 

Lane, Jonathan, postmaster, clerk of County court and 
registrar of Surrogate court. 

Lee, G. £)., land agent and commission broker. 

Lloyd, Thomas, clerk of first Division court. 

Locke, Joseph, general store. 

LOUNT, GEOfiGE, registrar of County of Simcoe. 

Lowe, liobert, butcher. 

Madden, C. H., boot and shoe maker. 

Mann, F. R., paper hanger. 

Mann, J. 0. P., general storekeeper, painter and glazier. 

Mann, William, bookseller. 

MAKTIN, THOMAS, general printer and publisher of 
the Herald. 

Marreu, Thomas, boot and shoe maker. 

McBride, Charles, boot and shoe maker, 

MoGallum, rev. J. W., Wesleyan. 

McCarthy, Dalton, barrister and agent for Provijjpial 
Insurance Company. 

McConkey & Boss, general store. 

McFadden, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

McKeuzie, Alexander, watch and clock maker. 

McKenzie, rev. Robert, Free church. 

McKernan, D., boot and shoemaker. 

McVity, William B., clerk of the peace County Simcoe. 

Meldrum, Thomas, general store. 

Monarch Fire and Life Insurance Company, W. D. 
Ardagh, agent. 

Montgomery, William, boot and shoemaker. 

Moore, John, boot and shoemaker. 

Moore, William, jailor for county of Simcoe. 

Morgan, rev. G., church of England. 

Morrow, David, broker. 

NORTHERN ADVANCE, (THE) weekly, annual sub- 
scription $2, R. J. Oliver, editor and proprietor. 

Northern Railroad hotel, John Boon, proprietor. 

O'Brien, P., general store. 

OLIVER, R. J., bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, prin- 
ter, editor and proprietor of the Northern Advance. 


PATTON, BERNARD & ARDAGH, barristers. 

Patton, Hon. J., M.L.C., agent for Canada Western 

Assurance Company. 
Povey, William, blacksmith. 
Powell, A. W., crown timber agent. 
Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 

T. H. Georgen, agent. 
Provincial Insurance Co., Dalton McCarthy, agent. 
QUEEN'S ARMS HOTEL, and livery stables, Henry 

Fraser, proprietor. 
Root, William, saddler and harnessmaker. 
Ross, Robert, provincial land surveyor. 
RUSSELL, BROTHERS, general dealers and merchants. 
Sanders, William, provincial land surveyor. 
Sandford, S. M., agent for Commercial Bank of Canada, 

and general dealer. 
Savigny, Brothers, iron founders and machinists. 
Savigny, H. P., provincial land surveyor. 
Schermehorn, Asa, general store. 
Simcoe hotel, J. Dunlop, proprietor. 
SIMSON, ROBERT, brewer, Simcoe brewery. 
SMITH, BENJAMIN WALKER, sheriflffor County of 

Simcoe, and agent for Colonial Life Assurance Co. 
Smith, P. A.', general store. 
Smith, W. F., oyster depot. 
Spiers, J. H., Crown hotel. 
Strathy, John, barrister. 
Summersett, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Sweeney, John, boot and shoe maker. 

Bernard and others, editors and proprietors. 
Warnock, T. N., clock and watch maker. 
Watson, James, tinsmith. 
Whitebread, G. & R., carriagemakers. 
Wilkie, John, blacksmith. 
Wright, G. H., barber and hair dresser. 
Wray, Thomas, chandler. 

BARRIEFIELD, C. W.— a Village situated on Point Frederick, In the Township of Pittsburgh and County of Fron- 
teaau. The Point, on which there is a fort and ordnance doclEyard, is opposite to the City of Kingston, and it forms one side of 
the spacious bay at the mouth of the Gtreat Cataraqui River, ownneoted with the Itideau Canal. The village is also cuntiguona 
to Fort Henry, which is a garrison station. There is a bridge across the bay, which brings this place within a short distance of 
Kingston, the steamboat wharf, and Grand Trunk liailway. The stai^e from Kingston to Fhilipsville, distant 42 miles, and 
another to Gananoque, distant IH miles, and Mallorytown, distant 3U miles, passes through tri-weekly in winter. Distant from 
Kmgston 1 mile. Population about 300. 

Anderson, Miss Ann, general store. 

Bailey, John, tailor. 

Beggs, William, tavernkeeper. 

Belvou^, Gabriel, cooper. 

BOWER, REV. EDWARD C, church of England. 

Cross, Nicholas, carpenter and joiner. 

Dawson, Theophilus, carriagemaker. 

Durnford, — , barrackmaster and ordnance storekeeper. 

Espard, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Forbes, Robert, general store. 

Johnson, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Johnson, Robert, stonecutter. 

Kna^jp, William C ., boat builder. 

Lawless, Michael, tavern keeper. 

MARKS, JOHN B., J.P., landowner. 
Mayberry, Alexander, blacksmith. 
Medley, John, butcher. 
O'Gorman, Denis, boatbuilder. 
Patrick, Thomas, tavernkeeper. 
Redmond, William, carpenter and joiner. 
Buttan, John, councillor. 
Sadler, major Henry, J.P., farmer. 
Strahan, Martin, saw mill. 
Taplin, John, blacksmith. 
Tomkins, Thomas, general store. 
Wood, Luke, tavernkeeper and grocer. 
Wright, Charles, schoolmaster. 

BAtXERSEA, C. W.— a Village in the Townsliip of Storrington and County of Frontenac. Distant fromKingstom 
16 miles. Mail weekly. Population about 100. 

Ansley, Daniel, landowner. 
Ausley, John W., carpenter. 
Baker, William, storekeeper. 
Bates, Timothy, carpenter. 
Dolau, Alvin, merchant. 

Stoness, Robert, shoemaker. 
Vanluven, Cornelius, postmaster and clothier. 
Vanluven, Henry, miller and lumber merchant. 
Wakeford, John W. miller. 

Directory.] 1858. 



BATH, C. W.— A Village situated on the North shore of the Bay of Quints, in the Township of Ernestown and County of 
Addington. It is a Port of Entry. A steamer stops here daily on its passage up and down between ^Kingston and BelleTille ; 
and two other steamers, that ply weekly between Montreal and Trenton, also call on their passage both ways. Distant from 
Kingston 18 miles, fare 50o. and 37io. ; from Belleville, 86 miles, fare $1.20 and 87^0. ; and from Ernestown Railway Station 
i miles. Population about 600. 

Ashton, Dr. Thomas. 

Asselstiue, Davia, joiner. 

Balfour & Armstrong, carriagemakers. 

Blair, William, tailor. 

Boyle, Henry, tinsmith. 

Buzby, William, shoemaker. 

Cardwell, William, blacksmith. 

Clappiaon, rev. David, Wesleyan. 

Davey, Peter, J.P. 

DAVEY, W. H., & Co., general merchants, ship build- 
era and Tvharfingera. 

Denuee, E. McKenzie, agent for International Life As- 
surance Company. 

DUNSFOED, HBNET, Bath hotel. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, P. McMuUen, agent. 

FAIEFIELD, WILLIAM J., J.P., postmaster and 
collector of customs. 

FINKLE, EOWLAND E., manufacturer of saddles, 
harness, trunks and valises. 

Forward, David T., iron founder. 

Poster, James, tanner and currier. 

Grammar and Union schools, John McLoughlin, prin- 
cipal ; E. Smith, assistant. 

Hancock, Orton, J.P. 

Harper, rev. W. F. S., church of England, Bath and 

Harris, Andrew, tailor. 

Hart, S. B., saddle and harness maker. 

Hartman, Philip, Lion hotel. 

Hickey, Daniel, shoemaker. 

International Life Assurance Company, E. McKenzie 

Dennee, agent. 
JOHNSTON, JAMES, saddler and harnessmaker, bailiff 

and inspector of licenses. 
Johnston, Thomas, saddler and harnessmaker, and issuer 

of licenses. 
Johnston, William, ashery. 

Kennedy, Eoderick, M.D. 
Laird, Billings, blacksmith. 

LASHEE, J. & S., dealers in dry goods, hardware, gro- 
ceries, produce, &c. 
Lasher, John, J.P. 
Lewis, Charles, blacksmith. 
Lyons & Eichards, joiners. 
McBride, Daniel, grocer. 
McGuirk, Patrick, shoemaker. 
McLoughlin, John, principal of grammar and union 

McMuUen, P., agent for Equitable Fire Insurance 

McMullen, P. & N., storekeepers. 
MILLER, JOHN, jr., land agent and dealer in real 

Nugent, John, general store. 
Olds, Eichard, grocer. 
Papper, Francis, undertaker. 
Peterson, William P., J.P. 
Phippen, George H., chandler. 
Prest, Francis, shoemaker. 
Priest, B. D., J.P., town councillor, general storekeeper. 

and issuer of marriage licences. 
Purdy, Hazard, J.P. 
Eeeves, W. & B., shoemakers. 
Eogera, S. & M. T., general store. 
Eogers, Samuel, coroner. 
Rouse, John S., grocer. 
Scott, rev. John, church of Scotland. 
Sharp, Matthew, tailor. 

carriage and sleigh manufacturers in all theit 
WEIGHT, EDWAED, clerk of Division Court and 
dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, 

'BATISCAN, C. E.— Alarge Village and Parish situated on the EiverBatisoan, in the County of Champlain and Seigniory 
of Batiscanaud Champlain. A considerable flour, lumber and tanning business is carried on here. Distant from Batiscan 
Bridge 7i miles. 

Baribault, Ephraim, carpenter. 

Baribault, Louis, wheelwright. 

Baril, Athanase, road overseer. 

Brunelle, Alcime, general store. 

Charest, David, road overseer. 

Cochrane, Mrs. J., general store. 

Cot^, rev. Francois X., Eoman catholic. 

Deguise Flammaud, Pierre & Charles, tanners. 

Despins, Isaie & Alfred, shoemakers. 

D^sureau, Hubert Joseph, road overseer. 

Duval, Antoine D6sii6, tinsmith. 

Filteau, Ferdinand, general storekeeper and notary 

Fugere, Francois D., commissioner of small causes. 
Gauthier, Fran9ois, commissioner of small causes. 
Germain, Joseph, shoemaker. 
Germain, Magny Louis, road overseer. 
Gingras, Augustin, blacksmith. 
Gingras, L^on, blacksmith. 
Goron, Eli, shoemaker. 
Guillet, Louis, jr., deputy registrar. 
Lacoursiere, Dosith^, general store. 
Lefebvre, Pierre, commissioner of small causes. 
L'^veilU, Nicholas, blacksmith. 
L'Heureux, David, boarding house. 
L'Heureux, Lazare, carpenter. 
L'Heureux, L^on, carpenter. 
Marchand, Louis, jr., miller. 
Massicotte, Hubert, road overseer. 

Massicotte, 0. Charles, road overseer. 

Massicotte, 0. Jacques, road overseer. 

Mathon, Augustin, miller. 

Nobert, Edouard B., J.P., mayor. 

Nobert, Eustache, commissioner of small causes. 

Normandin, Olivier, road overseer. 

P^rigny, Joseph, road overseer. 

Perron, Louis, shoemaker. 

Pothier, Joseph, carpenter. 

Provost, J. B., postmaster, clerk of commissioners 

court, and general dealer. 
Pronovost, Jean, road overseer. 
Rivard, Pierre, carpenter. 
Eousseau, Charles, mason. 
Rousseau, Francois, carpenter. 
Rousseau, Pierre, mason. 
St. Arnaud, Joseph, inspector of roads. 
St. Arnaud, Narcisse, carpenter. 
Thibodeau, Urbain, deputy registrar. 
Thiffault, George, carpenter. 
Tourigny, Lo«4^s B., J.P. 
Trudel, Joseph, M.D. 
Trudel, major David, J.P. 
Trudel, Robert, notary public, secretary-treasurer of 

county and municipality and of schools. 
Veillette, Joseph, general storekeeper and inspector of 

Vermette, Francois, general store, 
y^zina, Jean, blacksmith. 

' Also called Ste. Genevieve de Batiscan. 



1857. [Canada 

BATISCAN BRIDGE, C. E.— a Village situated on the North shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory 
of St. Lawrence and County of Champlain. There are two lighthouses here. Distant from Montreal 111 miles, and from 
Quebec 69 miles. 

Brnnelle, Alcime, general storekeeper and wharfinger. 
Bruaelle, Louis, grocer, provision storekeeper and road 

Brunelle, Antoine, carpenter. 
Chateauneuf, Hubert, inspector of roads. 
Cinqmars, Urbain, carpenter. 
Duval, Gaspard, inspector of roads. 
Frechette, rev. W. W., Roman catholic. 
Fugere, Joseph, postmaster, and keeper of bridge. 
Fugere, Pierre, blacksmith. 
Gouin, Louis, carpenter. 
Giiillet, Miss Adelaide, general store. 
Guillet, Louis, notary, mayor of parish and warden of 

Lahaie, Eli, road overseer. , 

Lassisseraie, Charles H., notary and school teacher. 

Marchand, Louis, road overseer. 

Marchand, Theodore, blacksmith. 

Marchand, Z^phirin, miller. 

MAKGHILDON, THOMAS M., M.P.P., dealer in 
cord wood. 

Moreau, Laurent, secretary and treasurer of munici- 
pality and schools. 

Perrault, Joseph, road overseer. 

St. Arnaud, Joseph, blacksmith. 

St. Arnaud, Michel, road overseer. 

St. Oyr, Hubert, carpenter. 

St. Cyr, Joseph, carpenter. 

St. Pierre, Charles, boarding house keeper and wharf- 

Thyfaut, Soline, cabinetmaker. 

BAYFIELD, C. W.— A Village situated at the mouth of Bayfield Elver, on the shore of Lake Huron, in the Township of 
Stanley and County of Huron. It is a Port of Entry. A new wharf has recently been completed at this place, at which the 
steamers plying between Detroit and Goderich touch. Large quantities of wheat are shipped at this port. Distant ii'om 
Goderich, the County Town, 12 miles, stage fare VSc. ; from London, to which place a daily mail stage runs, 52 miles, fare 
$3.25; and from Hamilton 100 miles. Population about 300. 

Bengough, William, tailor. 

Brownett, George, shoemaker. 

Brunson, Andrew, bailiff. 

Cameron, Alexander, J.P., general dealer and issuer of 

marriage licenses. 
Cameron, Donald, saddle and harness maker. 
Cameron, John D., innkeeper and constable. 
Campbell, rev. R. F., S.O.L., church of England. 
Castle, George, innkeeper. 
Duncan, rev. James, United Presbyterian. 
Elliott, Andrew, shoemaker. 
Elliott, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, R. Gairdner, agent, 
Falkner, Alexander, carpenter and joiner. 
Gairdner, J., & Co., general storekeepers. 
Gairdner, James, J.P., postmaster. 
Gairdner, Robert, M.D., notary public, conveyancer, 

and agent for Equitable Fire Insurance Company. 
Gorman, — , tanner and currier. 
Henry, Simon, blacksmith. 

Hohman, Valentine, tinsmith and dealer in stoves. 
Irvine, George & James, smiths and waggonmakers. 

Looby, Edward, innkeeper. 

McDonald, J., grist and saw mill owner. 

McDonald, James, tailor. 

McDougal, D. & H., carpenters and joiners. 

Milne, Andrew, cabinetmaker. 

McMillan, Duncan, cabinetmaker. 

Mimmna, William, tailor. 

Morgan, James, shoemaker. 

Norton, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

Pollock, James, innkeeper. 

Reid, William, waggonmaker. 

Richards, David, carpenter and joiner. 

Ritchie, David, J.P., clerk of Division court and county 

Robson, J. & A., general dealers. 
Rutledge, Andrew, J.P., general dealer. 
Shaw, Donald, smith and waggonmaker. 
Stark & Hamilton, general dealers. 
Thompson, J. & W., ship carpenters. 
Whitten, James, waggonmaker. 
Willy, Peter, blacksmith. 
Woods, Ninian, M.D. 

BEACHVILLE, C. W.— A Village situated on the Eiver Thames, in the Township of West Oxford and County of 
Oxford, a miles west of Woodstock. It is a Station on the Great Western Eailway, and a good wheat market. Distant from 
London 26 miles. Eailway fare to London 76c., to Hamilton $1,624. Mail daily. Population about 600. 

Barker, Thomas, innkeeper. 

Black, William, blacksmith. 

Buchanan, John, tinsmith. 

Burton, George, tanner and shoemaker. 

Canfield, Stewart, saw mill owner, and lumber merchant. 

CanadaWesternlnsuranceCompany, H.J. Moore, agent. 

Clearwater, Miss., milliner. 

Dickey, James, waggonmaker. 

Downs, Z., & Co., steam barrel factory, planing ma- 
chine, and turning lathe. 

Eztenbentz, John, saddle and harness maker. 

Gilchrist, G. D., fanning mill maker. 

Green, M. L., cabinet maker and chair factor. 

Harris, John, waggonmaker. 

Henry, John, tailor. 

Henry, Warren, tanner and shoemaker. 

HOOK, WILLIAM, postmaster, flouring mill owner, 
and dealer in dry goods. 

Jackson, J. W., & Co., glove manufacturers. 

Jiggins & Lancaster, general store. 

Karn, James, innkeeper. 

Lemon, John, blacksmith. 

Martin, Calvin, J.P., farmer. 

Martin, Eli, carpenter. 

Mason, Charles, reeve. 

Mason, Charles, saw mill owner and lumber merchant. 

McDonald, Thomas, tailor. 

McDonald & Thompson, general store. 

McNamee, Abraham, shoemaker. 

MILLER, THOMAS, grain merchant. 

Mills, Walter, J.P. 

Moore, H. J., general storekeeper and agent for Canada 

Western Insurance Company. 
O'Neill, John, grocer. 
Phelps, Uriah, blacksmith. 
Rennie, rev. John, church of Scotland. 
Rogers, John, carpenter. 
Ross, George, general store. 
Ross, Hugh, locksmith and waggonmaker. 
Ryan, Joseph, tailor. 

Smiley, William, provincial land surveyor. 
Smith, James,''M.D. 
Slater, John, tailor. 
Thompson, A., millwright. 
Thompson & Muirhead, iron foundry. 
West, John, innkeeper. 

DiRECTOEY.] 1858. 



'BEACHBURGH, C. W.— A small Village situated in the Township of Westmeath and, County of Renfrew. Distant 
from Ottawa 80 miles, and from Perth 90 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Anderson, Oel, machinist. 
Beach, Abel, machinist. 
Beach, David, laud owner. 
Condie, James, grist and saw mills. 
Eagleson, Newton, carpenter. 

McCALLUM, JAMES, hotel ; comfortable house and 
strict attention paid to travellers. 

Mayhew, Charles, blacksmith. 
Rambough, rev. John, Episcopal methodist. 
Smith, George, postmaster and general storekeeper. 
Stewart, J. & A., saw mill and shingle factory. 
Tooley, Lemuel, carpenter. 
Warnack, Thomas, innkeeper. 
Wilson, William, shoemaker. 

BEAMSVILLE, C. W.— A Village situated on the Great Western Eailway, in the Township of Clinton and County of 
lincoln. Distant from Niagara, the County Town, 27 miles, from St. Catherines 12 miles, and from Hamilton 23 miles. Daily 
mails. Population about 600. 

Amiss, J., baker. 
Boam & Tinline, carpenters. 
Bonghner, Patrick, shoemaker. 
Crownover, Thomas, saddler, waggonmaker, and black- 

Oruickshank, William, M.A., master of grammar school. 
Dowding, Thomas, tailor. 
Harris & Boughuer, steam saw mill. 
Harris & Merrill, founders and machinists. 
Hearle, William, tinsmith. 
Henry, James S., general dealer. 
Hewson, rev. William, A.M., Baptist. 
Hodge, Archibald, general dealer. 
Isman, Isaac, innkeeper. 

Kew, William, carriagemaker. 

Marlatt, Isaac, innkeeper. 

Masales, Robert, homeopathist. 

McGeahan, N., tailor. 

McLaughlan, James, shoe store. 

McLean, Francis, M.D., homeopathic physician. 

Mills, Henry, mail contractor. 

Morgan, David, writing master. 

Myhell, & Kilborn, cabinet makers. 

Osborne, J. B., postmaster, and general dealer. 

Schwabb, William, potter. 

Tufford, John C, innkeeper. 

Weaver, Peter, watchmaker. 

BEAR BROOK, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Cumberland and County of Russell. A large quantity of 
ashes are made in this district. Distant from Ottawa 18 miles, and from Morrisburgh station Grand Ti'unk Railway 65 
miles. Mail weekly. Population about 150. 

Blasdell, Nathaniel M., blacksmith. 

Craig, Robert J., blacksmith. 

Dunning, G. & W., saw mill owners. 

DUNNING, WILLIAM, & NEPHEW, dealers in pot and 

pearl ashes, dry goods, hardware, groceries, &c. 
GREER, J. & B., pearlasli makers, dealers in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, &c. 

Hicks, A. W., general store. 
Jackson, Launcelot, teacher. 
Johnston, Thomas H., pearlashery. 
McGill, rev, William, Wesleyan. 
Pugh, rev. J. G., Wesleyan. 
Walsh, John, postmaster. 
Wilson, Andrew, lumber merchant. 

BEAUHARNOIS, C. E.— An incorporated Town situated on Lake St. Louis, in the Seigniory and County of Beau- 
hamois. It is the chief Town of the County, Business principally local. Distant from Montreal 30 miles ; steamboat fare 
50c,, stage fare $1. Daily mail. Population about 1000. 

Bogne, Henry. 
Beyer, Autoine, saddler. 
Branchand, Moses, advocate. 
Brossois, Julien, tavernkeeper. 
Browning, J. M., clerk to seigniory. 
Brunette, Benjamin, general store. 
Chardon, ¥6lix, tinsmith. 
Charland, rev. Louis David, Roman catholic. 
Cassidy, Jean Louis, trader. 

CAVBRHILL, JOHN & THOMAS, grain merchants. 
Champeau, Toussaint, bailiff. 
Cuiskelly, Edward, hotel keeper. 
DeMartigny, A. L., registrar, notary public and secre- 
tary-treasurer of county council. 
Duncan, George B., brewer. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. Leonard, agent. 
Gendron & Lefebvre, saddlers. 
Gendron, Pierre, carriagemaker. 
Gernon, Dr. John G. 
Haig, rev. Thomas, church of Scotland. 
Hebert, Roger, shoemaker. 
Henderson, William, general store. 
Hitchins, Frederick, watchmaker. 
Hitchins, H;, & Co., painters. 
Johnson, Robert, general store. 
KEITH, JAMES, agent for the seigniory. 
Kilgour, William, cabinetmaker and joiner. | 

Lambert, Joseph, potter. 
Lefebvre, Olivier, shoemaker. 

Leger, Anceur, livery stable keeper. 

Leonard, Joseph, notary public and agent for Equitable 
Fire Insurance Company. 

Longpr^, Adolphe, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Longpr^, J. G., notary public, clerk of Commissioners 
court and county superintendent. 

Longtin, Moi'se, deputy registrar and secretary-treasu- 
rer to municipality of parish of St. Clement. , 

Maw, H., shoemaker. 

McCuUey, James, tailor. 

McMartin, John, miller. 

Nioolson, Kutusoff, sub agent for seigniory. 

Payment, Ovide, tanner. 

Poirier & Parent, general storekeepers and grain dealers. 

Rapin, Charles, hotel keeper. 

Richard, Jules Maxime, general store. 

Robillard Ulyse, general store. 

Rochon, Toussaint, carriagemaker. 

Roy, Basil, baker and grocer. 

Roy, J. B., baker. 

Sabourin, Dr. Moses. 

Sarault, Narcisse Toussaint, bailiff. 

SMITH, JAMES, manufacturer of handles and spokes. 

Smith & McMartin, manufacturers of reaping and 
thrashing machines. 

Thibeau, Joseph, saddler. 

Thorn, John, baker and confectioner. 

Thom, Mrs. Robert, hotel keeper. 

Wilson, Mrs. John, generalstore. 

The Post ofiJce is called South Westmeath. 



1857. [Canada 

BEAUMONT, C. E.— A Village situated below Quebec, on the Southshore of theEiver St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory 
of Beaumont and Fief of Tiucennes, and County of Bellechasse. It has a considerable flour and lumber business. Distant 
ftom Quebec 9 miles. Dally mail. Population about 800. 

Boilaj:d, M. Louis, shoemaker. 

Bourget, Fer^ol, pilot. 

Cameron, Antoine, carpenter. 

Caron, Bdouard, miller. 

Chabot, Ambroise, miller. 

Chabot, Jean, carpenter. 

Chasseur, Elis^, grocer. 

Chasseur, Gabriel, carpenter. 

Chasseur, Germain, general store. 

Cot^, George, carpenter. 

Cot6, Thomas, inspector of roads. 

Couture, Charles, tanner. 

Dion, Marie E., shoemaker. 

Drolet, Miss, dry goods. 

Bnouf, Abraham, general store and innkeeper. • 

Faucher, Narcisse, advocate, warden of county and 

mayor of municipality. 
Feuilteau, Joseph, tanner. 
Fournier, Samuel, road overseer. 
Girard, Louis, carter. 
Girard, Prtident, bailiff. 
Guay, Ambroise, blacksmith. 
Huot, Ambroise, blacksmith. 
Labrecque, Joseph, road overseer. 

Labrie, Raymond, blacksmith. 
Lahaie, rev. P. L6on, Roman catholic. 
Letellier, Charles, J.P., watchmaker and secretary- 
treasurer of municipality and schools. 
Morency, Fabien, carpenter. 
Morency, Gabriel, inspector of roads. 
Nadeau, Antoine, blacksmith. 
Nadeau, Charles, road overseer. 
Ouimet, Pierre, cooper. 
Patry, Louis, butcher. 
Poir^, Francois, road overseer. 
Poirier, P., block and spar maker. 
Rousseau, Frederic, shoemaker. 
Rousseau, Laurent, shoemaker. 
Ryan, Patrick, millwright and mill owner. 
Shink, Jacques, butcher and road overseer. 
Turgeon, Antoine, blacksmith. ~ 
Turgeon, Bdouard, road overseer. 
Turgeon, Honor^, road overseer. 
Turgeon, Jean Baptiste, pilot. 

Turgeon, Z^phirin, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 
Tien, Mjchel, carpenter. 
Tien, PTiilippe, J.P., carpenter. 

BECANCOUR, C> E.— a village situated on the South shore of the River St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory of Dutour 
County of Mcolet, and District of Three Biivers, It has a lumber business. Distant from Three Sivers 6 miles, t^om Quebec 
8S miles. Mail daily. Population about 1000. 

Bail, Btienne, shoemaker. 

Bail, George, joiner. 

Beauchemin, Mrs. Francois, general store. 

BeauchSne, Moi'se, road overseer. 

Beauch&ne, Nicholas, road overseer. 

Beauchfene, Pierre, lumber merchant. 

B^langer, Pierre, livery stable keeper. 

Bellisle, Antoine, tinsmith and cooper. 

Bellisle, Moi'se, cabinetmaker. 

Boisvert, Mrs. Dominique, general store. 

Boisvert, Jean, shoemaker and saddler. 

Cormier, Charles, tanner. 

Cormier,,. Livin, jbiner. 

County Agricultural Society, T. A. Lambert, president. 

D^silets, Aini^, advocate. 

D^silets, Onfisime^ notary. 

Doucet, Joseph, wheelwright and carriagemaker and 

inspector of roads. 
Doucet, Moi'se, blacksmith. 
Dubord, Isaac, wheelwright and carriagemaker. 
Dubois, Pierre, tanner. 
Genest, Charles, inspector of roads. 
Gers, Gustavua, accountant. 
Hamel, Antoine, inspector of roads. 
Hubert, Jean Baptiste, bailiff. 
Jutras, Joseph, J.P., notary, registrar for and warden of 

county Nicolet, and mayor of miinicipality. 
Lacourse, Charles, general storekeeper and shoemaker. 

merchant and president of county agricultural 

Lamontagne, Joseph, shoemaker. 
Lamothe, Joseph, tanner. 

Landry, Louis E., J.P., physician and surgeon. 

Landry, Olivier, secretary-treasurer of schools. 

Larivlere, Antoine, blacksmith. 

Laasalle, B^honi, general store. 

Leclere, Pierre, organist and teacher of music. 

Leduc, Severe, general storekeeper and baker. 

Lupien, Odilon, boarding house. 

Malo, rev. L. S., Roman catholic. 

McDonald, Angus, J.P. 

Marier, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Marier, Moi'se, blacksmith. 

Mass^, Jean Baptiste, joiner. 

Mayrand, Antoine, storekeeper and lumber merchant. 

Mechanics Institute and Library Association. 

Montambeault, George, baker and road overseer. 

Moreau, Cyfroi, wheelwright and carriagemaker. 

Morissette, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Pepin, Frangois, blacksmith. 

Pepin, L^on, blacksmith. 

Pepin, Pascal, notaryand secretary-treasurer of county 
and municipality. 

Provancher, David, inspector of roads. 

Prince, Pierre, teacher. 

Richard, Louis, general store. 

Rivard, Benjamin, postmaster, and county superintend- 

Rochefort, Luc, joiner. 

Simard, Joseph, mason. 

Simard, Thomas, mason. 

St. Arnault, Damas, sculptor and carver. 

Toupin, Charles, blacksmith. 

Terrette, Alexis, wheelwright and carriagemaker. 

BEEBE PLAIN, C. E.— A small Village on the Provincial Boundary Line, in the Townsliip and County of Stanstead, 
and Distiict of St. I'rancis. Distant fi:om Stanatead Plain 3 miles. Population about 100. 

Beebe, Anson, farmer. 
Bull, Jesse C, blacksmith. 
Burrell, Samuel, blacksmith. 
Gopp, 'VVright C, general dealer. 
Gillman, Samuel, farmer. 
Moulton, J., teacher. 

Robbins, Parl^, harnessmaker. 
Steele, J. 'W., farmer. 
Steele, Solomon, J.P., farmer. 
Stewart, Horace, farmer. 
Stewart, Rufus P., storekeeper. 
■Willy, Jesse, storekeeper. 

Directory,] 1858. 



BEAUPORT, C. E .—A laige Village situated on the North shore of the Elver St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory of Beauport 
and County of Quebec. This plaoe has- a most extensive lumber and flour business, besides factories of some importance. 
Distant fi-om Quebec Si miles. Population about 1000. 

Beaupr6, Louis, general store. 

B^dard, Edouard, blacksmith. 

B^dard, Octave, baker. 

B^langer, Eli, blacksmith. 

BSlanger, Edouard, mason. 

B^langer, Jean Marie, general store. 

B61anger, Jerome, mason. 

B^langer, Joseph, mason. 

B^langer, Pierre, mason. 

B^langer, Thomas, carpenter. 

Belleau, Jacques, general store. 

Biuet, Ferdinand, mason. 

Binet, Jean Marie, mason. 

Binet, Jean Baptiste, general store and boarding house. 

Bittner, David, blacksmith. 

Bolduc, Jean Baptiste, grocer. 

Cardinal, Elz^ar, mason. 

Cardinal, Louis, mason. 

Cambray, Etienne, secretary and treasurer pf schools. 

Cambray, Francois, wheelwright. 

Cambray, Simon, mason. 

Carrier, Louis, grocer. 

Chalifoox, Lion, carpenter. 

Chalifoux, Prisque, carpenter. 

Charest, T. M. D., mayor. 

Clouet, Joseph, mason. 

Clouet, Michel, grocer. 

Cripin, Alexis, blacksmith. 

Cr6pin, Antoine, ta,nner. 

DeRousselle, Alexis, J.P., postmaster. 

Dubeau, Germain, mason, 

Fleury, Antoine, road overseer. 

Galarneau, Edouard, carpenter. 

Gingue, L^on, mason. 

Giroux, Charles, shoemaker and carpenter. 

Giroux, Eloi, grocer. 

Giroux, Jean, mason. 

Giroux, Joseph, mason. 

Giroux, Louis, wheelvfright. 

Giroux, Mrs. Francois X., grocer. 

Gourde, Pierre, road overseer. 

Grigoire, M., general store. 

Grenier, Alexis, mason. 

Grenier, Augustin, masoii, 

Grenier, Charles, shoemaker. 

Grenier, Honors, mason. 

Grenier, Jean Baptiste, carpenter. 

Grenier, David, blacksmith. 

Grenier, Eli, mason. 

Grenier, Martin, mason. 

Grenier, Michel A., road overseer. 

Guay, Bazile, mason. 

Gugy, colonel B. C. A., advocate and seignior. 

Guillemette, Simon, mason. 

Guillot, Alexis, road overseer. 

Guillot Ferdinand, road overseer. 

Guillot, Joseph, mason. 

Laberge, Charles, mason. 

Langevin, Ferdinand, mason. 

Langevin, rev. Jean, Roman catholic. 

Lkplante, Antoine, mason. 

Laplante, Francois X., mason. 

Laplante, Jean, carpenter. 

Latouche, Flavien, mason. 

Latouche, Joseph, jr., inspector of roads. 

Leclerc, rev. N., vicar, Roman catholic. 

Lepage, M., boarding house. 

Levesque dit Lafrance, Charles Joseph, teacher and 

secretary and treasurer of municipality. 
Lunatic Asylum, established 1845, Drs. Douglass, Fre- 
mont and Morin, proprietors and managers ; 6. 
Wakehain, warden ; Mrs. Wakehain, matron. 

Maheux, Charles, carpenter. 

Maheux, Edouard, grocer. 

Maheux, Phillippe, mason. 

Maheux, Pierre, inspector of roads. 

Mailloux, Simon, carpenter. 

Marcoux, Cilestin, blacksmith. 

Marcoux, Charles, mason. 

Marcoux, Eli, mason. 

Marcoux, Etienne, mason. 

Marcoux, Filix, mason. 

Marcoux, Fran9ois, mason. 

Marcoux, Maurice, blacksmith. 

Marcoux, Mol'se, baker. 

Marcoux, Pierre, general store. 

Martel, Olivier, dry goods. 

Marancy, Ignace, blacksmith. 

Ouellette, Antoine, road overseer. 

Parent, Ferdinand, blacksmith. 

Parent, Francois, grocer and saddler. 

Parent, Francois, mason. 

Parent, Jean, J.P., shoemaker. 

Parent, Jean Baptiste, mason. 

Parent, Jean Marie, wheelwright. 

Parent, Pierre, grocer. 

Paschal, Jean, mason. 

Poulin, Lion, road overseer. 

Poulin, Thiophile, road overseer. 

Richard, Damas, wheelwright 

Robert, Jean Baptiste, carpenter. 

Siguin, Pierre, grocer. 

Thirien, Olivier, shoemaker. 

Valine, Joseph, road overseer and mason. 

Vallie, Louis, jr., road overseer. 

Veilleux, Ignace, mason. 

Viger, Francois, mason. 
I Viger, Pierre, mason. 

BELLE RIVIERE, C. E.— A thriving Village situated in the Seigniory and County of Two Mountains, District 
of Montreal. Distant from Polnte aux Anglais, a landing of the Ottawa steamer, 9 miles, and from Montreal, SI miles. 
Mail daily in summer, bi-weekly in winter. Population about 600. 

Lemery, Jean Baptiste, postmaster, and cooper. 
Martin, James, general storekeeper and president of 

Institut Ganadien. 
McAdam, James, school commissioner. 

Ami, Marc, school teacher. 

Barr, John,, M. D, 

Boisseau, Antoine, miller and agent of the seigniory. 

Brazeau & Fortier, general store. 

Doudiet, rev. Frederick, Swiss protestant. 

Earl, Francis, school commissioner. 

Fairbank, Lewis, hotel keeper. 

Fairfield, John G., millwright. 

Globensky, Edouard, notary public. 

Globensky, Godfroi, general store. 

INSTITUT CANADIEN, James Martin, president; 

Evariste Lauzon, vice president ; Hercnle Lemery. 

secretary ; Eli Moiaeau, treasurer. 
Lanzon, Evariste, viice president of Institut Ganadien. 
Lemery, Hercule, secretary of Institut Ganadien. 

Moineau, Eli, school teacher and treasurer Institut Cana- 

POITRAS, PABIEN, 'manufacturer of woollen cloths, 
and carding, fulling and saw mill owner. 

Roberts, John William, saddler, and secretary-trea- 
surer of schools. 


SNOWDON, H. L., advocate, and 29 Little St. James 
St., Montreal. 

Thompson, William, school teacher. 



1857. [Canada 

BE A VERTON, C . W.— A progressive Tinage situated on Lake Simcoe, in the Township of Thorah and North Biding of 
the County of Ontario. Distant from Toronto 7a miles, from 'Whitby 45 miles, and from Bell Ewart station on the Ontario, 
Simcoe and Huron Eailway 30 miles. Daily mail. Population about 600. 

Anderson, John, tanner and currier. 

Anderson, John, constable and inspector of taverns. 

Armstrong, James, ■wharfinger. 

Brough & Boynton, builders and carpenters. 

Burk, Richard, painter and glazier. 

Oalder, Alexander, turner and saw mill owner. 

Calder, Duncan, general store. 

Calkins, Luther, hotel keeper. 

Cameron, Daniel, carpenter and builder. 

CAMERON, DONALD, lumber merchant, dealer in 
dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, and saw 
mill owner. 

CAMERON, ENEAS, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

Cameron, James, general store. *■ 

Cameron, J. & D., general store. 

Canada Western Insurance Co., C. B. Robinson, agent. 

Carney, Michael, shoemaker. 

Cathcart, John, shoemaker. 

Cluness, W. R., physician and surgeon. 

Donald, Patrick, shoemaker. 

Elder, George, weaver. 

Elder, James, weaver. 

Ellis, James, carding and fulling mill. 

Furniss, Joseph, carpenter. 

Gibson, James 0. L., storekeeper, and agent for Pro- 
vincial Insurance Company. 

Gilbertson, William, carpenter. 

Gilchrist, James, carpenter and builder. 

Glover, David, hotel keeper. 

Goody, Charles, miller. 

Gourlay, Thomas, carpenter. 

Gray, Thomas & George, sawyers. 

Grey, Thomas, lime burner. 

Harris, Thomas, tailor. 

Horsford, Bazile, cooper. 

Jardine, Robert, builder and carpenter. 

Johnstone, John, plasterer. 

Kesten, John, baker. 

Lenard, John, tinsmith. 

Lennan, Matthew & W., blacksmiths. 

Matheason, Alexander, teacher, 

McCuaig, Alexander, blacksmith. 

McCuaig, Duncan, waggonmaker. 

McDOUGALL, NEIL, reeve, dealer in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce. Sec. 

McGregor, John, carpenter and builder. 

McHattie, James, blacksmith. 

McHenry, Robert, saddler. 

Mclnues, John, shoemaker. 

McKinnan, Archibald, blacksmith. 

McLean, Allan, tailor. 

McLean, Hugh, cabinetmaker. 

McMillan, Peter, waggonmaker. 

McNab, Andrew, & Co., general store. 

McTavish, rev. John, Free church, mission at Eldon. 

Millar & Co., storekeepers. 

Morison, William, cooper. ■ 

Oakely, Francis, druggist. 

Proctor, George, general store. 

Provincial Insurance Company, J. 0. L. Gibson, agent. 

ROBINSON, C. B., land and general agent and commis- 
sion merchant, and agent for Canada Western In- 
surance Company. 

ROBINSON, CHARLES, postmaster, and clerk of 
Division court. 

Ross, David, teacher of mathematics. 

Ross, Donald, butcher. 

Ross, Robert, carpenter. 

Ross, Roderick, gardener. 

Ross, Ronald, carpenter and contractor. 

Sillars, Ronald, carder and fuller. 

Snyder, Jacob, proprietor of Ontario hotel. 

Watson, rev. David, church of Scotland. 

White, Henry, land surveyor and civ^ engineer. 

Williamson, William, tailor. 

BEDFORD; C. Er— a Village in the Township of Stanbridge, County of Hlssisquoi, and District of Montreal. It is the 
oA^MeMof the County, and is the seat of the Registry office and County council. Bedford has water power available for 
manufacturing purposes. There is a weekly stage to West lamham, 14 miles, fare eoc, and the stage from Pike Eiver, 4 
miles, fare 25c., parses through daily to Knowlton, 28 miles, fare $1.50. Population about 300. 

Academy, H. N. Janes, principal. 

ADAMS, NELSON, J.P., postmaster, proprietor of grist 
and saw mills, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c., and land owner. 

Baker, Rufus, carpenter and joiner. 

Beck, Alexander, tailor. 

Botham, William, bailiflf. 

Brown, Alexander L., harnessmaker. 

Brown, Nathaniel S., J.P., tanner and commissioner of 
small causes. 

Borden, William, carriagemaker. 

Clayes, George, J.P., farmer. 

Corey, Norman, sash and door manufacturer. 

Coslett, William, blacksmith. 

Dickinson, R., notary public and registrar. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, G. Freligh, agent. 

Freligh, Galloway, J.P., county superintendent, com- 
missioner of small causes, and agent for Equitable 
Fire Insurance Company. 

GiflTord, Henry, hatter. 

Gough, John, harnessmaker, and clerk of court. 

Hackey, N., millwright. 

Halcrow, George, cabinetmaker. 

H06LB, GEORGE H., proprietor of Bedford hotel and 

stage house. 
Jones, rev. James, church of England. 
Lavalley, Albert, shoemaker. 
Martin, Patrick, tavernkeeper. 
McAUer, Patrick, carpenter and joiner. 
Meigs, H. 0. & A. D., storekeepers. 
Mills, John, grocer and provision dealer. 
Mills, Reid, millwright. 
Mills, Samuel, blacksmith. 
Murphy, Patrick, shoemaker. 
Parker, John B., miller. 
Rixford, L. P., scythe and axf manufacturer. 
Smith, John, blacksmith. 

Taylor, Abel L., J.P., storekeeper, and at Pike River. 
Tisdale, James, iron foundry. 
Woodbury, Pliny, tanner. 

BELL EWART, C< Wr-A Village in the Township of Innisfll and County of Simcoe. It is situated on Late Simcoe, 
and is a station of the Ontario, Simcoe, and Huron Bailroad. Two years ago this village was not in existence. Distant from 
Toronto 64 miles. Population about 500. 

Bell, Guy, Union hotel. 

Drake, Edward, postmaster. 

Georgina Upper Black River Improvement Company, 
H. W. Sage, president; DeWitt Linn, secretary- 

Londe, S., hotel keeper. 

Ried, James, general store. 

Sage & Grant, lumber merchants and steam mill owners. 

Starr & Drake, general store. 

Sutherland, Edward, Railroad hotel. 

Willson, Alfred, J.P. 

Willson, H. McG., M.D. 

DiREOTORT.] 1858. 



BELLEVILLE, C< W.— a Town iu the Township of Thurlow and County of Hastings, situated on both sides of the 
Eiver Moira, i^^hich debouches into the Bay of Quints. It is the chief Town of the County, and it is a Port of Entry, doing a 
considerable business in imports, and also in the export of lumber, flour, and other agricultural produce, supplied by various 
manufacturing establishments in the neighbourhood, and by a flourishing farming district. There is a probability that the 
business of the port will be largely increased by its contiguity to the Marmora Iron Works, and to the quarries of valuable 
marble lately discovered and brought into active operation. The County is divided into North and South Hidings, each re- 
turning one Member to the Legislative Assembly. A steamer leaves every morning for Kingston, distant 54 miles, fare $1.50 
and $1, and returns the same evening, calling also at Picton and Bath. Two other steamers, plying between Trenton and 
Montreal, call here on their passage up and down ; fare to Montreal $5 and $2.50. The Town is on the line of the Grand 
Trunk Railway. There are two daily stages to Stirling, 15 miles, fare 5nc., the earliest of which meets stages from Mar- 
mora and Seymour ; another to Hungerford, 25 miles, fare $1 ; and another daily to Madoo, 25 miles, fare $1. Distant iirom 
Montreal 220 miles, and from Toronto 113 miles. Daily mails, 

Ackerill, Daniel, clerk of the market. 

Adams, Robert, shoemaker, Front st, 

Adamsou, Mark, grocer. Front st. 

Aitken, William, jr., commission merchant, Front St. 

Albert and Times Life Assurance and Guarantee Com- 
pany, B. Newbery, agent. Front st. 

Alford, W., shoemaker. 

Alport, F. W., general agent, and agent for Star Fire 
Insurance Company, Front st. 

ANDREW, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c.. Front st. 

ASHTON, JOSEPH, merchant tailor and general out- 
fitter, Front St. 

Atkins, Henry, shoemaker. Pinnacle st. 

BANK OF MONTREAL, Q. McNider, manager. Front 


BANK OF UPPER CANADA, E. Holden, agent. 

Hotel st. 
Bay of Quints and St. Lawrence steamboat line, H. 

Pretty, agent, at the Wharf. 
Bay of Quints saloon, Thomas Warren, proprietor. 
Becket, Paul, saddler and harnessmaker. Front st. 
Beddome, Benjamin, & Co., hosiers and haberdashers. 

Front St. 
Bedford, John, grocer. Front st. 
BBLLAIB, JOHN, manufacturer of and dealer in boots 

and shoes, Front st. 
Belleville Gas Company, J. C. Franck, president ; R. 

M. Roy, secretary. 
BENJAMIN, GEORGE, M.P.P., Dundas st. 
Bennett, Robert, butcher. Market house. 
BLACKLOCK, JAMES, J.P., grocer, wine and spirit 

merchant, and town councillor. Front st. 
Bleeker, George, J.P., farmer. 
Bleeker, Thomas, J.P., lumber merchant. 
Bogart, A. L., lumber merchant. 
Bogart, Cornelius V., J.P., lumber merchant. 
Bogart, David D., lumber manufacturer, West Belleville. 
Bonter, J., bailiflF, Steamboat wharf. .;. 
Bonter, William H., dentist, Dundas st. 
Booth, J. & J., clothing, and agents for Monarch 

Fire and Life Assurance Company, Front st. 
Boselly, B. P., undertaker, &c.. Front st. 
BOWELL, M., editor, proprietor and publisher of the 

Intelligencer, and vice president of Literary Asso- 
ciation, Front st. 
BOYD, TURNER, hair dressing saloon. Front St. 
Brennan, rev. Michael, Roman catholic. 
Brick, Charles, watchmaker and jeweller, Front st. 
Britannia Life Assurance Company, E. Chandler, agent, 

Front St. 
British America Insurance Company, T. Wills, agent, 

Church St. 
British and American Express Company, Philo L. 

Scovill, agent, Bridge st. 
Britton, Edward, butcher. Market house. 
BROWN, G. & J., iron foundry and machine shop. 
Brown, James, J.P., of G. & J. Brown, deputy reeve of 

town, councillor and coroner. Front st. 
BuUen, Roach, boot and shoe store, Front St. 
Burdett, David E., M.D., coroner. Front st. 
Burden, Alexander, principal of grammer school. East 

Burrell, William, axe factory, Mbira st. 

Population about 7000. 

Canada Life Assurance Company, R. Newbery, agent, 

Front St. 
Canada Western Assurance Company, T. Wills, agent, 

Church St. 
Cantwell, John, tailor. Front st. 
Carroll, rev. John, Wesleyan, Pinnacle st. 
Case, David H., livery stable keeper, Front st. 
CHANDLER, EDMOND, chemist, dealer in drugs, 

chemicals, dyestuffs, patent medicines, perfumery, 

&c., and agent of Britannia Life and Liverpool 

and London Fire and Life Assurance Companies, 

Front St. 
Chilner, J., bookseller, Front st. 
Clark, Francis, waggonmaker and town councillor, 

Front St. 
Clark & Symons, merchant tailors. Front st. 
Clarke, Franklin, hatter. Front st. 
CLEMENTS, FRANCIS, butcher and tavern keeper, 

Market inh, Pinnacle st. 
Clifford, Carleton, brewer, &c.. Front st. 
Coleman, Charles L., attorney at law. Front st. 
COLEMAN, EVERETT H., J.P., M.D., chemist and 

druggist. Front st. 
Coleman, Mrs. A. G., boarding house, Moira St., West 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, Ross & Bell, agents. 

Front St. 
son, manager. Pinnacle st. 
Connor, William, J.P., shoemaker. Front st. 
Cook & Casey, grocers, Bridge st. 
COOKE, EDWARD F., importer of teas and liquors, 

and dealer in groceries, provisions, &c., Front st. 
CORBY, HENRY, J.P., proprietor of flouring mill and 

reeve. Bridge st. 
Covert, Mrs. Catharine, tavernkeeper. Steamboat Wharf. 
Crawford, S., & Co., dealers in dry goods, Front St. 
Crysdale, Daniel, tavernkeeper, Pinnacle st. 
Curry, Benjamin S., general agent. Bridge st. 
Cuvillier, Maurice, commission merchant, Bridge st. 
Dafoe, Zenas, gaoler. 

DAVY, BENJAMIN F., J.P., flouring mills. Grove mills. 
Davy & Brinton, carpenters & joiners. Bridge & John sts. 
Daw, James, brewer and tavernkeeper. Bridge st. 
DEACON, WILLIAM, baker, Front st. 
Devlin, Mark, clerk in crown timber ofSce. 
Diamond, A., secretary of Literary Association. 
Donoghue, Florence, grocer, Front st. 
Donoghue, John, shoe store, Front st. 
DORLAND, P. v., M.D., Front st. 
Dougall, A. R., attorney, Front st. 
DUFF, ELIJAH, & Co., booksellers, stationers and 

printsellers, Bridge st. 
Easton, Henry, landing waiter, Dundas Bt. 
Easton, James, lumber merchant. West Belleville. 
Ellis, Alfred, butcher, Market house. 
Elmer, A. B., law student and town councillor, West 

Elmer, George, blacksmith. Bridge St. 
Elmer, P. V., provincial land surveyor, Church st. 
Elvins, Richard, grocer, Front st. 
EMPIRE HOTEL, Byron C. Scovill, proprietor. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. Thomas, agent. 
Eves, James, grocer. Front st. 



1857. [Caktada 

Pairman & Bowell, contractors for the covering of roofs 

with fire and water proof cement, Front St. 
FANNING, HENRY, Mansion house hotel, and ticket 
office of railroad omnibusses, fare Tjd. to or from 
the station, Front st. 
Fanning, Isaac, Toronto house hotel, Front st. 
Farley, James, J. P., farmer. 
Farley, Samuel D., J.P., farmer. 
Farley, Thomas D., J.P., farmer. 
Farrel, J. S., wine and spirit merchant, Front st. 
FiUiter, George, J.P., farmer. 
Findlay, Walter, law agent and notary. Church st. 
Finden, Samuel S., collector of customs, secretary-trea- 
surer of Hastings Building Society, and agent of 
International Life Assurance Society, Custom 
Finnemore, Joseph, grocer, Front st. 
FLINT, BILLA, J.P., M.P.P. steam saw mills, "West 

Belleville. * 

Franck, John C, president of Belleville Gas company, 

West Belleville. 
FBASER, JAMBS, jr., attorney. Bridge st. 
Frost, Abraham, leather store. Front st. 
FURNIVAL, JOHN W., saddle, harness and trunk man- 
ufacturer, Bridge st. 
Galligher, B., tailor. Front st. 

Gardiner, rev. James, Episcopal methbdist, West Belle- 
Green, James, undertaker, Bridge st. 
GERMAN, GEORGE G., successor to J. H. German, 
dealer in boots and shoes, rul)bers and leather. 
Front St. 
Gilbert, Caleb, J.P., farmer. 
Gilbert, Benjamin, J.P., farmer. 
Gilbert, John, J.P., farmer. 
Gillen, Michael, dealer in hardware. Front st. 
GILLESPIE & Co., wholesale grocers and commission 

merchants. Front St. 
Glass, James, J.P., storekeeper, and agent of Imperial 
Fire, Marine and Life Insurance Company of 
Quebec, Front st. 
Gould, C. J., carpenter and joiner, Dundas st. 
Grammar School, A. Burdon, principal ; W. Tilly, assis- 
tant. Church St. 
Grant, James, innkeeper. Front st. 
Grier, .'reV. John, A.M., church of England. 
Hambly, Philip, baker, Front st. 
Harrison, James, bookseller, stationer and binder. 

Front St. 
Haslett, J. J., land surveyor, &c., Dundas St. 
Hastings Building Society, E. Holden, president ; Sa- 
muel S. Finden, secretary-treasurer. 
HASTINGS CHRONICLE, (THE) weekly, annual 
subscription, $2, A. Diamond, editor; E. Miles, 
proprietor and publisher, Front st. 
HAYMBS, GEORGE H., manufacturer and general 

dealer in hats, caps, and furs. Front st. 
Head Quarters saloon, Donald McDonald, proprietor. 
Heard, Thomas, guiismith. Front, st. 
HENDERSON, GEORGE E., barrister and attorney, 

Front St. 
Henderson, Lawrence H., attorney. Front st. 
Henry, Thomas, grocer. Front st. 
Higgins, Thomas J., photographic artist, Front st. 
SOLDBN, ERASTUS, J.P., president of Hastings Bull-, 
ding Society, and agent of the Bank of Upper Ca- 
nada, Hotel st. 
Holden & Co., cheniists and druggists. Front st. ' 


HOLTON, E. W., & Co., dealers in dry goods, groce- 
ries, hardware, crockery and countr^ produce, 
Front St. 
Home District Mutual Insurance Company, T. Wills, 

agent. Church st. 
Hope, William, J.P., M.D., town councillor. Pinnacle st. 
Horan & Pay, iron foundry, Dundas st. 
■ Hunt, Burleigh, J.P., farmer. 

Hunt, rev. Benjamin, Episcopal methodist. Mill st. 
Imperial Fire, Marine and Life Assurance Company 

of Quebec ; J. Glass, agent. Front st. 
INTELLIGENCER, (THE) weekly, annual subscription 
$2, M. Bowell, editor, proprietor and publisher, 
corner Bridge and Front sts. 
International Life Assurance Society, S. S. Finden, 

agent. Front st. 
Jack, Henry, tailor, Front st. 
JAMISON, JAMBS, county surveyor, Ann St. 
JELLETT, ROBERT P., barrister and attorney. Front st. 
Jenison, L. S., paper mills, Moira st. 
Jones, David, J.P., farmer. 
Jones, Lorenzo N., eclectic physician, Front st. 
Jones, Nathan, storekeeper. Front St. 
Jones, R. H., bailiff. Front st. 
Judge, Michael, gunsmith and engraver. Front st. 
Kehoe, Stephen, waggonmaker. West Belleville. 
KEITH, JOHN, potash inspector, Front st. 
KELLY, W., d«aler in every variety of dry goods, and 
importer of French and German embroideries, paper 
hangings, &o.. Front st. 
Kennedy, James, grocer, Front st. 
Kenny, Dennis, Western house hotel. Bridge St. 
Keough, rev. Thomas S., Wesleyan. 
Kerr, William K., soap and candle manufacturer, and 

town councillor, Coulter st. 
Ketcheson, John R., J.P., farmer. 
Lambie, Andrew, grocer. Front st. 
Lanigan, James, butcher. Market house. 
Lauder, Andrew, watchmaker. Front st. 
Leavens, Hector, J.P., farmer. 
Lent, J. E., marble manufacturer. Front st. 
Lester, George W., land agent and broker, Bridge St. 
Levesconte, Charles G., J.P., (of Levesoonte & Co.,) 

Front St. 
LEVESCONTE, CHARLES G., & Co., chemists and 
dealers in patent medicines, dye stuffs, paints, oils, 
perfumery, &c., Front st. 
Lewis, John, dealer in hardware. 
Linklater & Turner, tinsmiths. Front st. 
Lister, James, M.D., corner Pinnacle and Bridge sts. 
Literary Association, W. Smart, president ; Dr. 6. V. N. 
Relyea and M. Bowell, vice presidents ; A. Diamond, 
Liverpool and London Fire and Life Assurance Com- 
pany, E. Chandler, agent, Front st. 
Loynes, George, saddler and harnessmaker. Front st. 
Lyons, Henry K., tinsmith. Front st. 
Lyons, John, grocer, Bridge st. 
Lyons, Mrs., boarding house. Pinnacle st. 
Macdonald, John P., coroner, Belleville Plains. 
Mackay, Alexander, blacksmith. 
MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, Henry Fanning, proprietor, 

Front St. 
MARKET INN, Francis Clements, proprietor, Pinnacle 

Martin, Henry J., dealer in hardware. Front st. 
Mason, H. C, pianoforte tuner and teacher. Front st. 
McAdie, David, carpenter and joiner. Front st. 
McAfee, John, draper and tailor, Front st. 
McANNANY, FRANCIS, J.P., crown land agent, town 
mayor, county treasurer, president of Mechanics 
Institute and Merchants and Mechanics Buildin^g 
Society and agent for Provident Life and Provincial 
Assurance Companies, Dundas st. 
McArthur, Neil, harnessmaker, Front st. 
McBean, A. S., station master. 
McCawley, Abraham G., tailor. Front st. 
McCormick, Arthur, grocer. West Belleville. 
McCurdy, Jonathan, J.P,, storekeeper and auctioneer, 

Front St. 
McDonald, Donald, Head Quarters saloon. Front st. 
McDouell, John P., lumber merchant. Front st. 
Mclninch, William, blacksmith. Front st. 
MoNIDER, QUINTIN, manager of Bank of Montreal. 
McVean, Mrs., milliner. Front st. 

Directory.] 1858. 



Meacham, James H., postmaster, Bridge St., house Pin- 
nacle St. 
Meagher, James, grocer, Front st. 
Mechanics Institute, F. McAnnany, president ; W. Tilly, 

Merchants and Mechanics Building Society, P. McAn- 
nany, president ; T. Wills, secretary- treasurer. 
Merckell, John H., hatter. Front st. 
Meyers, G. W., boarding house. Front st. 
Meyers, Tobias J. W., farmer. 
MILES, ELIJAH, printer and proprietor of the Hastings 

Chronicle, and job printer, east corner Front st. 
Mills, Parker, shoemaker, Front st. 
MITCHELHILL, ROBT., dry goods merchant, Front st. 
Mitts, Charles, carriagemaker. Front st. 
Monarch Fire and Life Assurance Company of London, 

J. & J. Booth, agent, Front st. 
Montreal Fire Assurance Company, Ross and Bell, 

agents, Front st. 
Montreal Telegraph OfSce, James Thompson, superin- 
tendent, Bridge st. 
MOODIE, JOHN W. DUNBAR, sheriff of County of Has- 
tings, office in Court house, house "West Belleville. 
Motley, George, baker. Front st. 
Mullen, Charles, livery stable keeper. Front st. 
MURNEY, HON. EDMUND, M.L.C., West Belleville. 
Neilson, George, J.P., civil engineer, builder, architect 

and town councillor, John St. 
NEWBERY, ROBERT, land agent, revenue inspector 
and agent for Albert and Times Life, Canada Life, 
Provincial and Times and Beacon Fire Assurance 
Companies, Front st. 
Newell, W. N., pianoforte tuner and teacher. Pinnacle st. 
NOBTHGRAVBS, WILLIAM, watchmaker, jeweller, 
repairer and regulator of watches, clocks, &c., 
Front St. 
Northrup, Anson G., clerk of court and deputy clerk of 

crown, John st. 
Nulty, Michael, auctioneer, Front st. 
O'Brien, Stephen, grocer. Front st. 
Ockerman, Dunham, deputy sheriff, John St. 
CHARE, JOHN, barrister and attorney, clerk of peace 

and town councillor. Front st. 
O'Neil, Patrick, dealer in dry goods, Front st. 
O'Reilly, Richard, storekeeper. Front st. 
Ostrom, Simeon, J.P., farmer. 
Ostrom, Sylvester, wool carder and cloth dresser, Moira 

St., West Belleville. 
Page & Clark, lumber manufacturers, West Belleville. 
PAPINEAU, CHARLES, hotelkeeper. Front st. 
PAPINEAU, FRANCIS, proprietor of Wellington house 

hotel, Front st. 
PASHLEY, BENJAMIN, clerk. West Belleville. 
PATTERSON, R. & R. S., iron founders and machinists, 

Front St. 
Perkins, William, shoemaker, Front st. 
PERRAULT, JULIEN, trader. Bridge St. 
Phillips, Mrs. Mary S., dealer in fancy goods. Front st. 
PHIPPEN, JOHN A., soap and candle manufacturer. 

Front St. 
Pitts, Robert, butcher, Market house. 
Powell, W., blacksmith. Front st. 
Powers, James, M.D., Pinnacle st. 
Ponton, Archibald, J.P., clerk of Division court, 

Dundas st. 
Ponton, William H., J.P., barrister, registrar and 

coroner. Church st. 
Pretty, Henry, forwarding and commission merchant, 
and agent of Bay Quints and St. Lawrence Steam- 
boat Line, at the Wharf. 
Proctor, Amos, axe factory, Front St. 
Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, F. 

McAnnany, agent. 
Provincial Insurance Company, F. McAnnany and R. 

Newbery, agents, Front st. 
RAILROAD HOUSE, David S. Vanderrort, proprietor. 
Front St. 

Read, Robert, J.P., distiller, Front st. 

Reed, David, shoemaker. Front st. 

Reed, Gershom, grocer. Front st. 

Relyea, G. V. N., surgeon dentist, and vice president 

of Literary Association, Hotel st. 
Richards, Henry, baker and confectioner. Front, st. 
Ridley, Charles, J.P., M.D., Front st. 
Ridley, George N., M.D., Front st. 
Ritchie, George, & Co., dealer in dry goods, Front st. 
Roenick, Frederick, cabinet warehouse. Front st. 
ROSS & BELL, barristers and attorneys, solicitors of 
County council, and agents for Colonial Life and 
Montreal Fire Assurance Companies, Front St. 
Ross, John, tannery. Church st. 
ROY, ROBERT M., clerk of Town council and secretary 

of Belleville Gas Co., Front st. 
Rutherford, Thomas, carpenter and joiner, Meyers' hill. 
SALLADIN, PETER, marble factory, Front st. 
Sawyer, Merrick, chemist and druggist, Front st. 
Scovill, Byron C, clothing store. 
SCOVILL, BYRON C, Empire hotel. Bridge st. 
Scovill, Philo L., agent for British and American Ex- 
press Company, Front St. 
SHANKS, THOMAS, town councillor, secretary-trea- 
surer of Board of School Trustees, and dealer in 
foreign and domestic fruits, groceries, ft c. Front st. 
SHORT, JOHN C, machinist, near Grove Mills. 
Simmons, Nelson, J.P., farmer. 

SIMPSON, CALEB P., barrister, attorney, master in 
Chancery, and deputy registrar for county of 
Hastings, Bridge st. 
Sisk, James, saloon keeper at Railway station. 
Smart, William, judge of County court, and president 

of Literary Association, John st. 
Smith, Albert L., J.P., Front st. 
SMITH, CHARLES F., manufacturer and dealer in 

stoves, tin, sheet iron and copper ware, Front St. 
Smith, George, shoe store. Front st. 
Smith, Henry, M.D., Church st. 

Smith, Samuel B., dealer in tinware and stoves. Front st. 
Snell, Edward, butcher, Market house. 
Stapley, Miss, milliner, Dundas st. 
Star Fire Insurance Company, F. W. Alport, agent. 

Front Bt. 
Stephen, Samuel, general dealer, Front st. 
Stimers, James L., Union hotel, Front St. 
TATE, COL., resident engineer Grand Trunk railway. 
Taylor, Francis, feed store and bakery. Front st. 
Taylor, George, J.P., farmer. 
Taylor, Richard, Willard house hotel. Front st. 
TAYLOR, THOMAS H., general grocer, ftc. Front st. 
Templeton & Goulding, tailors. Front St. 
Thomas, John, commission agent, and agent for Equita- 
ble Fire Insurance Company. 
Thomas, John P., Belleville Nursery. 
Thompson, James H., superintendent Montreal Tele- 
graph office, Bridge st. 
Thomson, Andrew, manager of Commercial Bank of 

Canada, Pinnacle st. 
Tierney, Charles, tobacconist. Front st. 
Tilly, William, assistant teacher in grammar school, 
and secretary-treasurer of Mechanics Institute, 
West Belleville. 
Times & Beacon Fire Assurance Company of London ; 

R. Newbery, agent. Front st. 
Toronto house hotel, Isaac Fanning, proprietor. 
TurnbuU, Charles, storekeeper. Front st. 
Turner, Gideon, J.P., farmer. 
Union hotel, James L. Stimers, proprietor. 
VAMffiRVOORT, DAVID S., Railroad house, with 

lirery stables, Front st. 
Vautassel, W. H., agent for Headley's patent marbleized 

brick. Front st. 
Walker, rev. Archibald, church of Scotland, John st. 
Wallbridge, Adam H., barrister and attorney. Front st. 
Wallbridge, Lewis, barrister and attorney. Front st. 
Wallis, Charles, carpenter and joiner, Pinnacle st. 



1857. [Canada 

■Wallis, Robert, carpenter and joiner, John st. 

Walsh, Mrs,, milliner. Front St. 

Walton, Benjamin, M.D., Church st. 

Ward & Lafontaine, axe factory, Mill st. 

Warren, Thomas, Bay of Quints saloon. Bridge st. 

Warton, John, bailiff, Dundas st. 

Watt, William, tailor, West Belleville. 

WAY, JOSEPH F., crown timber agent, North Belle- 

Webb, William, butcher. Front st. 
WEBSE'S HOTEL, with livery stables, John Weese, 


Western house hotel, Dennis Kenny, proprietor, 

Bridge st. 

WHEADON, SETH, wool carding and cloth factory, 
Front St. 

White, S., tinsmith. Front st. 

Whiteford, James, J.P., issuer of marriage licenses, 
Front St. 

Willard house hotel, R. Taylor, proprietor, Front st. 

Wills, Thomas, clerk of County council, and secretary- 
treasurer of Merchants and Mechanics Building 
Society, town councillor and agent for British 
America, Canada Western and Home District 
Mutual Insurance Companies, Church st. 

Wilson, John, baker and confectioner, Front st. 

Wilson, Joseph, trunkmaker, &c.. West Belleville. 

WRIGHT, E. L., & Co., importers of china, glass and 
crockery, wholesale and retail, Front st. 

Yarwood, C. S G., custom house officer, John st. 

*BELLOWSTONj C. W. — A manufacturing stati^, situated in the Township of Westmeath, and County of Eeufrew. 
Distant from Ottawa 80 miles, from Perth 95 miles, fi:om Pembroke 10 miles, and from Portage du Fort 20 miles. Mail tri- 

BELLOWS, C. S., lumber merchant, sash, door and 
blind factor, grist mill owner, issuer of marriage 
licenses and commissioner in Queen's bench. 

Byce, Henry, carding mill. 

Drew, Mark M., postmaster, and tanner. 

Earl, Alvin, cabinetmaker. 

Goddard, Edmund, blacksmith. 
Hammond, rev. E. M., Wesleyan. 
Huntingdon, Samuel, lumber merchant. 
Mason, Ira, lumber merchant. 
Morse, Silas, millwright. 
Tucker, George R., saw mills. 

BELL'S CORNERS, C. W.-A small Village in the Township of Nepean, County of Carleton. 
9 miles. Daily mail. Population ahout 70. 

Distant from Ottawa 

ARNOLD, GEORGE, postmaster, treasurer of town- 
ship, and dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, 
produce, &c. 

BELL, GEORGE, farmer and reeve. 

BELL, HUGH, hotel keeper, — a good house, 

Burnside, Christopher, blacksmith. 

BYERS, WILLIAM, lumber merchant and farmer. 

Crow, Robert, shoemaker. 

DAVISON, SAMUEL, deputy reeve. 

Fannin, William H., teacher. 

Gourly, rev. John, Free church. 

Graham, John, councillor. 

Mahon, Edward, teacher. 

Munroe, Donald, shoemaker. 

Quinlan, Joseph, councillor. 

ROBERTSON, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
Scales, rev. W., Wesleyan. 
Spittall, Alexander, blacksmith and carpenter. 
Stapleton, Thomas, clerk of township. 
Taylor, Richard, councillor. 

BELSIL, C. E.— A Village situated on the North shore of the Biver Kichelieu, opposite St. Hilairc, in the Seigniory of 
Belceil, County of Verch6res, and District of Montreal. Distant from Montreal 21 miles, from St. Charles 8 miles, from St. 
Marc 8 miles, and from the Grand Trunk Hallway depot 1^ miles. Railway fare from Montreal $1.50 and 50o. Daily mails. 
Population about 300. 

AUard, Jean Baptiste, M.D,, J.P., commissioner of 

small causes. 
Bernard, Jean Baptiste, grocer. 
Blanchard, captain Antoine, school commissioner. 
Blanohard, Isaac, councillor. 
Bousquet, Fran9ois, tailor. 
BRILLON, JOSEPH R., postmaster, notary public, and 

clerk of Commissioners court. 
Brunelle, Jean Baptiste, carpenter and joiner. 
Brunelle, Louis, general dealer, and secretary-treasurer 

of schools. 
Charland, Francois, general store. 
Convent of the Soeurs du Saint Nom de J^sus et 

Daigle, Joseph, general dealer. 
Despaty, Frangois, shoemaker. 
Duhamel, Joseph, blacksmith, 
Dumon, lieutenant colonel Alphonse. 
Durocher, rev. Eusebe, Roman catholic. 
Gadbois, Captain Victor, commissioner of small causes. 
Godet, Christopher, shoemaker. 


BENNIE'S CORNERS, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Ramsay and County of Lanark. Distant from Perth 
the County Town, 30 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 75. 

Baird, John, grist mill and general store. I Leishman, Alexander, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Oockell, George, shoemaker. ] Philip, William, blacksmith. 

Gueront, lieutenant colonel Louis. 

Huot, captain Vilbon, farmer. 

Lahaiae, Louis, shoemaker. 

Lamoureux, Olivier, blacksmith. 

Landreville, Joseph, cooper. 

Malo, colonel Prudent, J.P., mayor, general store- 
keeper, commissioner of small causes, and school 

Lapalme, Prudent, jr., school commissioner. 

Ledoux, Edouard, blacksmith. 

Paquette, Jerome, councillor, 

Pepin, C^lestin, tanner and bailiff. 

Pigeon, Augustin, jr., councillor. 

Pigeon, captain Augustin, sen., farmer. 

Pigeon, Timothde, student at law and secretary-trea- 
surer of council. 

Pr^fontaine, Damase, school commissioner. 

Pr^fontaine, Joseph, jr., general store. 

Pr^fontaine, Joseph, sen., councillor. 

Soign^, Charles, shoemaker. 

Thibault, George, shoemaker. 

Vandandaigue, major Andr6, farmer. 

• The Post office is called Westmeath. 

Directory.] 1858. 



BERLIN, C. W.— The Chief Town of the County of ■Waterloo, and a corporate village. It is on the Grand Trunk Rail- 
way, with a station at which all trains stop. A Branch of the Great Western Eailway is about being built from Preston to 
Berlin. Distant from Toronto 67 miles, and from Stratford 2i: miles. Fare from Toronto via Grand Trunk Bailwajr $2, 
Daily mails. 

.ffitna Insurance Company, W. J. Johnstone, agent. 
AUendorf, B., weaver. 

Anglo American hotel, William McDermot, proprietor. 
Athen^um Insurance Company, C. GrofF, agent. 
Atkins, W., storekeeper. 
Bailey, Thomas, builder. 

BANK OF UPPER CANADA, George Davidson, agent. 
Beacon Insurance Company, D. S. Shoemaker, agent. 
BERLIN HOTEL, William Jahn, proprietor. 
Burdemann, rev. P. W., German Lutheran. 
Boedecker, J., bookseller. 
BOICE, W. E., innkeeqer. 
Boulbee, C, physician and surgeon. 
Bowman, Gabriel, builder. 
Bowman, H. B., storekeeper. 
Brsehler, J., & Co., carriagemakers. 
British America Assurance Co., P. D. Timms, agent. 
Brown, D., wheat merchant. 
Brunyer, Uri, innkeeper. 

CHRONICLE, (THE) weekly, annual subscription f 2., 
William Jaflray editor, Jaffray & Hett, proprietors 
and publishers. 
Cline, John, Franklin hotel. 
Colonial Life Assurance Company, Wm. Davidson 

Colqnhoun, James, clerk of County court and deputy 

clerk of the Crown. 
County Grammar school. ♦ 

DATIDSON, GEORGE, sheriff, and agent for Bank of 

Upper Canada. 
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM, postmaster, clerk of County 
council, and agent for Colonial Life Assurance 
Debuss, G., barber. 

DEUTSCHER OANADIER, (THE) weekly, annual sub- 
scription $2., Dr. Legler, editor ; Elias Eby, pro- 
prietor and publisher ; D. McDougall, printer. 
Donald, James, shoemaker. 
Durand & Miller, barristers. 
EBY, ELIAS, proprietor and publisher of Deutscher 

Canadier and Telegraph. 
Eby, M., & Co., cabinetmakers. 
Eggert, W, physician and surgeon. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, P. D. Timms, agent. 
Fischer, G. A., barber. 
Pox, A., watchmaker. 
Franklin hotel, John Cline, proprietor. 
GAUNTLET, HENRT, saddler. 
GROPP, COLIN, chemist and druggist, and agent for 

Athenseum Insurance Company. 
Gwynne, J., barrister, &c. 
Heller, Casper, Royal Exchange hotel. 
Hespeler, William, grocer. 

HOFFMANN, JACOB, steam cabinet and bedstead fac- 
tory and saw mill, dry goods and general mer- 
chandise store. 
HUBBR, H. S., storekeeper. Crown land agent, and agent 
for Provident Life Assurance and Investment Co. 
International Life Assurance Co., P. D. Timms, agent 
JAPPRAT & HETT, general printers, publishers of the 

JAPPRAY, WILLIAM, editor of the Chronicle. 

JAHN, WILLIAM, Berlin hotel. 

Jantz, George, grocer and provision dealer. 

Johnstone, W. J., land agent, and agent for ^tna and 
Provincial Insurance Companies. 

Joseph, H., saloon keeper. 

Kern, C., tailor. 

Kidders, C, hatter. 

Knell, Henry, jeweller. 

Koch, John, saloon keeper. 

Kranz & Stroh, storekeepers. 

Kraemer, Jacob, innkeeper. 

Lang, Reinhold, tanner, 

LEGLER, Dr., editor of the Deutscher Canadier. 

Lowell, Richard, livery stable keeper. 

Mackie, J. A., storekeeper. 

McArgo, Alexander, butcher. 

McDermot, William, Anglo American hotel. 

McDOUGALL, D., editor and printer of the Telegraph, 
and printer of the Deutscher Canadier. 

Mechanics Institute, with English and German library. 

Miller, William, judge of County court, chairman of 
Quarter sessions, and judge Surrogate. 

Nahrgang, C. K. & H., tailors. 

NIOKOLAUS, ANDREW, saloon and oyster rooms, 
wines, liquors and laager bier. 

Oetzel, J., saddler. 

Osborne & Oldham, general store. 

Peterson, A. J., registrar Surrogate court. 

Potter, James, innkeeper. 

Proudlove, John, innkeeper. 

Provident Life Ass. and Invest. Co., H. S. Huber, agent. 

Provincial Insurance Co., W. J. Johnstone, agent. 

Rice, rev. L. 0., Wesleyan. 

Roat, J., saddler and harnessmaker. 

Roathenaermal, Henry, carpenter. 

Rogers, J., clothier. 

Royal Exchange hotel, Casper Heller, proprietor. 

Schneider, rev. H., German baptist. 

Schofield & Hobson, surveyors. 

SHOEMAKER, D. S., clerk of the Peace, and agent 

for the Beacon Insurance Company. 
Smith, P., innkeeper. 
Stanton, Charles, County treasurer. 
Stroh, Jost, shoemaker. 
Susand, P. E., coffee house. 
Sutherland, R. M., barrister, &o. 
Sutherland, rev. A., Wesleyan. 
Taylor, R., chairmaker. 

TELEGRAPH, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $3., 
D. McDougall, editor and printer ; Elias Eby, pro- 
prietor and publisher. 
Timms, P. D., agent for British America, Equitable 
Pire, and International Life Insurance Companies. 
Trout, Samuel, waggoumaker. 
Tyson, Abraham, butcher. 
Wagner, A., potter. 
Ward, J. C, saloon keeper. 
Warner, rev. L., Wesleyan. 
WINGER, JOHN, steam pump factory. 
Wofle, Jacob, ploughmaker. 
Young, William, grocer. 

BEWDLEY, C. W. — A Village in the Township of Hamilton and County of Northumberland. It has a considerable 
lumbering business. Distant from Oobourg li miles. Mail daily. PopiJation about 100. 

Breen, Andrew, tavernkeeper. 
Brown, Noble, counoillo*. 
Hannah, Philander, tavernkeeper. 
Kerr, Robert, shingle factory. 
Ley, George, landowner. 
Michie, William, blacksmith. 

Sackyille, James, saw mill. 

Sidey, John, postmaster, and dealer in groceries, drugs 

and medicines. 
Wilcox, George W., ambrotype artist. 
Wright, Robert, saw mill. 


1857. [Cakada 

BELMORE, C. W«— A Village in the Township of Turnberry and County of Huron, situated at the junction of the 
Townships of Turnberry, Howiok, Camck and Culross, and on the main road from the Great Huron road at Harpurhey to 
Saugeen, on Lake Huron. The Boad between Turnberry and Culross, which passes through Eehnore, connects the Eloia and 
Saugeen with the Berlin and Ashfleld road. The land here is of the very best quality, and will soon make the place of much 
importance. The Railway from Waterloo to Port Elgin, on Lake Huron, will pass through this village. Distant from Har- 
purhey 35 mUes, from Saugeen 40 miles, from Goderich, the County Town, 35 miles, from London 7S miles, and from Walker- 
ton IS miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 130. 

Anderson, Alexander, general dealer. 

Anderson, Eichard, pensioner. 

Ball, James, constable. 

Coudle, James, boot and shoemaker. 

Conners, John, well digger. 

Drever, Joseph, general dealer. 

Farrell, Edward, framer. 

Fortune, John, councillor. 

Fortune, Thomas, township clerk. 

Gillesp7, John, farmer. 

Gordon, James, carpenter. * 

Ingle, George, school teacher. 

Ingle, James, mason. 

IRWIN, FRANCIS W., postmtister, coroner, commis- 
sioner in Queen's bench, notary public, issuer of 
marriage licenses, and general agent. 

Irwin, John, carpenter. 

Irwin, Thomas, undertaker. 
Jackson, Hugh, builder. 
Main^, Charles, hotel keeper. 
McGlinn, John, mail carrier. 
McMichael, Thomas, hotel keeper. 
Neven, Robert, hewer. 
Parsill, Mrs., midwife. 
Quiun, James, waggonmaker. 
Reed, Robert, contractor. 
Robinson, John, butcher. 
Robinson, Mrs., dressmaker. 
Robinson, William, cooper. 
Spott, rev. William, Wesley an. 
Smith, Abraham, tailor. 
Weir, James, millwright. 
Widdes, Francis, pumpmaker. 

BERTHIER EN HAUT, C. E.— A Tillage situated on the North shore of the River St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory 
and County of the same name. It has a good flour, grain and hay trade, and a foundry and tannery in active operation. Access 
by steamer in summer and stage in winter. Distant l^m Montreal 45 miles. Daily mail. Fopidation of parish about 

ARMSTRONG, HON. D. M., M.L.C, J.P., commissioner 
of small causes, Edward at. 

Bellevue hall, ladies school, rev. Mr. & Mrs. Guerout. 

Bender, Francois Xavier, advocate, and clerk of Circuit 
court, Edward st. 

Bernard, Alexis, provision and grocery store, Edward st. 

Berthier hotel, L^andre Fauteux, proprietor. 

Berthier, I'Institut de, reading room, Edward st. 

Bourguignon, Alfred, general store, Edward St. 

Bourguignon, Mrs., dry goods, Clement st. 

Garon, Nicolas, saddler, Edward st. 

CHALUT, J. B., notary public, and registrar of county, 
Clara st. 

Clements, John, foundry, St. Henry st. 

Contu, J. P. G., postmaster, and notary public, Ed- 
ward St. 

Cuthbert, Charles, Alfred & Edward Octavian, seignors 
of Berthier, Edward st. 

Deroin, L. P., general store, Edward st. 

Desrosiers, Leopold, notary public, agent for seignory of 
Lanoraie, and commissioner of small causes, St. 
Henry st. 

DIXON, JAMBS S,, general storekeeper and dealer in 
provisions, grains and wood, Edward st. 

DIGNAN, JAMES, J.P., provincifll land surveyor, 
Clara st. 

Dostaler, Pierre A., J.P. 

Doucet, Norbert, J.P., notary public, and commissioner 
of small causes, Edward St. 

Emond, Charles, general store, Edward st. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, A. Kitson, agent. 

Fauteux, L^andre, Berthier hotel, Edward st. 

FERLAND, L. H., J.P., physician & surgeon, Edward st. 

Fernat, Isidore, carriagemaker, Barbier st. 

Forneret, lieut. col. Charles, J.P., notary public, Ed- 
ward St. 

Gagnon, Francois, stage and boarding house, Edward st. 

Gagnon, rev. J. F., curate, Roman catholic. Church st, 

Gauthier, Narcisse, general store, Edward st. 

Giroux, Mrs. P., milliner, Clara st. 

Guerout, rev. Mr. & Mrs., Bellevue hall ladies school. 

Hazell, William, tinsmith. 

Eeseltine, S. K., teacher of dissentient school. 

International Life Assurance Company, A Kitson, 

KITSON, ALEXANDER, grocer, agent for Richelieu 
sl^mboat line. Equitable Fire, and International 
Lne Assurance Companies, Edward st. 

Kitson, George A., telegraph operator. 

Laferriere, Maxime, general store, Edward st. 

Laferriere, R^mi, notary public, and agent for Berthier 
seignory, Edward st. 

Lafond, Francois Xavier, notary public, and secre- 
tary-treasurer of municipality and schools, Ed- 
ward St. 

Leclerc, Cyrille, general store, Edward gt. 

Leclerc, Joseph, saddler, St. Henry st. 

Lord, Thomas, saddler, St. Henry st. 

L'Institut de Berthier, Edward st. 

Maguan, Raymond, mayor of parish. 

MARTIN, JAMES W., provincial land surveyor, Clara 


Masse, P. V., physician and surgeon, Edward st. 

MoBEAN, JOHN, "Nor'west hall." 

McWilliams, James, dry goods, Edward st. 

Meek, Mrs. John, milliner and storekeeper, Clara St. 

MERRICK, REV. WILLIAM C, M.A., church of Eng- 
land, Edward st. 

MOLL, LOUIS JOSEPH, J.P., physician, and commis- 
sioner of small causes, Edward st. 

Moran, John, dealer in grain and flour. 

Morrison, William, crown land agent, Edward st. 

MOUSSBAU, JOS. ALFRED, student at law, Clara st. 

Nolin, Frederick, gunsmith, Clement st. 

OLIVIER, MAJOR L. A., lawyer, Edward St. 

Osterout, William Henry, J.P., notary public, Edward St. 

Ouellette, J., physician and surgeon, St. Henry St. 

P^l^rin, Mrs. Pierre, furrier, St. Henry st. 

Pensiere, Jean, tinsmith. 

Perrin, Firman, notary public, and card mill owner. 

Pich^, E. U., lawyer, Edward st. 

Ralston, Peter, tannery, Clara st. 

TOMES, JOHN, tailor and clothier — keeps always on 
hand or makes to order every description of cloth- 
ing at reasonable prices, St. Henry st. 

Tranchemontagne, Francois R6mi, jr., clerk of Com- 
missioners court, Edward St. 

ral Storekeeper and commissioner of small causes, 
Edward st. 

Directory.] 1858. 



BERTHIER EN BAS, C. E.— A small Villiige situated below Quebec, on the South shore of the River St. Law- 
renoe, in the Seigniories of Berthier and Belleohasae, and County of Montmagny. It has a lumber and a flour trade. Dis- 
tant from Quebec 24 miles. Population of parish about 1600. 

B^langer, Thomas, wheelwright. 

BUodeau, Edouaid, shoemaker. 

Blais, Jacques, general store. 

Blouin, David, postmaster, and secretary and treasurer 

of schools. 
Bonenfant, rev. Joseph, Roman catholic. 
Carbonneau, Edouard, carpenter. 
Carbonneau, Jean Baptiste, carpenter. 
Carbonneau, Joseph Olivier, general store. 
Carbonneau, Samuel, shoemaker. 
Carbonneau, Francois Xavier, baker. 
Coulombe, David, mason. 
Coulombe, Narcisse, sailor. 
Dion, Btienne, butcher. 
Dion, Gobert, butcher, 
Godbout, Francois, cooper. 

Guilmette, Andr^, blacksmith. 

Guilmette, Francois, general store. 

Langlois, Ambroise Magloire, secretary and treasurer of 

Langlois, Guillaume, blacksmith. 
Lapointe, Francois, road overseer. 
Lavandiere, Jacques, shoemaker and mayor. 
Lassard, Augustin, general storekeeper and inspector 

of roads. 
McDonell, John, general store and boarding house. 
Mercier, Etienne, road overseer. 
Mercier, Jacques, shoemaker. 
Pruneau, Louis, road overseer. 
Ruel, A. Guillaume, puplic notary. 
Talbot, Jean Baptiste, pilot. 

'BERWICK, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Fmch and County of Stormont. It possesses a large trade in ashes. 
Distant fi-om Dickinson's Landing station Grand Trunk Eailway 20 miles, and ft'om Ottawa M) miles. Mail bi-weekly. 
Population about 160. 

Cameron, Donald, tailor. 

Chrysler, John P., saw and grist mill. 

COCKBURN, JOHN A., postmaster, dealer in dry 

goods, groceries, hardware, &c. tanner, dealer in 

pot and pearl ashes, saw mill owner, treasurer of 

council, and clerk of Division court. 
COCKBURN, PETER, dealer in dry goods, groceries, 

hardware, &c., pearlash manufacturer, and reeve. 
Oonnell, Stewart, teacher and clerk of council. 
Duify, Edward, blacksmith. 
Johnson, William, councillor. 
Kelly, Patrick, blacksmith. 
McCrea, Donald, mason. 
McKay, Miss Dorothea, teacher. 
McKinnan, Hugh, carpenter. 
McLean, John, councillor. 

McLeod, Alexander, tailor. 

McLeod, Murdoch, mason. 

McManas, Hugh, shoemaker. 

McMillan, Mary, teacher. 

Munroe, John C, teacher. 

Munroe, rev. D., church of Scotland. 

Murphy, Richard, hotel keeper. 

Park, Alexander, carpenter and joiner. 

Park, Dougall, blacksmith. 

Patterson, John, shoemaker. 

Reid, John, shoemaker. 

Rupert, Conrad, blacksmith. 

Wagner, George, tavernkeeper. 

West, Ira, blacksmith. 

Wright, James, millwright. 

tB I C, C. E.— A handsome Village situated below Quebec, on the South shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory of 
Bic and County of Eimouski. It has a considerable lumber business, and is convenient for vessels of the largest tonnage. 
Distant from Quebec 171 miles. Mail daily. Population of Parish about 3000. 

Beaulieu, Thad^e, superintendent of roads. 

B^dard, Btienne, carpenter. 

B61anger, Lucien, millwright. 

Belaranoe, Moril, millwright. 

Bernard, J., miller. 

B6rub6, Eusebe, machinist, and commissioner of small 

S6ru\>6, Hector, shoemaker, bailiff and secretary-trea- 
surer of schools. 

B^rub6, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Blouin, rev. F. A., Roman catholic. 

Bois, Jean Marie, cooper. 

Bois, Louis, cooper. 

Bois, Pierre, cooper. 

Boucher, Andr6, blacksmith. 

Bouillon, Octave, wheelwright. 

Bourguignon, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Brillant, Henri, land surveyor, and commissioner of 
small causes. 

Castonjuer, J. C, joiner. 

Chamberland, F61ix, notary public, and secretary-trea- 
surer of municipality. 

Chamberland, Guillaume, shoemaker, 

Charest, Antoine, carpenter. 

Chretien, Joseph, carpenter. 

Cot6, Etienne, councillor. 

Cot^, Isidore, commissioner of small causes. 

Cot6, Theodore, general store. 

DeschSne, Thomas, general store and boarding house. 

Desnoyers, Hylarion, councillor. 

Despres, Olivier, mason and carpenter. 

Dion, Thomas, tinsmith. 

Durette, Raphael, tanner. 

Fortin, Fabien, millwright. 

Fournier, Etienne, wheelwright. 

Gagnon, Aristobule, general store. 

Gagnon, Charles, commissioner of small causes. 

G^n^reux, Charles, miller. 

Goudreau, Abraham, joiner. 

Jean, Jean Baptiste, road overseer. 

Lagac6, Jean, wheelwright. 

Landry, Jean Baptiste, inspector of roads. 

Laroie, Charles, councillor. 

Lerasseur, Hubert, stevedore. 

Lerasseur, Sylvain, stevedore. , 

Mercier, J. Edouard, commissioner of small causes. 

Ouellet, Claude, joiner. 

Ouellet, Jean Baptiste, joiner. 

Parent, Etienne, stevedore. 

Parent, James, stevedore. 

Pelletier, Alexis, carpenter. 

Pineau, Joseph, councillor. 

Renaud, Jean, baker. 

Roy, Magloire, councillor. 

St. Pierre, — , president of council. 

Sylvain, George, J.P., postmaster mayor and general 

Talbot, David, lumber inspector. 
Thibault, J. B., wheelwright. 

' Also called Cockbum's Comers, and formerly called Pinch. t Also called St. Ceoile du Bio. 



1857. [Canada 

BIRMINGHAM, C. W.— A Yfflage in the Township of Pittsburgh and County of Prontena*. Distant fi:om Kingston 
10 miles. Mall tri-weekly. Population about 200. 

Birmingham, captain James, postmaster, 

Burns, John, hotel keeper. 
Donaldson, James, farmer. 
Donaldson, Robert, farmer. 

and hotel 

Franklin, W. H., farmer. 
Keyes, John, farmer. 
McGrath, John, school teacher. 
Smyth, Robert, farmer. 

*BLACK CREEK, C. W.— A Tillage in the Township of WiUoughby and County of Welland. Distant from Merritts- 
ville, the County Town, 12 miles, and from Toronto 60 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 100. 

ALLEN, ISAAC H., saw mill owner and dealer In dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &o. 
Baker, John, tanner. 
Beam, Martin "W., tanner. 

Gonder, Michael D., J.P. 

Haskin, D. M., school teacher. 

McMurray, Alexander, postmaster, and innkeeper. 

Radcliff, John, revenue ofBcer. 

tBLENHEIM, C. W^A Village in the Township of Harwich and County of Kent. Sawn lumber and staves form the 
principal business here. Distant from Chatham 12 milca and from Amherstburg 60 mUes. Daily mail. Population about 4S0. 

Baldwin, D., innkeeper. 
Burk, E., storekeeper. 
Clark, rev. W., Baptist. 

CONNOR & FLETCHER, dealers in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, liquors, produce, &c. 
Flater, G. & N., blacksmiths. 
Gillespie, rev. John, Free church. 
GrifBn, rev. S., Baptist. 
Hawksworth, — , physician and surgeon. 
Holmes, H. H., cabinetmaker. 
Hovey, G., general dealer. 
Hughson, R., grist and saw mill. 
Jackson, T., & Brother, general dealers. 

Lane, S., innkeeper. 

McDonell, A., innkeeper. 

Morgan, P., cabinetmaker. 

Morris, John K., postmaster, and grocer. 

Osborne, E. W., cabinetmaker. 

Pickering, H., general dealer. 

Reid, rev. Henry, Wesleyan. 

Sheldon, J. B., innkeeper. 

Snoblin & Barrd, shoe store. 

Stoddard, E. L., saw mill. 

Tozer, — , physician and surgeon. 

Wharm, F., tailor. 

Young, S. & T., blacksmiths. 

B LOO M FIELD, C. W.— A Village situated in the Township of Hallowell and County of Prince Edward. Distant from 

Picton 5 miles. Daily mail. Population about 250. 
Bowerman, Amos, shoemaker. 
Cannon, Abraham, shoemaker. 
Clark, Philip, general store. 
Clark, Sellick, shoemaker. 
Collins, James, harnessmaker. 
Cooper, 0. & J., blacksmiths, carriagemakers and 

grist mill owners. 
Cooper, Obadiah, J.P. 
Corey, Thomas, innkeeper. 
Denney, Antoine, cooper. 

Denton, John B., county superintendent. 

Gilley, John, & Co., grist mill owners. 

Jackson, James, blacksmith. 

McGivern, John, cooper. 

Morgan & Bowerman, grist mill owners. 

Reynolds, Joseph Y., carriage maker. 

Sargeant, George A., fanning mill maker. 

Stinson, John, innkeeper. 

Striker, Jonathan, postmaster, and carriagemaker. 

Young, Thomas, blacksmith. 

I^BLOOMFIELD, C. W.— A Village in the Township of South Monaghan and County of Northumberland. Distant 
from Port Hope 14 miles, and from Peterborough 16 miles. Mail daily. Population about 150. 

Baird, rev. James, Baptist. 

Barnard, Joseph, J.P. 

Bleakly, Francis, storekeeper. 

Carr, Robert, carpenter. 

Clemisha, John, postmaster, chemist and druggist. 

Davidson, A., M.D. 

Davidson, Samuel, M.D. 

Dixon, John, farmer. 

Bakins, James, tavernkeeper. 

Fisher, James, carpenter. 

Fisher, Joseph, farmer. 

Fitzgerald, James, storekeeper. 

Garnett, Thomas, storekeeper. 

Graham, William, reeve. 

Greer, John, carpenter. 

Greer, Robert, pumpmaker. 

Guillett, George, school teacher. 

Kent, William, blacksmith. 

Kerr, Robert, carpenter. 

Kerr, William, farmer. 
Kidd, George, blacksmith. 
Kinghorn, James, waggonmaker. 
Kittson, Hugh, shoemaker. 
Lewis, John, tailor. 
Moffit, James, blacksmith. 
Phillips, Jeremiahj cabinetmaker. 
Phillips, John, mechanic. 
Porter, John, shoemaker. 
Porter, Samuel. 
Purdy, James, waggonmaker. 
Richards, Jenkins, pumpmaker. 
Rowland, William, tavernkeeper. 
Sandom, James, blacksmith. 
Sandry, Peter, waggonmaker. 
Starks, William, weaver. 
Vint, F. A., storekeeper. 
Waddell, Robert, storekeeper. 
Gidd, George, blacksmith. 

II BLYTHE, C. W.— A Village in the Townships of Wawanosh and Morris, and County of Huron. Distant from Goderich 
the County Town, 16 miles. Mail weekly. Population about 80. 

Bine, John, tavernkeeper. 

Drummond, John, shoemaker. 

Girvan, Charles, J.P., reeve of Wananosh township. 

McBean, Kenneth, saw mill. 

Parker, Charlea, J.P., reeve of Morris township. 
TEMPLETON, JOHN, postmaster, and storekeeper. 
Wilson, William, sen., J.P. 

• Also called Niagara River. 
II Formerly called Drummond. 

t The Post office is caJIei Eond'Eau. t The Post office is called South Monaghan. 

DiKECTORT.] 1858. 



BODM I N, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Morris and County of Huron. Distant from Goderich, the County Town, 
2i miles. Mail weekly. Population about 25. 

,, Corbott, C, councillor. 
HARRIS, WILLIAM, postmaster, and saw mill owner. 
Hunt, rev. Daniel, Wesleyan. 
McCrae, J., councillor. 

Parker, C, reeve. 

Robblns, rev. T., Wesleyan. 

Wearer, rev. F. G., New Connection methodist. 

*BOL.TON, C. W.— 4 Village on the Humber, in the Sixth and Seventh Concessions of the Township of Albion, in the 
County of Peel. It has a large trade in wheat and flour. Distant from Toronto 27 miles. Daily stage to and from Toronto, 
carrying the mail. Population about 700. 

Adams, William, J. P., physician and surgeon. 

Alexander, John, cabinetmaker. 

Bates, J., tinsmith. 

Bell, John, shoemaker. 

Blackwell, Daniel, waggonmaker. 

BOLTON, BROTHERS & Co., dealers in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries produce, &c. 
BOLTON, LAMBERT R., conveyancer, and commis- 
sioner in Queen's bench. 
Bolton, Samuel, carpenter and joiner. 
Broklebauks, W. & R., builders. 

^urns, Valentine, patent water wheel maker and mill- 

Cairns & Hill, builders. 

Curlis, Thomas, innkeeper. 

Curlis, William, innkeeper. 

Dobson, Thomas J., storekeeper. 

Donelly, John, weaver. 

EUiott, Simon, storekeeper. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. McMannis, agent. 

EVANS, GEORGE, innkeeper. 

Friar, John, shoemaker. 

Hamilton, William, waggonmaker. 

Harper, John, saddler. 

Hickman, Edward, physician and surgeon. 

Hughes, W. C, chair and bedstead maker. 

Johnston, James, J.P. 

Lacey, rev. John, Primitive methodist. 

LAWSON, EDWARD, general merchant, miller and 
biscuit baker. 

Lundy, T., blacksmith. 

MACINTOSH & BROTHER, woollen factors and saw 
mill owners. 

McDonald, Francis, cooper. 

McMannis, J., agent for Equitable Fire Insurance Com- 

Mills, James, tailor. 

Mills, Thomas, tailor. 

Morris, William, sen., plasterer. 

Morris, William, jr., plasterer. 

Noble, George, cattle dealer and butcher. 

Norton, John, brickmaker. 

O'Dea, Timothy, builder. 

Payne, Thomas, plasterer. 

Roberts, James, millwright and builder. 

Segsworth, William, blacksmith. 

Seymour, William, waggonmaker. 

Shelldrake, Charles, saddler. 

Shields, William, storekeeper. 

Smith & Wilson, painters. 

Sutton, George, carpenter and joiner. 

SWINNARTON, THOMAS, dealer in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Taylor, Duncan, weaver. 

Tindal, John, butcher. 

Walford, Samuel, postmaster, and bookseller. 

Walford, Samuel A., tallow chandler^ commissioner in 
Queen's bench, and conveyancer. 


Wheeler, rev. Joseph, Congregationalist. 

Wolfe, James, innkeeper. 

BOND HEAD, C. W.— A Village on the Town line between the Townships of Teoumseth and West Gwillimbury, in tho 
South Siding of Simcoe. There is a plank road to Bradford, distant 6 miles. Distant from Toronto 40 miles, and from 
Barrie 21 miles. Daily stages to Bradford, connecting with trains on the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Eailway. Mail daily. 
Population about 250. 

Aylesworth, rev. J., Wesleyan. 

Boddy, John, innkeeper. 

Burns, John, innkeeper. 

Carter, William, saw mill owner. 

Ellison, Charles, shoemaker. 

Ellison, Thomas, storekeeper. 

Fraser, rev. William, church of Scotland. 

Green, Henry, stage proprietor. 

Hodgkinson, George, storekeeper. 

Jamison, W. R., shoemaker. 

Lewis, Golding, blacksmith. 

Lewis, William, waggonmaker. 

LOUNT, HIRAM, storekeeper. 

Lytle, John, blacksmith. 

Manning, H., agent for Provincial Insurance Company. 

Manning, Samuel, mason. 

Mathers & Richardson, waggonmakers. 

McCracken, Hugh, blacksmith. 

McCracken, John, carpenter. 

McCracken, Richard, joiner. 

McNaught, George, tailor. 

Nelson, W., waggonmaker. 

Orr, J. 0., physician and surgeon. 

Provincial Insurance Company, H. W. Manning, agent. 

Robinson, Joel F., notary public. 

Scholfield, T. C, physician and surgeon. 

Sinclair, W. & J., storekeepers. 

Smith, Daniel, barber. 

St. Clair, Mrs. Sarah, Post office. 

Suthern, Samuel, saddler. 

Sutton, John, cabinetmaker. 

Sutton, William, cabinetmaker. 

Thompson, Alexander, cabinetmaker. j. 

Walwin, Charles, waggonmaker. 

Watson, George, waggonmaker. 

Watson, Moses, blacksmith. 

BONGARD'S CORNERS, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Marysburg and County of Brinoe Edward, 
tant from Picton, the County Town, 10 miles. Mail tri- weekly. Population about 30. 


Bongard, Conrad, J.P., bailiff of Division court. 
Bongard, John, J.P., postmaster. 
Dingman, Henry, J.P. 
Dodge, Nelson, reeve. 
Kerr, William, J.P. 

Fairfield, D. L., judge of Division court. 

Slater, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

Van Bluck, B., J.P. 

Wright, E. W., clerk of Division court. 

* The Post office is called Albion. 



ISoY. [Canada 

BOBCAYGEON, C. W.— An important village in the Township of Verulam and Ctounty of Victoria. It is situated on 
an island formed by the outlets of Sturgeon, Scugog, Balsam and other lakes into Pigeon Lake. The island is chiefly com- 
posed of a very superior limestone granite. A Canal is in course of construction which wUl result in an uninterrupted inland 
navigation of about 75 miles ; and the Government have also under construction a line of Sjoad from this place to a proposed 
Settlement under the free-grant system. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 200. 

Ash, rev. J., Wesleyan. 

Baxter, H. A., civil engineer. 

Beatty, William, storekeeper. 

Bick, George, township clerk. 

Boyd, Mossom, postmaster, and mill owner. 

Dunsford, Hartley, township treasurer. 

Dunsford, J. W., J.P., reeve. 

Ellis, Thomas, councillor. 

HUNTER, JOHN, assistant postmaster, and dealer in 
dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, patent 
medicines, &c. 

McOonnell, John, tavernkeeper. 

McPeeters, J. 

Robinson, Robert, councillor. 

Thusten, Jabez, councillor. 

*BORELI A, C. W.— A small but flourishing Village in the Township of Beach and County of Ontario. Distant from 
Whitby 17 miles, and from Toronto 46 miles. Daily mail. Population about 150. 

Benson, Heldibran, grocer. 

Bongard, Conrad, general store. 

Craudle, Benjamin, foundry. 

Crandle, George, foundry. 

Crandle, S. E., cabinetmaker. 

Haght, Harrison, grocer. 

Jerrow, Oliver, waggonmaker. 

Jewett, Charles J., hotelkeeper and shoemaker. 

Lozier, John, carpenter. 

Marsh, Francis, general store. 
Morris, Ambrose, general store. 
Nott, John, cabinetmaker. 
Ongly, rev. William, Adventist. 
Richmond, James, carpenter. 
Sinclair, NeU, hotelkeeper. 
Smith, Francis, hotelkeeper. 
Williams, Isaac, waggonmaker. 

BOSCOBEL, C. E.— A small Village in the Township of Ely, County of Shefford, and District of Montreal. There is a 
stage from Eoxton Tails, distant 9 miles, fare 87ic. Distant flrom Acton Railway Station 14 miles. Weekly mail. Papulation 
about 100. 

Fisk, Abraham & Sewell, grist and saw mills. 
Hackwell, William, postmaster, land agent, plasterer 
and slater. 

Tister, Thomas, schoolmaster. 
Tromp, Thomas, bricklayer. 

BOSTON, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Townsend and County of Norfolk. Distant from Simcoc, the County 
Town, IS miles, from Brantford IS miles, and tmm Port Dover IS miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 130. 

Hudson, Robert, storekeeper. 

Baber, H. J., J.P. 

Bowbeer, William, mill owner. 

Butler, Isaac, butcher. 

Camiield, rev. Z. W., Baptist.' 

Fairchild, Asahel, mill owner. 

Forbes, Lester, carpenter and joiner. 

Hammond, George, carpenter and joiner, 

Johnson, Joseph, J.P. 

Possell, William, cooper. 

Rogers, rev. B. W., Baptist. 

Rouse, Oliver C, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Rusling, David, tavernkeeper and blacksmith. 

Woodley, John, mill owner. 

BOTHWELL, C. W.— A flourishing Village situated in the Township of Zone, County of Kent, lying east of Chatham, 
the County Town, 23 miles, and west of London 40 miles. The Great Western Hallway Company has a station here, at which 
six trains stop daily. Two years ago this place had no existence ; already it has a population of about 500. 

Atwell, James, tavernkeeper. 

Bothwell Armis, '(SteinhofF's.) 

Campbell & McNab, general dealers. 

Deming, Prosper-, lessee of the Eastern steam mill. 
Devey & Adamson, manufacturers of cabinetware. 
Elwood, Henry W., farmer. 
George Inn, John Griffiths, proprietor. 
Henman, Charles, storekeeper. 
Huffman, Nathaniel, builder. 
McAuslan, Andrew, engineer. 

McDonald & Patterson, Caledonian hotel, nearly oppo- 
site the Railway station. 
McDowell, Andrew, cabinetmaker. 
McLachlin, Hugh, general dealer. 

Merry, William, station master Great Western Railway. 
Monro, H. D., J.P., postmaster, reeve and agent. 
Plasted, W. M., builder. 

RICHMOND, WELLINGTON H., publisher of Rich- 
mond's Legal Forms and Law Manual. 

Richmond, W. H.,'dealer in dry goods, groceries, hard- 
ware, &c. 

Scott, Alexander, waggonmaker. 

Smith, David B., J.P., and mill owner. 

Snssey, Thomas, farmer. 

Taylor, Captain J. 

Wilson, Edward, carpenter and shinglemaker. 

Wood, James B., builder. 

BOURG LOUIS, C. E^A Village in the Parish of St. Raymond, County of Portneirf, and District of Quebec. Distant 
f^om Quebec 36 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 100. 

Beer, Joseph, postmaster. 

Briggs, rev. S. 

Burke, Edward, constable. 

Davison, James, councillor. 

Degonge, George, miller. 
Haccomb, Thomas, councillor. 
Reinhart, Jonathan, bailiff. 
Turner, Edward, storekeeper. 

• The Post oflice is at Port Perry. 

DiRKCTORY.] 1858. 



BOUCHERVILLE) C> E.— An incorporated Village situated on the South shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence, between 
Longueuil and Varennes, in the Seigniory of Boucherville, Oounty of Chambly, and District of Montreal. Distant f^om Mon- 
treal 9 miles ; fare by steamboat 23o. and leic, tare by stage $1. Daily mail. Population about 800. 

Academy of the Freres de St. Viateur. 

Babin, Joseph, councillor. 

Beausoleil, Francois Xavier, baker. 

Berthiaume, Francois, blacksmith. 

Berthiaume, Jbseph, carriagettiaker. 

Birtz, Augustin, bailiff. 

Bixtz, Jean Baptiste, carpenter and joiner. 

Boucher de la Broquerie, J6aeph, notary public. 

Boucher de Grosbois , Thomas, notary public, and co- 

Bourdon, captain Francois Antolne, farmer. 
Bourdon, Joseph, general store. 
BouTier, Solomon, wheelwright. 
Brodeur, Antoine, councillor. 
Catriere, Adolphe, blacksmith. 
C"i§r6, Francois Xavier, school commissioner. 
Convent of 1;lie Sdeurs de Notre Dame de la Congre- 
DeBonchervillej hon. Pierre, M.L.C, co-seigtfior. 
D'Eschambault, George L. F., secretary of Institut 

DeLSry, Louis Chossegros, co-seignior. 
Durocher, Honors, tanner and councillor. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. Weilbrenner, 

Favreau, Antoine, councillor. 
Favreau, Napoleon, blacksmith, and treasurer of Insti- 

tut Canadien. 
Gauthier, Francois, councillor. 
Guimont, Antoine, carpenter. 
Guimont, Charles. 
Jodoin, captain Jean Baptiste, J.P., president of 

Institut Canadien. 
Jodoin, Isai'e, recording secretary of Institut Canadien. 
Labelle, Jean Baptiste, gehefal storekeeper, and assist- 
ant librarian of Institut Canadien. 
Lacaille, Augustin, general dealer, baker, and libratian 

of Institut Canadien. 
Lacoste, colonel Louis, notary public, and mayor. 

Lafranchise, J., painter. 

Latour, Th^ophile H., physician and surgeon. 

Lesage, rev. G., Roman catholib. 

Loiseau, Benjamin, councillor. 

Loiseau, Magloire, councillor. 

Malhiot, Edouard. 

MULHERN, ROBERT, boarding house keeper, with good 

accommodation for strangers. 
Munro, captain John, councillor. 

Normandin, Louis, postmaster, notary public, and secre- 
tary-treasurer of schools, and of municipality. 
Ogleman, Nicholas, councillor. 
Peltier, Michel, councillor. 
Pepin, rev. Thomas, curate, Roman catholic. 
Provost, Gilbert, jr., medical student, vice president of 

lusti^ut Canadien. 
Quintel, Isai'e, law student, corresponding secretary of 

Institut Canadien. 
Renaud, Augustin, school commissioner. 
Riendeau, Antonin, comtaissibn merchant, and assistant 

secretary of Institut Canadien. 
Riendeau, J. B., general storekeeper, and councillor. 
Robert, Antoinfe, shoemaker. 
Roy, captain Guillaume, farmer. 
Roy, Charles, school commissioner. 
Roy, Guillaume E., medical student, vice president of 

Institut Canadien. 
Roy, itfaurice, carpenter and joiner. 
Santuaire, C, carver. 
Savariat, Augustin, baker. 
St. Jacques, rev. Jean H., Roman catholic. 
Thomas, Jean Baptiste, paihter. 
Viger, captain Bona venture, farmer. 
Viger, captain Pierrt, mayor. 
Viger, Louis, councillor. 

surveyor, and agent for Equitable Fire Insurance 

Weilbrenner, R^tol C, M.D., and co^seignior. 

'BO WEN, O. W.^A Village in the Townsliips of Tyendinaga and Bichmnnd, and Counties of Hastings and Lennox. 
Distant from Belleville 20 miles, and from Kingston 30 miles. Mail tri-weekly, Population about 230. 

Anderson, rev. Gustavus A., church of England. 
Bowen, James, J.P., postmaster. 
Embury, Valentine, grocer. 
Milligan, Cornelius, storekeeper. 

Rathbone, Bergat, storekeeper, and owner of saw and 

grist mills. 
Weldon, George, grocer. 
Woodward, Alpheus,, groter. 

BOWMANTON, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Haldimand and County of NorthumbeHand. DistsntfTom 
Cobourg, the County Town, 11 miles, and from Toronto 70 miles. Daily mail. 

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM, postmaster and dealer in dry gbods, hardware, groceries, produce, 4;c. 

BOWMANVILLE, C. W.— An incorporated Town in the Township of Darlington and West Biding of the Couni70f 
Durham. It is bounded on the south by Lake Ontiirio, and is situated on the line of the Grand Trunk Railroad. The first 
village lots wore laid out in 1832, when there were but two or threo houses in Eowmanville. In 1850, the population being 
just over 1000, the place was incorporated as a village. Within the last ten years it has increased and prospered rapidly, in » 
manner unequalled even in Canada ; and it owes much of its present importance tO the Hon, J. Simpson, formerly of the firm 
of Bowman &■ Go. The town lias excellent water power within and around it, as well as a capital wharf ; and a first-rate harbour 
is now being constructed. l!he country around is imjurpassed for fertility and salubi ity. Distant from Toronto ^ miles, and 
from Port kope 19 miks. B^ilway fare to Toronto $1.50. Daily mailj. Poiiulation about 4000. 

Agricultural Society, John Burk, president; David 
Fisher, secretary-treasurer. 

Allison, William, physician and sui-geon, and vice pre- 
sident of Mechanics Institute. 

Alma hotel, temperance house, George Mason, pro- 

Andrew, John, carpenter. 

Andrews, J., & Son, builders. 

ARMOUR & BBTH0NE, barristers, attorneys at law, 
conveyancers, &c. 

Armour, Robert, of Armour & Bethuhe, agent for Brit- 

ish America, and Colonial Life Assurance Com- 

BAILEV, JAMES T., potter, and proprietor of Western 

Baker, J., planing machine. 

BANK OF MONTREAL, G. Dyett, manager. 

BANK OF UPPER CANADA^ George Mearhs, agent. 

Barrass, rev. E., Primitive methbdiBt. 

Bible Society, James McPeeters, president ; rev. John 
Smith, vice president \ Richard Windatty secretary ; 
R. & H. O'Hara, depositaries'. 

• Formerly called Mill Point. 



1857. [Canada 

Bickle, B. James, flour miller. 

Bone, Thomas S,, boot and shoe maker. 

BOSWELL, HENRY JOHN, hardware and carriage 
trimming furnisher, wholesale and retail. 

Bowden, T., mason. 

Bradahaw, S. B., & Co., penitentiary boot and shoe 

Brent, Miss Maria Harriet, milliner and dressmaker. 

British America Insurance Company, Robert Armour, 

Brodie, Thomas, proprietor of Eastern hotel. 

Brokenshire, Thomas, pumpmaker. 

Brooke, Lambert, dealer in dry goods. 

BROWN, THOMAS P., waggonmaker. 

BROWN, THOMAS W., merchant tailor. 

Brown, W. W. & T. A., copper and tin works. 

Bryers, rev. W., Wesleyan. 

Buckler, Aaron, watchmaker and jeweller. 

Burk, John, flouring mill owner, distiller, general stcR-e- 
■.\keeper and president of Agricultural Society. 

Burns, J., boardinghouse. 


Canada hotel, John Munshaw, proprietor. 

Canada Life Insurance Company, Thomas C. Sutton, 

Canada Western Assurance Company, David Fisher, 

CANADIAN STATESMAN, (THE) weekly, annual 
subscription $3 ; rev. J. Climie, editor, proprie- 
tor and publisher. 

Cawker, John, butcher. 

Chaplin, William, grocer. 

City Bank, B. Armour, agent. 

Clarkson, William, general store. 

CLIMIE, REV. J., Congregationalist, general printer, 
bookseller, stationer and editor and proprietor of 
the Canadian Statesman, opposite the Town hall, 
Eing St. 

Coate, Daniel, physician and suifgeoa, Medical hall. 

Cole & Martin, general store. 

Cbleman, E., builder. 

Coleman, Peter, deputy reere and bailiff of Division 

Collacot, James, blacksmith. 

Collard, John, watchmaker and jeweller. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, Robert Armour, 

Commercial hotel, Thomas Shaw, proprietor. 

Corporation, James McFeeters, reeve ; J. B. Fairbairn, 
clerk, ; George Mearns, treasurer. 

Cosford, rev. Thomas, Wesleyan. 

Cowle, John, merchant tailor. 

COWLS, WILLIAM T., clerk of Division court. 

Darlington Cricket Club, Frederick Cubitt, president ; 
Thomas C. Sutton, secretary-treasurer. 

Darlington, J. & T., grocers. 

Davey, J. S., boot and shoe maker. 

Dell, A. P., builder. " ' 

Dell, M. 0., builder. 

DEWAR, GEORGE, hotel and livery stable keeper. 

Don, J., farmer. 

Draper, John, carpenter. 

Dunn, Norton & Alenson, framers. 

Duthie, John H., butcher. 

Dyett, G., manager of Bank of Montreal. 

Eastern hotel, Thomas Brodie, proprietor 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. McFeeters, agent. 

Fairbairn, James B., postmaster, town clerk, and Mon- 
treal Telegraph operator and agent. 

Farewell, John, dry goods store. 

FISHER, DAVID, collector of Customs, councillor, 
agent for Canada Western Assurance Company, 
president of Mechanics Insitute, secretary-treasu- 
rer of United grammar and common sschool trus- 
tees, and of Agricultural Society, treasurer of Bi- 
ble Society, and treasurer- of Port Darlington 
Harbour Company. 

Fee, John, carpenter. 

Fish, George, painter. 

Fletcher, Alexander, baker and confectioner. 

Fletcher, J. W. 

Forbes, David, merchant tailor. 

Foreman, James, cooper. 

Frair, H., painter and glazier. 

Franklin Cricket Club, Robert O'Hara, president ; W. 
R. Climie, secretary ; Franklin Soper, treasurer. , 

Freemason's Society, John McLeod, secretary ; John 
Stott, senior warden ; H. J. Ried, junior warden. 

Friar, Henry, painter. 

FULLER, WILLIAM C, dealer in furniture, stoves and 

George, Thomas, butcher. 

Gifford, Garner, tanner. 

Grammar and Common School, William Peters, first 
master ; John Hoskins, second master ; Mary Ford, 
first female teacher ; Margaret Climie, second tea- 
cher ; Lucy Fleming, tliird teacher ; M. Luscombe, 
music teacher. 

GRANT k FLETCHER, proprietors and printers of the 

Haines, George, waggonmaker. 

Haley, R., builder. 

Hall, David, merchant tailor. 

Hamley, Edward, cooper. 

Harper, Esther, milliner. 

Harris, Edward, boot and shoe maker. 

Heal, Samuel Sc James, carpenters. 

Helm & Neads, iron foundry. 

Henderson, Francis, dry goods store. 

Henderson, Henry, druggist. 

Hinds, Alphonso, Waverley house. 

Hoar, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Holmes, Richard, butcher. 

Hooper, rev. William, Bible Christian. 

HOURNSELL, Q. WILLIAM, merchant tailor and out- 

Humbe, Charles, grocer. 

Hutchison, Hugh, butcher. 

Hutchison, H. St. John, barrister and attorney. 

Innes, John, carpenter. 

International Life Assurance Company, J. E. McMillan, 

Joblin, William, stonemason and bricklayer. 

Lister, Charles J., Elder Disciples church. 

Lockhart, A., treasurer of Mechanics Institute. 

Long, Samuel, tailor. 

Loscombe, Robert R., attorney, notary public, and com- 
missioner in Queen's bench. 

Low, G. H., physician and surgeon. 

MANNING, ROBERT S., cabinetmaker and chair ma- 
nufacturer, King st; 

Manning, Thomas, cooper. 

Mason, George, Alma hotel. 

Mathews, P., plasterer. 

Maynard, Joseph, livery stable keeper. 

McARTHUR, FRANCIS F., dealer in dry goods, *c. 

McClung & Brothers, general store. 

McClung, Samuel, saddler and harnessmaker. 

McDougall, G., & Co., grist and flour mill owner. 

MoFEETERS, JAMES, reeve, agent for Equitable Fir« 
Insurance Company, and president of Bible Society. 

McGill, James, carpenter. 

Mclntyre, Alexander, grocer, and wine and spirit 

McKerras, rev. J. H., church of Scotland. 

McLean, Joseph, dealer in dry .goods. 

McLeod, John, deaTer in hardware. 

McMILLAN, J. E., editor of the Star and agent for In- . 
ternational Life Assurance Company. 

McMillan & Peirce, grocers. 

McMillan, William, boot and shoe maker. 

McMurtry, S., builder. 

McMurty, William, general store. 

McNabb, rev. Alexander, D.D., church of England. 

DtBBCTORY.J 1858. 



McRae, John, cabinetmaker. 

MoTavish, E. & D., blacksmiths and oarriagemakera. 
Mearna, George, City treasurer and agent for Bank of 
Upper Canada and Provident Life Assurance and 
Investment Company. 
Mechanics Institute, David Fisher, president ; William 
Allison, vice president; R. Windatt, secretary and 
librarian ; A. Lockhart, treasurer. 
Milne, John, grocer and spirit dealer, and secretary of 

Port Darlington Harbor Company. 
MITCHELL, ZACHARIAH, grocer and baker. 
Montreal Telegraph Company, James B. Fairbairn, 

agent and operator. 
Moses, Henry, carpenter. 
Munshaw, John, Canada hotel. 
Mnnson, Cameron, framer. 

Munson, Daniel, & Brothers, soap and candle factory. 
Murdoch, Brothers, grocers and dealers in crockery. 
Neads & Morris, carriagemakers. 
NEADS, JACOB; dealer in hardware, and tinware, 

founders and carriage manufacturers. 
Norris, William G., general store. 
Norton, John, framer. 
O'HARA, R. ft H., booksellers, stationers and artists, 

Bible depository. 
O'Neil, John, general store. 
ONTARIO BANK, hon. J. Simpson, cashier. 
Pearcy, John, blacksmith. 
Peatt, Richard, tailor. 
Pethic, William, tailor. 
Pedlor, C, mason. 

Phelps, Richard, & Co., cabinet and chair factory. 
Pinch, William, stone mason. 
Pirie, W., tailor. King st. 

Port Darlington Harbor Company, hon. John Simpson, 
president; John Milne, secretary; David Fisher, 
Porter, Marshall, saddler and harness maker. 
Porter, William, iron foundry. 
Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 

George Mearns, agent. 
REED, JOHN, merchant tailor and outfitter. 
REED, RICHARD, boot and shoe maker. 
Reikie, rev. Thomas, Congregationalist. 
Rice & Earl, saddlers and harnessmakers. 
Ried, H. J., physician and surgeon. 
RIGGS, JAMES, merchant tailor and outfitter. 

Robinson, J., tinsmith. 

Shaw, Thomas, Commercial hotel. 

Shaw, William, hat manufactory. ' 

Short, L. H., surveyor and land agent. 

Shoultz, Miss Mary, milliner and dressmaker. 

Shoultz, Rudolph, dealer in fancy dry goods. 

Silver, Edward, painter and glazier. 

SIMPSON, HON. J., cashier, Ontario Bank. 

Slater, rev. J. C, Wesleyan. 

Smith, rev. John, Free church, and vice president of 

Bible Society. 
Spence, James B., civil engineer and contractor. 
Squain, Robert, & Son, millers, grocers and provisions 

STAR, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2., J. E. 
McMillan, editor ; Grant & Fletcher, proprietors 
and printers. 
STEELE, JAMES T., general dry goods merchant, keeps 
a complete assortment of dry goods, cloths, gloves 
hosiery, and staple goods. King st. 
Stephens, James, saw mill and tannery. 
Stott, G., carriagemaker. 
Stott, H. B., painter. 

Stott, John, senior warden of Freemason's society. 
Stoughton, Miss, dealer in Berlin wool and fancy 

STRAOHAN, J., & SON, booksellers, stationers and 

dealers in fancy wares. 
Sutton, Thomas C, councillor, druggist, &c., agent for 
Canada Life Assurance Company, and secretary- 
treasurer of Darlington Cricket Club. 
Trelevan, Michael, boot and shoe maker. 
Trick, William, butcher. 

United Grammar and Common School, James Mann, 
chairman ; David Fisher, secretary-treasurei^ ; James 
RoUo, principal. 
Usher. Samuel, flour mill owner and distiller. 
Vancamp & Bates, commission merchants. 
VANCAMP IRA, grocer and dealer in crockery, &c. 
Waverley house, Alphonso Hinds, proprietor. 
WESTERN HOTEL, James Bailey, proprietor. 
Westway, Alexander, blacksmith. 
WILLIAMS, JAMES, grocer and dealer in provisions. 
Windatt, R., secretary and librarian of Mechanics Insti- 
Windatt, Richard W., secretary of Bible society., 
Winstanley, T. & F., civil engineers and surveyors. 
Wood, Charles, butcher. 

BRADFORD, C. W.— A flourishing Village in the Township of West GvrilUmbury and County of Simcoe. 
Toronto 4.1 miies by the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Baih-oad. Daily mails. Population about 600. 

Distant from 

Aldgoe, Robert, hotelkeeper. 

Allen, — , M.D., coroner. 

Armstrong, John, J.P. 

Aylesworth, rev. J. B., M.D., Wesleyan. 

Aylesworth, L. C, bookseller and druggist. 

BALDERSTON, WILLIAM, baker and confectioner. 

Barnard, B., of G. & B. Barnard, agent for Canada 

Western Insurance Company. 
. BARNARD, G. & B., dealers in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, crockery, ready made clothing, boots 

and shoes, &c. ; and at Richmond Hill. 
Barney, Joseplif painter and glazier. 
Bingham, E., butcher. 
Bingham, Joseph, leather store. 
Blucleury, James, boot and shoemaker. 
Bradford hotel, James Todd. 
British America Insurance Company, John F. Davies, 

Burn, W. D., druggist. 

Canada Western Assurance Company, B.Barnard, agent. 
CHRONICLE, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2, 

R. Goldie, editor, proprietor, publisher and printer. 
City Bank, Arthur McMaster, agent. 
Davidson, William, cabinetmaker. 
Douglas, George, postmaster. 

DAVIES, JOHN P., clerk second Division court, con- 
veyancer, and agent for British America, Equitable 
Fire, International Life, and Provincial Insurance 

DuffiU, Thomas, hardware store. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. F. Davies, agent. 

Fletcher, rev. John, A.B., church of England. 

Flint, Elizabeth, milliner. 

Flower, Johanna, St. Nicholas saloon. 

Forsyth, James, grocer and dealer in provisions. 

George, D. J., agent for Provident Assurance and In- 
vestment Company. 

Goodfellows, Thomas, iron foundry. 

GOLDIE, R., proprietor and publisher of the Chronicle, 
and book and job printer. 

Hibbart, J. J., & Co., Bradford iron works. 

Hunter, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

International hotel, Peter J. Wilson, proprietor. 

InternationalLife Assurance Co., J. F. Davies, agent. 

Jordan, William, painter and glazier. 

McCartney, Robert B., hotelkeeper. 

McConkey & Nesbit, general store. 

McMaster, Arthur, general storekeeper and agent for 
City bank. 



1857. [Canada 

Montgomery, Thomas, boot atid shoemaHer. 

Morris, Job, hotelkeeper. 

Mullin, John, grocer. 

PALMER, GEORGE, watchmaker, jeweller, and dealer 

in music and fancy goods. 
Provident Assurance and Investment Company, D. J. 

George, agent. 
Provincial Insurance Company, J. P. Davies, agent. 
Eansom, Thomas, general store. 
Sacks, George, tinsmith. 
Smith, Henry, fancy store. 
Spence, Thomas, baker. 
St. Nicholas saloon, Johanna Flower, proprietress. 

Stevenson, John, saddler and barnessmaker. 

Thompson, David, general store. 

Thompson, Mrs., boarding house. 

Todd, James, Bradford hol^i. 

Trott, Samuel, cabinetmaker. 

Trott, William, tailor. 

Underhay, George, Bradford steam mills. 

Wallis, Thomas, saddler and barnessmaker. 

WaJlis, Thomas G., harnessraaker. 

Wilcocks & Thome, generM store. 

Wilson, J. W. H.j advocate and conveyancer. 

Wilson, Peter H., International hotel. 

BRA M PTON, C. W.— An incorporatfed VillaRe in the Township of Chlnguacousy and County of Peel, sitnated on «ie 
Grand Trunk Railway, with a station at which all trains stop. Brampton has a large retail countiy trade, with a considerable 
export of flour. It is also an important market for wheat ; large quantities being purchased here for the supply of the ad- 
jacent mills, as woll as for export. Distant from Toronto 21 miles, fare 7So. Daily mails. Population about 2000. 

Anderson, Alexander A., waggonmaker. 

Anderson, M., carpenter. 

Andrews, rev. W., Wesleyan. 

Baird, W. M., cabinetmaker. 

Ballantyne, John, painter and glazier. 

Bates, Joseph, dealer in stoves. 

Black, John, village treasurer. 

Boyle, rev. B., Primitive methodist. 

BRADLEY & BECK, cornfactors, dealers in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Bradley, !George, painter. 
Brega, Solomon, County registrar. 
Bright & Thayer, tinsmiths. 
Buckham & Neeland, general store. 
Bull^ Dr., physician &pA surgeon. 
Biirnett, H., cabinetmalcer. 
Canada Western Assurance Company, J. P. Cummins, 

Carson, Dr., ptysician and surgeon. 
Cheverald, Matthew, bricklayer. 
Chisholm, E., postmaster, storekeeper and produce 

Clark, John. 

Clark, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Cleuient, John, architect. 
Clow & Bell, blacksmiths and waggonmakers. 
Cool, John, bailiff of Division court. 
County of Peel Grammar School, John Thompson, 

CUMMINS, J. P., solicitor, notary, &c., and agent for 

Canada Western Assurance Company. 
Davidson & Patullo, chemists and druggists. 
Dixon, rev. James, Wesleyan. 
Elliott, John, farmer. 
Elliott, R., innkeeper. 
Elliott, William. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, George Wright, 

EVANS, REBS, printer of the Standard. 

Fletcher, E. & R., brewers. 

FORSYTH, FRANCIS, innkeeper. 

Fraser, H>, storekeeper. 

Fueson, Thomas, brickmaker. 

Galbraith, Robert, watchmaker. 

Gardiner, William. 

Gilchrist, D., innkeeper. 

Golding, T. William, baker and confectioner. 

Gowinlock, Andrew, painter. 

Graham, T., builder. 

Grogan, J., tailor. 

Guest, Jolin, shoemaker. 

HAGGART & BROTHERS, manufacturers of threshing, 

reaping and mowing machines, engines, stoves and! 

mill castings. 
Hamilton, William, turner. 
Hammond, J., tanner. 
Harvey, D., physician and surgeon. 

Hodgson, J., tailor. 

HoUiday, Adam, bricklayer. 

Holmes, John, J.P. 

Holmes, rev. A. T., Free church. 

HUGHES & THJSTLE, merchants and general dealers, 

wholesale and retail. 
Hurst, James, cooper. 
International Life Assurance Company, George Wright, 

Jackson, Samuel, storekeeper. 
Jeffrey, Richard, pumpmaker. 
Johnston, William, physician and surgeon. 
Johnston, Isaac, blacksmith and waggonmaker. 
JolifiFe, Henry, copper. 
Jones, rev. Benjamin, Wesleyan. 
Jones, G., barber. 
Lacey, W. P., storekeeper and agent for Provident Life 

Assurance and Investment Company. 
Leach, rev. Thomas, church of England. 
Lewis, Robert, farmer. 
Lindsay & IJird, storekeepers. 
Lundj, T. &.W., storekeepers. 
LYNCH, JOHN, land agent, conveyancer, and agent 

for ProTJnicial- Insurance Company. 
Marshall, John & Robert, blacksmiths and waggon- 
Marshal, William, farmer. 
Martin, R., innkeeper. 

McBAIN, E. F., editor and publisher of the Standard. 
McCandlass, John, innkeeper. 
McConnell, N., builder. 
McConnell, R., innkeeper. 
McCULLA, JOHN, clerk of Vfllage council. 
McDonald, James, innkeeper. 
McILROY T., Brampton, Victoria steam cabinetj'chair 

and bedstead factory, upholstery and undertakings 

hearses always for hire. 
McKelvey, J., tinsmith. 
McKeima, T^, clerk of Division court. 
McLennan, William, sboeraaiker. 
McPHAIL & ROSS, barristers, attorneys, &c. 
Mechanics Institute aiiii Library. 
Meredith, Henry W., S'hoemaker. 
Millar, rev. G.. Episcopal methodist. 
Millard, rev. William, Baptist. 
Mills, John, mason and plasterer. 
Mitchell, R. C, barnessmaker. 
Mitchell, Robert, waggonmaker. 
Modeland, Isaac, waggonmaker. 
Mohaffy, William, blacksmith. 
Montgomery, J. R., upholsterer and cabinetmaker 
Murchison, W., innkeeper. 
Natrass, rev. T., Primitive methodist. 
Patterson, Samuel, farmer. 
Patullo, Alexander, physician and surgeon. 
Peacock, William, cabinetmaker. 
Porter, John, tailor. 
Pringle, rev. James, church of Scotland. 

DlRBCTOKY.] 1858. 



Provident Life Assurance and Investment Oorapan-yi 
W. P. Lacey, agent. 

Provincial Insurance Company, J. Lynch, agent. 

Raymond, William, storekeeper. 

Richardson, rev. J. B., Episcopal methodist. 

Robertson, J., harnessmaker. 

SOOTT, A. P., attorney, solicitor, notary public, con- 
veyancer, tec. 

SELLAR, THOMASj editor, proprietor and publisher 
of the Times. 

Sheldon, D., blacksmith. 

Shineck, J. L., boot and shoemaker. 

Smith, R., innkeeper. 

Snure k Disher, planing mills. 

Spence & Kirkwood, storekeepers. 

Squire, Michael, carpenter. 

STANDARD, (THE) weekly, annual subscription f 2, 
E. F. McBain, editor and proprietor ; Rees Evans^ 


STORK, C, chemist and druggist. 

' Stuart, Andrew. 

Studdart, William, turner. 

Swift, rev. J. R., Primitive methodist. 

Thompson, John, principal of grammar school. 

TIMES, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2, Tho- 
mas Sellar, editor, proprietor and publisher. 

Tod, W. & J„ storekeepers. 

Trueman, William, farmer. 

Vodden, John. 

Wallace, Samuel, bricklayer. 

Webster, G. H., dealer in hardware. 

Weir, J., innkeeper. 

Whitehead & Boyd, storekeepers. 

Whitehead, William. 

Whitesides, Thomas, carpenter. 

Williams, Thomas, barber. 

Woodcock, Richard, provision dealer. " 

Woods, P. L., bookseller. 

WRIGHT, GEORGE, merchant, miller, and agent for 
Equitable Fire, and International Life Insurance 

BRANCHTON, C. W.— A Tillage in the Township of North Dumfries and County ofWaterloo. Distant from Berlin, 
the County Town, 17 miles, from Gait 6 miles, and from Hamilton 29 miles. Daily mail. Population about 100. 

Brown, A. W., boot and shoe maker. 

Burrows & Burnet, general dealers. 

Burrows, Joseph, of Burrows & Burnet, postmaster. 

Crozier, J., butcher. 

Harris, W., carpenter. 

Eelliqgton, Richard, iniller. 

McKenzie, J., dealer in grain. 

Rosebrugh, W., & Co., steam flour mill owners. 

Shearer, Joseph, carpenter. 

Stewart, Charles, engineer. 

Thompson, David, International hotel. 

Zeman, John, tailor. 

BRANTFORD, C. W.— An incorporated Town, situated on the Grand River, at the head of navigation. It is the 
chief Town of the County of Brant Brantford enjoys direct communication with Lake Ontario, ard with New Torlt City by 
Canals ; it is the most important station on the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railroad ; and it is celebrated for its fiour, iron, steam 
engines, stoneware, lumber, agricultural implements, stoves, &c. The country in the neighbourhood of Brantford has been 
long known as an excellent agricultural section of the "Western Province. Distant from Hamilton 25 miles, from Nia^afa 
Suspension Bridge 60 miles, from Paris 7 miles, and from Buffalo, N. Y., 76 miles. Daily mails. Population about 8000. 

Acret, J. M., dentist. 

Adams, P. P., shoemaker. 

Adams, James, grocer. 

Adams, rev. Thomas, Primitive methodist. 

Alexander, rev. John, Free church. 

Anderson, A., machinist. 

Anderson, D., warden. 

ARMSTRONG, J. B., printer of the Courier. 

Averill, S., carpenter. 

Bacon, W. H., physician and surgeon. 

Bacon, S., chairmaker. 

Baker, A., machinist. 

Balfour, G., town clerk. 

Geddes, manager. 

BANK OP MONTREAL, A. Greer, agent. 

BANK OF UPPER CANADA, T. S. Shortt, agent. 

Barnard, H., painter. 

BARLOW, CAPTAIN, M. D., B. & L. H. Railroad. 

Barrett, R., jeweller. 

Barns, James, constable. 

Batson, A. G., bailiff. 

Bell, James, tailor. 

]^eU, William, sa{loo;i. 

Bellhouse & Large, builders. 

Biggar, H., county treasurer. 

Biggar, H., general store. 

Biggar, rev. H., Wesleyan. 

Bingham, H. C, nurseryman. 

Birch, Cliarles, carpenter. 

Botham, Thomas, mayor and merchant. 

Bown, John, M.D. 

BRANT COUNTY HERALD, (THE) annual subscrip- 
tion to tri-weekly |3, to weekly $2; Qliver &i 
Humphries, proprietors and publishers. 

Brendon, S., druggist. 

Britannia Life Assurance Company, Janies Kerby, agent. 

British America Insurance Conipany, R. Hunter, agent. 


BROOKE, D., attorney, conveyancer, &c. 
Brown, Charles, cabinetmaker. 
BROWN, MICHAEL, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, 

and dealer in fancy goods. 
Brownell, A., produce dealer. 
Brownitch, John, carpenter. 
BRUNT, GEORGE, confectioner. 
Buchanan, J. K., land agent. 
Bunnell, L., surveyor. 
Bunting, W., leather dealer. 
Cady, L., moulder. 
Camerford, John, grocer. 
Cameron, D., clerk of County court. 
Cameron, John, attorney. 
CAMERON, JOHN, clerk of the peace. 
Campbell, Daniel, innkeeper. 
Canada Life Insurance Company, Thomas S. Shenstoa, 

Canada Western Assurance- Company, R. Hunter, 

Cartar & Dee, general store. 
Carlton, H., machinist. 
Oavanagh, James, carpenter. 
Cautherd, John, innkeeper. 
CHRISTIAN MESSENGER, (THE) weekly, annual 

subscription $2 ; rev. J. Winterbotham, editor ; 

William Winter, proprietor and publisher ; Oliver 

& Humphries, printers. 
CLEGHORN, ALLEN, importer of hardware. 
CLEGHORJ{, JAMES, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
Clement, J. D., postmaster. 
Clifford, 'iames, mason. 
Oockshutt, I., general store. 
Cole, S., machinist. 
CoUis, H., mason. 



1857. [Canada 

Colonial Life Insurance Company, James Kerby, agent. 
Costello, D., bailiff. 

COURIER, (THE) annual subscription to weekly, $1.50, 
semi-weekly $2.50, H. Lemmon, editor, proprietor 
and publisher ; J. B. Armstrong, printer. 

Cowherd, Thomas, tinsmith. 

COX & McLEAN, dealers in dry goods, millinery, &c. 

Crandon, C. H., joiner. 

Crawford & Brother, general store. 

Creyk, James, jeweller. 

Crom, Archibald, millwright. 

Curry, John, carpenter. 

Curtis, Daniel, officer of customs. 

Daley, James, shoemaker. 

Davidson, rev. Thomas L., A.M., Baptist. 

Dean, G., & Co., shoemakers. 

Dee, S. 0., general store. 

Deegan, J., proprietor of Metropolitan saloon. 

Delany, M., grocer. * 

Devereux, — , general store. 

DEWHURST, E. R., sub-editor of the Courier. 

Digby, Alfred., M.D. 

Dillon, (Thomas, grocer. 

Dmmmond, rev. A. A., United Presbyterian. 

DUNBAR, JOHN, cabinet factor, Dalhousie St. 

Duncan, James, millinery. 

Dunlert, William, turner. 

Ede, Charles, blacksmith. 

Elliott, John, stone cutter. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Jamea Wilkes, 

EVANS, THOMAS, bookseller, stationer, and agent 
American Express Company. 

EXPOSITOR, (THE) semi-weekly, annual subscrip- 
tion $2.50, C. E. Stewart, proprietor and publisher ; 
Thomas L. Mcintosh, printer. 

Fenton, John, mason. 

Ferguson, John, shoemaker. 

Finnessy, M., grocer. 

FLEMING, GEORGE, gas fitter. 

Florence, George, grocer. 

Florence, William, innkeeper. 

Forde, J., general store. 

Foster, George, grocer. 

Foy, William, Young Canada saloon. 

FULLER, J. S., proprietor of Morse's atmospheric 
churn in Canada, residence Detroit. 

GANSON, WATEROUS & Co., founders. 

Gardner, S. C, machinist. 

Gawler, H., general store. 

Geddes, James C, manager of Bank of British North 

Grant, George, gardener. 

Gibson, James, shoemaker. 

GILKISON & MALLOCH, barristers, &c. 

Gillin, A., joiner. 

Gillespie, J., general store. 

Gills, — , engineer. 

Glassco, C, hatter. 

Goodall, G. W., machinist. 

Goold, Bennett & Co., founders. 

Graham, Joseph, carpenter. 

Greer, A., agent for Bank of Montreal. 

Greer, William, machinist. 

Griffin, E., M.D. 

Hall & Woxham, general store. 

Hart, H., & Co., general store. 

Hartman, John, cabinetmaker. 

HARDY, H. A., barrister, attorney, and notary public. 

Hayden, John G., grocer. 

Hearndon & Wilson, general storekeepers. 

Heaton, John, general store. 

Herkimer, George, brewer. 

HICKS, B. M., marble dealer. ' 

Hicks, E., painter. 

Hickman, Joseph, cabinetmaker. 

Holding, J., joiner. 

Howard, rev. J. B., Wesleyan. 

HUDSON, ANDREW, bookseller, stationer, and dealer 

in fancy goods. 
Humbley, Thomas, carpenter. 
Hunter, R., agent for British America and Provinci^ 

Insurance Companies. 
HUNTER, WILLIAM, grocer and dealer in provisiona, 

liquors, &c. 
HUTCHISON & GOOD, late J. W. Dingwall, chemists, 

druggists and dealers in paints, oils, dry goods, 

perfumery, &c. 
Ingraham, A., cabinetmaker. 
International Life Assurance Company, H. Lemmon, 

Jackson, J., joiner. 
James, Thomas, grocer. 
Jennings, William, mason. 
Jones, S. J., County judge. 
Kennedy, James, grocer. 
KERBY HOUSE, James Kerby, proprietor ; M. H. Woos- 

ter, superintendent — second to none in Canada. 
KERBY, JAMES, agent for Liverpool and London Fire 

and Life, Times and Beacon Fire, Monarch Fire and 

Life, Britannia Life, and Colonial Life Assurance 

Companies, and proprietor of Kerby house. 
Ketchie, George, tailor. 
Klophel, W. J., music teacher. 
Landon, Buck & Co., hardware store and foundij'. 
Landers, Ira, grocer. 
Lawson & Brother, clothing store. 
LEMMON, H., editor, proprietor, printer and publisher 

of the Courier, and agent for International Life 

Assurance Company. 
Leonard, F., general dealer. 
Lewis, James, tailor. 
Lincoln, W., carpenter. 
Liverpool & London Fire and Life Insurance Company, 

James Kerby, agent. 
Long, Peter B., attorney. 
Long, William, & Sons, shoe stxire. 
Lotimer, William, machinist. 
Lowes, John, innkeeper. 
Mackay, James, saddler. 
Mackay, P., tanner. 
Mackay, W., blacksmith. 
Madigan, John, shoemaker. 
Mason, John, M.D. 
Matthews, George, bookkeeper. 
Mathews, W., land agent. 
McDougall, J. H., general store. 
McGivern, C. P., attorney and solicitor. 
McINTOSH, THOMAS L., printer of the Expositor. 
McKay, D., town treasurer. 
McKay & Holmes, factory. 
McKay, James, saddler. 
McKeand, James, tailor. 
McKeand, W. & R., tailors. 
McKerlie, D., attorney. 
McKindsey, James, general store. 
McLean, R., teacher. 

McLean, William, secretary B. and L. H. Railway. 
McMANAMY, WILLIAM, & Co., dealers in dry goods 

and ready made clothing. 
McMeans, A., grocer. 
McMeans, Thomas, high bailiff. 
McMichael, James, saddler. 
McWilliams, D., shoemaker. 
McNaught, John, carriagemaker. 
Mellish, William, builder. 
Merigold, Charles, general store. 
Metropolitan saloon, J. Deegan, proprietor. 
Millard, George, blacksmith. 
Monarch Fire and Life Insurance Company, James 

Kerby, agent. 
Montford, 0. S., machinist. 
Montgomery, James, tinsmith. 

DiRKCTOEY.J 1858. 



Uoorej B., tanner. 

Uorgan, William, saddler. 

Horphy & Brothers, jewellers. 

Uorris, H., moulder. 

Morris, William, saloon. 

Morrow, Thomas, grocer. 

Morton, A., & Co., general store. 

Morton & Bennett, potters. 

Muirhead, A. D., dealer in dry goods. 

Malloch, George, attorney. 

Newman, H., grocer. 

Noble, Thomas, general store. 

North, M., mason. 

Norwood, J. S., barber. 

CJ'Grady, James, grocer. 

Oliver, F., cooper. 

OLIVER & HUMPHRIES, proprietors and publishers 
■ of Brant County Herald, and printers of Christian 

ORE & BR0T;HER, liquor dealers. 

Parle, Seth, artist. 

Park, R., shoemaker. 

PEATMAN, HENRY, auctioneer and commission mer- 

Peck, E., machinist. 

Penfold, Charles, carpenter. 

PEPPER & BROTHERS, wholesale and retail dealers 
in groceries, liquors, &c. 

Perkins, — , cabinetmaker. 

Phair, Thomas, constable. 

Phelps, C. L., printer. 

Pickering Thomas, builder. 

Popplewell, P., painter. 

Porter, C. K., architect. 

Porter, MacKay & Home, curriers. 

Preston, 6. H., physician and surgeon. 

Provincial Insurance Company, R. Hunter, agent. 

Prowde, Joseph, printer. 

PRUYN, M. W., grocer. 

Qninlan, James, grocer. 

fiacey, H., clerk of Division court. 

Ray, H., carpenter. 

Ray, William, butcher.' 

Recht, Joseph, jeweller. 

Rich, James, carrlagemaker. 

Richie, D., turner. 

Riordon, J., general store. 

Ritchie & Russell, general store. 

Robinson, John, grocer. 

Robinson, 0., surveyor. 

Russell, John, builder. 

Russell, John, shoemaker. 

Russell, R., gas fitter. 

Rubidge, W., attorney. 

Sears, Charles, plasterer. 

Shackel, J., livery stable keeper. 

Shackle, R., grocer. 

Shapley, Thomas, carpenter. 

Sharpe, Jacob, machinist. 

SHENSTON, S. THOMAS, registrar and agent for Cana^ 
da Life Insurance Company. 

Shortt, T. S., agent for Bank of Upper Canada. 

Skimmer, George, blacksmith. 

Skinner, J., M.D. 

SLARKE, THOMAS, general freight agent, Buffalo and 
Lake Huron Railway. 

Smith, George, blacksmith. 

Smith, George, gunsmith. 


SMITH, JOHN, sheriff. 

Smith, Mrs. M., grocer. , 

Sowdon, John, butcher. 

Spencer, W., brewer. 

Sproule, R., general store. 

Squires, B., miller. 

Sterne, H., painter. 

Stewart, Charles, cabinetmaker. 

STEWART, C. B., proprietor and publisher ?of th» 

Stewart, D. H., general store. 

STEWART & Co., general printers. 

Stimson, rev. E., church of England, 

Strass, Joseph C, clothier. 

Stratford, W. H., druggist. 

Strobridge, R. R., general store. 

STROBRIDGE & BOTHAM, dealers in dry goods, 
hardware, groceries, produce, &o. 

Strong, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Stubbs, J., soapmaker. 

Stubbs, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Sutherland, J., bookbinder. 

Sutherland, William, grocer. 

Sutton, John P., dentist. 

Sutton, R. & N., grocers. 

Sutton, Robert, plasterer. 

SUTTON, WILLIAM H., proprietor of British American 
hotel, Market square. 

TAYLOR & GRANT, importers and dealers in British 
and foreign dry goods, millinery, mantle and outfit- 
ting establisment. 

Thompson, A. S., printer. 

THOMPSON, JOSEPH, dealer in groceries, wines, pro- 
duce, &c. 

Times and Beacon Fire Insurance Company, Jamea 
Kerby, agent. 

Tisdale, G. B., founder and dealer in stoves. 

Tourney, Thomas, innkeeper. 

TRIPP, JOB, Tripp's hotel — a favorably known house. 

Turner, John, architect. 

Usher, rev. J. C, church of England. 

chants, and auctioneers. 

Varey, George, accountant. 

Wade, H., general store. 

Wade, Miss, milliner. 

Wadleigh, Jerome, carriagemaker. 

Waldron, Richard, plasterer. 

WALLACE & HOUGHTON, tanners and leather mer- 
chants, and at Princeton. 

Walsh, James, mason. 

Walsh, N., carpenter. 

Watt, George, grocer. 

Watt, Robert, builder. 

Watt, William, builder. 

Watt, Charles, grocer. 

Watts, J. B., superintendent Buffalo and Lake Huron 

West, A. B., saloon. 

White, George, brewer. 

Whitham, Matthew, baker, confectioner, &c. 

WHITHAM, WILLIAM, portrait, sign and ornamental 

Wilkes, James, agent for Equitable, Fire Insurance 

Wilkinson, Henry, leather dealer. 

Wilkinson, John, jeweller. 

Wilks, Charles R., general store. 

Wilson, A. L., wheat merchant. 

Wilson, James, blacksmith. 

WINTER, WILLIAM, proprietor and publisher of 
Christian Messenger. 

WINTERBOTHAM, REV. JOHN, Baptist, editor of 
Christian Messenger. 

WOOD k LONG, attorneys. 

Wood, rev. John, Congregatioualist. 

Weymes, James, general store. 

Yates, H., superintendent of mechanics, Buffalo and 
Lake Huron Railway. 

Young Canada Saloon, William Foy, proprietor. 



1857. [Canada 

BRESLAU, C. W.— A Village on the Grand Eiver, in the Township and County of Waterloo. The Grand Trunk Rail- 
way crosses the river here. Distant tram Berlin H inites. Mail tri-weekly. Population about lis. 

Bell, M.', railway contractor. 

Bowman & Snyder, broom raajijifacturers. 

Dolman, G., dealer in wheat 

Brb, C, & Brother?^ general dealer^ and mjll owners. 

ERB, CYRUS, of C. Erb & Brothers; postmaster. 
Garster, Charles, hotelkeeper. 
Koch, Henry, blacksmith and, waggonmaker. 
Shoemaker, J. F., cabinetmaker. 

BREWER'S MILLS, C. W.— AVillaee situated on the Rideau Canal, andonthe Kingston and FMIipsville macada- 
mized roaJ, in the Township of Kttsburg and County of Frontmac. Distant from Kingston 18 miles. Mail daily. Population 
about ISO. 

Anglin, Robert, J.P., postmaster, and grocer. 
Anglin, Robert, jr., shoemaker. 
Cheney, Josiah, blacksmith'. 
Dean, Patrick, lockmaster. 

Fox, Anglin & Co., saw and lath mills. 
Hamilton, Walter, superintendent of mills. 
Middlebrook, Charles D., resident partner of mill 

BRIOGENORTH, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Smith and County of Peterborough. Distant from Peter- 
borough 6 miles. Mail bi-weekiy. Population a^out 60i* 

Bice, Matthew, saddler and haruessmaker. 

Gresswell, William, hotelkeeper. 

Dean, Marcus S., postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Bunbar, Asa, hotelkeeper. 

Mger, John, tinsmith. 

Haley, Francis, hotelkeeper. 

Herrington, Cornelius, tailor. 

Kelly, Samuel S., J.P., lumber merchant. 

Kelso, Robert, carpenter. 
Lyon, rev. S., Wesleyan. 
McCall, Charles, carpenter. 
McCdll, Charles, sen., butcher. 
McCall, James, carpenter. 
McDonald, Neal, blacksmith. 
Moffat, William, tailor. ' 

Moreland, James, cooper. 

•BRIDGEPORT, C. W.-A Village on Grand Rivery in 
of water power, extensively applied tq various manufacture, 
ton 36 miles. Mail daily. Populatiqn about ^00. 

Beck, Philip, tailor. 

Bitzer, Gottlieb, tavernkeeper. 

Diefenbacher & Brother, briokmakers. 

Diefenbacher, Philip, potter. 

Eby & Devitt, millers. 

Eisenlohr, Henry, & Co., briokmakers. 

Ferrier, Thomas L., tavernkeeper. 

Fischer, George, shoemaker. 

Fleming, Robert, harneSsmaker. 

Giinther, John, tailor and saloon keeper. 

Hendrick, Samuel, blacksmith and carriageinaker. 

Herborn, L., shoemaker. 

Huber, S. S., waggonmaker. 

Huff, Adam, tailor and storekeeper. 

Huff, Henry, carpenter and joiner. 

Hug, Christian, tavernkeeper. 

the Township and County of Vl^aterloo. It has a large amount 
Distant from Berlin, the County Town, 1 mile, and from ilamil- 

Hurst & Garlich, blacksmiths and carriagemakere. 

Kalbfleisch, George, storekeeper. 

Kettle & Wendling, woollen manufacturers. 

Kreutzwisser, Michael, carpenter and joiner. 

Miiller, John D., blaeksniith and carriagemaker. 

Botang, Mathias, waggonmaker. 

Schweikle, P., butcher. 

Seibert, Jacob S., storekeeper. 

Seibert, John, carpenter and builder. 

Sieferth, Ferdinand, blacksmith. 

Tagge, Peter N., J.P., postmaster, storekeepte and 

township auditor. 
Walker, J. G., shoemaker. 
Woolner, James, carpenter and joiner. 
Zimmerman, Michael, mason and builder. 

BRIG HTON, C. W.— A Village situated on Preaqu'Isle Bay, Lake Ontario, in the Township of Brighton and County of 
Northumberland. It is a Port of Entry ; and a steamer plies, for passengers and freight, three times a week between thja 
place, Colborne Harbour and Cobourg, and Oswego, N. T. Fares to Oswego $2.60 and $1.76. A station qf the Gran^ Truitk 
Railway is in the village. Distant from Belleville 22 miles, and from Toronto 91 milts. There is a daily stage to Picton, 35 
miles, fare $2, via Consecon, 16 miles, fare 76c.; and one tri-weekly to Percy, 16 miles, fare $1. Daily mails. Population 
^bout 1500. 

Barker, Misses, milliners and dressmakers. 

Barker, Robert, chemist and druggist. 

BBTTES, ALEXANDER, flouring mill owner. 

Bettes, Barney M., Temperance hotel. 

Bettes, Harrison C., J.P., lumber manufacturer. 

Bettes, Joseph, J.P. 

Blackstock, rev. W. S., Wesleyan. 

Blizard, John, shoemaker. 

Blood, Edward J., painter and glazier. 

British and American Express Company, William H. 

Glascott, agent. 
Bowles, W. & J., shoemakers. 
Bullock, Christopher E., grocer. 
Bullock, W. B., storekeeper. 
Butler, John, jr., saw mill. 
Butler, John, sen., switchman. 
Butler, William, J. P., fulling and carding mill. 
Cameron, Peter, potash manufacturer. 
CannifT, William, M.D. 

CHRISTIAN BANNER, (THE) monthly, annnail sub- 
scription $1, D. Oliphant, editor ; Oliphant & 
Spencer, proprietors and pubUahers. 

Clark, J. 0., carriagemaker. 

Clark, Robert, carriagemaker. 

CINQ-MARS, D. E., clothing storekeeper and general 

C orbit, Henry, tankman. 

Curtis, Thomas, issuer of marriage licenses. 

Dafoe, A. W., tailor. 

Dalton, Thomas, barrister. 

Davidson, Benjamin, saw mill. 

Davidson, Simon, councillor and coroner. 

Davis, William, grocer. 

Delong, Richard, proprietor of Railroad house. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. E. Proctor, 

Eyre, John, barrister, and_ agent for Times and Beaoan 
Fire Assurance Company. 

• The portion on the west side of the river was formerly called Glasgow. 

DiBKCTOEY.] 1858. 



Ferrisa, James., & Co., storekeepers. 

Fife, Andrew E., MJ). 

Firman, Charles, carpenter and joiner. 

Franklin, BUdad, tanner. 

Fulford, John, carpenter and joiner. 

Gilbert, J. N., cabinetmaker. 

Glascott, William H., station master and agent for 
British and American Express Company. 

Goiwley, Michael, carpenter and joinei!. 

Gross, Pitkin, M.D. 

GroSiS, Samuel P., storekeeper. 

Hodges, Ira, bailiff. 

Huffman, Peter, proprietor of Mansion house and Huff- 
man house hotels. 

International Life Assurance Company, J. E. Proctor, 

Johnson, George S., storekeeper. 

Kemp, William E., tinsmith. 

Ketchum, Thaddeus, J.P., farmer. 

Ladu, Goldsmjth & Co., storekeepers. 

Leslie, D. Young, collector of customs, and agent for 
Provincial Insurance Company. 

Lockwood, Joseph, postmasterj and librarian of town- 
ship library. 

Lockwood, Thomas, clerk of council. 

Mansion house hotel, Peter Huffman, proprietor. 

Martin, Alexander, & Co., grocers. 

McAlease, John, blacksmith. 

McConnell, Ballard, blacksmith. 

Morrison, 6. H., auctioneer, &c. 

OLIPHANT & SPENCER, proprietors and publishers 
of the Christian Banner and Weekly Flag. 

Parr, A.; harnessmaker. 

Pearsons, John, boat builder. 

PETTIGREW, RICHARD, dealer in books,, stationery, 
toys, jewellery, clocks, combs and brushes, musical 
instruments, paper hangings, and fancy articles. 

Proctor & Deacon, storekeepers. 

Proctor, Ira R., J.P-. ^ -n -^ 1.1 

Proctor, John E., storekeeper, and *gent for Equitable 

Fire, and International Life Insurance Companies. 
Proctor, Peltiah, M.D. 

Provincial Insurance Company, P. Y. Leslie, agen.^. 
Quick, William, wharfinger, &c. 
Railroad house, Richard Belong, proprietor. 
Rathbone, John, blacksmith. 
Reynolds, Silas, Umeburner. 
Simpson, Benjamin, tanner. 
Simpson, William, clerk of Division court. 
SINGLETON, ABRAHAM C, dealer in lumber, dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &e. 
Singleton, George, saw mill. 
Smith, Miss, milliner and dressmaker. 
Smith, William W., watchmaker. 
Spencer, Augustus, carpenter and couneillor, 
SQUIER, HENRY, J.P., dealer in dry gpods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
Stanley, James, harnessmaker. 
Stevenson, Frederick, tailor. 
Temperance hotel, Barney M. Settes, proprietot. 
Thayer, Isaiah, jr., nurseryman. 
Thayer, Isaiah, sen., harnessmaker. 
Times and Beacon Fire Assurance Company, J. Eyre, 

Tomlin, rev. William, Wfisleyan. 

Township library, J. Lockwood^ librarian. 

Valleau, Andrew L., harnessmaker. 

Valleau, Cornelius, carpenter and joiner. 

Webb, Wilson W., storekeeper. 

WEEKLY FLAG, (THE) weekly, annual subsftnption 
$2, D. Oliphant, editor; Oliphant & Spencer, prb- 
prietors and publishers. 

WYNN, ROBERT, manufacturer and dealer in war- 
ranted boots and shoes of every description. 

Young, John B., cabinetmaker. 

E^A Rtiition situated in the Township of Bristol and Comity of Ponti?*. The Commissio^rs 
Distant tarn Ottawa 4a miles, and from Portage (iu Pprt 13 mUes, Mail tn-i-«»i''' 

Duff, John, shoemaker. 

King, William, J.P. postmaster, grist and sawn^^ll ownpr. 

Laird, James, miller. 


Court for the Township sits Iiero. 

Population about 25. 
Culbertson, James, farmer. 
Culbertson, Louis, commissioner. 

BRITANNIA MILLS, C. E^-AsmallViUagelntheSeignioryof Stp.K^salie.Cour^ty of Ba|ot,ai^PiBtrict?f y^^^^ 
treTl ri i. 'ontijuous to the Grand Trunt KaUwa^. Distant from Montreal 37 miles, and frorp Richmond B^lway Junction 
86 miles. Poiiulation about 100. 
Cabana, Mrs., boarding house. I ^°Y^f^^^' i^^°' "^"'T.IL 

Duchesnay, Pierre, & Sons, carpenters and joiners. | Saddler, John, station master. 

tBRO A D C RE E K, C. W.-.\ small Village situated 0.1. tjhe WeUand Canal, in the Township of Sherhrqokp and CountjF 
of Haldimaud. Distant from Dunnville * miles, and from Hamilton « miles. Daily inail. 

McCallum, L., general store, and saw mi.ll. 

McCartney, William, innkeeper. 

Benson, William, postmaster. 
Dodge, J., waggonmaker. 
Imlack, W. & J., grist mill. 

tBROC KTON, C. W.-A small Village 8itua,ted on Dundas Street, iu the Township and County of York. Distant from 
the City Hall, Toronto, SJ miles. 

Harden, Michael, shoemaker. 

Batesj Lewis, cattlp dealer. 

Callahan, John, laborer. 

Carson, James, butcher. 

Church, Joseph, blacksmith and carriagemaker. 

Clancy, John, laborer. 

Craloy, John, butcher.. 

Cean, Thomas, butcher. 

Dunn, William, butcher. 

Fields, Joseph, innkeeper. 

Foley, John, laborer. 

Glen, Daniel, laborer. 

Harding, William, toll collector, Dundag St. 

James, Robert, innkeeper. 

Land, George, wheelwright. 

Larkin, Thomas, postmaster. 

Lindsay, John, carpenter. 

McGrath, Phillip, laborer. 

Smith, James, butcher. 

• The Post office is called Bristol. t This village is also called Port Maitland, which is the name of the Post ofBcR. 
t The Post olBceis called Lippinoott. 



1857. [Canada 

BROC K V I LLE, C- W.— A thriving Town In the Township of Elizabethtown and County of Leeds. It la plea-santly 
situated on the bank of the River St. Lawrence at the foot of the Thoiisand Islands. It is a Port of Entry ; and is the County 
Town for the Counties of Leeds and Grenville, which are united for judicial purposes. All the steamers plying between Mon- 
treal, Kingston, Toronto and Hamilton, and Lewiston, N. T., stop here daily. The Grand Trunk Eailway passes through the 
northern part of the town, and has a large station and locomotive-engine building here ; and the Brookville and Ottawa Bail- 
way, fi'om the shore of the St. Lawrence, through the town, to Pembroke, on the Ottawa, is in course of construction. A 
steam ferry-boat plies every half hour during summer between this place and Morristown, a village in the State of New York. 
There is a daily stage, via Smith's Falls, distant 32 miles, fare $2 ; to Perth, distant 4S miles, fare $3.50 ; one daily, via 
Parmorsville, distant IB miles, fare 76c. j to Westport, distant 45 miles, fare $2; and one tri-weokly to Mirickville, distant 
28 miles, fare $1.50. The Town, with the Township of Elizabethtown, sends one Member to the Legislative Assembly. 
Distant from Montreal 125 miles, from Kingston 48 miles, and from Morristown 1 mile. Daily mails. Population about 6000. 

Abbott, Amos, grocer, Perth st. 

Abbott, William, baker and grocer, Water st. 

Anderson, Adam, bookbinder, Mill st. 

Anderson, W., shoemaker. Main st. 

Andrews, Jesse, tavernkeeper, Buell st. 

Arnold, George W., treasurer of Johnstown district 
Building Society, James st. 

Ashley, Clarence, hardware store. Main st. * 

Bancroft, James, manager Commercial Bank of Canada. 

BANK OF MONTREAL, P. M. Holmes, manager, Court 
house sq. 

BANK OP .UPPER CANADA, R. F. Church, cashier^ 
Main St. 

Beach, Stephen, tavernkeeper. Main st. 

BEACH, WILLIAM, shoemaker, Main st. 

Beacon Life and Fire Insurance Company, C. W. Foster, 
agent. Main st. 

Beardsley, N. B., & Co., storekeepers, Main St. 

Beecher, Isaac, tanner and town councillor. Main st.west. 

Bell, Robert, land agent, Main st. 

Bennett, Thomas, grocer. Main st. 

Bertram, Joseph, surveyor of customs. Church st. 

Black, David, blacksmith. Water st. 

BLACK, GEORGE, operator, Montreal Telegraph 
o£Sce, Main st. 

Bolger, Patrick, grocer. Main and Church sts. 

Booth, David, surveyor and draughstman, St. Andrew st. 

Boyd, John, grocer, Perth st. 

Brani£r, Thomas, saloon keeper. Main st. 

BRENNAN, JOHN, proprietor of Willson house hotel 
and general stage house, adjoining livery tsable. 
Main st. 

Britannia Life Assurance Company, Jacob D. Buell, 

Brockville Gas-light Company, R. Hervey, secretary, 
Main st. 

Brockville hotel, James Taylor, proprietor. 

Brockville and Ottawa Railway Company, Main st. 

BROOKS, JAMES H., iron founder, stove manufacturer, 
tinsmith, &c., Main st. 

BROPHY, JAMES, shoemaker. Main st. 

BUELL, JACOB D., barrister, attorney at law, con- 
veyancer, notary public, and agent for Britannia 
Life, Canada Life, Colonial Life, and Liverpool 
and London Fire and Life Insurance Companies, 
Court house avenue. 

BUELL, WILLIAM, J.P., mayor, stationer and book- 
seller. Main st. 

Burniston, Edward H., tavernkeeper. Water st. 

Camm, Thomas, merchant tailor, corner of Main st. and 
Court house avenue. 

Campbell, Mrs. T. D., ladies seminary. Main sf. 

Campbell, W. H., deputy clerk of Crown and Pleas, 
Main St. 

Canada Life Assurance Company, J. D. Buell, agent, 
Court house avenue. 

Carron, James, carriagemaker, Perth St. 

Caulfield, Edward, stonemason, James st. 

Chaffey, George, & Brothers, saw mill and shingle fac- 
tory, west end. 

Ohatterton, S. D., cooper, St. Andrew st. 

CHURCH, R. P., manager of Bank of Upper Canada. 

Clinton, James, shoemaker. Main st. 

Colburne, Benjamin, tavernkeeper, Perth st. 

Cole, Abel, grocer. Main st. 

Cole, W. H., tinsmith. Main st. 

Cole & Leroy, marble factory. Main st. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, J. D. Buell, agent, 
Court house avenue. 

COLTON, R. P., Brockville foundry, east end. 


Cook, William, grocer. Main st. 

Coombs, John, saddle-tree and harness manufacturer, 
Buell St. 

County Grammar School, J. J. Dunlop, F.E.T.S., prin- 
cipal ; F. Hanratty, assistant. 

Cowan, John, butcher. East ward market. 

CRAWFORD, GEORGE, J.P., M.P.P., president of 
Brockville and Ottawa Railway Company, Main St. 

Crawford, James, contractor. Main st. 

Crawford, John, town councillor, Main st. 

Cunningham, Thomas, grocer, Jane st. 

Dana, A. B., shoemaker, leather seller, and town coun- 
cillor. Main st. 

Davis, rev. G. H., Wesleyan, Wall st. 

DICKINSON, CHARLES, deputy sheriff, James st. 

Donaldson, Andrew, hatter, Main St. 

Dowsley, George, shoemaker, Buell st. 

Dunham, Ephraim, storekeeper. Main st. 

Dunham, George, M.D., coroner. Broad st. 

Dunham, William M., preventive officer. Cole's Ferry. 

Dunlop, J. J., principal of County grammar school. 

Baston, Joel P., blacksmith. Main st. 

Easton, Seymonr G., grocer. Main St. 

EDMONDSON, ROBERT, M.D., coroner. Main Bt. 

ELLBRBECK & FOSTER, attornies at law, Main St. 

BUingham, J., nurseryman, Lyn road. 

BUerbeck, William H., secretary and treasurer of Mu- 
tual Fire Insurance Company of the district of 
Johnstown, Main St. 

Endecott, Misses, milliners and dressmakers. Main st. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, John Reynolds, 

Erskine, & Oliver, grocers. Main st. 

FIELD, CHARLES E., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 
Main st. 

Pinley, Thomas, storekeeper, Main st. 

Pitzsimmons, Robert J., storekeeper and councillor, 
Main st. 

Pitzsimmons, William, contractor and carpenter, 
Home St. 

Flint, Samuel, James st. 

Ford & Chambers, barristers, &c.. Main st. 

POSTER, COLLET W., agent for Beacon Life and Fire 
Insurance Company, Main St. 

Pox, Samuel J., contractor, Buell st. 

Frayne, Samuel, cabinetmaker. Main st. 

Friedenheimer, J., watchmaker and jeweller, Main St. 

Fnlford, Hiram, marble factory, Perth st. 

Gallagher, Stephen, tailor. Main st. 

Gay, Andrew, cabinetmaker. Main st. 

Gilpin, William, painter. Main st. 

GLASFORD, JOHN B., barrister and attorney at law, 
corner Main and Home sts. 

Glass, L., cooper, corner Jane and St. Andrew sts. 

Graham, Robert, grocer and shoemaker. Main at. 

Grant, John, shoemaker. Abbot st. 

Green, John, town collector, corner Perth and Church 

DiRECTORT.] 1858. 



GRIFFIN, GEORGE R., dealer in dry g6od3, small 
wares, &c.. Main, st. 

GrifSth, Richard, axe factory, Water st. 

HAL LOWELL, T. C, wholesale and retail dealer in 
boots and shoes, Main st. 

Hamilton, rev. R., Baptist. 

Hanratty, F., assistant, County grammar school. 

Harris, John, butcher, East ward market. 

HAYES, DELORMA F., professsor of dental surgery— 
all operations warranted. Main st. 

Hazlewood, Richard, cabinetrhaker, Market st. 

Hazlewood, Samuel, civil engineer, Market st. 

Healy, James, innkeeper. 

HENDRY, ALEXANDER, grocer, provision dealer 
&c., Main st. 

Hervey, Robert, secretary of Brockville Gas-light 
Company, and of Brockville and Ottawa Railway 
Company, Main st. 

Hervey, Robert G., forwarder and commission mer- 
chant. Steamboat wharf. 

HILL YARD & GRIFFIN, importers and general deal- 
ers in dry goods, hardware, groceries, crockery, 
&c.. Main st. 

HOLMES, F. M., manager of Bank of Montreal, Court 
house sq. 

Holmes, William, architect and builder, Main St. 

Homan, Samuel, iron founder. Main st. 

Hopkins & Earl, storekeepers, Main st. 

Hortb, Lafayette B., teacher of music, Buell st. 

HUBBELL, HENRY S., barrister. Main st. 

Huddleston, J. W., tin and copper smith, Main st. 

HUMPHREY, H. S., & Co., chemists, druggists, and 
dealers in daguerreotype materials, dental instru- 
ments, &c.. Main st. 

Hutcheson, George, dealer in dry goods. Main st. 

Hutcheson, James, grocer, Main st. 

Hutcheson, William, grocer, Main st. 

International Life Insurance Company, John Reynolds, 

JACKSON, WILLIAM H., manufacturer and dealer in 
saddles, harness, whips, trunks, &c., corner of Con- 
go and Main sts. 

Jamieson, Miss S. A., ladies seminary, Buell st. 

JAMIESON, PETER B., (late Smart & Jamieson,) 
merchant tailor, and dealer in caps and hats. Main 

JESSUP, JAMES, clerk of the peace, of Surrogate 
court and of County council. Court house. 

Jobling, B., carpenter. Water st. 

Johnston, D. B. & C, broom factory, Perth st. 

Johnston, William, grocer. Main st. 

Johnstown District Building Society, George W. 
Arnold, treasurer. 

Jones, Black & Co., forwarders. Water st. 

Jones, Charles E., Main st. 

Jones, David, registrar. Main st. 

Jones, Frederick, agent for Monarch Fire and Life As- 
surance Company, Market sq. 

Jones, Henry A., attorney at law, Main st. 

Jones, J. B., clerk of Division court. Main st. 

Jones, Ormoud, barrister at law, mill owner, and town 
(Jouneillor, Pine st. 

Keough, Saxton, grocer, Perth st. - 

KEEPER, SAMUEL, assistant engineer. Grand Trunk 
Railway, Main St. 

Kelly, rev. Oliver, Roman catholic, church st. 

Kelly, T., Ottawa hotel, Market sq. 

Kelly, Thomas, tailor, Perth st. 

Kennedy, Edward, shoemaker, Main st. 

Kerr, S. R., carpenter and builder, Carley St. 

Kilborn, Bradish, tanner. Main st. west. 

Kilborn, John, postmaster, Main st. 

Kincaid, James, high constable. Main st. west. 

Lawder, J. M., agent for Provincial Insurance Compa- 
ny,' Water st. 
LAWLESS, EDWARD, dealer in groceries, wines, li- 
quors, &c., Main st. 

Lawrence, John, florist &c., Augusta plank road. 

LEE, PALMER, dealer in staple and fancy dry goods, 
Main st. west end. 

Leggo, Christopher, jailor. Court house. 

Lennon, Hugh, grocer, Church st. 

Levengston & Co., merchant tailors, Main St. 

Lewis, rev. J. Travers, D.D., church of England, 
Park st 

STITUTE, W. ,B. Simpson, president ; D. Wylie, 

Lipsett, Robert, shoemaker, Main st. 

Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Com- 
pany, J. D. Buell, agent. Courthouse avenue. 

Lock, F. W., artist and portrait painter, Market st. 

LOTHROP, F. L., auctioneer and commission mer- 
chant. Main St. 

Mackerras, J., classical and commercial school, Perth st. 

Madigan, R., locomotive foreman. North suburb. 

Mair, Mrs. H., boarding house, Church St. 

Malloch, George, judge of Division, County and Sqrro 
gate courts. Broad st. 

Manly, William, tailor. Main st. 

Marron, Denis, carpenter and town councillor, Buell St. 

Marshall, Thomas, innkeeper. Main st. 

Marshall, Uri, innkeeper. Main st. 

McCracken, Joseph, carpenter and joiner, Pearl st. 

McCuUough, William, coal and iron warehouse, and 
agricultural implement manufactory. Water st. 

MoELHINNEY, JOHN, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 
Main st. 

McGregor, Joseph, tailor. Main st. 

MoINTYRE, ALEXANDER C, photographist, in its 
several branches of hallotyping, ambrotyping, 
and callotyping. Main st. 

MoKECHNIE, WILLIAM, station master Grand Trunk 

McKEE, ANDREW, importer and dealer in British, 
French and American dry goods, hardware, gro- 
ceries, glass, earthenware, &c.. Main st. 

McKee, Henry, saloon keeper. Main st. 

McKENZIE, JOHN, McKenzie's hotel. Main st. 

MoLEAN, George S., clerk of town council. Mill St. 

McLean, W. B., barrister, solicitor for Brockville & Ot- 
tawa Railway Company, Main St. 

McMillen, William, storekeeper, Main st. 

MoMULLEN, JOHN, bookseller, publisher, and station- 
er, wholesale dealer in British and foreign books ; 
editor, proprietor and publisher of the Monitor, 
and agent of Provident Life Assurance and In- 
vestment Company. 

McMurray, rev. John, principal of Victoria school, 
Perth St. 

McNaughton, John, grocer. Main st. 

McNish, — , limeburner, east end. 

McNisb, Miss, Milliner and dressmaker, Main St. 

McParland, Daniel, grocer. Main st. 

McQueen, Thomas F., M.D., coroner. Broad St. 

McSween, Roderick, innkeeper. Water st. 

MILLEN, W. J., saddler and barnessmaker. Main st. 

Miller, Harvey, carriagemaker, Buell st. 

Monarch, Fire and Life Assurance Company ; P. Jonee, 
agent. Market sq. 

MONITOR, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $1.50 ; 
J. McMullen, editor, proprietor and publisher. 

Montreal Telegraph OfBce, Main St., G. Black, operator. 

MORRIS, HON. JAMES, M.L.C., Court house sq. 

Morris, William L., accountant. Court house avenue. 

Morrison, Joseph L., wool carder. North suburb. 

Morrison, rev. D., church of Scotland, Court house av. 

Murphy, Michael, butcher, East ward market. 

Murray, Patrick, butcher. East ward market. 

Mutual Fire Insurance Company of District of Johns- 
town, W. H. Ellerbeck, secretary-treasurer. 

Nelles, rev. Abraham, church of England, Indian mis- 
sion, Grand river. 

Nicholson, Robert, confectioner. Main st. 



1857. [Oawaba 

Kottar, Thomas, ghip builder, Water at. 

Odell, Amos, brick maker, Main st. 

Odell, Daniel, eclectic physician, comer Church and 

Perth sts. 
Odell, Horace, brickmaker, Buell st. 
Olds, GefShom, carriagemaker, Perth st. 
Ottawa hotel, T. Kelly, proprietor. 
Pabst, E., pianoforte tuner, &c., Bnell st. 
Parr, Arthur, saddler and harnessmaker, Main st. 
Parsley, WUliam, Tunnel hotel. Market sq. 
Pike, James, grocer, Buell st. 
Pomeroy & Co., grocers. Main st. 
Poole, John, cabinetmaker, Main St. west. 
Potter, J. C, leather seller, shoemaker and boarding 

housekeeper, Apple st. 
Ponlton, Alfred, painter, and town conneillor, Home St. 
Provident Life Assurance and Inrestment Company, 

J. McMulIen,'agent. 
Provincial Insurance Company, J. M. Lawder, agent, 

Steamboat wharf. 
Qnigg, James, merchant tailor. Main st. 
Kailroad honse, 0. G-. Wilkinson, proprietor. 
RECORDER, (THE) weekly, annual subscriptioij, $2 ; 

D. Wylie, editor, proprietor and publisher. 
Reilly, Bernard, grocer and provision dealer. Main st. 
Reilly, Thomas, shoemaker. Main st. 
REYNOLDS, JOHN, barrister, and attorney at law, 

and agent for Equitable Pire and Internalaonat 

Life Assurance Companies, Main st. 
Reynolds, Samuel, storekeeper. Main st. 
Reynolds, Thomas, M.D., comer of Pine St. and market sq. 
RICHARDS, A. N., barrister at law, and conneillor. 

Main st. 
ROBERTSON, EASTON & Co., (successors to Mat- 

thie, Robertson & Co.,) importers of dry goods, 

groceries, &c., and manufacturer of sole leather, 

Steamboat wharf. 
Robinson, rev. Robert, Congregationalist. 
Ronayne, Patrick, storekeeper. Main st. 
Rooney, James, carriagemaker, Water st. 
ROSS, J. & S., importers of dry goods, hardware, china, 

glass, and groceries. Main at. 
Row, J. 4 D., railway contractors. Main st. 
Rubidge, Thomas, railway engineer, Park st. 
Ryan, Arthur, livery stable keeper, Market sq. 
SAVAGE, M., clothier, Main St. 
Schofield, James L., conn^ treasurer. Court honse. 
Schofield, Peter, H.D., Baptist preacher. Home st. 
Seth, Charles E., hairdressing saloon. Main st. 
Shepherd, Robert, saw and grist mills. Mill st. 
Shepherd S., grist mill. Mill st. 
Sheridan, George, blacksmith, Perth st. 
Sherwood, Adiel, sheriff, William st. t 
SHERWOOD & STEELE, barristers and attomies at 

law. Main st. 
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM, barrister and attorney at 

law. Court house. 
Shields, Edward, shoemaker. Main st. 
Shipman, J. P„ sash factory, Pe^-l st. 
Sibbles, C, second landing waiter, Apple st. 

Sills, rev. William, Episcopal methodist, Mara 8t. 

SIMPSON, WILLIAM B., collector of customs, and pre- 
sident of Library Association and Mechanics In- 
stitute, corner of Park and Water sts. 

Smart, James, & Co., stove and scale mannfactnrers, 
West end. 

Smart, Robert, carpenter and joiner. Market st. 

Smith, rev. James, Free church. 

Smythe, T. W., M.D., snrgeo* dentist, Main at. 

Snook, Jacob, tinsmith, 4c., Msun st. 

Stagg, John, West ward, market st. 

SPARHAM, E. B., M.D., Main st. 

STARR, A. H., t Co., dealers in Britisb, Frenck, and 
American staple and fimcy dry goods. Main st. 

STARR, ALEXANDER, dealer in fruit, oysters, con- 
fectionary, and general groceries^ Main at. 

Steacy, John, carpenter and bnilder. Pearl St. 

Stewart, Alexander, first landing waiter, Bartholomew 

Stinson, E., tailor, St. Andrew st. 

Story, Hiss 0., dressmaker and milliner. Main St. 

Story, Mrs., mHliner and dressmaker, Main st. 

Sussex Lodge, Freemason's rooms. Metropolitan block 
Main st. 

TAYLOR, A. E., patent medicine vendor, manufacturer 
of Taylor's magnetic salve and balm of life pillSj 
Main st. 

Taylor, James, Brockville hotel. Main St. 

Taylor, John, shoemaker. Main st. 

Thompson, William, tailor. Fine st. 

Tilley, John, carpenter, Pearl st. 

Tunnel hotel, William Parsley, proprietor, Market sq. 

TURNER, ALLAN, 4 Ca, chemists, druggists, manu- 
facturers of white and colored pEunts, and general 
importers. Main St. 

VANARNAM, CHARLES, wholesale and retaQ dealer 
in dry goods, groceries, 4c., Main st. 

Victoria school, rev. J. McMurray, principal, Walt st. 

Wade, John, storekeeper. Main st. 

Walsh, Henry, baker. Main st. 

Watson, Robert, director of Brockville and Ottawa 
Railway, Main St. 

Weatherhead, John, revenue inspector, Bethnne st. 

WEBSTER, THOMAS, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, and country produce. Main St. 

Western Assurance Company, J. D. Buell, agent. 

White, Andrew, innkeeper, corner Main and Pertli sts. 

White, J. 4 W., painters, Court house avenue. 

Whitney, A., watchmaker and jeweller. Main st. 

WUkinson, D. C, freight clerk, Perth st. 

Wilkinson, Uri G., Railroad house, Buell st. 

WILLSON HOUSE, John Brennan, proprietor. 

WUIson, William H., stage proprietor, and livery stable 
keeper. Market sq., house Home st. 

Wright, Johh, accountant. Wall st. 

Wright, Thomas, milkman, Perth St. 

Wright, Sampson, watchmaker and jeweller, Main St. 

WYLIE, DAVID, editor, proprietor and publisher of the 
Recorder, and secretary of Library Association 
and Mechanics Institute. 

'BROME CORNER, C. E.— a Tillage in the Township and Coim':i- of Brome and Di'^triet of MontresL There is a 
daily stage &om St. Johns, 41 miles, fore $i, and one tri-weekly from Richford, Vermont, 15 miles, fore 75c. Populatico 
about 150. 

Atkins, Hiram, wheelwright. 

Boright, Leonard, preventive officer, and bailiff. 

Boright, Solomon, manufacturer of lightning conduc- 

Chandler, A. H., secretary-treasurer of schools. 

Chandler, Edmund L., County secretary-treasurer. 

Chapman, John, carpenter and joiner. 

Cotton, Charles E., M.D., agent for Equitable Fire 
Insurance Company. 

DARAH, ROBERT, proprietor of Brome Comer hotel 
and stage honse. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, C. E. Cotton, agent. 

Gilman, Elijah P., J.P.. farai-r. 

Holdsworth, Benjamin, blacksmith. 

Jackson, Horatio N., J.P., farmer. 

Mann, Hiram, grist and saw mills. 

Pettes, Nathaniel, township secretary-treasurer ; and 

at Knowlton. 
Prime, Benjamin W., shoemaker. 
Reed, Willard E., shoemaker. 
Sweet, Carpenter 4 Nelson, tanners. 
Webster, John, carpenter and joiner. 
Williams, Henry R., postmaster. 
WILLIAMS 4 CHANDLER, dealers in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, produce, 4c. 
Wood, Wal^T. 9q-^ in-ll 

* 'lilti i'Ubl UlUCti IS CtUOU JOlOiuti. 

Directory.] 1858. 



BROM PTON F AL.LS, C. E— 4 small Village in the Township of Brompton, County of Eiohmond, and District.of St. 
Franois. This village owes its piisteBoe solely to tha recent establishment of one of the largest lumbering factories in the 
country ; and the mills are also renowned, as well in Europe as in America, for the superior adaptntion of the machineiy. 
20,000,1100 feet of lumber are annually mauLifaetured here. Possessing the advantage of immediate contiguity to the Grand 
Trunk Bailway, this place is distant thereby from Richmond Railway Junction 18 miles, and fi^)m Portland, whither all thfe 
manufactured lumber is exported, 192 miles. Daily Inails. Population about 400. 

Alger, Lyman, farmer. 

CLARK, CYRUS S., & Co., proprietors of the mills. 
Dean, James, postmaster and station agent. 

MILLER, DANIEL, boarding touse keeper. 
WILLIAMS, SEWALL, millwright. 
Whitmore, William C, blacksmith. 

BRONTE, C> W.— A Village situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, at the mouth of the Twelve Mile Creek, in the Town- 
ship of Trafalgar and Comity of Halton. It is a station on the Great Western Bailway, and has a flue harbour capable of receiv- 
ing vessels of 300 tons. Distant from Hamilton 14 miles, ftom Toronto 29 miles, and from Milton 12 miles, with Which latter 
place it is connected by a gravel road, over which a mail-stage tuns each way twice a day, faro 600. Railway farfe to Toronto 
75c., to Hamilton 37ic. Three mails daily. Population aibout bOO. 

Aitkinson, John, gardener. 

Adams, Samuel, blacksmith. 

Bel; ed, James, general dealer. 

Belyed, John, shipmaster. 

Belyed, William N., general dealer. 

Butler, William, waggonmaker. 

Col'ton, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Davidson, Joseph, general dealer. 

Fleming, James D., general dealer. 

Hagaman, Abram, general dealer. 

Eagaman, Benjamin, general dealer, and al Oswego. 

Hagaman, Thomas C.^ general dealer. 

Hammond, William, shoemaker. 

Hixon, Joseph, lumber merchant. 

Johnston, John, carpenter. 

Joyce, Joseph, tailor. 

Lucas, Robert, carpenter. 

Laoas, William, grain cradle maker. 

McWane, James, innkeepier. 

Moat, John, shipmaster. 

Oakley, rev. John, Baptist. 

Pickard, rev. T., Baptist. 

Pollock, William, shipmaster. 

Sovereign, Charles, J.P. 

Thompson, Edward, innkeeper. 

Tolmi, Henry T., bandmaster 3rd battalion Halton 

Tolmi, Thomas, general dealer. 
Wallace, William C, butcher. 
Wheeler, Jacob, carpenter. 
White, James, lumber merchant. 
Williams, Andrew, carpenter. 
Williams & Belyed, dry goods store. 
Williams, Cummer, & Co., millers. 
Williams, Elijah, postmaster and general dealer. 
Willoughby, Thomas, bricklayer. 
Wright, Mrs.W., general store. 

BROOKLIN, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Whitby and County of Oatario. .\ large local retail trade is done at 
this place, which contains also large manufactories of furniture. Distant from Toronto 31 miles. Daily mall. Population 
about 60 '. 

Hepenstall & Mead, tinsmiths. 

Magee, William, bookseller and stationer. 

Martin, Richard, baker. 

Mathewson, William, carpenter and builder. 

Maw, Edgar & Stewart, buiWers. 

Bailey, Edmund, confectioner and grocer. 

Campbell, John, saw mill proprietor. 

Campbell, Robert, miller. 

Card, Chester, pumpmaker. 

Coles, John, tanner. 

Coles & Phippin, carriage, saddle and harness makers. McBrian, William, bootmaker 

Cowan, James, teacher. I Mott, George, saddler and harness maker. 

DANIELS, H., & Co., dealers in dry goods, hardware, Mullin, Michael, hotel keeper. 

groceries, and pine lumber, millers, and manufactu- Nichol, William, general store. 

rers of ashes and saleratus. | Penhall, Richard, boot and shoe maker. 

DARLINGTON, ROBERT, postmaster, dealer in dry Phippin, N. & H., dealers in farnitnre. 

goods, hardware, groceries, &c., and agent for Pierce, Edward, blacksmith 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company. „...-. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, R. Darlington, 

Fogg, John, baker. 
Foot, Jonathan, M.D. 
Goldsbro, William, boot and shoe maker. 
Gordoh, John, commissioner for taking affidavits in 

court of Queen's bench. 
Groit, Orion, boot and shoe maker. 
Harrison, Richard, cooper. 

Robertson, George, carpenter. 

Smith, Edward, flour mills. 

Smith, rev. P., Episcopal methodist.- 

Thomas, Stephen, general store. 

Thorne & Martin, millers. 

Walks, James, weaver. 

Walks, William, weaver. 

Wilkinson, Joseph, hotelkeeper. 

Wilson, J. C, soda water manufacturer. 

'BROUGHAM, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Pickering and County of Ontario. Distant from Whitby, the 
County town, \2 miles, and from Toronto 28 miles. Mail daily. Population about 150. 

Barclay, rev. George, Baptist. 

Barnum, Robert G., waggonmaker. 

Bentley & Co., manufacturers of patent medicines. 

Biloo, Isaac, lumber merchant. 

Bodell, William, shoemaker. 

Churchill, rev. Johiel, Bible Christian. 

Fuller, William, storekeeper. 

Gostick, rev. T., Baptist. 

Kingsley, T. A., carpenter. 

Lawson & Hutchinson, storekeepers. 

Martin, Jacob, tailor. 
McBryan, Doiigal, shoemaker. 
Middougb, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Noble, Hiram, chemist and druggist. 
Richardson, Robert, deputy reeve. 
Sharrard, rev. James W., Bible Christian. 
Taun, Richard, postmaster. 
Webb, Samuel, carriajgettiaker. 
White, Truman P., miller and reeve. 
Woodruff, P., hotelkeeper. 

• Formerly called Jientley's Corners. 



1857. [Canada 

'BROOKVILLE, C> W.— A Village in the Township and County of Compton, and District of St. Francis. Itisconti. 

guous to a platform station of the Grand Trunk Bailway. 
Mail daily. Population about 100. 

Elliott, John D., miller and boarding house keeper. 
Jacobs, Charles, farmer. 
Laughton, Oliver, blacksmith. 
Richardson, H. R., storekeeper. 

Distant trom Portland 179 miles, and trom Uontreal 113 miles. 

Richardson, Samuel, farmer. 
Snow, Arthur, farmer. 
Whitcomb, J. T., miller. 

BROUGHTON, C. E> — A Township in the County of Megantic. Distant from Quebec C2 miles, and from Leeds, tlu 
County Town, 18 miles. Weekly mail. Population of Township about 800. 

Delisle, Urbain, councillor. 

Gillenders, John, mayor, and school commissioner. 

HALL, CHARLES HENRY, postmaster. 

Leters, Nathaniel, school commissioner. 

Marfeau, John, road overseer. 

lIcKeage,John, J.P.,councillor and school commissioner. 

Poirier, Paul, road overseer. 

Provenjal, Pierre, councillor. 
Quinn, Joseph, schoolmaster. 
Reacraf^ John, school commissioner. 
Reinhart, John, secretary-treasurer of schools. 
Reinhart, Nicholas, school commissioner. 
Valine, Michel, councillor. 

tBROWNSBURG, C. E.— A Village in tho Township of Chatham and County of Argenteuil. Distant from Laohnte, 
the County Town, i miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 100. 

Brown, George, J.P., mill owner. 
Dunn, Andrew, shoemaker. 
Clark, Salter, farmer. 
Emslie, James, school teacher. 
Green, Charles, wheelwright. 
Hardie, Richard, farmer. 
Hay, John, J.P. 

Hutchins, John, saw mill owner. 

McDonald, John, farmer. 

McGibbon, Alexander, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

McGregor, James, saw and carding mills. 

McOwat, David, farmer. 

McOwat, James, farmer. 

McOwat, Peter, farmer. 

BROWNSVILLE, C. W.— A Village in the Mnth Concession of the Township of King, in the ]<forth Riding of York, 
on the Town line between King and Tecumseth. Distant from Toronto S7 miles, from Lloydtowtt 1 mile, and from the Aurora 
station of the Northern Railway, to which there is a d.iily stage carrying the mail, 13 miles. Letters to this place should be 
directed to Brownsville, King, near Lloydtown. Population about 180. 

Cochran, William, painter. 
Dale, Lawrence, storekeeper. 
Fountain, David, tailor. 
Hollingshead, Amos, cabinetmaker. 
Hollingshead, Jacob, blacksmith. 
Hughes, George, general commission agent. 
Hughes, George L., saddler and harnessmaker. 
Hughes, John S., furniture warerooms. 
IfOORE, WILLIAM, general retail dealer, miller and 

Reid, William, merchant tailor. 

Ross, James, storekeeper. 

Shelson, Robert, cooper. 

Spring, William, carriage maker. 

Sumersett, John, blacksmith. 

Tegart, Anderson, saddler and harnessmaker. 

Usher, John, waggonmaker. 

Walton, William, carriagemaker. 

Wiggins, John, shoemaker. 

BROWNSVILLE, C. W. — ^AVilhige in the Township of Dereham and County of Oxford. Distant from Woodslook 
23 miles, from London SO miles, and flrom Ingeraoll 13 miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about 160. , 

Brown, Edward F., postmaster, carriage and waggon 

Brown, rev. B. P., Baptist. 
Deetsman, John, cooper. 
Glover, Jacob, general dealer. 
Helmka, Henry, builder. 

McDiarmid, Ewen, tailor. 
Mcintosh, James, general dealer. 
Pearson, Simeon, boot and shoemaker. 
Sponenburgh, John, blacksmith. 
Sponenburgh, William, carpenter and joiner. 
Wood, Thomas, proprietor of Royal Exchange hotel. 

BRUCE MINES, C. W.— a village on the location of the Mines of the same name, which are the property of the Mon- 
treil Mining Company, situated on Lake Huron, opposite the lower end of the Island of St. Joseph. It is a Port of Entry j 
and there were comprised in the exports of 1856, 508 tons of copper ore and 2030 barrels of pickled flslu The total value of the 
exports was $60,776, and of the imports $23,093. 40 British and 9 American sailing vessels, and 20 British and 3 American stram- 
ers, arrived and cleared at the port during tho same perio:l. Distant from Mahnetooahniiig 150 miles, from Sault Ste. Marie 
36 miles, and from Toronto 381 miles. Mail bi-weekly during summer, and bi-monthly during winter. Populaton about 

Borron, E. S., manager of the Mines. 
Bonker, John, collector of customs. 
Bray, William, mining captain. 
Cameron, Alexander, innkeeper. 
OOATSWORTH, JOSEPH, postmaster. 
Davidson, John, bookkeeper and storekeeper. 
Donner, William, carpenter. 

Jennings, rev. David, Wesleyan. 
Knap, John, first engineer. 
McKenzie, Daniel, secretary. 

SIMPSON, THOMAS, M.D., surgeon for these and Wel- 
lington Mines. 
Watson, John, second engineer. 

• Formerly callod Richardson's Village. t Formerly called Brown's Coniors, 

DiRKCTORT.] 1858. 



BRUCEFiELD, C. Wi,— A Village situated on the 
Tuokersmith and Stanley and County of Huron. Distant 
London $2.76, to Goderich $1.75. Mail daily. Population 

Brings, J. E., tanner and currier. 
Burgis, William, painter. 
Cameron, Duncan, tailor. 
Campbell, David, general store. 
Copeland, John, innkeeper. 
Dnncan & M'Millan, blackamitlis. 
Dunsmore, Henrj, slioemaker. 
Gairdner, Eobert H., postmaster. 
Grant, Peter, J.P., farmer. 
Johns, David, blacksmith. 
Jolms, Frederick, shoemaker. 
Einnard, John, carpenter and joiner. 

stage road leading from London to Goderlch, In the Townships of 
from Goderioh 19 miles.^nd from London 42 miles. Stage fare to 
about 200. 

Marks, Robert, & Co., general store. 
McCowan, Samuel, attorney. 
McDonald, Donald, tailor. 
Mcintosh, Hugh, waggonmaker. 
McKenzie & Dailzel, general store. 
Battenbnry, John, innkeeper. 
Ross, rev. John, Free church. 
Sills, Daniel, general store. 
Smith, John, steam chair factory. 
Vancet, Alexander, weaver. 
Wanless, John, M.D. 
Young, John, constable. 

BUCKINGHAM, C. Er-A thriving Village four miles back from the Elver Ottawa, in the Ctounty of Ottawa. Ithasa 
good lumbering and milling business. Distant troja Ottawa 22 miles, and from Montreal 105 miles. Steamboat fai-u from 
Uoutreal $3. Daily maiL Population about 250. 

ACKERT, ROBERT D., dealer in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
Brady, rev. John, Roman catholic. 
Campbell, Daniel, bailiif. 
Cruikshanks, Alexander, blacksmith. 
Demers, Louis, blacksmith. 
EATON, GEORGE W., saw mills. 
Fergusson, Thomas M., physician and surgeon. 
Fitzgerald, John, teacher. 
Gorman, Hugh, J.P., innkeeper. 
Hall, Miss, teacher. 
International Life Assurance Company, A. McKaugh- 

ton, agent. 
Jackson, Miss, teacher. 
Kelly, Patrick, general store. 
Kniglit, Robert, general store. 
Laboe, John, general store. 

Lindsay, rev. Peter, church of Scotland. 
McNaughton, Ar(;hibald, agent Hudson Bay Company, 

and International Life Assurance Company. 
Morris, rev. William, church of England. 
Murray, Edmond W., general store. 
O'Keefe, John, saddler and harnessmaker. 
O'NEIL, JOHN, lumber merchant. 
O'Reilly, Mrs., general store. 
Palmer, George, shoemaker. 
Palmer, Matthew H., J.P., shoemaker. 
Penoyer, George, carpenter. 
Russell, William, shoemaker. 
Sauv^, Herm^n^gilde H., physician and surgeon. 
Stacy, George W., J.P. 
THOMSONS & Co., saw mill proprietors and dealers 

in sawn lumber. 
Wilson, James, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

BURFORD, C. W.— A small Village situated in the Township of Burford and County of Brant. 
IS miles, and from Paris 10 miles. Two mails daily. 

Christie, J., physician and surgeon. 
Even, C, cabinetmaker. 
Gibert, R., cabinetmaker. 
Herritt, G., blacksmith. 
Hunt, Robert, innkeeper. 
Johnston, William, general store. 
Jones, B., general store. 
Jones, J., shoemaker. 
Kirby, W. K., innkeeper. 

Distant from Brantfbtd 

Kirkland, Henry, postmaster. 
Lloyd & Matthews, waggonmakers. 
Loney & Kirkland, general store. 
Matthews, John R., general store. 
M'Caffrey, E., tinsmith. 
Padfield, rev. James W., church of England. 
Quin, M., blacksmith. 
Saxon, Allan, shoemaker. 

B U R R I TT'S RAPIDS, C . W.— A thriving Village on the Eideau Canal, in the Townships of Oxford and Marlborough, 
and Counties of Carleton and Grenville. Distant from Brockville 34 miles, from Kemptville station on the Ottawa and 
Presoott Bailway lO miles. Daily mail. Population about S50. 

Anlt, James F., M.D. 

Brown, Thomas, innkeeper. 


Campbell, William, J.P., land surveyor. 
Colburn, Benjamin, blacksmith. 
Colburn, William, waggonmaker. 
CONN, HUGH, of the firm of Conn & Davidson. 
CONN & DAVIDSON, dealers in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
Dnpercier, V., innkeeper. 
Fenner, John, teacher. 
Fordyce, L. W., teacher. 
FRENCH, JOHN S., grist, oatmeal, saw and shingle 

mill owner, dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, 

produce, &c. 
Fnlcher, Edward, shoemaker. 
Gnest, Richard, tanner. 
HEALEY, JOHN, dealer in teas, sugars and general 


Johnston, Thomas, hotelkeeper. 
Kerr, Alexander, carding and fulling mill. 
Kidd, William, innkeeper. 
Laberge, Edward, shoemaker. 
Lane, Arcantus, blacksmith. 
Mack, James, tailor. 

Mack, Matthew, saddler and harnessmaker. 
McGowan, Peter H., bridge keeper. 
MEIKLE, JOHN, jr., postmaster, dealer in dry goodg, 
groceries, hardware, crockery, patent medicines, ke. 
Mills, Benjamin, cabinetmaker. 
Mills, James, shoemaker. 
Mills, John, tailor. 
O'Brien, John, cooper. 
Paterson, James, blacksmith. 
Reel, 'Thomas, shoemaker. 
Beid, Benjamin, saw mill. 
Shepherd, George, lock master. 
Walker, John, general store. 



1857. [Canada 

BURGESSVILLE, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Norwich and County of Oxford. Distant firom Woodstock, 

the County Town, 11 miles, and from Hiimilton 46 miles. 

Burgess, Edward, blacksmith and waggonmaker. 
Doxsie, Adam, shoemaker. 
Haviland, rev. William, Baptist. 
Judge, Oweu, biickmi-ker. 

Mail dally. Population about 100. 

Nichols, Harmon, tavernkeeper. 

Tennent, John, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Thompson, Joseph, tailor. 

BURNSTOWN, C. W,— A small Village sitaated on the Elver Madawaska, in the TownshiJ) of MacNab and County 
of Renfrew. It is supported by the lumber trade. Distabt from Perth 49 miles, from Ottawa S3 miles, and from the 
steamboat landing at Amprior 14 miles. Tri-weeklylnaU. Population about 100. 

Campbell, John, blacksmith. 

DOUGLAS, JAMES, dealer in dry goods, groceries, 
hardware, &c., a well selected stock. 

DOWSWELL, ABEL H., postmaster, coroner, and sad- 

HOUGH, WILLIAM, innkeeper, — cleanliness. Comfort 
and attention. 

Leckie, David, sen.; innkeeper. ♦ 

Leckie, William, blacksmith. 
McOallum, John, shoemaker. 
Mcintosh, John, carpenter. 
McKay, William, merchant. 
McLauchlin, Donald, teacher. 
Morrison, James, tailor. 

ROCHESTER, GEORGE, lumber merchant, and grist 
and saw mill owner. 

BURWICK, C. W.— A Village on the Humber, in the Township of Vanghan and South Eiding of the County of York. 
It has a good lumbering and local business. Distant froin Toronto 17 miles, and 5i miles from the Thomhill station of the 
Ontario, Simooe and Huron Eailway, situated between the intersections of the Vaughan Plank road and Eiver H umber, giving 
here a fall of 35 feet, and ftom the Weston station of the Grand Trunk Eailway 7 miles. Daily mail. Population about 450. 

Abel, John, machinist. 

Abel Sc Brown, foundrymen. ' 

Agar, Thomhill A., clerk of Division 'coiirt, and agent 
for Provident Life Assurance and Investmpnt Co. 

Armstrong, rev. J. Gilbert, church of England, Wood- 
bridge mission. 

Ashdown, James, town clerk and treasurer. 

Atkinson, James, carpenter and joiher. 

Atkinsoit, John, agricultural implement maker. 

Brown, John, founder. 

Brown, Lewis, tailor. 

Cool, John,, bailiff of Division court. 

Crawford, William, tailor. 

Cuthbertson, Samuel, storekeeper, 

Drysdale, David, millwright. 

Elliott, John, blacksmith. 

Elliott, William, innkeeper. 

Foley, J. P., storekeeper. 

Ford, Samuel, innkeeper. 

Gould, James, mason. 

Hall, Robert, laborer. 

Hornebrook & Muir, waggonma,kers. 

Howell, J. S., carpenter and builder. 

HOWELL, JOHN P., postmaster, and general store 

Howey, James, painter and glazier. 

Hunday, Benjamin, shoemaker. 

Hunter, Francis, carpenter and joiner. 

James, William, carpenter and joiner. 

Loughead, rev. Robert, Wesleyan. 

Matthews, Robert, carpenter and joineir. 

Matthews, Robert, shoemaker. 

McAllum, Duncan, school teacher. 

SftjAulay, William, weaver. 

McNally, Thomas, carder and fuller. 

Mitchell Alexander, framer. 

Orr, Joseph, town collector. 

Provident Life Assurance ,and Investment Company, 

T. A. Agar, agent. 
Rone, Joseph, shoemaker. 
Rose, James, shoemaker. 
Rouse, William, school teacher. 
Shaw & Gould, tinsmiths. 
Smith, Samuel, mill owner. 
;Stegmann, Mrs., widow. 
Wallace, Nathaniel, innkeeper. 
Wilkinson, Brigham, waggonmaker. 
Williams, John, M.D. 
Woodward, William, butcher. 
Wright, John N., shoemaker. 

BUTE, C. E.— A small Village in the Township of Somerset, midway on the main road between the Villages of Plessta- 
ville and Inverness, County of Megantio, and District of Quebec. Distant from B6cancour Eailway Station 2 miles. Mail 
tri'-weekly. Population about lOo. 

B^land, rev. M. G., Roman catholic. 

Clark, Henry, blacksmith. 

Lamothe, Auguste, J.P., storekeeper and piarlash 

Uartineau, Jean B., carpenter and joiner. 

McKINNON, JOHN, postmaster, dry goods, hardware, 

and provision merchant. 
Roberge, Ignace, sterekeeper. 
St. Pierre, C, olablnetmaker. 

BUTTONVILLE, C. W.— a Vfllage iu the Township of Markham and County of York. Distant fh)m TorontoU 
miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about BO. 

Brown, Alexander, achoolt rustee. 
Button, John, lieutenant in volunteer cavalry. 
Button, major John. 
Button, John, school trustee. 
Calvert, Jonathan, blacksmith. 
Fishburn, rev. Jeremiah, Lutheran. 
Luuau, Henry, school trustee. 
Martin, Joseph, captain 5th battalion York militia. 
Mayor, Charles, veterinary surgeon, chemist and drug- 

Morrison, William, township councillor. 

Nichols, John, lieutenant 5th battalion York militia. 

Nichols, William, assesor. 

Plebbs, Francis, storekeeper. 

Scott, Martin, postmaster, lieutenant and adjutant of 

5th battalion York militia, Bible Society depositary 

and teacher of music. 
Shepherd, Nicholas, miller. 
Stiver, Willam, inspector of licenses. 
Stiver, William, school teacher. 

• The Post office for this vilhige is at Woodbridge. 

Directory.] 1858. 



BUXTON, C. W.— A Village in the Township of EaJeigh and County of Kent. Distant from Chatham, the County 

Town, 12 miles. Pour mails weeUy. Population about GOO. 
Brazier, Edward, physician and surgeon. 
Elgin Association, rev. W. King, agent. 
Jacobs, George, captain of militia. 
King, rev. W., Free church, postmaster, agent of Elgin 

Association, and superintendent of schools. 
Lacy, rev. Francis, Baptist. 
Nicol, Peter. 

Pardo, W., general store. 

Scott, Thomas, dealer in leather, and shoemaker. 

Stringer, F., pearl ash manufacturer. 

Stringer, rev. Thomas, Wesleyan. 

Vanurunkin, Robert, general dealer. 

West, A. H., Temperance hotel. 

Wood, Charles, general store. 

C ACOUNA, C. £•— A beautiful Village situated on an elevated spot on the South shore of the Biver St. Lawrence 
below Quebec, iu the Seignioiy of Le Par6 and County of Temiscouata. It is one of the most fashionable watering places 
and possesses a fine sea shore naturally adapted for bathing. The steamers Saguenay and Arabian make, during the sum- 
mer, weekly return voyages between Montreal, Quebec, Eivi^re du Loup, Cacouna, and occasionally the Saguenay River and 
Ha ! Ha ! Bay. Distant ftom Quebec 120 miles. Population about 1600. 

Beaulieu, Basile, inspector of roads. 

Beaulieu, captain Jean Baptiste, postmaster, notary 

public, general storekeeper, superintendent of 

county, and clerk of Conunissioners court. 
Bechard, Joseph, joiner. 
Belanger, R^mi, cooper. 
B6rub6, Jean Baptiste, joiner. 

Berub^, Maxime, secretary-treasurer of municipality. 
Chamberland, Jean Baptiste, jr., inspector of roads. 
Cloutier, rev. Jean C, Roman catholic. 
Convent hospice. 
C6t6, FranQois X., general store. 
Cdt6, Michel, inspector of roads. 
Dancosse, Pierre, mayor. 

Dionne, Benj., M.P.P., J.P., and general storekeeper. 
Dub6, M., blacksmith. 
Dnquemin, captain Henri, J.P., commissioner of smajl 

Ely, Thomas, shoemaker. 
Freve, Francois, jr., shoemaker. 
Freve, Francois, sen., shoemaker. 
Freve, Guillaume, shoemaker. 
Guenet, Jean, shoemaker. 
Hudon, Edouard, painter and cabinetmaker. 
Hudou, Hilaire, inspector of roads. 
Jalbert, Charles, butcher. 
Larue, George, physician and surgeon, and general 


Larouche, Octave, blacksmith. 

Levasseur, Benjamin, jr., commissioner of small cansei. 

Levasseur, Benjamin, sen., wheelwright. 

L6vesque, Hilaire, cooper. 

Marquis, Ange, jr., inspector of roads. 

Marquis, Pierre A., blacksmith. 

Martin, Joseph, joiner. 

Michaud, Alexandre, inspector of roads. 

Michaud, Cyfroi, baker. 

Michaud, Narcisse, road overseer. 

Paradis, Joseph, painter and machinist. 

Pelletier, Madame, boarding house keeper. 

Pelletier, Marcel, road overseer. 

Saindon, Alexandre, shoemaker. 

Saindon, Gabriel, road overseer. 

S^rien, Honor6, road overseer. 

Sirois, B^noni, joiner. 

Sirois, F^lix, road overseer. 

Sirois, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Soucy, Joseph, joiner. 

St. Jorre, Honor^, notary public, and secretary-trea- 
surer of schools. 

St. Laurent, Th^ophile, general store. 

Talbot, Simon, J.P., general storekeeper and commis- 
sioner of small causes. 

Thibault, Charles, road overseer. 

Thiboutot, Paul, wheelwright. 

Verret, Elz^ar, bailiff. 

C^SAREA, C- Wr— A Village in the Township of Cartwright and County of Durham. The steamers from Lindsay and 
Port Perry call here. Distant from Bowmanville 18 miles, from Toronto 85 miles, and from Cobourg 50 miles. Mail tri-weekly. 
Population about 200. 

Avery, Thomas, cooper. 
Bradburn, George, councillor. 
Caesar, major James, postmaster. 
Crawley, James, grocer. 
Demorea, Ephraim, general dealer. 
Devitt, Matthew, councillor. 
Elliott, John, waggonmaker. 

'CAINSVILLE, C. W.— A Village situated on the Grand Eiver, in the Township of Brantford and County of Brant. 

Elliott, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Herrin, Edward, watchmaker. 
Howe, F. W., reeve. 
Lasher, John, shingle maker. 
Mallory, Alvy, innkeeper. 
Taylor, William, councillor. 
Willen, Edward, councillor. 

Distant from Brantford 3 miles, and from Hamilton 21 miles. 
Brown, Walter, waggonmaker. 
Cain, William, proprietor of Railroad hotel 
Clarke, Jacob, grocer. 
Dresser, J. D., postmaster. 
Duncan, W., general store. 
Elliott, M., general store. 
Harris, rev. James, Wesleyan. 
Hobson, Charles, proprietor of Union hotel. 
Lawson, David, blacksmith. 
McCartney, William, general store. 
Eeid, James, waggonmaker. 

Daily mail. Population about 200. 

Reid, John, grocer. 

Saunders, James, saloonkeeper. 

Silverthorn, G., waggonmaker. 

Smith, Jeremiah, J.P., captain of militia. 

Sutton, rev. W., Wesleyan. 

Thomas, Joseph, J.P. 

Usher, rev. J. C, church of England. 

Westbrook, Peter, J.P. 

Wetmore, Robert, blacksmith. 

Whiting, John, J.P., captain of militia and councillor. 

CAINTOWN, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Yonge and County of Leeds. Distant from Lyn 7 miles 

from Broekville 13 miles, and from Mallorytown 4 miles. 
Andrews, Edward, carriagemaker. 
Buell, Samuel, saw mill. 
Carr, George, M.D. 
Dickey, John, teacher. 
Hazlewood, James, J.P., storekeeper. 

"Weekly mail. Population about 100. 
Huntley, John, carriagemaker. 
Tennant, William, blacksmith. 
Wicks, Willard, saw mill and shingle factory, 
Williams, Thomas, cooper. 
Young, Myles, postmaster. 

• Also called Cayuga Heights. 




1857. [Canada 

CAISTORVILLE, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Caistor and County of Lincoln. Distant from Niagara»the 
County Town, 43 miles, and from Hamilton 20 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about SO. 

Gilbert, Joseph, taverukeeper. 
"Graves, William, shoemaker, 
flaney, Robert A., M.D. 
Hoover, William, J.P., councillor. 
Kenney, Merritt, storekeeper. 

Laidlaw, Stewart, blacksmith. 
Bice, rev. Luther 0., Wealeyan. 
Scott, Michael G., storekeeper. 
Tice, Andrew, carpenter. 
Tice, David, J.P., postmaster. 

■CALEDON EAST, C. W.— A Village on the Town line between Albion and Caledon, in the County of Peel. Distant 
lW)m Toronto 3S miles, and from Malton, on the Grand Trunk Eailway, 10 milea. Daily stage to Malton, carrying the maiL 
Population about 75. 

Broddy, Robert, bailiff. • Pettigrew, Henry, saddler, and Division court clerk. 

Garter, Joseph, builder. 

Granaton, Alexander, innkeeper. 

Gurnet, Louis, blacksmith. 

Ualloy, Hugh, blacksmith. 

Munsie, James, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Richardson, John, storekeeper. 
Scott, Abel, waggonmaker. 
Stone, William, storekeeper. 
Zecleden, William, blacksmith. 

'CALEDONIA, C. W.— An incorporated Village situated on the Grand Iliver and on the Buffalo and Lake Hurom 
Railroad, in the Township of Seneca and County of Haldimand. This place manufactures a great quantity of flour and 
lumber. Distant from Brantford 18 miles, from Caynga 11 miles, and from Buffalo, N. T., (iO miles. Mail daily. Popula- 
tion about 1300. 

Abbs, Robert, saw and planing mill. 

Aldridge, James, soap and candle manufacturer, and 

clerk of council. 
Alexander, J., general store. ' 

Alexander, John, carpenter. 
Ball & Garland, general store. 
Barry, Thomas, harnessmaker. 
Black, rev. James, Free church. 
Bradley, John P., carpenter and builder. 
British and American Express Company, A. C. Buck, 

Brown, Joseph, carpenter. 
Brown, William, general store. 

Buck, A. C, druggist, and agent for British and Ame- 
rican Express Company, and Canada Western, 
Equitable Fire, and International Life Assurance 
Builder, John, cabinetmaker. 
Campbell, D., machine shop and sash factory. 
CAMPBELL, JOHN, proprietor of Union hotel. 
Canada Western Assurance Company, A. C. Buck, 

Carey, John, blacksmith. 
Carse, William, general store. 
Chambers, Henry, saloonkeeper. 
Cornick, Joseph, shoe, saddle and harness maker. 
Dougherty, Hiram, tavernkeeper. 
Dougherty, Robert, shoemaker. 
Elwood, G., shoemaker. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, A. C. Buck, agent. 
Ferguson, Duncan, storekeeper and treasurer of council. 
Ferrier, rev. Andrew, United Presbyterian. 
Ferris, Mrs., boarding house. 
Fisher, J., saloonkeeper. 
Fulton, S., waggonmaker. 
Goldie, Adam, general store. 
Goodyear, William, blacksmith. 

GRAND RIVER SACHEM, (THE) weekly, annual 
subscription $2, Thomas Messenger, editor, pro- 
prietor and publisher. 
Grey, William, blacksmith. 
Hall, Harrison. 
Hess, Edward, cabinetmaker. 
Hill, James, butcher. 
Hill, rev. B. C, church of England. 
Holden, J. B., grist mill owner and woollen factor. 
Humphries, Misses, milliners and .dressmakers. 
International Life Assurance Company, A C Buck 
agent. jj ■ ■ , 

Jackson, John, civil engineer, and engineer of Grand 

River Navigation Company. 
Jackson & Paunt. 

Jarvis, A. H., tinsmith. 

Kennedy, D., tailor. 

Kennedy, Mrs., boarding house. 

Knipe, Oliver, tavernkeeper. 

Laskey, William, cooper. 

Little, James; postmaster, and lumber manufacturer. 

Martindale, Thomas,* plaster merchant. 

Matthews, R., baker. 

McBay, Alexander, shoemaker. 

McCargow, William, physiciafl and surgeon. 

McCartney, — , tavernkeeper. 

McDonald, John, shoemaker. 

McKinnon, Neil, general store. 

MoKINNON, R., dealer in dry goods, hardware, groce- 
ries, produce, &c., and grist mill owner. 

McPherson, William, physician and surgeon. 

Mead, N. S. 

MESSENGER, THOMAS, editor, proprietor and pub- 
lisher of the Grand River Sachem. 

Mohun, James, tailor. 

Munroe, William, tavernkeeper. 

Naylor, Mrs., milliner. 

Neilson, James, saloonkeeper. 

Ogden, Joseph, tavernkeeper. 

Ogden, R. R., carriage factory. 

Peacock, George, tailor. 

Phillips, George, tavernkeeper. 

Pole, R. G., general store. 

Provincial Insurance Company, William Thompson, 

Roper, John, druggist. 

Scott & Clark, general store. 

Scott, John, & Co., Caledonia foundry and machine 

Shirra, Robert, general store. 

Smart, W. R., attorney, &c. 

Smith, John, waggonmaker. 

Sweeney, Michael, general store. 

Thompson, William, clerk of Division court, issuer of 
marriage licenses and agent for Provincial Insu- 
rance Company. 

UNION HOTEL, John Campbell, proprietor. 

Vanvlake, J., & Co., saw mill and planing machine. 

Walker, David, tinsmith. 

Ward, Samuel, hotelkeeper. 

Whichcr, Henry, physician and surgeon. 

Wickett, R., butcher. 

Wilkinson, P., shoemaker. 

Wilson, John, cooper. 

Wood, George L., shoemaker. 

Young, Abel, tavernkeeper. 

Young, David, saloonkeeper and bailiff. 

• Also called Seneca, which is the name of the Post office. 

Directory.] 1858. 



C ALEDONt A FLATS, C. W.— Arising Village in the Township of Caledonia and County of Presoott. Distant 
Urom Ottawa 35 miles, and from Montreal 70 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 60. 

Barrett, Daniel D., clerk of council. 

BRADLEY, WILLIAM, postmaster, reeve and warden. 

Chanlon, Alexis, treasurer of council. 

McKerichen, Donald, councillor. 

McLeod, Duncan, councillor. 
MoUoy, Michael, councillor. 
Proudfoot, James, councillor. 
Stevenson, rev. — , church of England. 

CALEDONIA SPRINGS, C. W.— A Village situated near the River Ottawa, in the Township of Caledonia and 
County of Preswtt. This place is the favorite resort of invalids during the summer mouths, who are attracted thither by the 
famed medicinal qualities of the springs. Distant from Montreal 72 miles, steamboat fare $2.25. Mail daily. Population 
about 75. 

BROCK, JAMES, postmaster. 

BROCK & GUSHING, dealers in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, leather, produce, &c. 
Cousineau, Joseph, shinglemaker. 
Laframboise, P., cooper. 

Rochon, Damase, carpenter. 

Rochon, F^lix, blacksmith. 

Rochon, Joel, proprietor of Caledonia hotel. 

Sabourin, Joseph, joiner. 

WILKINSON, J. L., proprietor of the Springs. 

CALUMET ISLAND, C. E.— A small Village and Township situated on the Ottawa Biver, in the County of Foutiac. 
Distant from Ottawa about 75 miles, and from Portage du Fort 12 miles. Tri-weekly mail. 

Bastien, P. X., Crown land agent. 

BRISSARD, LOUIS, postmaster, general merchant, 

and miller — ^has on hand always a choice stock of 

Frangois, F. X., clerk of Commissioners court. 
GROAT, R., slidemaster and innkeeper. 
KELLY JOHN C, general merchant and fanning mill 


Kelly, Matthew, tailor. 
Kelly, Patrick, ferryman. 
Moore, William, grocer. 
Ouellet, rev. L. A., Roman catholic. 
Ricard, F., lumber merchant. 
Telford, George, general store. 
White, George, E., general store. 
Worrell, Mrs., innkeeper. 

C AMPBELLFORD, C. W.— A flourishing Village situated on the Eiver Trent, in the Township of Seymour and 
County of ?forthumberlanil. Distant from Cobourg 40 miles, from Trenton 23 miles, and from Belleville 32 miles. Stage fartj 
to Belleville $1. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 173. 

Aitkin, William, general store. 
Boland, James, postmaster. 
Boucher, Robert, J.P. 
Brunker, William, shoemaker. 
Cockburn, Robert, general storekeeper. 
Costley, William, carriage and sleigh maker. 
Fletcher, David, carriage and sleigh maker. 
Franklin, — , grist and saw mill owner. 
Fraser, Wallace, blacksmith. 
Guy, J., shoemaker. 
Hawkins, Luke, general store. 
Johns, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Johnston, Robert, blacksmith. 
McCarthy, John, shoemaker. 
McCormick, P., butcher. 
McKay, Donald, tailor. 
McKay, William, general store. 
Miller, Nicholas, innkeeper. 
Neil, rev. Robert, church of Scotland, 
Oglevy, William, shoemaker. 
Ross, John, general store. 
Sorley, W. B., general store. 
Tice, George, J.P. 
Wellman, Francis, innkeeper. 

CAMPBELL'S CROSS, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Chinguacousy and County of Peel. 
Toronto 36 miles, from Hamilton 48 miles, and f^om Brampton 9 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Distant from 

Armstrong, Adam, blacksmith. 

Bradley, John. 

Buckham, Andrew, J.P. 

Campbell, Francis, J.P. 

Campbell, rev. Peter, Wesleyan. 

Campbell, Seth, farmer. 

Cravvford, Andrew, steam saw mill. 

Dixon, Christopher, tailor. 

Hackett & Co., shoemakers. 

Hagyard, E. T., postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Hagyard, F. C, druggist, &c. 
Hagyard, Thomas, J.P., M.D. 
Headley, John, tavernkeeper. 
Lawn, Robert, blacksmith. 
Marshall, James, waggonmaker. 
McCoUum, R. C, township clerk. 
Penny, F. M., veterinary surgeon. 
Perdue, Michael, councillor. 
Robson, James. 

C AMPBELLVILLE, C. W.— A Village situated on the Sixteen Mile Creek, in the Township of Nassagaweya and 
County of Halton. Distant from Milton 8 miles, and from Hamilton 21 miles. Mail and stage tri-weekly to Hamilton, fare $1.25. 
Population about 200. 

McLean, James, clerk of Division court and general 

Buck, William, tailor. 
Cameron, Mrs., innkeeper. 
Devele, J., tanner. 
Estabrook, William, innkeeper, 
Forest, S. D., carpenter. 
Job, John, shoemaker. 
Kidney, James, innkeeper. 
McCurdy, James, carpenter. 

Reid, Duncan, blacksmith. 
Scott, William, carpenter. 
Shaw, James, tailor. 
Sherring, John, shoemaker. 
Smith, Thompson, saw mill owner. 
Smitton, Duncan, postmaster. 



1857. [Canada 

CANBORO, C. W.— A VillaRe In the Tovmship of the same name and County of Haldimand. Distant firom Caiyuga, the 
County Town, 10 mUes, from Hamilton 28 miles, and from Toronto 65 miles. Daily mail. Population about 200. 

Adama, Robert, blacksmith. 
Bennett, John, innkeeper. 
Birdsalls, H. & E., general dealers. 
Carmody, Daniel, -waggonmaker. 
Elliott, rev. John Y., Episcopal methodiat. 
Fitch, William, J.P., postmaster. 
Folmsbec, John, J.P., general dealer. 
French, Robert, innkeeper. 
George, John, shoemaker. 

Gross, S. H., physician and surgeon. 

Hazleton, John G., shoemaker. 

Hill, J., tailor. 

Millick, D., blacksmith. 

Park, Paul, general dealer. 

Rogers, Elkanah, shoemaker. 

Smith, James B., councillor and millwright. 

Smith, Seth, general dealer. 

Winslow, J. G., coroner. 

CANESTOGA, C. W.— A Village in the Townshipof 
County Town, 7 miles, and from Toronto 71 miles. Mail daily 

Arnold, Charles, carpenter. 

Bergman, Auguste, blacksmith. 

Cole, Isaac, blacksmith. ♦ 

Cnnz, Jacob, cooper. 

Curtis, Burton H., J.P. 

Decher, Philip, carpenter. 

Dickent, George, -waggonmaker. 

Bby, John B., carpenter. 

Eby, William, potter. 

Gerbig, John, innkeeper. 

Gilles, Joseph, tailor. 

Grosz, Jacob, tailor. 

Heller, Adam, blacksmith. 

Hendry, C. & W., general storekeepers. 

HENDRY, CHARLES, J.P., of 0. & W. Hendry, 

Hendry, William, clerk of Division court, and com- 
missioner in Queen's bench. 

Hoffman, Henry, vinegar manufacturer. 

Woolwich and County of Waterloo. Distant from Berlin, the 
> Population about 800. 

Kigel, Frederick, shoemaker. 

Lippert, Jacob, shoemaker. 

Miller, J. W., weaver. 

Mulhern, Thomas, foundry. 

Neuart, Yalentine, cooper. 

Oswald, Sebastian, carpenter. 

Perim Brothers, flax dressers. 

Robb, Alexander, tailor. 

Schwahn, Nicholas, miller. 

Schwaus, George, shoemaker. 

Smith, Stephen, sawyer. 

Snider, Henry, J.P., grist and sawmills. 

Spetz, Theobald, hotel keeper. 

Steurnagel, Christian, carpenter. 

Weber, Isaac W., blacksmith and carriagemaker. 

Weber, Joseph W., blacksmith and waggonmaker. 

Weigand, Adam, tailor. 

Weigand, William, carpenter. 

GANFIELD, C. W.— A small Village on tlie route of the Buffalo and Lake Hiu:on Eailway, in the Townshipof Cayuga 
and County of Haldimaud. Distant from Cayuga, the Comitv Town, 6 miles. Mail daily. Population about SO. 

Adrane, Mark, mason. 

Badgley & Co., mill owners and lumber merchants. 

Baldwin, Thomas, farmer. 

Berryman, John, lumber merchant and mill owner. 

Coverdale, William, carpenter. 

Dewar, David, farmer. 

FENTON, JAMES E., station master. 

FLANDBR, GEORGE B., of Buffalo and Lake Huron 

Flander, Jacob, farmer. 
Harrison, John, assistant station master. 
Haynes, William, farmer. 
Hayney, George, waggonmaker. 

King, Henry, farmer. 

McDonald, Alexander, railway laborer. 

OLNEY, JONATHAN F., lumber merchant and mill 

Reed, William, carpenter. 
Sullivan, Bradley, school teacher. 
Switzer, John, tavernkeeper. 
Yersey, William, tavernkeeper. 
Walker, Charles, sen., councillor. 
Weaver, Adam W., mason. 
Wigg, Edward, baker and grocer. 
WILSON, JOHN, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

CANIFTON, C. W.— A Village situated on the Biver Moira, in the Township of Thurlow and County of Hastings. It 
has considerable flouring and lumbering establishments. The mail stages from Belleville, from which it is distant S miles, to 
Stirling, 13 miles, fare 50c., and to Madoo and Hungerford, distant respsotively 22 miles, fare $1, pass through daily. Mail 
daily. Population about 900. 

Begley, William, wheelwright. 

Bristol, Amos S., M.D. 

Bryce, James, manufacturer of pottery. 

BuUen, W. H., boot and shoe store. 

Byron, John, grocer. 

Campbell & Reed, morocco dressers, tanners and leather 

Oanniff, John, postmaster, and clerk of municipal 

Canniff, Jonas A., blacksmith, 
danniff, Jonas, jr., flouring and saw mill owner. 
Canniff, Joseph, township councillor, flouring and saw 

mill owner and general lumber dealer. 
Canniff, T. & D., mail contractors and stage owners. 
Clark, Benjamin, general store and ashery. 
Collins, Daniel, tailor. 
Farmer, J. G., Division court bailiff. 
Farmer & Nicholson, carders and cloth dressers. 
Ferguson, Oliver A., millwright. 
Gardner, Gideon, cooper and grocer. 
Gonsolus, J. J., blacksmith. 

Harris, William, carriage and sleigh maker. 

Hibbard, Nelson, tailor. 

Hickey, Edward, grocer. 

Irvine, John, bailiff. 

Jones, rev. George, Episcopal methodist. 

Keeler, T. G., harnessmaker. 

LIDDELL, RICHARD N., proprietor of Hastings hotel. 

MuUett, Daniel, tanner. 

Nailor, Thomas, farrier. 

Naylor, William, shoemaker. 

Peake, Samuel, carpenter and joiner. 

Powers, William, innkeeper. 

Stimers, Abraham, innkeeper. 

Sutherland, Alexander, cooper and miller. 

Teller, Mrs. H., grocer. 

Yickers, William, mason. 

WASHBURN, STEPHEN M., clerk of Division court. 

Washburn, Seth, bailiff. 

White, Robert, innkeeper. 

Wright, Leander, grocer. 

Directory.] 1858. 



CANNING) C. W.— A Village with extensive waterpower situatedon Smith Creek, in the Township of Blenheim and 
County of Oxford. The Great Western Eailway runs through the place. Distant from Woodstock 16 miles, and li:om 
Paris railway junction i miles. Mail daily. Population about 250. 

Allcbin, Thomas, J.P., postmaster, notary public, pro- 
vincial land surveyor and conveyancer. 

CAVE & PICKARD, post office, general storekeepers, 
and flour, grist and saw mill ovrners. Canning mills. 

Cave & Turner, blacksmiths and vraggonmakers. 

Mudge, Chapman, owner of village lots. 

Pierce, Reuben, innkeeper. 

Rayner, William, shoemaker. 

Reins, Nelson, woollen factor and carder. 

Williamson, J. N., J.P., tannery and shoe shop. 

Williamson, R. G., carpenter. 

Young, William, carpenter, and owner of village lots. 

C ANNINGTON, C. W.— A beautiful Village on Beaver Eiver, in the Township of Brock and County of Ontario, 
An extensive general business is carried on in the village, and it is the centre of a productive agricultural district. Distant 
from Whitby, the County Town, 36 miles, and from Toronto 60 miles. Daily mail. Population about 150. 

Andrew, John, saddler and harnessmaker. 

Brabazon, George, deputy reeve. 

Brown, J. & D., tanners and curriers. 

Card, A. & A. D., carding and cloth dressing factory, &c. 

Chambers, Moses, bailiff. 

Clift, Thomas, carriagemaker. 

Cowan, Mathew, general store. 

Day, M., teacher. 

Donald, Jane, fancy store. 

Donald, William, builder. 

Ellis, John W., general store. 

Pear, rev. Samuel, Wesleyan. 

Ferguson, John, carpenter. 

Garrett, rev. Richard, church of England. 

GIBBS, CHARLES, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, 
hardware, groceries, produce, &c., and commis- 
sioner in Queen's bench. 

Holmes, John, blacksmith. i 

Jolliff, John, blacksmith. 

Mclntyre, rev. Alexander, Baptist. 

McEaig, Archibald, shoemaker. 

McKay, John, shoemaker. 

McKenzie, John, carpenter. 

McKenzie, Thomas, tailor. 

McTaggart, John, innkeeper. 

Metcalfe, John, clerk of Division court and township 

treasurer and clerk. 
MUNRO, HUGH, machinist and mill owner. 
Norton, James, turner. 
Peterbaugh, Samuel, carpenter. 
Powell, James Y., ambrotypist. 
Sharp & Co., general store. 
Thompson, Andrew, carpenter. 
Thompson, John Hall, reeve, warden of county. 
Ward, John, hotelkeeper. 
Ward, Marcus W., shoemaker. 

'CANTON, C. W,— A Village in the Township of Pickering and County of Ontario, on the Kingston Eoad. Distant 
from Toronto 22 miles. Population about 350. 

Agnew, John, surgeon. 

Beaton, Alexander, school teacher. 

Beaton, Hector, clerk of township. 

Bothwell, John, general store. 

Brunker, Francis, boot and shoe maker. 

Bunting, B., general store. 

Cowan, William, saw mill owner. 

Cuthbert, Alexander, boot and shoe maker. 

Cuthbert, William, boot and shoe maker. 

Davidson, Julian, blacksmith. 

Dyke, Thomas, waggonmaker. 

Equitable Insurance Company, W. Lumsden, agent. 

Ferguson, William, carpenter. 

Fisher, John, tailor. 

Gibson, Darby, hotelkeeper. 

Gibson, William, boot and shoe maker. 

Gleig, James, nursery and seedsman. 

Gordon, John, cooper. 

Gordon, William, carpenter. 

Haight, John, saw mill owner. 

Hancock, B., baker. 

Hastrick, Matthew, tinsmith. 

Haxton, Andrew, carpenter. 

Head, Peter, grist mill owner. 

Head, Peter, hotelkeeper. 

Heath, Joseph, tailor. 

Henney, Richard, hotelkeeper. 

International Assurance Co., W. Lumsden, agent. 

Jenkins, J., mason and plasterer. 

Jennings, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Jewett, James, tanner. 
Johnston, George, tailor. 
Kennedy, rev. — , Free church. 
Kitchen, John, boot and shoe maker. 
Ladle, P., butcher. 
Leonard, Miss, ladies seminary. 
Lepper, John, general store. 
Levans, Eli, tanner. 
Levens, Henry, boot and shoe maker. 
Linton, Joseph, boot and shoe maker. 
Lipsey, John, brewer. 
Lucas, George, mason and plasterer. 
Lumsden, John M., M.P.P. 

Lumsden, William, general dealer, and agent for Equi- 
table and International Assurance Companies. 
Matthews, Charles, hotelkeeper. 
McCann, Bartlett, boot and shoe maker. 
McCaughey, rev. S. G., church of Scotland. 
Palmer, John, saw mill owner. 
Post, Jordan, saw mill owner. 
Beazin, Henry, school teacher. 
Richards, Thomas, mason and plasterer. 
Richardson, Robert, councillor. 
Shear, William, tanner. 
Sterling, James, general store. 
Sullivan, D., school teacher. 
Tucker, David, surgeon. 
White, S. P., reeve. 
WHITNEY, P. F., postmaster. 

CAPE COVE, C. E.— A Village in the Township of Perc6 and County and District of Ga«p6. It is the seat of a consid- 
erable fishing business. Distant from Percy, the eh^ Ueu, 9 miles, and from Quebec 450 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population 
of parish, about 450. 

Baker, John, J.P. 

Baker, William, councillor. 

Cass, Joseph. 

Cass, Josiah, J.P. 

Crosse, rev. Silas, church of England. 

De la Peovelle & Co., storekeepers and ship owners. 

Dumoresque, Daniel, councillor. 

Payn, Amice, storekeeper. 

Sauvage & Legros, storekeepers and ship owners. 

Sauvage, Thomas, J.P. 

Tilley, Alexander R. 

Tilley, William, postmaster and coroner of county. 

• Late Duffin's Creek. The post office is cal ei Pickering. 


1657. [Canada 

'CANTON, C. W.— A Village situated on Smith's Creek, in the Township of Hope and County of Durham. Distant 
from Cobourg, the County Town, 11 miles, from Port Hope 6 miles, and from Toronto 70 miles. Daily mail. Population 
about 200. 

CARK, WILLIAM, postmaster, tailor and grocer. 

Crawley, Eli, innkeeper. 

Edsall & Wilson, lumber merchants. 

Gibbs, Richard, cooper. 

Harris, Myndhert, J. P. 

Harris, Myndhert, jr., J.P., dealer in grain and flour. 

Haw, William, carpenter. 

Henwood, Charles, lumber merchant. 

Jones, William, carpenter. 

Peters, William, J.P. 
Powers, Charles, lumber merchant. 
Powers, Samuel S., J.P. 
Price, James, hatter. 
Salter, Peter, flour mill. 
Stebbings, James, carriagemBker. 
Tucker, rev. Samuel, Wesleyan. 
White, Henry, blacksmith. 

CAP DE LA MAGDELEINE, C. E.— a small Village and Seigniory situated on the North shore of the Eiver St 
Lawrence, in the County of Champlain. At this point the Elver St. Lawrence is naiTOw and the navigation difficult. There 

are four lighthouses for the accommodation of steamboats. 

miles, from Quebec 86 miles, and fVom Three Rivers 6 niiles. 
Beaumier, Pierre, carpenter. 
Briere, Francois, road overseer. 
Briere, Michel, carpenter. 
D^silets, rev. Louis 0., Roman catholic. 
Dumas, Louis, road overseer. 
Lacourse, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Lacroix, Joseph, mason. ■ 

Lacroix, Pierre, carpenter. 
Leduc, captain Louis, mayor. 

A good lumbering trade is done here. Distant from Montreal 94 
Population about 1300. 

Longval, Joseph, road overseer. 

Marchand, Jean, miller. 

Montplaisir, Alexis, inspector of roads. 

Morainville, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Normand, Edouard, ship carpenter. 

ROCHELEAU, SfivfeRE, secretary and treasurer of 

municipality and schools. 
Samson, .Toseph, jr., shipjCarpenter. 
Samson, Joseph, sen., ship carpenter. 

CAP SANTE, C. E.— A Village situated on the North shore of the River St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory and County of 
Portneuf. Distant from Montreal 160 miles, and from Quebec 30 miles. Daily mail. Population about 350. 

Allsopp, George A., M.D., postmaster and commissioner 
of small causes. 

Aylwin, Charles, notary public. 

Beandry, Francois Xavier, road overseer. 

Bernard, Joseph, notary public, deputy postmaster and 
clerk of Commissioners court. 

Bertrand, Joseph, tailor. 

Bertrand, Louis, blacksmith. 

Briere, Augustin, carpenter. 

Cap Sant6 Academy. 

Chaillez, Eusebe, wheelwright. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, F. I. Rinfret, agent. 

Defoy, Michel, general store. 

De Lagorgendiere, Fleury, notary public and secretary- 
treasurer of municipality. 

Delisle, Olivier, general store. 

Desearreau, Narcisse, saddler and road overseer. 

Fisette, Guillaume, road overseer. 

Frenette, Antoine, road overseer. 

Frenette, Frangois, road overseer. 

Frenette, Fran9ois X., secretary-treasurer of schools. 

Gaflfhey, William, inspector of roads. 

Garneau, Albert, baker. 

Garneau, F61ix, blacksmith. 

Garneau, Pran9oi3 X., boarding house keeper and 

Germain, Jacob, carpenter and cabinetmaker. 

Jacques, Jean, wheelwright. 

Jacques, Louis, road overseer. 

Langlois, Z^phirin, baker. 

Latulippe, C, blacksmith. 

Laurencelle, Prisque, blacksmith. 

Lelievre, Roger, J.P., registrar of county, and clerk of 
Circuit court. 

Marcotte, Fran5ois X., general storekeeper and com- 
missioner of small causes. 

Marcotte, Louis, mill owner. 

Marcotte, Moyse, carpenter and mason. 

Marcotte, Timothy, road overseer. 

Matte, Pierre, shoemaker and saddler. 

Morasse, Joseph, tanner , 

Morin, rev. Francois, Roman catholic. 

Morissette, Charles, shoemaker. 

Pag^, Ignace, butcher. 

Pich^, Jean, cooper. 

Richard, Albert, mason. 

Richard, D^sanges, milliner. 

Richard, Gr^goire, tanner. 

Richard, Joseph, mason. 

Rinfret, Fran?ois I., J.P., general storekeeper, commia- 
sioner of small causes, and agent for Equitable 
Fire Insurance Company. 


Tourangeau, Frangois, painter. 

CAPE RICH, C. W.— A picturesque Village at the mouth of Nottawasaga Bay, Georgian Bay, in the Township of St 
Vmcent and County of Grey. There are extensive fisheries of salmon trout, herring and white fish. The steamer conneotinic 

^,t^. f.v,„ o.f„.i„ Si „ .„A tr !,„„ „. ..:,.. Distant from CoUingwood 37 miles, and ft-om Owen Sound 19 mlle^ 

Population about 100. 

with the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railway, calls daily 
Mail daily during summer and trl-weekly during winter, 

Burns, Charles, shoemaker. 

Curzon, Robert, miller. 

Fisher, Oliver, fish merchant. 

Hill, George, carpenter and joiner. 

HoUick, James, cooper. 

Hull, John R., brickmaker. 

King, James, candle and soap maker. 

Knox, Pascal E., carpenter and joiner. 

Knox, William C., carpenter and joiner. 

Mcintosh, D. G., tailor. 

Mcintosh, Gilbert, carpenter. 

Mcintosh, John, merchant. 

McLaren, Donald, postmaster, and wharfinger. 

McLaren, James, brickmaker. 

McLaren, rev. Duncan, Baptist. 

Mitchell, John, tavernkeeper. 

Rouse, Alphonzo, watchmaker. 

Scammell, George, veterinary surgeon. 

Stephens, Adam S., merchant. 

♦ Lately called Hopevilla, 

Directory.] 1858. 



CAP ST. IGNACE, C. E.— A Village and Parish situated below Quebec, on the South shore of the River St. Law- 
rence, in the flefs Gamaohe, Lafrenay, Pournier, and Ste. Claire, and County of Montmagny. It possesses au extensive 
lumbering business and shipbuilding yards. Distant from Quebec 40 miles. Mail daily. Population about 2S00. 

Antoine, Vezina, builder. 

BEAUBIEN, LOUIS AMtot'E, notary public, seignior 

and mill awner. 
Belleau, Jean, tinsmith. 
Bernier, Augustin, seignior. 
Bernier, Charles, carpenter and architect. 
Bernier, Damase, carpenter. 
Bernier, Francois, inspector of roads. 
Bernier, Fr^dlric, road overseer. 
Bernier, Hilaire, general storekeeper and tailor. 
Bernier, Marcel, carpenter. 
Blanchet, Joseph, carpenter. 
Blanchet, Louis, road overseer. 
Blanchet, Narcisse, road overseer. 
Boulet, Antoine, cooper. 
Boulet, Stephen, road overseer. 
Bry, Fr^d^ric, road overseer. 
Gaouet, Isaac, millwright. 
Caron, rev. P., Roman catholic. 

Caron, Z^phirin, boarding house keeper and shoemaker. 
Chenelle, Joseph, cooper. 
De Ladurantaie, Germain, tinsmith. 
De Ladurantaie, Hilaire, road overseer. 
Dolphin, Richard, joiner. 
Durand, Jacques, general store. 
Duval, Luc, tanner. 
Fortiu, George, millwright. 
Fortin, Jean Baptiste, mason. 
Fortin, Julien, carpenter. 
Fortin, Louis, J.P., mayor and commissioner of small 

Fortin, Glide, carpenter. 
Fortin, Thomas, general store. 
Fournier, Etienne, tanner. 
Fournier, Faustin, road overseer. 

Fournier, Isique, roadoverseer. 
Pr^geau, Hilaire, general store. 
Gagn^, Philippe, general store. 
Gamache, lieutenant colonel Louis Olivier, general 

Guimont, Amable, blacksmith. 
Guimont, Antime, shoemaker. 
Guimont, Azad, road overseer. 
Guimont, Damase, general store. 
Hubert, Hilaire, inspector of roads. 
Laflamme, Louis, cooper. 
Lagac^, Etienne, carpenter. 
Lagac6, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Langlois, Charles, road overseer. 
Larue, Abraham, J.P., notary public. 
Larue, Miss Clementine, post office. 
Larueji P. A., M.D., postmaster, house at L'Islet. 
Lavoie, Narcisse, ship carpenter. 
Lemieux, Marcel, blacksmith. 
Mathieu, Joseph Vital, bailiff. 
M^thot, Anselme, inspector of roads. 
M6thot, L^andre, J.P., general storekeeper, mill owner, 

councillor and school commissioner. 
Morin, Narcisse, road overseer. 
Nadeau, major Noel, secretary-treasurer of the County 

Agricultural Society, clerk of Commissioners court 

and secretary treasurer of schools and municipality. 
Poitras, Hilaire, blacksmith. 
Protean, Jean Baptiste, miller. 
Richard, Antoine, blacksmith. 
Richard, George, road overseer. 
Richard, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Richard, Octave, wheelwright and ship carpenter. 
Richard, Pascal, mason. 
Rousseau, Jean Baptiste, cooper. 

CARILLON, C. E.— A Village on the Eiver Ottawa, in the Township of Chatham and County of Argenteuil. There is 
a railway from this place to Grenville, a distance of 12 miles, now in operation. Distant from Montreal BO miles ; fare by rail- 
way and steamboat $1.25. Mail daily. Population about 800. 

Barclay, James, farmer. 

Clark, William, wharfinger. 

Davis, Asher, blacksmith. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, G. Wanless, agent. 

Forbes, J. C, J.P. 

Forbes, John, lockmaster. 

Goudry, William, baker. 

Hoy, John, insurance agent. 

International Life Assurance Company, G. Wanless, 

JOHNSTON, J. K., dealer in groceries, produce, &c., 

and innkeeper. 

Jones, Edward T., advocate. 

Kelly, John, innkeeper. 

Martin, Edward, shoemaker. 

McCormick, P., shoemaker. 

MONTMARQUET, A. E., steamboat owner. 

Ouellet, Louis, carpenter. 

Quirk, Richard, innkeeper. 

SCHNEIDER, C. W., postmaster, and dealer in dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Wanless, George, proprietor of academy, and agent for 

Equitable Fire and International Life Assurance 


CARLEtON, C. E.— a Village and Township in the County of Bonaventure and District of Gasp^. Fishing is a main 
support of the place. Distant from New Carlisle, the County Town, 52 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population of the Township 
about 1000. 

Allard, Peter, councillor. 

Arseneau, Frederick, J.P., storekeeper. 

Audet, rev. N., Roman catholic. 

Bernard, Zoel, councillor. 

Bujol, Frederick, J.P. 

Gauvreau, John, councillor. 

Green, Patrick, storekeeper. 

Landry, Constant, councillor. 

Landry, Remain, mayor. 

Mann, Edward, J. P., sub-collector of customs and clerk 

of Circuit court. 
Meagher, John, J.P., M.P.P., storekeeper. 
Meagher, Joseph, J.P., postmaster and school inspector. 
Verge, Joseph N., storekeeper and crown timber agent. 



1857. [Canada 

*CARLETON PLACE, C. W.— a thriving VUlage situated on the Mississippi Eiver, in the Township of Beckwith 
and County of Lanark. Distant from Perth, the County Town, 20 miles, from Ottawa 30 miles, and from Brookville by railroad 
47 miles. This village was founded by the late Mr. Morphy. The business is chiefly in country produce, and a considerable 
quantity of cloth has been manufactured for a number of years past. Daily mail. Population about 600. 

BELL, EOBEBT, M.P.P., agent for marriage licences, 
and for Equitable Fire, and International Life As- 
surance Companies. 

Bell & Rosamond, saw mill owners. 

Bell, William, cabinetmaker. 

Bolton, Hugh, grist mill owner. 

Bond, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Bourke, B., cooper. 

Campbell, Duncan, postmaster. 

CAMPBELL & MORPHY, general merchants, dealers in 
dry goods, ready-made clothing, groceries, &c. 

Cameron, A. R., saddler. 

Cox, rev. R. Gregory, church of England. 

Denion, rev. W., Baptist ♦ 

DEWAR, JOHN, general merchant, dry goods, &c., 
deals in all kinds of produce. 

Docherty, Horatio N., shoemaker. 

Duncan, James, blacksmith. 

Dunlop, James, carpenter. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Robert Bell, agent. 

Fuller, Samuel, foundry and machine shop. 

Galvin, Patrick, tailor. 

GilhuUy, Richard, blacksmith. 

Graham, John, waggonmaker. 

Gray, rev. Peter, Free church. 

HERALD,(THE) weekly, annual subscription.fl, James 
Poole, editor, proprietor and publisher. 

Howes, rev. John, Wesleyan. 

International Life Assurance Company, Robert Bell, 

Lavallfie, Francis, cooper. 

Lavall^e, Napoleon, proprietor of Carleton house. 
McArthur, A., general dealer. 
McDonald, Allan, carding miU. 
McGregor, Duncan, blacksmith. 
McLaren, Robert, carpenter. 
McLauchlin, John, carpenter. 
McLean, George, carpenter. 
McNeely, N., blacksmith. 
McPherson, George, waggonmaker. 
Metcalf, Robert, innkeeper. 
Moore, William, shoemaker. 
Murphy, James, shoemaker. 
Neelin, William, shoemaker. 
PEDEN, WILLIAM, dealer in dry goods, groceries, 

country produce and hardware. 
POOLE, JAMES, clerk of Division court, commissioner 

in Queen's bench, and editor, proprietor and pnblis- 

her of the Herald. 
Scott, Walter, tailor. 
Sinclair, Colin, tailor. 
Tennant & Struthers, general store. 
Ward, David, tinsmith. 
Wilson, William, physician and surgeon. 

CARLINGFORD, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Fullarton and County of Perth. Distant from Stratford, 
the County Town, 11 miles, and from London 35 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 60. 

Bcrney, rev. David, Episcopal methodist. 
Brogden, Matthew, saw mill and blacksmiths shop. 
Clarke, Robert, J.P. 
Cole, John, councillor. 
Cook, Hartman, shoemaker, 

Davidson, Abraham, postmaster, storekeeper and coun- 

Davidson, William, J.P. 
Dodds, Edward, councillor. 
Findlay, rev. James, Free church. 
Horley, rev. Peter, Bible Christian. 
McPhail, Daniel, councillor. 
Smith, rev. Andrew, Wesleyan. 
Watson, James, reeve. 

CARLISLE, C- W.— A Tillage situated in the Township of East Plamboro, and County of Wentworth. Distant fl:om 
Hamilton 12 miles, stage fare 60e. Daily mail. Population about 150. 

Anderson, Thomas, millwright. 

Barton, Felander, mail contractor and stage owner. 

Bateman, Samuel, lucifer match maker. 

Brett, William, carpenter and builder. 

Burns, J. H., lumber dealer and steam saw mill owner. 

Cranston, Henry, painter and glazier. 

Crisford, John, cabinetmaker. 

Davidson, James, Western hotel. 

Eaton, Daniel, innkeeper. 

Eaton, L. H., carpenter and builder. 

Baton, S. S., tin and copper smith. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, 0. H. Lawrence, 

Gates, Henry, shoemaker. 

Hood, J., innkeeper. 

Hubbard & Hood, shoemakers. 

Lawrence, 0. H., commissioner in Queen's bench, issuer 

of marriage licenses, and agent for Equitable Fire 

Insurance Company. 
Lottridge, W. M., postmaster, and general storekeeper. 
Mahan, W., blacksmith. 
Patton, Andrew, J.P., grist and saw mills. 
Place, Elijah, cooper. 
Rogers, George, general storekeeper. 
Stokes, Edward, carpenter and builder. 
Volie & Whitfield, blacksmiths, waggon and carriage 

Wheeler, N., carpenter and builder.' 

CARLOW, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Colborne and County of Huron. 
tri-weekl.y. Population about 100. 

Distant from Goderich 6 miles. Hail 

Annand, Alexander, J.P. 
Clark, David, J.P. 
Garrett, W.B. 
Halliday, William, councillor. 

Mcdonough, james, postmaster. 

Morris, John, councillor. 

Miller, Benjamin, reeve. 

Morrish, Nicholas, councillor. 

Tewsley, James, township clerk and treasurer. 

Young, Robert, J.P. 

Young, William, J.P., councillor. 

C AROUGE, C. E.— A small Village situated in the District of Quebec, on the North shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence. 
Distant from Quebec 7i miles. Population about 100. 

Alain, Jean Baptiste, shoemaker. 

Drolet, Charles, grocer and boarding house keeper. 
Frechette, Louis, blacksmith. 

Porter, James, innkeeper. 

Tivierge, Dominique, grocer and general dealer. 

Veilleux, Charles, innkeeper. 

Formerly called Morph/s Palls. 

Directory.] 1858. 



'CARLISLE, C. W.-A Village situated on Siddell's Creek, in the Township of Williamatown and County of MiddleBex, 

It has a good water privilege. Distant from London 19 miles. 
Ashwell & Lumby, steam saw mill. 
Saker, Charles, mason and plasterer. 
Baker, William, blacksmith. 
Calloon, Gillis, builder. 
Campbell & Gallason, physicians, surgeons and drug- 

Carey, T., blacksmith and waggonmaker 
Coulter, J., shoemaker. 
Gillan, James, general store. 
Harrison, Thomas, J.P., conveyancer. 
Haskel, William, innkeeper. 
Haskett, Robert, innkeeper. 
Hodgins, John, shoemaker. 
Hopkins, — , M.D. 
Inon, Watkin, builder. 
Little, Robert, waggonmaker. 
Longstaff, J. C., innkeeper. 
McDonald, C, builder. 

Mail semi-weekly. Population ahont 1000. 

O'Leary, P., builder. 

Overhalt, Peter, shoemaker. 

Priestly, John H., postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Ross, — , general store, 

Rowell, John, tanner. 

Schram, Horace & Robert, cabinetmakers. 

Shipley, Lyall, grist mill. 

Siddell, — , grist mill. 

Siddell, Daniel, saw mill. 

Siddell, Joseph, fuller, carder and brewer. 

Smith & Barber, builders. 

Stevenson, Thomas, cabinetmaker. 

Tottom, John, saw mill. 

Waugh, Robert, grist mill. 

Westcott, C, saw mill. 

Widders, M., tailor. 

Wittson, L., cabinetmaker. 

Wright, James, general store. 

CARP, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Huntlyand County of Carleton. 
fare $1. Daily mail. Population about 100. 

Distant from Ottawa 20 miles, stage 

Bradly, William B., farmer and councillor. 

Brown, William, blacksmith. 

Charlebois, Francois, blacksmith. 

Coleman, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

Dooley, William, innkeeper. 

Fenton, John, clerk of court. 

Foster, Robert, teacher. 

Godfrey, rev. James, church of England. 

Henney, William, teacher. 

Hodgens, James, farmer and councillor. 

Holmes, James, carpenter. 

Holmes, John, land surveyor. 

Hunt, Arthur, tailor. 

Johnston, Samuel, tanner. 

Jury, Thomas, tanner. 

Kidd, Richard, general storekeeper and councillor. 

Langford, Richard, bailiff. 

Law, William, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Little, James, innkeeper. 

Manyon, John, farmer and councillor. 

Marks, Robert, carpenter. 

McBride, Henry, farmer and reeve. 

McKee, John, mason. 

Orr, James, jr., shoemaker. 

Orr, James, sen., shoemaker. 

Sinclair, rev. James, church of Scotland. 

Vance, Erwin, shoemaker. 

Younghusband, John, teacher. 

CARRON BROOK, C. W.— A Village in the Townships of Logan, McKillop and Hibbert and County of Perth, sit- 
uated on the Huron Head on the line of the Buffalo and Lake Huron Eailway. Distant from Stratford, the County Town, 
17 miles, from Goderich 25 miles, and from Toronto 105 miles. Daily mail. Population about 100. 

Carpenter, William, hotelkeeper. 

Clifford, John, boot and shoe maker. 

Duncan, Robert, J.P., steam grist and saw mill owner. 

Dwyer, John, blacksmith. 

Lee, U. C, postmaster, and general dealer. 

McSweeny, Edward B., grocer. 
Meiklejohn, J., general store. 
Nevin, John, hotelkeeper. 
Olone, Richard, general store. 

tCASHEL, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Markham and County of York. Distant from Toronto 23 miles. Mail 
bi-weekly. Population about 80. 

ALEXANDER, ARTHUR, postmaster, and storekeeper. 
Eakin, Samuel, carriagemaker. 
Gordon, rev. James, church of Scotland. 

Mighton, Samuel, tavernkeeper. 
Pingee, George, deputy reeve. 
Walker, Francis, blacksmith. 

tCASHMERE, C. W— A Village in the Township of 
from Bothwell 3 miles, and from New Glasgow 12 miles. 
Population about 100. 

Bennet, Charles, sash factory. 

Campbell, Daniel, carpenter and joiner. 

Davis, L. W., millwright. 

Fleming, George, saw mill owner. 

Fleming, Henry, tavernkeeper. 

Gardiner, James, carding machine and grist mill owner 

and councillor. 
Gardiner, — , saw mill owner and blacksmith. 

Mosa and County of Middlesex. Distant from London 40 miles. 
There is extensive water power available here. Mail bi-weekly. 

Gardiner, William, land proprietor. 

Gibb, Singleton, saw mill owner and blacksmith. 

Hawkins, Charles, cabinetmaker. 

Heal, E. M., postmaster. 

Hendershot, Christopher, tavernkeeper. 

Meloche, John, blacksmith. 

Ward, G. G., general store. 

BCASTLEBAR, C. E .—a Village on the North side of the Townsliip of Tingwiok, on the borders of Shipton, in the 
County of Arthabaska and District of Three Kivcrs. Distant from Danville S miles, fare by mail stage 25c. Population 
about 100. 

Adams, Edmund, shoemaker. 

Faulker, David, farmer, mayor of municipality. 

Hawkins, Thomas, sawmill. 

Johnson, Michael, blacksmith. 

Murphy, John R., J.P., postmaster, storekeeper, 

secretary and treasurer of municipality. 
Ricker, George, carpenter and builder. 


Lately called Falkirk. + Formerly called Crosby's Corners. t Also called Canton. || Lately called Tingwick. 



1857. [Canada 

CASTLETON, C. W.-A Village situated in the Township of Cramahe and County of Northumberland. Distant from 
Cobourg 21 miles, from the Colborne station on the Grand Trunk Hallway 7 miles, and from Toronto 91 miles. The stage from 
Colborne, fare 50o., to Norwood, 24 miles, fare 75o., passes through daUy. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 000. 

Alger, rev. Elisha, Bible Christian, 

Bame, David, harnessmaker. 

Blakely, Henry, lumber merchant. 

Bowen, John, plasterer. 

Bowen, Peleg, carpenter and millwright. 

Bunbury, Hugh, general store. 

Camfield, Stephen, axe maker. 

Church, Duncan, lumberer. 

Coleman, Vincent A., farmer. 

Dorlaud, Andrew M., J.P., flouring mill owner and 

Doty, William, whip factory. 
Gaffield, OliTer, proprietor of Farmers hotel. 
Gilley, John, gristmill. 

Griffio, Andrew, carpenter. « 

Gould, C. M., M.D., surgeon and accoucheur. 
Griffith, William, house carpenter. 
Hess, Jacob, carpenter. 

Hudson, Gould & Brothers, waggon and sleigh makers. 
Inch, Charles, cooper. 

Ingersol, Nelson, blacksmith. 
Jay, T. W., general store. 
McDonald, Donald, tailor. 
McDonald, L., bookkeeper. 
McLoughlin, David, blacksmith. 
Moore, Calvin, tanner and currier. 
Parker, George, cooper. 

Pennock, John C., J.P., postmaster, and saw mill owner. 
Ray, Robert,' weaver. 
Richardson, Gilbert, house carpenter. 
Robinson & Young, boot and shoe makers. 
Ruttan, David, deputy postmaster, and general store- 
Sharpe, Robert, tailor. 
Starke, Adam, general store. 
Truesdell, Benjamin, house carpenter. 
Weller & Blakely, stage owners. 
WELLER, GILBERT, proprietor of Castleton hotel. 
Welton, Isaac, J.P., saw mill. 

*CAUGHNAWAGA, C. E.— A VUlage entirely inhabited by the Iroijuois Tribe of It is situated on the 
South shore of the Kiver St. Lawrence, opposite Lachiue, in the Seigniory of Sault St. Louis, County of Laprairie and District 
of Montreal. Access by railway from Montreal to Lachine, and by steamboat from Lachine to this place, fare $1 and 50o. 
There is here a depot of the Montreal and New York Bailway. The civil transactions of this locality are administered by a 
Council formed of seven Indian Chiefs. Distant from Montreal 9 miles. Mail daily. Population about 1200. 

Antoine, rev. P. B. Eugene, Roman catholic curate. 

Atoharishon, Francois, Indian chief. 

Aaennas6, Thomas, Indian chief. 

OAUGHNAWAGA HOUSE, Antoine George DeLori- 
mier, proprietor. 

chant and proprietor of Caughnawaga house, near 
the depot. 

DeLorimier, Narcisse, J.P., commissioner of small causes. 

DeLorimier, William, manager of Caughnawaga house. 
Kentarontii, Joseph, Indian chief. 
McNabb, Robert, postmaster, and clerk of Commission- 
ers court. 
SakoraiatakSa, Martin, Indian chief. 
Satekaienton, Louis, Indian chief. 
Taioronhiot§, Joseph, Indian chief. 
Tiorakaron, Louis, Indian chief. 

'CAVAGNOLj C. E .—A Village handsomely situated on the Ottawa Eiver, In the Seigniory and County of Vaudrouil and 
District of Montreal. Distant from Montreal 36 miles, and from the Vaudreuil Station of the Grand Trunk Eailway 9 miles. 
Daily mail. Population about 600. 

Hardie, rev. David, Wesleyan. 

Hodgson, William, councillor. 

Mathison, lieut. col, J. A., colonel of militia. 

MATHISON, R. B., postmaster, general dealer, secre- 
tary-treasurer of Agricultural Society, and dissen- 
tient schools. 

MATTHEWS, GEORGE, lithographer. 
PYKE, REV. JAMES, church of England. 
Robins, captain R. S. 
Whitelock, Charles. 
Whitelock, William. 

iCAVANVILLE, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Cavan and County of Durham. Distant from Port HopeSa 
miles, from Peterborough 14 miles, and from Port Hope and Lindsay Kailway station S miles. Mail daily. Population 
about 260. 

Allen, rev. Thomas W., church of England. 

Armstrong, James, painter and bandmaster. 

Bolster, Richard, tailor. 

BuUen, Richard, shoemaker. 

Chamberlain, William, blacksmith. 

Davy, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Dimsdale, Thomas J., school teacher. 

Douglass, James, shoemaker. 

Brrett, Jacob, shoemaker. 

Fletcher, Henry, miller. 

Goodman, John, woollen mills. 

Haygarth, Edward, waggonmaker. 

Histon, rev. John, Wesleyan. 

Hutton, Robert, shoemaker. 

Irwin, Robert, cooper. 

Jackson, Christopher, cabinetmaker. 

KNOWLSON, JOHN, postmaster, and commissioner in 

Queen's bench. 
Manning, George, tanner. 
McLean, Frederick, tailor. 
Moore, George, shoemaker. 
Morrison, John, carpenter. 

O'Beirne, P. H., tanner. 

Provincial Insurance Company, J. W. Sootheran, agent 


Schriver, Hiram, shoemaker. 

Scott, Charles, saloonkeeper. 

Scott, Searle, hotelkeeper. 

Smith, Richard, accountant. 

SOOTHERAN, J. W., dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
crockery, glassware, boots and shoes, fancy goods, 
readymade clothing, drugs and medicines, and 
agent for Provincial Insurance Company. 

STAPLES & HOPWOOD, dealers in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. 

STAPLES, ROBERT, postmaster. 

Swain, John, J.P., reeve. 

Thompson, James, cabinetmaker. 

Thompson, John, J.P., commissioner in court of Queen's 

Thompson, Joseph, tanner. 

Thompson, Robert, painter. 

TTdy, William, shoemaker. 

Also called Sault St. Louis., t Also called Pointo h Cavagnol. X The Post office is called Cavan. 

Directory.] 1858. 



CAYUGA, C. W.— The County Town of the County of Haldimand, situated on the Grand River in the Township of 
North Cayuga. Exports square and round timber, sawn himber and gi-ain. Distant from Hamilton 25 miles, from Buffalo, 
N. Y., by railroad, 50 miles, and from Brantford 26 miles. Daily mail. Population about 700. 

Aikman, T. H., barrister, clerk of the peace, and agent 

for Canada Western Assurance Company. 
Baird, A., tinsmith. 
Baxter, Jacob, M.D. 
British American Friendly Society of Canada, S. S. 

Urmy, agent. 
Brown, John, general store. 
Campbell, Duncan, grist and saw mills, &c. 
Campbell, Duncan, postmaster, clerk of Division court, 

and agent for Equitable Fire, and International 

Life Assurance Companies. 
Campbell, Peter, bailiff of Division court. 
Canada Western Assurance Company, T. H. Aikman, 

CARROLL, JOHN R., architect. 
Clair, P., tailor. 
Collins, William, cooper. 
Cook, William, warden. 

Cottar, G. S., agent for Provincial Insurance Company. 
Cunningham, John, innkeeper. 
DECEW & TJBMT, editors, proprietors and publishers 

of the Sentinel. 
Douglas, M., tailor. 
Durkin, M., general store. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, D. Campbell, agent. 
Exchange hotel, William Hall, proprietor. 
Farrell, A. P., registrar. 
Gibson, G., innkeeper. 
Griffith, R. V., clerk of County court, and deputy clerk- 

of Crown. 
Hall, J., blacksmith. 
Hall, William, proprietor of Exchange hotel. 

Hudson, W., innkeeper. 

International Life Assurance Company, D. Campbell, 

Johnson, H. T., general store. 
Johnston, Thomas, general%tore. 
Lawrence, William, gaoler. 
Martin, Evan, deputy sheriff. 
Martin, Richard, sheriff. 
Mason, J., innkeeper. 
Mills, James, druggist. 
Moore, W. B., general store. 
Murray, William, blacksmith. 
Palmer & Moore, blacksmiths. 
Provincial Insurance Company, G. S. Cottar, agent. 
Robinson, George, shoemaker. 
Robinson, G., innkeeper. 
Sayers, E. 0., general store. 
SENTINEL, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2, 

Decew & tfrmy, editors, proprietors and publishers. 
Shaw, rev. John, Wesleyan. 
Stevenson, F. S., barrister. 
Stevenson, John G., County judge. 
Stewart & Harcourt, saw mill. 
Sutor, S., general store. 
Temple, Thomas, druggist. 
Thompson, J. P., general store. 
Tucker, R., waggonmaker. 
Urmy, S. S., agent for British American Friendly 

Society of Canada. 
Walters, John, general store. 

CEDAR GROVE, C. W. — A Village in the Township of Markham and County of York, 
miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 100. 

Distant from Toronto 21 

Clarke, James, farmer. 

Cook, George, butcher. 

Davidson, William, schoolmaster. 

Lapp, David, carpenter, joiner, and owner of saw mill. 

Lapp, Joseph, carpenter and joiner. 

Lapp, Peter, farmer. 

Lapp, William, hotel and store keeper. 

Marshall, George, shoemaker. 

McPhilipps, Patrick, hotel and store keeper. 

Milroy, John, farmer. 

Milroy, Robert, farmer. 

Reesor, Peter, farmer. 

Reesor, Samuel, grist and saw mill owner. 

Reesor, Simeon, saw mill, &c. 

Schnell, John, postmaster. 

Simmonds, Thomas, grist miller. 

Steeper, David, farmer. • 

Whaley, David, owner of saw mill, and school trustee. 

CEDARS, C. E.— A Village situated on the River St. Lawrence, in the County of Soulanges. A station of the Grand 
Trunk Railway is one mile from the village. Distant from Montreal 36 miles. Pare from Montreal 95c. Daily mail. Popu- 
lation about 300. 

Bedard, James B., fulling and saw mill. 
Bienjeneti, Francois, general store. 
Charest, Dominique, general store. 
Coutl^e, David, cabinetmaker. 
Contl6e, Dominique, cabinetmaker. 
D^parois, Francois, cabinetmaker. 
Plynn, Edward, grocer. 
Giroux, Eusebe, blacksmith. 
Greff^, Moise, shoemaker. 

Hays, Edward, jr., notary public. 

Howson, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Joassim, Benjamin, postmaster, and teacher. 

Larose & Son, tailors and clothiers. 

Liger, Joachim, cabinetmaker. 

Roux, rev. M., Roman catholic. 

Roy, Alexander, general store. 

Waters, Alexander, superintendent of roads. 

Waters, J. R., proprietor of British American hotel. 

CENTRE VI LLE, C. W.— A Village situated in the Township of Camden and County of Addington. Distant from 
Kingston 27 miles, stage fare 75o. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 300. 

Burke, Michael, shoemaker. 

Caswell, Samuel, innkeeper, and carriagemakcr. 

Connor, Thomas, tailor. 

Coors, Moses, saddler and harness maker. 

Hamilton, James, innkeeper. 

Harvey, Patrick, tailor. 

Hawley, James, hotelkeeper. 

Hill, rev. J., Episcopal methodist. 

Lapum, James N., postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Lockhead, R. & J„ general store. 

McKim, Christopher, treasurer of municipality and 

general storekeeper. 
Mills, rev. John, Wesleyan, Sheffield mission. 
Nail, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Parks, Cornelius, general store. 
Weese, David, grocery and provision store. 
Whalan, William, township reeve, clerk of Division 

court, and general storekeeper. 



1857. [Canada 

CHAMBLY, C. E.— A Village pleasantly situated on the Weat side of the Eiver Richelieu, in the Seigniory and County 
of the same name and District of Montreal. It is divided into three Municipalities, called the Basin Municipality, which is 
incorporated, the Canton Municipality, also incorporated, and the Parish Municipality, not incorporated. The Canton Village 
is situated between the Rapids and the East side of Chambly and St. Johns Canal, and the Basin Village between the West 
Bide of the Canal and the small River Montreal. Near the Canton Village a fort erected by the French in 1711 can yet bo 
seen. This place possesses a market open every Tuesday and Saturday. There are several extensive water powers. The Canal 
between Chambly and St. Johns is 12 miles long. The Stanstead, Shefford, and Chambly Railroad will pass through this 
Parish. Pare from Montreal by steamboat twice a week during summer, $1 and 374c. ; by stage during winter 60c. Distant 
from Montreal 18 miles by land and 90 by water, from St. Johns 12 miles, and from the Mountain of Beloeil 12 miles. Daily 
mail. Population of Basin Village about 700, of Canton Village about 600. 

Arbec, Charles, councillor of parish. 

Austin, major Thomas, county registrar. 

Austin, William. 

Bachant, Luc, carriagemafcer. 

Barette, Edouard, general storekeeper and baker. 

Beausoleil, Narcisse, general store and hotel keeper, 
councillor of Baslu village, and treasurer of C^a- 
dian Institute. 

Bertrand, Th^ophile, tailor. 

Bigonesse, Alexandre, general store. 

Blain, Joseph, vice president of Mechanics Institute. 

BOOTH, ANSEL, proprietor of Park house, with good 
accommodation for travellers. 

Bowers, Joseph, trader and councillor of Canton village; 

England, principal of academy. 

BRIEN, CHARLES, butcher, stage proprietor and 
councillor of Basin village. 

BRIEN, JOSEPH BENJAMIN, secretary-treasurer of 
Basin, parish municipalities and schools, and cor- 
responding secretary of Canadian Institute. 

Britannia Life Assurance Co., Thomas Hickey, agent. 

Brunelle, Amable, councillor of parish. 

BUNKER, WIDOW ISAIAH, hotelkeeper,— comfortable 
accommodation for strangers. 

Canadian Institute, P. T. Chartier, president; Donat 
Loupret, secretary. 

Carriere, Joseph, carpenter and joiner. 

Chalon, Louis, blacksmith. 

CHARTIER, PIERRE T., architect, superintendent of 
Chambly canal, and president of Canadian Insti- 

Charron, Jean Baptiste, commissioner of small causes. 

CHEPFER, MAJOR CHARLES Y., notary public, and 
mayor of Basin village. 

Chicoine, rev. Joseph, Roman catholic. 


College of Chambly, rev. Pierre Lajoie, principal. 

Convent of the Nuns of Notre Dame de la Congregation. 

Darche, Augustin, mayor of parish. 

DARCHE, NOEL, M.P.P. county of Chambly. 

DAVIGNON, SIMON A., notary public. 

Deaf and Dumb Asylum, rev. A. J. Duhaut, principal. 


Demers, Amable, J.P., commissioner of small causes. 

Demers, Augustin, councillor of Basin village. 

Demers, Louis, president of Mechanics Institute. 

DESCHAMBAULT, HENRI, collector of customs. 

Dion, Jean, general dealer and baker. 

Draper, B., blacksmith and councillor of Canton village. 

Duchesneau, Andr6, miller. 

Duhaut, rev. Jacques A., Roman catholic, principal of 
Deaf and Dumb asylum. 

DUNN, JOHN, tanner and general leather dealer. 

DUROOHER, CHARLES, stage proprietor. 

Duval, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Thomas Hickey, 

Pindley, Henry, vice president of Mechanics Institute. 

FINDLAY, JOHN, stove manufacturer, new patterns 
of double, single, parlour and cooking stoves, &c. 

lor of Basin village and commissioner of small 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c., and coun- 
cillor of Basin village, and school commissioner. 

Hackett, John, general dealer, councillor of Canton vil- 
lage, commissioner of small causes, and treasurer of 
Mechanics Institute. 

Hatt, Thomas. 

Hubert, J^r^mie, councillor of parish. 

HICKEY, THOMAS, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, 
hardware, groceries, produce, &c., secretary-trea- 
surer of dissentient schools, and agent for Britannia 
Life, Equitable Fire, International Life, Liverpool 
and London Fire, and Monarch Fire Insurance 

International Life Assurance Co, Thomas Hickey, agent. 

Kermode, Thomas, tailor. 

Lacroix, Charles, shoemaker. 

LAFONTAINB, CHARLES, M.D., councillor of Canton 

Lajoie, rev. Pierre P., Roman catholic, principal of 
Chambly college. 

Lajus, Antoine, councillor of parish municipality. 

Lamoureux, Michel A., commissioner of small causes, 
and president of school commissioners. 

Larocque, Godfrey, J.P. 

Larocque, Guillaume, councillor of parish municipality. 

Larocque, Mrs. Bazile, dry goods store. 

Liverpool and London Fire Insurance Co., Thomas 
Hickey, agent. 

LOUPRET, DONAT, secretary-treasurer of county 
municipality, and recording secretary of Canadian 

Lussey, Thomas, shoemaker and councillor of Canton 

MALHIOT, F. X., hotelkeeper — good accommodation 
for travellers. 

Masse, P. P., J.P., general dealer. 

McCutcheon, John, councillor of Canton village, and 
school commissioner. 

MECHANICS INSTITUTE, Louis Demers, president ; 
John Warren, recording secretary. 

MIGNAULT, NAPOLEON, notary public, deputy regis- 
trar, clerk of Commissioners court, and vice presi- 
dent of Canadian Institute. 

MIGNAULT, REV. P. M., Roman catholic curate, and 
president of Chambly college. 

Monarch Fire Insurance Co., Thomas Hickey, agent. 

Morris, James, corresponding secretary of Mechanics 

Morrissey, widow J., innkeeper. ' 

Nicholson, James, miller. 

O'Hara, H., general dealer. 

PARK HOUSE, Ansel Booth, proprietor — good accom- 
modation for travellers. 

Perrault, Joseph, carpenter and joiner. ' 


Robert, Joseph, bailiff of Superior court. 

Robert, L., carriagemaker and school commissioner. 

Robert, Olivier, councillor of parish municipality. 

TELFER, JAMES, & SONS, manufacturers of improved 
fanning mills, which were awarded first prize pre- 
miums at the late Provincial exhibitions. 


WATTS, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, hardware, groce- 
ries, produce, &c., and councillor of Basin village. 

WHITE, REV. JAMBS P., rector, church of England. 

Willett,- Thomas S., cloth manufacturer. 

YULE, JOHN, seignior of east part of Chambly, 
mayor of Canton village, grist, carding and ful- 
ling mills owner. 

DiSKCTORY.] 1858. 



CHAMPLAIN, C. E.— A Village on the North shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory and Covmty of Cham- 
plain. There is a lighthouse here. A considerable flour, lumbering and tanning business is transacted. Distant from Mon- 
treal 105 miles, and tiom Quebeo 75 miles. Daily mail. Population about 2000. 

Arcand, Norbert, boarding house keeper and baker. 

Auger, Zephirin, blacksmith. 

Beaudouin, Godefroy, general store. 

Beaudouin, Louis, road overseer. 

Brunelle, Joseph, carpenter. 

Brunelle, Moi'se, carpenter. 

Brunelle, Omar, tanner. 

Brunelle, TJlric, shoemaker. 

Carignan, Alphonse, blacksmith. 

Constantin, Adolphe, general store. 

Davis, Alexander, carpenter. 

Davis, John, carpenter. 

D6ry, Louis, road overseer. 

Dube, Jean Baptiste, mason. 

Dub^, Laurent, mason. 

Dubord, Louis Edouard, M.D. 

Dussault, Fran9oi3 X., blacksmith. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. E. Lanouette, 

Gagnon, Nazaire, general storekeeper, wharf owner, 

.and dealer in firewood. 
Gingras, Norbert, bailiff of Superior court. 
Grammont, Francois X., mayor. 
Hamelin, Alphonse, shoemaker. 
International Life Assurance Company, J. B. Lanouette, 

Lacroix, Edouard, road overseer. 

Lacroix, E16onore, carpenter. 

Lacroix, Isidore, inspector of roads. 

Lacroix, Jean Baptiste, carpenter and joiner. 

Lacroix, R^mi, carpenter. 

Lamothe, Hubert, carpenter. 

Lamothe, No6, carpenter. 

Lanouette, lieutenant colonel Joseph Edouard, post- 
master, dealer in firewood, and agent for Equitable 
Fire and International Life Assurance Companies. 

Larose, Nicholas, wheelwright. 

L6gar6, Antoine, tanner. 

Marchand, Pierre J., shoemaker. 

Marcoux, rev. Denis M., Roman catholic. 

MARTINEAU, ANDRfi JOS., notary public, agent of 
seigniories, and superintendent of roads for the 
county, and secretary-treasurer of schools. 

Morinville, Auguste, road overseer. 

Nobert, Edouard, general store. 

Pintal, Adolphe, carpenter and joiner. 

Richardson, Thomas, tanner. 

Sauvageau, David, road overseer. 

Sauvageau, Joseph, jr., dealer in firewood. 

Toutant, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Trottier, Philippe, blacksmith. 

Trottier, Prosper, carpenter and joiner. 

Turcotte, Zephirin, inspector of roads. 


Anges and County of Quebec. 

lation of Parish about 2500. 
Beaulieu, Jacques, butcher. 
Beaulieu, Louis, butcher. 
Bedard, Charles, inspector of roads. 
Bedard, Franijois, carpenter and road overseer. 
Bedard, Jacques Alexis, road overseer. 
Bedard, Jean Baptiste, blacksmith. 
Bedard, Jean Pierre, inspector of roads. 
Bedard, Jean Simon, carpenter. 
Bedard, J^r^mie, carpenter. 
Bedard, Louis, shoemaker. 
B^langer, Pierre, blackEmith. 
Binette, Joseph, wheelwiight. 
Boucher, Prangois, shoemaker. 
Chartr^, Pierre, butcher. 
Cloutier, Jean, grocer. 
Croteau, Augustin, grocer. 
Denning, Thomas, Inspector of roads. 
Deslauriers, Antoine, carpenter. 
Dorion, Guillaume, carpenter. 
Dorion, Mrs. Henri, grocer. 
Dorion, Pierre, J. P. 
Dussault, Cl^ophas, shoemaker. 
Portier, Francois, inspector of roads. 
Giroux, Andr^, carpenter. 

Giroux, Pierre Louis, secretary-treasurer of municipal- 
ity, and superintendent of county. 
Glackmeyer, Edward, J.P., notary public. 
Hill, John, snuif manufacturer. 
Huot, Gaspard, cabinetmaker and grocer. 
Jobin, Charles, butcher. 

Er— A flourishing Village situated in rear of Beauport, in the Seigniory of Notre Dame dea- 
lt has a most extensive lumber and general business. Distant from Quebec 4 miles. Popu- 

LECOURTjUOSEPH, postmaster, architect,' and civili 

L6gar6, Joseph, wheelwright. 

L6gar^, Narcisse, wheelwright. 

L^gar^, Olivier, wheelwright and Inspector of roads. 

L6gar6, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Martel, Jean, butcher. 

Miville De Ch6ne, Joseph, secretary-treasurer of county.. 

Pajeau, Pierre, road overseer. 

Paradis, Louis, road overseer. 

Parent, Barnab^, butcher. 

Parkin, William, road overseer. 

Payment, Joseph, shoemaker. 

PAYMENT, REV. E., Roman catholic. 

Pepin, Jean, shoemaker. 

Pich^, Zephirin, blacksmith. 

Poulin, Alexis, carpenter. 

Poulin, Louis, road overseer. 

Robitaille, Edward, J.P., grocer, and mayor of munici- 

Roy, Charles, blacksmith. 

Roy, Prosper, carpenter. 

Touchette, Louis, carpenter. 

Tremblay, Mars, wheelwright. 

Trudel, Robert, inspector of roads. 

Vaillancourt, Augustin, cabinetmaker. 

Vaillancourt, Bernard, cabinetmaker. 

Verrette, Jacques, baker. 

Villeneuve, Jean Baptiste, shoemaker. 

•CHARLESVILLE, C. W.- A smaU Village in 

Bowmanville 8 miles. Population about 150. 
Brewster, Hugh, grocer and hotelkeeper. 
Broad, William, tailor. 
Burke, rev. James, Disciples church. 
Downing, Edward, millwright. 
Hawkins, Henry, butcher. 
Henderson, John, carpenter. 
Hockin, Henry, grocer and hotelkeeper. 
Kernick, Samuel, blacksmith and waggonmaker. 
Lattimore, William, cooper. 
Motley, W. & 6., blacksmiths and waggonmakers. 

the Township of Darlington and County of Durham, Distant from 

Osborne, Joseph, teacher. 

Outram, William, shoemaker. 

Park, William & S., blacksmiths. 

Stalton, Jacob, grist and flour mill. 

Sweet, Francis, tauner. 

Trewin, Edward, carpenter. 

TREWIN; SAMUEL, dealer in dry goods, hardware,. 

groceries, produce, medicines, &c. 
Trewin, Thomas, shoemaker. 
White, Alexander, carpenter. 

The Post oSico is at Enniskillen, one mile distant. 



1857. [Canada 

CHARLEVILLE, C. W.-A Village in the Township of Augusta and CJounty of GrenviUe. Distant from BrootarlUft. 
the County Town, 14 miles, and from Ottawa 45 miles. Mail weekly. Population about 100. 

Alder, Robert, J.P. 

Bass, Joseph, J.P. 

Bell, rev. J.D., Episcopal methodlst. 

Birks, Edward B., township surveyor. 

Lane, Charles, J.P., postmaster, and deputy reeve. 

Parish, J., joiner. 
Riley, John, wheelwright. 
Bow, Charles, councillor. 
Wood, Charles, blacksmith. 

CHATEAU RICHER, C. Er-A Village situated below Quebec, on the North shore ofthe River St. Lawrence, in the 
Seigniory of Bcaupr6 and County of Montmorency. This place has a considerable lumbering and flour business. Distant 
from Quebec 15 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 1300. 

Amelle, Joseph, builder. 

Bernier, Louis Octave, notary public. 

Bleau, Narcisse, carpenter. 

Casault, Joseph, mason. 

Cloutier, Louis, boarding house. 

Colin, Joseph, general dealer and carpenter. ^ 

Cot^, F^lix, tanner. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. E. Lafrancois, 

Fortin, Casimir, inspector of roads. 
"Gagnon, Charles, mason. 
<Tagnon, Francois X., inspector of roads. 
■Gagnon, Francois X., mason and road overseer. 
•Gagnon, Jean, jr., road overseer. 
Kxagnon, Pierre, mason. 
•Giguiere, Adolphe, road overseer. 
Gravel, Joseph, dry goods and groceries. 
Gravel, Prisque, carpenter. 
Jobin, Louis, baker. 
Lambert, Cyfroi, road overseer. 
Lafranjois, J. E., agent for Equitable Fire Insurance 


Lefran^oia, L. C, notary public, and registrar. 

Lefran^ois, Pierre, general storekeeper, and secretary- 
treasurer of municipality. 

Lemoine, Charles E., physician and surgeon. 

Lemoine, William Henry, J.P. 

Martineau, Louis, shoemaker. 

Montagne, Joseph, mason. 

Noel, John, blacksmith. . , 

NoUet, Joachim, dry goods and groceries. 

Parant, rev. E. E., Roman catholic. 

Pr^mont, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Racine, j^rdme, road overseer. 

Rh6aume, Charles, J.P., warden of county, and mayor. 

Eh^aume, Narcisse, wheelwright. 

Rousseau, Etienne A., wheelwright. 

Rousseau, Louis Ovide, postmaster, notary public, and 
secretary-treasurer of municipal council. 

Rousseau, Mrs. L. B., dry goods and groceries. 

Tremblay, On^zime, blacksmith. 

Tremblay, P., builder. 

Tremblay, Thad^e, road overseer. 

Warren, Philip, dry goods and groceries. 

CHATHAM, C. E.-A Village and Township situated on the River Ottawa, in the County of Argenteuil. This Town- 
ship is 12 miles square, and thickly settled. Distant from Montreal 62 miles. Steamboat- fare from Montreal to Carillon, 
S miles from Chatliam, $1.25. Mail daily. Population of Parish about 3500. 

Bonner, Charles, shoemaker. 

Bradford & Co., general store. 

Bradford, G. M., pilot. 

Bradford, George, postmaster. 

Broadfoot, Samuel, carpenter. 

Brown, George, J.P., miller. 

Cameron, Allan, pilot. 

Campbell, Joseph, storekeeper. 

Canning, Archibald, mason. 

Carson, James, shoemaker. 

Clark, James, mason. 

Clement, Moses, blacksmith. 

Cowan, Alexander, saw mills. 

Cox, William, lock keeper. 

GUSHING, LEMUEL, general merchant, saw mill 

owner, trader in wild lands, improved farms, &c., 

and agent for Equitable Fire, and International 

Life Insurance Companies. 
Dale, Samuel, grist and saw mill. 
Dickinson, Silas, cabinetmaker. 
Douglass, John, wheelwright. 
Duncan, Andrew, mason. 
Dunn, Andrew, shoemaker. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, L. Gushing, agent. 
Forbes, John, lock keeper. 
Forman, Thomas, lock keeper. 
French, Solomon, shoemaker. 
Fuller, Rinaldo, flour and saw mill. 
Greece, C. C, J.P., farmer. 
Harrington, William, saw mills. 
Hartley, Christopher, lock keeper. 
Hay, John, mason. 
Hicks, George, saddler. 
Hill, Royal, pilot. 
Hoyle, John, Earl's mills. 
Hutchins, John, saw and carding mills. 
International Life Assurance Company, L. Gushing, 

Kell, John, blacksmith. 

King, rev. John, Baptist. 

Lapham, William, bricklayer. 

Leroy, Robert, innkeeper. 

Loggie, James, saw mill. 

Mair, rev. William, church of Scotland, mission Gren- 

ville and Hawkesbury. 
Martin, Edward, shoemaker. 

Martin, Robert, secretary-treasurer of municipality. 
McArthur, Peter, storekeeper. 
McCallum, Joseph, wheelwright. 
McCormick, John, mason. 
McCormick, Patrick, shoemaker. 
McGregor, Andrew, saw mills. 
McKinnon, Archibald, pilot. 
McKinnon, Murdoch, pilot. 
McVean, Donald, dealer in wood. 
Mullen, John, shoemaker. 
Nicholls, Robert, blacksmith. 
Noyes, John, brickmaker. 
Ouellet, Louis, carpenter. 
Owens, Owen, general store. 
Pamaby, John, wheelwright. 
Powers, George, blacksmith. 
Prondlock, Thomas, shipwright. 
Ramsay, David, miller. 
Roberts, Daniel, shoemaker. 
Robinson, Robert, carpenter. 
Schagel, Jacob, saw mills. 
Shails, TuUey, shoemaker. 
Smillie, Thomas, mason. 
Smith, Alison, pilot. 
Smith, John, pilot. 
Tait, Daniel, innkeeper. 
Turnbull, Robert, contractor. 
Wales, B. S., general store. 
Webster, P., innkeeper. 
Webster, Peter, tailor. 
Wilcox, Barnabas, millwright. 
Wilson, Robert, blacksmith. 

Directory.] 1858. 



CHATEAUGUAY, C. E.— A Village situated on the Chateauguay Eiver and on the Eiver St. Lawrence, in the Sei- 
gniory and County of the same name and District or Montreal. Distant tram Montreal 24 miles, tiom Caughuawaga 6 miles 
and lW>m Eeauharnois 9 miles. Vaie by steamboat $1 and 60c. Mail daily. Population about 600. 

Archambanlt, Urgel, school teacher. 

Bergevin, Paul, councillor. 

Boura3sa, Louis, J.P., councillor. 

Burrell, George, postmaster, and trader. 

C^cire, Dominique, general store. 

Convent of the Soeurs de la Congregation. 

Demers, Solime. 

D6parois, Antoine, carpenter and joiner. 

D^parois, Louis, notary public, and clerk of Commis- 
sioners court. 

Dequoy, rev. Joseph, Roman catholic. 

Dupont, Raguel, road inspector. 

Dupuis, Michel, carpenter and joiner. 

Elliot, Thomas, general store. 

Paubert, Joachim, carriagemaker and blacksmith. 

Gendrou, Joachim, councillor. 

Jack, John, general store. 

Laberge, Pierre, general storekeeper, mayor, and com- 
missioner of small causes. 

Lanouette, David, saddler. 

Lariviere, Jean Baptiste, shoemaker, and road inspector. 

L'^ouyer, Joseph, councillor. 

Lefebvre, Vital, school commissioner. 

Lenoir Rolland, Francois X., shoemaker. 

Lepailleur, Alfred N., notary public, secretary-treasurer 

of council, and school commissioner. 
Mallette, Joseph, councillor. 
Mallette, Narcisse, J.P., provision merchant, and preei- 

dent school commissioners. 
Marchand, Elie, school commissioner. 
McRoberts, John, blacksmith. 
Mercier, Hyacinthe, road inspector. 
Morin, Hilaire, secretary-treasurer of school. 
Morse, Jacob, M.D. 
Quesnel, Paul, tanner. 
Reid, Joseph, councillor. 
Robert, Narcisse, school commissioner. 

CHATHAM, C. W ^-A Town in the Township of Raleigh and County of Kent. It is the chief Town of the Ciounty. It 
is situated on the B>iver Thames, al)out 18 miles eastward from where that stream debouches into Lake St. Glair. The river la 
navigahle to Chatham for vessels of the largest class. Some of the finest, sailing craft on the inland waters of the continent 
have been built at this place. The progress of Chatham within the last few years has been very rapid, and it owes much to 
the fine agricultural country and the enterprising class of settlers with which it is sunoundod. It has several fine public 
buildings. The Great Western Railway passes through the Town near its preseut southern limits. An extensive trade is car- 
ried on here in wheat and other agricultural produce, and it is constantly increasing. Oak and walnut timber. West India 
and pipe staves are exported in large quantities. It is expected tliat a Canal from the River St. Clair to the Rond'Eau Harbour 
will shortly be constructed, passing through this place. Two steamboats ply regularly between Chatham and Detroit. Dis- 
tant fi'om Windsor and Detroit by Great Western Railway 10 miles, from London 64 miles, from Hamilton, 38 miles, and from 
Toronto 176 miles. Daily mail. Population about 6000. 

jEtna Fire Insurance Company, W. Cosgrave, agent. 

Albion hotel, S. Merrill, proprietor. 

Aldis, S. & A., saw mill and distillery. 

Ames, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

Arcade saloon, L. Wagenham, proprietor. 

Askin, C. J. S., M.D. 

Atkinson, C. R., barrister and attorney, and agent for 
Britannia Life, Liverpool and London Fire and Life 
and Provincial Insurance Companies. 

Atwood & Jackson, groceries and provisions. 

Babel, G., proprietor of Fanners exchange. 

BANK OP UPPER CANADA, George Thomas, cashier. 

BARFOOT, B. F., postmaster. 

Barr, Robert, physician and surgeon, Tobago Cottage, 
near Chatham. 

Baxter & Brown, city mills. 

Baxter, Henry, mason. 

Baxter, Richard, chief engineer, Chatham fire brigade. 

BBATLY, JOSEPH S., dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

Bedford saloon, J. Clements, proprietor. 

Bennett, George, general dealer. 

Bissell, P., stage agent. 

Blackburn, Mrs., dressmaker. 

Boushey & Wilson, commission merchants and dealers 
in produce. 

Brady, Crosbie, civil engineer and provincial land 

Britannia Life Assurance Company, C. R. Atkinson, 

British America Assurance Company, George Thomas, 

Brodie, G. W., real estate agent and news office. 

Brooke, John E., crown land agent, and agent for In- 
ternational Life Assurance Company. 

Brooke, John E., general dealer. 

Burns, James, general dealer. 

Campbell, rev. A., Baptist. 

Cartney, William C, mason and plasterer. 

Chandler, William, grocer. 

Charity, 0. H., boot and shoe store. 

Charteris, Alexander, county treasurer, and agent for 
Gore bank. 

Charteris & Baxter, saw mill. 

Charteris, Charles G., mayor. 

Charteris & Ross, general dealers. 

Chatham arms, Mrs. Shackleton, proprietress. 

Chatham & Camden Plank Road Company, Samuel 
Arnold, president ; John F. Delmage, secretary. 

Chryster, Henry, general dealer. 

Clements, J., Bedford saloon. 

Clements, James, carpenter. 


Cooper, George, M.D. 

Corlett, William, carpenter. 

Cosgrave, William, clerk of County council, collector 
of customs, and agent for .aitnaPire, Hartford and 
Connecticut Fire, and Home Fire Insurance Com- 

Courtilett, Louis, confectioner. 

Craig, Joseph, groceries and provisions. 

Cross, George, shoemaker. 

Cullen, Peter, farmers inn. 

CURRIE, ANDREW, dealer in hardware. 

Curtain, James, general dealer. 

DAVIDSON, THOMAS, dealer in groceries and provi- 

Davis, Charles, machinist. 

Davis, John, engine works. 

Dawson, H., barber. 

Day, M. H., eating saloon near depot. 

Degge, John, proprietor of Shades saloon. 

Degge, Thomas, groceries and provisions. 

Dixon, John, builder. 

Dolsen, 0. I. V., general dealer. 

Donavan, J. S., Farmers saloon. 

Donelly, E. B., M.D., Medical hall. 

Donnelly & Loupret, physicians and surgeons. 

Douglas, James, M.D. 

Down, rev. Samuel, Wesleyan. 

DUCK, BROTHERS, barristers and attornies. 


IseV. [Canada 

Duck, George, clerk of the peace. 

Eberts & Robertson, druggists. 

Eberts, W. & W., shippers, Ac. 

Eldorado house, J. M. Joslin, proprietor. 

ELIOT, 0. F., barrister and attorney. 

English, rev. N. P., Wealeyan. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, A. S. Holmes, agent. 

Etches, John, general store. 

Evans, Israel, livery stables. 

Pabel, M., shoemaker. 

Farmers exchange, G. Babel, proprietor. 

Farmers inn, M. GrifEn, proprietor. 

Farmers inn, Peter Cullen, proprietor. 

Farmers saloon, J. S. Donavan, proprietor. 

Farrel, Richard, grocer. 

Flater & Best, carpenters and patent washing machine 

Forbes & Barnum, painters. 

Forsyth, D., groceries and provisions. * 

Gardiner, John, brewer. 
Gardner, D., & Co., Glasgow bakery. 
GIBB, MISS R., milliner and dressmaker. 
Glead, Thomas, saloon. 

Glendinning, Thomas, clerk of 1st Division court. 
Goodyear, John, high constable. 
Goose, John, grocer. 

GORE BANK, Alexander Charteria, agent. 
Gorme, William H., carpenter. 
Gray, William, blacksmith and waggonmaker. 
Gregory, A., fur dealer. 
Griffin, M., Farmers inn. 
Hadley, S., sash and door manufactory. 
Ham & Henderson, waggonmakers. 
Hamilton, John, blacksmith. 
Harborn, D. E., wharfinger, Rankin's dock. 
Harper, James, painter. 

HART, JAMBS, wholesale dealer in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &o. 
Hartford and Connecticut Fire Insurance Company, W. 

Cosgrave, agent. 
Hawkins, rev. H. H., Baptist. 
Head Quarters saloon, John Russell, proprietor. 
Henderson, Mrs., boarding house. 
Henry, James, merchant tailor. 
Higgins, James, boots and shoes. 
Hoag, H. P., sash and door manufacturer. 
Holmes, A. S., agent for Equitable Fire Insurance 

Holmes, Thomas, miller. 

Home Fire Insurance Company, W. Cosgrave, agent. 
Hooper, John, saddler. 
Hysop & McCleghorn, founders. 
International Life Assurance Company, J. E. Brooke, 

Ireland, Thomas A., deputy clerk of Crown. 
Jack, John, cabinetmaker. 
Jahnke, Albert, cabinetmaker. 
Jamieson, George, principal of Grammar school. 
Jeffrey, rev. — , Roman catholic. 
Johnson, M. A., shoemaker. 
Johnson, rev. P., Baptist. 
Jones, J., barber. 
Jones, C, gunsmith. 
Joslin, J. M., Eldorado house. 

KEATING, THOMAS, agent for National Life Assu- 
rance Company. 
KEEVE, 6. H., jeweller and watchmaker. 
KENT ADVERTISER, (THE) weekly, annual subscrip- 
tion $2, J. W. Rose, editor, proprietor and 
publislier ; William H. Thompson, printer. 
KERR, GEORGE, dealer in hardware. 
Kerrall, John, proprietor of North American hotel. 
King & Northwood, groceries and provisions. 
Knapp, Alexander, registrar. 
Kogleschatz, C, tobacconist and cigar maker. 
Lament, John, carpenter. 
Lamont & Sinclair, soap and candle manufacturers. 

LAIRD, C. P., dealer in dry goods, hardware, groce- 
ries, produce, &c. 

Larke, Thomas, Larke's hotel. 

Lawrence, G. M., tailor. 

Lewer, C, painter. 

Lillie, William A., bookstore. 

Liverpool and London Pire and Life Insurance Com- 
pany, 0. R. Atkinson, agent. 

Mahanney, Misses, milliners. 

Market hotel, John Stringer, proprietor. 

Marquand, James, watchmaker and jeweller. 

Martin, Francis, general dealer. 

McCall, rev. Angus, Free church. 

McCoU, Duncan, town clerk, and agent forJProvident 
Life Assurance and Investment Company. 

McCoUum, Alexander, carpenter. 


MoCRAE, THOMAS, agent for Times and Beacon Assu- 
rance Company, and manager of Commercial Bank 
of Canada. 

McCrae, Walter, barrister and attorney. 

McCrea, W. A., landing waiter. 

McDowell, John, foundry, &c. 

MoPadden, M. C, boot and shoe store. 

McFarland, James, waggonmaker. 

Mcintosh, J., school teacher. 

MoINTOSH, A. B., dealer in groceries and provisions. 

McKay, G., general dealer. 

McKellar, Archibald, reeve. 

MoKELLAR & DOLSEN, saw mill owners and lum- 
ber merchants. 

McKough, J. & W., tin and hard ware. 

McLean, A. D., barrister and attorney. 

McLean, Miss, milliner. 

McMillan, Alexander, general dealer. 

McNaughton, D., hotelkeeper. 

McNaughton, D., shoemaker. 

MoPHERSON, A., proprietor of Western saloon. 

McSiveen, C, teacher in grammar school. 

Mechanics Institute, George Jamieson, president ; A. S. 

Holmes, secretary. 
Mercer, John, sheriff county of Kent. 
Merriam, George, carpenter. 
Merrill, S., proprietor of Albion hotel. 
MILLER, ALEXANDER, patentee for sale and manu- 
facture of corn mills and brickmaker. 
MILLER, MILES, proprietor and publisher of the 

Mills David, local superintendent of schools. 
Monarch Pire and Life Assurance Company, E. S. 

Woods, agent. 
Montgomery, C., wines and spirits. 
Montreal Telegraph office, John Skae, operator, Ran- 
kin's block. 
Moore, Alfred, auctioneer. 
Moore, James, marble manufacturer. 
National Life Assurance Co., Thomas Keating, agent. 
Nelson, — , groceries and provisions. 
Nelson, W. H., grocer and hardware. 
NIchol, J. E., Homeopathic physician. 
Nichol, Thomas, gunsmith. 
North American hotel, John Kerrall, proprietor. 
Northwood, J. & W., proprietors of Kent Mills, and 

commission merchants. 
Old Countryman's home, M. Ryan, proprietor. 
Oldershaw, William, builder. 
Orr, George, baker and confectioner. 
Pankhurst, J. C, bookstore and news office. 
Payne, R. K., gaoler. 
Pegly & Cross, surgeons and dentists. 
PLANET, (THE) annual subscription to weekly $1.50, , 
tri-weekly $3, Rufus Stephenson, editor; Miles' 
Miller, proprietor and publisher. 
PRINCE & ELLIOT, barristers and attornies. 
PRITCHARD, J., Royal Exchange hotel. 
Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company 
Duncan McColl, agent. 

Directory.] 1868. 



PROVINCIAL FREEMAN, (THE) weekly, annual sub- 
cription f 2, I. D. Shadd, publisher and printer. 

Provincial Insurance Company of Toronto, C. R. At- 
kinson, agent. 

Ramsey, George, blacksmith. 

Reeves, James, watchmaker. 

Rayno, Abram, Villa Mansion and livery stables. 

RICE, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, 
produce, &c. 

Richards, Henry, baker and confectioner. 

Robb, rev. John, church of Scotland. 

Robertson, A. R., M.D. 

Ross, James, saloon and groceries. 

Ross, William, carpenter. 

ROSS, WILLIAM McKENZIE, dealer in dry goods, 
hardware, groceries, produce, &c. , 

ROYAL EXCHANGE HOTEL, J.Pritchard, proprietor. 

Russell, John, proprietor of Head quarters saloon. 

Byan, M., proprietor of Old Countryman's home. 

Salter & Kirk, civil engineers and provincial land sur- 

Sandys, rev. Francis William, church of England, 


Schneider, John, upholsterer. 

Schofield, W. E., hat and cap store. 

Seinsbury, Robert, blacksmith, 

Shackleton, Mrs., proprietress of Chatham arms. 

SHADD, J. D., publisher of the Provincial Freeman. 

Shackleton, Thomas, general dealer. 

Shades saloon, John Degge, proprietor. 

SherifT, John, carriagemaker. 

Siverwright, J. H., M.D. 

Skae, John, operator, Montreal Telegraph. 

Slagg, Joseph, brewer. 

Smith & Clark, White mansion. 

SMITH, ISAAC, merchant tailor and clothier. 

Smith, John, deputy reeve. • 

Smith, John, tanner and saddler. 

Smith, John 0., cabinet warehouse. 

Snooks, Thomas, groceries and provisions. 

Stanton, E., artist. 

St. Clair, Chatham and Rond'Eau Plank and] Gravel 
Road Company, R. S. Woods, president ; Thomas 
Keating, secretary. 

STONE & TURNBULL, Chatham clothing hall. 

Stringer, G., groceries. 

Stringer, John, Market hotel. 

Taylor, J. W., barber. 

Taylor, John, carriage and waggonmaker. 

Thackery, William, cabinetmaker. 

Thomas, George, cashier of Bank of Upper Canada, and 
agent for British America Assurance Company. 

Tilt & Summerville, builders. 

Times & Beacon Assurance Company, Thomas McCrae, 

Tinney, James, miller. 

Tissiman & Baxter, general dealers. 

Tregler, J., & Co., general dealers. 

Urquhart, K., groceries and provisions. 

VAN ALLEN, D. R., & Co., dealers in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Verrall, H., grocery. 

Villa mansion, Abram Rayno, proprietor. 

Vosburgh, J. S., land and general agent. 

Wagenham, L., proprietor of Arcade saloon. 

Wallace, William, tomb stone manufacturer. 

Walton, John, brewer. 

Wells, William B., county judge and chairman of Quar- 
ter sessions. 

WESTERN SALOON, A. McPherson, proprietor. 

White mansion. Smith & Clark, proprietors. 

WHITING & Co., dealers in dry goods, haberdash- 
ery, &c. 

Wier, Malcolm, town treasurer. 

Wilson & Co., tallow chandlers. 

Winter, John, general dealer. 

Woods, R. S., barrister and attorney, and agent fdr 
Monarch Fire and Life Assurance Company. 

CHELSEA, C. E.— A Tillage in the Township of Hull and County of Ottawa. It contains several lumbering establish- 
ments. DistantfromAylmer, the County Town, 10 miles, and from Ottawa 8 miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about 300. 

Blasdell, William, blacksmith. 

Carmichael, Hugh, J.P., agent for Gilmour & Co. 

Chamberlin, Charles W., manufacturer of sawn lumber. 

Chamberlin, E., storekeeper. 

Chamberlin, J. C, cabinetmaker, builder, &c. 

Chamberlin & Lynott, butchers. 

Ghilds, John, blacksmith. 

Church, Gardner, manufacturer of sawn lumber. 

Dake, E. W. D., shingle, sash and door factory. 

Derby, Richard, shoemaker. 

Farrell, Edward, tavemkeeper. 

Gilmour & Co., manufacturers and exporters of sawn 

lumber, Hugh Carmichael, agent. 
Hudson, T. B., land surveyor. 
Hughes, rev. James, Roman catholic. 
Huntingdon, rev. Silas, Wesleyan. 
Link, Nicholas, postmaster. 
Link & Co., storekeepars. 
Mcintosh, William, tailor. 
Patterson, William, tavern keeper. 
Shea, Michael, J.P., storekeeper. 
Trouse, Philip, shoemaker. 

CHELTENHAM, C. W.— A Village situated 
Toronto 36 miles, and from Brampton 12 miles. Fare 

Allan, William, J.P., postmaster, 

Campbell, William, general store. 

Carmichael, Dougall, blacksmith. 

Gillespie, Donald, shoemaker. 

Hagerman, Miss Ann, dressmaker and milliner. 

Haines, Ebenezer, general store. 

Haines, Frederick, mill owner. 

Haines, Mrs. Horatio, boarding house keeper. 

Benery, William, hotelkeeper. 

in the Township of Chinguaconsy and County of Peel. Distant from 
from Toronto $1.75. Daily mall. Population about 200. 

Hill, rev. F., Baptist. 

McAvory, Mrs. James, dressmaker and milliner. 

McCannoll, Archibald, shoemaker. 

McColl, Donald, shoemaker. 

McEachren, John, waggonmaker. 

McGee, James, tailor. 

Morrow & Wilkinson, shoemakers. 

Savil, John, hotelkeeper. 

Tracey, Jacob, proprietor of North American hotel. 

CHERRY VALLEY, C. W.— A small Village situated in the Township of Athol and County of Prince Bdwmd. 
Distant flrom Picton 5 miles. Bi-weekly mail. Population about 125. 

Spafford, Harvey, blacksmith, and clerk of division 

Spafford, Sheldon, grocer and proprietor of Temperance 


Batton, John, tailor. 

Insley, Isaiah T., postmaster, and bailiff of division court, 

Insley, S. P., & Co., carpenters. 

Phelp, William, carriagemaker. 

Slogget, Richard, carriagemaker 

SpaJfford, Abijah, tanner. 

Vanalstine, Abraham, shoemaker. 
Tarwood, Andrew, storekeeper. 



1851. [Canada 

CHERRY CREEK, C. W.— A Village on the Northern Road between Lots 15 and 16 on the Second ConcesBlon of the 
Township of Innisfil, in the South Biding of the County of Simcoe. Distant from Toronto 51 miles, from LefToy Station of 
the Ontario, Simcoe and Lake Huron Eaiboad 3 miles, ftom Bradford 9 miles, from Bond Head 13 miles, from Barrie 13 miles> 
and from Holland Landing is miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about 126. 

Averal, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Clement, James, carpenter. 

Clement, Lewis, teacher. 

Clement, Lewis J., J.P. 

Craig, John, cabinetmaker. 

Ellis, James, nurseryman and gardener. 

Greaves, James, laborer. 

Heppenstal, Robert^ blacksmith. 

Lynn, Isaac, farmer. 

Lynn, Robert, tailor. 

Main, Badenough, patent medicine store. 

MAIN, WILLIAM, postmaster. 

Matthews, William, farmer. 

Milliken, Robert, boot and shoe maker. 

Stewart, Thomas, constable. 

Tapper, William. 

Watson, James, storekeeper. 

Willson, H., carpenter. 

Willson, Hiram R., J.P., captain of militia. 

Willson, Lambert, farmer. 

Young, William, farmer. 

C HERTS EY, C. E.— A Village situated in the Township of the same name. County of Montcalm and District of Mon- 
treal. It has a lumber business. Distant from Montreal 67 miles, and from Bawdou 12 miles Weekly mail. Population 
about 800. 

Granger, Magloire, postmaster, general storekeeper and 

Holtby, Thomas, councillor. 
Laprairie, Jean, mill owner and councillor. 

Leblanc, 0., councillor. 

Mason, James, councillor. * 

Morin, J., mayor, and mill owner. 

Truesdel, Daniel, mill owner, and councillor. 

CHEZ MARSE, C. E. A Village situated at the head of Grand Bay, on the North side, in the Township of Bagot and 
County of Chicoutimi. An extensive limiber business is carried on here. Distant from Chlcontimi 9 miles, and from Quebec 
ISOmilesby water, by land by way of Murray Bay 163 miles, and by St. Paul's Bay 133 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population 
about 300. 

Bouchard, Joseph, ship carpenter. 
Cote, B., councillor. 
Doucet, Louis, shoemaker. 
Duquet, Joseph, batcher. 
Portin, Pranyois, wheelwright. 
Portin, Xavier, carpenter and joiner. 
GagnS, Collet, councillor. 
Girard, Jacques, blacksmith. 

Gravelle, Ignace, J.P., dealer in dry goods and gro- 
Jeandron, Jacques, tanner. 
Larouche, Eusebe, wheelwright. 

Larouche, Jean, shoemaker. 

Normand, Antoine, dry goods and grocery store. 

Otisse, rev. L., Roman catholic. 

Ouellette, Edouard, cooper. 

Potvin, Andr^, dry goods and grocery store. 

Potvin, Damase, tavernkeeper. 

Roberge, Edouard, caulker. 

Rousseau, Ferin, notary public. 

Roy, Charles, ship builder and councillor. 

Tremblay, Abel, blacksmith. 

Tremblay, Bartholemi, dry goods and grocery store. 

CHICOUTIMI, C. E.— A Village situated on the South side of the Eiver Saguenay, in the Township and County of 
Chicoutimi. It is the cfte/ Uea of the County. A large lumbering business is carried on here, whence vessels leave for 
England and other pai-ts. Distant from the entrance of the Saguenay 76 miles, from Quebec by water 195 miles, by land by Mur- 
ray Bay 172 miles and by St. Paul's Bay 1*2 mUes. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 1000. 

Alexander, James, general store. 

B^langer, Damase, deal culler. 

Boss^, Ovide, notary public, and registrar. 

Bouchard, Raphael, miner. 

Brassard, Anselme, bailiff. 

Caron, Michel, deal culler. 

Charlton, R. G. 

Claveau, Xavier, blacksmith. 

Deleane, Etienne, farmer. 

Duberger, Edmond, provincial land surveyor. 

Duberger, George, crown timber agent. 

Dubois, P. C. A., M.D. 

Duchesne, William, deal culler. 

Dufour, Job, shoemaker. 

Forgue, Plavieu, joiner. 

FORREST, GRANT, accountant. 

Forster, John, livery stable keeper. 

Gagnon, Magloire, farmer. 

Gagnon, rev. J. B., Roman catholic. 

Guay, John, postmaster, councillor, and general store- 

Harper, Louis, millwright 
Harvey, Jean, J.P. 
Harvey, Thomas, miller. 
Imbeault, Telesphore, tanner. 
Lavoie, Hector, sailor. 
Lavoie, Paschal, sailor. 
Lemieux, Eugene, blacksmith 

Martel, Jean, shoemaker. 

Martin, Vincent, M.D., inspector of Schools. 

McLaren, David, general store. 

MoLeod, Peter, farmer, 

Pedneault, Hypolite, blacksmith. 

Price, D. E., M.PP., J.P., merchant. 

Price, W., & Son, millowners. 

PRICE, WILLIAM B., merchant. 

Raymond, Jean Tremblay, bailiff. 

Registe, Francis, general store. 

Roberge, Thomas, joiner and millwright. 

Ross, Andr<S, carter. 

Ross, Simon, farmer, Gladfield. 

Roy, David, judge. 

Shealy, Nicholas, shoemaker. 

Skene, G. M., Hudson's Bay Company. 

Tremblay, Alexis, blockmaker. 

Tremblay, Ambroise, joiner. 

TREMBLAY, EPHRBM, captain of steamer Tadousac. 

Tremblay, Joseph, farmer. 

Tremblay, Leander, deal culler. 

Tremblay, Michel, stevedore. 

Tremblay, Octave, Saguenay pilot. 

Tremblay, P. A., provincial land surveyor. 

Tremblay, Vital, teacher. 

Tremblay, William, stevedore. 

Verrault, Edouard, Saguenay pilot. 

Vezina, Jean, baker. 

Directory.] 1858. 



CHICHESTER, C. W. — A Township on the North shore of the Ottawa and opposite AUumette Island, in the County) 
of Pontiac. There is considerable lumbering done here. Distant from Portage du Pert, the Oounty Town, 40 miles, and from 

Ottawa 90 milos. Mail daily. Population about 400. 

Bellendis, 0. L., councillor, and bailiff. 
Oorr, F., model school teacher. 
Golden, Brian, councillor. 
Lynch, rev. J. C, Roman catholic. 
McCaul, James, councillor. 
McDouell, Angus R., councillor. 

I McDonell, John B., councillor. 
McGillis, Alexander, secretary-treasurer of council. 
Meehau, John, councillor. 
Poupore, Jean B., storekeeper. 
Poupore, John, postmaster, and mayor. 

CHIPPAWA, C. W.— A Village situated at the mouth of the Welland River.on the banks ofthe River Niagara, in the 
Town.ship of AVilloughby and County of Welland. Wheat and lumber are the main oiports. Distant from Merrittsville, the 
County Town, 12 miles, from Clifton or Suspension Bridge, S miles, from Niagara 18 miles, and from Buffalo, N. Y., 20 mileai 
Daily mails. Population about 1200. 

ABERDIEN, ROBERT, M.D., druggist. 

Alders, John, innkeeper. 

Amm, James, tailor. 

Amm, Samuel, bailiff of Division court. 

BANK OF UPPER CANADA, James Macklem, agent. 

Bond, H., carriagemaker. 

Bosse, John, butcher. 

Breckon, John, mason. 

BURTON, EDMUND, clerkof 4th Division court, convey- 
ancer, and notary public. 

Canada Western Assurance Company, R. H. Kirk- 
patrick, agent. 

Carnochan, W., sash factory. 

Christie, rev. William M., United Presbyterian. 

Crane, Brothers, saw mill. 

Cummings, James, land owner. 

Dalmage, Arthur, landing waiter. 

Davidson, Thomas, sash factory. 

Davis, W., livery stables. 

Deakers, Richard, shoemaker. 

Duff, William, saw mill manager. 

Emmons, Alexander, hatter. 

Equitable, Fire Insurance Company, J. A. Wilkinson, 

Fell, J. W., grocer. 

Flemings, Thomas, mason. 

Flett, John, general dealer. 

Gibson, A., innkeeper. 

Gilmore, William, blacksmith. 

Graham, James, proprietor of National hotel. 

Griffith, Richard, waggonmaker. 

Haycock, Frederick H., collector of customs. 

Hepburn, Mrs., Post office. 

Higgins, John, grocer. 

Hugoe, Thomas, grocer. I 

Hume, John, grocer. 

Interr(p,tional Life Assurance Company, J. A. Wilkin- 
son, agent. 

Kirkpatrick, John, general dealer. 

Kirkpatrick, R. H., general dealer, and agent for Can- 
ada Western Assurance Company. 

Laudzau, Frangois-, innkeeper. 

Leeming, rev. William, rector. 

Lyons, Joel, shoemaker. 

Mackenzie, James, cabinetmaker. 

Macklem, James, agent for Bank of Upper Canada; 

Macklem, James F., teller Bank of Upper Canada. 

Macklem, 0. T., tannery, foundry, &e. 

Macklem, T. C, M.D. 

Macklem & Thomas, distillers. 

Macklem, W., tanner. 

McLaughlan, J., innkeeper. 

McMicken, G., sawmill. 

McMicking, George, M.D. 

Meriam, John, cabinetmaker. 

Morse, John, jeweller. 

National hotel, James Graham, proprietor. 

NICHOLSON, G., dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
ceries, produce, &c., and steamboat proprietor.' 

Phillips, John, butcher. 

Pierce, Israel, auctioneer and tinsmith. 

Rapelge, John, harnessmaker. 

ROSS, JOHN, importer of British and foreign dry goods.- 

Smith, A., blacksmith. 

Smith, Alfred, bookseller. 

Thomas, J., distillery manager. 

Twomley, George, surveyor of customs. 

Walker, James, shoemaker. 

Wilkinson, James A., agent for Equitable, and Interna^ 
tional Life Assurance Companies. 


CHURCHILL, C. Wr-A Village in the Fom-th Concession of the Township of Imiisfil, in the South Biding of the County, 
of Simcoe, on the Penetanguishene road. Distant ftom Toronto 46 miles, from Barrie 12 miles, and ftom the Lefroy station oti 
the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Bailroad 2 miles. The nearest Post office is Cherry Creek, distant one mile, to wliich there is 
a daily mail. Population about 100. 

Evans, Mrs. M., ladies school. 
Irvin, David, carpenter. 
Lynd, Robert, tailor. 
McLean, George, storekeeper. 
Moore, John, innkeeper. 

Robinson, Martin, shoemaker. 

SLOAN, HENRY, waggonmaker and blacksmith. 

Sloan, James, storekeeper. 

Sutherland, Alexander, storekeeper. 

Wilson, Joseph, innkeeper. 

CHURCH VI LLE, C. W.— A Village situated on the River Credit, in the Township of Toronto and County of Pee). 
Distant from Toronto 26 miles, and from the railway depot at Brampton 5 miles. Daily mail. Population about 250. 

AUport, John, cooper. 
Beaty, Samuel, shoemaker. 
Clark, Thomas, innkeeper and tailor. 
Clipsham, Michael, blacksmith. 
Dixon, rev. James, Wesleyan. 

Dnggan, William, J.P., postmaster, and owner of flour- 
ing mill. 
Pogerty, Amor, waggonmaker. 
Forrest, Robert, stave and shingle factory. 
Poster, William, innkeeper. 
Hall, Eri, carpenter. 
Hall, T. D., general store and ashery. 
Hall, Zalmon, blacksmith. 

Howell, Daniel, waggonmaker. 

Ingraham, M., grist and saw mills. 

Little, William, millwright and waggonmaker. 

Madden, Richard, carpenter. 

Maines, T. & J., general store. 

Maines, Thomas, tailor. 

Moore, John, general store. 

Pointer, Richard, tanner. 

Sharp, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Simpson, J., grist mill. 

Snowden, Anthony, millwright and waggonmaker. 

Stringer, William, blacksmith. 

True, Samuel, school teacher. 



1857. [Canada 

CITY OF THE FALLS, C. W.— A TUlage which includes that of Drummond-rille, and is situated on the north or 
■ Canada side of the celebrated Niagara Falls, rendered famous throughout the civilized world by the writings of poets and his- 
torians. It is in the Township of Stamford and County of Welland. It is a great resort during the summer season for traveller*, 
from all parts of the earth ; and the world-wide celebrity which this stupendous cataract has sustained, will ever render the- ■ 
City of the Falls an attraction to the wonder-seeking tourist, or the invalid in search of the healthful breezes of the North 
The hotels are of the most elegant description, and the mounds around the Falls are covered with monuments of interest to 
the traveller. Distant from Clifton H miles, from Hamilton ii miles. 

Lowell, W., general dealer. 

Bamett, Thomas, Barnett's museum 
Brown, J., baker. 
Chadwic]£, Benjamin, grocer. 
Gumming, John, innkeeper. 
Davis, Saul, Table rock house. 
Duncan, George, grocer. 
Ellis, Arthur, innkeeper. 
Geighton, John, general dealer. 
KelRy, A., grocer. 

McKay, William, importer of English and foreign goods. 

Piper, A. & J., carriagemakers. 

Shears, George, proprietor of Clifton house. 

Street, T. C, cloth factory and gristmills. 

Woodruff, G. & W., & Co., general dealers. 

Woodruff, Joseph, general dealer. 

Zimmerman, Martin, railway contractor. 

CLARENCE VI LLE, C. E.— A Village in the Parish of St. George, in the Seigniories of Noyau and Foucault, County 
of Iberville and District of Montreal. It is a Port of Entry. Distant from Phillipshurg 10 miles. There is a daily stage to- 
Pike Eiver, 12 miles distant, fare 50e. Population about 200. 

Butler, Hobart, M.A., principal of academy. 

Butler, Mrs., preceptress of academy. 

CHAPMAN, ALBERT, J.P., farmer and mill owner. 

Clarenceville Academy, Hobart Butler, M.A., principal, 

Mrs. Butler, preceptress. 
Clark, David, tavernkeeper. 
Clark, Henry, carriagemaker. 
Curtis, Enoch, tanner. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, C. Stewart, agent. 
Evans, Charles, carriagemaker. 
Gibson, John B., M.D. 
Gough, George, harnessmaker. 
Harrington, Blisha W., storekeeper. 

Johnson, George W., J.P., farmer. 

M'Fie, Robert, storekeeper. 

Odvert, Hugh, blacksmith, 

Paterson, Jesse, M.D. 

Spears & Thayers, builders. 

Stewart, Charles, postmaster and collector of customs,, 

and agent for Equitable Fire Insurance Company. 
Taylor, John & Ira, blacksmiths and storekeepers. 
Tomkins, rev. John, Wesleyan. 
Townsend, rev. Micajah, M.A., reotor and honorary 

canon, Christ church cathedral, Montreal. 
Wheeler, George, shoemaker. 
Young, John, M.D. 

CLARENDON CENTRE, C. E.— A small Tillage situated in the Township of Clarendon and County of Pontiac 
Distant from Ottawa Sli miles, and from Portage du Fort 10 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 150. 

Armstrong, John, farmer. 
Brownlee, Hugh, farmer. 
Brownlee, Mrs., storekeeper. 
Clark, William, general dealer. 
Connolly, William, farmer. 
Dale, John, farmer. 
Dale, William, farmer. 
Davis, James, shoemaker. 
Devine, Alexander, cabinetmaker. 
Goslin, H. J., principal of academy. 
Hodgins, Francis, innkeeper. 
Hodgins, James, general dealer. 
Jjidson, G. M., agent, &c. 
Kidney, William, shoemaker. 

Matheson, Hugh, general dealer. 
McDowell, George, farmer. 
McDowell, Robert, innkeeper. 
McDowell, Samuel, farmer. 
Ralph, William, saw mUl. 
Robinson, James, carpenter. 
Robinson, rev. R., Wesleyan. 
Shaw, James, postmaster. 
Shaw, William, tanner, &c. 
Strutt, John, blacksmith. 
Sykes, rev. J. S., church of England. 
Telford, James, innkeeper. 
Wilson, Thomas, grist and saw mills. 

CLAREVIEW, C. W.— A Village situated in the Township of Sheffield and County of Addington. Distant from King- 
ston i2 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 70. 

McDonell, Archibald, J.P., grist and saw mill owner, 
and general storekeeper, president of Agricultural 
Society, and local superintendent of schools. 

MoDONELL, SAMUEL C, postmaster, coroner and 

McDonell, Robert T., miller. 

GLEARVILLE, C- W.— A small Village situated in the Township of Orford and County of Kent. Distant from Cha- 
tham SO miles, and f^om London 42 miles. Daily maiL Population about 100. 

Bury, J. R., postmaster, and general dealer. 

Bury, William, storage and forwarding merchant. 

Byrnes, S., innkeeper. 

Gillis, D., innkeeper. 

Henry, George, sen., flour merchant and distiller. 

Laird, Hugh, general dealer. 

Lankin, G., shoemaker. 

McCrank, D., shoemaker. 

McFarlane, Neil, carriagemaker. 
McGregor, A., custom house officer. 
Ridley, E. H., J.P. 
Ridley, T., clerk of Division court. 
Ruthven, A., general dealer. 
Scott, John, general dealer. 
Seweil, P., innkeeper. 

DiRSCTORT.J 1858. 



*C L ARKE'S M I LLS, C. W.— A Village situated on the Napanee Eiver, in the Township of Qamden and County of 
Addington. Distant from Kingston 21 miles, stage fare 75o. Daily mail. Population about eso. 

Andrews, Thomas, brewer, cabinetmaker and turner. 

Bicknell, Nathan, M.D. 

Bush, William, tanner and shoemaker, 

Caswell, R. W., hotel keeper and carriagemaker. 

Clark, N., cloth factor. 

Clark, P. H., general storekeeper, coroner, issuer of 
marriage licenses, and agent for Equitable Fire In- 
surance Company. 

Clarke, Samuel, J.P., postmaster, and town councillor. 

Close, Henry, carpenter and builder. 

COLLINS, ROBERT, hotel keeper. 

Crouse, John, saw mill. 

Dowling Joseph, carriagemaker. 

Duncan, Hugh, shoemaker. 

Empey, George, grist and saw mill. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, P. H. Clark, 

Gilbraith, John, shoemaker. 

Graham, John, carpenter and builder. 

Hamilton, Robert, plasterer. 

HAYDON, JAMES, deakr in dry goods, hardware, gro- 
ceries, produce, &c. 

Hooper, Augustus, sawmill. 

Hooper, Edmond, general store. 

Huffman, Jacob, carpenter and joiner. 

Hume, James, carpenter and joiner. 

Johnston, John, distiller. 

Johnston, Robert, tailor. 

Lew, James, carpenter and builder. 

Lew, Samuel, baker and boarding house keeper. 

Lewis, Joseph, saddler and haruessmaker. 

Lockwood, James, blacksmith. 

Mackay, rev. William, church of Scotland. 

Martin, Henry, general store. 

McDowall, John, broker. 

McTaggart, James, fanning mill maker. | 

NIMMO, JAMES, general trader. 

Parker, Joseph, J.P., attorney and general storekeeper. 

Skinner, John, blacksmith! 

Sproul, Robert, general store. 

Terrill, N., contractor. 

Wellington, Charles, carpenter and builder. 

Wilson, Charles, carpenter and joiner. 

CLINTON, C. W.— A Villase situated on the Huron road, in the Townships of Tuckersmith, Hallet and Goderieh, and 
County of Huron. It is a station of the Buffalo and Lake Huron Bailway Company. Distant from Toronto 120 miles, and 
from Stratford 32 miles, stage fare $3, and flrom Goderieh 12 miles, stage fare $1. Dally mails. Population about 1000. 

Allen, Lewis, proprietor of City saloon. 

Barry, Thomas, saddler. 

Biddlecombe, Joseph, watcljmaker. 

Brown, George, general store. 

Burnham, George, M.D. 

Burns, John, cooper. 

Cameron, A., notary public, and agent for Equitable 

Fire Insurance Company. 
Campbell & Fraser, tailors. 
Campbell & McDonald, carpenters. 
Campbell, rev. A., Wesleyan. 
Campbell, William, proprietor of Victoria hotel. 
Canada Western Assurance Company, R. Thwaites, 

Cleghorn, reT. Thomas, Wesleyan. 
Coates, William, general store. 
Cole, R., M.D. 

Dark, T., proprietor of City hotel. 
Daymont, Charles, carpenter. 
Dinsley, Edward, butcher. 
Doan, 0. S., tanner. 

DODSWORTH, JOHN, saloonkeeper and wine merchant. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, A. Cameron, agent. 
Edwards, rer. John, Bible Christian. 
Pair, T. & J., general store. 
Fair, Thomas, postmaster. 
Farrell, H. J., printer. 
Ferguson, J. & J., painters. 
Fletcher, Charles, blacksmith. 
Pulton, G., hotelkeeper. 
Gordon, Alexander, blacksmith. 
Graham, James, blacksmith. 
Gregg, Joseph, carpenter and joiner. 
Gregg, William, blacksmith. 
Hale, Horatio, conveyancer and agent for Provincial 

Insurance Company. 
Hale, William, advocate and notary public. 
Handford, John, shoemaker. 
Harland, William, shoemaker. 
Jackson, John, shoemaker. 
Jackson, Thomas, tailor. 
Johnson, Henry, blacksmith. 
Kerr, James, shoemaker. 
King & Henderson, painters. 
Knapp, Nelson, innkeeper. 
Lee, Roger, saddler. 
Lines, Henry S., builder. 

Little, William, builder. 

McCurdy, Patrick, general store. 

McDonald & Campbell, builders. 

Mcllroy, William, cooper. 

Mcintosh, John, baker. 

McKay, John, grocer. 

McTaggart, Malcolm, fanning mill factor. 

Middaugh, H. J., proprietor of Royal Western hotel. 

Moore, P., M.D. 

Moore & Hunter, general store. 

Mude & Brothers, tailors. 

MuUoy, Daniel, pumpmaker. 

Murray, William, carpenter. 

Nicol, Andrew, general store. 

Owen, William, & Co., general store. 

Payment, Charles, builder. 

Plummer, Stewart G., carpenter. 

Plummer, Thomas R., carpenter. 

Provincial Insurance Company, H. Hale, agent. 

Ranee & Brothers, steam grist and saw mill owners. 

Ranee, S. H., J.P., reeve of Hallet township and clerK 
of Division court. 

Ratenbury & Owen, general store. 

Ross, Alexander, cabinetmaker. 

Rowell, William, blacksmith. 

Rumble & Graham, waggonmakers. 

Shane, William, bailiff and carpenter. 

Sharman, John D., general store. 

Shaw, William, cabinetmaker. 

Simpson, George, telegraph operator. 

Smart, William, baker. 

Smith, Charles, shoemaker. 

Smith, Elias, turner. 

Smith & Poster, general store. 

Smith, Thomas, & Co., druggists. 

Stevenson, Thomas, cabinetmaker. 

Taylor, Alexander, waggonmaker. 

Thwaites, Richard, J.P., issuer of marriage licences, and 
agent for Canada Western Assurance Company. 

Trueman, George, auctioneer. 

Urqnhart, George, carpenter. 

Weaver, rev. P. G., New Connection methodist. 

Whitehead, Joseph, railway contractor. 

Wilson, Frederick, conveyancer, auctioneer, and insu- 
rance agent. 

Woodcock, Thomas, plasterer. 

Wright, George, butcher. 

• Also called Camden East, the name of the Post office, and Clarkeville. 



1857. [Canada 

*CLARKSVIM-E, C. W.— A village in the Township of Tecumseth and South Eiding of the county of Simcoe. Distant 
fi-om Toronto 4S miles, from Barrie 21 miles, fi-om Bradford 12 miles, and ft-om Bond Head 6 miles. Daily mail. Population 
about 60. 

Carruthera, John, farmer. 

CLARK, ROBERT, postmaster, and gunmaker. 

Douglas, James, shoemaker. 

Douglas, Robert, carpenter. 

Eatton, William, jr., carpenter. 

Hatton, William, sen., carpenter. 
McCracken, Hugh, blacksmith. 
Miller, Henry, carpenter. 
Miller, John, innkeeper 
Parker, Robert, storekeeper. 

tCLAYTON, C. W.— A small Village situated on the Indian River, a tributaiy of the Mississippi Eiver, and on the main 
road from Perth to Pembroke, in the Township of Eamsay and County of Lanark. Distant from Perth 23 miles, from Pem- 
broke 7S miles, from Ottawa 18 miles, and from BrockTiUe 65 miles. Bi-weekly mail. Population about 130. 

Bellamy, Ed^rard, grist and saw mills. 

Bellamy, H., miller. 

Bellamy, Jacob, contractor. 

Blair, Edward, pumpmaker. 

Blair, Timothy, carder and cloth dresser. * 

Coulter & Bell, general store. 

Coulter, James, proprietor of Coulter's hotel. 

COULTER, THOMAS, postmaster, agent for marriage 

licences and commissioner in Queen's bench. 
Poster, Edward, shoemaker. 
Geddes, Mrs., storekeeper. 
Gibbs, Miss 0. A., dressmaker. 
.Gillan, John, carpenter. 
Lalone, X.,' cooper. 

Leary, W., & Co., general store. 

McClary, James, carpenter. 

McNeil, R., harneasmaker. 

McNiece, Sarah, teacher. 

McPhee, John, carpenter. 

McWilliam, J., blacksmith. 

O'Donnel, A., blacksmith. 

Shean, John, shoemaker. 

Stevenson, Alexander, J.P., pork inspector. 

Sutherland, James M., sawyer, &c. 

Sutherland, John, tanner. 

Turriff, William, carpenter. 

Webster, Thomas, harnessmaker. 

tCLIFTON, C. W. — An incorporated Town in the Township of Stamford, County of Welland. It is situated at the 
celebrated Suspension Bridge, which crosses the Niagara Eiver about a mile below the historically known Niagara Palls, and 
connects Western Canada with the Stat ; of New York by railway. This place Is the eastern terminus of the Great Western 
Eailway, and connects, with the Railways In the State of New York, to all parts of the American continent. The Erie and On- 
tario Eallway, which connects with the Ontario steamers at Niagara, distant 13 miles, also passes through the town, and has a 
station here. The Suspension Bridge at this place is said to be the most scientific public work on the continent. It is 
suspended in air, 260 feet above the river, by four wire-cables, each 10 inches in diameter, from towers 75 feet in height, a dis- 
tance of 822 feet from tower to tower,— the total length of wire in these cables being 4,000 miles. There are two roadways, one 
above the other, the upper one having a railway with three different guages, the lower one for waggons, &c. This place is 
rapidly rising into importance. Distant ft'om St. Catherines 13 miles, from Hamilton 43 miles, from Windsor, the Western 
terminus of the Great Western Eailway, 229 miles, and from Buffalo, N. Y., 22 miles. Daily mails. 

Ansley, W. "W., clerk in customs. 

Atwood, J. W., builder. 

Arery, A., builder. 

Barnett, Thomas, musician. 

Bell, James, builder. 

Bell, rev. George, B.A., church of Scotland. 

Benedict, R. G., of R. G. Benedict & Co., civil engineer. 

BENEDICT, R. G., & Co., land company. 

.Booth, James, naturalist. 

^owen, Charles, baker. 

Brown, William, baker. 

Campbell, G. R., lumber merchant. 

Canada Western Assurance Company, H. Preston, 

Chapman, David, forwarding agent. 
CburchiU, F. G., druggist. 
Cornwall, Vincent, general dealer. 
Crawley, James, innkeeper. 
Davis, Saul, proprietor of Table Rock house. 
Duff, R. G. E., elerk. 

Dunklee, J. W., cashier of Zimmerman Bank. 
Eden, William, custom house. 
Fairbank, J. H., civil engineer. 
Forsyth, H., carpenter. 
Gardner, W, chief of police. 

,Grahami, F. H., proprietor of Suspension Bridge hotel. 
"Graham, W., freight agent. 
Hammond, W. W., architect. 
Henry, William, grocer. 
Hutchison, G., painter. 

Kavanagh, M., proprietor of Great Western hotel. 
Kavanagh, T., proprietor of Great Western saloon. 
Leggett, William, surveyor of customs. 
Liddle, George, custom house. 

Long, Thomas, accountant. 

Lynch, Thomas, grocer. 

Mann, D. D., dealer in dry goods and clothier. 

McCormick, P., proprietor of Elgin house. 

McKenzie, James, custom house broker. 

McMaster, A., M.D. 

McMicken, A., post office clerk. 

McMicken, Gilbert, postmaster, and mayor. 

Merriam, J. H., & Co., cabinet shop. 

Muelheim, J., innkeeper. 

Murphy, Thomas, carpenter. 

Otia, 0. R., dealer in hardware. 

Pieraon, Charles, of R. G. Benedict Sc Co. 

Preat, Robert, shoemaker. 

Preston, P. G. & H., general dealers. 

Preston, H., agent for Canada Western Assurance Co. 

Price, R. B., station master Great Western Railway. 

Read, Samuel, brickmaker. 

Rosli, Gasper, proprietor of British North American 

Ross, Thomas, tailor. 
Shears, E. B., land agent. 
Shears, G. P., proprietor of Clifton house. 
Shears, S., clerk. 
Spaulding, Ira, of Benedict & Co. 
Stott, E. A., custom house. 
Warner, N., builder. 
Wilson, D. G., town clerk. 
Wilaon, George, aasistant postmaster. 
Woodruff, Joseph A., president of Zimmerman Bank. 
Zimmerman, Martin, merchant. 
Zipp, J. C, waggonmaker. 
Zimmerman Bank, Joseph A. Woodruff, president; John 

W. Dunklee, cashier. Bank buildings. 

• The Post office is called Tecumseth. t Late Clifton, and formerly called Bellamy's Mills, which is still the name of the 
Post office, t Formerly called Suspension bridge, 

Directory.] 1858. 



CLOVER HILL, C. Wr— A Village on the Town line between Essa andTeoumseth, in the South Eidiiig of SimcOB- 
Distant from Toronto 58 miles, from Bradford 16 miles, and from Cookstown 2i miles. Daily stage to Bradford, connecting 
with trains on the Northern B:ailwiqr. Tri-weeWymail, 

Duff, William, innkeeper. 
Hillocks, Thomas, tailor. 
Nixon, Christopher, waggonmaker. 

Saunders, Thomas, storekeeper. 
Sproule, Robert, postmaster. 
Stevens, John, blacksmith. 

COATICOOK, C. Er-A Village in the Township of Bamston, County of Stanstead, and District of St. Francis. Itisa 
Port of hntry. Being contiguous to a station on the Grand Trunk Eailway, it is distant thence from Portland 174 miles, 
and from Montreal 118 miles. There is a daily stage to Barnston Corner, S miles, fare 250., and thence to Stanstead Plain, 
IS miles, fare $1, and one weekly to Hereford, 16 miles, fare $ 1.60. Mail daily. Population about 300. 

Adams, Aaron A., farmer, township mayor. 

Adams, F. A., storekeeper. 

Baldwin, Levi, tinware manufactory and saw and grist 

Baldwin, Richard, jr., farmer. 

Barry, Thomas, preventive officer. 

Burbec, John C, blacksmith, wheelwright and car- 

Child, Marcus, sen., J.P., inspector of schools. 

Cleveland, John B., manu&cturer of lasts and clap- 

Cutting & Pox, general store. 

CUTTING, HORACE, postmaster, proprietor of Coati- 
cook hotel and stage house. 

Cutting, Jonathan, J.P., farmer. 

Damon, Benjamin, M.D. 

Eaton, George, carpenter. 

Ellis, Ephraim 0., bailiff. 

Forsyth, rev. Joseph, Wesleyan. 

Fox, Amos E., custom liouse agent. 

Proswell, J., tailor. 

Gendron, Pran9ois, carpenter. 

Kennedy, John, blacksmith. 

Lark & Lovell, grocers and druggists. 

Lark, Michael, farmer. 

Lewis, Alpheus, shoemaker. 

McDUPPEE, GEORGE, retail dealer in every descrip- 
tion of general merchandise. 

Merrill, rev. Charles, Universalist. 

Moulton, rev. T. P., Baptist. 

Pomroy & Page, stage proprietors. 

Rugg, Lorenzo, tanner. 

STODDARD, WILLIAM L., carpenter and builder, and 
sleigh and carriage maker. 

Suttoa, Phjlander, J.P., shoemaker. 

Thompson, James, collector of customs. 

THOMPSON, JAMES B., station master Grand Trunk 

Thornton & Davis, storekeepers. 

COBDEN, C. W.— A Village situated at the head of Muskrat Lake, in the Township of Boss, and County of Eenfrew. 
The usual route from the Ottawa to Pembroke is by this place. During navigation a small steamer runs 20 miles on Lake 
Muskrat and river, and stages perform the rest of the way after leaving Gould's Wharf, on the Ottawa Eiver. Distant from 
Ottawa 72 miles, and from Pembroke 22 miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about 75. 

Bisson, Louis, carpenter 

Crawford, Michael, tailor. 

Giroux, Baptiste, tavernkeeper. 

GOULD, JASON, postmaster, and forwarder. 

Innis, John, farmer. 

Lee, Robert, farmer. 

McDonald;' Donald K., blacksmith. 

Morton, Jjohn, general dealer. 

Olmstead^ Ephraim, saw mill and shingle manufactory. 

Rankin, John, hotelkeeper 

Ross, Jobn, shoemaker. 

COBOURGj C. W.— A Town in the Township of Hamilton and County of Northumberland. It is the chief Town of 
the County, and is pleasantly situated on the North shore of Lake Ontario. There is an excellent harbour, affording safe 
accommodation, and whence last year were exported 7,000 barrels flour, 200,000 bushels wheat, 500 kegs butter, and 14,000,000 
feet of sawn lumber. The proximity of Cobourg to Bochester and other ports on the American shore of Lake Ontario ren- 
ders it a iirst-class business settlement ; and the fertile soil of the neighborhood, with the advantages of a ready market 
and unsurpassed water power, have raised Cobourg in fifty years to its present position. During the season, steamers call daOy 
from and en route to Toronto, Kingston and Hamilton, and to Rochester, N. T. Cobourg is a station of the Grand Trunk 
Bailway, and a terminus of the Cobourg and Peterborough Eailway. Distant from Toronto 72 miles, from Kingston lOS 
miles, and from Montreal 260 miles. Dailymails. Population about 7000. 

Abridge, Freeman, carpenter, John St. 

Adams, William, carpenter, St. James st. 

ALBERT SALOON, WiUiam Alexander, proprietor. 
King St. 

ALBION HOTEL, with livery attached, W. Y. Church, 
proprietor, King st. 

ALEXANDER, GEORGE, proprietor of Arcade saloon. 
King St. 

ALEXANDER, WILLIAM, Albert rooms and saloon. 
King St. 

ALLAN, HENRY, dealer in stationery, books, periodi- 
cals, &c.. King St. 

Allan, William, teamster, Second st. 

ALLEN, JOHN T., general grocer. King St. 

Allisson, Richard, blacksmith. Buck St. 

ANDERSON, THOMAS G., local superintendent of 
Indian affairs, Ontario St. 

Andrews, Matthew, clerk. King st. 

Angrove, Samuel, carpenter. Division st. 

ARCADE SALOON, G. Alexander, proprietor. King st. 

Arl, James, shoemaker. Division st. 

Armour, J. D., of Smith & Armour, agent for Phoenix 

Pre Insurance Company, King st. 
Armstrong, James H., grocer and provision dealer, 

King St. ! 

Assenstine, Daniel, carpenter, Division st. i 

AUSTER & Co., dealers in hardware, King St. i 

Austin, James, M.D., Queen st. i 

Averill) C, saddler and harnessmaker, George st. ' 
BAIN, JOHN, painter, Division st. 
Ball, George, carpenter. Ball St. 
Ball, Thomas, shoemaker. College St. 
Bamford, Mrs., widow, Division st. 
BANK OP MONTREAL, C. H. Morgan, manager, King 


Bank of Toronto, J. S. Wallace, agent. King st. 
Bannister, Theodore, engine driver, near the Harbour. 
Barber, James, innkeeper. Division st. 
Barr, Alexander, blacksmith, Buck st. 
Barton, James, engineer. Spring st. 
Batell, Thomas, dealer in crockery, groceries and pro- 
visions. King St. 



1867. [Canada 

Batell, William, jr., carpenter, King st. 

Batell, William, sen., carpenter. Spring St. 

Bates, Richard, tailor, St. James St. 

Bates.'Roger, farmer. Division st. 

Beamish, J. S., general store, King st. 

Beatty, James, tailor. King st. 

Beatty, John, M.D., Seminary st. 

Beatty, rev. John, Wesleyan, Seminary st. 

Beavens, Thomas, bricklayer, King st. 

Beck, rev. J. W., church of England, Queen st. 

Bennet, Glover, jailer, Court house. 

Bennet, John, foundryman. College st. 

Bennet, Mrs., widow, Division st. 

Bentley, Franklin, farmer, near Court house. 

Benton, Richard, laborer, Orr st. 

Bethune, R. H., teller. Bank of Montreal, King st. 

Bethune, rev. Archdeacon, rector, church of England. 

Bickle, Thomas, farmer, Division st. 

Bicknell, Henry, upholsterer, George st. ♦ 

Birney, George, King st. 

Bird, Gilbert, painter, Spring st. 

Black, Thomas, switchman, Grand Trunk Railway. 

Blackwood, James, plasterer, Albert st. 

Blinkhorn, William, founder. College st. 

Bolster, John, laborer, St. James St. 

Bond, William, mason, St. James St. 

Bonnoill, J,, tailor, King st. 

Boroman, Richard, clerk. King st. 

Bosswick, Nelson, laborer. Water St. 

BOSWELL, A. G., barrister. King st. 

Boswell, John C, distiller, grocer, &c.. Division st. 

Boulton, D. E., barrister, Cobonrg and Peterborough 

Railway station. 
Boulton, hon. G. S,, D'Arcy st. 
BOULTON, J. F., barrister. King st. 
Boyd, Robert, colporteur. Orange st. 
Bradbeer & Gillard, painters, &c., College st. 
Bradbeer, John, farmer, D'Arcy st. 
Bradley, F. C, bookkeeper. King st. 
Bradshaw, Thomas, laborer. Bay st. 
Bredin, rev. John, Wesleyan. 
Brenton, Richard, laborer, Orr st. 
Brewer, Henry, laborer, Hibernia st. 
Brewster, James, laborer, Henry st. 
Britannia Life Assurance Company, David Burn, agent. 
British America Assurance Company, Patrick Wallace, 

agent. Division st. 
British & American Express Company, Kenneth McKay, 

agent, Kingst. 
BBODIE, DAVID, town clerk, and agent for Newcastle 

District Mutual Insurance Company, King St. 
Broughall, L., cooper. King st. 

Brown, Richard, provincial land surveyor. Division st 
Browne, A., shoemaker. King st. 
Browne, James, laborer, Matthew st. 
Browne, John, fisherman. Bay st. 
Browne, Robert, fisherman, Perry st. 
Buchanan, William, grocer, &c., Division st. 
Buck, Mrs., widow. Buck st. 
Buck, R., clerk. Green st. 
Buck, Rowe, clerk, Seminary st. 
Bucknell, Joseph, saloon keeper, Division st. 
Buckwell, James, saloon keeper, Division st. 
Bulger, Mrs., nurse, Perry st. 
Bulger, Thomas, laborer, Forth st. 
Bunten, John, laborer, George st. 
Bunten, Robert, packer, Ontario St.. 
Burke, Michael, mnkeeper, near Court house. 
Burke, Thomas, shoemaker. Ball st. 
Burn, David, actuary of Savings bank, and agent for 

IJritannia Life, Liverpool and London Fire, and 

Times and Beacon Fire, Assurance Companies. 
Burnell, rev. J. C, Episcopal methodist. Ball 8t. 
Burnet, David, carpenter and builder, Ontario St. 
Burnet, Francis, Ontario st. 
Burnet, Mrs., widow, Ontario st. 
BURNET, WILLIAM, builder, Ontario st. 

BURNHAM, ASA A., county treasurer. Court house. 

Burns, Dudley, laborer, Elgin St. 

Burns, William, laborer, Ontario st. 

Burpd, rev. Archibald, Oongregationalist. 

Bush, Mrs., widow. Seminary St. 

Butler, Oliver, sailor, D'Arcy St. 

Butler, Robert, waggonmaker, John St. 

Butler, William, accountant, Tremaine st. 

BUTLER, WILLIAM, commission, forwarding and ship- 
ping agent, Wharf. 

Caddy, B. C., provincial land surveyor. Division st. 

Calcutt, James, jr., agent for Colonial Life Assu- 
rance Company, Green St. 

Calcutt, James, sen., brewer. King st. 

Calcutt, Kingsley, dealer in crockery, &c., King st. 

Calcutt, W. K., 4 Co., brewers, Seminary st. 

Callender, P. G., dentist. Division st. 

Cameron, James, clerk. Green st. 

Cameron, John, laborer, William st. 

Campbell, A., writing master. Division st. 

Canada Life Insurance Company, W.G. Pentland, agent. 

Canada, Western Assurance Company, G. Macbean, 

Canavan, James, carpenter. Ball st. 

CANAVAN, JOHN, dealer in dry goods and groceries, 

Carleton, G. W., operator Montreal Telegraph. 

Carlow, Mrs., widow. Green st. 

Carpenter, A. B., farmer, George st. 

Carpenter, F. W., dyer, Tremaine st. 

Carr, Charles, carpenter, St. James st. 

Carr, Charles, fisherman, St. James st. 

Carruthers, H., engineer, Division st. 

Carson, Thomas, ropemaker. King st. 

Carter, 6. W., laborer, King st. 

Cashell, James, laborer, Tremaine st. 

Cavauagh, D., laborer, Tremaine st. 

Cawthra, George, gasfitter. Division st. 

Cayler, Mrs., widow. Division st. 

Chatterton, R. D., County clerk and deputy clerk of 
Crown, George st. 

CHURCH, W. T., proprietor of Albion hotel. King St. 

Clark, — , M.D., Division st. 

Clark, Andrew, carpenter, Tremaine st. 

Clark, Benjamin, barkeeper. King st. 

Clark, G. M., barrister. King st. 

Clements, Miss, milliner, Henry st. 

Clench Brothers, cabinetmakers. Division St. 

Clench, F. S., cabinetmaker. King st. 

CLENCH & FLOYD, proprietors and publishers of the 

Clench, Thomas B., cabinetmaker. King st. 

Cobourg Grammar School, Stafford Lightbum, A. M., 

COCKBURN, JAMES, barrister, Kingst. 

Ceilings, S., blacksmith. Division st. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, James Calcutt, 
agent. Green st. 

Colvin, Robert, millwright. King st. 

Colwell, P., tailor, Seminary st. 

Conlin, N., blacksmith, Hewet St. 

Connolly, John, laborer, Tremaine st. 

Connolly, Thomas, laborer, Tremaine st. 

Connor, "thomas, laborer, Elgin st. 

Cook, Alexander, carpenter, Ontario St. 

Cook, Charles, shoemaker, St. James st. 

Cooney, Edward, carriagemaker, Swayne St. 

Cooper, Mrs., groceries, Division st. 

Corneroy, James, plasterer, Court st. 

Coroner, Charles, student. Division st. 

Corrigal, William, William st. 

Cotterill, George, gasfitter. King St. 

Coulter, John, laborer, First st. 

Coventry, P. G., customs broker, North American ho- 
tel, Division st. 

Craig, Chartes, proprietor of Queen's Arms hotel, 
King St. 

DiBBCTORT.] 1858. 



Craig, George, clerk, Bagot St. 

Oraig, Henry, grocer. King st. 

Creighton, Jolin, agent for Provincial Insurance Com- 

Crewlng, Henry, grocer, King st. 

Crookshanks, Stewart, bricklayer, Ontario st. 

CROSSEN, JAMES, iron founder and machinist. Col- 
lege St. 

Crossin, Jackson, farmer, D'Arcy st. 

Crozier, Isaac, laborer. King st. 

Cruso, M.D., deputy registrar of County, King st. 

Oruso, Henry, clerk. King st. 

Culling, Daniel, laborer, CoTert st. 

Cullingford, John, druggist. King st. 

Cunningham, John, laborer, Division st. 

Cunningham, Michael, bookseller and grocer. King st. 

Curry, Thomas, laborer, King st. 

Cuthbert, James, shoemaker. King St. 

Daintry, 6. S., Division st. 

Dale, Mrs., widow. Spring st. 

Danaghan, John, laborer, Hibernia st. 

Darling, Miss, dressmaker, Division st. 

Davidson, David, school teacher. King st. 

Davis, J. K., millwright, Spencer st. 

Dawe, Charles, carpenter, St. James st. 

Dawe, Samson, tailor. Seminary st. 

Dawkins, Mrs., widow, Ontario st. 

Dawson, Charles, engineer, Albert st. 

Dean, Almond, teamster, Division st. 

Dean, Orrin, bailiff, King st. 

Decker, Daniel, innkeeper, near Court house. 

DEERING, WILLIAM, manufacturer of boots and 
shoes, Division st. 

Delaney, Cornelius, ship carpenter, Albert st. 

Delaney, John, carpenter, White st. 

Delaney, John, laborer, Hibernia st. 

Delaney, William, waggonmaker, John st. 

Denham, James, laborer, Ontario St. 

Denham, Mrs., school, Seminary st. 

Denham, William, laborer, Ontario st. 

Denny, John, bookkeeper. Division st. 

Densmore, Jonathan, farmer. Division st. 

Diamond, Henry, sailor. Queen st. 

Dickinson, Miss, dressmaker, King st. 

Dickson, George, waiter. Bay st. 

Dixon, Anthony, surveyor of customs, Division st. 

Doake, Joseph, blacksmith. King st. 

Dodd, Patrick, shipwright. Lake shore. 

Doherty, Daniel, laborer, D'Arcy st. 

Donegan, Daniel, laborer, First st. 

Donegan, Mrs., widow. First st. 

Dooley & Hewson, dealers in dry goods. Division st. 

Dove, Miss, schoolteacher, George st. 

Dowling, William, student, St. James st. 

Down, Nicholas, school teacher. Green st. 

Doyle, John, laborer, Tweed st. 

Doyle, Timothy, shoemaker, William st. 

Doyle, William, cabinetmaker, King st. 

Doyle, William, laborer. Seminary st. 

Drake, E., gardener, William st. 

Duffey, Owen, laborer, Elgin st. 

Duignan, T., Globe hotel, King st, 

Dumble, Thomas, contractor. King st. 

Duncan, J. & A., carpenters, George st. 

Duncan, John, grocer, &c.. King st. 

Duncan, John, baker, Division st. 

Duncan, John, carpenter. King st. 

Dunn, Michael, laborer, Tremaine st. 

Dymond, John, laborer, near Gas works. 

Edgecombe, John, fisherman, St. James St. 

Edgecombe, William, fisherman, Ontario St. 

Egan, Edward, carpenter. King st. 

Elder, Alexander, peddler. Division St. 

Elliot, Charles, harbour master. College st. 

Elliot, Robert, blacksmith, Green st. 

Elvins, Andrew, tailor, St. James st. 

Ely, Edward, carpenter, Perry st. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Henry Mason, 

agent. King st. 
Evans, Henry, carpenter, King St. 
Ewart, captain 0., mariner. Ball st. 
Ewing, C. E., clerk. Court house. 
Byre, John B., carpenter, King st. 
Eyre, Thomas, clerk of Division court. Division st. 
Fair, Miss, dressmaker. King st. 
Farmer, Mrs., widow. King st. 
Farry, JBdward, carpenter. Bay st. 
Fee, James, carpenter, Tremaine st. 
Feely, James, grocer and provision dealer. King St. 
Ferguson, John, peddler, William st. 
FIELD & BROTHER, dealers in dry goods, groceries 

and crockery, King st. 
Fitch, A., bailifi; Tweed st. 
Fitzsimmon, Owen, laborer, Green st. 
Fitzgerald, John, laborer, Covert st. 
Flanigan, Patrick, laborer, Elgin st. 
Fleming, Thomas, miller. White st. 
Fleming, Mrs. Mary, innkeeper. King St. 
Fletcher, Alexander, laborer. 
Fletcher, John, shoemaker. Division st. 
Flood, James, bellhanger, Division st. 
Floyd, Thomas, laborer, Hibernia st. 
Floyd, W. H., printer, Bagot st. 
Forbes, Alexander, cooper, King st. 
FORTUNE, J. B., deputy sheriff, Tremaine st. 
Fowler, John, shoemaker. King st. 
Fox, Matthew, laborer, near William st. 
Fraser, A., & Co., dry goods and millinery. King St. 
Fraser, Alexander, agent for Montreal Fire Insurance 

Company, King st. 
Proud, John A., waggonmaker, Spring st. 
Fussell, Austin, King st. 
Gage, George, laborer, Perry st. 
Gannon, C, laborer, Durham st. 
Garratt, — , telegraph operator. Division st. 
Garratt, W. A., barrister. King st. 
Garry, Paddy, laborer. Division st. 
Geale, Thomas, clerk. King st. 
Gearns, Patrick, laborer, Elgin st. 
Giddy, Richard, trader. Seminary st. 
Giddy, Thomas, carter, St. James st. 
Gilchrist, J. A., M.D., Division st. 
Gill, John, tinsmith. Division st. 
Gillard, Charles, laborer, Albert st. 
Gillard, H., painter. College st. 

Gillbard, John, grocer and dealer in provisions. King st. 
GILLBARD & SMALE, tailors and clothiers, ready 

made clothing and gentlemen's furnishing always 

on hand. King st. 
Gillbard, Thomas, of Gillbard & Smale, King st. 
Globe Hotel, T. Duignan, proprietor. King St. 
Goldstone, George, M.D., King st. 
Goodeve, G. M., clerk, and agent for Royal Insurance 

Company, Seminary st. 
GORDON, G. N., tinplate worker. Division st. 
Gordon, James, grocer, King st. 
Gordon, Patrick, laborer, Albert st. 
Gove, John, laborer, Ontario st. 
Gowen, James, cabinetmaker, near Gas works. 
Goyette, Francis, cooper, Elgin st. 
Goyette, Peter, cooper, Elgin st. 
Graham, Christopher, innkeeper. 
Graham, J. R., cabinetmaker, Division St. 
Grand "Trunk Railway Company, J. D. Hays, station- 
Grandy, Samuel, farmer, John st. 
Grange, James, student, Spring st. 
Graveley, William, dealer in dry goods, &c., King st. 
Greenwood, John, clerk. King st. 
Greenwood, William, contractor. Division st. 
Grieve, George, carpenter. Division st. 
Grieve, James, innkeeper, Burnham st. 
Grieve, William, carpenter, Division St., house Jones St. 
Guerns, Michael, laborer, off Seminary st. 



1857. [Canada 

GUILLET, JOHN, grocer and dealer in crockery, pro- 
visions, toys, &c.. King st. 

Gummell, Robert, carpenter, St. James St. 

Gunn, Mrs., widow, St. James st. 

Hale, Mrs., widow, Dunham St. 

Halliday, Andrew, saddler and harnessmaker. King st. 

Hamilton, captain John, mariner, King st. 

Hamilton, George, sen., blacksmith, Burnham st. 


Hammond, Mrs., ladies boarding school. Third st. 

Handcastle, George, farmer. King st. 

Hardgraft, George, bookkeeper, College st. 

Hargraft & Co., groceries and crockery. Division st. 

Hargraft, George,- general agent. King St. 

Harper, Thomas, turner. Seminary st. 

Harrison, Simon, bookbinder. Orange st. 

Harrison, Thomas, laborer. Commons. 

Hart, Brien, laborer. Bay st. 

Hartley, Mrs., dressmaker. Spring st. * 

HAEVEY, T. R., dealer in dry goods and clothing, 
King St. 

Harvey, Thomas, George st. 

HAYDEN, JOHN, importer of and dealer in French, 
English, and American room papers, lithographs, 
artist's materials, window glass, paints, oils, &c.. 
King St. 

Hayden, John, painter. King st. 

Hayes, Samuel, omnibus driver, John st. 

Hays, J. D., stationmaster Grand Trunk Railway, Divi- 
sion St. 

Hayter, Benjamin, French teacher. Chapel st. 

Hayter, C, jeweller. Division st. 

Helm, John, founder, 'College st. 

Helmet, John, gardener, George st. 

Henderson, William, contractor, George St. 

Henry, David, barkeeper. 

Henry, Robert, King st. 

Henwood, Roger, shoemaker, King st. 

Hewet, William, painter. King st. 

Hickey, John, laborer. Lake shore. 

Hickman, Newton, laborer. Division st. 

Hicks, George, bricklayer, George st. 

Hicks, Richard, teamster. Spring st. 

Hicks, William, & Co., tailors and drapefe. King st. 

Higgins, Miss, school teacher. Division st. 

Higgins, William, waggonmaker, St. James st. 

HIGHET, ROBERT, dealer in hardware and agricul- 
tural implements. King st. 

Hill, Mrs., school teacher. King st. 

Hill, William, laborer, Spencer st. 

Hinds, Eukins, machinist, near D'Arcy st. 

Hitohins, W., soap and candle factory. Division St. 

Hobart, M. T., cabinetmaker. King St., house College st. 

Hogan, Patrick, laborer, Seminary st. 

Hogg, James, tailor. Division st. 

Hogg, William, shoemaker. Division st. 

Holliday, James, Coffee house, King st. 

HOLMAN, JOHN, clothier, hats, caps, gloves, collars, 
shirts, &c., corner King and Division sts. 

Holmes, G. M., broker, &c.. Division st. 

HOLMES, GERVAS, editor of the Star, Division st. 

Holmes, Peter, miller, Ontario st. 

Hooey, John, baker. Third st. 

Hooey, Stewart, dealer in teas and liquors. Division st. 

Horn, A., laborer. King st. 

Horton, N., ship owner, Bagot st. 

Hoskin, Henry, mason, Bagot st. 

Hoskin, William, bricklayer, Seminary St. 

HOUSE, FRANKLIN, wholesale and retail bookseller 
and stationer, Division st. 

HOWBLLS, THOMAS B., druggist. King st. 

Huff, Henry, cabinetmaker, Division st. 

Hughes, George, student, Tweed st. 

Hull, E. C, auctioneer. Division st. 

Hunt, George, fisherman, Hibernia st. 

Hunter, William, mason. Ball st. 

Hutchinson, George, engineer. Covert st. 

Hutchinson, Samuel, cooper. King st. 

Irwin, Samuel, cooper. King st. 

International Life Assurance Company, H. Mason, 
agent. King st. 

Jacobs, Thomas, laborer. King St. 

JAKES & FRANCIS, proprietors of North American 
hotel. Division st. near Wharf. 

Jamieson, Mrs., widow. King st. 

Jeffrey, Andrew, iron founder, Division st. 

JEFFREY, ANDREW, & SON, wholesale and retail 
dealers in hardware. King st. 

JELLETT, MORGAN, county clerk. Court house. 

JEWELL, THOMAS, general grocer. Division st. 

Jex, Frederick, fisherman, Bagot St. 

Jex, Robert, fisherman. Spring St. 

Jex, William, painter, Swayne st. 

Johnson, J. G., cook, Hibernia St. 

Johnson, rev. J. H., Episcopal methodist, Division st. 

Jones, G. E., broker. King st. 

Jones, Jacob, carpenter, near Court house. 

Kane, John, carpenter, John st. 

Kane, John, car inspector. Grand Trunk Railway. 

Kay, Alexander, engineer, Hibernia st. 

Kennard, William, cabinetmaker, King st. 

Kennedy, A. &., tanner. King st. 

Kennedy, Mrs., widow, Tweed st. 

Kennedy, William, laborer. Ball st. 

Kennor, John, cabinetmaker, William st. 

Kerr, William, law student. Division st. 

Kershaw, Thomas, street inspector, and chief constable. 

Keyes, George, printer. King st. 

Kingston, William, professor, James st. 

Kinnaird, John, cabinetmaker. King st. 

Kirk, George, carpenter, John st. 

Kittson, W. H., collector of customs. Division Bt. 

Lambert, Mrs., widow, St. James st. 

Lansley, John, car inspector, Ball st. 

Lapp, Almond, chairmaker, King st. 

LAUDER, JOHN, grocer, King st. 

Lauder, Mrs., widow, King st. 

Laverty, Barney, farmer, Tremaine st. 

Laverty, William, carpenter. King st. 

Lawder, Arthur, clerk, Ontario st. 

Lawder, B., & Co., drapers and tailors, King st. 

Lee, Henry, carpenter, Division St. 

Lee, William, carpenter, John St. 

Lennon, Hugh, laborer, Bay st. 

Lent, Marcus, marble works. King st. 

Leonard, Mrs., widow, Spmiqary st. 

Leonard, Thomas, shoemaker, Division st. 

Lewis, Mrs., widow. Division st. 

Lewis, Sylvester, marble factory, King st. 

Lightburn, Stafford, M.A., grammar school master. 

Lilly, Barnard, proprietor of Ontario house, Kingst. 

Lindsay, J. S., bookkeeper, George st. 

Lindsay, Mrs., widow, Albert st. 

Liverpool and London Fire Insurance Company, David 
Burn, agent. King st. 

Losee, Bateman, nurseryman, Ontario st. 

Lowe, James, painter, Hibernia st. 

Lucy, Jeremiah, laborer, Albert st. 

Lumsden, James, machinist, George st. 

Lunam, N., carpenter, Burnham st. 

Lynch, Michael, carpenter. Seminary st. 

Lyon, George, butcher. Division st. 

MACBEAN, GEORGE, agent for Provident Life, Pro- 
vincial, and Canada Western Insurance Companies, 
King St. 

Maffatt, John, shoemaker, near Court house. 

Maitland, James shipwright, King st. 

Malone, Mrs., widow. Division st. 

Mains, John, carter, John st. 

Malthus, A. N., sub contractor, Swayne st. 

Mann, James, butcher. King st. 

Martell, William, blacksmith, Spencer st. 

Martin, J., tinsmith. King st. 

Martin, John, tinsmith. King st. 

DiBKCTORT.] 1858. 



MASON, HENRY, importer and dealer in British, Ameri- 
can and German hardware, and agent for Equita- 
ble Fire, and International Life Insurance Compa- 
nies, King St' 

Mason, John, wool sorter. King st. 

Mayer, A., peddler. King st. 

Mayer, D., peddler. King st. 

Mayer, Leonard, peddler. King st. 

McAllister, Andrew, carpenter, William St. 

McAllister, Daniel, printer. 

McBean, Arthur, general dealer, Ontario st. 

McBean, George, general dealer. Division st. 

McBean & Swayne, cabinetmakers. Division St. 

McCabe, Frank, blacksmith. Division st. 

McCallum, Alexander, clerk, King st. 

MoOALLUM, PETER, & SON, dealers in dry goods 
and clothing, wholesale and retail. King st. 

McCarty, Charles, laborer. Bay st. 

McCarty, Henry, inspector of licenses, Division st. 

McCarty, John, Division st. 

McCarty, Thomas, band master, Spring St. 

McCarty, William, Division st. 

McCauley, Thomas, laborer, Bay st. 

McCord, James, contractor, St. James St. 

McDonald, A., shoemaker. Division St. 

McDonald, D., laborer. Covert st. 

McDonald, Michael, laborer, George st. 

McDonald, P., laborer, Albert st. 

McDonald, Thomas, fisherman. Bay st. 

McDonald, Walter, fisherman, jEing st. 

McDonald, William, blacksmith, King st. 

McFarlane, T., clerk, King st. •-, 

McPiggen, John, plasterer, William st. 

McFiggen, Malcolm, plasterer, William st. 

McGinnis, John, laborer. King st. 

McGraw, James, boarding house, 

McGuire, H., engineer, Covert st. 

McGuire, John, carpenter. Orange st. 

McGuire, Peter, laborer. Spring st. 

Mclntyre, C, cooper. King st. 

MoINTYRE & BURNHAM, dealers in groceries, wines, 
liquors, &e. 

McKAY, ALEXANDER, smith and horse sheer, near 
Globe hotel, King st. 

McKay, Kenneth, agent for British American and 
Wilder's Express Companies, King st. 

McKenny, Michael, grocer. Division st. 

McKenny, S., grocer. Division st. 

McKeown, Samuel, laborer, Hibernia st. 

McKnight, William, carpenter, Spring st. 

McKoen, John, blacksmith, near Gas works. 

McLaughlin, John, moulder. Division st. 

McLaughlin, Malcolm, laborer, Ontario st. 

McLean, Alexander, blacksmith. King st. 

McLean, William, peddler, George st. 

McLellan, James, carpenter, King st. 

McLellan, John, carpenter. King st. 

McLeod, rev. Donald, Free church. 

MoLEOD, JOHN, & Co., dealers in dry goods and mil- 
linery, corner King and Division sts. 

McNAUGHTON, THOMAS, printer, editor, proprietor 
and publisher of the Sun. 

McNeil, Peter, tailor, Seminary st. 

Meghan, Frank, laborer, John st. 

Meghan, Patrick, carter, Chapel st. 

Merey, Alfred, laborer, George st. 

Melville, John, laborer, Ontario St. 

Miller, T. B., wharfinger. 

Milloy, John, tailor, Elgin st. 

MILNE, ANDREW, tailor and clothier, clothing on 
hand and made to order, King st. 

Milton, William, ostler, St. James St. 

Mitchell, John, grocer. King st. 

Mitchell, John, laborer, Albert st. 

Montreal Fire Insurance Co., Alexander Eraser, agent. 

Montreal Telegraph office, G. W. Carleton, operator. 
King St. 

Moore, Walter, student, St. James st. 

Morgan, C. H., agent for Bank of Montreal, King st. 

Morris, John, sawyer, Tweed st. 

Morris, William, laborer, John st. 

Morrison, James, millwright. King St. 

Morrow, Thomas, saddler and harnessmaker. King st, 

Morse, Thomas, laborer. King st. 

Mourne, James, laborer, Ontario st. 

Mourne, Peter, laborer, Tweed st. 

Mullen, Thomas, carpenter. Seminary st. 

Mulrooney, Hartley, laborer, Ball st. . 

Munroe, 6. P., saloon at Grand Trunk Railway station.. 

Munroe, G. P., jr., bar keeper. Division St. 

MUNSON, A. E.| carriage manufacturer, near Globe 
hotel, off King st. 

Munson, Mrs., widow, George st. 

Mutton, Joseph, laborer, St. James st. 

Navin, Thomas, peddler, George st. 

Newcastle District Mutual Insurance Company, David 
Brodie, agent, King st. 

Newton, John, blacksmith, Burnham St. 

NichoU, Thomas P., auctioneer, &c.. King st. 

NICHOLL, THOMAS F., engineer. King st. 

Niles, Richard, teamster, Henry st. 

Nixon, George, sen., chandler, King st. 

NIXON, JOHN, watchmaker and jeweller. King st. 

NORTH AMERICAN HOTEL, Jakes & Francis, pro- 
prietors, Division St., near Wharf. 

Nourse, Jacob, clerk, William st. 

Nourse, Mrs., widow, William st. 

O'Connel, Richard, carpenter, King st. 

Odell, Anthony, trader, St. James St. 

Oliver, Richard, tailor. King st. 

O'Neil, C, blacksmith, Second St. 

O'Neil, Timothy, livery stable keeper, near Gas works.. 

Ontario house, Barnard Lilly, proprietor. King st. 

Ough, Benjamin, carpenter, John st. 

Palmer, J., brickmaker, Division st. 

Parks, Thomas, clerk. Division st. 

Patterson, David, carpenter. King st. 

PATTERSON, DELANY & WELSH, waggonmakers, 
Division st. 

Patterson, Thomas, waggonmaker, King st. 

Patton, A., tailor, Chapel st. 

Payne, W. L., waggonmaker. Division st. 

Pearse, James, carpenter. Seminary st. 

Pearse, John, carpenter. Seminary st. 

Pearse, Moses, carpenter, Seminary st. 

Pearson, William, grocer, Division st. 

Peck, J. H., daguerrean artist, King st. 

Pellow, John, carpenter, Seminary st. 

Pengilly, John, blacksmith. Spring st. 

Penphraise, Alfred, carpenter, Ontario st. 

Pentland, W. G., clerk, and agent for Canada Life 
Insurance Company, and Unity Fire and Life As- 
surance Associations, King st. 

Perry, E., & Co., flouring mill owners, King st. 

Perry, George, Division st. 

Perry, Hon. B., M.L.C., Division st. 

Petigree, Robert, grocer, &c.. King St. 

Peto, Henry, Cottersmore avenue. 

Phoenix Fire Insurance Company, J. D. Armour, agent, 
King St. 

Philp, Charles, plasterer, King st. 

Philp, James, porter. 

Philp, John, shoemaker. King st. 

Philp Joseph, plasterer, King st. 

Philp, Joseph, sailor, Seminary st. 

Philp, Mrs., widow. King st. 

Philp, W. Marshall, clerk. King st. 

Philp, William, farmer. 

Picot, Nathan, cooper, Elgin st. 

PIDGBON, JOSEPH, & Co., dealers in dry goods and 
grocers, King st. 

Pidgeon, James, general dealer, King st. 

Pilling, James, laborer, Covert st. 

Plews, Robert, butcher, Ontario st. 



1857. [Canada 

Plunkett, Mrs., widow, Division St. 

Pogue, John, cabinetmaker, Ontario st. 

Polkinhorn, E., plasterer, George st. 

Pomeroy, Charles, carpenter, DiTision st. 

Pomeroy, Mrs., widow, St. James st. 

Pomeroy, Richard, dry goods, &c., King St. 

Pomeroy, William, carpenter, George st. 

Postlethwaite, Thomas, shoemaker, George st. 

Potter, Eichard, tailor, Tweed st. 

Powell, N. W., M.D., Third st. 

Powell, 0. W., butcher. King st. 

Pratt, George, laborer. Bay st. 

Pratt, John, farmer, near Court house. 

Pratt, Thomas, baker and confectioner, Division st. 

Prendergast, James, carter. Seminary St. 

Prendergast, James W., blacksmith, King st. 

Preston, D., engineer. 

Pringle, Alexander, watchmaker and jeweller, King St. 

Pringle, James, M.D., druggist, King st. « 

Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 
George Maobean, agent. 

Provincial Insurance Company, John Creighton and 
George Macbean, agents. 

Purely, P. "W., laborer. Commons. 

Pye, Thomas, tailor. Spring st. 

Queen's Arms hotel, Charles Craig, proprietor, King st. 

Quin, James, laborer, off King st. 

Eankin, W. N., clerk. College st. 

Eeals, W. J., barkeeper. 

Eedmond, C, school teacher, William st. 

Began, P., livery stable. King st. 

Retaliick, Samuel, bricklayer, Albert st. 

Retallick, Thomas, bricklayer, Albert st. 

Eeynolds, — , M.D. Ontario st. 

Eeynolds, Stephen, bricklayer, Seminary st. 

Eicard, Robert, laborer, Durham st. 

Eice, Mrs., widow, George st. 

Richards, George, moulder. 

Richardson, John, mason. 

Richardson, William, laborer, Durham St. 

Boach, James, laborer, Division st. 

Roberts, Alfred, joiner, Albert st. 

Roberts, Benjamin, shoemaker, Spring st. 

Roberts, Edward, fisherman, Albert st. 

Roberts, John, grocer and shoemaker, King st. 

Roberts, Eichard, pensioner, King st. 

Roberts, Robert, sailor, Bagotst. 

Roberts, S. P., Division St. 

Robinson, James, jr., blacksmith, Division st. 

Robinson, James, sen., blacksmith. Division st. 

Robinson, Peter, laborer, King st. 

Robinson, William, distiller. King st. 

Robson, R., grocer, Division st. 

Roe, James, blacksmith. 

Eose, John, blacksmith, Swayne st. 

Eoss, David, tailor. King st. 

Eoss, Walter, tailor, Hewet st. 

Eowe, James, laborer. Division st. 

Eowe, John, shoemaker, King St. 

Royal Insurance Company, G. M. Goodeve, agent. Se- 
minary st. 

Bundle, Henry, shoemaker. Division st. 

Rundle, N., grocer. Division st. 

Bush, W. J., clothes cleaner. Division st. 

Bush, W. J., grocer. Division St. 

Bussell, E., laborer, Division st. 

Ruttan, H. J., King st. 

Buttan, Eichard, barrister. King St. 

Eyan, Eichard, chandler. Division St. 

Byerson, rev. John, governor of Victoria college. 

Salisbury, Jonathan, cabinetmaker, King St. 

Salisbury, William, machiuistpKinf st. 

Savings Bank, David Burn, actuary. 

Scott, George, carpenter. Perry st. 

Scott, Thomas, postmaster. King st. 

Secor, Alva, hatter, King St. 

Service, John, grocer and shoemaker, King st. 

Shaw, captain George, mariner, and ship owner. 

Shaw, captain John, mariner. Division st. 

Shaw, Mrs. Hannah, widow, near Court house. 

Sheaver, James, jr., laborer. Ball st. 

Sheaver, James, sen., laborer. Ball st. 

Sheaver, W., teamster. King st. 

Shngrue, Mrs., widow. King st. 

SIDEY, JAMES, importer of and dealer in British and 

foreign dry goods, King st. 
Simmons, George, waggonmaker. Chapel st. 
Simmons, M., tanner, Hewet st. 
Sinclair, M., clerk. King st. 
Sinclair, Robert, saloon keeper, Division st. 
Slavin, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, George st. 
Smallwood, George,'grocer, &c.. Division St. 
SMITH & ARMOUR, barristers, Division st. 
Smith, Arthur, tradesman, St. James st. 
Smith, John, carpenter, Spencer st. 
Smith, Mrs., widow, Burnham st. 
Smith, Mrs., widow, Spring st. 
Smith, Richard, shoemaker, Ball lane. 
SMITH, SIDNEY, M.P.P., King st. 
Smith, William, blacksmith. Division st. 
Smith, William, innkeeper, Second st. 
Sniith, William, livery stable keeper, off King st. 
Sovine, Francis, tailor, Matthew st. 
Spence, J., joiner, &c.. Spring st. 
Standerwick, rev. W., Congregationalist, Bagot st. 
Stanton, Oliver, farmer, Seminary st. 
STAR, (THE) wee^J;j^|^n,ual subscription $2, Gervas 

Holmes, editfli^V^lQlch & Floyd, proprietors and 

publishers. l<ia^V€. <' 

Stephens, George,; c.^^^|ind chair maker, Division st. 

Stephens, Georg%;fejj|^?^'^6t™^l'^6r, Seminary st. 

Stevenson, M., cJ«J5kj;Ptng st. 

Stewart, Alexa^«& lab'6f er, Tweed St. 

Stewart, John,..8P^uter, Division st. 

Stickle, Henry, waggonmaker, Burnham st. 

Stock, Z., gardener. Seminary st. 

Stott, J., engineer. 

Strieker, A. N., landing waiter, King st. 

Strong & Scott, general dealers, corner King and 
Division sts. 

Sukey, Robert, tailor, Hibernia st. 

SUN, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2, Thomas 
McNaughton, editor, proprietor and publisher ; 
John T. Willy, printer. 

Sutherland & Duncan, wholesale grocers and commis- 
sion merchants. Division St. 

Sutherland, Joseph, lath splitter. King st. 

Swayne, Joseph, shoemaker, Swayne st. 

Swan, Mrs., dressmaker. King st. ' 

Tait, James, Ball st. 

Tame, Job, gardener. King st. 

Tanner, Henry, farmer. Division st. 

Tapp, rev. J. B., Bible Christian, James st. 

Tapscott, rev. S., Baptist. 

Taylor, captain, William st. 

Taylor, George, laborer. First st. 

Taylor, John, carpenter, Hibernia st. 

Temple, P., carpenter. Seminary st. 

Tennant, William, mason, Elgin st. 

Tenney, John, carpenter. 

Terry, Henry, peddler. King st. 

Thomas, William, butcher, King st. 

Thompson, George, bailiff, King st. 

Thompson, George, shoemaker. King st. 

Thomson, rev. 0. B., church of England. 

Throop, Mrs., widow. King st. 

Throop, Robert, barrister. King st. 

Tierney, John, carpenter, John st. 

Tillottson, Professor, music master, King st. 

Times and Beacon Fire Insurance Company, David Burn 

Timlin, rev. Michael, Eoman catholic. 

Tippett, H., shoemaker, King st. 

Tourj6, P., tinsmith, Chapel st. 

Directory.] 1858. 



Tonrj^, William, tinsmith, 4c., Division St. 

Trebilcook, Paul, school teacher, James St. 

Tremaine, Thomas, laborer, Tweed st. 

Troop, David, farmer, Burnham st. 

Tucker, John, laborer, John st. 

Tucker, William, laborer, John st. 

Underwood, George, farmer, near Court house. 

Underwood, John, farmer, near Court house. 

Unity Fire and Life Assurance Associations, W. G. 

Pentland, agent. 
Vair, James, carpenter. King st. 
Yandenburgh, L,, student, James st. 
Van Ingen, Wm., auctioneer. King St., house Covert st. 
Victoria College, rev. John Ryerson, governor ; rev. S. 

S. Nelles, M. A., president. 
Vosper, George, carpenter, Tweed st. 
WADDAL, WILLIAM, barber, King st. „ 
Waddell, A., carpenter, William st. 
Waddle, Mrs., widow, Hibernia st. 
Wait, James, blacksmith, Spencer st. 
WALDIE, JOHN, baker and confectioner, King st. 
Waldie, Thomas, laborer, William st. 
Walker, George, engineer, Tremaine st. 
WALLACE, J. S., agent for Bank of Toronto, and 

general agent. King st. 
Wallace, Martin, carpenter, St. James st. 
Wallace, Patrick, general agent, and agent for British 

America Assurance Company, Division st. 
Wallace, Robert, carriagemaker. Second st. 
Waring, George, Spring st. 
Wark, J., laborer. King st. 
Weir, John, cooper, Elgin st. 
Weir, Robert, tailor, St. James st. 
WELLER & CLARK, barristers, King st. 
Weller, L., agent. King st. 
Weller, W. H., of Weller & Clark, King st. 
Weller, William, mayor, George st. 

Weston, James, bricklayer. King st. 

White, J. Charles, flouring and saw mills. White st. 

White, John, miller. White st. 

Whitefair, Henry, bricklayer, St. James st. 

Whitelaw, John, copper and tin smith. King st. 

Whitlock, rev. G. C, A. M., Wesleyan, professor Victoria 

college, St. James st. 
Wicks, Thomas, laborer. Seminary st. 
Wilders Express Company, Kenneth McKay, agent. 
Wilkins, Mrs., widow. Ball st. 
Williams, Edward, foreman, Spencer st. 
Williams, Matthew, carpenter, Matthew St. 
Williams, Robert, King st. 
Williamson, Alexander, carpenter. Ball st. 
WILLY, JOHN T., printer of the Sun. 
Wilson, Adam, carpenter, Spencer st. 
Wilson, James, tailor. Division st. 
Wilson, John, carriagemaker, King st. 
Wilson, Mrs., widow, John st. 
Wilson, N., school teacher, Jehu st. 
Wilson, Professor, Victoria College, Ball st. 
Wiseman, Timothy, fisherman, McQill st. 
Wood, Mrs., widow. College st. 
Wood, P., Division st. 
Wood, Thomas, laborer, near College. 
Woods, William, carter. Perry st. 
Woodward, Joseph, laborer, Ontario st. 
Wright, James, tinsmith. Division st. 
Wright & Shoemaker, Misses, Ladies seminary. Division 


Wynn, Charles, D'Arcy st. 

Wynn, James, plasterer. Second st. 

York, Thomas, carter, Chapel st. 

YORK, WILLIAM, shaving and hair dressing saloon- 
keeperj and dealer in musical instruments, per- 
fumery, &c.. King St. 

Young, Mrs., widow, Seminary St. 

CODRINGTON, C. W.— A Tillage in the Township of Brighton and County of Northumberland. Distant from 
CobouTg, the County Town, 30 miles, and from Kingston 75 miles. Hail daily. Fopulation about 75. 

Belford, Henry, deputy reeve. 
Cooney, John, tailor. 
Cooney, William J., blacksmith. 
Ellison, James, tavernkeeper. 
Fitzgerald, John, shoemaker. 
Hutchison, Thomas, shoemaker. 
Hyde, David, storekeeper. 
Kemp, James, J.P., 
King, George, farmer. 

King, William Henry, M.D. 

Maybee, Abraham, farmer. 

McFail, John, councillor. 

Moran, John, farmer. 

O'Halloran, Thomas, farmer. 

O'NEILL, PATRICK, postmaster, and dealer in dry 

goods, groceries, provisions, Ac. 
Pearsall, William, farmer. 
Wood, Jacob, blacksmith. 

COLDSPRINGS, C. W.— A Village In the Township of Hamilton and County of Northumberland. Distant from 
Cobourg, the County Town, 7 miles, and from Toronto 79 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 1200. 

Begg, James, shoemaker. 

Benson, Richard, deputy reeve. 

Brown, Noble, councillor. 

Chapman, John, butcher. 

Davidson, Nathaniel, shoemaker. 

Dunbar, Charles S., school teacher. 

Eagleson, Alexander, carpenter. 

Bagleson, Matthew, carpenter. 

Eagleson, Robert, carpenter. 

Ferguson, Alexander, mason and bricklayer. 

Gage, David, caijjenter. 

Galloway, Alexander, tailor. 

Hamilton, Alexander, tanner. 

Hardy, Alexander, tavernkeeper and carpenter. 

Hayden, rev. William, Congregationalist. 

Hore, William, flouring and saw mills. 

Hutchison, John, tavernkeeper and baker. 

Jamieson, William, mason. 

Jones, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Kerr, William, carpenter. 

Lokie, Alexander, baker. 

McBride, Richard, blacksmith. 

McBride, Thomas, blacksmith. 

McCarty, John, carpenter. 

McConnachie, James, carpenter. 

Mcintosh, Allan, J.P., councillor. 

Mcintosh, David, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Mcintosh, John, tailor. 

McKenzie, rev. W. J., Free church. 

Newton, Henry, blacksmith. 

Newton, Peter, veterinary surgeon. 

Peters, — , councillor. 

Phillips, Joseph, J.P., reeve. 

Pitt, John, blacksmith. 

Richards, John, farmer. 

Richardson, William, farmer. 

Ross, Alexander, architect. 

Ross, Walter, carriagemaker. 

Russell, Archibald, school teacher. 

Sidey, David, school teacher. 

Sidey, John, shoemaker. 

Sidey, William, tailor. 

Stevenson, Alexander, tailor. 

Stewart, George, storekeeper. 



1857. [Canada 

COLBORNE, C. W. — A Village in the Township of Cramah6 andCounlyof Northumberland. It is two miles from 
.Colborne Harbour, or Port Cramahfi, on Lake Ontario, and near a Station of the Grand Trunk Eailway. Distant from 
Cobourg U miles, ftom Montreal 2*9 miles, and from Toronto 8* miles. There is a daily stage to Castleton, 7 miles, fare 50c., 
and a tri-weekly stage to Norwood, 30 miles, fare ii. Daily mails. Population about 1100. 

McRae, Francis, shoemaker. 

Merriman, Hiram, sash and cabinetmaker. 

Merriman, J. M., collector of customs. 

Allan, J. T., grocer. 

Bamett, Alexander G., mason and builder. 

Beacon Fire and Life Assurance Company, B. M. Bou- 
cher, agent. 

Boucher, Robert M., barrister, reeve, warden of county 
and agent for Beacon Fire and Life Assurance 

Campbell, Donald, mill owner. 

■Chadburn, Richard, saloonkeeper. 

Ohapin, Otis, cabinetmaker. 

Oolton, William H., storekeeper. 

"Cox, George, operator at Montreal Telegraph of5ce. 

Dixon, J. B., prinpipal of Union grammar school. 

Dudley, A. W., nurseryman. 

Dudley & Simmons, brickmakers. 

Edwards, Francis H., watchmaker. 

Uquitable Fire Insurance Company, G. Goslee, agent. 


Fowler, Orchard J., pottery. 

Gordon, George N., tinsmith, &c. 

■Goalee, George, J.P., storekeeper, and agent for Equit- 
able Fire, and International Life Assurance Com- 

Howard, John, Railway saloon keeper and grocer. 

Huyck, S., harnessmaker. 

Imperial Fire, Marine, and Life Insurance Company of 
Quebec, J. Keeler, agent. 

International Life Assurance Company, G. Goslee, 

Inglis, George, blacksmith. 

Inglis, Peter, blacksmith. 

Jaques & Armstrong, tanners. 

Keeler, Joseph A., J.P., postmaster, and commissioner 
in Queen's bench. 

KEELER, JOSEPH, J.P., editor, proprietor and pub- 
lisher of the Transcript, agent for Imperial Fire, 
Marine, and Life of Quebec, and Provident Life 
Assurance Companies, house at Colborne Harbour. 

Kennedy, A. S., shoemaker. 

King, Adam, agent for Provincial Insurance Com- 

King & Strong, storekeepers. 

Le Boutillier, G. T., cigar manufacturer ; and at Col- 
borne Harbour. 

Leith, Robert, proprietor of Mansion house hotel. 

Lockwood, M. K., deputy clerk of Division court. 

Macdonald, R. D., tailor. 

Male, James, builder. 

McDonald, Sydney, Colborne hotel. 

McDonnell, William H., storekeeper. 

Montreal Telegraph office, G. Cox, operator. 

Mories, Samuel B., carpenter and joiner. 

Nobles, William H., harnessmaker. 

Norman, rev. William E., Episcopal methodist. 


subscription $1.50, J. S. Steele, editor; W. & J. 

S. Steele, proprietors and publishers. 
Power, Jabus P., M.D. 
Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, J. 

Keeler, agent. 
Provincial Insurance Company, A. King, agent. 
Pugh, Frederick, M.D. 
Robertson, Donald, storekeeper. 
SCOTT, JOSEPH S., wholesale patent medicine vendor 

and clerk of council. 
Scott, Reuben B., iron foundry. 
Scougal, James, carriagemaker. 
Scripture, S. L. J., iron foundry. 
Seed, Samuel, blacksmith. 
Shannon, Richard, tailor. 
Shannon, William, storekeeper. 
Sim, William, baker and confectioner. 
Sinclair, James, tailor. 
Smith, Dana, grist mill. 
Spilsbury, F. B., wharfinger. 
STEELE, W. & J. S., proprietors and publishers of the 

Northumberland Pilot. 
Strong, J. S., commission merchant. 
Strong, 0. H., harnessmaker. 
Taggart, rev. Charles, Wesleyan. 
TRANSCRIPT, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $1, 

J. Keeler, editor, proprietor and publisher. 
Tuttle, Leonard, pumpmaker. 
UNDERHILL, CHARLES, wholesale and retail dealer 

in dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c., 

and auctioneer. 
Union Grammar School, J. B. Dixon, principal. 
Vars, Addison, carriagemaker. 
Webb, George W., cabinetmaker. 
Webb, Thomas T., councillor and issuer of marriage 

WHITBY, HENRY C, importer of and wholesale and 

retail dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, 

produce, &c. 
Yeoman, John L., blacksmith and livery stable keeper. 
Young, John, shoemaker. 

COLDSTREAM, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Loho and Comity of Middlesex. Distant from London 
15 miles. Mall bi-weekly. Population about 50. 

Thomas, George, cabinetmaker. 

Adamson, Robert, reeve. 
•Cutler, Benjamin, miller. 
■Cutler, Elias, postmaster. 

Wood, John, storekeeper. 

COLDWATER, C. W.— A Village on Matchedash the mouth of Coldwater Eiver, in the Township of Me- 
donte and North Biding of the County of Simooe. Distant from Barrie, the County Town, 28 miles, and ftom Orillia U 
miles. Mail bl-weekly. Population ahout 150. 

BUCHANAN, ROBERT, J.P., auctioneer, insurance 
and commission agent, and commissioner in Queen's 

Campbell, rev. J., Wesleyan. 

Charles, H. C, storekeeper. 

Craddoc, Joseph, boat builder. 

Caswell, N., saw mill. 

Caswell, George, portioner. 

Copeland, George, portioner. 

Eplatt, John, saddler. 

Finch, John, schoolmaster, and teacher of music. 

Pinlay, Robert, carpenter and mlU-wright. 
Fuller, Jonathan, storekeeper. 
Gill, Joseph, cooper and innkeeper. 
Gray, rev. John, church of Scotland, 
'McGinnis, John, saw mill owner. 
Morrish, Henry, miller. 
Nettleton, William, innkeeper. 
Rainbird, John, shoemaker. 
Shaw, James, postmaster. 
Speuce, John, blacksmith. 
Willis, Benjamin, shoemaker. 

Directory.] 1868. 



COLBORNE HARBOURj, C. W. — ^A thri-ring Village on Lake Ontario, In the Townships of CratnaW and Haldi- 
mand, and County of Northumberland. It is a Port of Entry, two miles from Colborne. A considerable amount of lumber, 
&c., is anuually exported ; and another important branch of trade is springing up here in the catching and curing of white- 
fisb«nd salmon trout, with which the Lake abounds, A steamer plies, for passengers and freight, twice a week between this 
and the other North Shore ports and Oswego, N. Y. There is also a tri-weekly steamer to Eochestor, N. Y. Cabin and deck 
fares to Oswego and Boohester $2.50 and 81.75. Colborne Harbour is near a Station of the Grand Ti-unk Railway. Distant 
from Cobourg 16 miles, ft-om Montreal 249 miles, and from Toronto 84 miles. There is a tri-weekly stage to Norwood, 32 miles, 
fare $2. Mail daily. Population about 300. 

Bargar, William, carpenter and joiner. 

Belor, John, plasterer. 

Bleakly, John, fisherman. 

Brown, John, fisherman. 

Brown, Robert, fisherman. 

Brown, William, fisherman. 

Clarke, George, fisherman. 

Clarke, Richard, fisherman. 

Clarke, Robert, shoemaker. 

Connacher, Donald, owner and master of schooner. 

Cowey, Robert, blacksmith. 

Dewey, Josiah B., storekeeper and planing machine 

and mill owner. 
Doneghy & Hicks, carpenters and joiners. 
Doyle, James, fisherman. 
Ewing, Manson, tavemkeeper. 
Fleming, Stanhope, miller. 
Gallagher, John, tavernkeeper. 
Graham, Duncan P., saloonkeeper. 
Herrington, James W., wool carder and cloth dresser. 
Johnston, W. L., school teacher. 
Keeler, Joseph, J.P , wharfinger, mill owner, and 

wholesale merchant ; and at Colborne. 
Kerneghen, David, fisherman. 
Eerneghen, Joseph, mason and plasterer. 
Labelle, Charles, carpenter and joiner. 

Lapp, Asa, fisherman. 

Le Boutillier, 6. T., cigar manufacturer ; and at Col- 

Le Riche, Philip, joiner. 

Male, William, carpenter and joiner. 

Maybee, Allen P., J.P., general store, and plaster mill. 

Matthew, Isaac, grocer. 

Maxwell, Thomas, fisherman. 

Maxwell, William, fisherman. 

McClennon, John, mason and plasterer. 

McCrackin, William, carpenter and joiner. 

Merriman, James M., collectoir of customs, house at 

Moore, Moses, fisherman. 

Moore, Samuel, fisherman. 

Niles, William H., grain merchant. 

Padginton, Thomas, fisherman. 

Palmer, Noble M., fisherman. 

Richer, Anthony, carpenter and joiner. 

Seeds, Samuel, blacksmith. 

Shaw, John, master of schooner. 

Smith, Jacob, boarding house. 

Smith, James A., fisherman. 

Snider, Reuben 0., carpenter and joiner. 

Stevenson, James, fisherman. 

Wells, Henry, carpenter and joiner. 

COLEBROOKj C. W.— A Village situated on the Napanee Eiver, In the Township of Camden and County of Pron 
tenao Distant from Kingston 20 miles. Stage fare to Kingston 75c. Daily mail. Population about X26. 

Hinley, Edward, blacksmith. 
Jenkins, Edward, blacksmith. 
Love & Larry, coopers. 
Mattice, William, carriagemaker. 
Newman, John, grocer. 
O'Connor, Thomas, shoemaker. 
Pomeroy, Samuel, grocer. 

Smith, Ira, blacksmith. 

Trainer, Catherine, innkeeper. 

Tryon, John, innkeeper. 

Warner, Charles, J.P., postmaster, town councillor, 

saw mill owner and general storekeeper. 
Wartman, C. & S., sawmill. 
Woodruff, John, grist mill. 

COLERAINE, C. W.— A Village in the Gore of the Tow^ship of Toronto and County of Peel. Distant from Brampton 
8 miles. Daily mail. Population about 50. 

Holtby, C, waggonmaker. 
Jones, J., blacksmith. 
McEinnon, A., innkeeper. 

Mills, John, shoemaker. 

St. John, Thomas, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Whitehead, John, innkeeper. 

'COLLIN'S BAY, C. W.— A small Village on the North side of the Bay of Quints, in the Township of Kingston and 
County of Frontenac. It is 1 mile from a Station on the Grand Trunk Eailway, and distant ffom Kingston 4 miles. Daily 
mail. Population about 100. 

Ashley, John, J.P., farmer and councillor. 
Denison, Thomas W., general store. 
Pitch, Mrs. Margaret, innkeeper. 

Herchmer, Lawrence, postmaster. 

McGUIN, ANTHONY, saw and grist mills, and woollen 

Stratton, John G., station master. 

COLUMBIA, C. W^A Village on a branch of the Humber, in the Eighth Concession of the Township of Albion, County 
of Peel. Distant from Toronto 29 miles, firom the King station of the Northern Railway 11 miles, and from Bolton 3 
miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 100. 

Brown, Robert, storekeeper. 
Elliott, Robert, tanner. 
Kitchen, James, carpenter. 
Kitchen, William, blacksmith. 
McKee, William, school teacher. 

Patterson, David, shoemaker. 

SWINARTON, THOMAS, miller, and dealer 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Wilson, James, innkeeper. 

in dry 

» Also callel McGuin's Mills. 



1857. [Canada 

COLLINGWOOD, C. W.— A flouriahing Town in the Township of Nottawasaga and County of Simcoe, sitimtedon the 
Georgian Bay, at the terminus of the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railroad. The completion of this road has made OoHing- 
wood the nearest route from Lake Ontario and the country east of Toronto to the Western States. Collingwood was three 
years ago no better than a wilderness ; it is now largely populated and rapidly increasing in importance. It offers great 
facilities to ship-builders. During the past winter three vessels were built here, of 150, 350, and 450 tons each. It has several 
factories, a few of them worked by steam. In summer a daily line of first-class steamers leaves Collingwood for Milwaukie, 
Chicago, and the Par West ; and it has also a weekly line of Reamers to the Manitoulin Islands, the Bruce Mines, Island of 
St. Josephs, Sault Ste. Marie, Lake Superior, &c. Distant from Toronto 96 miles. Mail daily. Population about 2000. 

ANDERSON, JAMES, tailor and clothier, and dealer 
in dry goods, hardware and groceries. 

Armstrong, George W., hotelkeeper. 

Barter & Musgrove, tailors. 

Bonter, Isaac, proprietor of Milwaukie hotel. 

Bourchier & Lyall, lumber merchants. 

Buist & Melville, Nottawa mills depot. 

Cameron, Charles, saloon. 

Clark, A., tailor. 

COLGROVE, H. P., provision store. « 

Commercial hotel, John Wiggins, proprietor. 

Cook, Mrs., saloonkeeper. 

Oonnell & Co., general store. 

Curtiss, A., shoemaker. 

DENIEE, WILLIAM, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

Dudgeson, Adam, shipbuilder. 

Dyer, Ephraim, watchmaker. 

ENTERPRISE, (THE) weekly, annual subscription 
f 1,50, John Hogg, editor, proprietor, and publisher. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. H. Smith, agent. 

Ferguson, Peter, postmaster, and customs inspector. 

Forrest, Daniel, boot and shoe maker. 

Francis, A., physician and surgeon. 

Gibbard, William, J.P., provincial land surveyor. 

Graham, rev. Robert, Wesleyan. 

Greaves, J., druggist, grocer, &c. 

Hamilton, W. B., J.P., bank agent. 

Hamilton, W. B., broker, dealer in grain, and grist 
mill owner. 

HOGG, JOHN, editor, proprietor, and publisher of 
the Enterprise, and book and job printer. 

Hurontario house, Andrew Marckell, proprietor. 

Hutchinson, W., builder. 

Jordon, W. J., fanning mill maker. 

Jones, J. H., general store. 

Kirk, Robert, saw mill, sash and planing factory. 

Langtry, rev. J., church of England ; mission at Notta- 

Lawrence, G. T., dry goods and millinery. 

Lawrence, George, grocer. 

LAWRENCE, J. H., land agent, and agent' for Provi- 
dent Life Assurance and Investment Company. 

Leeson, William, boot and shoe maker. 

Liddle, W., baker and confectioner. 

LOCKERBIE, — , blacksmith. 

Macdonell, C, agent for Provincial Insurance Com- 

Macdonell & Co., general store. 

Marckell, Andrew, proprietor of Hurontario house. 

McFee, Archibald, shipbuilder. 

McHary, J;, baker and confectioner. 

McMillen, W., tanner. 

McNab, Alexander, proprietor of Union house. 

McWatt, John, J.P., collector of customs. 

Miller, P., butcher, 

Miller, William, dealer in provisions. 

Milwaukie hotel, Isaac Bonter, proprietor. 

MOBERLY, GEORGE, barrister, &c. 

MONTGOMERY, ALFRED, hotel and livery stable 

Montgomery, David, butcher. 

MulhoUand, Edward, tailor. 

Munson, Jared, carriagemaker. 

Murchison, D., dry goods, and ready made clothing. 

Palmer, Joseph, watchmaker. 

Patton, Charles, hotelkeeper. 

Port, D., fisherman. 

Pollard, W. D., notary public. 

PROSSER, THOMAS C, provincial land surveyor, 
draughtsman, land agent, and druggist. 

Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 
J. H. Lawrence, agent. 

Provincial Insurance Company, C. Macdonell, agent. 

Rennie, John, general store. 

Rennie, John, shoemaker. 

Robinson, George, boot and shoe maker. 

Rodgers, John, proprietor of Toronto house. 

Rogers, Patrick, house and sign painter. 

Rolfson, Neil, bank clerk. 

Rorker, W. D., draughtsman and builder. 

Rowland, John, bailiff. 

Rowland, William, general store. 

Seaburn, James, shipbuilder. 

Sellers, W., butcher. 

Shepherd & Wooden, builders and plasterers. 

Sim, Alexander, tailor. 

Smith & Pollard, general forwarders and lumber mer- 

Smith, Alexander, confectioner. 

SMITH, B. W., sheriff of county of Simcoe. 

SMITH, J. H., dealer in dry goods, hardware, groceries, 
produce, &c., and agent for Equitable Fire Insur- 
ance Company. 

Smith & Tyson, wharfingers and forwarders. 

Sneath, Charles, provision store. 


Sykes, R., blacksmith. 

Telfer, Andrew, dry goods. 

Telfer, Hall, baker and confectioner. 

Telfer, James, J.P., general store. 

Toronto house, John Rodgers, proprietor. 

TYSON, POET & ROSS, soap and candle manufac- 

Underwood, J. F., steam saw mills. 

Union house, Alexander McNab, proprietor. 

Ward, James, proprietor of Wellington hotel. 

Watt, M., boat builder and fisherman. 

Wilson, C., scale maker. ' 

Wiggins, John, proprietor of Commercial hotel. 

Wilkins, Thomas F., copper smith and plumber. 

WILSON, W., builder. 

COMER'S MILLS, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Bmestown and County of Addington. Distant from King- 
ston 15 miles. Daily mail. Population about ZOO. 

Aylsworth, captain Benjamin. 
Clark, Benjamin, J.P. 
Clark, captain Samuel. 
Comer, George H., mill owner. 
Fellows, Nathan, J.P. 
Lake, D. P., J.P. 

Lane, J., millwright and machinist. 

Perry, Aylsworth B., J.P., provincial land surveyor. 

Perry, & Co., machinists. 

Perry, Daniel'W., postmaster. 

Scouten, Josiah, J.P. 

Shewel, Edward, J.P. 

DlSKCTORY.] 1858. 



COLUMBUS, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Whitby and County of Ontario. Di3ta,ut from the Town of Whitby 
6 miles, stage fare 23c., and from Toronto 40 miles. Daily mail. Population about 350. 

Adams, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Ashton, Robert, postmaster, and joiner. 

Beall, John, mason. 

BEALL, WILLIAM, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &o. 

Bickle & Co., mill owners. 

Chesterfield, Stephen, shoemaker. 

Clark, James, hotelkeeper. 

Clark, Thomas, general store. 

Cowle, Stephen, tailor. 

Crusa, John & William, general blacksmiths and wag- 
gon makers. 

Daymen, rev. Peter, Wesleyan. 

Gaskin, Matthew, blacksmith. 

Hawkins, James, shoemaker. 

Letcher, Joseph, joiner. 

McKee, William, school teacher. 

Mathewson, George, proprietor of Columbus mills. 

McLaren, Duncan, joiner. 

Mills, James, saddler. 

Nicjierson, Nathan, waggonmaker. 

O'Hara & Joynt, ashery. 

Passmore, John, shoemaker. 

Passmore, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Patterson, William, shoemaker. 

Prentice, George, ploughmaker. 

Rice, George, saddlemaker. 

Roberts, Samuel, teacher. 

Rowse, John, general store. 

Wherry, John, tailor. 

COMBER, C. W. — A Village in the Township of Tilbury West and CJounty of Essex. Distant from Sandwich, the 
County Town, 32 nules. Mail four times a week. Population about 50. 

Desjardins, Peter, storekeeper and reeve. 

Mark, Joseph, councillor. 

Nicholson, William, J.P., township clerk. 

Reinchenbach, Henry, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Shovon, R., councillor. 
Tremblay, Peter, councillor. 
^ ~ councillor. 

*COMPTON CENTRE, C. E^AVOlagelntheTownshipandCountyofCompton and District of St. Francis. Tha 
country around exhibits scenery of the most beautiful description, and it presents evidences of great agricultural prosperity. 
The village is about a mile from Compton Bailway station, whence it is distant from Portland 182 miles, and from Mon- 
treal 110 miles. There is a weekly stage to Eaton Comer, 18 miles, fare 76c., and one daily through East and West Eatley 
to Stanstead, 20 miles, fare $1. Daily mail. Population about 250. 

Alten, rev. A. A., B.A., church of England 
Baker, Joel, saw mill. 
Brown, Aaron, grist mill and blacksmiths shop. 
Byron, Antipas M., carriagemaker. 
Campbell, N., tailor. 
Daly, rev. J., Roman catholic. 
Doak, James, commissioner of small causes. 
Farly, Mark, collector and bailiff. 
Flmg, William, commissioner of small causes. 
FRENCH, THOMAS, station master. 
Gilson, Jacob, J.P., farmer. 
Glines, Moses, M.D. 
Hamel, Ezra, carpenter. 

High school, C. H. Hackett, secretary-treasurer. 
Eellam, A. 0., trader. 
Kendrick, A. W., postmaster. 
Kendrick & Shirtliff, general storekeepers. 
Lougee, Joseph, J.P., farmer. 

May, B. S., clerk of Commissioners court, and school 

McClary, John, jr., cattle dealer. 

McCuUoch, John, tailor. 

MERRILL, AMOS S., proprietor of Compton hotel a 
stage house. 

Miles, Ira, blacksmith. 

Montoar, J., shoemaker. 

Paddon, John B., farmer. 

POMROY, COL. BENJAMIN, J.P., township mayor. 

Pomeroy, Selah J., township secretary-treasurer. 

Renaud, Charles, tanner. 

Rice, Charles G., storekeeper. 

Rugg, R., botanic physician. 

SBLLET, REV. JOHN B., M.D., Wesleyan. 

Smith, Joseph, J.P., farmer. 

Stimson & Doak, storekeepers, and boot and shoe ma- 

Stimson & Randall, storekeepers, and boot and shoe ma- 

Todd, Silas, harnessmaker. 

CONTRECCEUR, C. E.— A Village situated on the South shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence, between Verch6res and 
Sorel, in the Seigniory of the same name. County of Verchferes, and District of Dtontreal. Distant flrom Montreal 30 miles ; 
fare by steamboat a7ic. and 25c. Daily malL Population of Parish about 2000. 

Burck, Laurent, jr., carpenter and joiner. 

Bnrck, Laurent, sen., carpenter and joiner. 

Chabot, Clement, councillor and school commissioner. 

Chagnon, Pascal, notary public, school teacher, and 
clerk of Commissioners court. 

Cormier, captain F61ix, general. storekeeper, and mayor. 

Craig, Andr6 B., M.D., J.P., commissioner of small 
causes, secretary-treasurer of schools, and agent 
for Equitable Fire and International Life Assu- 
rance Companies. 

Craig, captain Andr6, sen., architect and sculptor. 

Danserean, Clement, J.P., commissioner of small causes, 
and school commissioner. 

Daunais, Clement, school commissioner. 

Desmarais, Alexis, carpenter and joiner. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, A. B. Craig, agent. 

International Life Assurance Co., A. B. Craig, agent. 

Jacques, Olivier, councillor. 

JuBseaume, Augustin, councillor. 

Jusseaume, captain Jean Baptiste, councillor. 

Lamoureux, Joseph, general store. 

Lamonreux, Olivier, postmaster, and general store- 

L'Heurenx, rev. F., Roman catholic. 

Malhiot, captain Frangois Ignace, councillor. 

Marion, major Francois M. 

Mitivier, Evang^liste, blacksmith. 

Niquette, Gonzague, shoemaker. 

Perron, Louis, shoemaker. 

Rieutord, F^lix, school teacher. 

Rieutord, Olivier, commissioner of small causes. 

St. Germain, Narcisse, notary public, school teacher, 
and secretary-treasurer of council. 

T6trault, Antoine, jr., carpenter and joiner. 

T^trault, Antoine, sen., carpenter and carriagemaker. 

Tremblay, Antoine N., school commissioner. 

Tremblay, Philippe, blacksmith. 

Toligny, captain F^lix, storekeeper and councillor. 

• The Post office is called Compton. 



1857. [Canada 

CONSECON5 C' W>— A Yillaee situated at the mouth of ConsecouCreetc, on WellfiE's Bay, in the Townships of^ilUsr 
and AmeliasbuTgh and County of Prince Edwaid. One of the best fishing grounds in Lake Ontario. Distant from Ficton 22 
miles, and from Brighton IS miles. Daily sts^e apd niajl to and from Brighton and Picton ; stage fare to Ficton $1, to Bright 
ton 760. Population aljout SOO. 

Athenseum Fire Insurance Compsaiy, Williaifi Whittier, 

Bailey, Levi ., painter and paper hanger. 
Baird, William, hand -wearer. 
Barker, John S., & Co., dealers in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
Bowerman, John, blacksmith and carriageniaker. 
BRADY & YOUNG, general merchants, and wholesale 

dealers in white fish and salmon troiit. 
Brown, Hiram, painter and glazier. 
Buchanan, Robert, stone mason and plasterer. 
OADMAN, JOSHUA M., J.P., clerk of Division court, 

commissioner in Queen's bench, and flouring and 

grist mill owner. • 

CLUTE, R. J., Commercial hotel and stage house. 
Cowan, Richard, shoemaker. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Clark Wbittier, 

Fawcet, rev. Michael, Wesleyanj 
Grraham, James, miller. 
Grammar school, Octavius Weld, teacher. 
Harris, Peter h., blacksmith. 
Hayes, George, carpenter and buiWer. 
Hicks, John, saddler and h^rnessmaker. 
Humphries, Npaji, carpenter and joiner. 
International Life Assurance Company, Clark Whittierj 

Jacques, JameS, Deputy reeve, general storekeeper and 

shoe manufacturei:. 
Johnson, William, J.JP., wliarfiijger and blaicksmith. 
Johnston, George, bakery. 
Kelops, Thomas 0., teacher. 
Kenney, William, blacksmith. 
Kirkland, J. & W., general store. 
Eirkland, William, J.P. postmaster. 
Lampson, William, carriagemaker. 

Lever, rev. John, Wesleyan. 

Lochlan Levi, carriagemaker. 


Madden, rev. D. B., Wesleyan. 

Marsh, Abraham, grocer, and temperance innkeeper, , 

Marsh, Matthias, bailiff. 

McGowan, John, blacksmith. 

McGrath, M. M., land agent. 

Millar, Martin, saw mill owner and lumber dealer. 

Miller & Squir, carpenters and builders. 

Mitchell, Charles, cabinetmaker. 

Morrison, John W., carriagemaker. 

NELSON, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, hardware, gro- 
ceries, produce, Sec. 

Nix, Charles, carpenter and joiner. 

Paige, Wmiam, gardener . 

Penhock, Samupl, J.P. 

Snider, Henry, tailor. 

Squires, Eliakim, blacksnutb. 

Squires, Gibb, boot maker. 

Squires, William, boat builder. 

Stoneburgh, John, shoemaker. 

Temperance inn, Abraham Marsh, proprietor. 

Thurstpji, (J. _C., tailor. 

Weld, 6otfl.TJ]Rg, A.B., teacher of grammar school. 

Whittier & Slgelow, manufacturers of tin ware. ' 

WHITTIER, CLARK, issuer of marriage licences, car- 
riage and sleigh maker, general storek9eper, and 
agent for Equitable Fire and. InteruationAl Life 
Insurance Companies. 

Whittier, William, notary ;p])b],i<;, api agent for Ajijie- 
neum Fire Insurance Company. 

Wood, Ambrose, boot and shoe iiianu<(^cturer; 

Wood, J. W., proprietor of Prince Edward hotel. 

Wood, Nelson B., shoeipstkeir. 

COOKSHIRE, C. E.— A Village in the Township of Eaton, County of Compton, and District of St. Francis. TheCircuit 
Court is held is this place. The mail stagefTom SheTbrooke, 17 miles, by the direct road, arrives daily vi& E^ton. Corner, (ai« 
75c„ and ttaereds a tri-weeklyst^e through Bobinson to Gkiuld, 19 mile^, fare $1. Population about 200. 

Bailey, Cyrus A., farmer, township mayor. 

Dalziel, rev. John, church of England. 

Desrooherg, Louis, carriagemaker. 

French, H. H., storekeeper and blacksmith. 

French, John, L., storekeeper. 

GOODWIN, GEORGE, tanner, currier, and wholesale 

and retail leather seller. 
Heywood, Daniel, storekeeper, pearlash manufacturer 

^nd township secretary-treasurer. 

Hurd, Tyler W., J.P., farmer. 
Metcalf, Lucian, carpenter. 
Morney, Charles, shoemaker. 
Osgood, Jonas F., Lion hotel. 
Planehe, Ed,ward, harnessmaker. 
Pope, Albert W., clerk of Circuit court. 
Pope, John H., J.P., farmer. 
Urquhart, George, blacksmith. 
Wilford, Richard H.. postmaster. 

COOKSTOWN, C. W.— A Villti^e a,t the four corners of the TownsUps of ;Es5as West Gwillimbury, and Tecum- 
seth, in the South Biding ot^Simcoe. Distant from Toronto 49 miles, from Barrie 14 miles, and from Bradford 13 miles. Thers 
are two stages to Bradford daily connecting with trains on the Northern Eailway. Mail daily. Population about 180. 

Armstrong, Henry, carpenter. 

Armstrong, Jane, milliner. 

Bradshaw, James, mailcarrier. 

Capon, William, painter. 

Coleman, Robert, innkeeper and blacksmith. 

Cook & Stewart, storekeepers. 

Cooper, rev. William, chiirch' of England. 

Dizon, William, innkeeper. 

Ferguson, Thomas R., J.P., farmer and storekeeper. 

Harper, James, postmaster, and store and tavern keeper. 

Henderson, William, carriagemaker. 

Hindle, Able, blacksmith. 

Johnson, William, cabinetmaker. 

Lackie, Robert, blacksmith. 

Martin, James, blacksmith. 

McLeod, Alexander, tailor. 

Millward, William, tailor. 

Montgomery, William, shoemaker. 

Norris, John Wesley, physician, surgeon, and coroner. 

Sutherland, William, blacksmith. 

Turver, rev. Charles, Wesleyan. 

DlRBOTORY.] 1858. 



GOCtKSV|,LL,p» C. W.— A yaiagesjtijajfpii on Cwidas Street in the Township of Toropto and Cojinty of Peel. I)J5t»nt 
froffl .Toronto 16 injle^ west, Siud fforft Eojt Credjt station on the Grei|:t Western tEailway 2i piiles. Daily m^il ajid stage to 
and frQn>,i;p!:pftto, fare 250. Pppijlation %bout SW. 

Brunskill, Matthey, carpenter and machinist. 

Colwell, Henry, carpenter and wheelwright; 

Cook, Jacob, J.P. 

Oox, Williani, baker. 

Crewe, William, M.D., J.P. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, H. Shaw, agent. 

Galbraith, John, general store. ' 

Harris, Samuel, carpenter, joiner and millwright. 

Harris, William, proprietor of Royal Exchange hotel and 

stage house. 
International Life Insurance Company, H. Shaw, agent. 
Jeffries, Richard, pumpmaker. 
Jennings, Mrs. WUliam,. steam saw mill. 
Uorley, F. B., postmaster, andissuer of marriagb licenses. 
Morley, John, tailor. 
Nqrrjs, rev. James, Wesleyan. 

Ogden, S. G., J.P. 
Parker, Henry, grape grower. 
Parker, Mellville, saw mill. 
Peaker, Thomas, wheelwright. 
Peaker, William, dealer in hardware and tingpiith. 
Raymond, John, shoemaker. . 
Redmond, Michael, blacksmith. 
Rogers, George, harUessmaker. 
Romaine, P. Z^ general storp. 
Savage, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

Shaw, Hugh, general storekeeper, and agent for Bofli- 
table Fire, and International Life Assurance Cos, 
Soady, James, machinist. 
Thompson, William, school teacher. 
Walterhouse, Asa, shoemaker. 
Weeks, William, boot and shoemaker. 

COPEXOWN, Ci W.— A Village in the Townships of Ancaster and Beverley and County of "Wentworth. Distant ft%)m 
Hamilton, the County Town, 10 miles, and from London 64 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Bennett, John, J.P. 
Bickle, George, tavernkeeper. 
Connor, Robert, waggoumak?r. 
Gr.i,er, ;Thomas, storekeeper. 
Horning, Abraham, black?Qil,tb. 
Jones, George, J.P. 

LeoflBer, Bernard, watchmaker. 

McDermott, George, shoemaker. 

Milne, Thomas, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Mullen, Robert, IJ.D- 

Robinson, Andrew, shoemaker. 

Wishart, Daniel, tavernkeeper. 

'CORNELLSVILL^, C. W.— A small yillage situated in the Township of South Norwich and County of Oxford. 
Distant from Woodstock TO miles, and from Vienna 22 inilcs. 

GluAn, A., shoeniaker. 

Cornell, J. H., of J. H. 4 S-P. Cornell, postmaster. 
CORNELL, J. H. & S. P., dealer in dry goods, groce- 
ries, hardware, Ac- 

Daily mail. Population about 100, 

Malcolm, Robert, shoemaker. 
Sindon, Albert, blacksmith. 
Talbot, R., saw mill. 

CORNWALL, Ci W.— An incorporated Town in the Township of the same name and County of Stormont. It is tjhs 
County Town of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengary, and a Port of Entry. The business of the Eegistry 
Office and of the Circuit and principal Law Courts are transacted here. A Station of the Grand Jrunk Pailway is contiguous. 
The boats of the Through and American lines between Montreal and Hamilton, and of the Montreal and Kingston line, call 
daily ; and there is a line of steamers which start four days a week for Montreal ^nd intermediate ports. A considerable amount 
of flour is embarked at this place for Montreal, which ~by this route is distant S5 miles. To avoid the Longue Sault Bapids, 
immediately above the port, a Canal has been made to Dickinson's Landing, a distance of 12 miles, affording ample accommo- 
dation for the largely increased navigation on the St. Lawrence. Distant from Montreal 68 miles, and from Kingston 105 miles. 
Daily mails. Population about ^500. 

ADAMS, PIERREPOINT B., dry goods, hardware, gro- 

ceryand provision merchant and councillor. 
Alexander, Skinner & Co., hardware merchants. 
Allen, William C, M.D., .councillor. 
ANDERSON, SAMUEL, printer of the Constitutional. 
Annable, Vincent, carriagemaker. 
BANK OF MONTREAL, William Mattice, M.P.P.,agent. 
BANK OF UPPER CANADA, J. F. Pringle, agent. 
Bergin, Darby, M.D., Medical hall. 
Bergin, John, storekeeper. 
Bethune, Angus, deputy sheriff, and councillor. 
BILSLAND, ALEXANDER, carpenter and joiner. 
Bruce, John, land surveyor. 
Burton, Mrs., St. Lawrence hotel. 
Campbell, Francis, mason afid builder. 
CAMPBELL, RET. HUGH, Free church. 
Carpenter, John, carpenter and joiner. 
Carr, John, shoemaker. 

Chequered houge, Mrs. Martha Wagoner, proprietress. 
Cline, Samuel, storekeeper. 
Cline, William, J.P., storekeeper. 
Olough, John, carpenter and joiner, and councillor. 
Coit, Mrs. Charlotte E., Commercial hotel. 
Colonial Life Assurance Co., J. F. Pringle, agent. 
Combs & Ross, blacksmiths. 

CONSTITUTIONAL, (THE) weekly, annual subscrip- 
tion $2 ; Watson Litle, editor, proprietor and 
publisher ; Samuel Anderson, printer. 

Cornwall hotel, William Warrington, proprietor. 

Craig, Robert, tanner. 

Cummings, John, carpenter and joiner. 

Daley, Daniel, high constable. 

Delong, — , marble factory. 

Denison, Joseph, brickmaker. 

Dennery, John, grocer. 

Dickinson, James J., M.D. 

Dixon, Clement, blacksmith. 

Dunkin, Thomas, baiU£f. 

Eastman, R., agent for Provincial Insurance Company," 
and proprietor of flouring and grist mills. 

Edgar, Andrew, saddler and harnessmaker. 

Elliot, Andrew, contractor. 

ELLIOT, REV. J., (Congregationalist) agent of Can- 
ada Sunday School Union. 

ELLIOT, WILLIAM K., dealer in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Hiram Pitts, agent. 

Exchange Hotel, Mrs. Polly Wagoner, proprietress. 

Farlinger, Alexander, shoemaker. 

Farlinger, Henry, tanner. 

Pormerly called Farmersville. 



1857. [Canada 

FREEHOLDER, (THE) weekly, annual subscription 
$2 ; Mrs. Isabella Patterson, proprietress and 
publisher ; John McOutcheon, printer. 

French, Gordon, J.P., contractor. 

Fulton, Andrew, storekeeper. 

Germain, rev. Peter, Wesleyan. 

Gill, Mrs., confectioner, &c. 

Gilley, James & Peter, blacksmiths and iron founders. 

Grammar School, William Kay, principal. 

Grant, John, cabinetmaker. 

Hariet, William, railway pumpman. 

HEENAN, DANIEL B., barrister, and clerk of County 
council, Pitt St. near Court house. 

Sessel, William, butcher. 

ffitchcock, B. T., & J. G., storekeepers. 

Hitchcock, Myron, grist mill. 

Hitchens & Co., painters and glaziers. 

HUNTER, JOHN, tinsmith. 

International Life Assurance Company, Charles Fbole, 

Irvine, James, carriagemaker. 

Jarvis, George S., judge of County court. 

Johnson, Miss, dressmaker. 

Kay, William, principal of Grammar school. 

Kelly, Daniel, carriagemaker. 

KENDALL, LOTHROP, station master, 

KEWIN, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, ready made cloth- 
ing, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Kilgour & Co., cabinetmakers. 

Kilpatrick, John, railway laborer. 

Kimeston, James, railway watchman. 

Lalley, Francis, shoemaker. 
,Liddle, David, shoemaker. 

LITLE, WATSON, proprietor of the Constitutional, 
and issuer of marriage licenses. 

Littlefield, Nelson, dealer in horses. 

Lonney, Wellington, blacksmith. 

Lowry, Patrick, tailor. 


Macfarlane, Archibald, & Co., storekeepers. 

Marieson, William M., watchmaker. 

Mason, Archibald, mason and builder. 

Masson, Guillaume, storekeeper. 

MATTICE^ WILLIAM, J.P., M.P.P., mayor, agent for 
Bank of Montreal, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

.McBaiH, Miss S., dressmaker. 

McCraken, Alexander, butcher. 

MoOraken, David, butcher. 

McCUTCHEON, JOHN, printer of the Freeholder. 

McDonald, D. A., superintendent of Cornwall canal. 

McDonald, Donald, farmer and councillor. 
•McDonald, John, J.P., farmer. 

McDonald, Ronald, blacksmith. 

McDonell, Alexander, livery stable keeper. 

McDONELL, ANGUS, coroner, and deputy revenue 

McDonell, Angus, hotelkeeper and bailiff. 

McDonell, George, barrister, and judge of Surrogate 

McDonell, John, barrister, and deputy registrar of Sur- 
rogate court. 

McDonell, Robertson, clerk of County court, and agent 
for Provident Life Assurance and Investment Co. 

McDONELL, RODERICK, M.D., M.P.P., county sec- 

McDOUGALL, ALEX., dealer in dry goods, hardware^ 
groceries, produce, &c., councillor and warden. 

McDOUGALL, JOHN S., saddler and Uarnessmaker. 

Mclntyre, Daniel E., sheriff. 

McLean, Alexander, registrar of Surrogate court 
and councillor. 

McLennan, Duncan, brickmaker. , . 

McMillan, DONALD, dealer in dry goods, hardwai;^ 
groceries, produce, &c. 

McPhaul, Angus, storekeeper. 

McPhee, John, tinsmith. 

Medical hall, Darby Bergin, M.D. 

Meltimore, John, carpenter and joiner. 

Monarch Fire and Life Insurance Co., H. Pitts, agent. 

Murchison, Mrs., dressmaker. 

O'Callaghau, Thomas, storekeeper. 

O'CONNOR, REV. JOHN S., Roman catholic. 

Ogle, James, grocer. 

Parkes, William, watchmaker. 

PATTERSON, MRS. ISABELLA, proprietress of the 

PATTON, REV. HENRY, church of England, rector, 
and rural dean of Johnston. 

Percy, William, dealer in tin and copper ware. 

Perkins, David, mason and builder. 

Perkins, Henry, tanner and iron founder. 

Phelan, Daniel, collector of canal tolls. 

Pitts, Hiram, bailiff, agent for Equitable Fire, and Mon- 
arch Fire and Life Insurance Companies. 

Pitts, William S., storekeeper. 

Pollock, Samuel, boarding house. 

Poole, Charles, clerk of council, and agent for Interna- 
tional Life Assurance Company. 

Pringle, George, M.D. 

PRINGLE, JACOB F., barrister, and agent for Colo- 
nial Life and Provincial Insurance Companies, 
and Bank of Upper Canada. 

Pringle, James, clerk of the peace. 

Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, R. 
McDonell, agent. 

Provincial Insurance Company, R. Eastman and J. F. 
Pringle, agents. 

Rattray, Charles, M.D., J.P., councillor. 

Ross, James, mason and builder. 

SAWYER, HENRY A., Stationer and bookseller. 

Simsler, John, railway pumpman. 

Smith, John, shoemaker. 

Smith, John, tailor. 

Smout, Michael J., tailor. 

Snetsinger, John, carpenter and joiner. 

Snetsinger, Miss Elizabeth, milliner. 

St. Lawrence hotel, Mrs. Burton, proprietress. 

Sullivan, Daniel, carriage painter. 

SYLVESTER, WILLIAM C, millwright and general 

Tanner, Joseph, tailor. 

Tomlinson, John, railway baggage porter. 

Urquhart, John, saw mill, iron foundry and cloth dress- 
ing works. 

URQUHART, REV. HUGH, D.D., church of Scotland. 


Wagoner, Mrs. Martha, proprietress of Chequered house. 

Wagoner, Mrs. Polly, proprietress of Exchange hotel. 

Warner, Joel S., watchmaker. • 

Warrington, William, Cornwall hotel. 

WOOD, GEORGE C, postmaster. County registrar,' , 
solicitor and attorney. t 

CORUNNA, C. W.— A GovernSnont Settlement on the St. Clair Eiver, opposite Stag Island, six miles below Sumia, in the 
Township of Moore and County of Lambton. It has a wharf at which many of the Lake steamers are supplied with wwA 
Sfceamboa,t fare to Sarnia 25c. ; to Detroit, 54 miles, $1.B0. Daily mail. Population about 200. 

Booth, George, innkeeper. 

Burris, John, carpenter 

Ohislett, John, shoemaker. 

McGlashan, Peter, commissioner in Queen's bench. 

Menten, Thomas, innkeeper. 

Miller, H. J., postmaster and general storekeeper 

Mudge, Isaac, homeopathist. 

Procter, Mirza, saw and grist mill. 

Wallis, James, saloon and grocery. 

Wallis, John, blacksmith. 

Wright, captain W. E., J.P., farmer. 




is situtLted North east of the same place, on the Island of 

Benson, James, trader. 

Cullens, John, farmer. 

David, Etienne, farmer. 

Dods, John, farmer. 

Drnmmond, Daniel, farmer. 

Drummond, James, farmer. 

Drummond, John, farmer. 

Flaherty, William, farmer. 

Gervais, Louis, grocer. 

Glendinning, Edward, farmer. 

Hasting, George, farmer. 

Holdsworth, Charles, farmer. 

Hyland, Michael, farmer. 

Jeanpetit, Louis, quarryman. 

Jeffrey, James, agricultural implement maker. 

Kernan, James, farmer. 

King, James, farmer. 

Kydd, George, farmer. 

Lafont, Joseph, farmer. 

place forma part of the Municipality of the Pariah of Montreal, and 
Montreal. Diatant from Montreal 3 miles. Population about 350. 

Lamb, Benjamin, school teacher. 
Lapointe, Isaie, pound keeper. 
Lapointe, Joseph, councillor. 
Lapointe, Moise, grocer. 
LavallSe, Francois, farmer. 
Lescarbeau, M^dard, quarryman. 
McLaughlin, John, quarryman. 
Molson, Samuel E., farmer. 
Sharpe, George, blacksmith. 
Smeall, Richard, shoemaker. 
Sommerville, John, farmer. 
Sullivan, John, laborer. 
Valade, Mrs. Joseph, widow. 
Valliere, Jean Baptiste, limeburner. 
Vermette, Francois, carter. 
Vermette, Joseph, farmer. 
Vermette, Pau^ carpenter. 
Walsh, John, carter. 

COTE DES NEIGES, C. E.— a small Village situated on the Island of Montreal, in rear »f Mount Eoyal, forming 
part of the Municipality of the Pariah of Montreal. Distant from Montreal 2i miles. Population about 200. 

BAYLIS, HENRY, printing ink manufacturer. 

Bigras, Alexis, gardener. 

Blanchard, Alfred, grocer. 

Blanchard, Francois X., shoemaker. 

Brown, J., gardener. 

Cadotte, Jean, leather dealer. 

Cockburn, — , gardener. 

COFFIN, LIEUT. COLONEL W. F., Uplands, Ordnance 

lands agent, office at Toronto. 
Compaiu, Sibastien, hotelkeeper. 
Grevier, Augustin, jr., trader. 
Crevier, Augustin, sen., farmer. 
DAVIDSON, DAVID, cashier, Bank of Montreal. 
Dubois, Etienne A., vestry clerk to Roman catholic 

Dnrand dit Desmarchais, Paul, sen., farmer. 
Fortier, Louis, farmer. 
Gongeon, Antoine, leather dealer. 
Hubert dit Lacombe, Hubert, leather dealer. 

Hurtubise, Olivier, tanner. 
Lauzon, Benjamin, leather dealer. 
Lauzon, Euzebe, leather dealer. 
Lemieux, Antoine, trader. 
McFarlane, Archibald, J.P. 
McFarlanc, Archibald, tanner. 
Moore, Dominique, hotelkeeper. 
Ouimet, Cyprien, councillor. 
Provost, Octave, tanner. 
Rapin, Th^ophile, hotelkeeper. 
Robertson, Robert, postmaster. 
RoUand, Adam, hotelkeeper. 
Spears, J., blacksmith. 
Swail, John, J.P. 
Tass6, Gilbert, hotelkeeper. 
Tate, William, farmer. 

COTE ST. ANTOINE, C> E.— This pla<;e forms part of the Municipality of the Parish of Montreal, and is plea, 
santly situated near Mount Koyal, giving a view over the City. Distant from Montreal 2 miles. Population about 100. 

BRfiHAUT, W. H., clerk of the peace. 


Dreary, Joseph, farmer. 

DUENFORD, CAPTAIN PHILIP, revenue inspector. 

Fitzpatrick, John, wholesale grocer. 

Greensbields, John, merchant. 

Hudon, Ephraim, merchant. 

Hurtubise, Isaie, farmer. 

Hurtubise, Mrs. Benjamin, widow. 

Martin, Thomas M., bailiff. 

McGregor, George. 

MOFFATT, HON. GEORGE, merchant. 

Muney, Alexander, clerk. 

P ANTON, THOMAS C, merchant. 

Richardson, — , geological surveyor. 

Robertson, Andrew, advocate. 


Saunders, Alexander, gardener. 

Small, George, & Brothers, farmers. 

Starke, Mrs. James. 

TAYLOR, E. T., manager of Bank of Upper Canada. 

Wark, Robert, Selby grange, farmer. 


COTE STE. CATHERINE, C. E.— This place forms part of the Municipality of the Parish of Montreal, and 
is situated near the East end of Mount Boyal. Distant from Montreal 2 mUes. Population about 75. 

Avid, Robert. 

BELLINGHAM, SYDNEY, M.P.P., Dunany cottage. 
BOSTON, JOHN, sheriff, office Court house, Montreal. 
Charles, J. & M., dealers in paints and colors, St. 

Lawrence main St. 
Charleton, George. 
Dease, Peter Warren. 
Donnelly, James. 
Dunlop, Charles J., advocate. 
Holmes, William H., advocate, 
Horrigan, Dennis, florist. 

Imbault dit Matha, Francois, gardener. 
Innis, John, gardener. 

Leslie, Patrick, of Leslie, Starnes & Co., Montreal. 
MACDOUGAL, D. LORN, Outremont; broker, Mer- 
chant's exchange, St. Sacrament St., Montreal. 
Maxwell, John, farmer. 
Murray, James, farmer. 
Nolan, Mrs., widow, 
Smith, Mrs., widow, 

Speuce & B^dard, carpenters and joiners. 
WISEMAN, JOHN, farmer and gardener. 



1857. [CkshjH 

COTE ST. LUC, C. E.— This place forms part of the Municipality of the Parish tof Mbntr^l, ani & sitfiAtea 6rt ihi 
Island of Montreal, at the "West end of Mount Eoyal. Distant ftom Montreal 5 miles. Population about 200. 

B61anger, Dominique, farmer. 

Bretelle, Francois, gardener. 

Craig, David, farmer. 

Dreary, Benjamin, councillor. 

Dreary, Isidore, farmer. 

Dreary Tousaaint, farmer. 

Gougeon, Antoine, farmer. 

Gougeon, F^lix, farmer. 

Gougeon, Francois X., farmer. 

Lemieux, Paschal, sen., farmer. 

Martin dit Ladoucenr, Toussaint, fiTrtter. 

McLean, John, farmer. 

Minette, Pran5ois, farmer. 
Poirier, Joseph, farmer. 
Poirier, S^raphin, farmer. 
Prudhomme, Bnstache, jr., farmer, 
Pmdhomme, Eustache, sen., farmer. 
Prudhomme, Gervais, farmer. 
Prudhomme, Olivier, fanner. 
S6n^cal Francois, farmer. 
SNOWDEN, JAMBS, farmer. 
Tate, Thomas, farmer. 

COTE ST. PAUL, C. E.— A VilUge forming part of the Municipality of the Parish of Montreal, 
side of the Lachine Canal, between Montreal and LaChine, on the Island of Montreal. It has sei 
manufactories. Distant from Montreal S miles. Foliation about 100. 

,ted On the South 
mills and largi 

Connor, James, bridge keeper. 

EVANS, WILLIAM, dealer in agricultural itnplements, 

seeds, &c., store St. Anns market, Montreal. 
Goodfellow, Hugh, farmer. 
Grant, Duncan, trader. 
Henrichon, Frederick, farmer. , 

Higgins, Joseph E. 
Jackson, Peter, farmer. 
McGregor, James, farmer. 
Perkins, William. 
Turcot, Philippe, sen., fanner. 

*COTEAU DU LAC, C. E.— A Village in the Seigniory and County of Soulanges, situated on the Eiver St. Lawreno* 
A station of the Grand Trunk Bailw^ is at a short distance from the village. Distant from Montreal 42 miles, &re $1. 
Daily mail. Population about 600. 

Adam, Louis, postmaster and notary pulillc. 
Baribault, Bellarmine, carpenter. 
Baribault, Henry, carpenter. 
Beaudet, G. J. & 0. A., genei-al store. 
Bertrand, Edouard, blacksmith. 
Bessener, Jean Baptiste, general store. 
Bissonnette, Olivier, blacksmith. 
Brabant, LJon, general store. 
Brassard, rev. Th^ophile, Roman catholic. 
Burke, rev. Patrice, Roman catholic. 
Christin St. Amour, Alexandre, bailiff. 
Ghristin St. Amour, Michel, blacksmith. 
Cunninghan, Adam, hotelkeeper. 
Danth, Gaspard, M.D. 
David, Pierre Joseph, notary public. 
Davidson, Alexander, salvage agent, Montreal Fire In- 
surance Company. 
Dor£, Jean B., shoemaker. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, A. Perry, agent. 
Farant, Charles, blacksmith. 

Foret, C, tanner. 

Fortin, Joseph, carriagemaker. 

Gauthier, Julien, blacksmith and tavernkeeper. 

Jolicceur, Dominique, tailor. 

Kell, Jbhn, saw, carding and fulling tnills. 

Labelle, Agg^e, stonemason. 

Laurier, Moise Z^phirin, M.D. 

Lauson, Toussaint, blacksmith. 

Leroux, Michel, blacksmith. 

Monpetit, Jean Baptiste, carpenter. 

Montreal Fire Insurance Company, Alexander David- 
son, salvage agent. 

Perry, Alexander, ageiit for Equitable Fire Insurance 

Sauv^, Pierre, tanner. 

Valine, Benjamin, carpenter. 

Watier, Isaie, J.P. 

Wilson, William, general store. 

Young, rev. T. A., M.A., church of England. 

COTEAU LANDING, C. E.— A corporate Village situated on the Eiver St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory of New 
Longueuil, County of Soulauges. A station of the Grand Trunk Eailway is about U mile from the village. Distant froni 
Montreal 45 miles and from Cornwall 34 miles. Fare bom Montreal $ 1.15. Daily mail. Populatioii about 600. 

Ashburn, Joseph, general dealer. 

BERMINGHAM, JOHN, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
BRIDGES, B. WILSON, mayor, dealer in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Carpenter, T. F., commission agent. 
Charlebois, J. A., notary pilblic. 

DeBeaujeu, hon. George B,6ii6 Saveuse, M.L.C., seignior. 
Depocat, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Dickson, Robert, shoemaker. 
Duckett, William, general store. 
DUMESNIL, N. E., advocate. 

DUMESNIL, G. H., J.P., notary public, and registrar. 
EXCHANGE HOTEL, first class hbiise, A. H.McIntyre. 
Filethats, Thomas, tinsmith. 
Fullum, John, hotelkeeper. 
GRANGE, JOHN & THOMAS, tinsmiths, dealers in 

dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, and ready 

made clothing. 
Hosmer, H. P., cabinetmaker. 
Jackes, Andrew, hotelkeeper. 
Kindheld, Peter, saddler and hamessmaker. 

Loy, G. G., M.D. 

Malone, Henry, blacksmith. 

McFALL, CHARLES C, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

McINTYRE, A. H., proprietor of Exchange hotel. 

Mclntyre, Robert, agent for Proviiicial Insurance Com- 

McQuaig, William, teacher. 

Pease, Orton, general store. 

Perran, G. W., J.P. 

Pilon, Joseph, baker. 

Prieur, F. R., generaj store. 

Prienr, 0. B., bailifi'. 

Provincial Insurance Company, R. M'Intyre, agent. 

Puttihgall, Daniel, carpenter. 

Revans, — , physician and surgeon. 

RiendeaUj'Adolphns, butcher. 

Scott, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Smith, Robert, shoemaker. 

Sullivan, Ralph, general store. 

Watters, Bmelius, collector of customs. 

YOUNG, REV. T. A., church of England. 

* Also called St. Ignace du Coteau dn I/ac. 

Directory.] 1858. 



COTEAU ST. LOUIS, C. E.— An incorporated Village situated near the East end of Mount Ecyal. on the Island 
of Montreal, in the Pal-ish of Montreal. Miere are several toge quarries here furnishing stone for buildinfe. Distant from 
Montreal S mil js. Population about 2000. 

Alarie, Isai'e, shoemaker. 
Allard, Edouard, quarryman. 
Allard, Joseph, quarryman. 
Amiot, George, trader. 
Amiot, Jean Baptiste, trader. 
Archambault, Augustin, carter. 
Arcouet, Andr6, tin and shingle roofer. 
Bastien, Benoit, carpenter. 
Bastien, Noel, joiner. 
Beatty, John, shoemaker. 
Beauchamp, FranQois X., J.P. 
B61air, Francois, jr., carter. 
Bibaud, Miss Lucie, shoeihaker. 

Boucher, Ignace, grocer, and' secretary-treasurer of mu- 
Boulet, Barthelemy, carter. 
Boulet, Pierre, sen., quarryman. 
Bonrbeau, Thomas, hoopmaker. 
Brazeau, Andr^, quarryman. 
Garpentier, Augustih, innkeeper. 
Ohampagneur, rev. B., Roman catholic. 
Oharbonneau, Joseph, stone cutter. 
Charbonneau, Pierre, carter. 
Charpentier, Jean Baptiste, carter. 
Chartrand, Paul, carter. 
Ghaass6, Narcisse, shoemaker. 
Clement, Francois X., roofer. 
Dalcourt, Jean Baptiste, shoemaker. 
Dance, Richard, shoemEuker. 
Davidson, James, shoemaker. 
Daze, Guillaume, carriagemaker. 
Peschamps, Joseph, carter. 
Desforges, Jean Baptiste, joiner. 
Desjardins, Paul, trader. 
Dupr6, Dominique, jr., councillor. 
Dupr6, Dominique, sen., councillor. 
Dupr^, Francois X., quarryman. 
Dupr^, Joseph, quarryman. 
Dupr6, Louis, quarryman. 
BUiott, Robert, farmer. 
Guernon, Henri, carpenter. 
Galameau, Jacques, carter. 
Gauchy, Amable, mayor. 
Gauvreau, Jean Baptiste, trader. 
Gravelle, Stamslas, carter. 
Grenier, Joseph, gardener. 
Guernon, Joseph, wheelwright. 
Hainey, Patrick, blacksmith. 
Hughes, James, farmer. 
Johnson, J., farmer. 
Kirkup, Robert. 
Labelle, Timoth^e, joiner. 
Laberge, Bemab^, quarryman. 
LaiJamme, Toussaint, trader. 
Lagac^, Joseph, carter. 
Ijahaye, rev. F. T., Roman cartholic. 

Lamarche, Charles, joiner. 
Lamarche, F^lix, carter: 
Lapointe, Fran9ois, carter. 
Latour, Toussaint, carter. 
Latulippe, Joseph, shoemaker. 
Lauzon, Pierre, sen., carter. 
Laviolette, Francois, trader. 
Leclaire, O^saire, jr., blacksmith. 
Leclaire, C^saire, sen., blacksmith. 
Lefebvre, Paul, watchmaker. 
Lemire, Elizabeth, school teacher. 
Lesage, Charles, wheelwright. 
Logan, James, farmer. 
Mainvilie, Michel, shoemaker. 
Martel, Isaac, joiner. 
Martel, Th^ophile, joiner. 
Martin, George, joiner. 
Martineau, Etienne, stone cutter. 
McGinnis, John, plasterer. 
Montmarquet, Verdon, butcher. 
Nolan, Mrs., widow. 
Paquet, Charles, mason. 
Parent, Louis, trader. 
Pearson, James, carter. 
Pelletier, Louis, joiner. 
Peltier, Adolphe, notary. 
Pepin, Chiles, jpiner. 
Perrin, Francois, J.P. 
Pigeon, Joseph, mason. 
Poirier, J6rdmie, cabinetmaker. 
iPoitevin, Joseph, councillor. 
Provost, Charles, joiner. 
Prudhomme, Michel, shoemaker. 
Quintin dit Dubois, Joseph, mason. 
Rattel, Aim.6, councillor. 
Robin dit LapointCj Loms, cbuncillor. 
Roy, Amable, mason.' 
Roy, Andr6, baker. 
Rutherford, Peter, contractor. 
Ryan, Daniel, farmer. 
Smart, George, farmer. 
Smith, Richard, proprietor of quarry. 
Smith, Mrs. Richard, widow. 
Spalding, Charles, foreman. 
Spalding, Edward, trimmer. 
Tessier, L. W., clerk. 
Thauvette, Antoine, bailiff. 
Thompson, Jean L., trader. 
Valliere, Francois, innkeeper. 
Vermette, Francois, councillor. 
Vermette, George, carter. 
Vermette, Jean Baptiste, carter. 
Villeneuve, Octave, innkeeper. , 
Vincent, Jean Baptiste, saddler. 
Vinet, Joseph, quarryman. 
Yon, Edouard, roofer. 

*COURTLAND, C. W.— A small Village situated In the Township of Middleton and County of Norfolk. 
Simcoe 19 miles, and from Port Burwell 18 miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about 100. 

Distant from 

BU'OHNEB,, B. D., postmaster, general dealer, and 

township treasurer. 
Frost, Joseph, bailiff of Division court. 
Herminck, Bernard, blacksmith. 
Herron, B. T. shoemaker, arid townsliip clerk. 
Jenkins, Thomas, sen., clerk of Division court. 

Manary, Robert, saw mill. 
Ronson, Thomas B., carpenter. 
Shaver, John, general store. 
Vanevery, J. G., painter. 
Vasbinder, G., innkeeper. 

CRANBOURNE, C. E.— A Village and Township situated in rear of Frampton and in the County of Dorchester. 

Distant from Quebec 45 miles. Population about 500. 
Cassidy, Patrick, mayor, and secretary-treasurer of 

schools, and municipality. 
Colgan, Lawrence, carpenter and joiner. 
Free, John, carpenter and joiner. 

Jenkins, rev. M., church of England. 
Keegan, John, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 
McCarthj,Micha,eljCarperiter and joiner. 
Paradis, rev. 0., Roman catholic. 

• Lately called Middleton Centre. The Post office is called Rolph. 



1857. [Canada 

COTEAU ST. PIERRE, C. E.— This plaoe forms a part of the Munioipallty of the Parish of Montreal, and is situat- 
ed on the Island of Montreal, at the "West end of Mount Eoyal. Distant from Montreal 4 miles. Population about 1000. 

B^langer, Francois, farmer. 

Brodie, Bobert, fanner. 

Chaput, L^andre, general store. 

Dreary, Frangois X., farmer. 

Ddcary, Gabriel, farmer. 

Dreary, Gerrais, farmer. 

Dreary, J6r6mie, councillor. 

Dreary, Toussaiut, farmer. 

Easton, Mra. M., widow. 

Gareau, Fran9ois X., farmer. 

Gougeon, Antoine, sen., farmer. 

Gougeon, Maurice, farmer. 

Gougeon, Molse, farmer. 

Eoule, Michel. 

Hurtubise, J^r^mie, farmer. 

Hurtubise, Joseph, farmer. 

Larche dit Larchevdque, Joseph, farmer. 

li3,Ti6, rev. R., Roman catholic. 

Leduc, Charles, farmer. 
Leduc, Dominique, farmer. 
Leduo, Gilbert, farmer. 
\Leduc, Ren^i farmer. 
Madore, Alexandre, blacksmith. 
Menowne, William, farmer. 
Mills, Mrs. James, widow. 
Monette, 36i6mie, farmer. 
Parent, D^sir6, engineer. 
Parent, D6sir6, farmer. 
Poirier, }6i6mie, farmer. 
Pominville, Gilbert, farmer. 
Prudhomme, Eustache, jr., farmer. 
Prudhomme, Eustache, sen., farmer. 
Prudhomme, F61ix, grocer. 
Prudhomme, L6on, farmer. 
Prudhomme, Maximin, farmer. 
Prudhomme, Th^ophile, farmer. 

*COWANSVILLE, C. E.— A Village in the Township of Dunham, County of Missiscpiol, and District of Montreal. 
The Circuit Coui't is held here. Distant from Dunham Flats 6 miles, fare 25o. There is a daily stage from St. Albans, Vt., 
distant 37 miles, fare $1.76, and the stage from Stanstead Plain, distant 45 miles, fare $2.26, passes through to St. Johns, 
distant S4 miles, fare $1,60 ; as also another daily stage, via West Pamham, to St. Johns, distant 30 miles, fare $1.50, and a 
daily stage to Granby, distant 16 miles, fare 7Bo. Daily mail. Population about 250. 

Chamberlin, Miss Marion, teacher in Female seminary. 

Cowan, Andrew, J.P. 

COWAN, PETER, postmaster, clerk of Circuit court, 

proprietor of grist' and saw mills, and general 

Cowansville Female Seminary, Miss Lucy A. Wilkes, 

principal ; Miss .Marion Chamberlin, teacher. 
Dalglisha, James, tailor. 
Davison, rev. James C, church of England, principal 

of college. 
Deacon, W,, brickmaker. 
Duff, rev. Archibald, Congregationalist. 
Eldridge, Freeman L., woollen factory, saw mill, &c. 
Gleason, Hiram, storekeeper. 
Goddard, Rufus, shoemaker. 
Hildreth, — , M.D. 

Jones, Robert, blacksmith. 

Kathan, J., general store and tavern. 

MILES, EDWARD T., dealer in dry goods, hardware; 
groceries, produce, &c. 

Missisquoi College, rev. John C. Davison, M.A., prin- 

O'HALLORAN, JAMES, advocate. 

Perley & Kidder, tanners, sho^akers and harness- 

Plumley, Charles, watchmaker. 

Ruiter, James, tavernkeeper. 

Scott, Thomas, carriagemaker. 

Stevenson, Robert, bailiff. 

Stevenson, William, bailiff. 

Taylor, Joseph, tailor. 

Wilkes, Miss Lucy A., principal of Female seminary. 

CRAIGLEITH, C. W.— A small fishing Village situated on Craigley Bay, Lake Huron, in the Township of Collingwood 
and County of Grey. The village stands at the foot of the Blue Mountain, the highest ground in Western Canada, being about 
1500 feet above the sea and commanding a magnificent view of the surrounding country. Craigleith has excellent stone quar- 
ries. Distant from Collingwood Harbour about 6 miles. Daily mail. 

Fleming, A. G., postmaster. 

CRAIQVILLE, C. E.— A small Village situated in the Township of Bristol and County of Pontiac. Distant froOi 
Ottawa 50 mUes, and from Portage du Port 12 miles. Mail tri-weekiy. Population about 60. 

Cole,, Charles, waggonmaker. 

CRAIG, WILLIAM, J.P., general merchant, and dealer 
in all kinds of country produce. 

Larmonda, F^lix, blacksmith. 
McKillop, Angus. 

McKillop, Daniel. 
Morrison, Alexander, shoemaker. 
Morrison, David, tailor. 
Morrison, George, blacksmith. 
Young, Hugh. '■ 

CREEMORE MILLS, C W.— A flourishing Village situated on the Mad River, in the Township of Nottawasaga and 
County of Simcoe. There is a large business done in lumber and flour. Distant fi-om Sunnidale station 6 miles, from Notta- 
wasaga station 8 miles, and from Collingwood Harbor 15 mile^. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 200. 

Bolster, George J., storekeeper. 
■Campbell,!!Alexander, tanner. 
Casey, William, blacksmith. 
Galloway, H., carpenter. 
Eammond^& Co., saw mill. 
Hill, Edward, school teacher. 
Hogg, William, boot and shoe maker. 
Kelly, William, tavernkeeper. 
Kendrick, John, carpenter and builder. 

Langtry, rev. John, B.A., church of England. 

Martin, John, carpenter and builder. 

Moore, Robert, cooper. 

Siddle, H., waggonmaker. 

Thornbury, F. C, storekeeper. 

WEBSTER, EDWARD, postmaster, and proprietor of 

saw and flouring mills. 
Webster, George, carding and fulling mills. 
Wilcox, Samuel, tavernkeeper. 

• Also called Nelsonville. 

Directory .j 1858. 



CREEK BANK, C. W.— A small ViUase in the Township of Peel and County of ■Wellington. Distant from Quelph, the 
County Town, 20 milos, and from Hamilton 52 miles. Mail tri- weekly. Population about 80. 

Dyer, rev. J. E, Wesleyan. 
Fisher, John, postmaster. 
Graham, James, storekeeper. 

Jackson, Richard, tailor. 
Miller, rev. Aaron, Wesleyan. 
Phillips; Robert, saw mill. 

CROSSHILL, C. W.— A Tillage in the Township of Wellesloy and County of Waterloo. Distant from Berlin, tke County 
Town, 15 miles, from Toronto 78 miles, and from Hamilton 61 miles. Four mails weekly. Population about 60. 

Hastings, William, J.P., steam saw mill owner. 
Jennings, Benjamin, waggonmaker. 
McCutcheon, James, postmaster, and boot and shoe 

Mollison, George,' carpenter. 

Oakley, George, hotelkeeper and tailor. 

Playford, Samuel, blacksmith. 

Waugh & Hubbert, iron founders and blacksmiths. 

CROSS POINT, C. E.— AVillageintheTownshipof Mann,CountyofBonaventure»ndDistriotof Gasp6. Itissituated 
on the North side of the River Eestigouohe, opposite to Oampbelltown in New Brunswick. Vessels of large draught are laden 
in the vicinity with square and sawn lumber for the British market ; and a considerable fishing business is carried on. 
The Circuit Court is held here. Distant from New Carlisle, the County Town, 85 miles, and from Quebec 400 miles. Mail 
bi-weekly. Population about 300. 

Busteed, Alexander, J.P., councillor. 
Busteed, Robert, J.P., councillor. 
Chamberlain, George W., tavernkeeper and councillor. 
Chamberlain, Hannibal, lumber merchant and coun- 
Dumontier, rev. P., Roman catholic. 

Fraser, Archibald R., assistant in post office and deputy 
clerk of Circuit court. 

FRASER, JOHN, J.P., postmaster and revenue in- 

Harjper, William, councillor. 

Wilson, Thomas, township mayor. 

*CROTON, C. W.— A small Village in the Gore of the Townsliip of Camden and County of Kent. Distant from Chatham 

20 miles. Mail daily. Population about 50. 
Johnston, J. H., J.P., postmaster, and storekeeper. 

C ROTON, C. Wr-A Station situated in the Township of Middleton and County of Norfolk. Distant from Simooe 12 
miles, and fi'om Brantford 27 miles. 

Fisher & Ghent, grist and saw mills. | Weatherley, L. 6., shingle factory. 

tCROWLANDVILLE, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Crowland, County of Welland, and District of Niagara. 
Distant from Merritsville, the County Town, 3 miles, and from Hamilton 40 miles. Mail tri-weekly. 

Benedict, F. & J., harnessmakers. 
Benedict, George, tanner. 
Benedict, Peter, J.P., tanner. 
Brookfield, Jacob, J.P. 
Brown, Joshua, mill owner. 
Buchner, ensign Samuel W. 
Buchner, lieut. Henry. 
Cook, Gilbert W., postmaster. 
Cummer, John, carpenter. 
Current, Jacob, councillor. 
Doan, Mrs. innkeeper. 
Doan, W., innkeeper. 
Dunn, James, engineer. 
Harris, rev. James, Wesleyan. 
Henderson, John, councillor. 
Holden, Martin, blacksmith. 
Hosken, rev. Benjamin, Wesleyan. 

Kaufman, Sebastien, weaver. 

Lauren, P., mill owner. 

Matthews, Leonard M., reeve. 

McCarthy, Margaret, grocer. 

McCaw, Daniel, councillor. 

Misener, Andrew, councillor. 

Pratt, Benjamin F., shoemaker. 

Pratt, Clarke, shoemaker. 

Pratt, Richard, sawyer. 

Skinner, Hiram W., waggonmaker. 

Skinner, Jesse, waggonmaker. 

Vanalstine, M. A. 

Vanalstine, Miss C. A., school teacher. 

Vanalstine, Mrs. C, general store. 

Vanalstine, S. 

Wood, rev. John, Episcopal methodist. 

Yokow, Titus D., waggonmaker. 

CROYDON, C. W.— A Village situated on Salmon River, in the Township of Camden and County of Addington. 
Distant from Kingstou 32 miles. Tri-weekly mail. Population about 100. 

Campbell, James, blacksmith. . Mendell, Carlos, postmaster, and dealer in dry goods 

Campbell, Joseph, general store and ashery. and groceries. 

Himers, Adam C, innkeeper. Williams, Milton, grist and saw mills. 

Murphy, Samuel, shoemaker. 

CULLODEN, C. W.— A Station situated in the Township of Dereham and County of Oxford. Distant from VToodstook 

20 miles, from Ingersoll 11 miles, and from Port Burwell 18 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 150. 
Jay, C. A., innkeeper. I Smith, Duncan, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

McArthur, R., innkeeper. I 

• Also called Johnston's Corners. t AIsd called Cook's Mills. The Post o(flce is called Crowland. 



1857. [CANAni 

CUMMINSVILLE, C. W.— a Village situated in the Township of Nelson and County of Halton. Distant from MB- 
ton, 8 miles, and from Hamilton 16 mUes. Stage fare to Hamilton 75c. Daily mail. Population about 150. 

Blair, Andrew, blacksmith. 

Burns, William, wearer. 

Cummins, Titus, saw mill and tannery. 

Dench, — , M.D. 

Freeman, Sylvester, carpenter and joiner. 

Freeman, William, M.D. 

Gage, Andrew, saw mill. 

Galloway, Thomas, grist mill owner. 

Galloway,^William, storekeeper. 

Henderson, Robert, carpeiitef and joiner. 

Hetheringtbii, William, ^fioeiuaker. 

Kelley & Co., Canada powder mill. 

Liddell, John, turner. 

McGowan, Mrs., shoemaker. 

McLean, rev. Alexander, Free chtirch. 

Montgomery, William, grocer, carder and cloth dresser. 

Newsome, James, painter and glazier. 

Nichol, James, millwright, carpenter and joiner. 

Stokes, Thomas, saw mill. 

Taylor, Andrew, engineer. 

Thompsbn & Bell, storekeepers. 

Thompson, Robert, innkeeper. 

Turner, J. & T., blackSttiitlis and waggohmakers-. 

Tyner, James, tailor. 

Young, William, weaver. 

'DAlLLEBOUT, C.E.— A Village situated partly in tlie Seigniory of De Ram say and partly in the Seigniory Of Daillebout, 
County of Joliette, and District of Montreal. This place does a good lumber business. Distant from lHOntreal 4S miles, and 
from Industry Village 9 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population of Parish about 1800. 

Beaiidoin, Louis, farmer and commissioner of small 
,,, pauses.^ 

BERCZY, WILLIAM, colonel commanding 8th mili- 
tary district, L. C. and of 3d battalion Berthier 
militia, seignior of Daillebout, mayor, warden of 
county Joliette, mill owner and commissioner of 
small causes. 

Slanchard, Nicholas, shoemaker. 

Brissette, Prosper, councillor. 

Champoux, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Corneiller, Pirmin, councillor. 

DSziel, Louis Isaac, notary public, and clerk of Com- 
missioners court, 

Ducharme, Joseph, joiner. 

Ducharme, Maxime, joiner. 

Fuseau dit Roch, Augustinj saw mill owner. 

Grignon, Prosper, councillor. 

Houle, Ephraim, blacksmith. 

Jeannotte, rev. Fabien, Roman catholic. 

Landry, captain Alexis, farmer. 

Langlois dit Lachapelle, Antoine, councillor. 

Latour dit Forget, Joseph, blacksmith, and secretary- 
treasurer of schools. 

Levesque, Louis, notary public, councillor and com- 
missioner of small causes, . . 

Levesque, Madame Lonisj cb-^eignioress of DaiUebbiit, 

Levesque, Pierre, provincial land surveyor. 

Massicotte, major Joseph, farmer. 

Meugneron dit Lajeunesse, Magloire, councillor. 

Mfchaud, Fabien, general store. 

Mousin, Etienne, shoemaker. 

Parent, Andr^, joiner. 

Parent, Pierre, farmer and school commissioner. 

Pareiit, Toiiissaht, farmer and school commissioner, 

Peltier, Miss, school teacher. 

Perrault, Naircisse, joiner and cafriagemaker, 

Riberdy, AhdrS, school teacher, 

Riberdy, Pierre, mill owner, school commissioner, and 
commissioner of small causes. 

Richard, Miss Victoire, school teacher. 

Robiiiard, J^r6me, school teacher, and secretary-trea- 
surer of council. 

Sylvestre, Olivier, farmer and school commissioner. 

Tellier, Z^phirin, farmer and school commissioner. 

Turner, Robert, postmaster and cbmiriissiorier of small 

DALESVILLE, C. E.— Arising Village in the Township of Chatham and County of Argenteuil. The neighbOurhooii 
abounding with lakes, rivers with many waterfalls, and well-timbered lands, the prospects of the place are promising. Ijiatant 
from Lachute, the County Town-, 6 miles, and from Montreal 50 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 100. 

Oalder, John, weaver. ' 

Calhoun, Nathaniel, shoemaker. 

Campbell, Joseph,' storekeeper. 

Dale,- Daniel, millwright and carpenter. 

Dale, Samuel, saw and ftouring mills, 

Dewar, Donald, shoemaker, 

Dewar, James, gardener, 

Dunbar, John, carpenter and wheelwright. 

Duncan, Andrew, mason. 

Graham, J. J,, school teacher 

Graham, Murdoch, mason, 

King,.Alexander, shoemaker. 

King, rev, John, Baptist, 

Loggie, John, road inspector. 

McArthur, Archibald, blacksmith, 

MoARTHUR, PETER, postma^ttfr, dealer in dry goods, 
groceries, hardware, drugs, crockery, provisions, 
&c,, councillor, school manager, and seci:etary trea- 
surer of Mechanics Institute and library. 

Mechanics Institute, P. McArthur, secretary. 

DALHOUSIE MILLS, C. W.— A Village in'the Townships of Lochiel and liahcaster, &ai Oolintyof Glengany. 
Distant from Cornwall 30 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 160. 

Bathurst, James, tavernkeeper. 

Bathurst, William, storekeeper and deputy reeve. 

Cattanach, Angus, J.P., storekeeper, 

Geggie, rev. James, Free church, 

Eehnedy, William F,, teacher. 

McOallum, Johnjtayernkeeper. 

McOuaig, Alexander, tanner. 

McOonald, Angus D,, grocer. 

McDougall, Archibald, carpenter. 

McLeod, Alexander, blacksmith, 
McPhail, Donald, postmaster. 
McRae, Donald, blacksmith. 
McRae, Donald F,, blacksmith, 
Mnssen, William, miller, 
O'Kavanagh, James, shoemaker. 
O'Kavanagh, Thomas, harnessmaker. 
Speck, George, miller. 

■ Also called Ste, M^lanie de Daillebout. 

DiRECTORY.] 1858. 



D AN V I LLE, C. E.— A Vaiage sltuatbd in the Township of Shiptdn. County of Eiohmond, and District of St. Francis 
near the Danville raUway station. Distant trom Montreal 87 miles, from Quetee 84 miles, and tram Biohitiona junction 
12 miles. There is a tri-weekly mail stage to Ting^ck, 3 miles, fare 25c., and one weiekly to Lake Aylmer, 42 miles. Popula- 
tion about 250. 

Baker, Enoch, farmer, mayor of municipality. 

Baker & Nobre, storekeepers and a^ljes manufacturers. 

Boutelle, James, cabinetmaker. 

Brown, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Burbank, Abljah, grist mill. 

Burbank, SUas, storekeeper. 

Burbank, Simeon, carriageikaker. 


Cleveland, Charles, blacksmith. 

Cleveiand, Nelson, farmer. 

Denison, Simeon M., J.P., farmer anti miller. 

Derrick, rev. Thomas, Wesleyan. 

Farwell & Goodhue, storekeepei-s. 

Gillman, Stephen M., iron founder. 

Glines, Hiram, if!D. 

Goodhue, Joseph L., tanner, boot and shoe maker. 

HAWES, GEORGE W-, proprietor of Danville hotel. 

H06AN, THOMAS, station mastet. 

Leet, Timothy, saw millowuer and SecretaTy-frerfSut^r 
to municipality. 

LYNCH, MICHAEL, tivemkee^f. "^ 

McCoy, John, blacksmith. 

McGfanvran, Peter, storekeeper. 

MACLEAY, RODERICK, dry goods, groceries, hard- 
ware, provisions, arid pearlash manufadtilret. 

Parker, rev. A. J., Congregationaliat. 

Paul, James, harnessmaker. 

Porter, John, tinsmith. 

Stbckwell, Isaac W., of I. "W. & J. P. Stdckwell, post- 

Stockwell, Isaac W. & John P., geiieral storekeepers 
and pearlash manufacturers. 

Stringfellow, rev. W., Wesleyan. 

Thibault, Simon, cabinetmaker. 

DARTFORD, C. W.— AVillkgfeinthe'PdwnsKipofPercyandCtountyof Northumberlaha. Di^aiit from Coboiirg, the 
County Town, 23 miles. Mail daily. Fopiilation about 7S. 

Bailey, William, tanner. 
Bowerman, David, blacksmith. 
Cunningham, Thomas, carpenter. 
DORLAND, P. S., postmaster, general merchant and 
mill owner. 

StaddOn, Thomas, shoemaker. 
Thompson, Sylvester, carpenter. 
Walker, Joseph, cooper. 
Wiggins, Charles, miller. 

DAWN MILLS, C. W.— A Village sitliated on tbe East branch of the Sydenham River, in the Township of bii*n and 
County of font. DFstant from Chatliam 14 mi\ei. KTaU bi-weekly. Population about 300. 

Harris, T. R., general store. 
Kelly, Peter, shoemaker. 
Kennedy, Frederick, bailiff. 
Marsh, J., M.D. 

Robertson, William, general store. 
Smith, James, J.P., postmaster. 
Somers, C, Blacksmith. 

Somers, J., carpenter and joiner. 

Taylor, T. & S., innkeepers. 

Taylor, T. & S., & Co., wdollen factory and carding 

Taylor, William, flouring mill owner and liiiriber mer- 

Taylor, Peter, innkeeper. 

DE A LTO WN, C. W.— A small Village on the shore of Lake Erie, about halfway between St. Thomas and Amherstburg 
in the Township of Kaleigh and County of Kent. Distant from Amherstburg 51 miles. Daily mail. Population about 40. 

Fleeter, Isaac, carpenter. 

Heatherington, Joseph, bailiff. 

Litle, James, clerk of 5th Division court. 

Moore, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Pardee, Thomas, grist and saw mills. 
Smith, Joseph, postmaster. 

DECEWSVILLE, C. VV.— A Village in the Township of North Cayuga and County of Haldimand. 
Cayuga, the County Town, 2 miles, and fl-om Hamilton 27 miles. Bi-weekly mail. Population about 100. 

Distant from 

DeCew, captain William, postmaster. 
DeCew, Edmund, provincial land surveyor. 
DeCew, Robert, dealer in flour. 

Dier, Thomas B., assistant postmaster, and general 

Holmes, J. Aldrich, school teacher. 
Kinnear, James, revenue inspector. 
Wilde, rev. Robert, Baptist. 
Young, Ifeut. Henry. 

"DELTA, C« W« — A small Village in the Township of Bastard and County of Leeds. Distant from Brockville 24 miles, 
and from Kingston <liO miles. Daily inail. Population about 250. 

Allen, Sherman, marble factory. 

Bailey, rev. George, New Connection methodist. 

Bates, William P., joiner. 

Bautchford, Horace, waggonma^er. 

Brasee, John, blacksmith. 

Bell, William, shoemaker. 

Bush, Louis, iron founder. 

Comstock, Levy, pumpmaker. 

Davidson, Patrick, carpenter. 

DENAUT, WALTER H., postmaster, general merchant, 

grist, saw and carding mill owner. 
Fairbairn, Thomas, general store. 
Green, William, t>lacksmith. 

Hikok, Philo, iron founder. 

Hindmarsh, John, carpenter. 

Malloy, Gerard, saddler. 

McGee, Benjamin T., physician and surgeon. 

McNish, Peregrine, miller. 

O'Connor, Charles, tailor. 

Olmstead, William, tanner. 

Rolston, rev. D. D., Episcopal methodist. 

Root, Henry, carriagemaker. 

Vinton, Allan, general store. 

Warren, John, clerk of township. 

Watkins, rev. John, church of England. 

Wright, Frederick, bookkeeper and accountant. 

* Lately called Beverley. 



1857. [Canad* 

DELAWARE, C. W.— A village situated on the Biver Thames, in the Township of Delaware and County of Middlesez. 
Wheat is the staple article of the surrounding country. Distant ft-om Iiondon 12 miles j from Komoka, on the Great 'Western 
Bailway, 3 miles, by a gravel road. Daily mails. Population about 250. 

Abbott, Joseph, shoemaker. 
Allen, James, stage proprietor. 
Billington, George, M.D. 
Branston, John S., provision dealer. 
BULLEN, "WILLIAM F., jr., dealer in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. &c. 
BuUen, William F., sen., clerk of 4th Division court. 
Deadman, A. W., watchmaker. 
Deadman, Henry, teacher in Pine Hill Academy. 
Docherty, Mrs., dressmaker. 
Dowling, Miss S., dressmaker. 
Button k Heyward, general dealers. ' 

Flood, rev. Richard, M.A., rector, church of England. 
Gregory, E., shoemaker. 

Hall & Ross, shingle and sash factory. % 

Harris, 0. S., proprietor of Western hotel. 
Harvey, John, pottery. 
Hilton, Friend, shoemaker. 
Jacjtson, J. & P., carriagemakers. 
Lawson & Ladd, general dealers. 
Lyman, — , teacher in common school. 
Mackay, Phillip, general dealer. 

Malloch, John, cabinetmaker. 
Miller, Thomas, carpenter. 
Payne, Benjamin, bailiff of Division court. 
Peacock, Charles, shoemaker. 
Rawljngs, Henry, librarian. 
Risden, Joseph, butcher. 
Robertson, Andrew, clothier and tailor. 
Rogers, William F., carpenter. 
Sanagan, Lewis, cooper. 
Sewell, William, general dealer. 
Springer, Benjamin, J.P., provincial land surveyor. 
Stoddart, Thomas, baker. 
Tiffany, Dean, saw mill. 
Tiffany, M. M., harnessmaker. 
Tiffany, Otis, carpenter. 
Towle, S. M., postmaster and general dealer. 
Tail, Isaac, brickmaker. 
Vail, John, grocer. 
Waring, T. 0., insurance agent. 
Webber, H. J., proprietor of Queen's Arms hotel. 
Wilson, Adam, saw mill. 
. Wilson, George, blacksmith. 

DEMORESTVILLE, C. W.— A Village situated on the outlet of Fish Lake, In the Township of Sophiasburgh and 
County of Prince Edward. Distant fi'om Picton 9 miles, and from Kingston 49 miles. Usual fare to Kingston $1.85. Mail 
tri-weekly in summer and daily in winter. Population about 300. 

Allison, rev. Cyrus R., Wesleyan. 

Barton, Ira, house and fancy painter. 

Barton, Samuel, township clerk. 

Barton, Stephen, painter. 

Boulter, George, J.P. 

Butler, Joseph, carpenter and house joiner. 

Butler, Samuel, blacksmith, carriage and sleigh maker. 

Clark, H. B., grocer and butcher. 

Clarkson, rev. J. B., Wesleyan. 

Coleman, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

Curlett, James F., M.D. 

Dunning, A. G., general store. 

Dunning, William, shoemaker. 

Haimilton, Israel, bailiff of Division court. 

Hart, Alexander, general store. 

Hart, Philip, blacksmith. 

Howell, John, J.P., postmaster and general storekeeper. 

McDowell, Robert, general store, grist and saw mills. 

McQuoid, Francis, waggonmaker. 

Nixon, Edward, tailor. 

Norton, Hiram, blacksmith, carriage and sleigh maker. 

Pake, Abraham, innkeeper. 

Parsall, Uriah, blacksmith. 

Roblin, Jacob, blacksmith. 

Vrooman, James, carder and cloth dresser. 

Wright, James G., harnessmaker. 

DERRY WEST, C. W.— A small Village situated on Hurontario Street, in the Township of Toronto and County of 
Peel. Distant from Toronto 23 miles, from Port Credit 8 miles, and from Brampton 3i miles. Daily mail. Population 
about 100. 

Clark, Thomas, blacksmith. I Reeves, W. B., J.P., farmer. 

McClare, William, postmaster, and general storekeeper. Robinson, Thomas, innkeeper. 
McEwan, Robert, shoemaker. Tilt, James, innkeeper and shoemaker. 

McKay, Williamj general store. I 

DESCHAMBAULT, C. E^A large Village situated 
Deschambault and Iiaohe<freti6re and County of Portneuf. 
Distant fi'om Quebec 30 miles. Population about 1800. 

Arcand, On^sime, blacksmith. 

Baril, Evang61iste, carpenter. 

Baril, Fr6d6ric, carpenter. 

Baril, Joseph, carpenter. 

Benoit, Elz^ar, shoemaker, and secretary-treasurer of 

Benoit, Paul, J.P., mayor, secretary-treasurer of schools, 

and commissioner of small causes. 
Brunette, Joseph, road overseer. 
Chaillier, Alph6, carpenter. 
Chaillier, Jean, carpenter. 

De Foy, J. B., agent for Equitable Fire Insurance Co. 
Delisle, Charles, tinsmith. 
Delisle, Olivier, general store. 
Desharnais, Charles, baker. 
Duchesneau, Jean, baker. 

Dufresne, Francois X., carpenter and wheelwright. 
Dufresne, Narcisse, carpenter and wheelwright. 

on the North shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory of 
An extensive business is carried on here in flour and lumber. 

Dussault, Louis, shoemaker. 

Dussault, Marcel, blacksmith. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. E. De Foy, agent. 

Frenette, Eli, road overseer. 

Frenette, Pontife, carpenter. 

Gagn6, Thomas, carpenter. 

Galarneau, Louis, general store. 

Gari^py, Victor, general store. 

Gauthier, Gauthier, road overseer. 

Gauthier, Jacques, flour merchant. 

Gauthier, Mrs. Joseph, boarding house. 

Gauthier, Nicolas, notary public, clerk of Commissioners 

court, and secretary-treasurer of county. 
Gauthier, Z^phirin, J.P. 
Hamelin, Francois, J.P., postmaster, general store and 

boarding house keeper, and commissioner of small 

I Heney, — , carpenter. 



Honde, Michel, carpenter. 

Hudon, Firmin, general store. 

Lachevrotiere, Andr6, notary public, dealer in flour and 

commissioner of small causes. 
Lachevrotiere, Andr6 H. T., provincial land surveyor. 
Lemay, Jean, bailiff. 
Marcotte, Alexandre, cooper. 
Marootte, L^on, blacksmith. 
Marcotte, Timothy, 3.7., stage and boarding house. 
Matte, Plaviea, carpenter and ship builde^. 
Matte, Narcisse, shoemaker. 
Mayrand, Frangoia Antoiae, general store. 
Mayrand, Frangois, physician and surgeon. 
Mondor, Louis, grocer and carpenter. 
Morin, Joseph, commissioner of small causes. 
Naud, Isidore, inspector of roads. 
Pag^, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Pag6, Louis Gonzague, general store. 
Paqnin, Franqois, flour merchant. 

Paquin, Francois, wheelwright. 

Perranlt, Hubert, road overseer. 

Perrault, L^on, shoemaker and road overseer. 

Perranlt, Noel, blacksmith. 

Perron, Iguace, carpenter. 

Perron, Louis, road overseer. 

Perron, Olivier, wheelwright. 

Poir6, rev. Charles Edouard, Roman catholic. 

Protean, Honor^, baker. 

Proulx, Joseph, carpenter and wheelwright. 

Proulx, On^sime, inspector of roads. 

Rousseau, L^andre, blacksmith. 

Rousseau, Olivier, shoemaker. 

St. Amand, L^on, notary public, superintendent of- 

roads for county and agent for seigniory. 
Stuart, Charles, dealer in flour. 
Tardif, David, carpenter. 
Tardif, Francois, carpenter. 
ThibodeaU] Marcelin, bailiff. 

DEWITTVILLE, C. E.— a village situated on the Chateauji;aa.y mver, in the County of Huntingdon. Distant from 
Montreal 41 miles, and from Huntingdon 6 miles. Stage fare from Montreal $2. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Allard, Jean Marie, wheelwright. 

Beaudiy, Francois, blacksmith. 

Davidson, James, J.P., colonel of militia, and saw mill 

DEWITT, CHARLES, J.P., mayor of township, com- 
missioner of small causes, and saw mill owner. 

Doherty, Michael, turner. 

Lucas, John, trader. 

Mclver, James, trader. 

Oliver, Joseph, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Todd, John, shoemaker. 

Walker, William, grist mill. 

DICKINSON'S LANDING, C. W^A Vaiage in the Township of Osnabruok and County of Stormont, at the 
head of the Cornwall CanaJ. It is a Port of Entry. Several of the steamers plying between Montreal, Kingston, and Hamil- 
ton stop here daily. It is contiguous to a station of the Grand Trunk Railway. Distant from Montreal 77 miles, and from 
Kingston 96 miles. Daily mail. Population about GOO. 

Adams, Joseph, farmer and land trader. 

Archibald, William T., storekeeper. 

Baker, Mrs. Diana, saw mill. 

Bancroft, George, brickmaker. 

Bockus, John, clerk of Division court. 

Braydon, Henry, storekeeper and councillor. 

Brown, Jacob, brickmaker. 

BULLOCK, ROBERT K., collector of customs. 

Carr, rev. Matthew, church of England, superintendent 

of schools. 
GOLQUHOUN, WILLIAM, postmaster, and dealer in 

dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Cook, Herman L., M.D. 
Dawson, John, tanner. 
Dobie, rev. Robert, church of Scotland. 
Eaman, Alexander, blacksmith. 
Eaman, Nicholas, proprietor of Traveller's home, and 

saw mill. 
Petterly, William, railway woodman. 
Fisher, John, blacksmith and carriagemaker. 
Forbes, Peter, general dealer. 
Gaffhey, Charles, mason and bricklayer. 
Grant, George, saw mill. 

Hanes, Adam, proprietor of St. Lawrence hotel. 
Hegarty, William, tanner. 
Hodgins, Henry, bricklayer and councillor. 
Hoople, William, railway laborer. 
Howes, rev. William, Wesley an. 
Hntchins, James, tinsmith. 
Hutchins, Willard, blacksmith and wheelwright. 
Johnson, John, grocer. 
Johnson, Thomas, butcher and bailiff. 
Itove, Moses, cooper. 
Uarkell, Richard, storekeeper. 
MARTIN, WILLIAM, station master. 

Mattice, John, saw mill. 

McCleverty, Charles, tailor. 

McNAIRN, JOHN, harnessmaker and dealer in dry 
goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 

McQuillan, Robert, shoemaker. 

Miller, David, wheelwright and blacksmith. 

Milross, Andrew, tanner. 

Milross, William, storekeeper. 

Murray, Michael, saddler and harnessmaker. 

Phoenix hotel, John Snyder, proprietor. 

Pratt, Alvin, saw mill and distillery. 

Prouty, Fayett, grocer and bater. 

Purkis, George, cabinetmaker. 

Quinn, rev. Charles, Free church. 

RAILWAY HOTEL, James N. Stuart, proprietor, oppo- 
site the station. 

Ransom, David, carpenter and joiner. 

Read, Milton H., storekeeper. 

Samson, George, carpenter and joiner. 

Shaver, Henry, J.P., farmer. 

Smith, Caswell, tailor. 

Snyder," John, proprietor of Phoenix hotel. 

St. Lawren6e hotel, Adam Hanes, proprietor. 

Stuart & Baker, storekeepers and wood dealers. 

STUART, JAMES N., proprietor of Railway J hotel, 
opposite the station. 

Stuart, John, mason. 

Traveller's home, Nicholas Eaman, .proprietor. 

WAGNER, DANIEL, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c., and steamboat agent. 


Warner, William, J.P., farmer. 

Waterman, William, vinegar factory. 

WOOD, JOHN R., iron founder. 

Wood, William S., farmer and counciUor. 



18 o1. [Canada 

•DINGWALL. C. W.-A,ViUas(Bin !;he, Toyp^liip ot Nottawasa«a and County of Simcoe, on,t}ie, Ji^ieott^s 0»|WJ?« 
SmI and H^orE^oW DiSf^om CoJK^ 8 nnle«. and from Toronto S^.g^iJ^. BaUy mad». ^PV^^ 

about 275. 

Algeo, L. & J., hotelkeepers. 

Baine, Donald, J.P., postmaster, lumber merchant, and 

Bell, G., storekeeper. 
Coleman, A., hotelkeeper. 
Collins, .George, hotelkeeper. 

Fleming, John, builder. 

Hays, A., builder. 

Jackson, J., storekeeper. 

McWatt, John, steam saw mill owner. 

Philips, G., J.P. 

OOON, C. W.— A Village in the Township and Comity of 
Railway. Distant from BerUn 5 miles, and from Hamilton 32 

Bader, Jacob, t^ijoj"- 

Bayer, John L., shoemaker. 

Beale, John, shoemaker. 

Beck, Frederick,, dealer in stpves. 

Bond, Josiah, carriage and waggoniji3.k^r. * 

Craig, John, constable and inspector of tayern licenses 

Crawford, James, miller and distiller. 

Davy, Thomas, proprietor of Doon Mills hotel. 

Ferric, Robert, M.P.P., J.P. 

Good, Martin, carpenter. 

Waterloo. It is the Central Station on the Pyeston i^nd Berlin 
miles. Daily mail. Population about .359. 

Hepplar, Jacob, cooper. 

Hodgkins, reV. Thomas, Free church. 

Jamieson, Andrew, proprietor p;£ Red LJpn jnn. 

MoDougall, James, constable and blacksmith. 

Ferine, M. B. & W: D., flax and saw mill owners. 

Paillefer, Xarier, carpenter. 

Reuter, John, carpenter. 

Slee, Thomas, mason. 

Strang, Robert, postmagler, and general dealer 

Winters, John B., carpenter. 

tDOUGLAS, C. W.-AVma«eiathoTDwnsWpof,qi^;a^i!!jaand.OoifntypfWelto^^^ Distant from Fi^ffu^ 9 n?ij|5. 
and from Guelpjj 21 miles. Bi.weeklymail.»t 50. 

Constable, George, carpenter. 
Dickson, John & Robert, mill owner?. 
Lightbody, Andrew, general dealer. 
Lightbody,' John, M.D. 

Rodger, WaUam, blacksmith. 
Skeoe, George, jr., councillor. 
Skene, George, sen., postmaster. 
Skene, George, & Son, general dealers. 

DOUGLAS, C. W.-A Village on the River Bpfwephfere. in the Township of Bromley »f^ i^°™^ .°^^f S^^^'couMy 
place is situated in the heart of a prosperous settlement, and wa« ^d out fonr years a«o by J. 6. Mallooh. Esq., Couftty 
Judge. Distant from Perth 70 miles, and from Ottawa 75 mijes. Tn-weekly mail. 

BELL & COULTER, dealers in dry gp.ods, Iwrdwaje, 

groceries, produce, &c. 
Brown, George, clerk of Division c,aijr,t. 
CAMERON, DONlLD, dealer ip dry goods, Ij^y.dw.a»-e, 

groceries, p;cod»,ce, &c.. 
COULTER, CfiARLES, postmsister. 
Oulbertson, Thomas, carp^nlter. 
Dewar, Daniel, bj^ckg^ith. 

GROVES, WILLIAM, hotel— rejxcellentaccommpd'^tjon, 

Karney, Michael, shoemaker. 

McDOUGAL, ANGUS, hotel— a.gpod house. 

Merrick, Charles, grist and's^w mills. 

Morrow, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Smith, Robert, J.P. 

Sparrow, rev. J.P., Episcopal metjjpdjst. 

Straja, reV. Jskmes, Rpmfin csithplic. 

DOUGLASTOWN, Q. E.— a Village m the Tpwnsjiip of Dm^las and .County ajid District of Gasp^. Ithaflaflshiiig 

business. Distant from Quebec 6,00 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population of Parish about 300. 
ConoUy, Bernard, mayor. [ Kennedy, Lawrence, fisherman. 

Fafard, rev. Ed,ward S., pojnan CRtljplic. I Veit, Charles, postmaster. 

DOWNEYVILLE, C. W.-A Village situated in tiie Township of Emily and County of Victoria. Distant from Lind- 
say, the County Town. ,8 miles, ft'.pm Toronto 100 miies,'.and'ftpm Port Hope 32 miles. Bi-w^eWy mail. Population about 100. 

Lehane, M., J.P., postmaster, conjmissioner In Queen's 

Bourke, rev. John, Roman catholic 
Collins, Michael, general .d,e»ler. 

bench, and general dealer. 
Walsh, Michael, grocer. 

DRAYTON, C. W.— A Villagein the Townships of Peel and Marybprpugh,,and North Eidmg of the County of Welling-- 
ton. Distant from G-uelph 27 miles, fi-om' Hamilton 68 mUes, ^d from Toronto SO miles. Bi-weolily mail. PopBla,tipn abou.t 150. 

Adams, rey. E.,We6leyan. 
Barsby, T., tailor. 
Bradley,, S., & Co., carpenters. 
Dales, R. P., turner and pumpnjaker. 
Dales, William, shoemaker. 
Empey rev. P., Wesleyaji. 
Fawcett Joseph W., carpenter. 
Fawcett, William, farrier.. 
Flath, Adam, cabinetmaker. 
French, 3- E., shoemaker. 

GUchrist, John, blacksmith and waggonmaker. 

Goodfellow, Adarfl, fanning mill factor. 

iGordouj Thomas, blacksmith. 

lGreen,'G., carpenter. 

iHambly, William S., copnoiXlor. 

Hartney, J. H., postmaster, and general dealer. 

6artney, W. P., tanner and currier. 

Minthorn, G., blacksmith. 

Shefford, William, builder. 

Wortley, W. C, & Co. general dealers. 

• Also called Nottawasaga Station, which is the name of the Post Pffloe. 
«alled Garafraxa. 

t Fpraierly called Skenesville. The Ppst office is 

DiRECTOKT.] 1858. 



DRJfcSDEINl, C. W.-A YiUage sUiuated on 
Qf Kent. Mstant from Chatham 18 miles, and 

Black, John, blacksmith. 

Blakeley, "George C, innkeeper. 

Blakeley, Norman, blacksmith. 

Carey & Hanson, steam griatj mill. 

Ohauucey, John, shoemaker. 

Clark, rev. William, Congregationalist. 

Crosby, J., carpenter. 

fi-rafford, — , grocer. 

Graham, 0., tanner. 

Griftn, Anderson, blacksmith. 

Newman, rev. W. P., Baptist. 

Richardson, S^ijiu^l, carpeijter. 

the JRivsr Sydenham, in the Ciprp pf the Township of D^\en, ,aji<i hi the Gqunf y 
from iondon 60 mjlps. MaiUririvepk}y. Pppulitioji about 3(10. 

Simpson, Jeremiah, waggonmaker. 

Stewart, William, bailiff. 

Terace, Alexander, framer and c^rpepter. 

Terace, Daniel, franftr an(J carpenter, 

Warren, rev. James W., Wesleyan. 

Webster, George, postmaster, general storekeeper, s^n^ 

clerk of Division court. 
West, Thomas, innkeeper. 
Wilson, — , shoemaker. 
Wright, Thomas, general store. 
Wright, William, steam saw mill owner anjd farmer. 

DREW'S MILLS, C- E.— A small Village in the Township of Barford, County of Stanstead,, ^pd Distriat o^.St, 
Francis. Distant from Ooatiopolt stations mies. Tlwije is f, railroad siding adjacent for loq4ing lumber, of , which there is a 
oousideiable quantity manufactured at thia place (or the Portland market. Mail weekly. Population ^Ifput ^0. 

Baldwin, Ira, carpenter. 
BANGS, ABEL T., postmaster, and sawn lumber mer- 
Blandin, Gardener, manufacturer of fanning mills. 
Bryan, William, saw mill. 
Chandler, rev. Joseph, Baptist. 

Child, Marcus, jr., township secretary-treasurer. 
Child, Samuel, farmer and township mayor. 
Drew, Ezra, saw mill. 
Drew, Orvill, farmer. 
Ward, Tillard, M.D. 
Wright, John, saw mill. 

DRUM BO, C. \o/.— A Village situaied in the Township of Blenheim and County of Oxford. It) ^g a sfa|tion ^nf the Buffalo 
and Lake Huron Railway. The Diriaion Court is held in t)ie Town-hall here. Distant from Wopti^tpck 18 mil^esi and from 
Paris 9 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Anderson, Thomas, general store. 
Baldwin, Robert, shoemaker. 
Barr, G. E., cabinetmaker. 
Burgess, Joseph L., accountant. 
Burgess, Richard, farmer. 
~ gess, Samuel, auction 

constable, and livery stable keeper. 
Currie, Greorg^ innkeeper. 
Daniels, Jacob, saddler and harnessmaker. 
Days, Charles,' tailor. 

Erie Fire Insurance Company, Henry JIuma, agent. 
Floyd, James M., innkeeper 
Gray, William H.^joiner. 
Griffin, rev. Jacob, Baptist. 
Haining, Peter, general store. 
Hazel & Leduke, shoemakers. 
Herbert, Samuel, butcher and farrier. 
Hicks, James, carpenter. 
Karkle, Alexander, blacksmith. 
McKenzie, James, postmaster. 

Mercer, George, lumber merchant. . 

ItfUMA, HENRY, J.P., notary public, land agent, con- 
veyfmcer, commissioner in Queen's bench, issuer 
of marriage licenses, and agent for Erie aiid Onta- 
rio Fire Insurance Companies. 

Newton, rev. — , Wesleyan. 

Nicholson & Murray, general store. 

Ontario Fire Insurance Company, Henry^Muma, agent. 

Pickle, rev. P., Baptist. 

Powell & Mercer, steam saw mill. 

Ross, Hugh, shoemaker. 

Rounds, J. B., M.D. 

Scott, Robert, station master, Buffalo and Lake Huron 

Swanz, Gregory, carpenter. 

Smith, Richard, butcher. 

Thompson, T. W., general store. 

Vippham, David, cabinetmaker. 

Wilkie, — , M.D. 

Wright, G. H., shoemaker. 

DRUMMONDVILLE, C. E.— A Village on the West bank of the Eiver St. Francis, in the Township of Grantham, 
County of Drummond, and District of Three Elvers. It is the chef Ueu of the County. The District Court of the County is 
held here. There is a daily stage to Melbourne, distant 24, miles, fare $1.50, and one daily to La Baie, distant 24 miles, fare 
$2, whence there are stages daily to Sorel and Port St. Francis. Population about 360. 

Lor, Raphael, shoemaker. 

Beaudry, 0. N., storekeeper. 

Belcourt, rev. On^sime, Roman catholic. 

Blais^ Pierrp, carpenter. 

Blanchet, Louis, shoemaker. 

Boisvert, Joseph, tavernkeeper. 

Caya, Antoine, baker. 

COOKE, VALENTINE, J.P., lumber merchant. 

Cox, Edmund, J.P., registrar of county. 

David, Louis B., notary public. 

DORION, PIERRE N., provincial land surveyor and 
county superintendent. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, R. J. Millar, agent. 

Euse, Xavier P., baker. 

Gagnon, Henry, boarding house. 

Gari^py, Charles, miller. 

International Life Assurance Company, R. J. Millar, 

Jones, David & William, blacksmiths. 

STITUTE, hon. W. Sheppard, president ; Robert 
H. Watts, secretary-treasurer. 

Marler, George L., J.P., general storekeeper, mayor and 
warden of county. 

McLEOD, NORMAN, lumber merchant. 

Millar, James, postmaster, and pearlash manufacturer. 

Millar, Robert J., deputy registrar of county, secretary- 
treasurer to municipality, and agent for Equitable 
Fire and International Life Assurance Companies. 

Picotin, Jacques, shoemaker. 

Rivard, Olivier, shoemaker. 

Ross, rev. William M., M.A., rector, church of Ejigjand. 

Sadleir, Mrs. Mary, innkeeper. 

Sheppard, Charles Campbell, crown land agent 

SHEPPARD, HON. WILLIAM, president of Library 
Association and Mechanics Institute. 

Trent, George N., R.N., farmer. 

Walsh, Archibald, carpenter. 

Watts, Robert N., J.P., secretary-treasurer of Library 
Association and Mechanics Institute, Grantham 



185Y. [Canada 

DRUMMONDVILLE, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Stamford and County of Welland. Distant from Meirittai. 
viUe, the County Town, 12 miles, fi-om Hamilton 60 miles, and from Niagara Falls half a mile. Daily mall. Population 
ahout 700. 

Blanton, Thomas R., builder. 

Brown, Edward, baker and confecUoner. 

Ohadwick, Benjamin, general dealer. 

Cole, Edwin, shoemaker. 

Cole, John C, shoemaker. 

Cole, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Cummings, John, proprietor of National hotel. 

Dixon, rev. G. N., Wesleyau. 

Duncan, George, general dealer. 

Ellis, 0., Ellis house. 

Falconbridge, Samuel, postmaster. 

Fralick, Adam, tanner. 

Garner, Jacob, J.P. 

Gray, Archibald, blacksmith, 

Griffin, rev. W., Wesleyan. 

Home, William, International hotel. 

Inglis, reT. C. Leyster, A.B., church of England. 

Ker, John, J.P. 

Latahaw, John, builder. 

Leming, rev. William, church of England. 

Lowell, William, general dealer. 

McGarrie, James, J.P., councillor. 

McKay, William, general dealer. 

McKenzie, Donald, builder. _ 

McKenzie, George, blacksmith. 

McMicking, William, J.P., reeve. 

Mewburn, F. C, M.D. 

Morse, Austin, cabinetmaker. 

Orchard, John A., agent for Provident Life and Pro- 
vincial Assurance Companies. 

Piper, A. & J., carriagemakers. 

Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 
John A. Orchard, agent. 

Provincial Insurance Company, John A. OrchECrd, 

REPORTER, (THE) weekly, annual subscription, $2, 
William A. Rooth, editor, proprietor and publisher ; 
Horace Kimberly, printcSr. 

Roberts, rev. John, Baptist. 

ROOTH, WILLIAM A., J.P., councillor, and editor, 
proprietor and publisher of th9 Reporter. 

Russell, William, brewer. 

Rysdale, George, J.P. 

Snively, James, carriagemaker. 

Spencer, Robert, councillor. 

Vandenburgh, J., deputy reeve. 

Whistler, Benjamin, blacksmith. 

Woodruff, G. & W., general dealers. 

Woodruff, Joseph 0., general dealer. 

Wright, JHenry, cabinetmaker. 

DUDSWELL, C. E.— A Village and Township in the County of Wolfe, situated on the mail route between Quebec and 
Sherbrooke. There are here inexhaustible qtiantities of limestone of the first quality, and the soil generally cannot be sur- 
passed for crops. Distant from Sherbrooke 20 miles. Daily mail. Population about 100. 

Andrews, Neus, farmer and wheelwright. 

Andrews, Samuel, farmer. 

Bishop, Sidney, saw mill and blacksmith shop. 

Bishop, T. D., farmer. 

Chapman, rev. T. S., M.A., church of England. 

Cunningham, Henry, farmer and bailiff. 

EVANS, ZEEAH, postmaster and dealer in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Gavin, Simon, carpenter and joiner. 

Hall, Hananiah, blacksmith. 
Lothrop, Galen, farmer. 
Lothrop, William H., innkeeper. 
Munkittrick, James, shoemaker. 
Shepherd, Saunders, carpenter and joiner. 
Willard, Clark, grist, saw and carding mill. 
Willard, William, farmer. 
Willard, S. S., saw mill. 
Westman, James, farmer. 

DUNBAR, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Williamsburgh and County of Duudas. Distant from Montreal 1J2 miles. 
Mail tri-weekly. Population about 100. 

Beckstedt, William, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Plinn, Thomas, tavernkeeper. 

McDonell, Alexander. 

Meeker, rev. Benjamin, Episcopal methodist. 

Nudle, Adam. 

Rose, James H., storekeeper. 
Sarjent, John, J.P., reeve. 
Weagant, Samuel. 

DUNBARTON, C. W.— A Village on the Kingston Eoad, in the Township of Fiokering and County of Ontario. Distant 
from Toronto 18J miles. Daily malls. Population about 70. 

Canada Western Assurance Company, John Parker, 

Doyle, Owen, shoemaker. 
Dunbar, William, J.P. 
Dunbar, William & Alexander, blacksmiths and Wag- 


Gernon, William, carpenter. 
Kennedy, rev. Alexander, United Presbyterian. 
Muir, William, tanner. 

Parker, John, postmaster, general etorekeeper, and 
agent for Canada Western Asanrance Company. 

DUNBLANE) C. W.— A Village in the Township of Saugeen and County of Bruce. It is surrounded by an excellently, 
settled and fertile country, and is well supplied with water. Distant from Southampton 10 miles, and tnm Elora 72 miles. 
Population about 100. 

Calder, James, general store. 
McKechnie, James, millwright. 
McNeill, Neil, blacksmith. 

ITearverth, J. C, saw mill and tavern. 
WALLACE, WILLIAM, postmaster. 

DUNDALK, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Melanothon and County of Grey. Distant ftom Owen Sound, the 
County Town, 40 miles, and from Toronto 71 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 100. 

Airth, William, councillor. 
Bell, John, Albion inn. 
Bell, Robert, boot and shoe store. 
Breen, Lawrence, councillor. 
Devlin, William, councillor. 

Grey, Elias B., postmaster, storekeeper, reeve and com- 
missioner in Queen's bench. 
Huxtable, Thomas, councillor. 
McKee, Thomas, J.P., storekeeper. 
Whitle, rev. Edward, Wesleyan. 

DiRECIORY.] 1858. 



'DUNCANSVILLE, C. W.-A-yillage situated in the TawnsMp and County of RusseU. 
miles. Semi-weekly madl. f opulatiou about 100, 

Distant from Ottawa 26 

Blair, William, boot and shoe maker. 

Chamberlain, Nathaniel, hotelkeeper. 

Craig, William, carding mill and general store. 

Duncan, Johti, carpenter and township treasurer. 

Fitzpatrick, William, tailor. 

Helmer, Richard, postmaster, general dealer and saw 
mill owner. 

Keays, James, J.P., general dealer, clerk of court, county 
registrar, commissioner in Queen's bench and town- 
ship clerk. 

Kelly, James, tailor. 

Lasalle, F611x, boot and shoe maker. 

Loucks, Elisha F., grist and saw mill, and general store. 
Loucks, William J., hotelkeeper and bailiff of Division 

Mahany David, carpenter. 
Mattice, Charles, carpenter. 
McGregor, Robert, flour and oat mill. 
McLeod, Hugh, blacksmith. 
McMartin, Malcolm, pearlash manufacturer and general 

Ronan, Hugh, tanner and currier. 
WOOLLBY, P. A., lumber merchant, and dealer in dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 

DUNDAS, C. W.— An incorporated Town situated on the Great Western Railway, in the Township of 'West Flamboro, 
and County of Wentworth. The scenery around Dundas is unsm-paascd for rural beauty. Distant from Hamilton 5 miles, 
from London 79 miles, and ft-om the Niagara Suspension Bridge 49 miles. Daily mails. Population about 8000. 

McDonnell, William, proprietor of Elgin House hotel. 


Cash, agent. 
Barton, G. M., & Co., woollen factory. 
Barton, George M., barrister. 

Billingt»n & Forsythe, agricultural implement makers. 
Britannia Life Assurance Oompany, Robert W. Snter, 

British America Assurance Company, Thomas Howe, 

Brock, R. S., dealet in dry goods. 
Caldwell, rev. W., Baptist. 
Camp, Matthew, carriagemaker. 
Canada Western Assurance Company, Solomon Mills, 

CASH, WILLIAM, agent for Bank of British North 

Chrysler, M., attorney. 

Collins, B., proprietor of North American hotel. 
Connelly, B., shoemaker. 
Cowper, John, cabinetmaker. 
Daltoo, — , physitSan and surgeon. 
Davies, Thomas, & Co., millers. 
DICKIE & WATSON, grocers. 
Elgin House hotel, William McDonnell, proprietor. 
Emott, 0. W., cabinetmaker. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Co., Smith & Snow, agents. 
Fisher, John, tinsmitb. 
Gartshore, John, founder and machinist. 
Greyson & Grafton, dealers in dry goods. 
Habbin, H. G., shoemaker. 
Hawkins, Francis, builder. 

HOLT, ROBERT, & Co., millers, brewers and founders. 
Howe, Thomas, agent for British America Insurance 

International Life Assurance Co., R. W. Suter, agent. 
JONES, SAMUEL J., proprietor and publisher of the 

Irwin, William, grdoer. 
King, John, teacher. 
Latschaw, Isaac, cabinetmaker. 
Leslie, John, druggist. 

Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Com- 
pany, Robert W. Suter, agent. 
Mackenzie, John, dealer in dry goods. 
MACKENZIE, THOMAS H., merchant, Victoria build- 
Maclennan, rev. Kenneth, church of Scotland. 

McGerrald, John, grocer. 

McMahon, James, M.D. 

McMicking, James, papermaker. 

Merchants Exchange hotel, Jacob Shannon, proprietor. 

Meredith, James S., dealer in hardware. 

Mills, Solomon, agent for Canada Western Assurance 

Company. ' 

Moore, H., general dealer. 
Moore, Hugh, dealer in dry goods. 
Morgan, rev. James, Wesleyan. 
Nash, Aaron, hatter. 

Neilson, Peter, station master, Great Western Railway. 
North American hotel, B. Collins, proprietor. , 

Notman, William, Q.C., barrister. 
Ossler, rev. Featherston J., M.A., church of England, 

and at Ancaster. 
Overfield, B. & S., dealers in dry goods. 
Owens, Francis, M.D. 
Passmore, William, harnessmaker. 
Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 

Thomas Robertson, agent. 
Provincial Insurance Company, Robert W. Suter, agent. 
Quackenbush, J. S., clothier. 
Quarry, John, harnessmaker. 
Riley & Ballard, innkeepers. 
Robertson, Thomas, barrister, and agent for Provident 

Life Assurance and Investment Company. 
Rose, rev. Samuel, Wesleyan. 
Scott, James, builder. 

Shannon, Jacob, Merchants Exchange hotel. 
Sheldrake, Thomas, builder. 
SMITH & FREEMAN, grocers. King st. 
Smith & Snow, clothiers, and agents for Equitable Fire 

Insurance Company. 
Stark, rev. M. Y., Free church. 

Suter, Robert W., agent for Britannia Life, Interna- 
tonal Life, Liverpool and London Fire and Life, 
and Provincial Insurance Companies. 
Taylor 4: Wood, carriagemakers. 
Thornton, A. S., chemist and druggist. 
THORNTON, PATRICK, postmaster. 
TRIBUNE, (THE) semi-weekly, annual subscription 
$2, Samuel J. Jones, proprietor and publisher ; J. 
McKenna, printer. 
Wagstaff, W., tinsmith. 

WARDER, (THE) annual subscription to tri-weekly 
$3, to weekly $1. 

• The Post office is called Eussell, 



185T. [Canada 

DUNDEE, C< E.— A Village situated on the Salmon River, in the Township of Dundee and County of Huntingdon. 
Distant from Montreal 70 miles, and from. Huntingdon 18 miles. Steamboat fare from Montreal $2, stage fare $2.50. Mul 
tri-weckly. Population about 125. 

Aubery, Peter, J.P., mayor of municipality. 

Baker, David, J.P., postmaster, commissioner of small 

causes, and agent for Equitable Fire Insurance 

BRIGGS, ALBERT, hotelkeeper. 
BUCHANAN & BAKER, general store. 
Buchanan, Patrick, J.P., captain of militia. 
CAMERON J., collector of customs. 
Cameron, James Y., clerk of Commissioners court. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, David Baker, agent. 
Ferguson, John, school teacher. 

Goyette, Joseph, blacksmith. 

McDonald, E. E., general store. 

McDonald, Norman, steamboat agent and secretary- 
treasurer of municipality. 

McMillan) Donald, wheelwright, preventive officer of 
customs, and bailiff. 

McRea, D. & C, tanners, curriers and shoemakers. 

Mills & Stephens, blacksmiths. 

Moody, Duncan. 

Plamondon, Ignace, hotelkeeper, and commissioner of 
small causes. 

DUNGANNON, C. W.— A Village in the Townships of Ashfleld and Wawanosh, and County of Huron. 
Goderich 12 miles, and from London 52 miles. Mail l^weekly. Population about 120. 

Distant from 

Black, Anthony, proprietor of City hotel. 
Clendening, Robert, stflrekeeper. 
Crawford, William, jr., carpenter. 
Crawford, William, sen., carpenter. 
Davidson, Robert, councillor. 
DonoUy, George, M.D. 
Grames, Robert, blacksmith. 
HARRIS, WILLIAM, saw and flouring mills. 

Jefferson, John, waggonmaker. 

Kaine, John, postmaster, storekeeper, conveyancer, and 

commissioner in Queen's bench. 
Kitty, Thomas, saw mill. 
Lawson, rev. Thomas, Wesleyan. 
Mallough, William, proprietor of Traveller's home. 
Stewart, George, shoemaker. • 

Vidien, George, blacksmith. 

*DUNHAM FLATS, C. E.— A Village in the Township of Dunham, County of Missisquoi, and District of Montreal. 
The Township is characterised by its extensive export of dairy produce. Distant from Stanbridge East 6 miles, fare 25c. 
The stage from St. Albans, Vt., distant 28 miles, fare $1.50, passes through daily to Cowansville, distant G miles, fare 25c. ; 
the stage from Stanstead Plain, distant 61 miles, fare $2.50, passes through to St. Johns, distant 28 miles, fare $1,50. 
Population about SOD, 

Bfflser, Edward, postmaster. 

Baker, William, J.P., farmer. 

Bradley, Samuel, carpenter and joiner. 

Brown, Charles, M.D. 

Brown, Chelles S., dentist. 

BROWN, DAVID, general dealer in merchandize, se- 
cretary-treasurer of county and township, secre- 
tary of academy, and agent for Equitable Fire 
Insurance Company. 

Cameron, Andrew, bailiff. 

Church, Henry, storekeeper. 

Clement Albert, tanner. 

Clement, David, harnessmaker. 

Crawford, William, shoemaker. 

Dunham Flats Academy, James McLachlan, M.A., 
principal ; David Brown, secretary. 

Dunning, Oren, tanner. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, David Brown, 

FARNUM, MABVIN G., dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c.. Union cash store. 

Finlay, Edward, tailor. 

Fitzgerald, rev. William, Roman catholic. 

Elanders, rev. Rufus A., Wesleyan. 

Foster, Arad, deputy registrar. 

GALER & ENGLAND, readymade clothiers, dry goods 

and provision merchants, dealers and agents in 

general produce. 
Gear, rev. Joshua, New Connection methodist, Bible 

HUBBARD ASHLEY W., tavernkeeper 
International Life Assurance Company, rev. J. Scott, 

Jaques, William, tavernkeeper. 
Jones, William, blacksmith. 
KEMP, GALLOWAY L., preventive officer. 
McLachlan, James, M.A., principal of academy. 
Pell, Daniel, harnessmaker. 
Pell, Peter, shoemaker. 
Racioot, Ignace, wheelwright. 
Scott, rev. Joseph, M.A., church of England, agent for 

International Life Assurance Company. 
Stevens, Alexander D., M.D. 
STEVENS, LEVI, hotelkeeper, and dealer in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
St. Pierre, Alexander, blacksmith. 
WOOD, THOMAS, J.P., potash manufacturer and dealer 

in dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 

DURHAM, C. E.— An old established village on the West bank of the River St. Francis, in the Township of the same 
name. County of Drummond, and District of St. Francis. A mail stage from Richmond and Melbourne, distant 8 miles, 
passes through here daily. Population about 200. 

Aylmer, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Cole, rev. Benjamin, Wesleyan. 

Cross, Lewman, shoemaker. 

CUTTER, HENRY S., postmaster, dry goods, groceries, 

hardware, crockery & provision merchant, and 

agent for Equitable Fire, and International Life 

Assurance Companies. 
Dunkerley, rev. David, Congregationalist. 
Equitaljle Fire Insurance Company, H. S. Cutter, agent. 
International Life Assurance Company, H. S. Cutter, 

Mairs & Tait, general dealers and auctioneers. 

Mathias, Blwin, grist mill. 
McCaffrey, Hugh, tanner. 
McCuUoch, Levi, storekeeper. 
MOONEY, DENIS, tanner. 
Reed, Benjamin, farmer. 
Richmond, George, shoemaker. 
Scott, Alexander, harnessmaker. 
Walker, Lemon, J.P., farmer. 
WEARE, JOHN, blacksmith. 

Wood, rev. Samuel S., M.A., church of England, house 
at Melbourne. 

• The Post office is called Dunham. 

DiRECTORT.] 1858. 



DUNNVILLE, Ca W.— A Village situated on the Grand Eiver,ia the United Townships of Moulton and Sherbrook 
and County of Haidimand. ,,Thi3 place is a station on the Buffalo and Lake Huron Bailroad. The exports are chiefly wheat 
and sawn pine lumber. There is considerable water power on the Grand Eiver at this point. Distant from Cayuga^ the 
County Town, 15 miles, from Hamilton 40 miles, and from Buffalo, If . T., 40 miles. Daily mails. Population about 1500. 

Adams, James, cariiagemaker 
Amsden, Samuel, general storekeeper, and agent for 
Britannia Life, and Liverpool and London Fire and 
Life Insurance Companies, 
ARMOUR, JOHN, postmaster, clerk of Division court, 
commissioner in Queen's bench, and dealer in dry 
goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Asher, Hugh, shoemaker. 
Barker, B., attorney. 
Bellknap, D. & C, lumber merchants. 
Bird, J., builder. 

Britannia Life Insurance Co., Samuel Amsden, agent. 
Bronson, A., founder. » 

Brown, J. R., general store. 
Brown, Joseph, lime merchant. 
Brown & Merritt, plaster mill. 

Buck, Joseph, cabinetmaker. 

Campbell & Davidson, general store. 

Carlisle, Thomas, harnessmaker. 

Chambers, R., baker. 

Clark, J., general store. 

Cobb, rev. Thomas, Wesleyan. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, H. Innes, agent. 

Commercial hotel, Robert McNeal, proprietor. 

Comeck, Samuel, shoemaker. 

Cottar, James, attorney. 

Couse, — , physician and surgeon. 

Darling & Montague, general store and grist mill. 

Dickson, J. H., livery stablekeeper. 

Edgar, John, builder. 

Fitzgerald, William, innkeeper. 

Flood, rev. John, rector, church of England. 

Ford, A. B., tinsmith. 

Gash, Matthew, butcher. 

Gordon & Mclndoe, saw mill. 

Graham, Thomas, blacksmith. 

HANLON & HENRY, printers, editors, proprietors 
and publishers of the Independent. 

Haywood, John C, shipowner. 

Hodder, George, butcher. 

Houston, J., shoemaker. 

INDEPENDENT, (THE) weekly, annual subscription 
$2, Hanlon & Henry, editors, proprietors and pub- 

Innes, H., agent for Colonial Life Assurance Company. 

Ironside, — , physician and surgeon. 

Jameson, rev. R., Free church. 
Jarron, — , physician and surgeon. 

Ker, rev. Peter, Wesleyan. 

Kilty, rev. — , Episcopal methodist. 

KIRKPATRICK, JOHN C, dealer in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Com- 
pany, Samuel Amsden, agent. 

Martin, J., township clerk, issuer of marriage licenses. 

May, Richard, grocer. 

McINDOE, DAVID, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

Mclndoe, James, general store. 

McMuUin, William, attorney. 

McNeil, Robert, livery stablekeeper. 

McNiven, John, saw mill. 

McSwain, Daniel, steamboat owner. 

METROPOLITAN HOTEL, Frederick Walsh, proprie- 
tor ; a comfortable house. 

Miller, P., agent for Provincial Insurance Company 

Miller, W. H., cabinetmaker. 

Minor, John S., saw mill. 

Mitchell, Robert, innkeeper. 

Montague, William, blacksmith. 

Mylne, George, notary public. 

Mylne, John, druggist. 

Nivens, John, saloon. 

Oldfield, John, saw mill. 

Osman, C, bailiff of Division court. 

Parry, John, carriagemaker. 

Penny, H., shoemaker. 

Price, David, innkeeper. 

Provincial Insurance Company, F. Miller, agent. 

Reed & Dilts, general store. 

Schofield, James, undertaker. 

Scott, William, cabinetmaker. 

Sheehan, Theodore, general store. 

Sims, George, tanner. 

Smith, John P., druggist. 

Sparling, Elizabeth, saloon. 

Stevens, Charles, harnessmaker. 

Sutherland, Miss N., milliner. 

Turner, Jacob, grist mill. 

WALSH, FREDERICK, Metropolitan hotel. 

Wheeler, Samuel, jeweller. 

Way, rev. D., Baptist. 

'DURHAM, C. E.— A Village situated on the Cljateauguay Eiver, in the County of Ohateauguay. Distant from Moutrea 
36 miles, and from Ste. Martine 14 miles. Stage fare from Montreal in winter $2, steamboat and stage in summer $1.60. 
Mail daily. Population about SOO. 

Anderson, rev. James, church of Scotland. 

Beadley, William, brickmaker. 

Best, Thomas, carpenter and joiner. 

Brethour, rev. William, church of England, mission at 

Dewittville and Beauharnois. 
Cairns, William, general store. 
Cameron, John, plasterer. 
Coffey, John, physician and surgeon. 
CROSS, WILLIAM, postmaster, and dealer in dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Derapsey, John, tailor. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Co., A McEachern, agent. 
FEE, THOMAS, tavernkeeper and general store. 
Gibson, John, tanner. 
Hansford, rev. Wm., Wesleyan. 
Henry, Alexander, jeweller. 
International Life Assurance Company, A. McEachern, 

Laberge, A., saddler and harnessmaker. 
Lighthall, D. K., registrar for counties of Chateauguay 

and Durham. 

Lockerby, David, blacksmith. 

Mack, John, shoemaker. 

McCarty, James, shoemaker. 

McEACHERN, ARCHIBALD, auctioneer, and agent 

for Equitable and International Life Assurance 

McEachern, Mrs. H., hotelkeeper. 
McMullan, Francis, tailor. 
McNaughton, William, carpenter and joiner 
Pace, James, carriage maker. 
Phillips, G. H., physician and surgeon. 
Poulin, rev. Z., Roman catholic. 
SCOTT, THOMAS, miller. 
Shepherd, John, tailor and constable. 
Taylor, John, saddler and harnessmaker. 
Waller, Thomas, bricklayer. 
WALSH, R. N., lumber merchant and dealer in dry' 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Welsh, Peter, blacksmith. 
Wright, Janet, milliner and dressmaker. 
Wright, John, cooper. 

• Also called Ormstown, which is the name of the Post office. 



1857. [Canada 

'DURHAM, C. W.— A Village on the Saugeen Birer, at the intersection of the Durham and Garafraxa Boads, ohthe 
Town line between the Townships of Glenelg and Bentinck, in the County of Orey. Distant from Owed Bound W miles, and 
from Guelph 50 miles. There is a daily mail fi'om Toronto, and daily stages to Guelph and Owen Sound. Population 
about 600. 

Allan, Joseph, waggonmaker. 

BANK OF UPPER CANADA, Gt. Jackson, agent. 

BLACK, JOHN, dealer in dry gooSs,' grocerieB, hard- 
ware, produce, &c. 

Blaekwell, J. & Gr., plasterers. 

Boyle, ■William, shoemaker. 

British hotel, Archibald Hunter, proprietor. 

Brown, James, storekeeper. 

Brown, John F., chemist and druggist. 

Brown, John H., tanner. 

Bull, Henry, carpenter. 

Caldwell, H., storekeeper. 

Canada Western Assurance Company, Samuel K. Le- 
gate, agent. ♦ 

Cochrane, A. & A., iron founders and machinists. 

Crittenden, James, framer. 

Derby, Thomas, contractor. 

Dickson, Thomas, bailiff. 

Durham hotel, L. J. Privat, proprietor. 

Edge, John, grist and saw mill. 

Bllingsworth, William, shoemaker. 

Evan, Phillip, mason and builder. 

Finister, Jonah, painter. 

Fletcher, Duncan, storekeeper. 

Grey, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Hill, rev. J., Wesleyan. 

Hunter, Archibald, proprietor of British hotel. 

Jackson, David, J. P., tailor and genei?al broker. 

JACKSON, GEORGE, J.P., M.P.P., agent for Bank of 
Upper Canada. 

Jackson, William, Crown land agent. 

Jamieson, .ZEneas, innkeeper. 

Jones, James, builder. 

Jones, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Legate, Samuel E., J.P., storekeeper, and agent for 
Canada Western Insurance Coioipany. 

LUKE, S., editor, proprietor and publisher of the Stan- 

Mathew, George, carpenter and builder. 

McDonald, Allan, boot and shoe store. 

McDonald, John W., builder. 

McDonald & Eraser, barristers and attornies. 

Mclntyre, Neil, tailor. 

McKenzie, Donald, shoemaker. 

MoKenzie, Roderick, carpenter. 

McPhillipa, John, storekeeper. 

MoNAB, ALEXANDER B., J.P., postmaster, dealer in 

dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Mighter, Mrs., milliner. 
Miller, John, storekeeper. 
Minterh, John, painter. 
Mockler, William, surveyor. 
Moffatt, Charles, carpenter and joiner. 
MOODIE, JOHN, proprietor of People's hotel. 
Moore, John, shoemaker. 
Parrott, Jehn, tinsmith. 

Patterson, Peter, saw and carding mill owner. 
PEOPLE'S HOTEL, John Moodie, piroprietDr. 
Privat, L. J., proprietor of Durham hotel. 
Robinson, William, stonemason and builder 
Rombough, W. K., surveyor. ; 

Rose, Alexander, tailor. 
Rose, rev. Philip, Wesleyan. 
Rowland, John, constable. 
Schofield, H. S., lumber merchant. 
Scott, J. W., storekeeper. 
Scott, William, builder. 
Smith, Thomas, saddler. 
Stace, W. F., surveyor and land agent. 
STANDARD, (THE) weekly,ahnualsubscription$1.60. 

S. Luke, editor, proprietor and publisher. 
Stewart, rev. Alexander, Baptist. 
Stewart, Robert, storekeeper. 
Storey, Thomas, gardener. , 
Sutherland, John, storekeeper. 
Sutherland, Robert, baker. 
Tucker, J., cooper. 
Tucker, Walter, butcher. 
Vollet, Charles, teamster. 
VoUet, James, carpenter. 
Vollet, James, sen., millwrigjfcit. 
Walton, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Watson, Charles, builder. 
Watson, Peter, bailiff. 
Wilson, Alexander, tailor. 
Wood, John W., physician and surgeon. 
Wyllie, James G., shoemaker. 

EAST BOLTON, C. E>— A small Village at the head ofAustln's Bay, Lake Memphremagog, in the Township of Bolton, 
County of Brome, and District of M ontreal. The stage from Waterloo (by way of West Bolton, 5 mUes), distant 22 miles, fare 
.41, passes through tri-weekly to Mansonville, 12 miles, fare 60o. Population about 100. 

Drew, John W., J.P., farmer. 
Hugill, rev. Joseph, Wesleyan. 
Phillips, rev. S. E., Wesleyan. 

Sargeant, Alexander, J.P., storekeeper. 
■Sargeant, William, J.P., tia,rmer. 
Williams, Peter, farmer. 

tEAST HATLEY, C. E.-A Village in the Township of Hatloy, County of Stanstead, and District of Bt. Francis There 
ia a daily stage from Oompton, 7 miles, to Massawippi, 2 miles, fare 25c., and thence to Stanstead Plain 12 miles to 76c. 
Mail daily. Population about 120. ' ' 

Burrage, rev. Henry 6., church of England. 
Chatiield, William N., shoemaker. 
Cook, William G., J.P., postmaster, and storekeeper. 
Cook, William P., storekeeper, and secretary-treasurer 

of academy. 
Bast Hatley Academy and Classical Seminary, N. Hall, 

B.A., principal ; Miss Stimson, preceptress ; W. P. 

Cook, secretary-treasurer. 
Gilbert, Francis D., M.D. 
Gordon, William, harnessmaker. 
Hall, N;, B.A., principal of academy. 
Harden, John, tailor. 

Haseltine) Hazen, blacksmith. 

Henry, David A., farmer. 

Ives & Sons, farmers. 

Jones, John, farmer. 

Kathan, Levinus, farmer. 

Kennedy, George W., tinsmith. 

Kennedy & Parker, storekeepers. 

Le Banon, Japhet B., J.P., blacksmith. 

Maloney, Patrick, farmer. 

Stimson, Miss, preceptress of academy. 

WOODWARD, JOHN, Hatley hotel and stage house. 

■ The Post office is caUed Bentinck. t The Post office is called Hatley. 

Directory.] 1868. 



EAST FARNHAM, C. E.— A small' Village In the Township of Famham, County of Brome (excluding the Western 
Division), and District of MontrettL The Eastern division is annexed to the Municipality of the Township of Brome. The 
stage firom Cowansville, distant 3 miles, fiire 25o., passes through to Giranby, distant 18 miles, fare BOe. Population about 100 

Buck, Lyman C, sash and door factory. 

Collins, Martin, carpenter and joiner. 

Goddard, Amos If., shoemaker. 

Hurlbnt & Hiitchins, store and carriaige manufactory. 

Hutching, Hodney, postmaster. 
Knowles, Levi, carriagemaker. 
VanDematers, Philip, shoemaker. 
Winrow, Thomas, shoemaker. 

EAST HAWKESBURY, Ci W.— A small Village in the Township of the same name and County of Prescott. 
Distant from L'Orignal, the County Town, 18 miles, and from Eigaud 16 miles. Daily mail. Population about 60. 

Allison, Andrew, reeve. 

Burvrash, Nelson, saw mill and blacksmith shop. 
Collins, rev. J., Roman catholic. 
Cowan, Jahn, storekeeper. 

Gamble, James, J.P., postmaster, and township secre- 

McArthur, Duncan, carpenter. 
McDonald, Hector, blacksmith. 
McDonald, Boderiok, storekeeper. 
ilcDonald, William, saw and grist mill. 
Steele, James, councillor. 
Villeneuve,, Regis, councillor. 

EAST HEREFORD, C. E.— A sHiallfiutrjsing Village in the Township of Hereford, County of Compton, and District 
of St, Francis. It adjoins the Province Line at the States of Kew Haraipshire and Vermont. Distant flrom Cookshire, the cJiqf 
lieu, 25 miles, and from Coatioook 20 miles. Mail weekly. Population about 150. 

Chase, George W., councillor. 

Dean, Levi R., saw and grist iciiUs and' clapboard ma- 
chine owner, and councillor. 
Heath, Thomas B., preventive officer and bailiff. 
Hibbard, James, farmer. 
Hibbard, Joel, farmer. 
Hibbard, Luther, drover. 

Hibbard, S. 

Nicholls, Wellington, dealer in horses. 

PROUTY, C. W., postmaster, carpenter and joiner, and 

'township mayor. 
Wells, Hiram, councillor. 
Weston, Joseph, millwright. 
Weston, Thomas, saw mill owner and wheelwright. 

EAST ORO, C. W.— A Village! in the Township of Oro and County of Simcoe. Distant from BaiTie, the County Town, 
16 mileB, and from Toronto by laud 79 miles. .MaiVtri-woeldy. Population about 35. 

Crawford, John, builder and- carpenter. 
Hodges, Richard, & Co., blacksirfiths. 

Simpson & Co., general dealers. 
SIMPSaN, WILLIAM, postmaster. 

EASTON'S CORNERS, O. W,— A small Village in the Township of Wolford and Coimty of GrenviUe. Distantfrom 
MirickviUe 7 miles, and from Smith's Falls lOi miles.. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 100. 

Brown, Harvey, teacher. 
Dillabough, Peter, shoemaker. 
Devitt, Thomas, tanner and currier. 
Easton, Samuel Starr, grist and saw mills. 
Everts & Eastman, waggonnjakerg. 
Fortune, James, innkeeper. 
Humphries, Christopher, waggonmaker. 
Ireland, Isaac, blacksmith. 
McLean, Joseph, innkeeper. 
McMartin, Peter, grocer. 

McCREA, HEMAN, postmaster, issuer of marriage li- 
censes, and dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, 
produce, &c. 

Mirrick, Simon D., general store. 

Motts, John, grocer. 

Phillips, rev. Robert G., Episcopal methodist. 

Putnam, Benajah L., shoemaker. 

Putnam, Hymeneus H., grocer. 

Turnbull, Henry, tailor. 

Watts, John, blacksmith and grocer. 

*EATON CORNER, C. E.— A Village in the Township of Eaton, County of Compton, and District of St. Fi-aucis. 
There is a daily mail stage, passing through LeniToxville, to Sherbrooke, 17 miles, fare 7Bc, ; one tri-weekly to Sawyerville, 3 
miles ; one weekly to the Province Line In Hereford, 30 miles, fare $1 ; and one weekly to Compton, 16 miles, fare 76o. 
Population about 200. 

Alger, Enos, J.P., farmer. 

Aubrey, Joseph, carriagemaker. 

Draper, Charles M., botanic physician. 

Equitable Fire Insurance GOBpany, T. S. Morey, agent. 

Edss, Joshua, postmaster, and cabinetmaker. 

Gwynn, Edward, tailor. 

Hall, Lockhart, blacksmith. 

Kurd, Samuel A., J.P., county secretary-treasurer. 

International Life Assurance Company, T. S. Morey, 

Laberee, Edwin, clothier. 
Laroche, Elie, blacksmith. 
Lebourveau, Benjamin, J.P., farmer. 
Lebourveau, Eros, J.P., farmer. 
Lebourveau, Moses, clerk. 

Lindsey, William, carpenter. 

MOREY, THOMAS S., dealer in dry goods, Moceries, 
hardware, produce, &c., and agent for Equitable 
Fire, and International Life Assurance Companies. 

Osgood, James, harnessmaker. 

Picafd, George, tanner. 

Pope, David H., proprietor of Baton hotel 

Rodgers, Asher H., M.D. 

Rogers, Alfred, blacksmith. 

Sawyer, Green, storekeeper. 

Sawyer, rev. C, Baptist. 

Sherrill, rev. Edwin J., Congregationalist. 

Stone, William, shoemaker. 

Taylor, Charles, shoemaker. 

Warby, David, chairmaker. 

* The Post ofBce is called Eaton. 



1857. [Canada 

'EBOULEMENS, C. E.— a village situated below Quebec, on the North shore of the Elver St. Lawrence, in the Sei- 
gniory of Eboulemens and County of Charlevoix. Mail tri-weekly. Distant from Quebec 69 miles. Population about 2500. 

Audet dit Lapointe, Barthelemy, general store 

Audet dit Lapointe, Boniface, blacksmith. 

Barbeau, Audr^, blacksmith. 

Bergeron, L^andre, road overseer. 

Bergeron, Thiburce, bailiff. 

Bouchard, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Bouchard, Ovide, road overseer. 

Bouchard, Sylvain, inspector of roads. 

Boudreau, Vital, road overseer. 

Boulet, FrauQois, TvUeelright and carpenter. 

Clement, L. C, J.P., notary public, and mayor. 

Coulombe, Nazaire, blacksmith. 

D6gagn6, Eloi, superintendent of roads and commis- 
sioner of small causes. 

Ddgagn^, captain Joseph, tanner and commissioner of 
small causes. % 

Duberger, Charles, postmaster, registrar of county, 
clerk of Circuit and Commissioners court. 

Gagnon, Ambroise, tinsmith. 

Gagnon, rev. Clovis, Roman catholic. 

Girard, Joseph, general storekeeper and shoemaker. 

Houde, Pierre, road overseer. 

Jean, Boniface, road overseer and tinsmith. 
, LaTerriere, ¥. X. de Salles, M.D., secretary-treasurer 
of municipality. 

LaTerriere, hon. P. de Salles, M.L.C., M.D, J.P. 

Legas, Jean, general store. 

Martel, Alcibiade, blacksmith. 

Martel, Isaie, Tvheelright and carpenter. 

Martel, rev. Antoine, vicar, Roman catholic. 

Martel, S^raphin, shoemaker. 

Savard, Roger, J.P., general store and boarding house 

keeper, and commissioner^of small causes. 
Slevin, Edward, J.P., general store. 
Thibault, Prudent, road overseer. 
Tremblay, Amable, road overseer. 
Tremblay, Arsene, commissioner of small causes. 
Tremblay, Bernard, road overseer. 
Tremblay, Bernardin, road overseer. 
Tremblay, Celse, shoemaker. 
Tremblay, Etienne, shoemaker, and secretary-treasurer 

of schools. 
Tremblay, Francois, blacksmith. 
Tremblay, Germain, schoolmaster. 
Tremblay, Hamel, road overseer. 
Tremblay, Louis, bailiff. 
Tremblay, Magloire, blacksmith. 
Tremblay, Maxime, inspector of roads. 
Tremblay, Thomas, inspector of roads. 
Tremblay, Xavier, road overseer. 

tECUREUILSj C. E.— A small Village situated on the North Shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory of B^lair 
and Neuville, and County of Portneuf. It has a flour and lumber trade. Distant from Quebec 27 miles. Population of Sei- 
gniory about 800. 

Bedard, Pierre, postmaster, and secretary-treasurer of 

Bertrand, Gatien, road overseer. 
Denis, Narcisse, general store. 
Dussault, C^lestin, blacksmith. 
Dussault, Isaie, boarding house. . 
Dussault, L., mayor, and secretary-treasvu-er of schools. 
Fisette, Jean, jr., wheelwright and carpenter. 
Fisette,Jean, sen.,boarding house keeper, and mail driver, 

Gingras, rev. Z^phirin, Roman catholic. 

Gu^rin, Antoine, cooper. 

Lamotte, Joseph, miller. 

L6veill6e, Charles, ship carpenter. 

Matte, Cyfroi, road overseer. 

Matte, Isidore, mason. 

Matte, Jean Baptiste, Inspector of roads. 

Papillon, Chrysologue, shoemaker. 

Pleau, Augustin, road overseer. 

EDWARDSBURG, C. W.— A small Tillage in the Township of the same name and County of Grenville. Ithasa 
wharf on the Iroquois Canal for landing passengers and fi-eight, and is near a station of tho Grand Trunk Eailway. 
Distant from Montreal 104 miles, and from Kingston 69 miles. Daily mail. Population about 150. 

Akin, William S., J.P., postmaster. 

Anderson, G. P., carpenter and joiner. 

Bailey, Joseph A., storekeeper. 

Bare, Mrs., innkeeper. 

Bell, Thomas H., shoemaker. 

Brennan, William, shoemaker. 

Cook, Roswell, gunsmith. 

Docherty, Francis, lock laborer. 

(Gates, Walter P., M.D. 

Hitchcock, M., grist and saw mills, and cloth factory. 

Jellyman, James, preventive officer. 

Lane, John, lockmaster. 

McArthur, John, carpenter and joiner. 

McMillan, Alexander, J.P., collector of customs and 

canal tolls. 
McPherson, Kenneth, storekeeper. 
Melville, rev. A., Free church. 
Pickens, William, storekeeper. 
Reed, James, lock laborer. 
Waddle, Thomas, blacksmith. 

tEDWARDSBURGH, C. W .—a village pleasantly situated on the banks of the Thames, in tho Township of Dor- 
chester and County of Middlesex. Distant from London 10 miles. Daily mail. Population about 300. 

Cam^n, J., storekeeper 
Cartwright, T. W., councillor, and miller. 
Chittick, S., shoemaker. 
Crack, Robert, warden of county, and reeve. 
Drainey, Robert, councillor. 
Egan, J., carpenter. 
Ferguson, A., shoemaker. 
Frasier, A., carpenter. 
Hardy, J. N., postmaster, and merchant. 
Huffman, Christopher, hotelfceeper. 
Hunt, R., carriage builder and blacksmith. 
Hunter, Peter, innkeeper. 

Lane, James B., secretary-treasurer of Agricultural 

Lee, J., shoemaker. 

McOutcheou, James, contractor. 

McFarland, D., carpenter. 

McLean, R., innkeeper. 

Mitchell, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Niles, William, J.P., M.P.P., colonel of militia. 

Painter, John, butcher. 

Pomroy, J. S., landowner. 

Putman, major Josiah. 

Ritchie, R., shoemaker. 

Vanevery, P., storekeeper. 

Vernon, J., deputy reeve. 

Webb, William P., steam saw mill. 

Wilson, Robert, coimcillor. 

I i't^ S w? f"'' Eboulemens which is tho name of the Post office, and Notro Dame de Bonsecours dite Les Eboulemens. 
t Also called Les Ecureuils, which is the name of the office. f The Post office is called Dorchester Station. 

Directory.] 1858. 



EDEN, C. W.— A small Village situated in the Township of Bayham and County of Elgin. Distant from St. Thomas 24 
miles, and from Port Burwell 12 miles. Daily moil. 

Clarkson, B., blacksmith. 
Cook, John, carpenter. 
English, W., carriagemaker. 

Mabee, John, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 
Stilwell, Israel, Innkeeper. 


Distant from Ottawa 85 miles, and ftom Perth 80 miles, 
Armstrong, John, cooper. 
Banfield, James, clerk. 
BELL, ANDREW W., postmaster. 
BeUj& Coulter, general store. 
Campbell, Colin, waggonmaker. 
Campbell, Peter, saw mill. 
Campbell, Robert, agent for John Egan & Co. 
Carney, Michael, boot and shoe maker. 
Chisholm, Alexander, innkeeper. 
Corn, John, lumber merchant. 
Egan, John, general store, grist and saw mill. 
Gorman, Timothy, blacksmith. 
Hickey, John, & Co., general store. 
Kelly, Thomas, carpenter. 
Lapolein, George, miller. 
Martin, Alexander P., boarding house. 

■A small Village on the Bounechfere Bdver, in the Township of Grattan and County of Bxinfrew. 
Mail tri-weekly. Population about 17B. 

McLean, Hector, plasterer. 
McDermod, John, cooper. 
McMullen, John, lumber merchant. 
Moor, H., contractor. 
O'Neil, James, clerk. 
Payette, Desir^, innkeeper. 
Pear, J., carpenter. 
Qnalley, John, shoemaker. 
Ranalds, John, blacksmith. 
Rodgers, James, carpenter. 
Sebirry, Thomas, boarding house. 
Stack, John, carter. 
Tucker, Hugh, boot and shoe maker. 
Turner, Robert, lumber merchant. 
Wingle, Nicholas, innkeeper. 

EGMONDVILLE, C. W.— A Village situated on the Bayfield River, in the Township of Tuckersmith and County of 
Huron. Distant from the Tuckersmith station on the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway half a mile, from Godcrich 21 
miles, and from Stratford 24 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Bertuck, Charles, cabinetmaker. 

Bohler, Valentine, potter. 

Brett, Robert, tanner and currier. 

Campbell, John, shoemaker. 

Clark, William, blacksmith. 

Conners, James, plasterer. 

Conroy, William, innkeeper. 

Darley, John, waggonmaker. 

Dickson, James P., general store. 

Doyle & Daily, general store. 

Duncan, David, carpenter. 

Graham, rev. William, Free church. 

Marks, T. J., of T. J. Marks & Co., postmaster. 

Marks, T. J., & Co., general store. 

McNamara, Michael, plasterer. 

Mooney, James, cooper. 

Ryan, James, innkeeper. 

Ryan, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Steel, John, shoemaker. 

Vanegmond, August, steam carding and cloth dressing 

Vanegmond, C. L., J.P., gristmill owner and distiller. 
Vanegmond, Leopold, saw mill. 
Vanegmond, William, brickmaker. 
Vinebush, G., tailor. 
Virua, Clous, cooper. 
Weaver, John, hatter. 
Weiland, George, brewer and cooper. 

ELGIN, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of South Crosby and County of Leeds, 
and from Kingston 86 miles. MaU tri-weekly. Population about 80. 

Distant from Brockville 31 miles. 

Dayman, rev. Abraham, Wesleyau. 

Dingman, rev. J. G., Wesleyan. 

Earl, James, cabinetmaker. 

Freemaji, William, general store. 

Halladay, Benjamin, carriagemaker. 

Hunter, Bsra, blacksmith. 

Kelsey, Salis, saddler. 

Eetchum, Joseph, shoemaker. 

LAISHLEY, HENRY, general dealer in ashes, dry 
goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c., and 
agent for Provincial Insurance Company. 

Legget, Robert, innkeeper. 

Merriman, Amasa, brickmaker. 

Pennock, Philemon, postmaster, and saddler. 

Provincial Insurance Company, Henry Laishley, agent. 

Rogers, Charles, tailor. 

Seeds, Samuel, blacksmith. 

Tombs, Blaney, tanner. 

Took, Horace, teacher. 

Took, rev. James, Episcopal methodist. 

Woolie, John W., tanner. 

ELGINBURG, C. W. — ^A Village in the Township of Kingston and County ot 
miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 130. 

Bates, Peter, postmaster. Pope, John, blacksmitn. 

Guess, Micajah P., J.P. Reid, John, wheelwright. 

Jackson, William, carriagemaker and blacksmith. Waite, Joseph, blacksmith. 
McFarland, George. 

ELGINFIELD, C. W. — a Village in the Township of London and county of Middlesex. 
Mail daily. Population about 50. 

tenac. Distant from Kingston 8 

Distant from London 12 miles. 

Crinian, rev. P., Roman, catholic. 

Dagg & HoUoway, blacksmiths. 

Eigheubrot, George, shoemaker. 

Farrell & Smibert, storekeepers. 

Frank, William, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Gardener, Andrew, tailor. 

Hamilton, Claudius, storekeeper. 

Hawkins, James, blacksmith. 

Ryan, William H., tavemkeeper, 

Scott, rev. James, New Connection methodist. 



1851. [CANADi 

ELIZABETHVILLE, C> W. — ^A Village iu the Township of Hope and County of Diwham. Distant from Cobouj^ 
the County Town, 18 miles, from Fort nope 13 miles, andit-om Toronto.60 miles. Mail tri><re^ly. Population about 100. 

Bark-well, John, shoemaker and grocer. 
Clarke, rev. W. 0., church of England. 
Goheen, John, carpenter. 
Palmer, Blias, blacksmith. 

McMiirtry, John, J.P. postmaster, councillor, mill owner 

and general dealer. 
Tamblyn, Thomas, wagfgonmaker. 
Whiting, rev. JR., Wesleyan. 

ELM IRA, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Woolwich and County Of Waterloo. Distant from Berlin, the County 
Town, 12 miles, from Toronto about 75 miles, from Hamilton about 47 miles. Population about 250. 

Bracht, Balthaser, harnessmaker. 
Campbell, Miles, blacksmith. 
Christman, Henry, hotelkeeper. 
Clafflau, Calvin, cloth dresser. 
Clafflau, Timothy, cloth dresser. 
Deger, Frederick, carpenter. 
Dinges, Jacob, laborer. 
Pear, John, carriagemaker. 
Feik, Christian, teamster. 
Genenz, August W., hotelkeeper. 
Hergert, Casper, tailor. 
Isenhour, George, carpenter. 
Isenhour, James, carpenter. 
Klenk, C. &A., carpenters. 
Kerber, Frederick, laborer. 
Martin, H., & Co., cabinet factory. 

Mefrickle, William, blafcksmith. 

Messner, Peter, laborer. 

Muir, James, school teacher. 

Ott, John, shoemaker. 

Puttock, Jesse, shoemaker. 

Reising, John, painrtej; 

Ruppel, Casper, laborer. 

Statlbauer, Casper, harnessmaker. 

Steinmann, Albert, harnessmaker. 

Steinmann, Emil, teamster. 

Strome, Henry B., caarpdnter. 

Voellfer, Henry, hotelkeepei?, and butcher. 

Wenger, Weaver & Co., saw mill, woollen factory, and 

general store. 
Winklet, Philip, general store. 

ELORA, C- W.— A Village in the Township Of Pilkington and County of ■Wellington, situated pn the Grand Eiver. It 
has a large local trade. Distant from Guelph IS miles, from Toronto 62 miles, and from Hamilton 4S miles. Daily mail. 
Population about 1200. 

Adie, James, lumber merchant. 

Alexander, John, proprietor of British hotel. 

Allan, Charles, J.P., reeve of county, land agent, and 
agent for Bank of Upper Canada. 

Allan, William, tailor. 

BACKWOODSMAN, (THE) weekly, annual subscrip- 
tion, $1. 50, Francis Frank, editor, proprietor and 

BANK OF UPPER CANADA, Charles Allan, agent. 

Beck, Thomas, carpenter. 

British America Assurance Company, W. P. Newman, 

British hotel, John Alexander, proprietor. 

Bunton, John, general store. 

Burroughs, Eli, carpenter. 

Cadenhead, John, clerk of Division court. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, W. P. Newman, 

COMMERCIAL HOTEL, James Sutherland, proprietor. 

Cowan, Robert, general store. 

Cuthbert & Noble, carriagemakers and blacksmiths. 

Dalby, Francis, brewer. 

Drew, George A., lawyer. 

Drew, James R., barrister, conveyancer, &c. 

Duff, rev. John, United Presbyterian. 

Duncan, John; butcher and provision storekeeper. 

Ellis, William S., baker and confectioner. 

Elora hotel, John Sauvey, proprietor. 

Equitable Fbe Insurance Company, W. P. Newman, 

Farrow, Edward, pumpmaker. 

Finlayson, John, M.D. 

Forbes, George, jr., tailor, telegraph operator, and in- 
surance agent. 

FRANK, FRANCIS, editor, proprietor and publisher of 
the Backwoodsman. 

FRASER, JAMES M., grist mill owner. 
' Frees, Peter, planing mill and sash factory. 

Garrard, Seaman H., waggonmaker. 

Geddes, Andrew, Crown land agent. 
Geddes & McKenzie, barristers, &c. 

Gerrie, Andrew, saddler and harnessmaker. 

Gerrie, James, shoemaker. 

Godfrey, John, boot and shoe maker. 

Godfrey, Robert, general store. 
Gotdou, Andrew, saddkr and harnessmaker. 
Haig, Eqb'ert, postmaster. 
Hally, Morris, baker and confectioner, 
Hamilton, Pugh, blacksmith. 
Hamilton, JameSj saloon keeper. 
Harris, Alexander, provision store. 
Henderson, John; general store. 
International Life Assurance Company, W. P. New- 
man, agent. 
Jack, Alexander, miller. 
Jacob, John, general store. 
Kevell, William, stationer and milliner. 
Kirk & Clarke, druggists and general- storekeepers. 
KlEKENDALL, GEORGE, livery stables. 
Knowles, William, cabinetmaker. 
Kribs,, D., auctidneer^ and ihspector of weights. 
Land, Bphraim, shoemaker. 
Land, Henry, shoemaker. ■ 
Land, Thomas, shoemaker.- 
Lawrence, Charles, bricklayer. 
Lewis, R. R., physician and,svfrgeon. 
Lown, Jacob, teamster. "-■ 
Luke, rev. William p., Wesleyan. 
Marshall, Miss Mary, Wtches aSid jewellery. 
Mathewson & Potter, iron fonliders. 
McCluskey, Patrick, hotelkeeper. 
McDonald, J«in, carp'ejiter. 
McDonald, Peter, Montreal shoes store. 
McGregor, Johft G., teacher in grammar school. 
McGuire, Hu'gh,. butcher. 
McNeral, John, carpenter. 
Middlemiss, rev. JameSy ]?ree church. 
Middleton, James, M.Dj 
Morrison, Joseph, teacher. 
Mundell, John, ch&ir and. cabinet mater. 
NEWMAN, RICHARD C ., druggist, seedsman and sta-t 

Newman, W. P., of W. P. Newman & Co., agent for 

British America, 'Colohial Life, Equitable Fire, 

International Life, and ProitJdent Life Assurance 

Newman, W. P., & Co.j acountants and land agents. 
Ormandy, William & Thomas, woollen factors. 

DlRECTOHY.J 1858. 



Owens, Thomas Jackson, general store. 

Philip, James, distillery and grist mill. 

Pitcher, William, painter. 

Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 

"W. P. Newman, agent. 
Beid, William, carpenter. 
Riddle, William, gardener. 
Rollins, Charles H., barber and fruiterer, 
fiussel & Kennedy, general store. 
Sauvey, John, proprietor of Elora hotel. 
Scott, H. & A., painters. 
Shaw, Charles, blacksmith. 
Simpson & Brothers, carpenters. 
Sinclair, John, mason and plasterer. 
Smith, Alexander, plasterer. 

Smith & Distin, founders and steam saw mill owners. 
Smithurst, rev. John, church of England. 

Somers, Joseph G., tailor. 

Spaulding, Alexander, carpenter. 

Strachan, James, butcher and provision storekeeper. 

SUTHERLAND, JAMES, proprietor of Commercial 

hotel and stage office. 
Sutherland, Smith & Garden, mail stage proprietors. 
Sylvester, rev. Charles, Wesleyan. 
Taylor, Benjamin, general store. 
Vickers, Thomas, general store. 
Watson, Miss Janet, milliner and bonnetmaker. 
Watson, John, tailor. 
Webster, Samuel, tinsmith. 
Wilkinson, John, tailor. 
Williams, Hugh, waggonmaker. 
Williams, Thomas, waggonmaker and blacksmith. 
Wood, Rowly, bailiff. 

EMBRO, C. W.— A Vaiage situated in the Township ofWost Zorra and County of Oxford. Distant from ■Woodstock 10 
miles, and from London 25 miles. Mail daily. Population about 500. 

Clark, Alexander, J.P., farmer. 

Davis, James, mason and plasterer. 

Dent, R. R., general store. 

Duncan, George, M. D. 

Ennest, Hiram, hotelkeeper. 

Fraser, James M., shoemaker. 

Grant, William, tailor. 

Hallady, William, cabinetmaker and turner. 

Halloch, Asa, bailiff. 

Hallock, Theron, tanner and currier. 

Henderson, James, tanner and currier. 

Huntsberger, rev. A., Episcopal methodist. 

Laycock, Joseph, flouring, oatmeal and saw mills. 

Mann & Brother, general store. 

Matheson, D., clerk of 3rd. Division court and commis- 
sioner in Queen's bench. 

Matheson, D., J.P., M.P.P., Oxford, North Riding, reeve 
and issuer of marriage licences. 

Matheson, George N., postmaster. 

Matheson, Neil, steam planing machine. 

McCorquodale, Alexander, J.P., farmer. 

McDonald, Colin, waggonmaker and blacksmith. 

McDonald, John, carding and cloth dressing machines. 

McDonald, R., & Son, blacksmiths. 

McGrath, Mrs., oatmeal mill. 

McKay, Alexander, blacksmith. 

McKay, John, tailor. 

McKay, John, waggonmaker and blacksmith. 

McKenzie, rev. D., Free church. 

McNeil, Neil, shoemaker. 

McPherson, D. R., insurance agent. 

McPherson & Ross, general store. 

Midgely, William, shoemaker. 

Monroe, James S., tailor. 

Patterson, James M., M.D. 

Ross, Donald, waggonmaker and blacksmith. 

Ross, George, blacksmith. 

Boss, Hugh, hotelkeeper. 

Ross, James, iron foundry and plough factory. 

Ross, John, M., flouring mill 

Sanders, Asa, hotelkeeper. 

Short & Mathers, flouring mill. 

Sutherland, James, general store. 

Tait, William, tinsmith. 

White, Kenneth, tinsmith. 

ENNISKILLEN, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Darlington and County of Durham. Distant from Bow- 
manville 8 miles, and tVom Toronto 43 miles. Daily mail. Population about 200. 

Barcley, Peter, cooper. 

Bigham, William, carpenter. 

Chambers, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Clinton, James, grocer. 

Crippen, David, foundry and waggon factory. 

Elford, Thomas, innkeeper. 

Elliot, John 0., teacher. 

Ferris, Thomas, postmaster. 

Fields, William, carpenter. 

Gosford, rev. Thomas, Wesleyan. 

Halbert, Ezra, waggonmaker. 

Hewitt, John, general store. 

Lowery, Robert P., hotelkeeper. 

Mallory, Charles, carpenter. 

Martin, William, grist and saw mills. 

McCoUough, B. G., M.D. 

McNab, rev. John, church of England. 

Scott, Jacob, general store. 

Smith, rev. John, Free church. 

Sowerby, John, grocer. 

Thilliar, William, M.D. 

Virtue, William, hotelkeeper. 

Wilson, William, & Brother, shoemakers. 

Wood, Morgan, blacksmith. 

'ENNISVILLE, C. Wr— A small village situated on the Mississippi Biver, in the Township of Drummond and County of 
Lanark. Distant from Perth, the County Town, 12 miles, from Ottawa 45 miles, and from BrookviUe 55 miles. Mail bi- 
weekly. Population about 200. 

Caswell, Andrew, J.P., 

Churchill, James, cooper. 

Code,, G. & A., cloth factory. 

Code, William, innkeeper. 

Ennis, James, grist, saw and oat mills. 

Hughes, John, blacksmith. 

Jackson, James, J.P. 

Jackson, John, shoemaker and tanner. 
Moor, John, geiieral store. 

Murphy, Michael, J.P., postmaster, and general store- 
Robertson, John, J.P. 
York, — , M.D. 

• Also called Innisville, which is the name of the Post office. 




1857. [Caijab|<.<j 

ENTERPRISE, C. W.— A Village situated in the Township of Cs.mden and County of Addington. Distant from King- 
ston 3S miles. Mail tri-weekly., Population about 200. 

Card, Oriu, blacksmith. ' ' 
Crank, Sylvanus, shoemaker. 
Hawley, Eli, blacksmith. 

Paisley, Charles, innkeeper. 

Sherman, James, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

*EPIPHANIE, C. E.— A lately erected ^ illage situated near the Eiver Aohigan. partly in the Seigniory of L'Assomption 
and partly in the Seigniories of St. Sulpice, r ief Bayeul and Fief Martel, in the County of L'Asso mption and District of Mon- 
treal. It has a considerable flour and lumber trade. Distant from Montreal 'HI miles, and from L'Assomption 4 miles. Mail 
tri-weekly. Population of parish about 1600. 

Bourbonniere, Louis, mayor. 

Bourque, Joseph, councillor. 

Caisse, rev. F. X., Roman catholic. 

Chamberland, Eugene, miller. 

Chevalier, Francois X., farmer. 


Durand, M6d6ric, general store. 

Henri, Joseph, councillor. 

Laporte, Joseph, councillor. 

Leblanc, Edouard, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Leblanc, S^raphin, mill owner. 

Peltier, 0., mill owner. 

Pierre, Amireau, councillor. 

Piquet, 0., farmer. 

Poitras, Louis, councillor. 

Prudhomme, Joseph, shoemaker, and secretary- treasurer 

of municipality. 
Riopelle, Isaie, councillor. 
Ritchot, Isai'e, farmer and trader. 

EPSOM, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Eeach and County of Ontario. Distant from Whitby 17 miles. 
Daily mail. Population about 150. 

Anderson, Peter, carpenter. 
Bolton, William, blacksmith. 
BUTTON, ANSON T., postmaster. 
Button & Ward, general store. , 
Eastiok, George, shoemaker. 
English, Thomas, hotelkeeper. 
Fagan, Henry, tailor. i 

Houck, Philip, hotelkeeper. 
McDermaud & Fergusson, general store. 
Morrison, George, blacksmith. 
Morrison, Lewis, carriage maker. 
Scott, Robert, carpenter. 
Sired, James, carpenter. 
Wand, Robert, general store. 

ERIN, C . W.— A Village in the Township of Erin aud County of 'Wellington. Distant from Toronto about 47 miles. Popu- 

lation about 300. 
Barret, Francis, butcher. 
Beals, George, shoemaker. 
Boylan, Charles, general store. 
Brodie, James, bailiff. 
Burgess, Henry, auctioneer and painter. 
Caldwell & Rutledge, general storekeepers. ■ 
Clark, John, hotelkeeper. 
Cook, Peter, hotelkeeper. 
Cornock, William, postmaster, grist mill owner, and 

Crozier, Richard, hotelkeeper. 
Darrock, John, blacksmith. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, William Tyler, 

Ferguson, Malcolm, tailor. 
Gochie, Francis, cooper. 
Hood, A. & F., storekeepers. 

Hood, A., of A. & F. Hood, librarian of village library. 
Irwin, Samuel, cooper. 

Johnston, John, shoemaker. 

Lockhead, rev. Robert, Wesleyan. 

M'Kechnie, Malcolm, carpenter and joiner. 

McNaughton, Henry, M.D. ' 

McKennedy, William, tinsmith. 

McMillan,' Charles, jr., general store. 

McMillan, Charles, sen., J.P. 

McMillan, Donald, waggonmaker and blacksmith. 

Monro, James, painter. 

Rutledge, Mrs. E., fancy goods store. 

Shotter, S. L., commissioner Queen's bench and issuer 

of marriage licences. 
Spencer, Shotter, Lough & Co., saw mill owners and 

general storekeepers. 
Stevens, Edward, shoemaker. 
Tyler, William, J. P., commissioner in Queen's bench, 

clerk of Division court, and agent for Equitable 

Fire Insurance Company. 
Walker, George M., waggon and carriagemaker. • . 

ERINSVILLE, C. W.— A Village situated in the Township of Sheffield and County of Addington. Distant from King- 
ston 39 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 76. 

Devlin, Charles, shoemaker. 

Gafney, Patrick, postmaster, township clerk,' general 

store and tavernkeeper. 
Murphy, John, J.P., shoemaker. 

Murphy, Michael, shoemaker. 
Neal, James, blacksmith. 
Welsh, Patrick, general store. 
York, Benjamin, innkeeper. 

ERROL, C. W.-A small ViUage situated on the shcro of Lake Huron, in the 'J'ownshxp of Plympton and County of Lamb- 
ton. Distant from Sarnia 12 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 50. 

Blmslie, G. B., blacksmith. 
Leith, B. T., general store; 
McAndrew, Hugh, farmer. 
O'Brien, George, farmer. 
Richardson, J., saw mill. 
Scram, George, innkeeper. 

Scott, Thomas R. K., auctioneer, issuer of marriage 
licenses, conveyancer, and commissioner in Queen's 

Whiting, George, postmaster, treasurer and assessor of 

• Also called L'Ejiiphanie, which is the name of the Post office. 

Directory.] 1858. 



ESCOTT, C. W.— A Village in the Township of the same name and County of Leeds. The Southern portion of the 
Township is united for municipal purposes with the similar portion of that of Tonge. A copper mine, which is in active 
operation, has been discovered near the village. The Grand Trunk Eailway runs near the place. Distant from BrockviUe 
16 miles, and from Kingston 32 miles. Daily mail. Population about 150. 

Beaudry, Louis, cooper. 
Brooker, James, J.P., farmer. 

Dowsley, Joseph L., storekeeper and potash manufac- 
Eagen & Co., proprietors of copper mine. 
Elliott, Albert, shoemaker. 
Fields, Reuben, carpenter, joiner and councillor. 
Gowan, William, coroner and school commissioner. 
Graham, Daniel, grocer. 
Greer, James, blacksmith and carriagemaker. 
Hagerman, Charles, blacksmith. 
Kenyon, Perry G., innkeeper. 

Lafayette, Michael, storekeeper and harnessmaker, 

McNicol, Mrs. Susan, innkeeper. 

Moxley, Joseph, farmer. 

O'Neill, John, innkeeper and councillor. 

Story, William, miller. 

Taylor, Robert, & Sons, carpenters and joiners. 

Thompson, James, J.P., farmer, and reeve. 

TODD, ANDREW, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, 

hardvfare, groceries, produce, &c., and potash 

Trickey, Henry, cabinetmaker. 
Vanson, Robert, saw and grist mills. 

*ESCOUMAINS, C E.— A Village and Township in the County of Saguenay. It is situated on the North shore of the 
St. Lawrence, which here abounds with superior salmon, and with cod, seals, and whales ; and the place possesses the requi- 
sites for ship-building. Distant from Quebec 135 miles. Mail weekly. Population about 350. 

Arnaud, rev. Charles, Roman catholic. 
Bahel, rev. Louis, Roman catholic. 
Boucher, Fr^d^rick, agent of mills. 

Tetu, F^lix, postmaster. 

Tetu, Nazaire & Co., proprietors of saw and grist mills. 

EVERTON, C W.— A Village situated on a branch of the Grand River, in the Township of Eramosa and County of 
Wellington. Distant from Guelph, the County Town, 10 milos, and from Toronto BO miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population 
about 100. 

Black, Donald, reeve. 

Black, rev. James, Baptist. 

Camidge, Henry, shoemaker. 

Glow, James. 

Everts, Rufus, lumber merchant. 

Everts, William. 

Handbige, John, shingle manufacturer. 

Jestin, Martin J., & Brothers, carpenters and joiners. 

Kennedy, Alexander, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Makings, Miss Caroline, school teacher. 

Mitchell, James, town clerk. 

Neelands, James, storekeeper. 

Nichol, Thomas, cabinetmaker. 

Plewis, William, & Brothers, wheat merchants and 

Richardson, Thomas, carpenter and joiner. 
Stewart, John. 
Stewart, Peter, limeburner. 
Sutton, Mark, Everton hotel. 
Torrance, William, blacksmith. 

EXETER, C. W.— A rapidly rising Village, of four years growth, situated on either side of the Sable River where it orossea 
the London road, in the Townships of Stephen, Hay and Usbome, and County of Huron. Distant from Goderich SO miles, 
and from London 30 miles ; sta^e fare each way $2.60. Mail daily. Population about 600. 

Acheson, Joseph, J.P., shoemaker. 

Andrew, John, waggonmaker. 

Balkwill, James, veterinary surgeon. 

Balkwill, William, innkeeper. 

Bissett, Richard, bricklayer. 

Bissett, Robert, bricklayer. 

Brabeson & Co., iron foundry. 

Brown, Richard, blacksmith. 

Budge, Daniel, general store. 

Buryhill, Samuel, framer. 

Carling, Isaac, J.P., tanner and currier. 

Clark, jilark, shoemaker. 

Crispin, Mrs., dress and cloak maker. 

Crispin, William, painter and paperhanger. 

Davis & Baker, blacksmiths. 

Davis & Sanders, smiths and waggonmakers. 

Drew, Edrid, cabinetmaker. 

Drew, William, carpenter and joiner. 

Danseath, Ephraim, tailor. 

Dyer, Alexander, architect and builder. 

Ecreet, George, saddler and harnessmaker. 

Elston, F., school teacher, 

Gidley, Thomas, planing machine, sash, door, blind and 

chair factory. 
Gordon, James, butcher. 
Grigg, William, tailor. 
Hand, James, steam saw mill. 
Harwood, Miss Ann, milliner. 
Hindman, John, M.D. 
Hocking, J. &. J., carpenters and joiners. 
Kelley, Will'am, smith and waggonmaker. 
Lambrook, Henry, cabinetmaker. 

Macklin, H., general store. 

McConnell, George, grist and saw mills. 

McDonald, William, carpenter and joiner. 

McEenzie, Donald, general store. 

McKey & Finleyson, shoemakers. 

McNabb, — , turner. 

Pickard, James, J.P., general storekeeper and saw 

mill owner. 
Rice, rev. Thomas, Bible christian. 
Roche, W. E., innkeeper. 
Rumble, Josiah, steam grist mUl. 
Samwell, M., carpenter and joiner. 
Sanders, John, bricklayer. 
Sanders, William, postmaster. 
Sharp, Ralph, plasterer. 
Smale, Isaac, saddler and harnessmaker. 
Smith & Martin, general store. 
Southcott, Charles, tailor. 
Southcott & Crocker, carpenters and joiners. 
Southcott, William, tailor. 
Sutherland, Donald, saddler and harnessmaker. 
Sweet, John, framer. 
Tait, Sinclair, cooper. 

Taylor, Thomas, township clerk and treasurer. 
Taylor, William, plasterer. 
Treble, Mrs. Mary, weaver. 
Trick & Manning, smith and waggonmaker. 
Trivett, Thomas, J.P., clerk of Division court. 
Vanstone, James, watchmaker. 
Welsh, Joseph, carpenter and joiner. 
Westland, Alfred, painter. 
Williams, rev. John, Bible christian. 

* Also ca lied Les Jjscoumains, which is the name of the Post office. 



1857. [CANADi 

FARMERSVILLE, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Tonge aud County of Leeds. Distant from BrockviUe W 
miles, and frjm Kingston 50 miles. Stage fare ft-om BrockviUe 75c Mail daily. Population about 300, 

Beynon, rev. George W., Wesleyan. 

Birdsell, John, joiner. 

BLANOHARD & WING, dealers in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Brown, rev. William, Episcopal methodist. 

Campbell, James, flour and saw mills. 

Cole, Isaac B., blacksmith. 

DBMING, JAMES, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hard- 
ware, crockery, produce, &c. 

Oallingher, Jacob, hotelkeeper. 

Giles, William H., saddler and hamessmaker. 

Green, Henry, general store. 

Harvey, rev. William, church of England. 

Johnston, Elijah R., blacksmith. 

King, Wallace, clerk of Division court, and marriage 
licence agent. ^ 

Kinkaid, Archibald, tinsmith. 

Landers, John, cooper. 

Landon, Wellington, general store. 

Leavitt, Arvin S., teacher. 

Levingston Daniel, blacksmith. 

Mathews, Sylvester K., painter. 


Mills, rev John, Wesleyan. 

Murphy, James, shoemaker. 

Parish, Arza, postmaster, and commissioner for taking 

affidavits in Queen's bench. 
Parish, Lewis, dealer in groceries, provisions and shoes. 
Robinson, Horatio, tanner. 
Roney & Gilroy, carriagemakers. 
Southerland, Angus, tailor. 
Staker, Miss Maria, teacher. 
Stephens, George, cabinetmaker. 
Wilson, rev. David, Episcopal methodist. 

FARNHAM CENTRE, C. Er-A small Villagein the Eastern Division of the Township of Famham, in the CJounty of 
Brome (excluding West Parnham),and District of Montreal. The Eastern Division is annexed to the Municipality of the 
Township of Brome. The stage from Cowansville, distant 6 miles, fare 25c., passes through daily to St. Johns, distant a 
miles, fare $1.25. Population about 100. 

Boyd, Andrew, shoemaker. 

Brigham, Erastus 0., tannery and saw mill. 

BURNET, WILLIAM, potash manufacturer, and dealer 

in dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Clement, Apt, mason. 
Johnston, John, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

MORRISON, DUNCAN, blacksmith and carriagemaker. 
Morrison, James, painter. 
Reid, Robert, blacksmith. 
Robinson, William, shoemaker. 
Thompson, Andrew, J.P., farmer. 

FARRAN'S POINT, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Osnabrnok and County of Stormont, It is contiguous 
to Parran's Point Canal and the Kiver St. Lawrence. Distant fk'om Dickinson's Landing 5 miles, and ftom AultsviUe 2 miles. 
Population about ISO. 

Baker, William H., storekeeper and wharfinger. 
Denney, Edward, tavernkeeper. 
Parran, Charles C.,jr., storekeeper. 

Parran, Charles C, sen., land owner, and lockmaster, 
Roddy, John, storekeeper. 

FENELON FALLS, C- W.— A flourishing Tillage on the Kiver Trent, between Cameron and Sturgeon Lakes, on the 
line of the Trent waters, in the Township of Penelon and County of Victoria. The country around is rapidly filling up with a 
respectable class of settlers, and the facilities for lumbering are almost unprecedented. The waters of large rivers and lakes 
which have their sources within a short distance of the Ottawa, and are fed with streams from every quarter of a fine pine coun- 
try, flow into Cameron's Lake. The Pall on which mills are situated resembles in miniature the Horseshoe at Niagara, and is 
about 20 feet high aud 300 feet wide. An extensive lumber business is carried on. A steamer plies tri-weekly to Port Perry, 
calling at Lindsay, Port Huron, &c. Stages run, in connection with boats, to Port Whitby, IS miles, by gravel road. Distant 
from Lindsay, the present terminus of the Port Hope and Beaverton Railway, 16 miles, from Port Perry 50 miles, from Petef- 
boro' 38 miles, and from Toronto 95 miles. Mail semi-weekly in winter, daily in summer. Population about 250. ,' 

Adams, Charles, carpenter. 

Albro, captain John P., steamer Ogemah. 

Arthurs, George, lath manufacturer. 

Bell, T., blacksmith. 

Britton, Joseph, shoemaker,. 

Brown, rev. Charles, church of England. 

Close, Mrs., confectioner. 

Comstock, D., proprietor of Royal Exchange hotel. 

Crowley, P., shoemaker. , 

Dennistoun, Alexander, lumber merchant. 

FITZGERALD, JAMES, postmaster, and dealer in dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Fitzgerald, William, carpenter and joiner. 
Humphry, Alexander, mail contractor. 

Linehan, Richard, carpenter and joiner. 
Martin, William, proprietor of Cltfton House hotel. 
McDougall, A., boat builder. 
McDougall, D., shoemaker. 
McLaren, James, general dealer. 
PATTERSON, JOHN S., lumber merchant. 
Patterson, Thomas, engineer. 
Robison, — , schoolmaster. 
Ross, Archibald, farrier. 
Scully, B., storekeeper. 
Toomey, Jerry, blacksmith. 
Veich, J., miller. 

WALLIS, JAMES, lumber merchant and dealer in dry 
goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 

FERGUSONS FALLS, C. W.— A small Village situated on the Mississippi Biver, in the Township of Drummond 
and County of Lanark. Distant from Perth 13 miles. Mail bi-weekly, 

Blair, Robert, grist and saw mills. 
Doraway, A., cooper. 
Doyle, John, innkeeper. 
Gommersall, George, tanner. 

Hicks, Robert, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 
HOLLINGER, CHARLES, porkinspectorandinnkeeper. 
Ireton, William, shoemaker. 
McAffrey, James, waggonmaker. 
McAffrey, John, blacksmith. 

McAfifrey, M., blacksmith. 
Nouseau, C, cabinetmaker. 
Stafford, E., shoemaker. 
Sullivan, B., shoemaker. 
Tennant, George, J.P. 
Tennant, John, farmer. 
Tennant, Robert, farmer. 
Tennant, Thomas, J.P. 

Directory.] 1858. 



FERGUS, C. W.— A VillagB in the Township of Nichol and County of Wellington, situated on the bank of the Grand 
Elver. It has a good flour and lumber bu.slness. Two daily stages to Guelph, fare 624o. and one daily stage to Owen 
Sound, fare S3.50. Histant from Toronto 62 miles, from Guelph IS miles. Population about 1000. 

Anchor Insurance Company, John Watt, sen., agent. 

Anderson, Little, blacksmith and waggonmaker. 

Anderson, Robert, waggonmaker. 

Argo, Adam L., general store. 

Bishop, William, boot and shoe maker. 

Black, John, butcher. 

BI$ITISH CONSTITUTION, (THE) weekly, annual 

subscription, $2, Thomas Gibbs Greenham, editor, 

proprietor and publisher. 
British Fire Insurance Company, A. D. Ferrier, agent. 
Brown, Robert, general store. 
Burns & Anderson, general store. 
Catenhead, John, clerk Division court. 
Dass, J. & B., tailors. 
Dickson, George, baker and confectioner. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, John Watt, sen., 

Farman, Joseph, plasterer. 
Ferguson, John, Fergus arms, and livery stable. 
FERRIER, A. D., conveyancer, and agent for British 

Fire Insurance Company. 
Fortice, Alexander, superintendent of education, and 

marriage licence agent. 
FREEHOLDER, (THE) weekly, annual subscription 

$2, George Pirie, editor, proprietor and publisher. 
Gilchrist, D. J., dealer in horse medicines, &c. 
GREENHAM, THOMAS GIBBS, editor, proprietor and 

publisher of the British Constitution. 
Grindley, James Sc Thomas, iron foundry. 
Holsay, rev. — , Wesleyan. 
Horticultural Society, A. D. Ferrier, president. 
International Life Assurance Company, John Watt, sen. 

Jackson, Miller J., general store. 
Johnston, Robert, tanner. 

Kelehers, William, proprietor of North American hotel. 
Kelly, Thomas, cooper. 
Macdonell, rev. George, church of Scotland. 
McCrory, Henry, shoemaker. 
McCutcheon, J. K. A., general store. 
McDermott, William, proprietor of Andrews saloon. 
McDonald, John, bailiff. 
McGavin, James, harnessmaker. 
McQueen, James, postmaster, and township clerk and 

Michie, Henry, general store. 
Mills, Matthew, butcher. 
MUne, Thomas, tailor. 

Moore, Charles, plasterer. 

Moore, Garret, hotelkeeper. 

Moore, Richard, shoemaker. 

Munroe, — , physician and surgeon. 

Munroe, John, cabinetmaker. 

Mutch, — , M.D. 

North American hotel, William Kelehers, proprietor. 

Patterson, Archibald, carpenter. 

PATTISON, WILLIAM, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, crockery and medicines. 

Petrie, John W., land agent and auctioneer. 

PIRIE, GEORGE, editor, proprietor and publisher of 
the Freeholder. 

Queen's Arms hotel, John Temple, proprietor. 

Quinlind, Daniel, proprietor of Onion house. 

Eennie, William, carpenter. 

Richardson, John, civil engineer, surveyor and convey- 

Robertson, William, grist mill owner. 

Ross, James, J.P., reeve of township. 

Ross, John, cabinetmaker. 

Ross, John C, general store. 

Ross, William, telegraph operator. 

Slater, John, carpenter. 

Smellia, rev George, Free church. 

Smith, John, proprietor of Wellington hotel. 

Smith, Lyman, saw mill, owner. 

St. Andrews saloon, William McDermott, proprietor. 

Steel & Wilson, grist mill owners. 

Taylor, Alexander, tailor. 

Temple, John, proprietor of Queen's Arms hotel. 

Thompson, John, boarding house. 

Thorpe, George, hotelkeeper. 

Todd, J. H., storekeeper. 

Tutton, Henry, waggonmaker. 

Union house, Daniel Quinlind, proprietor. 

Vickers, George, watchmaker. 

Walker, James, baker. 

Walker, John, general store. 

Watson, Thomas, & Co., steam tannery. 

Watt, James, general store. 

Watt, John, general store. 

Watt, John, sen., J.P., agent for Anchor, Equitable Fire, 
and International Life Assurance Companies. 

Webster, Henry, tinsmith. 

Wellington hotel, John Smith, proprietor. 

White, William, cabinetmaker. 

Wilkey, Alexander, blacksmith. 

FERRALL'S LANDING, C. W.— A station on the Ottawa River, in the Township of Horton and County of Ren- 
frew, of considerable importance to emigrants in search of wild lands. The Opeongo Road commences at this place, and 
runs back into the interior 76 miles. Those intending to settle in the Opeongo Road territory ought to land here, and pro- 
ceed to the village of Renfrew, distant about 6 miles, where the Land Agent will direct them. A large amount of supplies 
for the lumber trade is delivered here during the navigation. Distant from Ottawa 52 miles, fai-e $1.60, and from Perth 
60 miles. Daily mail. Population about 60. 

FERRALL, EDWARD, Hotel, an obliging landlord. | O'Neil, Mrs., post ofSce. 
Johnston, Elliot, lumber merchant. 

FIXCH BAY, C. E.— A small Village prettily situated on the West bank of a Bay of Lake Memphremagog, in the Town- 
ship and County of Stanstead, District of St. Francis. Distant from Georgevllle 3 miles. The mail stage from Stanstead 
Plain passes through tri-weokly. Population about 100. 

Blake, T., joiner. 

Bouchamp, John, blacksmith. 

Burbeck, James, blacksmith. 

Clefford, James S., farmer. 

Dolloff, Hamden A., millwright. 

Dolloff, Samuel, tanner. 

Dutton, Thomas T., M.D. 

Gage, Simeon, fulling and carding mill. 

Gustin, Josiah, boarding house. 

Gnstin, Josiah, jr., farmer. 

HALL, JOSEPH F., postmaster, and dealer in dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Lee, Ede, farmer. 
Lee, Ede W., wheelwright. 
Lee, Erastus, grist and saw mills. 
Packard, Moses C, farmer. 
Reynolds, Samuel, farmer. 
Rider, Ezra B., cabinetmaker and painter. 
Wyman, W. B., farmer. 



1857. [Canada 

FINGAL, C. Wi— A Tillage situated in the Township of Southwold and County of Elgin. This place is in the centre of 
a magnificent settlement, founded by the late Colonel Talbot, and depends on country produce. Distant from St. Thomsu 
7 miles, from Loudon 24 miles, from Chatham 60 miles, and from Fort Stanley 7 miles. Daily mail. Population about SOO. 

Arkell, ■William, general dealer. 

Atkins, H., harnessmaker. 

BENTON, 0. E., proprietor of Southern Railroad house ; 
carriages furnished and good attendance. 

Blackwood, Robert, general dealer. 

Burdett, lev. M., Episcopal methodist. 

Campbell, M., harnessmaker. 

CARPENTER, DANIEL, township clerk. 

COLE, SAMUEJi, proprietor of Fingal house. 

Drake, Thomas, carriagemaker. 

Duncan, rev. A., Baptist. 

Edmond, C, chandler. 

Bdmond, William, blacksmith. 

Bislie, John, marble cutter. 

Byans, Richard, assistant in post office, issuer of mar- 
riage licenses, &c., and agent for International 
Life Assurance Company. 

FOWLER, LEVI, postmaster, and agent for Times and 

K^Beacon Insurance Company. 

Gustin, — , M.D. 

Harper, Francis, waggonmaker. 

International Life Assurance Company, Richard Evans, 

McCallum, N., tailor. 
McLaughlan, James, tanner. 
McMillan, rev. J, Free church. 

McPherson, Glasgow & Co., founders and machinists. 
Metcalfe, George, cabinetmaker. 
Mulligan, Peter, cooper. 
Neal, William, tailor. 
Pollock, Alexander, grist mill. 
Sivisher, J. B., proprietor of Royal Exchange hotel. 
Stewart, — , M.D. 
Swann, rev. Matthew, Wesleyan. 
Times and Beacon Insurance Company, Levi Fowler, 

Vail, George N., general dealer. 
Vail, H. general dealer. 

FITZROY HARBOR, C. W^-A Village in the Township of ritzroy and County of Carleton. Distant from Ottawa, 
the County Town, 35 miles, and from Montreal 159 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200, 

Christie, James, blacksmith. 
Dubord, David, M.D. 

Grierson, John, jr., store and tavern keeper. 
Grierson, John, sen., storekeeper. 
Hawley, A., jr., storekeeper. 
Henderson, rev. Alexander, United Presbyterian. 
' Kerley, John, blacksmith. 
Learmouth, George, storekeeper, councillor and mill 

McArthur, Donald, storekeeper. 
McCudden, James, shoemaker. 
McFeely, rev. Bernard, Roman catholic. 

Morris, rev. J. A., church of England, Pakenham and 

Nicholson, John, cabinetmaker, waggonmaker, and 

Pigott, William D., postmaster, and clerk of Commis- 
sioners court. 

Rees, Benjamin, shoemaker. 

Robertson, John, land surveyor. 

Somerville, William, storekeeper. 

Teevens, John, tavernkeeper. 

Wade, James, shoemaker. 

*FLINT'S MILLS, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Kaladar and County of Addington. Distant from Kingston, 
the County Town, 65 miles. "Weekly Mail. Population about 50. 

Bayer, rev. Michael, Wesleyan. I Dunham, E. F., J.P., postmaster. 

OarscoUen, John A., lieutenant of militia. | Way, Sidney, general dealer. 

tFLORENCE, C. W.— A Village situated on the Bast branch of the Sydenham Elver, in the Township of Buphemia, 
and County of Lambton, and the Gore of Camden and County of Kent. Distant from Chatham 25 mile.s, fVom London 50 miles, 

and from Bothwell station Great "Western Railway, 9 miles. 

Adams, William, butcher. 

Bettys, H., waggonmaker. 

Burns, Robert, tailor. 

Carroll, William, carpenter. 

Charnley, Edward, carpenter. 

Cottrell, Clark W., carpenter. 

Drew, James, shoemaker. 

Facey, rev. Alexander M., Baptist. 

Gunne, rev. John, church of England. 

Gunne, Robert, commissioner in Queen's bench, and 

issuer of marriage licenses. 
Hall, J. & J., blacksmiths. 
Hawke, rev. William, Wesleyan. 
Hamill, Patrick, shoemaker. 
Herson, Matthias, innkeeper. 
Kelly, David, carpenter. 
Kerby, George, P., postmaster. 
Kerby & Knapp, general store and steam saw mill. 
Kerby, Squire, shinglemaker. 
Lenover, Charles, mason and plasterer. 

Mail trl-weekly. Population about 300. 

Martin, Joseph, stocking weaver. 

M'Guire, Andrew, tailor. 

Mcintosh, C, & Co., general store and steam grist mill. 

M'Rae, Colin, blacksmith. 

Mead, James, innkeeper. 

Mills, Joseph, J.P., notary public, and commissioner in 

Queen's bench. 
Morley, Edward, carpenter. 
Morris, William, M.D., coroner. 
Penhaie, George, mason and plasterer. 
Reister, John, cabinetmaker. 
Rheintzen, G., cabinetmaker. 
Scott, rev. Walter, United Presbyterian. 
Sharpe, George E., blacksmith. 
Sheply, Joseph, shoemaker. 
Trueman, John, saddler and harnessmaker. 
Walker, John S., tailor. 
Webster & Murdoch, general store. 
Webster, William, carpenter. 
White, Isaiah, M.D. 

FORESTER'S FALLS, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Boss and County of Eenhew. Distant firom 
Perth 80 miles. Mail daily. Population about 26. 

Campbell, George, blacksmith. 
Elliott, Thomas, school teacher. 
Faught, Francis, shoemaker. 

Forester, Oliver^ postmaster. 
Graif, William, sawyer. 
WARK, JAMES, reeve. 

' The Post ofBoe is called Kaladar. t Formerly called Victoria, and also Zone Mills. 

Directory.] 1858. 



'FONTHILL, C. W.— A small Tillage situated in the Townships of Pelham and Thorold and County of 'Welland. It 
las an Observatory 74 feet high, affordinfs a view of Lakes Brie and Ontario, Niagara Falls, Ac. Distant from Merrittsville, the 
County Town, 4i miles, from St. Catherines 10 miles, and firom Niagara Falls 12 miles. Daily malls. Population afcout 300. 

Baird, IT. A., dentist, and ambrotypist. 

Bald, William, carpenter. 

Berston, John H., tobacconist and cigarmaker. 

Brackbell, Jacob, general dealer. 

Ganby, Thomas, accountant, and commissioner in 
Queen's bench. 

Cook, John R., insurance and general agent. 

Oahill, Edward, tailor. 

Dennis, Jacob, tailor. 

Dentz, Benedict, carpenter and joiner. 

D'EVERARDO, D., conveyancer, notary public, regis- 
trar of Surrogate court. County clerk, and agent 
for Erie and Ontario Insurance Company. 

DINSMORE, A., editor, proprietor, and publisher of 
the Welland Herald. 

Elliott, William, painter. 

Frazer, John, M.P.P., of Prazer & Johnston. 

Frazer & Johnston, physicians and surgeons. 

Gamble, George, boots and shoes. 

Glatner, John, painter. 

Gore, J. C, dealer in cabinet furniture. 

Gundy, rev. J., Baptist. 

Harris, James C, tobacconist. 

Harris, John Q., physician. 

Hilton, S. R., carpenter. 

Hobson, Robert, sheriff. 

Johnston, William S., printer. 

Jones, Benjamin, waggonmaker. 

Kinsman, Danson, general dealer. 

Lock, Henry D., merchant tailor. 

Price, John S., postmaster, and general dealer. 

Pritchard, rev. S. W., Baptist. 

Reilly, James, boots and shoes. 

Rice, E., innkeeper. 

Robertshaw, George, blacksmith. 

Smith, Thomas, innkeeper. 

Scholfield, Adam E., deputy sheriff. 

WELLAND HERALD, (THE) weekly, annual subscrip- 
tion $2, A. Dinsmore, editor, proprietor and pub- 

Wiedman, Michael, bricklayer and plasterer. 

FORESTVILLE, C. W.— a Village in the Township of Charlotteville and County of Norfolk. Distant from Simcoe 
14 miles. Daily mail. Population about 100. 

Bamham, W., farmer. 

Biglow, Benjamin, basketmaker. 

Brown, Mrs., hotelkeeper. 

Bryning, John, township clerk. 

Pero, John, blacksmith. 

Finch, Peter, builder. 

Finch, Titus, jr., hotelkeeper. 

Griffin, G. W., postmaster, and clothier. 

Kern, Deacon Chistopher, farmer. 

Kern, Edward, farmer. 

Kern, Levi, farmer. 

Kimber, C. H., physician and surgeon. 

King, Jesse, cooper. 

Knap, Amos, cooper. 

Potty, C, shoemaker. 

Robins, C. H., cooper. 

Taylor, Jasper, waggonmaker. 

White, Calvin A., lumberman and general dealer. 

Williams, rev. Jonathan, Baptist. 

Yerks, John, mail contractor and farmer. 

FORFAR, C. W.— A small Village in the Township of Bastard and County of Leeds. Distant from Brockville 33 miles, 
and from Kingston 40 miles. Stage fare from Brockville $1.50. Dally mail. Population about 50. 

Auslin, Gilbert S., teacher. 

Davison, H. Y., J.P., reeve. 

Delong, Jesse, M.P.P., farmer. 

Hales, rev. James, New Connection methodist. 

Mattice, Elijah, blacksmith. 

Morris, Henry, innkeeper. 

Young, William, J.P., farmer. 

Young, William, J.P., postmaster, and storekeeper. 

FORT COULONGE, C. Er— A small village, formerly a Post of the Hudson's Bay Company, situated at the 
confluence of the Coulonge River with the River Ottawa, in the Township of Mansfield and County of Pontiao. A good 
business is done here in square timber. Distant from Ottawa 81 miles, fi-om Portago du Fort 17 miles, and from Pembroke 
18 miles. Mail weekly. Population about 75. 

BRYSON, GEORGE, postmaster, and lumber merchant. I Findlay, James, general store. 
Bryson, Thomas, lumber merchant. | Taylor, Thomas, dealer in raw furs. 

FORT ERIE, Ci W.— A small village situated at the head of the Niagara River, in the Township of Bertie and County 
of Welland. The Buffalo and Lake Huron Railroad terminates at this village. Distant from the Town of Niagara 31 mileSt 
and from Buffalo, N. T., by steamboat, 3 miles. Daily mail. 

Burgett, J., tailor. 

Canada Western Assurance Company, James Stanton, 

Carpenter, C, innkeeper. 
Cowthred, S., innkeeper. 
Cronyn, John, M.D. 
Dutton, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Ellwood, P., innkeeper. 
Forsyth, Nelson, farmer. 
Graham, R., collector of customs. 
Grassett, rev. Elliott, rector of Wellington sq. church 

of England. 
Harris, James, tinsmith. 
Hogan, M., carpenter. 
Holbert, James, bailiff of Division court. 
Hnnsey, Abraham, tanner. 

Kempson, P. T., M.D., agent for Provincial Insurance 

Lennox, W., carpenter. 
Lewis, J., innkeeper. 
Likel, L. A., grocer. 
Mclntyre, P., tailor. 
Prince & Foster, grocers. 

Provincial Insurance Company, P. T. Kempson, agent. 
Rainsford, William, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 
Randall, William, shoemaker. 
Stanton, James, clerk of Division court, and agent for 

Canada Western Assurance Company. 
Thomson, William A., grist mill. 
Thompson, B. M., millwright. 
Wallace, William, civil engineer. 
Wicks, N., butcher. 

* The Post ofiioe was formerly called Pelham. 



1867. [Canada 

FORT yy ILL I AM, C. E.— APostoftheHmdsou's Bay Compauy situated on the Eiver Ottawa, in the Township ot 
Sheen and County of Pontiao. The settlement behind is thriving, and large lumbering operations are carried on here. Dis- 
tant from Ottawa 110 miles, and from Pembroke 15 miles. Daily mail. 

Andrews, John, postmaster of Ouiseau, and saw mill 

Armstrong, John, farmer. 
Downie, John, farmer. 
Harrington, Thomas, lumber merchant, 

McKenzie, H., postmaster, and chief factor Hudson's 

Bay Company. 
Perrault, — , tavernkeeper. 
Plante, 0., farmer. 

*FOURNIERVILLE, C. W.— a Village in the Township of Plantagenct and County of Fresoott. 
L'Orignal, the County Town, 18 miles. Mail weekly. Population about 100. 

Distant ft'om 

Pournier, C, postmaster, store and taTern keeper, and 

pearlash manufacturer. 
Frith, James, J.P. 
Hunter, William, councillor. 
Lemeces, Bernard, saw and grist mills. 

McGregor, Dnncan, J. P. 
McLaren, Peter, J.P., councillor. 
Parent, Edouard, councillor. 
Eyan, John, jr., reeve. 
Shean, Maurice, councillor. 

FOX RIVER, Ci E.— A Village in the Township %f Pox, and County and District of Gasp6. It participates in t^e ex- 
tensive fishing business of tliat neighbourhood. Distant from Perc6, the County Town, 36 miles, and from Quebec about 
420 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 400. 

Bond, Isaac, councillor. 

Bond, James, councillor. 

Bond, John, councillor. 

Bond, Michael. 

DE ST. OEOIX, JOHN, J.P., postmaster, clerk of Cir- 
cuit court, preventive officer, and commissioner in 
Queen's bench. 

Dumaresque, Nicholas & George, storekeepers. 
English, Edward, councillor. 
Lavergue, Golbert, J.P., mayor. 
Lesp^rance, Michel, storekeeper. 
Oliva, rev. F. A., Roman catholic. 
Parant, F. L., storekeeper, and councillor. 
Samuel, Gilbert, councillor. 

FRAMPTON, 0> E- — ^A Township situated in rear of Ste. Claire, in the County of Dorchester. It possesses an extensive 
trade in pork, butter and cattle. Distant from Ste. Claire 15 miles, and ft'om Quebec 33 miles. Population of Township 
about 1850. 

Bradly, Hugh, shoemaker. 

Butler, James, J.P., general storekeeper. 

Connors, Michael tailor. 

Doyle, William, cartmaker. 

Duff, John, secretary-treasurer of Schools. 

Enright, Michael, cartmaker. 

Gagnon, Mrs. Pierre, bonnetmaker. 

Hughes, James, blacksmith. 

Jenkins, rev. J. H,, B.A., church of England. 

Manes, Edward, mason. 

Mills, Mary, general store. 

O'Neil, Peter, shoemaker. 

Paradis, rev. 0., Roman catholic. 

Provost, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Raymond, Adolphe, carpenter and joiner. 

Redmond, William, tailor. 

Ross, Andrew, J.P., provincial land surveyor. 

Ross, John, postmaster. 

tFRANCESTOWN, C. W.— A village in the Townships of Hay and Stephen and County of Huron. Distant 
from Goderich 30 miles, and from London 30 miles. Mail daily. Population about 200. 

Bo wen & Vine, carpenters. 

Brabazon & Verity, iron foundry. 

Brown, Richard, blacksmith and waggonmaker. 

Budge, — , storekeeper. 

Dunford & Hockin, fanning mill factory. 

Dunseath, J., tailor. 

Findlayson & McKay, shoemakers. 

Hands, James, saw mill. 

Jackson, C, grist and saw mill. 
McDonald, William, carpenter. 
McNabb, James, cabinetmaker. 
Monro, — , storekeeper. 
Murray, James, postmaster. 
Runible, W., grist mill. 
Taylor, Thomas, clerk. 

FRANKTOWN, C. W.— A Village situated in the Township of Beokwith and Coimty of Lanark. Distant from 
Perth, the County Town, 15 miles, from Ottawa 34 miles, from Brockville 40 miles, and from Smith's Falls 12 miles. Dally 
mail. Population about 160. 

Allen, Austin, waggonmaker. 

Allen, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Anderson, M. blacksmith. 

Bowls, James, carpenter. 

BURROWS, JAMES, dealer in dry goods, hardware, 

groceries, produce, &c., and proprietor of Frank- 
, , town hotel — long established and favorably 

CAMPBELL, JOHN G., general merchant and dealer, 

in liquor. 
Clark, Thomas, shoemaker. 
Edwards, John, cabinetmaker. 
Flagg, Samuel, cooper. 
Griffin, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Hawkins, Joshua, cooper. 

HU6HT0N, JOHN, merchant, proprietor of Hughton's 
hotel — an excellent house and an obliging landlord. 
Jackson, James, grocer. 
LEAVER, ROBERT, cabinetmaker. 
McEwen, Ewan, postmaster, and town clerk. 
Moore, William, tannery. 
Morris, John, blacksmith. 

Morris, rev. Ebenezer, church of England, Beckwith. 
Murray, Michael, shoemaker. 
Nelson, Joseph, physician and surgeon. 
Nesbitt, George, physician and surgeon. 
Nesbitt, William, cooper. 
Shells, James, tailor. 
Shields, Moses. 
Stewart, Duncan, tailor. 

• Also called Pournier. t The Post office is called Hay. 

Directory.] 1858. 



FRANKFORD, C. W.— A Village situated on the River Trent, half a mile below the head of Highland Eapids, at the 
mouth of Cold Creek, in the To\vnship of Sidney and County of Hastings. It possesses extensive water power ; and there are 
large manufactories, as also a considerable trade is carried on here in flour and lumber. Distant flrom Belleville 1* miles, 
and ftom the Trenton station on the Grand Trunk Railway 6 miles, to which there is a daily stage. Mail daily. Popu- 
lation about 650. 

Bettes, L. A., bailiff. 

BOWEN, WILLIAM, J.P., postmaster, registrar of Sur- 
rogate court, commissioner in Queen's bench and 
dealerin dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, & c. 

Clute, Richard R., shoemaker. 

Consall, John, carriage and sleigh maker. 

Crowe, John Brooks, judge of Surrogate court. 

Davis, Henry S., harnessmaker. 

Doyle, John, innkeeper. 

DREWRY, JOHN, millwright. 

Swings, Mrs., groceries. 

Fawcett, rev. Michael, Wesleyan. 

Ford, Russell, house painter. 

Fuller, Garret, mason and builder. 

Garratt, A. H., carpenter. 

German, William W., innkeeper. 

Gilbert, Samuel, carpenter and joiner. 

Gilbert, William, boot and shoe store. 

Greenhow, Thomas, cooper. 

Hamlin, Stephen, proprietor of Temperance house. 

Hamden, Z. J., saw mill. 

Howard, T. J., harnessmaker. 

Hutchinson, Joseph, baker and grocer. 

Jenkins, David, tailor. 

Johnson, rev. Henry H., Episcopal methodist, and gene- 
ral storekeeper. 

KetcMson, Joseph, carpenter and joiner. 

Kinney, William, general store. 

Lafaye, Francois, cooper. 

Marsh, John A., dentist. 

Marsh, Mrs., storekeeper. 

Marshall, S., storekeeper, lumberman & stage proprietor. 

Martin, J. W., tinsmitt. 

Maybee, W. H., sawn lumber dealer. 

McAdam, William, innkeeper. 

McCaw, William, taUor. 

Moore, Abraham, carder and cloth dresser. 

O'Brien & Co., general store. 

Powell, Reuben, mill owner. 

ROBLIN, J. P., extensive flour and saw mills. 

ROBLIN, M. B. & M. C, general merchants, lumber 

dealers, &c. 
Roblin, M. B., of M. C. & M. B. Roblin, commissioner 

in Queen's bench. 
Roblin, M. C, of M. B. & M. 0. Roblin, issuer of 

marriage licenses. 
Roblin, Thomas, harnessmaker. 
Roblin & Williams, woollen factory. 
Simmons, James, mason and builder. 
Sharp, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Sharp, William, carpenter and joiner. 
Smith, Bernard, butcher. 
Smith, Henry, carpenter and joiner . 
Smith, Hiram, carpenter and joiner. 
Smith, Sobieski, cabinetmaker. 
Stevens, D. p., tailor, and nurseryman. 
Todman, H. N., tanner and currier. 
Tompkins, John, brickmaker. 
Turley, Patrick, distiller, and road contractor. 
Turner, Cornelius, carpenter and joiner. 
Waller, Thomas, carriage and sleigh maker. 
Waller, William, blacksmith. 
West, J. P. S., cabinetmaker. 
Wilcox, H. N., iron foundry. 
Wilson, John, shoemaker. 
Young, rev. Sheldon, Episcopal methodist. 

'FRANKLAND, C. E.— A small Village in the Township of Warwick, County of Arthabaska, and District of Three 
Elvers, contiguous to the Warwick Railway station. Distant from Richmond Railway junction 24 miles, and from Quebec 
72 miles. Population about 100. 

Bergeron, Charles, carpenter. 
DANTER, JAMES F., station master. 
Dorais & Brother, storekeepers. 
Drennan, James, shoemaker. 

FARWELL, E. F., postmaster, dealer in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, &c., and pearlash manufacturer. 

Farwell, William, J. P., agent for British American 
Land Company, and mayor of municipality. 

Letourneau, Joseph, farmer, secretary-treasurer to mu- 

M'Gauran, George, storekeeper. 

Picard, Edward, blacksmith. 

FRANKVILLE, C. W. — a smaU Village in the Township of Kitley and County of Leeds, situated on the Brockville and 
Perth road. Distant from Brockville 18 miles, and from Perth 22 miles. Stage faro from Brockville ?1. Mail daily. Popu- 
lation about lOO. 

Bennet, William, trader. 
Cole, Horace P., innkeeper. 
Dowsley, David, shoemaker. 
Dowsley, William, shoemaker. 
Ferguson, Robert, jr., trader. 
Ferguson, Robert W., grocer. 
Hunt, Absalom, waggonmaker. 
Kilbourn, Samuel W., blacksmith. 

*FREDERI C KSBURG, C. W.-A small Village situated in the Township of Middleton and County of Norfolk. A 
large quantity of sawn lumber is manufactured in this place. Distant from Simcoe 13 miles, from Brantford 25 miles, and 
from Port Dover 20 miles. Daily mail. Population about 400. 

M'Crea, Hiram, clerk of Division court. 

Morris, Thomas, cooper. 

Newsome, Thomas, farmer. 

Rudd, James, innkeeper. 

Smith, William, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Stone & Morrow, shoemakers. 

Stone, Uriah, tanner. 

Burkart, S., waggonmaker. 

Cook, Luke, general store. 

Crane, rev. Isaac, Wesleyan. 

Dalrymple, Robert, cabinetmaker. 

Eagles, N. & H. W., grist mills. 

Gates, E. D., physician and surgeon. 

Henderson, John, cabinetmaker; 

Herrin, John, shoemaker. 

Hubbard, John, tailor. 

Hunter, William, innkeeper. 

Lawson, Thomas, saw mill. 

McClellan, rev. W., Baptist, postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Miller, rev. Joseph, New Connection methodist. 

Newkirk, John, tinsmith. 

Nickerson & Conlin, tanners. 

Phillipson, John, tailor. 

Provincial Insurance Company, D. C. Swayze, agent. 

Roman, Lawrence, shoemaker. 

Salmon, James, physician and surgeon. 

Shepherd, John, innkeeper. 

Sovereen, Jacob, grist mill and general store. 

Swayze, D. C, general storekeeper, and agent for 

Provincial Insurance Company. 
Whitside, — , general store. 

• The Post office is called Warwick. t Also called Delhi, which is the name of the Post offlco. 



1857. [Canada 

FRASERVILLE, C. E.— A Village situated below Quebec, on the. South shore of the Elver St. Lawrence, ia the 
Seigniory of Riviere du Loup and County of Temiscouata. This place has a good trade in lumber. Distant from Quebec 
114 miles. Mail daily. Population about 3000. 

Barry, J. E., general storekeeper. 

Beaubien, rev. N., Roman catholic. 

Beaulieu, Alexis, J.P., notary public, and commissioner 
of small causes. 

Beaulieu, Guillaume H., notary public. 

Bernier, Marcel, joiner. 

Bouchard, Jean Baptiste, mayor of parish. 

Bourgouin, Isaac, road overseer. 

Cazault, Godefroy, general storekeeper, and commis- 
sioner of small causes. 

Chamberland, Charles, joiner, and road overseer. 

Chamberland, Ferdinand, joiner and wheelwright. 

public, clerk of Commissioners court and secretary- 
treasurer of municipality. 

Chamberland, Jean Baptiste, sen., carpenter, joinerlmd 

Chamberland, Octave, joiner and wheelwright. 

Chass^, Francois, joiner and wheelwright. 

Cloutier Pierre, inspector of roads. 

Cordeau, Jean Baptiste, jr., bailiff. 

Cordeau, Jean Baptiste, sen., bailiff. 

Courberon, Magloire, baker. 

Davidson, Henry. 

Dionne, Btienne, secretary-treasurer of municipality of 

Dub6, Abraham, blacksmith. 

Dube, Bernard, bailiff. 

Dub^, Paschal, joiner and wheelwright. 

Dugal, Jacques, tanner. 

Dugal, Louis, general storekeeper and tanner. 

Dugal, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Dutremble, Valence, shoemaker. 

Fraser, William, seignior. 

Galarneau, Jean, carpenter and joiner. 

Gaudry, C. Hypolite, postmaster, and general store- 

Grenier, Charles, J.P. 

Guay, Eugene, shoemaker. 

Guimont, Francois Marc, bailiff. 

Henderson, N., Montreal telegraph operator. 

Hudon, J. Eusebe, physician and surgeon. 

Hudgson, William, veterinary surgeon. 

International Life Assurance Company, T.Jarvis, agent. 

JARVIS, THOMAS, general storekeeper, baker, and 
agent for International Life Assurance Company. 

Johnson, William, blacksmith. 

Kelly, John, grocer and boardinghouse keeper. 

Lachance, Francois, joiner. 

Lagac^, Clement, joiner and jeweller. 

Lagac6, Edouard, shoemaker. 

Lamontagne, L^on, jeweller. 

Lanouette,Z6phirin, cabinetmaker, painter and tinsmith. 

Larochelle, Eugene, boardinghouse keeper, grocer and 

Larochelle, Joseph, road overseer and baker. 

Lebel, Ignace, boardinghouse. 

Lebel, Paschal, wheelwright and joiner. 

Lebel, Thomas, boardinghouse. 

L^vesque, Joseph, general store. 

Lucas, Joseph A., bailiff. 

Marquis, Philippe, blacksmith. 

Martin, Urbain, grocer and jeweller. 

Montreal Telegraph office, N. Henderson, operator. 

Moreau, Alexandre, blacksmith. 

Moreau, J. Eli, grocer and saddler. 

Moreau, Pierre, mason. 

Morin, colonel Alexis, J.P., commissioner of small 

Morin, Moi'se, notary public. 

Nadeau, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Nicol, Prudent & Co., storekeepers and founders. 

Orkeney, Louisa, dry goods store. 

Pelletier, George, general store. 

Petit, Francois, mason. 

Pouliot, Jean Baptiste, notary public, mayor of muni- 
cipality, and warden of county. 

Rigney, William, tailor. 

Rosa, J., ship builder. 

Ross, rev. Edward George W., church of England. 

Roy, Jean Antime, notary public, secretary-treasurer of 
schools for municipality and agent for seigniory., 

Simard & C6t6, general store. 

St. Onge, Paschal, cooper. 

St. Pierre, Jean Baptiste, shoemaker. 

Viel, Francois, cooper. 

FREELTON, C. W.— A Village situated on the Brock road, in the Township of West Flamboro' and County of North 
"Wentworth. On tlie 23d June, 1856, the first village lot was sold, and it already has an extensive and rapidly rising trade in 
grain and lumber. It is about equidistant from Hamilton, Guelph, Dundas and Waterdown, being from about 12 to 14 miles 
ftom each place ; and is at the junction of good gravel and macadamized roads leading to each of the above places, on which 
mail stages run daily j fare |1 each way. Population about 150. 

Addison, George, tailor. 

Addison, Robert, carpenter. 

Allen, Michael, shoemaker. 

Baleman, Samuel, watchmaker. 

Brown, David, carpenter. 

Campbell, Thomas, innkeeper. 

Currie, George, blacksmith. 

Davidson, Peter, carpenter. 

Douglas, A. & W. N., general store. 

DOUGLAS, WILLIAM N., postmaster. 

Ducklow, Thomas, lime burner and mason. 

Duncan, John, innkeeper. 

FREEL, P., managing director and secretary of Freel- 

ton Flour Manufacturing Company. 

P. Freel, managing director and secretary. 
Gray, Thomas, carpenter. 
Hill, Joseph, innkeeper. 
Bgjt, Robert, Dundas steam saw mill. 
Hutchinson, John, grain dealer. 

Johnston, William, blacksmith and waggon and 

carriage maker. 
Keyes, Chester, innkeeper, and steam saw mill owner. 
Lowe, Charles, grain dealer. 
McDonnell, Duncan R., carpenter. 
McKay, Mrs. T., millinery, dry goods and groceries. 
McKay, " Thomas, general storekeeper, and dealer in 

Morrison, James, general store. 
Muirhead, James, saw mill. 
Myers, John, sawyer. 
Niven, T. E., tailor. 
Phillips & Stewart, builders. 
Prunell, Thomas, painter. 
Reid, William, land agent and conveyancer. 
Robertson, William, planing and turning machine. 
Smith, Joseph, carpenter and farmer. 
Stanes, H. B., & Co., lumber dealers. 
Walker, Bphraim, waggon and carriage maker. 
York, Thomas J., M.D. 

* Formerly called Riviere du Loup on baa. 

Directory.] 1858. 



*FREIBURG, C. W.— a village in the Township and County of Waterloo. Distant ii-om Hamilton 34 miles. Mail 
bi-weekly. Population about 100. 

Arnold, rev. J. 

Bennuger, Jacob, waggoumaker. 
Berberiick, John, schoolteacher. 
Prank, L., general store. 
Goetz, Mathias, blacksmith. 
Haus, Andrew, blacksmith. 

Hug, N., general store. 

Eloepfer, Jacob. 

Rombach, Ferdinand J., J.P., postmaster, innkeeper 

and general dealer. 
Snider, Henry, deputy reeve. 

FRELIGHSBURG) C. E.— A Village in the East Parish of the Seigniory of St. Armand, in the County of Missisquoi and 
District of Montreal. It is a Port of Entry. A stage to and from St. Albans, Vt., 21 miles, fare $1.26, passes through 
daily to Cowansville, 12 miles, fare 60c. There is a semi-weekly stage to and from Philipsburg, 12 miles, fare 60c. Dis- 
tant from St. Johns 28 miles, from Abbott's Corner 2i miles, and from Cook's Corner s miles. Daily mail. Population 
about 300. 

Baker, William S., tanner. 

Barnum, Sherman P., M.D. 

Benoit, Narcisse, shoemaker. 

BENOIT, OLIVIER, wheelwright. 

Chamberlin, Joshua, J.P., M.D., surgeon. 

Cochran, James, blacksmith. 

Cross, Albert, brickmaker. 

Dickinson, Richard, notary public, registrar, and agent 

for Equitable Fire, and International Life Assurance 

DRAGON, LOUIS, tailor, and dealer in groceries, 

provisions, &c. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, R. Dickinson, agent. 
Frelighsburg Academy, J. J. Procter, B.A., principal ; 

Mrs. Ann H. Mills, preceptress ; Charles Martin, 

professor of music. 
Greaves, Thomas, shoemaker. 
HULL, SAMUEL P., propietor of American hotel and 

International Life Assurance Company, R. Dickinson, 

Hurlbut, Abel, J.P., storekeeper. 
Hutchinson, Mrs., proprietor of saw, grist, and carding 

Kemp, Anson, J.P., collector of customs. 
Kemp, Elmore L., bailiff. 


Kemp, Levi, postmaster, and commissioner of small 

Kemp,Oren B., secretary-treasurer of municipality. 
Kemp, Oren J., J.P., mayor, storekeeper, agent 

Crown lands, &c. 
Krans, George L., commissioner of small causes. 
Lavery, WUliam, tailor, 

Lee, James, J.P., commissioner of small causes. 
Martin, Charles, professor of vocal and instrumental 

music in academy. 
Mills, Mrs. Ann H., preceptress of academy. 
Mosier, Alexander, grocer. 
Pattison, William M., storekeeper. 
Peck, Gordon, saddler. 
Phaneuf, Theophilus, blacksmith. 
Procter, J. J., B.A., principal of academy. 
Reid, rev. J., D.D., rector, church of England. 
Reynolds, Elijah S., storekeeper. 
Seymour, John B., hatter, and clerk of Commissioners 

Smith, Benjamin, proprietor of St. Armand hotel. 
Smith, James H., storekeeper. 
Spencer, Peleg, brickmaker, and commissioner of small 

Woodbury, Philip, currier. 

FRENCH VILLAGE, C. E.— A Village in the Township of Kingsey, County of Drummond and District of Three 
Eivers. Distant from Eichmond Eailway junction 12 nules, stage fare 60o. Population about 2S0. 

Balfour, rev. Andrew, church of England. 

Boulet, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Brown, Edward, secretary-treasurer to municipality. 


Chains, Edward, storekeeper. 

Cloutier, Joseph, tavernkeeper. 

Cox, colonel Edmund, J.P., registrar county of Drum- 

Fradette, William, wheelwright. 

Leclerc, rev. Jean Baptiste, Roman catholic. 

Macmanus, Richard, farmer. 

Marcotte, Antoine, shoemaker. 

Millette, Joseph, builder. 

Pothier, Frangois, postmaster, and shoemaker. 

Roy, Louis T., storekeeper. 

Vincent, Jean Baptiste, notary public. 

Wadleigh, John, jr., storekeeper. 

Wadleigh, John, sen. storekeeper. 

FROST VILLAGE, C. E.— A Village in the Township and County of Shefford, and District of Montreal. There is a 
daily mail stage from Montreal, by way of St. Hyacinthe, fare $2.90, and a tri-weekly stage from Mansonville, 25 miles, fare 
$1.25. Population about 160. 

Coburn, George, tailor. 

County of Shefford Academy, rev. A. T. Whitten, M.A., 

principal; captain A. Wood, secretary-treasurer. 
Delmage, Robert W., civil engineer. 
Dorey, rev. GifFord, Wesleyan. 
Ellis, Orange, J.P., farmer. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, A. Wood, agent. 
POSTER, ASA B., J.P., farmer. 
Foster, Samuel W., advocate. 
Poster, Stephen S., J.P., M.D. 
Foster, William H., physician and surgeon. 
Hosley, Elihu H., carpenter and proprietor of saw mill. 
Hunter, William C, farmer. 
HUNTINGTON, LUCIUS S., advocate, and proprietor 

of the Knowlton Advertiser. 

International Life Assurance Company, A. Wood, agent. 
Jones, Thomas, blacksmith. 
LINDSAY, REV. DAVID, church of England. 
MARTIN, BENJAMIN M., postmaster, and dealer in dry 

goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Nutting, Vespasian, tavernkeeper and bailiff. 
Parker, John M., tanner. 
Stewart, David, shoemaker. 
Whitten, rev. A. T., M.A., principal of County Shefford 

Williams, John, farmer. 
Williams, William, farmer. 
Wood, captain Alonzo, J.P., secretary-treasurer of 

County Shefford academy, and agent for Equitable 

Fire, and International Life Assurance Companies. 

' Also called New Germany. 



1851. [Canada 

FROOMFIELD, C. W.— A small Village at tte mouth of Commodore's Creek, on the River St. Clair, in the Township of 
Moore and County of Lambton. The steamers running between Sarnia and Detroit call here. Distant from Sarnia 4 miles. 
Mail tri-weeltly. Population about 150. 

Impett, Isaac, shoemaker. 
Salter, reT. Gr. 

SUTHERLAND, GEORGE, dealer in dry goods, hard- 
ware, groceries, produce, &c. 

Telfer, John, provision storekeeper. 
Turnbull, Luke, blacksmith. 
WARWICK & MAJOR, steam saw mill owners. 
Wheatley, John, smith and waggonmaker. 

*FULLARTON CORNERS, C. W^A Village in the Township of Fullarton and County of Perth. Equidistant 
between St. Mary's and Mitchell, on the Mitchell Turnpike road, six miles from either place ; St. Mary's, the present 'Western 
Terminus of the Grand Trunk Eailroad, being the nearest station. There is a semi-weekly mail fi-om Mitchell. Population 
about 100. 

Hugill, William, shoemaker. 
Kerr, George, tanner. 
Merryfield & Stiles, blacksmiths. 
Miller & Morgan, storekeepers. 

Park, James, shoemaker'. 

Porteous, R. & W., tavern and store keepers. 

Woodley, James, postmaster. 

GALT, C. W.— An iuoorporated Town in the Township of Dumfries and County of "Waterloo. It is delightfully situated 
on either side of the Grand River where it receives the waters of Mill Creek. The Town possesses immense water power, 
which is fully employed di'iving the machinery of numerous manufacturing establlshmeuts, flouring and other mills, among 
which are the celebrated edge-tool works of Mr. Date, who was awarded pi-izes at the National Exhibitions of London and 
Paris, as well as at the Provincial Shows, and the well-known flouring mills of Messrs. McNaughton & Blain, whose brands 
command a higher price than the best Genessee. Distant from Berlin, the County Town, (with which it will be soon con- 
nected by a Railway leading from Hamilton, through Gait and Preston) 12 miles, from Hamilton 25 miles, and from Toronto 
70 miles. Daily mails. Population about 3000. 

ADDISON, ALEXANDER, cabinet and chair maker. 

Aiuslie, Adam, barrister. 

ALHAMBRA SALOON, Francis Dennis, proprietor. 

Allan, James, carpenter. 

American Express Company, J. G. Praser, agent. 

Anchor Insurance Company, John Fleming, agent. 

Anderson, Andrew, shoemaker. 

Andrews, G., boot and shoe maker. 

Andrews, N., boot and shoe maker. 

Andrews, J. K., commission merchant. 

Armstrong, J., builder. 

Armstrong, T., tailor. 

Arnold, Elijah, saloonkeeper. 

Atwood, J. B., & Co., stave and shingle factory. 

Austin, Samuel, boarding house. 

Bailey, Eli, blacksmith. 

Baker, Thomas C, boarding house. 

BALL, A. T. H., barrister and attorney. 

Barbour, John, cabinet and chair maker. 

Bayne, rev. John, D.D., Free church. 

Beacon Fire Insurance Company, Thomas Rich, agent. 

Benn, W. H., innkeeper. 

Black, Francis, blacksmith and farrier. 

BLAIN, J. & R., extensive flouring mill owners. 

Boomer, rev. Michael, A.B., church of England. 

British America Assurance Company, R. F. Nellis, 

British Commercial Life Insurance Company, Adam 

Warnock, agent. 
Brooks, M., gunsmith. 
Brown, John, butcher. 
Buck tavern, James Hamilton, proprietor. 
BUSBY, T. I. G., dealer in hardware. 
Byrns, D., boot and shoe store. 
Campbell, Alexander, dealer in dry goods. 
Canada Life Assurance Company, Henry McCrum, 

Canada Western Assurance Company, Louis W. Des- 

sauer, agent. 
Central school, James Baike, principal. 
Chapman, J., & Co., dealers in dry goods, &c. 
Cheat, William, daguerrean saloon. 
Clapperton, William, blacksmith. 

Conkey, Alexander, innkeeper. 
Cooke, Wm., manager of Commercial Bank of Canada. 

Cope, R. M., bailiif. 

Cutten, E. L., Queen's Arma hotel. 

CROMBIE, J., & Co., iron founders and steam engine 
builders by steam power. 

Dalgliesh, P. & J., architects and builders. 

DATE, H. H., manufacturer of arms and every variety 
of edge tools, Wellington works, North Water st. 

Davidson, James, conveyancer. 

DAVIDSON, JOHN, postmaster, and agent for Gore 

Davidson, Thomas, woollen factory. 

DAVIS, J. W., & Co., iron founders, dealers in stoves 
and tin ware, and manufacturers of castings of 
every description. Union Foundry. 

DENNIS, FRANCIS, Alhambra saloon. 

DESSAUER, LOUIS W., importer of German goodSj 
and agent for Canada Western, and Provincial 
Insurance Companies. 

DICKSON, WILLIAM, land and town plot proprietor. 

DUMFRIES REFORMER, (THE) weekly, annual sub- 
scription, $2; James Young, editor; James Young 
& Co., proprietors and publishers. 

Elliot, Charles, cooper. 

Elliot, William, carpenter. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, John Fleming, 

Erie & Ontario Fire Insurance Company, Adam Ker, 

Esterbrook, Richard, & Co., dealers in hardware. 

Farrell & Co., brewers. 

Ferguson, Angus, sash and door factory. 

Pindlater, Peter, blacksmith. 

FISHER, THOS. S., dealer in dry goods and millinery. 

Fleming, John, agent for Anchor, Equitable Fire, In- 
ternational Life, and Provincial Insurance Com- 

FLEMING & ROBINSON, general grocers, distillers, 
soap and candle manufacturers, and leather dealers. 

FRASER, J. G., nursery and seeds man, operator 
for Montreal Telegraph Company, and agent for 
American Express Company. 

Freeman & Robinson, soap and candle factory and dis- 

Geddes, James, auctioneer, &c. 

Gibson, rev. Hamilton, church of Scotland. 

Gordon, William, boot and shoe maker. 

Gore Bank, John Davidson, agent. 

• The Post office is ca'led FuUarton. 

DiRBCTORY.J 1858. 



Gore Mutual Insurance Company, Thomas Rich, agent. 

Grammar school, William Tassie, principal. 

Hall, William, saloonkeeper; 

Hamilton^ James, Buck tavern. 

Harris, Augustus, railway station. 

Harris, James, land proprietor. 

Heinhold, William, hatter and furrier. 

Henderson, James, carpenter and joiner. 

Eobson, Benjamin, councillor, and grocer. 

Howell, Daniel, stationer and jeweller. 

Hugill, rev. Joseph, Wesleyan. 

Hume, Gavin, dealer in groceries and hardware. 

International Life Assurance Company, John Fleming, 

JAPFREY, P., & SON, proprietors and publishers of the 

JaSFrey, James, bookbinder. 

James, rev. John, United Presbyterian. ' 

JOB, WILLIAM H., dealer in dry goods, and agent 
for Unity Fire and Life Insurance Associations. 

Kay, James, waggon and carriage maker. 

Kay, John, watchmaker. 

Keachie, Hugh, pump maker. 

KEACHIE, JOHN B., hames manufacturer. 

Ker, Adam, agent for Erie and Ontario Fire Insurance 

Ker & McTague, tinsmiths. 

Kerr, — , physician. 

Knox, Thomas, baker and confectioner. 

Laidlaw, William, carpenter. 

Lancaster, — , homoeopathic physician. 

Laven, Peter, innkeeper. 

Lordly, A. G., grocer. 

LUTZ, COOK & Co., iron founders, manufacturers of 
stoves, tinware, reapers, thrashing machines and 
all kinds of agricultural implements. 

Lutz, Morris C, mayor. 

Malcom, W., cabinet and chair factory. 

March, William, bookseller and stationer. 

M'Broom, William, grocer. 

McCarty, Jacob, innkeeper. 

McCrum, Henry, clerk of Division court, and agent for 
Canada Life Assurance Company. 

McDonald & Ogilvie, dealers in dry goods and millinery. 

McDOUGALL & BROOMFIELD, carpenters and joiners. 

McKeand, Donald, apothecary. 

McMillan, James, farmer. 

McMillan, John, dealer in dry goods. 

McMuUin, John, shoemaker. 

McNaughton, John, councillor and flouring mill owner. 

McVenn, John, saddler and harnessmaker. 

Miller, John, barrister. 

Miller, William, baker. 

Miller, William, judge of County court. 

Minchen, J., waggonmaker. 

Moffatt, J. A., merchant tailor. 

Montreal Telegraph 0«mpany, J. G. Fraser, operator. 

Murphy, John, dealer in dry goods and millinery. 

Murray, Robert, grocer. 

Nattrass, rev. T.. Primitive methodist. 

Neilson, J., baker. 

Nellis, R. P., agent for British America Assurance Co. 

Oliver, Andrew, druggist. 

Oliver, David, shoemaker. 

Oliver, George, butcher. 

OSBORNE, SPIERS & Co., dealer in groceries, pro- 
visions, crockery, &c. 

QKhard, John, merchant tail6r, 

P^e, G. A., innkeeper. 

Paille, Paul, watchmaker and jeweller. 

Patrick & Batton, woollen factory. 

Patton, — , physician and surgeon. 

Patton, John, saloonkeeper. 

Peck & Dykes, maltsters. 

Philp & Mitchell, saddlers and harnessmakers. 

Pollock, James, surveyor. 

Poison, Angus, dealer in dry goods and millinery. 

Provincial Life Assurance and Investment Company, 

R. S. Strong, agent. 
Provincial Insurance Company, John Fleming, agent. 
Provincial Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Louis 

Dessauer, agent. 
Quarry, William, & Co., saddlers and harnessmakers. 
Queen's Arms hotel, E. L. Cutten, proprietor. 
Ramore, D., & Co., stoves and tin ware. 
Ramsay, Andrew, tailor. 
Ramsay, James, butcher. 
Reid, R., surgeon dentist. 
REPORTER, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2, 

P. Jaffrey & Son, editors, proprietors and publishers. 
Rich, Thomas, agent for Gore Mutual and Beacon In- 
surance Companies. 
Richardson, Samuel, M.D., councillor. 
Robertson, R. & J., steam planing machinists and 

ROMAINE, P. Z., dealer in 'groceries, glassware and 

Scott, J., butcher. 

Scott, James, turner and cabinetmaker 
Scott, John, livery stablekeeper. 
Scott, John, marble works. 

Scott, Robert, councillor, and boot and shoe maker. 
Scott, Walter, steam saw mill. 
Sorimger, Alexander, dealer in lumber. 
Scrimger, W., innkeeper. 
Scrimger, William, carpenter. 
Scroggie, George, butcher and drover. 
Seagrim, Thomas, M.D. 
Shade, Absalom, capitalist. 
SHBARSON, WILLIAM A., waggonmaker. 
SINCLAIR, H. B., contractor and builder. 
Smith, J. H., saloonkeeper. 
Sproule, James, shoemaker. 
Strang, rev. James, burgher. 
Strong, R. S., druggist, and agent for Provincial Life 

Assurance Company. 
Susand, N. C, barber. 
Sutherland, Donald, baker and confectioner. 
Tait, John, blacksmith and ploughmaker. 
Thompson, James, barber. 
Todd, & Co., waggon and carriage factory. 
Unity Fire and Life Insurance Associations, William 

H. Job, agent. 
Urquhart, William, ploughmaker. 
VON SUNTEN, CHARLES, watchmaker and jewellej. 
Walker, Robert, dealer in dry goods and clothing. 
Warnock, A., & Co., dealers in dry goods and groceries. 
Warnock, Adam, agent for British Commercial Life 

Insurance Company. 
Warnock, James, & Co., dealers in hardware. 
Wilkins, William, merchant tailor. 
Williams, Morgan, hotelkeeper. 
Wyllie, James, saw mill. 
Young, J., councillor, hotel and stage office keeper. 



1857. [Canada 

GANANOQUE, C. W.— A Tillage in the TownsMfcand County of Leeds. Owingto a chain of lakes and mountains 
whioli extend from east to west tlirougli the Townships ofionge, Bsoott, Lansdowne, and Leeds, cansing in a great measure a 
severance of the rear of each from the front, the southern portions of Lansdowne and Leeds are united for municipal pur- 
poses. The steamers plying between Montreal, Kingston, and Hamilton stop here daily. Oananoquepossessesalargeextent of 
water power, a part of which has been judiciously applied to the establishment of several important maunfactures. The view 
obtained here of the Thousand Isles of the St. Lawrence is exceedingly fine. Gananoque is a Port of Entry, about 3 miles from 
a station of the Grand Trunk Railway. Distant from Montreal 155 miles, and from Kingston 18 miles. Daily maiL Popular 
tion about 1600. 

Abbott, D. S., iron founder and machinist. 

Allen, Daniel S., blacksmith. 

ANDERSON, JAMBS D., clothing store. 

Anderson, Joseph, baker. 

Auchinvole, Alexander, tanner. 

Badcook, Thomas, tavernkeeper. 

Bell, William, B.A., principal of Grammar school. 

Bennet, P., collector of customs; 

Bradley, Henry, carpenter and joimer. 

Britton, Daniel F., postmaster, and storekeeper. ^ 

Brophy, Andrew, councillor. 

Brophy & Brothers, storekeepers. 

Brough, Robert, turner and rake manufacturer. 

BROUGH, WILLIAM, general merchant and produce 

Campbell, Henry, butcher. 

CARR, REV. GEORGE, Wesleyan. 

Carroll, rev. John, church of England, school trustee. 

OHETERS, THOMAS, proprietor of Chevers House 
hotel, and clerk of council. 

Cruse, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Daley, John, carpenter and joiner. 

Dick, David, mason and bricklayer. 

Dick, David S., mason and bricklayer. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Clarkson Jones, 

Gordon, rev. Henry, Free church. 

Grammar school, W. Bell, B. A., principal. 

Hunt & Brother, storekeepers. 

Ingram, G. W., manufacturer of harness mountings, &c. 

International Life Assurance Company, Clarkson Jones, 

Jones, Clarkson, agent for Equitable Fire and Interna- 
tional Life Assurance Companies. 

JONES, D. F., & Co., manufacturers of every descrip- 
tion of shovels, spades, hoes, forks, &o. 

Kirker, James, grocer, shoemaker and reeve. 

Laughton, James K., boarding house. 

Legg, Joshui, nurseryman. 

Lindsay, George, mason and plasterer. 

MACDONALD, WILLIAM S., proprietor of nail fac- 
tory, and saw, flouring and oat mQls, and school 

McGammon, Samuel, master of Common school. 

McCRUM, ROBERT, M.D., superintendent of schools. 

MoDONALD, HON. JOHN, farmer, and school trustee. 

McDonald, John L., farmer and coroner. 

McKechnie, Robert, operator at Montreal Telegraph 

McKelvey, Joseph, brickmaker, and clerk of Division 

Middleton, William, wheelwright and carriagemaker. 

Miller, Robert M., butcher. 

Mitchell, George, turner and carriagemaker. 

Montreal Telegraph office, R. MoKeohnie, operator. 

Morton, John S , painter and glazier. 

O'Brien, Peter, grocer. 

Parmenter, James W., J.P. 

Potter, William, M.D., chemist and druggist. 

POTTER, WILLIAM E., & SON, woollen factors. 

Quinsey, Edward, carpenter and joiner. 

Richmond, Thomas, J.P., M.D. 

Rossiter, rev. James, Roman catholic. 

SKINNER, S., & SON, (late Skinner & McCuUough, 
Brockville,) manufacturers of harness and general 
saddlery, hardware, &o. 

Smith, William, tinsmith. 

Stundon, George, blacksmith. 

Thorp, Henry J., storekeeper. 

TURNER, JAMES, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hard- 
ware, &c., and councillor. 

Turner, John, harnessmaker. 

Waldey, Robert, tailor. 

White, Harrison, nurseryman. 

Wing, John, butcher. 

Woods, T. L., jr., cigar manufacturer. 

WOOLLARD, WILLIAM, proprietor of Gananoqu* 

Wright, Joseph, dealer in cabinetware. 

Wright, Mrs. Sarah, confectioner. 

*GLEN ALLAN, C. W^-A Village in the Township of Peel and County of WeUington. Distant from Berlin 22 miles, 
and from Guelph 30 miles. Daily mail Population about 300. 

ALLAN, GEORGE, J.P., postmaste and clerk 

Division court. 
Allan, James, baker and oonfectio mill owners. 
Allan & Sutherland, mill owners. 
Anderson, James, shoemaker. 
Armstrong, William, Queen's Arms hotel. 
Causland, Archibald, weaver. 
Cookman, John, commissioner in Queen's bench. 
Cunningham, Walker, cabinetmaker. 
Curtis, George, brickmaker. 
Drinkwater, rev. Henry, church of England. 
Firkey, John, cooper. 
Fisher, T. S., general general store. 
Fitzgerald, John, blacksmith. 
Garbert, Thomas, reeve. 

Gibson, James, secretary of Agricultural Society. 
Gibson, John L., storekeeper. 
Graig, Peter, boot and shoemaker. 
Irvine, rev. George, Free church. 
Johnson, James, tailor. 
Kenuey, Jesse, storekeeper. 

of Kidd, J. C, bailiff. 
Malloy, G., J.P. 
Manderson, John, sawyer. 
McLaughlan, John, tailor. 
Mellis, George, auctioneer. 
Meffer, Neil, fanning mill maker. 
Porter, Philip, bricklayer. 
Peid, rev. Henry, Episcopal methodist. 
Russell, William, teacher. 
Shaw, W. C, physician and surgeon. 
Squires, B., nurseryman. 
Sutherland, Daniel, Farmers inn. 
Sutherland, William S., builder. 
Sylvester, rev. Jacob, Bible Christian. 
Tanner, John, tanner and currier. 
Viely, Peter, blacksmith. 
Wallis, John, carpenter and joiner. 
Waid, William, waggonmaker. 
Webb, Elias, frames. 
Weir, Alexander, carpenter. 
White, George, miller. 

;, — * Also called Allansville, which is the name of the Post office. 

.DiBKCTOET.] 1858. GASP:fe— GASPfi BASIN. 151 


[This portion of Canada, in its general oliara<iteristios,— resources, commerce, geography, &c.,— presents such a dissimilarity to 
the other Districts of the Provincej that it haa been deemed advisable, with a view to its just appreciation, to deviate in some 
measure fl'om the usual plan of this work, by the insertion of the following general description of this District, which has beeu 
kindly furnished by Peter Winter, Esq., of Perc4. An additional reason for this course is afforded by the circumstance, that the 
agent who was specially engaged to take personally th' particulars of all the Villages in that neighbourhood, was obliged, by an 
unexpected brcaking-up of the winter roads, to abaiii on the task in the midst of his journey. Some idea of the impecliments he 
encountered will be conveyed by a knowledge of the i act, that from the time he left Montreal, on this business, a period of 90 days 
elapsed before he could eifect his return to the city. However, subsequent efforts have enabled the publisher to i^rnish the neces- 
ear^ information of most of the places comprised lu the District, which will be found on reference to the general Index.] 

This District, comprising the Counties of Gasp^ and Bonaventure, Is surrounded from Cap Chat to Cap des Eosiers by the waters 
of the Eiver St. Lawrence j thence to Pointe a'jx Maqueraux by the waters of the Gulf, this point being the boundary between 
the two counties; thence to Point Magouacha by the Bale des Chaleurs, and thence westward to the uppeiinost end of the 
District by River Bistigouche : the whole extent being about 375 miles of coast, intersected by numerous smaller rivers, bays, 
and harbors, and being throughout a most valuable and inexhaustible fishing coast,— more particularly so the County of Gaspfi, and 
the Magdalen Islands, situate in the cnntre of the Gulf. The chief resources of the District, with respect to exportations, are 
thecod, salmon, mackerel, herring, and whale fisheries, and lumber ; the former principally in the County of Gasp6, and the 
latter principally iu the County of Bonaventure. The imports, consisting of the necessaries of life in the way of provision and 
clothing for the total supply of nearly two thirds of the population (not being producers or manufacturers), make of this Dis- 
trict an extensive market for the products of other parts of the Province, contributing largely to the publ ic revenue. The 
trade carried on hitherto has been retained by a comparatively. small number of houses (who have realized large fortunes), 
leaving yet room for many competitors. The population of the District, 20,748 per last census, may now be estimated at about 
25,000, mostly settled along the coast, leaving immense tracts of wild lands fit for cultivation. The County of Gasp^ consista 
of the following Township Municipalities,— the populations given are those of the last census :— 

■D„™,i»*-„« Mayors, who constitute the 

Population. jj^j„ Division County Council. 

Perc^ (County Town), 2160 Heuri Paradis. 

Newport and Pabos, united 1025 James M. Itemon. 

Grand Eiiver (Seigniory), 689 P. X. Dugal. 

Mai Bay 780 Jacob S. Packwood. 

Douglas 819 Bernard ConoUy. 

Gasp6 Bay South and York, united 606 James Pcrchard. 

Gasp6 Bay North and Sydenham, united 288 Golbert Lavergue. 

Fo?.^!'..^.''!"' •. ■.■■•••.•.■.■.■.:■.■.■.■■■. :■.■■.•.•.■.•■■■.■.:■.:■.:■.■■.:;■■. IZ] None appointed. 

Secretary-treasurer, 0. T. Connick, M.D, 

The remainder of the County, Ste. Anne des Monts and Cap Chat, &c., population 966, and the Magdalen Islands, population 2203 
being separate County Municipal Divisions, have power to establish separate local register offices ; but so far the Perc6 office 
is the only one for the whole County. 

Post Office route through the District :— The mall from M6tis, Matane, and Cap Chat, to Ste. Anne and Pox River, is carried on 
foot, fortnightly ; thence to Grand Gr6ve (Cap Rosier Township) and Gasp6 Basin, on foot, weekly ; and thence to the following 
offices, and throughout the County of Bonaventure, semi-weekly, with vehicles, which convey travellers at 4d. per mile,— Gasp6 
Basin, Douglastown, Point St. Peter (Malbay Township), Perc^, Cape Cove (Pero6 Township), and Grand River. 

The County of Bonaventure consists of the following Township Municipalities,- the populations given are those of the last census : 

TinrniioMnn Mayors, who constitute the County 
Population. Council. 

Cox 1693 John R. Hamilton (Warden). 

Port Daniel, 826 William McPherson. 

Hope 1107 Barnabas McGee. 

Hamilton 1031 

New Richmond, 1274 John Howatson. 

Carletou 855 Remain Landry. 

Maria, 1349 

Nouvelle and Shoolbred 1309 James Paschal Quinn. 

Mann, 569 Thomas Wilson. 

S^fc:;::::::;::::;:::::;::;:::;:::;:::;;:::::;::;:;:::;::::::;;;::::::;:: S J-- ^iuaxs. 

Secretary-treasurer, J. G. Le Bel. 
The mail is conveyed semi-weekly, in vehicles, at all seasons, (passengers at 4d. per mile,) to and from Quebec, connecting at Grand 
River, through the following stations : Port Daniel, Pa-spebiao, New Carlisle, New Richmond (Cascapedia), Carleton, and Cross 
Point (BistigDuche). There is another mail route from New Brunswick across the Ristigouche, and (on foot in winter) from 
Ristigouche to M^tis. 

GASPE BASIN, C. E.— A widely scatteredVlllageintheTownshipsof Gasp(SBay SouthandYork,andCountyandDis- 
trict of Gasp& It is the principal port In the Bay, and is the seat of extensive fisheries of salmon, mack erel, codfish, herring, 
whales, 4c. ; and it is a Port of Entry. The Circuit Court is held here. Distant from Quebec about 600 milos. Mail bi-weekly. 
Fopulatl3n about 550. 

Annett, Kichard, councillor. 

Bechervaise, Philip, councillor. 

Belleau, John C, collector of customs. 

CofBn, Abraham, councillor. 

Coffin, Benjamin, sen., councillor. 

Coffin, Felix, grocer. 

Delamare, rev. Francis, M.A., church of England. 

Dnmaresque, George, president of Reading Boom Asso- 

Dumaresque, Nicholas, J.P., storekeeper. 

Eden, John, J.P., revenue inspector, crown land agent, 
clerk of Circuit court and Lloyd's agent. 

Eden,Joseph, grocer, and-secretary treasurer of council. 

EaTanagh, Joseph, postmaster, Exchange office. 

Laws, W. T., grocer. 

LeBoutillier, John, J.P., M.P.P. storekeeper. 

Merriam, W. W., of W. W. Merriam & Co., United 
States consul and patron of Reading Room Asso- 

Merriam, W. W., & Co., storekeepers. 

Perchard, James, J.P., storekeeper and mayor. 

Reading Room Association, W. W. Merriam, patron ; 
N. Dumaresque, president ; P. Vautier, secretary. 

Shaw, Joseph, storekeeper, mill owner and councillor. 

Slous, John, trader in dry goods. 

Suddard, Thomas, councillor. 

Vautier, Philip, secretary of Reading Boom Association. 



1857. [Canada 

GENTILLY, C. E.— A Village situated on the South shore of the Eiver St. Lawrence, in Iha Seigniory ofGeiitilly, 
County of Nicolet, and District of Three Bivcrs. It has a considerable lumber trade. Distant tram Quebec 75 miles. Popula- 
tion about 600. 

Baril, Francois X., inspector of roads. 

Beauchdne, Alexis, general store. 

Beauchdne, Eli, inspector of roads. 

Beaudet, Francois, shoemaker. 

Beaudet, George, road overseer. 

Beaudet, Isai'e, road overseer. 

Beaudet, Michel, shoemaker. 

Beaumier, Charles, jr., road overseer. 

B^cotte, Alexis M., blacksmith. 

Bergeron, David, boarding house. 

Brunelle, Cyrille, road overseer. 

Brunelle, P61ix, J.P.,postmaster,and general storekeeper. 

Brunelle, Louis, blacksmith. 

Caron, Etienne, tanner. 

Chandonnet, Jean, bailiff. » 

Gharland, Michel, general store. 

Dostie, rev. Louis H., Roman catholic. 

Dubord, Isaac, carriagemaker. 

Dumond, Jean, road overseer. 

Durand, Isaac, wheelwright, carpenter and joiner. 

Fortier, Thomas, J.P., M.P.P., physician and surgeon, 

and commissioner of small causes. 
Fournier, Franjois, tinsmith. 
Genest, Calixte, inspector of roads. 
Godet, Joseph, J.P. 
Goudreanlt, Jacques, road overseer. 
Goudreault, Louis, cooper. 
Houle, Alexandre, road overseer. 
Houle, Cyrille, commissioner of small causes. 
Houle, David, road overseer. 
Houle, F^lix, bailiff. 
Jolibois, Edouard, road overseer. 
Lacerte, Pierre, blacksmith. 

Lanouette, Thiburce, tanner. 

Lavigne, Fran9ois, carriagemaker and carpenter. 

Leblanc, Ou^sime, road overseer. 

Legendre, Jean Baptiste, J.P., provincial land surveyor, 
and mayor. 

Legendre, Jean Baptiste Onesime, provincial land sur- 

Malhiot, David, J. P., commissioner of small causes. 

Malhiot, F^lix, commissioner of small causes. 

Marchand, Fr^d^rick, shoemaker. 

Marier, Charles B., physician and surgeon. 

Maurault, Bonaventure, notary public, and inspector of 

Mayrand, Pierre, general store. 

Michel, Mrs. Pierre, bakery and boarding honse. 

Moussette, Fran9ois, shoemaker. 

Naud, Adolphe, road overseer. 

Pepin, Alexis, blacksmith. 

Pepin, Franyois Henri, general store. 

Poisson, Alexis, wheelwright, carpenter, joiner and in- 
spector of roads. 

Poisson, Eli, road overseer. 

Poisson, Isidore, wheelwright and carriagemaker. 

Eeau, Alexis, road overseer. 

Roux, Cyprien, road overseer. 

Roux, Z^phirin, wheelwright, carpenter and joiner. 

Tellier, Basile, road overseer. 

Tourigny, Honor^, notary-public, secretary-treasurer 
of municipality and schools, and clerk of Commis- 
sioners court. 

Toutant, Fablen, mason. 

Turcotte, Moi'se, road overseer. 

VeUlette, Jean, blacksmith. 

GEORGETOWN, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Esquesing and Coimty of Halton. On the Grand Trunk 
Bailway, with a station at which all trains stop. It has extensive manufactories of paper and cloth, with a considerable retail 
country trade. Distant from Toronto 28 miles, and from Milton, the County Town, M miles. Pare from Toronto via Grand 
Truuk Railway, $1. Daily mails. Population about 1200. 

Anderson, Elijah, waggon and carriage maker. 

Anderson, William, boot and shoe maker. 

Bailey, Elijah, grocer and produce dealer. 

Bailey, John, tailor. 

BARBER, WILLIAM, & BROTHERS, paper makers and 

Barkley, Francis, storekeeper. 
Beacon Insurance Company, James Young, agent. 
British America Assurance Company, James Young, 

Campbell, Alexander, innkeeper. 

Canada Life Assurance Company, James Young, agent. 
Chisholm, William, butcher. 
Crowley, Patrick, waggonmaker. 
Dayfoot, P. W., & Co., tanners. 
Dick, rev. A., M.A., Baptist. 
Dinis, John, carpenter. 

Equitable Insurance Company, William W. Roe, agent. 
Finn, rev. P. M., Episcopal methodist. 
F'raser, T. B., bookseller and stationer. 
Galbraith, Alfred, watchmaker. 

Gore Mutual Insurance Company, James Young, agent. 
Hardacre, Jonathan, shoemaker. 
Harrold, T. G., dealer In boots and shoes. 
Higgins, John, hotel and livery staWekeeper. 
Higgins, William, saloonkeeper. 
Ismond, William, innkeeper. 
Jelley, Henry, grocer. 
Jones, Robert, hotelkeeper. 
Kennedy, George, & Sons, iron founders, saw mill owners 

and general contractors. 
Leavens, Elijah, produce dealer. 
Maw, Robert, woollen factor. 

McCuUough, Robert, M.D. 

McKenzie, George, iron founder and machinist. 

McKenzie, George, tinsmith. 

McKenzie, rev. J. G. D., B.A., Georgetown and Nerval. 

McMaster, William, grocer and produce dealer. 

McVicar, rev. W., Baptist. 

Moore, James, storekeeper. 

Muir, rev. James C, church of Scotland. 

Philp, rev. Samuel C., Wesleyan. 

Phillips, Samuel, land, insurance and general agent, 
commissioner in Queen's bench, conveyancer, &c. 

Provincial Insurance Company, James Young, agent, 

Quinlan, John, carpenter. 

ROE, WILLIAM W., wholesale dealer in groceries and 
liquors, auctioneer, and agent for Equitable Insu- 
rance Company. 

Statham, Silas, dealer in tinware, stoves, &c. 

SUMPTER, JOHN, postmaster. 

Taylor, rev. C, Episcopal methodist. 

Thompson, Benjamin, cabinet and chair maker. 

Travis, Elijah, cabinet and chair maker. 

IJnsworth, rev. J., Congregationalist. 

Van Allen, William, tailor. 

Vyse, James, baker. 

Watsons & Ruston, druggists and stationers. 

Watson, James B., tanner. 

WRIGHT, HENRY, general retail and produce dealer. 

Wright, William, physician and surgeon. 

YOUNG, JAMES,' wholesale and retail dealer in dry 
goods, groceries and hardware, agent for Beacon, 
British America, Canada Life, Gore Mutual, and 
Provincial Insurance Companies. 

DlREOTOEY.J 1858. 



GEOiRGEVILLE, C- £■— A Village romantically situated on the East side of Lalce Hemphremagog, in the Township 
and County of Stanstead and Dlstriot of St. Francis. It is a Port of Entry. There is a tri-weekly stage to Stanstead Plain, 16 
miles, f^ 7Sc„ and another to Magog, 10 miles, fare 25o. The steamer Mountain Maid calls here twice a day with mails, on her 
passage up and down between Magog and Newport. Population about 250. 

AdamSjiev. L. P., Congregatioilalist. 

Bates, Eos well, blacksmith. 

Bigelow, Levi, tavemkeeper. 

Bullock, Increase, of Oopp & Bullock, agent for Equit- 
able Fire Insurance Company. 

BULLOCE, CHAUNOBT, J.P., collector of customs. 

CHANNELL, CHARLES S., postmaster, and proprietor 
of Memphremagog house, head of Magog st. 

COPP & BULLOCK, dealers in dry goods, hardware, 
groceries, produce, &c. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Increase Bullock, 

Gardyn, Andrew,, tanner. 
Hall, Albert C, M.D. 
Livingston, John, shoemaker. 
McGowan, William, preventive officer. 
Merrill, Peter, general store. 
Mitchell, rev. Edward, Baptist. 
Tuck, John C, preventive officer. 

GLEN MORRIS, C. W>— A Village situated on the Grand Kiver, in the Township of South Sutnfries and County of 
Brant. Distant from Brantford 12 miles, from Hamilton 25 miles, and from Paris 6 miles. Daily mail. Population 
about 100. 

Bruce, Andrew, blacksmith and waggonmaker. 

Colvin, William, blacksmith. 

Dunbar, rev. John, United presbyteriaJi. 

Freeman, George, general store. 

Head, Greorge, steam saw mill. 

McNabb, A., shoeniaker. 

Murray, J., tailor. 

Poison, William, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Ross, — , shoemaker. 

Sharp, James, J.P., farmer. 

SMel, Robert, innkeeper. 

Shields, James, distiller. 

*GLEN WILLIAM, C. W.— A Village situated on the Kiver Credit, in the Township of Esquesing and County of 
Halton. Distant ft^m Milton 14 miles, ii-om Toronto 30 miles, and ft-om Georgetown Station of the Grand Trunk Railway 
1 mile. Daily mail. Population about 350. 

Alexander, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Alexander, William. 

Beebe, Silas, edge tool'maker. 

Brown, Robert, pump maker. 

Chapman, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Cook, John, jr., innkeepet. 

Cooper, Archibald, saw mill owner. 

Craine, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Darling, Joshua, joiner. 

Elder, Donald, tailor. 

Forster, James. 

Forster, M., mill owner and shingle factor. 

Fraser, captain J. S. 

Gill, William, innkeeper. 

Grundy, Andrew, blacksmith. 
Hardy, Charles, joiner. 
Herald, John, tailor. 
Laidlaw, J. S., general dealer. 
Leslie, lieut. John. 
McLean, John, t&ilor. 
Murray, John, joiner. 
Stewart, James, mason. 
Stull, captain John. 
Thompson, James M., millwright. 
Tweedle, Joseph, saw mill owner. 
Webster & Sutclif, general dealers. 
Williams, Charles, postmaster, mill o^iner and woollen 

GLENCOE, C. W.— A Village situated in the Townships of Ekftid and Mosa, and County of Middlesex. It is a station 
on the Great Western Eailway. Distant from London 30 mUes. Mail daily. Population about 150. 

Currie, Thomas, brickmaker. 

Doney, C, waggonmaker. 

Field, Gilbert, pumpmaker. 

Gorman, John, blacksmith. 

Graham, John, Glencoe saloon. 

Mclntyre, D. & A., tailors. 

McLelland, Archibald, farmer. 

McDonald, Peter, shoemaker. 

McPherson, Jamies, Western hotel. 

McRae, D., Railway hotel. 

McRae, Donald, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

McRae, J. R., dealer in states and lumber. 

Mickel, William, cooper. 
Plumsted, Simon, shoemaker. 
Boss, R., steam saw mill. 
Smith, John, storekeeper. 
Sutherland, Hugh, storekeeper. 
Sutherland, rev. W. R., Free church. 
Syms, William, J.P., farmer. 
VanNorman, E., builder. 
Walker, John, farmer. 
Walker, Johnson, carpenter. 
Ward & McAlpin, general store. 
Wicks, William, general store. 

f G LENLYON) C. W.— A newly laid out Villiige in the centre of the Township of Carrick and in the County of Bruce 
Distant from Southampton 40 miles, and frOin Guelph 60 miles. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 40. 

SHBNNAN, JOHN, postmaster, and innkeeper. 
Shennan, Samuel, general store. 
Smith, John, blacksmith. 

Garslin, Calvin, carpenter. 
Harress, Frederick, cabinetmaker. 
Huyck, Calib, framer and constable. 
Mordon, Daniel, waggonmaker. 

GOODWOOD, C. W.— A Village in the Township of Uxbridge and County of Ontai'io. Distant from Toronto 36 miles 
Tri-weekly mail. Population about 100. 

Dowswell, George, farmer. 
Gladstone, Ritchey, blacksmith. 
Shenfelt, Peter, councillor. 

Calhoun, James, general dealer. 

Chapman, Michael, postmaster, and innkeeper. 

Daley, James, shoemaker. 

* Formerly called Williamsburgh. t Also called Balaklava. 




185T. [Canada 

GODERICH, C. W.— The chief Town of the County of Huron. It is beautifully situated on the East shore of Lake 
Huron, at the mouth of the Eiver Maitland, and has a good and convenient harbour, which is being enlarged and improved. 
Goderich is the western terminus of the Buffalo and Lake Huron Eailway. It has daily comnjunication by steamboat during 
summer with Saruia and Detroit, and steamers leave at regular intervals for Kincardine, Port Head, Bale dn Dard, and 
^augeen, ports further north on the same shore ; and upon the completion of the Buffalo and Lake Eailway, this au- 
tumn, a large portion of the travel and trafBe of Lake Superior and the Great West will pass through the place. The country 
around Goderich is of the most fertile character, and large quantities of wheat are aimually raised and exported from the 
neighbourhood. The fisheries prosecuted at various points along the coast have also been productive of considerable wealth 
to the Town. The land to the north of Goderich not having been brought into the market for sale and settlement unta 
within the last five years, the progress and prosperity of the place was for a long period much retarded ; but it is now rapidly 
advancing in commercial importance and population. Distant by railway from Stratford, where the Buffalo and Lake Huron 
Eailway connects with the Grand Trunk, 44 miles ; from Buffalo, ft. T., 160 miles ; from Samia by steamboat 65 miles ; and 
from Toronto by railway 132 miles. Population about 4000. 

Acheson, George, boot and shoe maker. 

Adams, John, tailor and clothier. 

Allan, John, tavernkeeper. 

Aman, M., cabinetmaker. 

Andrews, — , butcher. 

Arthur, John, auctioneer. 

BANK OF MONTREAL, Henry McCutcheon, agent. 

BANK OP UPPER CANADA, John McDonald, agent. 

Bates, Thomas, bricklayer and plasterer. 

Beacon Fire and Life Insurance Company, S. Pollock, 

Bingham & Bone, painters, paper hangers, &c. 
Bissett, George, carpenter and joiner. 
Bissett, James, carpenter and joiner. 

British America Assurance Company,- W. B. Rich, 
. agent. 


Brown, George, treasurer. 

Buckley, William, boot and shoemaker. 

Bask, A. P., general dealer. 

Cameron, M. E., attorney. * 

CANADA COMPANY, John McDonald, agent. 

Canadia Western Assurance Company, John Holdan, jr., 
agent. , 

Claridge, Henry C, MJ)., coroner. 

CleflTord, E., coffee and chop house. 

Clifford, G., carpenter and joiner. 

Colborne hotel, C. Wells, proprietor. 

Collins, James, boot and shoemaker. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, W. E. Grace, agent. 

Colwick & Hopkins paSnters, paper hangers, &c. 

Cooper, Robert, County judge. 

Cox, Stephen, jeweller and watchmaker. 

Crabb, C, forwarder, warehouseman and dealer. 

Crabb, William, tailor. 

Craig, John, Kincardine arms. 

Daucy, John, cooper. 

DARK, THOMAS, Hurm hotel. 

Davis & Hory, tinsmiths. 

Davison, John, attorney. 

Dennis, John, civil engineer. 

Detlor, J. v., reeve. 

Detlor, J. v., & Co., general dealers. 

Dezkug & Cook, furnishing warehouse. 

Dodds, Henry, fanning mill manufacturer. 

Donogh, Andrew, tavernkeeper. 

DUTTON & WRIGHT, British exchange hotel. 

Elwood, rev. B. Lindsay, M.A., rector, church of Eng- 

Equitable Fire Insurance Co., D. S. Gooding, agent. 

EVANS, REV. JOHN T., Wesleyan. 

Fitz, William J., tavernkeeper. 

Pox, Peter, cooper. 

Fraser,'reT. John, United Presbyterian. 

GALT, JOHN, registrar of county. 

Gentles, T., saloon keeper. 

Goldthope, S. & J., general dealers. 

Gooding, D. S., agent for Equitable Fire,' and Interna- 
tional Life Assurance Companies. 

Gooding, Jasper K., general dealer. 

Gooding, William, general dealer. 

Gordon, Daniel, cabinetmaker. 

Grace, W. E., general dealer, and agent for Colonial 

Life Assurance Company. 
Holdan, John, jr., agent for Canada Western Assuance 

Hamilton, Morgan J., M.D., coroner. 
Hands, Henry, baker. 
Hinly,- Daniel, carpenter and joiner. 
Henry, John, jeweller and watchmaker. 
Herr, Joseph, jeweller and watchmaker. 
Hick & Sweeth, carpenters and joiners. 
Hobson, George, stage proprietor. 
Horton, Horace, saddler and harnessmaker. 
Horton, Horace, agent for Provident, and Provincial In- 
surance Companies. 
Hunter, John, general dealer. 

HURM HOTEL, Thomas Dark, proprietor. 

HURON SIGNAL, (THE) weekly, annual subscription 
$2 ; Thomas McQueen, editor ; NichoUs & Cox, 
proprietors and publishers. 

International Life Assurance Co., D. S. Gooding, agent. 

Johnston, Andrew, general dealer. 

Johnston, H., registrar of Surrogate and clerk of 
County court. 

Jourdan, Francis, chemist and druggist. 

Julie, E. C, baker. 

Keays & Rumball, forwarder and warehouseman. 

Keeffer, William, blacksmith. 

Kincardine Arms, John Craig, proprietor. 

Kneeshaw, Thomas, bricklayer and plasterer. 

Lamontine, S., cabinetmaker. 

Lawson, D., collector of customs. 

LEWIS, IRA, barrister and attorney. 

Lizars, Daniel, clerk of peace. 

Lizars, J. L., M.D. 

Mackid, rev. Alexander, church of Scotland. 

Marlton, Brothers, ship builders. 

Martin & Passmore, carriagemakers. 

McAlister, D., boot and shoe maker. 

McBruil, A., tailor. 

McCutcheon, Henry, agent for Bank of Montreal. 

McDonald, John, planing mill and sash factory. 

McDonald, John, sheriff, and agent for Bank of Upper 
Canada, and for Canada Company. 

McDonald, John, & Co., steam saw mill. 

MoDOUGALL, P. A., M.D., mayor, coroner, and clerk 
of Division court. 

McGardy, John, boot and shoemaker. 

Mcintosh, L., gunsmith. 

McKay, Angus, tailor. 

McKay, William, general dealer. 

McKenzle, John, cabinetmaker. 

McLennon, M., carpenter and joiner. 

MoLeod, John, carriagemaker. 

Mercer, J. H., M.D. 

Molsworth & Weatherall, provincial land surveyors and 
civil engineers. 

Moore, A. J., barrister and attorney. 

Moore, Elijah, carpenter and joiner. 

Moran, M., tailor and clothier. 

Morwa, David, boot and shoemaker. 

Nasmyth, Alexander, tailor and clothier. 

DiRECTOBY.] 1858. 



NIOHOLLS & COX, printers, booksellers and stationers, 

proprietors and publishers of the Huron Signal. 
NIOHOLLS, JOSEPH, architect and builder. 
NI9H0LLS, THOMAS, notary public and conveyancer. 
Nolan, Peter, blacksmith. 
O'Connor, H. B., general dealer. 
Oliver & Bruce, tanners. 
Owen, E. R., general dealer. 
Popst, John C, general dealer. 
Popst, William, general dealer. 
Parker, Robert, general dealer. 
Parsons, Benjamin, general dealer. 
Peck, Leonard, nurseryman. 
Pentland, Samuel, boot and shoe maker. 
Perceval, William, provincial land surveyor. 
Perry, Josiah, pork and sausage dealer 
Pollock, Samuel, deputy sheriff and agent for Beacon 

Fire and Life Insurance Company. 
Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 

Horace Horton, agent. 
Provincial Insurance Company, Horace Horton, agent. 
Ralph, John, tinsmith. 
Reynolds, R. B., chemist and druggist. 
Rich, W. B., agent for British America Insurance Co. 
Robertson, M., turner. 

Runciman & Co., iron founders and machinists. 
Rutlage, Thomas, carpenter and joiner. 
Savage, William M., general dealer. 
Seymour, W. & B., forwarders and warehousemen. 
Sharman, Edward, bookseller. 
Sharman, Edward, bricklayer and plasterer. 
Sharman, William, bricklayer and plasterer. 
Sinclair, C, butcher. 

Sinfield & Boyd, carriagemakers. 

Skinnings, James, tailor. 

Sleight & Floss, boot and shoemaker. 

Smail & Struthers, auctioneers, and general dealers. 

Smith, David, civil engineer. 

Smith & McGregor, tailors. 

Smith, Thomas, Victoria hotel. 

Smith, W. G. & A., tanners. 

Stewart, John, general dealer. 

Story, Rhynas & Co., iron founders and machinists. 

Stotts, William, livery stable keeper, saddler and har- 

Strachan & McDermott, barristers and attornies. 
Tiarney, L., cooper. 
Trainer & Thompson, carriagemakers. 
Treleaven, W. C, marble works. 
TRUEMAN, G. W., aujtioueer and general agent. 
Tuckingham, R., drum manufacturer. 
Vanvery, T. B., clerk of market. 
Victoria hotel, Thomas Smith, proprietor. 
Vidran, George, blacksmith. 
Walker, R. & J., carpenters and joiners. 
Wallace, Alexander, jeweller and watchmaker. 
Wallace, William, builder, joiner, &c. 
Watson, Edward C, painter. 
Watson, James, baker. 

Watson, James, postmaster, and general dealer. 
Watson, L. W., general dealer. 
Wells, C, Colborne hotel. 

Wells, G., & Co., lumber merchants, and Warehousemen. 
Whitely, Robert, saddler and harnessmaker. 
Widder, C, crown land agent. 

'GORE, C> E.— A Township in the 'County of Argenteuil. The scenery Is very romantic, being moimtainous, and having 
several large lakes, which furnish excellent fishing. Distant from Montreal 50 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population of Town- 
ship about 1000. 

Arnot, Alexander, grist and saw mills. 

Beat, Robert, councillor. 

Christie, W. J., councillor. 

Evans, William, councillor. 

Griffin, rev. Joseph, church of England. 

Rogers, Frederick. 

Rogers, George* postmaster, mayor, and storekeeper. 

Sherrit, George, councillor. 

Smith, William, councillor. 

Strong, William, storekeeper, and councillor. 

GORE'S LANDING, C. W.— A Village situated is miles North of Cobourg, on the South Shore of Rice Lake, in the 
Township of Hamilton and County of Northumberland. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 50. 

Brooks & Brother, woollen factory. 

Brown, William, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Fortune, J. B. steam saw mill. 

I Frew, Stewart, shoemaker. 

Gabbitis, John, innkeeper. 

I Harris, Alfred, innkeeper. 

GOULD, C. E.— A Vaiage in the Township of Lingwick, County of Compton and Bistrict of St. Praucis. It is beau- 
tifully situated on the Mofiatt and Salmon Eivers, which, at a short distance from the village, have several magnificent water- 
powers. There is a semi-weekly mail stage to Eobinson, 12 miles, fare BOc, and one semi- weekly to Stornaway, 14 miles, 
fare BOc. Population about 100. 

Baxter, John R., carpenter. 

Bennett, Thomas, carpenter. 

Gilles, Malcolm, merchant tailor. 

Handright, John, shoemaker. 

Keenan, John, bailiff. 

McKenzie, Alexander, blacksmith. 

Noble, John, tavemkeeper and stage proprietor. 

Nurse, Thomas, grist and saw mills. 
PBNNOYER, AUSTIN, general agent. 
Pope, John A., general agent. 
ROSS, JAMES, J.P., postmaster, storekeeper, 

manufacturer and mayor. 
Wait, Abraham, township secretary-treasurer. 
Webster, Woodman, carpenter. 


GRAHAMSVILLE, C. W.— a Village situated in the Township of Ohinguaoousy and County of Peel. Distant from 
Toronto 17 miles, fare 50o. There is a daily stage to Mono Mills, distant 22 miles, fare $1. Daily mail. Population about 160. 

Andrews, rev. W., Wesleyan. 

Armstrong, rev. J. G., church of England. 

Bell, Robert, hotelkeeper. 

Cousin, J. R., physician and surgeon. 

Graham, Thomas, postmaster, and general storekeeper. 

Hughes, John, blacksmith. 

Jones, rev. B., Wesleyan. 

Loupher, Peter, general store. 

Morrison, Martin, physician and surgeon. 

PhUlips, T. G., M.D. 

Watson, James, carriagemaker. 

• The Post office is called Lakefleld. 



1867. [Cajjada 

'GRAFTON, C. W.— A village in the Township of TraMi.ina.Tid and County of ggrthumberland. It is msar a port of entry 
on Larke Ontario, from which is shipped lumber, flo^ir and other produce of the bact country ; audit is also near the Grafton 
depot of the Grand Trunk Railway. Distant from Cobourg 7 miles, and from Toronto 77 miles. There is a stage twice a 
week to Vemonville, 6 miles, fare 50c. Daily mail. Population about 800. « 

Aird, James, carpenter and joiner. 

Arkland, John, bailiff. 

ARKLAND, RICHARD D., bailiff. 

Barnum, J. S. E., farmer. 

Barnum, Smith, councillor. 

Bends, Stephen, laborer. 

Bingley, J., agent for Equitable Fire, and International 
Life Assurance Companies. 

Bingley, Thomas, storekeeper, clerk of council, and 

Bird, George, butcher. 

Blacklock, John, taUor, 

Brown, Benjamin, proprietor of Mansion House hotel. 

Cameron, Hugh, land owner. 

Campbell, Charles, farmer. * 

CAMPBELL & PYM, extensive distillery. 

CLARK, STEPHEN, farmer. 

Clitheroe, James, painter and glazier. 

Coates, Charles A., M.D. 

Coulston, Joseph, grist mill. 

Cuthbert, James, shoemaker. 

Doolittle, Bphraim, J.P., farmer. 

Dorr & Head, sash and door factory. 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. Bingley, agent. 

Fisher, John, deputy reeve. 

Fraser, Alexander, shoemaker. 

Gillard, James, of James Gillard & Son, councillor. 

GILLARD, JAMBS, & SON, dealers infancy and staple 
dry goods, hardware, groceries, crockery, &c. 

Glover, John, grocer. 

GODARD & Co., dealers in every description of gene- 
ral merchandise and country produce. 

GRAFTON HOTEL, Mrs. Eleanor Patterson, pro- 

Greenwood, H. & D., woollen factors ,and carders. 

Heenan, Thomas, J.P., farmer. ' * 

Hoyt, Asa, carriage and sleigh maker. 

International Life Assurance Company, J. Bingley, 

Lidster, Robert, flouring mill. 

Lilly, James, shoemaker. 

Macaulay, Frank, tailor. 

MALE & GLBASON, iron founders, waggon and hame 

factors and blacksmiths. 
Mansion House hotel, Benjamin 3rown, proprietor. 
Massey, John G., grist mill. 
McCarty, T., music teacher. 
McCollough, Robert, tanner. 
Mcpherson, JOHN, hotelkeeper. 
MILLIGAN, ANDREW, tailor and clotjiier. 
Milligan, Maxwell, tsiilor. 
Milligan, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker. 
Moore, Amos, farmer. 
Munroe, John, laborer. 

PATTERSON, MRS. ELEANOR, Grafton hotel. 
Patton, John, waggonmaker. 
Potts, Joseph, land owner. 
Rogers, James G., J.P., clerk of Division court. 
Ross, Alexander, blacksmith. 
Scarlett, John, land owner. 
Sheeler, John, copper. 
Shelson, George, cooper. 
Smith, rev. John W., Free church. 
Snow, Patrick, tailor. 
Spalding, Thomas M., hrewer. 
Stanley, Robert W., land owner. 
Taylor, John, postmaster. 

Taylor, William, storekeeper and treasurer of -council. 
-Township library, T. Bingley, librarian. 
Tremaine, Jonathan, station master. 
Turney, James, carpenter and joiner. 
Vernon, Charles H., J.P., farmer. 
Vernon, H., M.D. 

Walsh, S. S., collector of customs, and harbor master. 
Wilson, John, J.P., reeve and coroner. 
Wilson, rev. John, church of England, Colbprne and 

Winters, Cyrus, grocer. 

tGRAND BAY, C. E.— A Village situated at the head of Grand Bay, on the South side, in the Township of Bagot and 
County of Chicoutimi. This remarkable Bay is 60 miles fi:om the mouth of the Eiver Saguenay, its average breadth is a mile, 
and its depth 100 fathoms. An extensive lumber business is carried on at Grand Bay Village, and vessels load here direct 
for England. Distant from Chicoutimi, the eJi^ lieu of the County, 12 miles, and from Quebec by water 180 miles, by tod 
by way of Murray Bay 160 miles, and by St. Paul's Bay 130 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population a,bout 750. 

Billay, Louis, farmer. 

BLAIR, ROBERT, agent for W. Price & Co. 

Bouchard, Andr6, councillor. 

Bouchard, Hypolite, blacksmith. 

Bouchard, Paschal, stevedore. 

Cot^, Edouard, carpenter and joiner. 

Couture, Michel, innkeeper. 

Desbien, Bastien, carpenter and joiner. 

Forgade, Louis, millwright. 

Portin, Bernard, miller. 

Garneau, Adolphe, blacksmith. 

Garneau, Thomas, dry goods and grocery. 

HAMILTON, THOMAS, accountant. 

Harton, Ignace, butcher. 

Jean, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Kane, John, notary public, crown land agent, mayor 

and warden. 
Lesp^rance,'Joseph, advocate. 

-Martel, -Luc, -wheelwright. 

Mathieu, Louis, J.P., councillor. 

McKay, Samuel, tailor. 

Michaiid, Jacques, shipwright. 

Morton, Alexander, saddler. 

NUGENT, THOMAS, blacksmith. 

Patrice, Michel, tinsmith. 

Pellerin, Louis, tanner. 

Potvin, Guillaume, livery stable keeper. 

Saillant, Ferdinand, bailiff. 

Saillant, Julien, postmaster, and clerk of council. 

Savard, Gr^goire, general dealer, and councillor, 

Simard, Thomas, navigator. 

Sloane, Samuel, baker. 

Tremblay, Louis, shoemaker. 

Trembjayj PMUbert, carpenter and joiner. 

Turgev6, Godfrois, carpenter. 

' The Post office is called Haldimand. t Also called Ha! Ha! Bay. 

DiREOTORT.J 1858. 



GRAN BY, C. E.— A Village in the Township of the same name, Cpunty of Shefford, and District of Montreal. The stage 
from St. Hyaciuthe £ailway station, distant 25 miles, taxe $1.25, passes through daily to Frost Tillage, distant 14 miles, fare 
76c. Thero is a daily stage tb Cowansville, distant 16 miles, fare 75c., which connects with the stage to St-Albajis, Vt., 
and with St. Johns. Mail daily. Population about 400. 

Abbott, George M., M.D., dealer in drugs, &c. 
Abbott, S. M., ageat for International, Life Assurance 

Academy, JohuMattingly, principal; R. Nicoli|seoretary. 
Bowman, William, shoemaker. 
Bradford, E. & J., storekeepers. 
Bran, Levi T., British American hotel. 
Brodeur, Michel, tavernkeeper. 
Bucher, rev. G. B., Congregationallat. 
Buxton, Rodney R., proprietor of Central house. 
Castonguay, Peter, shoemaker. 
Copeland, John, brickmaker and mason. 
Cowee, J. G. & W. G., stage proprietors, and owners 

of saw mills. 
Cummings, Merrick, wheelwright. 
Davis, Dudley A., blacksmith. 
Draper, Andrew, shoemaker. 

annual subscription $1.25 ; W. G. Cowee, general 
agent ; Jacob Spackman, publisher and printer. 
Equitable Fire Insurance flomp3,ny F. C. Gilmour 

FROST, WASHINGTON, mayor, dealer in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Gerish, David F., blacksmith. 
Gilmour, Edward B., storekeeper. 
GILMOUR, FRANCIS C, genera,! merchant, pearlash 
manufacturer, owner of grist mill, and agent for 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company. 
Griffin, Charles, photographic artist. 
HACKETT, PATRICK, J.P., dealer in dry goods, 

hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Harvey & Co., cabinetmakers and builders. 
Hayes, Richard F., carpenter and joiner. 

Horner, Andrew, stonemason. 

Horner, James, saw and grist mills. 

Ingall, rev* B. S., Wesleyan. 

Internationl Life Assurance Co., S. M. Abbott, agent. 

Irwin, James, storekeeper. 

Jones, rev. W., church of England. 

Kay, Jamjes, tailor. 

Kertson, rev. G. S., Roman catholic. 

LYMAN, HORACE, J.P., postmaster, and dealer in 

dry goods, hardware, grocerieg, produce, &c. 
Mackie, Peter, tanner. 
Ma3s6, Treffl^, shoemaker. 
McKechnie, Alexander, blacksmith. 
Miller, Peter, tinsmith. 
Miller, Robert. 
Miner, Harlow, J.P., tanner. 
Mitchell & Van DeWaters, cabinet and carriage makers. 

Montreuil, George, bricklayer. 

Nicol, Robert, storekeeper, pearlash manutfe jcire 
and secretary of academy, 

Pasche, rev. Louis, Grand -Ligne mission. 

Racicot, Jean B., saw mill. 

Richard, F. X., carpenter and joiner. 

Ross, Elias, bailiCf. 

Savaria, Xavier, baker. 

Seavy, Oram, grocer. 

SPACKMAN, JACOB, publisher and printer of East- 
ern Townships Gazette. 

Tassie, William, house and sign painter. 

Townsend, Daniel, harnessmaker. 

Vitty, George, watchmaker. 

West, William L., township secretary-treasurer. 

Whitcomb, Josiah G., M.D. 

WUkins, John, bailiff. 

*GRAND BRULE, C. E.— A Tillage situated in the Township of LaTerri^re and County of Chicoutimi. Distant from 
Chiooutimi 9 nules, from Grand Bay IS miles, and from QuebeclSO miles. Mail bi-weeUy. Population about 300. 

Bouillaume, Louis, blacksmith. 
CsfSgrain, rev. A., Roman catholic. 
Gauthier, Jules, miller. 
Laroche, Ferdinand, mayor. 
Maltais, Romuald, J.P., farmer. 

McKenzie, George, J.P., postmaster. 

Potvin, Joseph, miller. 

Savard, Paschal, councillor. 

Simard, M., miller. 

Tremblay, Mol'se, councillor and blacksmith. 

GRAND RIVER, C- £■— A Tillage in the Seigniory qf the same name and County and Distrct of Gasp& A considerable 
fishing business is done here. Distant from Perc6 18 miles, from Quebec 450 miles, from Cape Cove 9 miles, and from Port 
Daniel 27 miles. Mail bi-weekly. Population of Municipality about 1450. 

Belliveau, Pierre, councillor. 

Bisson, Philippe, J.P., councillor. 

Carberry, Mrs. John, storekeeper. 

Carberry, Thomas, J.P., storekeeper and secretary- 
treasurer of school commissioners. 

Couture, Pierre, councillor. 

Cussick, rev. J. N., Baptist, Indian preacher. 

Dalton, Henry, postmaster, clerk of Circuit court and 
Exchange broker. 

Desjardins, rev. Louis, Roman catholic, president of 

school commissioners. 
Dub^, Raphael, councillor. 
Dugal, F. X., J.P., mayor. 
Pawcett, rev. Thomas, Wesleyan. 
Jonquas, Joseph, councillor. 
Langlais, Philippe, councillor. 
RottQ, Charles, & Co., merchants. 
Ryerson, rev. William, Wesleyan. 

GREENBUSH, C. W.— A small Tillage in the Township of Elizabethtown and Coimty of Leeds. Bistant .from Brock- 
ville 12 miles. Bi-weekly mail. Population about 75. 

Abbot, John N., miller. 

Bardin, Seth, engineer. 

Blanchard, David, postmaster, and carriagemaker. 

Blanchard, John, farmer. 

Bolton, George, blacksmith. 

Connor, Robert, shoemaker. 

Hemmingway, James, carpenter and joiner. 

Olds, James, farmer. 

Olds, William, farmer. 

Row, Gilbert, carpenter and joiner. 

Taylor, George, tanner. 

WUlis, Thomas, blacksmith. 

* The Post Office is called La TerriSre. 



1857. [Canada 

GREENS VI LLE, C> Wr— a Tillage situated on the Hamilton and Guelph road, in the Township ofWest Flamboro' ani 
County of Wentworth. It has a good trade in lumber and flour. Distant from Hamilton 7 miles. Stage fare to Hamilton 
61^. Mail daily. Population about 400. 

Armstrong, David, innkeeper. 

Ashlin, Lewis, cooper. 

Bierd, Adam, hamessmaker. 

Bullock, William, saw mill. * 

Bylantane, Thomas, cooper. 

Caldwell, rev. William, Baptist. 

Chisholm, George, innkeeper. 

Creamer, James, blacksmith and general storekeeper. 

Foster, Joseph, Ijoot and shoemaker. 

Praser, Hugh, general store. 

Fraser, John, weaver. 

Frederick, Mrs., innkeeper. 

Freed, James, brickmaker. 

Green, Peter, blacksmith. 

Hamilton, James, M.D. 

Higgins, Henry, waggonmaker. 

HUderbrant, George, plasterer. ' 

HUlg, George, boot and shoe maker. 

Hore, Francis, saw mill. 

Jardine, Robert, turner and cabinetmaker. 

Joyce, James, postmaster, and general storekeeper, 

Kirby, James, distillery, grist mUl and cooperage. 

Morden, James, saw mUl. 

Waddell, John, carpenter. 

Webster, Joseph, flouring and grist mills. 

Weston, Stephen, blacksmith. 

GREENWOOD, C. W,— A Village in the Township of Pickering and South Biding of the County of Ontario. Distant 

from ASTiitby 10 miles. Daily mail. Population aboSl 300. 
Ballard, George, mill owner. 

Birrell, Ebenezer, J.P., lieutenant colonel of mUitia. 
Byer, Samuel, mill owner. 
Clarke John, J.P., councillor. 
Dickson, George P., & Co., mill owners. 
Doble, rev. Arthur, Bible Christian. 
Follarton, Adam, J.P., chemist and druggist. 
Gamble, George, Wesleyan. 

Green, Frederick, J.P., captain of militia and mill 

Hyfield, Joseph, Wesleyan. 
McCULLOUGH, WILLIAM ALLEN, postmaster, issner 

of marriage licenses, and general dealer. 
McKay, Alexander, ensign of militia. 
Warren, William, lieutenant of nulitia, and dealer. 
Wigmore, Robert, quartermaster of militia. 

G RENVILLE, C. E^-A Village on the Ottawa Biver, situate at the head of the Ottawa Canal, iu the Township of 
Grenville and County of ArgenteuU. A Railway connects this place and Carillon, distant 12 miles. A French burrstone 
quarry has been lately discovered in this Township. Distant from Montreal 60 miles. Daily maiL Population about 750. 

Beswarwick, William, blacksmith. 

Blackburn, William, joiner. 

Chapman, James, mason. 

Crooks, John, flour, oatmeal and saw mills. 

Davies, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Dewar, Alexander, flouring nulls. 

Dickson, Robert, cabinetmaker. 

Forest, rev. Charles, M. A., church of England. 

Fraser, J. B., hotelkeeper. 

Howard, John, innkeeper. 

KAINS, GEORGE, acting Crown land agent, dealer in 

dry goods, groceries, hardware, produce, &c. 
Kelly, Patrick, hotelkeeper. 

Martin, James, shoemaker. 

Mignault, rev. A., Roman catholic. 

Morris, rev. James, Wesleyan. 

Murray, John, saw mil l 

Packenham, Charles, bricklayer. 

Pridham, Edwin, postmaster, Ueut. col. of militia, and 

general storekeeper. 
Reilly, Charles, hotel keeper. 
Ryan, Thomas, shoemaker. 
Trenneer, Thomas, tailor. 
Wilson, Robert, general store. 
Yates, David, shoemaker. 
Young, James, joiner. 

GRIERSVILLE, C. Wr— a Village in the Fourth Concession of the Township of St. Vincent, in the County of Grey. 

Distant from CoUingwood 23 miles, from Meaford 6 miles, and from Owen Sound 27 miles. Population about 50. 
Brinkman, William, shoemaker. 
Grier, Andrew, postmaster. 
Grier, William, store and tavern keeper. 

Johnson, Richard, tannerj 
Smith, John, blacksmith. 

GRIMSBY, C. W.— A small Village situated on the Great Western Bailway, in the Township of Grimsby and Comity 
of Linoohi. Distant from Hamilton 18 miles, from St. Catherines 18 miles, and from CUftou (Suspension Bridge) 27 miles. 
Mail daily. Population about 1000. 

Bailie, John, provision store. 

Bain, Mrs., milliner. 

Bingle, Thomas, conveyancer, and agent for Canada 

Western Assurance Company. 
Canada Western Assurance Company, T. Bingle, agent. 
Cole, G. & A., blacksmiths. 

Cooley & Byrons, waggonmakers. * 

Dracke, N. P., shoemaker. 
English, rev. John, Wesleyan. 
Ewdell, Edwin, baker. 
Farmer, William, tailor. 
Fitch, J. D. druggist, and agent for International Life 

Assurance Company. 
Pitch, William, M.D. 
Hindson, James, tailor. 
International Life Assurance Company, J. D. Pitch, 

Eonkell, William, innkeeper. 
Longmire, J., painter. 

Lundy, rev. P. J., D.O.L., church of England. 
Habee, George, butcher. 

Mackenzie, William, carpenter. 

MacmUlan, D. C, distiller. 

Malatt, 0., innkeeper. 

McParland, A., agent. 

Nelles, R. P., postmaster. 

Palmer & Grout, foundry. 

Peet, George W., shoemaker. 

Randall, A., proprietor of Mansion house hotel. 

Rogers, William, butcher. 

Smith, A., tanner. 

Smith, S., general dealer. 

Terrybery, John, butcher. 

THOMSON, ANDREW, deputy postmaster, and' dealer 

in dry goods, hardware, groceries, produce, &c. 
Vandike, George, waggonmaker. 
Wardle, Orin, harnessmaker. 
White, M., cooper. 

Wilson, Ellison & Co., flouring and saw mills. 
Wolverton, J., M.D. 

Wood, J., station master, Great Western Railway. 
Woodrifij Charles, general dealer. 

DiRECTOEY.] 1858. 



GRIFFIN'S CORNER, C. Er-A Village in the Township and County of Stanstead, and District of St. Francis. 

There is a tri-weekly stage from Stanstead Plain, 6 miles, fare 25o., to Georgevllle, 7 miles, fare 40o. Population about 100. 
Bodwell, Wellington, boarding house. 
Comstock, Henry & Charles, grist and saw mills. 
Comstock, Martin, farmer. 

Drew, William, farmer. 
Gastin, Elisha, J.P., farmer. 
Hunt, Oren, blacksmith. 

Mack, Franklin, J.P., farmer. 
Taylor, — , shoemaker. 
Verbeck, Luther, shoemaker. 
White, Caleb & Erastus, farmers. 
White, Roswell, farmer. 

GRONDINES, C. E.-A Village situated on the North 
and County of Portneuf. It has a considerable trade in the 
Distant from Quebec 4S miles. Population about 1400. 

Arcand, Antoine, boarding house. 

Arcand, Casimir, ship carpenter. 

Blais & Hardy, general store. 

Boxirassa, Z^phirin, shoemaker. 

Qdt6, J., postmaster, and secretary-treasurer of schools 

C6t6, Pierre, general store. 

Delorme, Joseph, wheelwright. 

Derome, rev. George S., Roman catholic. 

Deveau, Fran9ois, blacksmith. 

D^zis, Charles, general store. 

Garneau, Joseph, general store. 

Gauthier, Atigustin, mayor. 

Girard, Michel, road overseer. 

Goudreau, George, miller. 

Gouin, Nir^e, physician and surgeon. 

Groleau, Z^phirin, carpenter. 

Grondines, Z^phirin, road overseer. 

Guilbault, Azaria, ship carpenter. 

Guilbault, Charles, ship carpenter. 

Guilbault, David, ship carpenter. 

Hamelin, Athanase, ship carpenter. 

Hamelin, Ner6e, road overseer. 

shore of the River St. Lawrence, in the Seigniory of St. Lawrence 
construction of boats and barges, besides a good lumber business. 

Hardy, Germain, secretary-treasurer of municipality. 

Hardy, J. L. & G., general storekeepers and ship builders 

Houde, Samuel, boarding house. 

Lajeunesse, Charles, road overseer. 

L^cuyer, Louis, inspector of roads. 

Loranger, Archange & Co., mill owners. 

Marin, Charles, carpenter. 

Marin, Bphraim, carpenter. 

Paquette, Narcisse, general store. 

Paquin, Charles, wheelwright. 

Paquin, Joseph, dealer in flour. 

Perron, David, blacksmith. 

Portelance, Thomas, ship carpenter. 

Rivard, Louis, ship carpenter. 

Rivard, On^sime, road overseer. 

Rivard, Severe, wheelwright. 

Sauvageau, Hubert, carpenter. 

Sauvageau, Joseph, carpenter. 

Sauvageau, Olivier, carpenter. 

Sauvageau, Z^phirin, blacksmith. 

St. Amand, J., shoemaker. 

Trottier, Augustin, ship carpenter. 

GROSSE ISLE, O* E. — The Provincial Quarantine Establishmeut, situated on the Biver St. Lawrence opposite the vil. 
lage of St. Thomas, the present Terminus of the Quebec Branch of the Grand Trunk Eailway. The Island is healthy, and is 
surrounded by scenery of a very picturesque character. It is two and a half miles in length, and about a mile in width. A 
solid, substantial wharf has been built, having a depth of seventeen feet at low water, at which vessels or steamers may land 
or embark passengers. This Islaifd is the property of the Province, and is wholly devoted to Quarantine purposes. No per- 
sons but those belonging or necessary to the Establishment are allowed to reside on the Island, or to visit it without a pass 
from the Emigrant Agent at Quebec. All Emigrant ships arriving in Canada are rigorously compelled to stop at Grosse Isle 
until inspected by the Medical Superintendent and the passengers passed clean and healthy. A large washhouse, as well as 
ample sheds and every requisite appliance, are provided on the Western extremity of the Island for emigrants ordered, by the 
Medical Superintendent, to land from on board of vessels in which malignant or contagious diseases may have made their ap- 
pearance during the voyage, for cleansing and the purification of their luggage. These are situated at the Eastern end of the 
Island ; the residence of the principal officers being in the centre. No communication is permitted between the two extremi- 
ties of the Island unless a written pass is granted by the Superintendents. Two Clergymen respectively of the Church of 
England and the Soman Cathohc Church are stationed at the Establishment during the season of navigation. A provision dealer 
is allowed to contract, under certain conditions, to furnish supplies for the Island. A small force of Police is constantly ou 
the Island while the Establishment is in operation. There is no Post ot^ce ; but letters, whether to persons connected with 
the Quarantine or to passengers, are forwarded regularly twice a week through the Emigrant office in Quebec,— a steamer 
being annually engaged to maintain constant, but only authorized, communication between Quebec and Grosse Isle. Distant 
from Quebec about 29 miles. 

DOUGLAS, GEO. M., M.D., medical superintendent. 

Douglas, Mellis, apothecary and clerk. 

Fisher, Mrs. Jane, matron. 

Fitzsimmons, Patrick, sergeant of police. 

Isaacson, Isaac, Norwegian and German interpreter. 

McGuire, Dennis, jr., contractor of provisions. 
McB^y, Murdoch, hospital steward. 
Reeve, captain Thos. J., superintendent of emigration. 
VON IPFLAND, A., M.D., assistant medical superin- 

GUELPH, C. Wr-AninoorporatedTown, situated on the Eiver Speed. Itis the chief Town of the County of Wellington. 
Guelph is a first-class Station on the Grand Trunk Railway. It is the northern terminus of the Gait and Guelph 
Eailway, which connects with the Great Western ; and the southern terminus of the proposed Railway to Saugeen, the 
distance to which is about 70 miles. From Guelph there are regular stages to Owen Sound, through Fergus and Elora, and 
a regular mail to Southampton. Being the centre of a rich agricultural district, Guelph has a large retail country trade ; 
its exports are chiefly wheat and flour. In the neighbiDurhood of Guelph there are very valuable quarries of building stone, 
which will probably soon become a regular article of trade. Distant from Toronto 47 miles, and from Hamilton SO miles. 
Mail daily. Population about 4300. 

ADVERTISER, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2, 
P. Clerihew, editor, proprietor and publisher. Mar- 
ket sq. 

Ainley, Richard, lumber merchant. 

ALLAN, P. C, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, 
Wyndham st. 

Alexander, John, cabinetmaker. 

Allan, William, miller and distiller. 

Allen, G. W., confectioner and fishmonger. 

AMERICAN HOTEL, R. Jones, proprietor, — an omni- 
bus carries passengers to and from the Railway sta- 
tion free of charge. 



ISoY. [CAN;)tDi" 

Andeison, Thotaas, calrlagemaker. 

Armstrong, James, carpenter and builder. 

Armstrong, James, waggonmaker. 

Armstrong, J. & B., bakers and flour dealers. 

Armstrong, Miss, ladies school. 

Atkinson, Thomas, chandler. 

Atkinson, William, storekeeper. 

BAKER, ALFRED A., clerk of Division court, and 

marriage licence agent. 
BANK OF MONTREAL, R. M. Moore, agent. 
Bain, John, dancing master. 
Barclay & Wright, builders. 
Barker, R. E., cabinetmaker. 
Battersby, Leslie, agent for Monarch Fire and Life 

Insurancfe Company. 
Beacon Insurance Compfthy, James Webster, agent. 
Beaty, T. K., watchmaker. 

Beavis & Copp, cordial ma'belrs. t 

Bell, Matthew, buildfer. 
Boice, Abraham, dealer in dry goods and clothing, 

Wyndham st. 
Boult & Ryan, builders. 
Breardon, T., grocer and provisioli dealer. 
Bridgeford, John S., sheriff's ofiftfer. 
Brown, W. J., storekeeper, Wyndham st. 
Bruce, George, builder. 
Buckland, C. J. 
Burdon, Mrs., ladies school. 
Burrowes, Mrs. Sarah, City hotel. 
Calver, Samuel, nurseryman. 
Campbell, J. & D., cloth and carding mill. 
Canada Life Assurance Company, F. W. Stone, agent. 
Canada Western Assurance Company, Gteorge Elliott 

and George McCrea,^gents. 
Carroll, E., Guelph stone quarries. 
Carthew, Edward, landing waiter. 
Catchpole, John, tinsmith. 
Caulfield & Murtori, wheat merchants. 
Clark, rev. J., Baptist. 

CLARKE, WM., M.D., M.P.P.Jfor North Wellington. 
CLERIHEW, PETER, editor, proprietor and publisher 

of the Advertiser. 
Cockburn, A., tailor. 
Coffee, D., saloonkeeper. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, A. Lemon, agent. 
Condy, Adam, storekeeper. 
Cooney, rev. Robert, D.D., Wesleyan. 
Corbet, Robert, postmaster. 

County Grammar School, , principal. 

CROFT, N., merchant tailor ; constant supply of ready 

made clothing, Windham st. 
Crowe, W., carriage and agricultural implement maker. 
Davidson, C, secretary and treasurer to Wellington 
Mutual Insurance Company, and secretary to Gait 
and Guelph Railway Company. 
Davidson, John, marble cuttter. 
Day, Thomas, mason. 
Day, Wmiam, builder. 
Delve, G., pastrycook. 
Dow, G. F., importer of dry goods. 
Dunbi.r, Samuel A., livery stable keeper. 
Dyson, William, saddler. 

ELLIOTT, GEORGE, importer of dry goods, groceries, 
wines and liquors, agent for Canada Western Assu- 
rance Company, Windham st.* 
Emslie, Alexahder, dealer in dry goods, groceries and 

clothing, Windham st. 
Bmslie, John, & Brother, builders. 
Equitable Insurance Company, Edwin Newton, agent. 
Bstcourt, John, fruiterer.. 
Farrar Brothers, butchers. 
Featherstonehaugh, Mrs., ladies academy. 
Fergusson, A. J., M.P.P,, for South Wellington. 
FERG0SSON & KINGSMILL, barristers, &c. 
Ferrier, A. D., clerk County council. 
Fisher, G., watchmaker. 
Fisher, Peter, wool carding and cloth dressing factory. 

Ford, George, storekeeper. 

Foster, Andrew, shoeiflaker. 

Foster, James, tanner. 

Eraser, John, builder. 

Galbraith, Heather & Adsett, saddlers and tanners. 

Grange, president, C. Davidson, secretary. 

6ABNHAM, W. A., oyster and diiiiiig rooms. Market 

Gay, James, innkeeper. 

GEORGE, FREDERICK,- & Co., millers and distillers. 
People's mills. 

GILLESPIE, JOHN, dealer in dry goods and clothing, 
Market sq. 

Gore Bank, Thomas Sandilands, agent. 

Gow, P. & J., tanners. 

Gowdy, T., plasterer. • 

Grange, G. J., sheriff county Wellington, and president 
of Gait and Guelph Railway Co. 

Grand, E., groceries and hardware. 

Greet, Richard, agent for Provident and Provincial In- 
surance Companies. 

Grigor, rev. Colin, church of Scotland. 

Guelph hotel, H. Hughes, proprietor. 

HABCOURT, RICHARD, bookseller; news agent, sta- 
tioner and importer of paper hangings, Wynd- 
ham St. 

Harland, John, collector of customs. 

Harris, John, jr., confectioner. 

Harvey, John, tanner. 

Hatton, G., blacksmith. 

Hay ward, William, apothecary. 

Hazelton, James, chairmaker. 

Henry, Hugh, plasterer. 

HERALD, (THE) weekly, annual subscription $2, 
George Pirie, editor, proprietor and publisher. 

HEROD & Co., apothecaries, medical dispensary. 

Hewat, Williftm, county treasurer. 

Hewat, William, jr.,physician. 

Hewer, Thomas, saloonkeeper. 

Higginbotham, N., chemist and druggist. 

Higman, William, cabinetmaker. 

Hill, H., shoemaker. 

Hockin, W., cooper. 

Hogg, John, linen draper. 

HoUiday & Henderson, brewers. 

Holtzer, rev. John, Roman catholic. 

Hood, 6., butcher. * 

Horning, C, boot and shoe maker. 

HORSMAN BROTHERS, general ironmongers and 
dealers in paints, oils, &o., Wyndham st. 

Hough, James, clerk of County court, clerk of Crown 
and of ■Town council. 

Howard, James, shoemaker. 

Howell, rev. J., Congregationalist. 

Howitt & Co., stave and barrel factory. 

Howitt, John, Guelph grange. 

Howitt, John, surgeon. 

Hubbard, Charles E., nurseryman. 

Hughes, Henry, proprietor of Guelph hotel 

Husband, T., constable. 

Hutchinson, C. P., station master. Grand Trunk Railway. 

Hutchison, J., plasterer. 

International Life Assurance Company, Edwin Newton, 

Jackson, A. M., deputy registral-. 
Jackson, Richard, president Wellington Mutual Insur- 
ance Company. 
Jameson, S. R., estate agent. 
JARVIS, W. D. P., barrister. 
JONES, R., proprietor of American hotel. 
Keating, Thomas, registrar Surrogate court. 
Keegan, Miss, milliner. 

KELLER, JOHN, importer of shelf and heavy hardware 
of every description, and dealer in paints, oils and, 
colors, next door to PostoflSce. 
KEELING, G. M., publisher of the Mercury.] 

Directory.] 1858. 



Kelly, B., cooper. 
Kelly, J. W. B.; cabinetmaker. 
Kerr, Francis, surveyor. 
Kirkland, J., plasterer. 
Kirkland & Millington, carriagemakers. 
Knowles, W. S. G., auctioneer. 

LEMON, A., barrister, &c., agent foj Colonial Life Assu- 
rance Company. 
Lindsay, James, proprietor of Wellington liotel. 
Lynch, T., slioemaker. 

Marriott & Hudson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers. 
Marriott & Hudson, saddlers. 
Marriott & Milner, brickmakers. 
Martin & Dumas, storekeepers. 

MARTIN, E, B., barrister, attorney, &c., Wyndham st. 
Martin, Robert, merchant tailor. 

MATHEWS, ROBERT,GreatWestern hotel, Wyndham st. 
Mayberry, John, mason. 
Mays, James, fanning mill maker. 
McCrae & Thompson, lumber merchants. 
McCrea, George, agent for Canada Western Assurance 

McDonald, Archibald, judge of County court, chairman 

of Quarter sessions, and judge Surrogate court. 
McDonald, Evan, farmer. 
McDonald, Lachlan, farmer. 
McDougall, John, painter. 
McHardy, William, carter. 

McKenzie, James, dealer in dry goods and groceries. 
McQuade, James, shoemaker. 

Mechanics Institute, with a library of about 1000 Tola. 
MERCER, JOHN, deputy sheriff. 
Meredith, 'C, & Co., grocers. 
MILLS, .MELVIN & Co., stove founders. 
Mitchell, John, farmer. 
Monarch Fire and Life Insurance Company, Leslie 

Battersby, agent. 
Moore, R. M., agent for Bank of Montreal. 
Moran, Patrick, saloonkeeper, Market sq. 
Moran, William, saloonkeeper. 
Morrison, James, builder and quarryman. 
Murphy, James, storekeeper. 
Murphy, Patrick, innkeeper. 
Murray, David, architect. 
Neeve, John, farmer. 
Newby, WUliam, gunsmith. 
Newton, E. E., saloonkeeper. 
Newton, Edwin, secretary and treasurer of Waterloo 

Building Society, secretary of Wellington Permanent 

Building Society, and agent for Equitable and 

International Insurance Companies. 
Newton, rev. W., Primitive methodist. 
Nicholls, Thomas, plasterer. 
NichoUs, William, innkeeper. 
Nicholson, William, butcher. 
Oliver, H. R., innkeeper. 
O'Neill, James, proprietor of British hotel. 
Overfield, C. E., linen draper and general dealer in dry 

PALMER, REV. ARTHUR, M.A., rector of Guelph, 

and rural dean of Gore deanery. 
Parker, Abel, shoemaker. 
Parker, T. S., physician and surgeon. 
Paul, rev. R., Primitive methodist. 
Peterson, H. W., registrar county Wellington. 
Peterson, H. W., jr., barrister, solicitor and attorney. 
PIRIE, GEORGE, publisher of the Herald, and president 

of Wellington Permanent Building Society. 
Piatt, John, saloon and livery stable keeper. 
Presant, J. 0., miller. 
Presant|W. & B., butchers. 
Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 

Richard Greet, agent. 
Provincial Insurance Company, Richard Greet, agent- 
Qnlnlan, T., shoemaker. 
Robertson, Adam, foundryman and machinist. 

Robins & Tolton, grocers, Wyndham st. 

Roe, Jonas, innkeeper. 

RUTHERFORD, ROBERT, dealer in dry goods, groce- 
ries and hardware, importer of green and dry fish 
and oil from Newfoundland, Wiudham st. 

Sallows, James, shoemaker. 

Sallows, William,blackSmith. 

SANDILANDS, T., agent for Gore bank. 

Saunders, Thomas, clerk of the peace. 

Saunders, T. W., barrister. 

Savage, D., watchmaker and jeweller. 

Schenckler, J. H., dealer in watches, jewellery and toys. 

Scott & Watson, carriagemakers. 

Scrivens, J. K., innkeeper. 

Shyne, Timothy, innkeeper. 

SIMPSON, ALEXANDER W., civil engineer, surveyor 
and land agent, office oyer P. 0. Allan's, Wynd- 
ham St. 

Simpson, Robert, oarriagemater. 

Simpson, William, baker. 

Sleeman, John, brewer. 

Smith, G., chair and cabinet maker. 

SMITH, JOHN, land and commission agent, auctioneer, 
accountant, conveyancer, and agent for marriage 
licenci s. 

Smith & Metcalf, harnessmakers. 

Smith, R. J., saw mill. 

SMITH & SPOHN, wholesale and retail dealers in 
hardware, iron and coal. 

Smyth, P., shoemaker. 

Stannard, J. H., cooper. 

Stevenson, William, nurseryman. 

Stewart, rev. A. M., M.A., assistant minister, church of 

Stewart & Booth, planing and sash factory. 

Stewart & Thompson, dealers in dry goods and clothing. 

Stell, John, butcher. 

STONE, FREDERICK W., importer and general dealer, 
and agent for Canada Life Assurance Company. 

SUNLEt & MELVIN, wholesale and retail dealers in 
stoves, tin, iron and copperware, manufacturerg 
and importers. 

Sunley, Noah, tinsmith. 

Sunley, Robert, saloonkeeper. 

Swift, Ilenry S. M, surgeon dentist. 

Tatham, Thomas. 

Thompson, James, builder. 

Thompson & Mitchell, agents. 

Thorp, James A., livery stable keeper. 

Thorp, John. 

Todd, G., & Son, dealers in stoves and tinware. 

Torrance, rev. R., clerk of Wellington Presbytery, 
United Presbyterian. 

Tovell, John, carpenter and joiner. 

Tovell, Mark, chair factory. 

Tovell, N., builder and undertaker. 

Underbill, William, innkeeper. 

Waddel, Jolffn, dealer in dry goods. 

Warner, rev. Lewis, Wesleyan. 

Warren, G., storekeeper. 

Waterloo Building Society, Edwin Newton, secretary 
and treasurer. 

Watson, Thomas, baker. 

WATT, JOHN, ironfounder and machinist, manufactu- 
rer of steam engines and agricultural implements. 

WEBSTER, JAMES, land, insurance and general agent" 
and agent for Beacon Insurance Company. 

Wellington hotel, J. Lindsay, proprietor. 

WELLINGTON MERCURY, (THE) weekly, annual sub- 
scription $2, G. M. Keeling, proprietor & publisher. 

Wellington Permanent Building Society, George Pirie' 
president ; Edwin Newton, secretary-treasurer. ' 

Wellington Mutual Insurance Company, 'R. Jackson 
president; C. Davidson, secretary-treasurer. ' 

Wells, Arthur, railroad contractor. 

Wightman, G. F,, beehive clothing store, Wyndham st. 

Wilkinson & Co., storekeepers. 




1857. [Can^S 

Wilkinson, William, cigar factory. 
Willet, David, carpenter. 
Williams, Thomas, brewer. 
Wilson, John C, contractor. 
Wilson, .Robert, cooper. • 

Wilson, William, shoemaker. 

Wood, A. T., & Co., grocer, Wyndham st. 

Wright, James, broker and general agent. 

Wright, Samuel, baker. 

Young, rev. Samuel, Free church. 

HAGERSVILLE, C' W.— A Village in the Townships of Walpole and Oneida, and County of HaJdimand. Distautiioo 
Port Dover 14 miles. Mail daily. Population about 100. 

Almas, David, tavernkeeper and stage proprietor. 

Anderson, George, carriagemaker. 

Hager, Charles; postmaster, and storekeeper. 

Harrison, William, shoemaker. 

Huff, Asa, tavernkeeper. 

Justin, John, waggonmaker. 

Kenner, John, blacksmith. 
McOarter, George, blacksmith. 
Morison, Robert, carriagemaker. 
Turnbull, Robert, blacksmith. 
White, Richard, shoemaker. 

HAM, C< E.— A small Village in the Township of the same name, County of Wolfe and District of St. Francis. The mail 
from Danville, distant 24 miles, fare $1.50, to St. CBivler, near Lake Aylmer, ' distant 20 miles, fare $1.50, passes through semi- 
weekly. Population about 100. 

Goddard, William, general store and saw mill. 
Goodenough, George, township mayor. 
Porter, J., cooper. 

Rice, Israel, postmaster, boarding house keeper, and 
township and county secretary-treasurer. 

Wadlejgh & Trenholm, storekeepers and pearlash nit 

H A M I LTON; C. W.— is situated on the South-western extremity of Burlington Bay, in the Township' of Barton and 
County of Wentworth. It was laid out in 1813, and occupies a space extending hack from the Bay to the base of the Mountain, 
a distance of about a mile and a half. The land rises gradually the whole distance, aifordmg excellent facilities for drainage, 
fiituated at the head of Lake navigation, and in the very centre of the finest grain-producing country in America, with rail- 
ways, completed or in prospective, diverging in various directions through the best settled and wealthiest portions of Canada, 
it is destined to become a great commeroiarcity. For the past seven years It has progressed with almost unexampled rapidity. 
In 1841 the reported population was 3446, which in 1850 had increased to 10,312, and now it is estimated that the numher of 
souls has reached a total of nearly 29,000. The assessed value of real and personal property in 1860 was 1246,236, and in 1865, 
5761,916. The Customs duties on imports for 1863 amounted to $3,545,509, which had increased in 1856 to §5,400,025. Hamilton 
is the head quarters of the Gfreat Western Railway, the Hamilton and Toronto, and the Hamilton and Port Dover Bailway 
' Companies. The length of the Great Western Eailway, from Niagara Falls to Windsor, opposite Detroit, is 228 miles, passinj 
through the most populous and fertile portion of Canada West, and connecting the Central Bailroad of Michigan and the 
"Upper Lakes with Lake Ontario, as well as with the niunerous lines of railway through the State of New York to Boston 
and New York. It is one of the best paying railways in America. The streets of Hamilton are generally laid out at right 
angles ; those running hack from the Bay having a direction nearly north and south, and being crossed by -others running east 
and west. The buildings are chiefly of stone and brick, and many of them are of imposing appearance. Hamilton has two 
of the largest and finest hotels in the Province ; and the banks, public buildings, churches, and many of the merchants 
stores, are handsome and costly structures. On the rising ground approaching the Mountain are a munber of elegant 
residences, which are not surpassed in Canadifc with grounds beautifully laid out and tastefully ornamented ; and from the 
Mountain itself a magnificent view may be obtained over the country, and, on a clear day, the lighthouse at Toronto, 46 
miles distant, may be seen by the naked eye. The chief business portion of the City is situated about a mile hack from the 
Bay. The City is well lighted with gas; and a complete system of sewerage is being carried into effect. The chief buA- 
ness streets are King, James, John, York, and MacNab Streets. The Gore Bank has its head establishment here ; and the 
Bank of British North America, the Commercial, tfpper Canada, Monti-eaJ, and Toronto Banks have each a branch mthe 
City. Magnificent water works, at an estimated cost of ?800,000, are now in course of construction ; the water for which is to 
be brought from Lake Ontario, a distance of about nine miles, and pumped into 'a, distribiitingreservoir in the eastern part of 
the City. A basin is to be constructed in Burlington Beach, into which the water will naturally filter. A plan of new maiket 
buildings has been adopted by the City, and the works will shortly be iput under contract ; and when completed, the buildings 
will not be excelled in Canada. Hamilton is the seat of some of the most extensive manufacturing establishments in the Pro- 
vince, among which may be mentioned locomotive works, foundries, car works, machine shops, scale works, &c. It comnm- 
nicates with Lake Ontario by means of a large canal constructed through the Beach, which separates Burlington Bay from 
the Lake. The City is connected with Dundas by the Desjardins Canal, a navigation of about four miles in length. Bnrlington 
Bay is a large and beautiful basin of water, navigable in all parts within a few yards of the shore, and makes one of the safest 
and most commodious harbors'oii the Lakes. In summer, daily lines of steamers and propellers run between Hamilton, 
Toronto, Kingston, and Montreal ; and by means of the Hamilton and Toronto and the Grand Trunk Railways, these points 
are accessible at all seasons of the year. HamUton returns one Member to the Legislative Assembly. Distant flrom Niagara 
Falls 45 miles, from London 76 miles, from Toronto by railway 38 miles, and fi-om Montreal 378 miles. Population about 29,000, 



Accountants 191 

Architects : 191 

Art Eepository 191 

Artists Colors, Oils, &c 191 

Auctioneers 192 

Audit Office, G. W. E 192 

, Bakers 192 

Baking Powder 192 

Bankei's 192 

Banks , 192 

Barber , 192 

Barristers, &o 192 

Baths 192 

Bell Hangers 192 

BiUi'ard Saloons , 192 


Blacksmiths, 192 

Blank Book Manufacturers 192 

Boilermaker 192 

Bookbinders 192 

Booksellers^ 192 

Boots and Shoes 192 

Brassfounder 192 

Brewers 192 

Brokers 192 

Builders 192 

Building Society 192 

Cabinetmakers, &C 192 

Candle Manufacturers 192 

Carvers and Gilders 192 

Chemists and Druggists 192 


China, Glass, &e. Eetail 192 

China, Glass, Ac. Wholesale 192 

Cigars, Tobacco, &c 192 

City Clerk ; 192 

City Corporation 192 

City Tract and Missionary 

Society 192 

CivU Engineers 192 

Clergy. 192 

Clothing 192 

Coals 192 

Commission Agents 192 

Commission Merchants 193 

Confectioners 193 

Contractors 193 


.-, per Plate Printer. 19S 

Crfoket Saloon 193 

Deputy It«gistrair of Court 

of Chancery 1» 

Doeskins and Cassimeres... 193 

Drapers 103 

Dry Goods, Ketail 19' 

Dry Goods, Wholesale....... 198 

Dye Stuffs, &c '.. 193 

Earthenware, Retail il93 

Earthenware, V\Tiolesale.... 193 

Electro Plate 193 

Emigrant Agent 193 

Engravers 193 

Exchange, &c., Office 193 

Directory.] 1858. 




Express Company. 193 

£ancy Articles 19S 

Fancy Diy Goods iflS 

Florists 193 

Flour 193 

Forwarders 193 

Fi-iit Dealer:. 193 

Furriers 193 

Gas Company., 193 

Gasaliers, Pendants, &c 193 

Gasfitters 193 

General Merchants 193 

Glassware, Retail IBS 

Glassware, Wholesale 193 

Grain 198 

Grammar School 193 

Great Western Eailway 193 

Grocers, EBtail 193-4 

Grocers, Wholesale 193 

Hairdresser and Verfiimcr.. 1 Bl 

Hardware,Iletail 194f 

Hardware, Wholesale...'..... 194 

Hatters and Fun'iers 194 

Health Officer 194 

Homeopathic Physician 194 

Hose 194 


Bank oj B. N. America 196 

Bank of Montreal 196 

Bank of Upper Canada 196 

Banks : 196 

Benevolent Societies 199 

Bible Society 199 

Board of Tiade 197 

Building Society 197 

Central School 199 

Churches 197 

. PAGE. 
Hosiery 194 

Hotels 194 

Insurance A^ent 194 

Insurance Offices 19<ii 

Iron, Stoel,,&o., Eetail 194 

Iron, Steel, &o.. Wholesale. 194 

Jewellery 194 

Lace, &o.^ Wholesale 194 

Lacemen 194 

Land Agents 194 

Liquors, Ac., Retail 194 

Liquors, &c., Wholesale 194 

Looking Glasses 194 

Lumber 194 

Machines 194 

Ma.somc Medals, &c 194 

Master in Chancerj- 194 

Mercantili) Library Associ- 
ation 194 

Merchant Tailors 194 

Millinery 194 

Music 194 

Nail' Manufacturers 194 

Newspaper AgencyOffice... 194 
Newspapers, &c 194 


Notaries Public 194 

Nurserymen 194 

Oyster Dealers 195 

Paper Manufactm'ers 195 

Pastiy Cook 196 

Perfumery 195 

Physicians and Surgeons... 195 

Pianofortes 195 

Picture Frames.,,.,... 195 

Plumbers and Gasfitters.... 196 

Police Office 195 

Post Office 196 

Pcatmaster 195 

Produce 195 

Provisions 195 

Pmnps, Force and Lift 195 

Ilegalia 196 

Restaurants 196 

Sabbath School Libranes... 195 

Saloons 195 

Sash & Plane Manufactory 195 

Savings Bank 195 

Scale Itfanufacturers 195 

Seedsman 195 

Sheriff •. 195 



City Corporation 197 

City Hospital 199 

CommercialBankof Canada 196 

Custom House 198 

Deposit and Savings Bank.. 196 

Fire Deijartment 197 

Gas Companv 198 

Gore Bank 196 

Great Western .Railway..... 198 
Highland Society 199 


Literary Institutions 198 

Mechanics Institute 198 

Mercantile Library Asso- 
ciation. ...n 198 

Newspapers 198 

Orphan Asylxmi. ...■. 199- 

Police Department 197 

Post Office 198 

Religious and Benevolent 
Societies 199 


ling .Agents 195 

Sllk'Mercer '. l»5 

Silks, ■Satins,.&o til96 

Soapmakers 196 

Solicitors , < 195 

Stationers, Retail .196 

Stationers^ Wholesale 195 

Sugars, ACi, Eetail, 198 

Sugars, &c., Wholesala 195 

Teamster '. 196 

Teas, Sugars.&Cj-Rotail.... 196 
Tea.s,Sugai's,&o., Wholesale. 1£5 

Telegraph CompEtnies ., If6 

TemperaucePuDlications..'. 186 

Tobacco, Cigars, &c 196 

Turners 196 

Upholsterers, etc 196 

Waggomnaker 196 

Withstands 196 

Watches, fee, '196 

Water Works office, ' 196 

Wharfingers 196 

Wines, &c.. Retail! 196 

Wines, &c.. Wholesale 196 

Working Jeweller 196 


Railway Company 198 

Religious Tract and Mis- 
sionary Society 199 

Savings Bank ; v 196 

St. Andrew's Society.... 199 

St. George's Society ; 199 

Typographical Society 199 

Water Commissioners 199 

Western Permanent Build- 
ing Society 197 

Abey, Geo., laborer, corner Pearl and Little Market sts. 

Acland, William, shoemaker. Mulberry near Bay st. 

Acres, Jonathan W., clerk. Peel near Hughson st. 

Adams, David, tailor, York near Park st. 

Adams, Joseph B., clothier, John near King William at. 

Adams, William, tailor. Little Main St. 

Addison, John, carpenter, 63 Rebecca st. 

Addison, William, carpenter, 37 Upper Wellington st. 

Adelaide Academy, J. B. Hurlbert, M.A., principal, 

Peel riear Hughaon st. 
Adkins, William, agricultural implement maker, James 

opposite Vine St., house Naj)ier st. 
Aiken, Samuel M., auctioneer and commission mer- 
chant, James near Rebecca st., house King st. east. 
Aitken, Stephen P., shoemaker. Market near Bay st. 
Albright, John, boot and shoe maker, King St. west. 
Alexander, Alexander, grocer, corner John and Peel sts. 
Alexander, Thomas, foreman. Little Main st. 
Alford, William, accountant, corner Hughson and 

Rebecca sts. 
Allan, Alexander, bookkeeper. 
Allan, David, carpenter, York st. 
Allan, John, laborer. Little Main st. 
Allan, John, porter. 

Allan, Thomas, engineer, Catharine St. near Railway. 
Allan, William, contractor, Concession near Jamesst. 
Allen, Michael, laborer, Guise near John St. 
Allen, Mrs. Charlotte, Oatharina near Catharine St. 
Allen, Mrs. 'Martha, widow, Hess near Cannon st. 
Allen, William, dealer in grain and flour, and distiller, 

Guelph mill, York St., residence at Guelph. 
AUoway, Arthur, veterinary surgeon, corner Peel and 

Catharine sts. 
Alma saloon, W. H., Kirkland, proprietor, 73 James St. 
Almond, Miss Frances, Hess st. 
Ambridge, Theodore A., crown land agent, -and agent 

for Brie and Ontario Fire, International Life, and 

Ocean Marine Insurance Companies, Queen near 

York St. 
Ambrose, Edward, accountant, Peel near Hughson st. 
Amljrose, Walter, clerk. 
Ambrose, William, Upper John St. 

agent, James near King William st. 
Amor, John, hotelkeeper. West Market st. 

Amos, Alfred, MacNab near Burlington st. 

Amos, James S., custom house officer. Barton near 
Hughson st. 

Amos, Robert, clerk. 

Anann, David, machinist. Little Market st. 

Anderson, Donald, grocer, John near King St. 

Anderson, George, clerk. Union near Hughson st. 

Anderson, Gilbert, laborer,. Hess opposite Cannon st. 

Anderson & Herron, merchant tailors, John near 
King st. 

Anderson, Jas., baker, corner Catharine and Tyburn sts. 

Anderson, James, carpenter. Vine near MacNab at. 

Anderson, James, laborer,- Mulberry near Park st. 

Anderson, James, machinist, York st. 

Anderson, James, tailor. King st. east. 

Anderson, Thomas, butcher, Market, house Barton st. 

Anderson, William, hairdresser. King St., hqu^e, Mac- 
Nab near Mulberry st. 

ANDREWS, F. H., & Co., booksellers and stationers. 
King near John st. 

Andrews, Ferdinand Henry, Vine near James st. 

Andrews, Robert, saloon. King William st. 

ANGLO AMERICAN HOTEL, Charles S. Coleman, 
( proprietor. King st. east. 

Anwright, David, laborer, Colborne near Bay st. 

Anwright, John, laborer, Hannah near James St. 

Applegarth, Clarkson, farmer, John near Tyburn st. 

Appleyard, A., quarryman, corner Tyburn and Wal- 
nut sts. 

Arbron, Thomas,, blacksmith, John near Union St. 

Arbron, William, grocer, corner John and Union sts. 

Archibald, M., saloon, corner James and Mulberry sts. 

Arkland, Mrs., teacher of music. King st. east. 

Armitage, James, stonemason, corner Johnand Oak sts. 

Armstrong, G. H., police magistrate, corner John and 
Lyud sts. 

Armstrong, Isaac, dealer in flour, York st. 

Armstrong, James, carter, 118 York st. 

Armstrong, James, grocer, York st. 

Armstrong, John; flour store, 34 York st. 

Armstrong, John^- Nelson hotel, YorTi st. 

Armstrong, Mrs. Jane, corner Wentworth and Barton ste. 

Armstrong, Thoma^, carpenter, MacNab near Burling- 
ton St. 

Armstrong, Walter, painter, 65 Main at. 



185Y. [Ca^da 

Arnold, H., contractor, King st. west. 
Arnold, Mrs. Mary, boarding house, Simcoe near Bay St. 
' ART REPOSITORY, George E. Pell, proprietor. King 
St. west. 
Arth, Joseph, shoemaker, John near Tyburn st. 
; Arthur, James, Wellington hotel, King st. east. 
Ashbaugh, Mrs. Hannah, Little James st. 
AshBaugh, Mrs. Isabella, Main near MacNab st. 
-Askins, Charles H., waiter. East Market st. 
Aspiuwall, Charles, watchmaker. 
Atkins, George, proprietor of Toronto hotel, corner 

James and Murray sts. 
Atkinson, Anthony, hairdresser, John near King st. 
Atkinson, H., of Beuson & Atkinson, boards at Anglo 

American hotel. 
Atkinson, Thos., butcher, King st. west near Bond st. 
Atkinson, William, willowware manufacturer. Cannon 

near Park St. 
Austie, Henry, painter and glazier, East Market St. 
Austin, John, Sheaffe near Bay st. 
Avery, J., saddler and harnessnlaker. East Market st. 
Avery, Mrs. Mary Ann, milliner and dressmaker , East 

Market st. 
Aynsley, Joseph J., proprietor of Odd Fellows inn. 

King St. east. 
Baby, Charles, furrier, 11 King st. • 

Bacon, Simeon, machinist. Market st. 
Bagott, Mrs., Tyburn near Walnut st. 
Bahan, Thomas, porter. 
Bailey, James, waggonmaker, Hughson st. 
Bailey, William, broom maker, corner Bay and King sts; 
Bain, John, policeman, Hughson st. 
Bain, Peter, laborer, Dundurn st. 
Bain, Robert, laborer, corner Pearl and Little Market sts. 
Bain, Thomas, cabinetmaker, King st. west. 
Baine, J. W., ironmonger. King William near James 

St., house corner Cannon st. and Victoria Market 

Baine, Thomas, cabinetmaker. Park near Cannon st. 
Baizer, John, labojer, Margaret near Main st. 
Baker, Hugh C, president of Canada Life Assurance 

Company, James near Maiden St., house on the 

Baker, John, tobacconist, 112 West King st. 
BAKER, S. B., secretary-treasurer of Western'^Perma- 

nent Building (Society, Bond st. 
Baker, Thomas, carpenter. East Market St. 
Baker, William, saloon, King st. west. 
Bald, Ebenezer, clerk. 

Bales, James, shoemaker, James near King st. 
Baley, Robert, carpenter, 59 Walnut st. 
Balfour, Peter, Caroline near Main st. 
BALL, FREDERICK A., broker and agent for Britan- 
' nia Life and Liverpool and London Fire and Life 

Insurance Companies, King st. next Bank of Mon- 
treal, house King st. west. 
Ball, John, carpenter, Wilson near John st. 
Ball, Thomas, stonemason. East ikarket st. 
Balmer, Thomas, general dealer, Hughson st. 
Balmoral house, William Frazer, proprietor, corner 

James and Stuart sts. 
Banatto, John, stonemason, Henrymear Wellington st 

Taylor, manager, 5 King st. 
BANK OF MONTREAL,-. Andrew Milroy, manager, 9 

King St. 
BANK OF UPPER CANADA, Alfred Sto-v*^, cashier, 

corner James and Vine sts. 
Banks, James, clothier, 40 James st., house Tyburn 

near Spring st. 
Banks, Shields & Co., merchant tailors and clothiers, 

James st. opposite Mechanics Institute. 
BANNER, (THE) annual subscription to daily $6, 

weekly $1.50 ; A. McKiunon, editor ; William M. 

Nicholson, proprietor and^ publisher, Hughson 

near King st. 
Baptist Chapel, Park near Vine st. 

Baptist Chapel, rev. George Duncan, minister, Jo^s 
near Rebecca st. •. 41! 

Barber, Edward, vinegar manufacturer. East King'ft.' 
Barclay, John, carpenter, Hess st. near Railway. 
Bardwell, James, laborer, Colborne near MacNab st. 
Barker, Edward, laborer, MacNab near Burlington st. 
Barker, Johnson, harnessmaker. Peel near Catharine st. 
Barker, Mrs., Peel near Catharine st. 
Barnard, Mrs. Susan, widow. Princess near King st. 
Barnes, George, & Co., booksellers, stationers mi 

dealers in paper hangings. King st. 
Barnett, Mrs., widow. King near Garth st. 
Barr, George, carpenter, Wilson st. near West avennel 
Barr, John, barrister and solicitor, MacNab near Kingst. 
BARR, JOHN, general grocer, James near Market st,, 

house MacNab near King st. 
Barrow, John B., Park near Sheaffe st. 
Bartlett, William, grocer, corner Peel and Walnut sts. 
Bartlett, William,quarryman, cornerWalnut and Peel sts. 
Barton, J. C, accountant. King st. west. 
Bastedo, John, Main near James st. 
Bastedo, Walter, furrier, corner Cannon and Welling- 
ton sts. 
Bastien, Henry, carpenter, corner James andltfarketsts, 
Bastien & Middlemiss, builders, Market near James st. 
Bates, James, physician and surgeon. Gore near Hugh- 

son St. 
Bates, William, broker and keeper of registry office 

for servants, King st. east, house Charles st. 
Battershfell, John, butcher, Margaret near King st. 
Batty, Benjamin, East Market St. 
Bauer, Henry, laager' beer manufacturer and saloon 

keeper. King st. west. 
Bawden, David,, hotelkeeper, King st. west. 
Baxter, Charles, accountant, Gas Company. . 
Baxter, John, livery stable keeper. Upper MacNab nesr 

King St. 
Baxter, William, tailor, Barton st. and Victoria avenue. 
Bayley, Mrs., widow, 36 Bay gt. 
Bayne, Peter, plasterer. Market st. 
Baynham, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Kingst. west. 
Beacon Life Insurance, Company, J. Gilkison, agent, 

Merrick st. 
Beamer, John, telegraph wire repaii-er. 
Beard, Charles, boards at Royal hotel. 
Beardmore, G. L., leather merchant, corner John »nd 
King William* sts., house corner Lynd and Caths- 
rine sts. 
BEASLEY, RICHARD S., proprietor of Inlcrnatiomil 

hotel and billiard saloon. Market sq. 
BEASLEY, THOMAS, city clerk. Market sq., house 

Hughson near Lynd st. 
Seattle, Ad-am, cabinetmaker, near Wilson st. and 

West avenue. 
Beattie, John, grocer. King st. -west. 
Beattie, P., tailor, 28 Bay st, 
Beatty, Oliver, laborer, Hughson near Stinson st. 
Beatty, Thomas, proprietor of British hotel, corner John 

and Main s-ts. 
Beatty, William, clerk, MacNab near Simcoe st. 
Beaver, Thomas, laborer, Simcoe near Bij st. 
Becker, Henry, shoemaker. King st. east. 
Becket, Charles, teacher of music, Gore near James st. 
Becket, F, C, & Co., engineers and machinists, corner 

Simcoe and James sts. 
Beemer, Levi, jeweller. King near James st., house 

corner Charles and Bold sts. 
Begg, James, blacksmith, corner Wilson st. and West 

Belder, George, land agent, Catharine near Augusta st. 
Bell, James, shoemaker, Catharine near Henry st. 
Bell, John, mason, corner Catharine and Augusta sts. 
Bell, John, saloon, John near Peel st. 
Bell, Thomas, railway clerk, 36 Maria st. 
Bellamy, William, teamster. Mulberry near Bay st. 
Bellhoase, William, gf William Bellhouse & Co., Jamel 
near Augusta st. 

Directory.] 1858. 



Bellhouse, James G., clerk, Upper James St. 

BELLHOUSE, WILLIAM, & Co., wholesale hardware 
merchants, and agents for Royal Fire and Life In- 
surance Company, King st. east. 

BELLING, JAMES, working jeweller, masonic medals, 
emblems, &c. made to order, King William near 
James st. 

Belnap, Noah M., hotelkeeper, John near King Wil- 
liam St. 

Belton, rev. Samuel, Wesleyan, James near Catharine st. 

Bement, William B., Market st. 

Benedict, Dwight, grocer and dealer in produce, corner 
John and Main sts., house KingWilliam near Mary st. 

BENNER, RICHARD, & Co., wholesale grocers and 

' importers of teas, brandiesj wines, &c., 25 King st. 

Bennet, George, turner, Union near Bowery st. 

Bennett, Charles, cabinetmaker, Hess near Cannon st. 

Bennetto, Israel, carpenter, Henry near James st. 

BENSON & ATKINSON, wholesale and retail hardware 
merchants, King st. east. 

Benson, J. B., of Benson & Atkinson, Main st. 

Benton, W. 0., & Co., agricultural implement manu- 
facturers, James st. 

Bernard, Anthony, hairdresser, Stuart st. near Great 
Western Railway depot, house Mulberry near 
MacNab St. 

Berry, John, saloon, corner Guise and Hughson sts. 

Berry, John, teamster. Guise st. 

Berry, Mrs., widow, Park near Colborne St. 

BEST, J. J., proprietor of Canadian restaurant, James St. 

Best, James, laborer, Wilson near Catharine st. 

Best, Thomas, tavern, Hughson st. 

BEST, THOMAS NOAKES, (late Best & Green,) auc- 
tioneer and commission merchant, James St., house 
Upper James st. 

Best, William, clerk, corner Catharine and King Wil- 
liam sts. 

Best, William H., laborer, Napier st. 

Bethel church for sailors, Guise near John st. 

Bethune, Edward, of Ecclestone k Bethune 10 King st. 

Betts, Joseph Y., bookkeeper, cor. Peel and Spring sts. 

Beveridge, David, machinist, William st. near Railway. 

Bevis, William, cabinetmaker, East Market st. 

Bible, Robert, constable, corner Ray and Main sts. 

Bickle, John, of T. B. Bickle & Son, Maiden lane near 
Queen st. 

BICKLE, T. E., & SON, wholesale and retail chemists, 
druggists, and importers of drugs, perfumery, dye 
stuffs, artists colors, oils, paints, &;c., Medical hall 
King St. east. 

Bickle, Tristram, of T. E. Bickle & Son, Maiden lane 
near MacNab st. 

Bickle, William J., of T.E. Bickle & Son, Maiden lane 
near Caroline st. 

Biggar, William J., engineers office Great Western 

BIGELOW, ALBERT, importer of china, glass and 
earthenware. King St. first door west of Gore 
Bank, house James st. 

Billings, John, clerk, corner Barton and Wentworth sts. 

Billings, W. L., M.D., York St., house corner James 
and Henry sts. 

BILLINGTON, JOHN, boot and shoe maker, James 
opposite Gore st. 

Bindless, Hichard, Catharina st. 

Bingham, Mrs. M. A., dressmaker and milliner, James st. 
near Knox's church. 

Birely, J. G., jeweller, King near James st. 

Birely, L. D., Peel near James st. 

Birkett, William, salesman, Catharine near Gore st. 

Birss, James H., of Birss & McCuaig, boards at Royal 

Birss, John, King William st. 

BIRSS, McCUAIG & Co., wholesale grocers and com- 
mission merchants. King st. east. 

BISHOP, JACOB, health officer, Cathcart st. 

Black, Daniel, proprietor of Glasgow inn, corner Can- 
non and Bay sts. 

Black, James, proprietor of Glasgow inn, opposite Rail- 
way depot. 

Black, James, shipowner, Henry near John st. 

Black, John, laborer. Concession near Bay st. 

Black, William, laborer, Hess near York st. 

Black, William, machinist, Little Main st. 

Blackburn, John, carpenter, 26 Cannon st. 

Blackburn, Richard, laborer, Dundurn near King st. 

Blackburn, Robert, sailor, corner MacNab and Bur- 
lington sts. 

Blackford, John, undertaker, MacNab near King st. 

BLACK HORSE INN, George Hoult, proprietor, Mar- 
ket sq. 

Blacklock, Joseph, carpenter, 99 Catharine st. 

Blackmoor, A., waggonmaker. Little Main st. 

Blackmore, A., blacksmith, 5 Merrick st. 

Blackmore, J., laborer, corner Dundurn and Garth sts. 

Blackmore, William, boot and shoe maker, John near 
Rebecca st. 

Blake, John, laborer. Concession near James st. 

Blake, William, butcher, Market St., house James st. 

Blakeney, Robert, machinist, Wentworth near Night- 
ingale St. 

Blakeney, 'I homas, King st. east. 

BLAND, J. H., barber, hairdresser and perfumer, James 
near Main st. 

Blarney, Mrs. Robert, Main near Bond st. 

Blarney, Robert W., bookkeeper. 

Blennerhassett, Arthur, waggonmaker. Main near 
Spring St. 

Blew, Heory, laborer, Caroline near York st. 

Blewer, James, laborer. Barton near Mary St. 

Bligh, John, house builder, Henry near James st. 

Bligh, John, machinist, Barton near William st. 

Bligh, Thomas Allen, surveyor. Bold st. 

Blood, George H., tinsmith, John near King St., house 
Catharine near Henry st. 

Bloomer, Andrew, cabdriver, Picton near James st. 

Blue, John, laborer. King st. east. 

Blum, Christopher, sausage maker, corner James and 
Barton sts. 

BLUNT, JOSEPH, contractor, Park near Colborne st. 

Blythe, Thomas A., surveyor, Bold near James st. 

Blythman, John, hotelkeeper, York st. 

Boehm, Samuel, Park near Concession st. 

Boggs, John, baker, 187 John st. 

Bohnstead, Frederick, cabinetmaker, Tyburn st. 

Boice, William, of William Boice & Co., John near 
Gore St. 

BOICE, WILLIAM, & Co., importers of and wholesale 
dealers in dry goods, King st. east. 

BoUingbroke, Charles, carpenter, Hess near King st. 

Bolton, Mrs. Catharine, widow, Stinson near James st. 

Bond, James B., butcher. Market, house Barton st. 

Bond, Silas,, butcher. Market, house Caledonia road. 

Bone, William, ginger beer niaker, corner Cannon st. 
and West avenue. 

BOOKER, ALFRED, auctioneer and commission mer- 
chant. King st. west, house King st. east. 

Booker, Mrs. Ann, widow, 20 Park st. 

Booker, William D., travelling agent. Vine near Park st. 

Boos, John, tailor. King St. west. » 

Borthwick, John, clerk, Rebecca st. 

Boucher, Charles, carpenter. Mulberry near Park st. 

Boultbee, William, engineer, boards at Burlington hotel 

Bourne, Steven R., carpenter, John near Stuart st. 

Bowes, Edwardj tailor, Catharine near Peel st. 

Bowie, John, Great Western Railway, 15 Stuart st. 

Bowland, Michael, MacNab near Wilson st. 

Bowman, C, dealer in groceries and provisions, James 
near Simcoe st. 

Boyd, Hugh, plasterer, corner Wilson and Elgin sts. 

Boyd, James, plasterer, 68 West avenue. 

Boyd, James, salesman, 68 West avenue. 

Boyd, John, laborer, John st. 



1857. [CanabJ 

Boyd,. Mrs., milkwoman, James near Bold at. 

Boyd, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, Spring near Main St. 

Boyd,- Timothy, laborer, Park near Mulberry St. 

Boyle, David, blacksmith, corner King William and 
Mary sts.- 

Boyle, John, blacksmith, Little Main St. 

Boyle, Mrs. Mary, dealer in provisions, Kiiig William St. 

Bradburn, Edward; tailor, corner Jolm and Catha-' 
rina sts. 

Bradford, William: H;, bookkeeper, Oolborne near 
Bay St. 

Bradley, William, carpenter. Park near King St. 

Bradshaw, George, wood inspector, Hughson near 
King William St. 

Bradshaw, James, clerk, 13 Hughson St. 

Brady, Patrick, laborer, IT O'Reilly. St. 

Bramb, Edward; Pearl near, York st.' 

Brane, George, laborer, iKingst. east. 

BRANIGAN, TEEENDE, saloon, King Williamfst. 

Brannigan; Sdward, fisherman, James near Murray st. 

Brannon, L., basket maker, 132 Hughson St. 

Brass, Miis; ]?., wido-v^, Napier st. 

Bray, Josias, exchange brbker and agent for Provin- 
cial Insurance Company, James opposite Eebecca 
St., house corner James and Bold sts. 

Brazier, Henry, hairdresser and perfamer, 18 King st. 

Brearton, Michael, laborer, William st. near Railway. 

BREGA, CHARLES W., post-office' clerk, Hughson near 
Stinson st. 

Breanan, John, carpenter, Hughson near Lynd st. 

Brennan, John, coppersmith. Little Main St. 

Brennan, John, fireman. East Market st. 

Brennan, John, saloonlieeper, John near Tyburn st. 

Brennan, Luke, basketmaker and diver, Hughson near 
Lynd St.- 

Brennan, Michael, carpenter, near Robert and Wel- 
lington sts. 

Brennan," Michael, saloonkeeper; corner John and King 
William sts. 

Brennan, rev. James, New Connection Methodist; corner 
John and Stinson sts. 

Brennan, William, laborer, MacNab near Wilson st. 

Brick, John, plasterer, 81; Tyburn St. 

Brick; Mrs., widow, corner 'Cherry and Peel sts. 

Bridges, John, mechanic, corner Cannon St. and West 

Bridges, Macdonald, of Pringle, Mills & Bridges, King 
St. east near Toll gate. 

Bridgwood, George, waggonmaker, Tyburn near 

John St. 
• Briers, Thomas, painter, glazier, &c., Catharine near 
Henry st. 

Briggs, George C, druggist, King St. west. 

Briscoe, Augustus, waiter, Catharine near Peel st. 

Briscoe, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, Catharine near Peel st. 

Brisnahan, Mrs. Jane; widow, William- st. pear Rail- 
way. *■ 

Bristow, Fitzgerald & Spencer, provincial land sur- 
veyors' and civil engineers, King st. west. 

erick A. Ball, agent, next Bank of Montreal, King st. 

British America Assurance Company, fedmund Ritchie, 
agent, 58 James st. ' ^ 

British hotel, Hiram Broadbent, proprietor, James near 
Wilson St. 

British hotel, Thomas Eeatty, proprietor, corner John 
and Main sts. 

Broadbent. Hiram, proprietor of British hotel, James 
near Wilson st. 

Broadfield, George, clerk. Nelson st. 

Broadwater, rev. Philip, colored Baptist cHuroh, Mac- 
Nab St. 

Brock, John, storekeeper, at depot Ray st. 

Bromeley, James, laborer, Little Market st. 

Brooke, James, laborer. King St. east. 

Brookes, Charles, grocec, York st. 

Brooks, Thomas, cabinetmaker. King St. east. 

Brougb, .C., bank clerk. , 

Broughton, Joseph, proprietor of Farmer's home,York st. 

Brouse, Charles, proprietor of Montreal house, corner'*'i 
Cblboriie and Park sts. 

Brown, Adam, of W. P. McLaren & Co., Hughson st. 

•Brown, Andrew, stonemason, Hess near York st. 

Brown, Prank, laborer. East -Market st. 

Brown, George, clerk, corner Park and Cannon sts. 

Brown, James, carpenter, John near Stnart st. 

Btown, John, of Kerr, Brown & Co,, Duke off James st. 

Brown, John, laborer, corner MacNab and Mulberry sts. 

Brown; Mrs., Maria st. 

Brown, Mrs. Adam, Hannah st. 

Brown, Mrsi Elizabeth, dressmaker, corner Oatharin* 
and Peel sts. 

Bi^own, R. S., barber,' corner Catharine and Peel sta^ 

Brown, Robert,- laborer, Yorkst. 

Brown, Robert S., stationer, Ac, corner Wilson and 
Mary sts. 

Brown, William, machinist, Hess near Cannanst. 

Browne, Charles W., Wood near John st. 

BROWNE; EDWARD, forwarder and wharfinger, Mac- 
Nab St., house corner Barton and Hughson^sts. 

BROWNE, M. WILSON, forwarder, office Guise neitB 
Hughson St., bouse Hughson near- Wilson st. 

BROWNE & MALCOMSON, forwarders, shipping agents 
and wharfingers, City wharf, foot of James sfe 

Browne, Michael W., of Brown & Malcomson, Hugh- 
son St. 

BroWnlee, David, engineer, Hughson near Wilson st. 

BRUCE, JOHN A., seedsman and florist. King st. -west 
'off MacNab st., house Wellington St. 

Bruce, Lewis A., of Bruce & Mugridge, West Main st. 

Bruce, Magnus, tailor, corner Charles and Peel sts. 

Bruce & Mugridge, rnanufacturers of corn brooms and 
brushes. King St. west. 

Bruff, W., Engineer's office. Great Western Railway 
boards at Eoyal hotel. 

Bryan, W. J., salesman, corner MaoNab and Merrick sts, 

BRYDGES, C. J.j managing director Great Western 
Eailway, house Chedock, on Mountain. 

Birydges, John P., stonemason, Catharine • near Barr ■ 
ton St. 

Buchan, George, clerk. Little Main st. 

Biichan, John, grocer, MacNab near York st. 

Biichan, John, Hannah st. 

BUCHAN, WILLIAM, boot and shoe maker, corner 
MacNab and York sts. 

BUCHANAN, HAERIS & Co., wholesale general mer- 
chants. King St. east. 

Buchanan, I., of Buchanan, Harris & Co., Claremont 

Buchanan, James E., wholesale grocer, and wine and 
spirit dealer. King st. west. 

Buchanan, John, clerk, John near Catharina st. 

Btichanan, Robert, laborer, Stuart near Hugbsoa st. 

Btack, John, boarding house keeper, Tyburn near Wal- 
nut st. 

Buck, Joseph, Catherina near John st. 

BUCKE; P. E., accountant Post office, Catharine neat 
John St. ' 

Bnickingham, William, butcher. Barton road.. 

Buckley, Dennis, porter, John near Barton st. 

Buckley, Lawrence, laborer, corner Strachan and Mac- 
■Nab sts. 

Buckley, Roger, scalemaker. King st. west. 

Budge, Charles, saloon. Upper Hughson near Main St. 

Budge, Peter, mason, 43 Bay st. 

Buffalo Laager Beer saloon, Charles Landon, proprietor, 
corner Catharine and King sts. 

Bull, Harcourt B., coroner. Upper Hughson near Main st. 

Bull, Richard, accountant. Peel near Hughson st; 

BuUman, Arthur, laborer. Garth near Dundurn st. 

Buntin, James; of James Buntin & Co., James st. north. 

BUNTIN, JAMES, & Co., wholesale stationers and pa- 
per manufacturers. King st. east. 

DiB|;CTORY.] 1858. 



BURGESS, JQHN; music store, Gore of King St., house 
12 Peel St. 

Burgess, William, storekeeper, Peel near Hnghson st. 

Burke, Matthew, teamster. Main st. 

Burke, Michael, steamboat mate, Pictou near James st. 

Burke, Patrick, laborer. King st. east. 

Burke, Thomas, laborer, Hughsoii st. 

Burlington hotel, yHenry McOracken, proprietor, King 
St. east. 

Burlington hotel, John Duffy, proprietor, James st. 

Burne, Miss Ellen, Market near James st. 

Burnet, John, sailor, John near Base St., 

Burnet, rev. Robert, minister of St. Andrew's church, 
Herkimer near James St. 

Burnham, Erastus, salesman, Catharine near Gore st. 

Burnham, Mrs. Jane, widow, 61 Catharine st. 

Burns, Adam, commission merchant, and agent for 
Colonial Life Assurance Company, Maria st. 

Burns, Charles, stonemason, Little James st. 

Burns, James, grocer and saloonkeeper. Little James St. 

Burns, John, carpenter, Tyburn near John st. 

Burns, John, engine driver, Williana St., near Railway. 

Burns, John, saloonkeeper. Main near John st. 

Burns, Joseph, teamster, Catharine near Barton st. 

Burns, Laurence, carpenter. Little James st. 

Burns, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Wilsou near Hnghson st. 

Burns, Mrs. M., widow, Lynd near John st. 

Burns, Patrick, Ray near Market st. 

Burris, Michael, finisher, Catharine near Gore st. 

Burroughs, William, carpenter, Broadway. 

Burrowes, Richard, contractor, boards at Royal hotel. 

Burrows, Mrs., widow, 9 Augusta st. 

Burrows, Robert, laborer, Hess near Cannon st. 

Burrows, Robert, laborer, John near Wilson st. 

Burton, George W., of Burton & Sadleir, King St., east. 

BURTON & SADLEIK, barristers and solicitors, Cana- 
da Life Assurance biiildings, James st. 

BUSCOMBE, RICHARD C, saloonkeeper. King near 
MacNab st. 

Buskard, John, gardener, Catharine near Barton st. 

Butler, Daniel, carpenter, Hannah near James st. 

Butler, Isaiah, hairdresser. King William st. 

Butler, John, laborer. Market near James st. 

Butler, Thomas R., shoemaker, Hnghson st. 

Butler, rev. John, minister of St. John's chapel, and 
master of Classical school, York st. 

Byre,. Martin, blacksmith, Napier st. 

Byrns, James, tayernkeeper, Catharina near Catha- 
rine St. 

Caddy, captain John H., surveyor and civil engineer, 
Hughson near Stinson st. 

Cahill, James, barrister and solicitor, 9T King st. east. 

Caie, William, bread and fancy biscuit baker. King st. 

Calder, John, salesman. Upper Hughson st. 

Caldwell, Andrew, laborer. Little Market st. 

Oallaghan, Mrs., Tyburn, near Walnut st. 

Cameron,. Duncan, carpenter, boards at Rob Roy hotel. 

Cameron,' James,, machinist. Alma st. near Victoria 

Cameron, James, wholesale grocer. King near MacNab 
st, house corner MacNab and Hunter §ts. 

Cameron. Mrs. Agnes, widow, John near Lynd st. 

CAMPBELL, A. J., & Co,, late Campbell & Sherrill, 
wholesale and retail dealers in books and station- 
ery. King St. east. 

Campbell, A. J., of A, J. Campbell & Co., Walnut near 
Hughson St. 

CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER, general grocer, and wine, 
spitrit and provision merchant, corner York, and 
Merrick sts., house Merrick st. 

Campbell, Bernard, laborer. Bay, near Little Main st. 

Campbell, Daniel, stove pedlar. Walnut near Tyburn st. 

Campbell, Donald P., commission merchant, Hughson 
near Stinson st. 

Campbell, Donald, laborer, Hess st. near Railway. 

Campbell, B. R., silver plater, King st. west. 

Campbell, George, blacli;smith. King St. east. 
Campbell, J., dealer in stoves. Main near Walnut st. 
Campbeli, James, teamster, King st. west. 

Campbell, John, carpenter, Broadway. 

Campbell, John, proprietor of Eastern hotel,. James,, 
near Wood st, 

CAkPBELjL & LOGAN, general grocers, an<5.,wine, 
and spirit,merch,ants, King st. east. 

Campbell, Mrs. Lilly ,_,Oatharine , near 

Campbell, Neil, mason, corner Spring ^nd Peel pts. 

Campbell, Robert, carpenter. Union near John st, 

Campbell, Robert, of .Campbell &, Logan, Upper Hugh- 
son near Peel St. 

Cp.mplbeil & Weeks, dea,lers in stoves ,and tin ware, 
King St. east. , ' 

CANADA EVANGELIST, (THE) monthly, annual 
subscription, 50c., rev. R. Peden, editor,. proprietor , 
and publisher ; Smiley & Gillespy, printers, corner 
Main and Hughson sts., Coui^ house sq. 

Baker, president, T. M. Simons, secretary, Canada 
Life Assurance bujldings, Upper James St.. 

Canada Powder Company, corner James and Main sts. 

INSURANCE COMPANY,, R. P. Street, secretary 
and agent, King st. 

Can8.da Western Assurance Conpany, W. R, MacDp- 
nald, agent. King near James St., 

CANADA ZEIICUNG, (THE) semi-weekly, annual sub- 
scription, $2, M. Krajjse, editor ; J. H. Unzicker, 
proprietor, publisher and printer, 128 King st. 

monthly, annual subscription $1 ; W. A. Green- 
leaf, M.D., & A. T. Bull, M.D., editors, proprietors 
and publishers ; William A. Shepard, printer, 
Catharine near Rebecca st. 

CANADIAN RESTAURANT, J. J. Best, proprietor, 
Best & Green's new block, James St. 

Cann, Samuel, grocer. Market sq., house Ferguson st. 

Cannell, Edward, grocer and dealer in provisions,. 
King St. east. 

Canning, George, plasterer, Tyburn near Spring St. 

Cargill, James, saloonkeeper, corner John and Au- 
gusta sts. 

Carlisle, George, carpenter, Caroline near York st. 

Carmichael, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Henry near 
Cathcart st. 

Carmichael, John, audit ofSce, Great Western Railway. 

Carnall, Miss,, corner Park and Vine sts. 

Carnall, Mrs., Rebecca, corner Park and Vine sts. 

Carpenter, Alexander, of Gurneys & Catrpenter, Upper 
John St. 

Carpenter, Alexander, of Joel Carpenter & Co., Moun- 
tain St. 

Carpenter, Charles, clerk. 

CARPENTEtl, JOEL, & Co., hardware mCBchants, 
wholesale and retail, 38 King st. 

Carpenter, Joel, of Joel Carpenter & Co., Market st. 

Carragon, rev. A., Roman catholic, Sbeaffe st. 

Carrie, Robert, draper, Henry near Wellington st, 

Carroll, James, mason, Caroline near Bold st. 

Carroll, Patrick, laborer. Guise near Hughson st. 

Carruthers, Christopher, carpenter. Upper Hughson 
near Peel -st. 

Carruthers, John, chief of police, Police station on 
James st. 

Carruthers, Mrs. M., milliner, King st. west. 

Carse, Peter, mason, near Cannon st. and West avenue. 

Carse, Robert, mason, corner Wilson st. and West 

Carson, Hehry, boot and shoe maker, York st. 

Carter, Charles J., clothier. King st. west. 

Cartier, George, teamster, King st. east. 

Cartier, Mrs. Ellen, dressmaker and washerwoman, 
King St. east. 

Cartier, Mrs. Emma, boarding house, Little James St. 

► 168 


185V. [Ca*^ 

Cage, George, blacksmith, 110 West King st, house 
Union st. 

Case, Horatio N., 112 King st. • 

Case, W., M.D., corner Walnut and King sts. 

Casey, John, moijlder, Lynd near John st. 

"Casey, Simon, saloonkeeper, King William st. 

Cashman, William, laborer, Wilson near MacNab st. 

■Cass & Walker, marble monuments, Mantet st. 

•Cass, William, marblecutter, Oarolifie near York St. 

Catchpole, Richard, porter, Colborne near Park st. 

Oatin, Matthew, laborer. East Market st. 

Cavenagh, Francis, cabman, James near Mulberry st. 

'Cavenagh, John, laborer, James near Mulberry st. 

Cawley, Thomas, Sporting hall, corner James and 
Union sts. t 

Centre, William, laborer. East Market sq. 

Chambers, Daniel, tavernkeeper, Stuart near Mac- 
Nab st. ' 

Chambers, David, bricklayer, 6T Bay st. ♦ 

Champ, W. S., railway clerk, boards at H. Colbeck's, 

C happen, Wm., bricklayer, Henry near Wellington st. 

Charlton, Benjamin, vinegar manufacturer, King st. 

Charnock, J. H., clerk, Caroline near King st. 
Chase, Daniel P., engine driver, Market St. 

CHBRRIER & BROTHER, general grocers, Market sq. 

Cherrier,' Joseph R., of Cherrier & Brother, Vine st. 

Cheshire, Frederick J., reporter, Wilson near Welling- 
ton St. 
Childs, Frederick, carpenter, Stuart near Hughson st. 

Childs, Henry, carpenter, Hughson near Stinson st. 
Childs, Mrs. Thomas, grocer, corner York and Bay sts. 
CHILMAN, ISAAC C, baker and grain dealer. King 
St. west. 

Chisholm, Robert, carpenter, MacNab near Conces- 
sion St. 

Chisholm, William, carpenter, corner MacNab and Con- 
cession sts. 

Chittenden, C. S., dentist, King near John St., house 
corner Main and Spring sts. 

Christ church, rev. J. G. Geddes, rector, James near 
Henry st. 

CHRISTIAN ADVOCA'TE, (THE) weekly, annual 
subscription, $2 ; rev. Gideon Shepard, editor ; 
Methodist Episcopal church, proprietor ; Shepard & 
Morrison, publishers ; William A. Shepard, printer, 
Catharine near Rebecca st. 

Christian, John, printer, Tyburn near Walnut st. ' 

Church of the Ascension, rev. John Hebden, M.A., 
minister, corner John and Maria sts. 

Cilbourne, Edward, blacksmith, Ray near Little Main st. 

City Arms saloon, Samuel Tiffin, proprietor, corner 
Catharine and Lynd sts. 

CITY CORPORATION, John F. Moore, mayor; 
Thonfas Beasley, clerk, City hall. Market sq., 
James st. 

CITY HALL, Market sq., James st. 

City Hospital, E. Henwood, physician, Thomas Wilson, 
superintendent, corner John and Guise sts. ■ 

Clare, John K., dealer in dry goods and clothing, 8 
James st. 

Clare, William, plainer, MacNab near Concession st. 

Clarldge, John, cabdriver, John near Tyburn st. 

Clark, Adam, dealer in hardware. King near Hughson 
St., house Caroline near Napier st. 

Clark, Hiram, Main near MacNab st. 

CLARK, HUTCHINSON, architect and builder, Hugh- 
son near'Gore st. 

Clark, Mrs., Main near MacNab st. 

Clark, Thomas, proprietor of Union hotel, corner Stuart 

and MacNab ste. 
'Clark, Thomas H., Managing Director's office, Great 
Western Railway, Park near Colborne st. 

Clarke, Adam, of A. Clarke & Co., Caroline st. 

Clarke, Adam, & Co., dealers in hardware, King st. 

Clarke, Alexander,' engine driver, MacNab near Wil- 
son St. 

Clarke, Charles J carpenter, York st. 

Clarke, Hirain, corner Wellington and Duke sts. 

Clarke, J. F., clerk in Custom house, corner Maria and 
Hughson sts. 

Clarke, James, laborer. East Market st. 

Clarke, Mrs. Sarah, schoolmistress, King st. east. 

Clarke, Richard 6., audit office,. Great Western Rail- 
way, house King st. east. 

Clarke, Thos., carpenter, corner Hughson and Goresti. 

Clary, Cornelius, laborer, Wilson near Hughson st. 

Clary, Edward, stonemason, Wentworth near Nightin- 
gale st.' 

Clayton, John, tailor, Hughson st. 

Clayton, Miss L., milliner, York *t. 

Cleary, John, po*ter, King st. east. 

Cleary, Thomas, boot and shoe maker. Barton near Ca- 
tharine St. 

Clement, Mrs., widow, corner Tyburn and Cherry ste. 

Cliff, William, millwright. Cannon st. 

Clifford, John, machinist, Hess near Cannon st. 

Close, John, carpenter, corner Hughson and Gore ste. 

Coakly, Jeremiah, laborer, Caroline near Bold st. 

Coates, Henry M., painter, Hughson near Lynd st. 

Cobine, Robert, Victoria, house, King St., east. 

Coburn, George, city engineer, Wellington near Peel st. 

Cochrane, Hugh, wholesale dealer in dry goods, King 
St., house King st. east. 

Cochrane, Josiah, hairdresser, King st. east. 

Cockran, James, laborer, Breadalbane near Garth st. 

Coffee, Michael, laborer, Oak near John st. 

Cohen, Benjamin L., dealer in fancy goods. East Mar- 
ket St. ' 

COLBECK, henry, money order clerk. Post offici 
house on Mountain near Bast avenue. 

Oolbron, William, Peel near James st. 

COLEMAN, CHARLES S., proprietor of Anglo Ameri- 
can hotel, King st. east. 

Collar, John, Main near Charles st. 

Collin, Samuel, grocer, John near King St., house John 
near Gore st. 

Collingwood, Thomas, carpenter and builder, Catha- 
rina near John st. 

Collins, Samuel, merchant, John near Rebecca st. 

Colman, John, laborer, corner Wilson and John sts. 

Colonial Life Assurance Company, Andrew Burns, . 
agent, Maria st. 

Colored Baptist church, rev. Philip Broadwater, minis- 
ter, MacNab st. 

Colored Methodist Episcopal church, Rebecca near 
John St. 

Colpoys, Edward, clerk, Park near Colborne st. 

Oolvin, Patrick, moulder, Hughson near Simcoe st. 

Colvine, Peter, saloonkeeper, King st. 

Colwell, Joseph, file cutter, William st. near Railway. 

Come, Darius, James near Hannah st. 

manager,' Canada Life Assurance buildings, Upper 
James st. 

Commercial in^, Robert Hooper proprietor, 80 Mac- 
Nab St. 

Condon, Edward, saloon, corner Merrick and Park sts. 

Congregational Church, rev. Edward Ebbs, minister,- 
corner HughsOn and Henry sts. 

Connell, Mary, tin pedlar, Hughson near Stinson st. 

Conners, Patrick, laborer, MacNab near Wilson st. 

Connolly, Thomas, grocer, John near King St. 

Connor, James, dyer, York st. 

Connor, James, laborer, Burlington near MacNab st. 

Connor, John, laborer, Guise near James St. 

Connor, Patrick, laborer, Hughson near Simcoe st. 

Conndr, Peter, taUor, 166 York st. 

Connor, William, laborer. Union near John st. 

Conoly, John, laborer, Lynd near John st. 

Cbnroy, Peter, tailor, Lynd, near Catharine st. 

Convent and Noviciate of the Sisters of St. Joseph. 

Directory.] 1858. 



Cook, Adair^ of Stnart & Co., Park near Vine st. 
Cook, Charles, & Co., dealers in dry goods, King st. east. 
Cook, D. M., of H. & D. M. Cook& Co., James near 

Henry st. 
COOK, H. & D. M., & Co., lumber merchants, Henry 

near James st. 
Cook, Hiram, of H. & D. M. Cook & Co., James near 

Henry st. 
Cook, John, butcher. Market, house John st. near Lake. 
Cook, John, carpenter, Broadway. 
Cook John, of Stewart & Co., Merrick, near MacNab st. 
Cook, John B., butcher, John near Wood st 
Cook, William, proprietor of Farmers hotel, King near 

Charles st. 
Cook, William, stable keeper. Market st. west. 
Cooke, Douglas, moulder, Park near Golborne st. 
Cooke, John, iron founder, Merrick near MacNab St. 
Cooke, William, painter, Stinson near Hugison st. 
Cooke, William D., boolikeeper. Queen near Market st. 
COOMBB, THOMAS, bookseller, Upper Hughson st. 

near Market. 
Cooper, Alexander, blacksmith, Ray's block off Broad- 
Cooper, H. G., of Williams & Cooper, Bond st. 
Cooper, Mrs. E., seamstress. Bast Market st. 
Copland, Samuel, MacNab st. near Strand. 
Copp, Anthony, dealer in hardware, Upper Hughson 

near Augusta st. 
Copp & Brother, tinsmiths, John near King William st. 
Corbey, Lewis R., of L. R. Corbey & Co., boards at 

Anglo American hotel. 
CORBEY, LEWIS R., & Co., dealers in dry goods, cor- 
ner King and Hughson sts. 
' Corbit, Patrick, laborer, Mulberry near MacNab st. 
Cornish, H. C, boards at Royal hotel. 
Cornwall, E. & G., daguerreotypists. King near 

James St. 
Cornwall, Ebenezer, of E. & G. Cornwall, 25 Peel et. 
Cornwall, George, of B. & G. Cornwall, 25 Peel st. 
Cosgrove, Lawrence, tinsmith. Peel near John st. 
CosgroTe, William, boot and shoe maker, John near 

Augusta St. 
Costello, Jeremiah, laborer, Burlington near James st. 
Cot, Ths., saloonkeeper, corner Stuart and Hughson sts. 
Cotter, James, laborer, Broadway. 
Coulter, Anthony, laborer. King st. east. 
Coumbe, John, sawyer, Strachan near James st. 
Coumbe, William, carpenter, Catharine near Peel St. 
Connsell,Chas. 0., county clerk, Main near Hughson St., 

house James near Augusta st. 
Coupe, Thomas, laborer, Broadway. 
Couples, Hugh, porter. Mulberry near MacNab st. 
Courtney, John, dealer in dry goods, King st. east, 

house Maria St. 
Cowell, Maurice, plasterer, Peel near John st. 
Cowen, John, carpenter. Guise St. 
Cowen, Johnson, carter, Hughson near Henry St. 
Cowie, James, merchant tailor, York st. 
Cowper, James, laborer, Ray near little Main st. 
Cox, James, teamster. East Market st. 
Cox, John, grocer and feed storekeeper. King st. west. 
Coxon, George, furniture broker. King st. east. 
COZENS, GEORGE H., merchant tailor, 45 James st. 

next Mechanics hall, house Bond st. 
Cozens, Samuel, porter, Peel near Cherry st. 
Oraa, James, freight clerk. Great Western Railway, 

house Napier st. 
Crabtree, Mrs., widow, John near Rebecca st. 
Craig, Thomas, law student, corner Wellington and 

Peel sts. 
Craigie, William, of Freeman, Craigie & Proudfoot, 

Hughson St. 
CRAIGIE, WILLIAM, M.D., Augusta st. 
Cranch, Joseph P., clerk, MacNab near Stinson st. 
Crawford, J., & Co., produce dealers, Hughson st. 
CRAWFORD, JAMES W., Great Western hotel. King 

near MacNab st. 

Crawford, John S., clerk, John near Gore st. 
Crawford, John W., clerk, Burlington near MacNab st. 
Crawford, N. G., cashier of Gore Bank, corner King 

and Hughson sts. , 

CRAWFORD, ROBERT, clerk, James near Barton st. 
Crawford, Samuel, porter, Upper Hughson near Peel st. 
Crawford, William H., whitewasher, corner Pearl and 

George sts. 
Creech, Edward, carpenter, Warren near Hughson St. 
Creech, Richard, hotel keeper, John near Wilson st. 
Creighton, John A., clerk, boards at Phoenix hotel. 
Crerar," Joseph R., grocer. Vine near Bay st. 
Cresswell, Frederick, cashier Great Western Railway, 

Murray and MacNab sts. 
Cresswell, Ralph, clerk. Peel st. 
CRICKMORE, C. G., barrister and solicitor, 22 King 

St. east, house, John near Maria st. 
Crisp, Alf , post office clerk, Wellington near Tyburn st. 
Croel, Henry, mariner, MacNab near Colborne st. 
Crofton, Walter, laborer, Picton near James st. 
Crofts, Benjamin, King William near Nelson st. 
Crofts, Benjaonin, of Grofts & Lewis, East Market st. 
Crofts, Joseph, James st. 
CROFTS & LEWIS, dealers in dry goods and clothing, 

8 James st. 
Cronin, Dennis, carter, Strachan near James st. 
Crooks, Eratt & Co., lumber merchants, Napier st. west. 
Cross, Stephen, laborer, Hughson near Wilson st. 
CROSSLEY, JOHN, dealer in dry goods, corner JameB 

and King William sts., house Wellington near 

Peel sts.' 
Crossway, D., currier, corner Burlington & MacNab sts. 
Crozier, St. George B., inspector of revenue for North 

Wentworth and Halton, Hannah near James st. 
CUMMINGS, JAMES, dealer in china, crockery, glasB 

and earthenware, wholesale and retail,King st. 

east, house corner Main and Wellington sts. 
Cummings, James, laborer, MacNab near Wilson st. 
CUMMINGS, JOHN, builder. Cherry near Peelst. 
Cunningham, Alexander, carpenter, William st. near 

Railway. ' 

Cunningham, Thomas, laborer. Little James st. 
Curran, Mrs. Johanna, Burlington near James st. 
Currell, James, provision storekeeper, Broadway. 
Currie, Donald, clerk, Little Main st. 
Curry, William, carpenter, Lynd near Mary st. 
Curtis, Joseph, carpenter, MacNab near Cannon st. 
Cusack, P. R., of Park & Cusack, Hughson st. 
Cusack, William, shoemaker. Mulberry near James st. 
Custom house, corner MacNab and Brock sts. 
Cuzner, John, shoemaker, MacNab near Main st. 
Dallas, James, hostler, John near Stuart st. 
Dallas, John J., M.D., corner Gore and Hughson sts. 
DALLEY, E., dealer in drugs, groceries, perfumery, &c., 

110 York St. 
DALLEY, WARE & Co., scale manufacturers, all kinds 

of scales made to order, 120 York st. 
Dallwidge, David, blacksmith, corner Queen st. and 

Dallyn, Edwin, hairdresser, James near York St., house 

Stuart near John st. 
Dallyn, Joseph, bellows maker, Murray and James sts. 
Dallyn, Joseph B., hairdresser. Royal hotel. 
Dalton, Abraham, shoemaker, corner Catharine near 

Barton st. 
Dalton, John S., carpenter and builder, Lynd near 

Catharine st. 
Dalton, John S., dealer in dry goods. King William st. 
Daly, Michael, porter, Hess near York st. 
Dampier, Richard, clerk. Cannon near MaqNab st. 
Daniells-, R. W., boards at Royal hotel. ' 

Dannihy, John, saloonkeeper. Walnut near Catharina st. 
Dargan, William, plasterer. Peel near James st. 
Darlfng, James, ropemaker. King st. east. 
Daul, Xavier, tailor, King st. west. 
David, George, porter. Peel near Cherry st. 
Davidson, James, laborer. Cannon near Park at. 



1857. [Canada 

Davidson, John, collector of customs. Main near Hess St. 
DAVIDSON, THOMAS, proprietor of Royal hotel, cor- 
ner James and Merrick sts. 
Davidson, William, of Field <Ss Davidson, Mary, st. 
Davidson, "William, machinist, WjUiam st. near Railway. 
Davis,, ca>ptain Peter, Catharine st. near Lake. 
Davis, Charles, whitewasher, 24 Hughson st, 
DAVIS, DANIEL, M.D., corner James and King 

William sts., boards at Florence, hotel. 
Davis, Henry, carpenter, MacNab near Cannon, st. 
Davis, J.C, operator Montreal Telegraph, James st. 
Davis, James, lumber merchant, King gt. west! 
Davis,. John, clerk,. Peter, st. ' ' 
Davis, John H., printer, Catharine near Rebecca, at. 
Davis, John, Main near Hughson st, 
Dayis, Milton, of Hamilton, Davis & Co., Royal hotel 

block, corner James and Meirrick sts., 
Davis,. Mrs. Margaret, widow, John near Catharina St. 
Davis, Nicholas, blaoksmi'th, Lynd near Catharine ^. 
Davis, Samuel, city bailiff, Catharine near Catharina st. 
Davis, William, lodging , house, corner James and 

Cannon. sts. 
Davis, William H., clerk, near Bay st. 
Dawson, Donald, constable. Cherry near Peel st. 
Day, James, shoemaker, MacNab near King St.. 
Day, James, ,B,, bookkeeper, 50 Rebecca St.. 
Day, John, shoeniaker, Barton.near Catharine st. 
Day, William, porter, Barton near Hughson st. 
Dayfoot,- J. B., tanner and boot and shoe maker, .Mar- 
ket sq., house West avenue. 

Dean, Mr3. T., Broadway. . 

Deans & Bannerman, blacksmiths. Peel near Hess st. 

Death, John, shoemaker, Broadway. 

Debus, , Qeojge, .shoemaker,, MacNab , near Mulberry st. 
Degnis,.Th^ophile, carriage painter, Market St. 

Delano, Mrs. S. L., restaurant, Catliarine near King st. 

Delay, James, laborer, Hughson near Simcoe ,st. 

Dempster, William, clerk. 

Denny, George, laborer, Hughson near Stiuson st. 

Denny, John, laborer,, Wilson near Jameg st. 

Deposit |nd Savings Bank, Lewis- E. Marsh, manager, 
Canada Life Assurance buildings, Upper James st. 

DePostal, Mrs., widow. King st. west., 

Dermody,, Patrick, baker,, Mi8,in,near Spring St. 

Devaney, Lawrence, auctioneer and commission mer- 
chant, Market sq. 

Devaney, Patrick, laborer. King st. 

Devine, Richard, shoemaker, York St.. 

Devine, William, laborer, Hughson near Union st. 

Devlin, Edward, school teacher, corner Mulfierry and 
MacNab sts. 

Dewer, Plummer, bookkeeper. Main near Caroline st. 

Dewy, Daniel, ice merchant, MacNab near Merrick st. 

Dick, John, laborer, Hess near Cannon st. 

Dick, Robert, boards at Royal hotel. 

Dickerman, James P., corner Hughson and Rebecca sts. 

Dickinson, Wm., M.D., corner Hughson and Rebecca sts. 

Dickson, James, artist. Main near MacNab st. 

Diesbacher & Hoffeler, clothiers, John near Main st. 

Dillen,- Michael, laborer, Stinson near James at. 

Dillon, James, laborer, Strachan near J^mes st. 

Dillon, William, laborer. Guise near John st. 

Dillon, WUHam, laborer, Hughson stj near Railway. 

Diuall, Mrs. Alexander, Rob Roy hotel, 62 Upper 
John St. 

Dingle, John, butcher. Market, house Mary St., 

Dingle, Joseph, butcher, John near Stuart st. 

Dingle; Ri & J., butchers. Market. 

Dingle, William, mason, Napier st. 

Dingwall, James, druggist. 

Dingwall, James, engineer. Queen St. near Broadway. 

Dingwall, Mrs. Flora, tavernkeeper, corner John and 
Peel sts. 

Divine, Felix, laborer, John near Lynd st. 

Divine, John, moulder, John near Gore st. 

Dixon, George, carpenter, York st. 

Dixon, James, porter, Tyburn near Wellington st. 

DIXON, THOMAS C, emigrant agent, Park near 

Cannon st. 
Dixon, Wm., grocer and wine and spirit merchant, James , 

St. opposite Market, house Market near Bay st. 
Dodd, James, machinist, Little Main st. 
Dodds, Andrew, carpenter. Cannon near MacNab at, 
Dodds, William, builder and railway contractor, Hugh- 
son near Henry st. 
Dodgson, William, sawyer. Mulberry near MacNab st. 
Dodman, James, Catharina near John st. 
Dodson, George, laborer, Lock near Main st. 
Dodson, Hector, whipmaker. Park near Sheaffe st. 
Dodson, William, Main near Bayst. 
Dolin, Peter, saloon, King st. west. 
Donahae, Jeremiah, grqcer, Tyburn near Walnut ^. 
Donahoe, Patrick, laborer, Catharine St. near Railway. 
Donahue, Stephen, laborer, Stinson near James st. 
Donavan, Jeremiah, tailor. Cherry near Catharina st. 
Donelly, Barnard, carp,enter,, Peel near MacNab. st. 
Donelly, Edward, Wpodmount, Mountain near John st. 
Donelly, James, porter, Hughson near Henry st. 
Donoghue, Florence, saloon,; King William st. 
Dbnoghue, Jeremiah, coachmaker, corner Catharine 

and Maria st. 
Donoghue, John, East Market gt.. 
Donovan, Randall, laborer,, Burlington st. near Cook's-. 

Doody, Patrick, laborer. Mulberry near James st. 
Douglas, J. & R., dealers in dry goods. King St. east. 
Douglas, Josej)h, mason, James near Murray st. 
Douglas, Leslie, stonecutter, Stinson near James st. 
Douglas, Robert,, bricklayer, corner Wellington and i 

Maria sts. 
Dove, David, carpenter, Queen near King st. 
Dow, James, plasterer, Canada st. 
Dow, Robert, plasterer, Canada st. 
Dow, William, mason, Hess near King St. 
Dowker, John P., clerk, East Market st. 
Dowker, Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, Park, near 

Sheaffe.' St. 
DowUng, John, Wellington, inn, corner Colborne and 

MacNab sts. 
Dowling, Martin, grocery and saloon, 79 Bay st. 
Downey, George, dealer in hides and tallow, Little .' 

Main st. 
Downey, Hugh, laborer, Hughson near Union st. 
Dbwnie, George, clerk,, MacNab near Simcoe St., 
Downie, George, blacksmith. Oak near Hughson st. 
Doyle, John, laborer, Market near James st. 
Doyle, Patrick, laborer, corner Strachan and James sts. 
Doyle, Peter, laborer, John near Augusta st, 
Dreaver, Thomas, laborer, John near Base st. 
Di:ennan, Mrs. Ann, groceries, Hughson St., 
Di-ey, Albert, of Eosenband & Drey, Catharine st. 
Drey,,Egnatz, of Roseuband & Drey, Catharine st. 
Drey, Sigmund, of Rosenband & Drey, Catharine st, 
DHsooll, Frederick, commission merchant,, corner 

Vine and James sts. 
Dryman, John, laborer, York st. 
Drysdale, Alexander, clerk, MacNab st. 
Drysdale, Alexander, upholsterer, corner MacNab and, , 

Cannon sts. * 
Duckworth, John, boiler maker, James near Wood st, 
Dudbridge, Benjamin, dealer in fancy goods, MacNab 

near Vine St.. 
Duff, Mrs. Rachel, Main near Caroline st. 
Buffield, Mrs., schoolmistress, James near Peel st. 
Diuffield, William, Hughson near Henry st. 
Diuffy, Hugh,, boards at Royal hotel. 
Duffy, John, constable. Mulberry near Park st. 
Diuffy, John, proprietor of Burlington hotel, James near 

Guay St. 
Duffy, Thomas, carpenter, John near Stinson' st. 
Duggan, Fardie, laborer, Ray near York st. 
Duggan, Richard 0., corner Market and Park sts. 
Duggan, Thomas, M.D., corner Hughson and Rebecca sts. 
Duggan, William, laborer, corner Wood and John sts. 

DiRECXOKY.] 1858. 



Puguid, William, carpenter, near Cannon and ■Welling- 
ton sts, 

Duke, J. E., boards at Royal hotel, 

Duke, John A., clerk, Park near. Mulberry at. 

Duncan, Mrs. Alice, widow, John near Henry St. 

Duncan, rev. George,miuister of JSaptist church, John St. 

Dundoii, John, carpenter, Lynd near John ,st. 

Dundurn inn, John Morden, proprietor, York St., 

Dunfy, James, grocer. Mulberry near Park st. 

Dunlop, James, iron fiuisher„York St. 

Dunlop, Eobert, carpenter and builder, John St. 

Dunn, James, broom maker. Garth near King ,st. 

Dunn, John, laborer, Wilson near. James st. 

Dunn, Mrs., corner Peel and Catharine sts. 

Dunn, Mrs. Isabella, groceries, corner Catharine and 
Peel sts. 

Dunn, P., saloonkeeper, John near King Will^mst. 

Dunnett, Benjamin, confectioner, near Russell st. and 
West aVenue. 

Dunatan, R. W., coal merchant, John near Lynd St. 

Dunstan, Richard J., salesman, corner Catharine and 
Catharina sts. 

Duquette, Frederick, boards at Montreal house. 

Durantj Mrs. Margaret, seamstress. Little .Market st. . 

Dwyre, J., carpenter and joiiSpr, Colborne near Parkst. 

Eagan, Patrick, tavern, corner James and Wood sts. 

Eager, H. A., post ofBce clerk. Cannon near Park st. 

EAGER, JOHN BARKER, post office clerk, James st. 
near Knox's church. 

Eager, Mrs. S., boarding house, East Market st. 

Eason, Mrs. Jane, widow. Walnut near Catharina st. 

Easson, Allan, broom manufacturer. King st. west. 

Easter, Samuel, tailor, corner John and Barton sts.,. 

Easting, James, cabinetmaker. King St., west. 

Easton hotel,. J. Campbell, proprietor, James near 
Wood St. 

Ebbs, John E., Custom house broker, MacNab at. >near 

EBBS, REV. EDWARD, minister of Congregational 
church and secretary to City Tract and Missionary 
Society, King st. east. 

Ecclestone & Bethune, confectioners, 10 King st. east. 

Ecclestone^ Francis, confectioner, 87 York st. 

Ecclestone, W. T., of Ecclestone & Bethune, 31 King 
St. west. 

Edgar, Francis, carpenter and builder, corner MacNab 
and Colborne sts. 

Edgar, John, saloonkeeper, corner MacNab and Col- 
borne sts. 

EDGAR, SHARP & Co., lumber merchants and build- 
ers, corner York and Caroline sts. 

Edgar, William, carpenter and joiner, Park near Can- 
non, st. 

Edgecomb, C. W., house and sign painter. King st. 

Egan, Fraaieis, Wellington near Catharina st. 

Bgan, John, laborer, Burlington near MacNab st. 

Einstein & Mandle, wholesale fancy goods and jewel- 
lery, &c., John st. 

Elder, George, machinist, William st. near Railway. 

Ellerbeck, R., clerk, James st. wharf. 

Elles worth, Hermon G., mechanic," James st. near 
Christ church. 

Ellicott, Thomas, carpenter and confectioner. King st. 

Elliott, John, laborer, Wilson near John st. 

ELLIOTT, REV. JAMBS, Wesleyan, Main near John st. 

Ellison, John, bookkeeper. Upper Hughson st. 

England, Robert, moulder, Catharine near Lynd st. 

English, Charles, dealer, Merrick near Park st. 

Enniskillen house, John Morrison, proprietor, foot of 

James, st. 
Enright, Patrick, laborer. Mulberry near James st. 
Enright, Thomas, laborer, Picton near James st. 
EnSj Edward, carpenter, Caroline near York st. 
Equitable Fire Insurance Company, J. S. Ga,rrett, 
agent, Catherine near Henry st. 

Erie and, Ontario Fire Insurance Company, Theodore 
A. Ambridge, agent. Queen near York st. 

El'ly, Bryan, laborer, Ray near K}ng st. 

Esquire &, Fuller, grocers, ,&o.,Kipg st. east. 

Essex,, John, carver, near Russell st. and "\Vestavenue. 

Evans, Daniel, merchant tailor, James near Vine St., 
house Vine st. 

Evans, .Edward L,, plasterer, near Cannon st. and 
West avenue. 

Evans, J., joiner, Picton near MacNab st., 

Evans, Mrs. Lucy,, boarding house, Caroline near Na^ 
pier St. 

EVANS, ROBERT, dealer in dry goods and clothing, 
10 James St., house corner John and King Wil- 
liam sts. 

Evans, Thomas, moulder, MacNab near Mulberry st. 

EWan, Robert, merchant tailor, John near King Wil- 
liam St. 

Piialey, Cornelius, clerk, Stuart near James st. 

Fagan, Matthew, laborer. Oak near Catharine st. 

Fairchilds, John, laborer, York st. 

Flairclough, Mrs. John, general store. Bay st. 

Fairiield, Walter, saloon, King William st, 

Fairgrieve, John, grocer, MacNab near King St., house 
Park near Mulberry st. ^ 

Fairweather, John, carpenter, IT Bay st. 

Fallman, Enoch H., carriagemaker, corner Caroline 
and York sts., house Caroline near Cannon st. 

Palvey, Jeremiahj blacksmith. Mulberry near Park st. 

Parish, Mrs. Catharine, widow, Augusta near John st. 

Farmer, William, plumber and gasfitter, next door to 
Bank of Upper Canada James st. 

Farmers home, Joseph Broughton, proprietor, York st. 

Ptemers hotel, Edmund McKay, proprietor, York st. 

F&rmers hotel, William Cook, proprietor. King near 
Charles at. 

Farmers inn, Archibald McCoy, proprietor, Guise st. 

F^rr, Mrs. M. H., widow, 3'7Bay st. 

iFarrell, John, laborer, Hess st. near Railway. 

FARRELL, RIGHT REV. , JOHN, D.D., bishop, Ro- 
man catholic, Sheaffe near Bay st. 

Faulkner, John, bricklayer, Broadway. 

Faulkner, Joseph, builder, Main near Victoria st. 

Faustman, Ernest, cooper, John near Rebecca St. 

Fawcett, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, corner Gore and 
Hughson sts. 

FEARMAN, FREDERICK W., commission merchant 
and wholesale dealer in produce, Hughson near 
King William St., house Park st. 

Fearnside, Edward, merchant tailor. King William st. 

Fearnside, Thos., tailor, Wellington near Catharina st. 

Feehan, William, clerk, Hughson near Bartoii st. 

PELL, WILLIAM, engraver, copper-plate. • printer, 
dealer in fancy articles, manufacturer of checks, 
for keys, and for railway and steamboat baggage, 
King St. west near MacNab st. 

Pelson, Alfred, porter, MacNab near Mulberry st.' 

Fennix, Mrs. Margaret, boarding house, Main near 
Hughson St. , 

Fenton, Mrs., Catharine near Rebecca st. 

Ferguson, E. J., of Juson & Co., James near King st. 

Ferguson, James, engineer, John near Augusta st. 

Ferguson, John, laborer. Pearl near King st. 

Fergusson, Mrs., milliner, 5 James st. 

Fergusson, Peter, Fergusson's avenue. 

Ferguson, William, clerk. Park near Sheaffe st. 

Perrie, Colin C, York st. 

FERRIE, HON. ADAM, M.L.C., Catharine near 
Henry St. 

Ferric, John, Herkimer near James st. 

Perrie, Mrs., Catharine, corner Park and Sheaffe ata. 

Ferris, Peter, police constable, Tyburn near Cherry st. 

Ferris, William, tavernkeeper, corner John and King 
William sts. 

Field & Davidson, saddlers and dealers in hardware, 

8 James st. 
Field, John, of Field & Davidson, Mary st. 



1857. [Canada 

Fielding, William, engine driver, Little Market St. 
Fields, John C, dealer in leather, &c., King st. east, 

house Caroline near Main st. 
Flggs, Frederick, saloonkeeper, MacNab near Vine st. 
Pinch, 'William H., iron founder, Inkerman st. near 

Victoria avenue. 
Pinlay, Henry, teamster. Queen near Market st. 
Finn, Catharine, boarding house, Wilson near James st. 
Finn, James, laborer, Wilson near Hughsoii st. 
Finn, Thomas, laborer, Garth near Dundurn st. 
Fiset, Ignace, tinsmith, Catharine near Lynd st. 
Fish, Mrs. Samuel, proprietress of Ontario house, foot 

of James st. 
Fisher, James, carriagemaker. Main near Bond st. 
Fisher, Maitland, merchant, James St., house' Main near 

MacNab st. 
Fisher, Michael, Main near MacNab st. 
Fisher, Nathaniel D., dealer in leather and findings. 
King St. west, house James st. south. ■< 

Pitch, George, shoemaker. Peel near Bond St. 
Fitzgerald, John, carpenter, Napier st. v 

Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mary, washerwoman, Burlington near 

MacNab St. 
Fitzlombpork, Fritz, cabinetmaker. Bast Market st. 
Pitzgibbon, Mrs. Mary, widow, John near Henry st. 
Fitzmaurice, Mrs., Tyburn near Catharine st. 
Pitzpatrick & Brothers, painters and glaziers, King st. 

Pitzpatrick, H., livery stables, 14 Main, and 6 Hugh- 
son sts. 
Pitzpatrick, H., painter, 21 Cannon st. 
Pitzpatrick, Hugh, boarding house. Upper Hughson 

near King st. 
Pitzpatrick, John, policeman, Hughson near Stinson st. 
Pitzpatrick, Kenny, painter. Cannon near Park st. 
Pitzpatrick, Martin, painter, 32 West King st.' 
Flaherty, Francis, laborer. Oak near Catharine st. 
Flaherty, John, gardener, Catharine near Henry st. 
Flaherty, Timothy, laborer, Hughson near Barton st. 
Flanagan, M%,rtin, post office messenger, Maria near 

Catharine st. 
Flanigan, Patrick, laborer. King st. 
Piatt, Thomas, shipmaster, James near Market st. 
Plans, Robert, bookkeeper. 
Pleckser, John, cigar maker and tobacconist, corner 

Caroline and King sts. 
Fleming, John, carpenter, corner William and Bar- 
ton sts. 
Plemming, John, tailot, Catharine near Peel st. 
Fletcher, John, laborer, Broadway. 
Fletcher, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, York st., house 

corner Ray and Little Main sts. 
Flett, James, stonemason, corner Victoria avenue and 

Main st. 
Plewitt, Joseph, carpenter, Henry near John st. 
Plinn, Matthew, laborer. Little James st. 
Flood, Edward, saloonkeeper, corner John and Au- 
gusta sts. 
Flood, Frank, agent mail line steamboats, boards at 

Royal hotel. 
Flood, James, laborer. Little Main st. 
FLORENCE HOTEL, Roswald Jeffrey, proprietor, King 

St. west. 
Plynn, John, moulder. Upper Hughson near Augusta st. 
Foley, Morris, laborer, John near Peel st. 
Polingsby, Joseph B., of W. P. McLaren & Co., John st. 
Forbes, Thomas William, smith. Peel near Walnut st. 
Ford, Edward, blacksmith, Maiden lane near Mac- 
Nab St. 
Ford, James, constable, corner John and Wilson sts. 
Ford, N., painter and glazier, Catharine near Henry st. 
Ford, Mrs. William, groceries, James near Wood St. 
Forest, James, saloon, James st. near Bank of Upper 

Forner, John, shoemaker, Henry near Wellington st. 
Forsyth, George, engineer, corner Strachan and Bay sts. 

Foster, A. M., of Poster & Galbreaith. 

Poster & Galbreaith, hatters and furriers, wholesale and 

retail. King st. west. 
Poster, George, pedlar, corner Cannon and Bay sts. 
Foster, James, machinist. Little Market st. 
Foster, Joseph, mason, Tyburn near Wellington st. 
Foster, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, John near Bay st. 
Poster, Thomas, coffee merchant, John near King St., 

house corner Walnut and Tyburn sts. 
Pothergill, Mrs., fancy storef 21 West King st. 
Fothergill, Robert, clerk, 
Fotheringham, Thomas, Main near Bay st. 
Fowler, William, stonemason, Hughson near Barton st. 
Pox, James, conductor. Great Western Railway, Mul- 
berry near James str 
Praser, A., stationer, Caroline st. 
Fraser, Colin, tavernkeeper, John near Peelst. 
Praser, Donald, tailor. Little Peel st. 
Praser, John, tinsmith. Main near Victoria St. 
Praser, Thomas, sausage and pork vendor, James St. 

near Post ofBce. 
Fraser, William, proprietor of Balmoral house, corner 

James and Stuart sts. 
Frazer, Alexander, carpenter. Peel near Catharine sts. 
Frazer, Douglas, barrister, Hannah st. 
Pray, -Joseph, Main near Caroline st. 
Predinburg, George, cigar maker, Hughson near Stin- 
son St. 
Freeborn, Thomas, painter, Stinson near John st. 
Preeland, Charles, commission merchant, corner James 
and Rebecca sts., house Barton near Hughson st. 

and solicitors. King near James st. 
Freeman, L. B., of Gage & Freeman, Elgin st. 
Freeman, S. B., of Freeman, Craigie & Proudfoot, 

James near Mountain st. 
Freeman, William, waiter. Peel near Charles st. 
French, Mrs. Ann, jeweller and watchmaker, Catha- 
rine near Gore st. 
Fry, Henry, clerk, corner Russell st. and West avenue. 
Fryer, William, clerk, King William st. ' 
Puller, Mrs. Jane, widow, MacNab near Mulberry st. 
Puller, Newal, grocer, corner King and MacNab sts., 

house Park near Vine st. 
Furlong, Moses, saloon, King st. east. 
Furlong, Thomas, laborer. Little Main st. 
Furman, C. A., barber. Mulberry near James st. 
Fury, Michael, pedlar, John near Peel st. 
Fury, Mrs., widow, 42 Maria st. 
Gage, Andrew W., of Gage & Freeman, Catharine 

near Lynd st. 
Gage & Freeman, wholesale and retail watchmakers 
and jewellers, 1 White's New Stone Buildings, King 
St. east. 
Gage, John, proprietor of Union inn, 104 John st. 
Gage, Mrs. Jane, tavernkeeper, corner John and 

Lynd sts. 
Gage, P. J., of Gage & Freeman, Elgin si 
Gahagan, Michael, boot and shoe maker, John near 

Stuart st. 
Galbraith, John, Hannah st. 
Galbreaith, D. B., of W. D. Galbreaith & Co., corner 

Main and Sherry sts. 
Galbreaith, David, of Foster & Galbreaith, 7 James st. 
Galbreaith, Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, Henry 

near James st. 
Galbreaith, Walter D., of W. D. Galbreaith & Co., Main 

near Walnut st. 
GALBREAITH, W. D., & Co., wholesale and retail 
grocers and wine and spirit merchants. King st. 
Gallagher, Michael, laborer, Ray st. 
Gallivan, John, laborer. Mulberry near MacNab st. 
Gamble, James, tinsmith, 3 Park st. 
Gammell, Matthew, carpenter and joiner, Hess near 

Napier st. 
Gardner, J., gardener, corner Maria and Hughson sts. 

Directory.] 1858. 



Garrett, J. S., commission merchant, and agent for 

Equitable Fire Insurance Company, Catliarine near 

Henry st. 
Garriok, liYilliam, carpenter, Hughson near Wilson st. 
Garson, David, carpenter. Little Market st. 
Garvey, Michael, policeman, Hughson near Barton st. 
Garvin, Francis, tailor, Ray hear York st. 
Garvin, Hugh, laborer, Barton near William st. 
Gates, 0. H., of F. W. Gates & Co., Upper James st. 
GATES, F. W., & Co., wholesale dry goods merchants, 

43 King St. east. 
Gates, Frederick William, of F. W. Gates & Co., Her- 
kimer St. 
Gates, G. H., James near Augusta st. 
Gauld, Alexander, of Smith & Gauld, Hess st. 
Gay, James, gardener. Upper Hughson near Augusta st. 
Gay, James W., clerk, Hughson st. 
Gay, Robert, printer, East Market st. 
Gayner, John, carter, Hughson near Henry st. 
GEDDES, REV. J. GAMBLE, rector of Christ's church, 

church of England, corner John and Barton sts. 
Gentle, John, carpenter, Margaret near King st. 
GENTRY & BROWN, booksellers, stationers, blank 

book manufacturers and binders, James st. opposite 

Gentry, Edward, of Gentry & Brown, Catharine near 

Rebecca st. 
George inn, John Huntley, proprietor, York st. 
German church, church of England, rev. C. L. F. Haen- 

sel, officiating minister. 
Gibb, Miss, teacher, James near Peel st. 
Gibbons, William, laborer. Mulberry near Park st. 
Gibbs, J. P., wholesale and retail grocer and wine and 

spirit merchant. Market sq., house Charles St. 
Gibson, William, machinist, corner Henry and Cath- 

cart sts. 
Gilbart, John, tailor, Caroline near York st. 
Gilbert, Mrs., dressmaker, James near Vine st. 
Gilbert, Thomas, laborer, corner John and Henry sts. 
Gilchrist, William, waggonmaker. King st., house 

Main st. 
Gilkison & Clark, agents and brokers, Merrick near 

MacNab st. 
GHkison, Jasper, agent for Beacon Life Insurance 

Company, and commission agent, Merrick st., 

house York st. 
Gillan, John, cabinetmaker. Main near Victoria st. 
Gillard, Henry, coachman, Hughson near Lynd st. 
Gillesby, Archibald, flour merchant, 11 Upper John st. 
6ILLESBY, THOMAS, cricket and billiard saloon, 

corner Market and Bay sts. 
Gillesby, William, flour iherchant, John near King st 
Gillespie, Denholm & Co., general dry goods merchants, 

and agents for Phoenix Fire Insurance Company, 45 

King St. west. 
Gillespie, George, James st. near Maiden lane. 
Gillespie, George, of Gillespie, Denholm & Co., 45 

King St. west. 
Gillespie, John, machinist. Cannon near Bay st. 
Gillespie, Thomas, Market st. 
GILLESPY, WILLIAM, of Smiley & Gillespy, editor 

of the Spectator, Margaret near King at. 
Gillies, Donald, saloon, King st. west. 
Gillies, Mrs., Bold st. 
Gillis, David, clerk. Cherry st. 

Gillis, Mrs. Mary, boarding house, MacNab near Can- 
non st. 
Gillmore, George, shoemaker. Walnut near Peel st. 
Gilmour, John, cabinetmaker, Market st. 
Gilmour, Thomas, cabinetmalier, Napier st. 
Gittens, James H., dealer in dry goods, Upper Hugh- 
son near Peel st. 
Glaber, William, railway baggage master, Concession 

near Bay st. 
GLASGOW ARMS INN, James Love, proprietor, Stuart 

hill near Railway depot. 
Glass, William, shoemaker, Peel near James st. 

Glasgow inn, Daniel Black, proprietor, corner Cannon 

and Bay sts. 
Glasgow inn, James Black, proprietor, Stuart st. oppo- 
site Railway depot. 
Glass, James, saloonkeeper, corner Catharine and 

Main sts. 
Glassco, Edward, boot and shoe maker, East Market st. 
GLASSCO, WILLIAM H., hatter and furrier. King 

near Hughson st. 

King and James sts. 
Glover, Mrs. Adeline, dressmaker, Hess near Hunter St. 
Goble, Moses, spikemaker, Hughson near Gore st. 
Goff, George, painter, Henry near John st. 
Golden Gate saloon, T. H. .Harvey, proprietor, 69 

James st. 
Goldie, James, bank teller. 
Goodfellow, Mrs. Margaret, milliner and dressmaker, 

John near Tyburn st. 
GORDON, ALEXANDER, boot and shoe maker. King 

St. west, house South James St. 
Gordon, D,, James near Peel st. 
Gordon, John, of Gordon & Mackay, Augusta st 
Gordon, John, railway switchman, Ray near York st. 
GORDON & MACKAY, wholesale dry goods merchants, 

3l King near John st. 
Gordon, Mrs., Augusta st. 
Gordon, Mrs. E., widow. Union near John st. 
Gordon, very rev. Edward, vicar general, Roman 

catholic, Sheaffe near Bay st. 
Gordon, Robert, carpenter, corner Caroline and Na- 
pier sts. 
Gordon, Robert L., copper, tin and sheet iron worker, 

King William st. 
Gordon, William, builder, Napier st. 
Gordon, William, cooper. King William St., hongo 

corner Catharine and Rebecca sts. 
GORE BANK, N. G. Crawford, cashier, corner King 

and Hughson sts. 
Gore District Public Offices, Main near Hughson st. 
Gore, Robert, laborer, Picton near James st. 
Gorwan, Mrs. John, widow, near Cannon st. and 

West avenue. 
Gott, W. A., Vine near James st. * 
Gould, John, laborer, King st. east. 
Gould, William, painter. Mulberry near Bark st 
Goulden, John, tailor. Concession near James st. 
Goulstone, James, bookkeeper, John near Catharina at. 
GOURLBY, COL. WILLIAM, J. P., Barton lodge. 
Grafton, John S., of J. S. Grafton & Co., boards at 

Royal hotel. 
GRAFTON, JOHN S., & Co., dealers in dry goods and 

millinery, 2 James st. 
Graham, Alexander, nail manufacturer, corner Henry 

and Hughson sts., house John near Henry st. 
Graham, D., carpenter, corner Mulberry and Park sts. 
Graham, John, machinist, Hess near Cannon st. 
Graham, John, stonecutter, East Market st. 
Graham, Robert, policeman, Hughson near Barton st. 
Graham, Thomas, blacksmith, Catharine near Lynd st. 
GRAMMAR SCHOOL, rev. A. P. Morris, M.A., prin- 
cipal. Main st. 
Granniss & Co., dealers in fruit and oysters, 36 

James st. 
Grant, Gregory, carpenter, 22 Cherry st. 
GRANT, JOHN, provision dealer, Tyburn near 

Cherry st. 
GRANT & MIDDLE'W'OOD, brewers. Spring Brewery, 

corner Bay and Marlborough sts., office Main near 

Hughson St. 
Grant, Willia,m W., sailmaker, Zealand's wharf, MacNab 

St., house Catharine st. 
Grant, Peter, of Grant & Middlewood, Maria near 

Hughson St. 
Gray, John, laborer, Hess near Market st. 
Gray, Thomas, grocer. Market sq., house Park near 

York St. 



1857. [Canada 

Grayson, George, carriage-spring maker, Broadway. 

GRBAT WESTERN HOTEL, James W. Crawford, 
proprietor. King St. west near MacNab st. 

GREAT "WESTERN RAILWAY, Or J. Brydges, man- 
aging director ; W. C . Stephens, secretary, depot 
Stuart near Bay st., general ofBce Stuart near 
MacNab St., Engineer's office, Stuart and- MafcNab 

Green, James, carpenter, Mulberry near James St. 

Green, Mrs. Charlotte, widow, corner Mulberry and 
Park sts. 

Green, Richard, tailor, Ray near Little Main st. 

Green, William, auctioneer, &c., Hughaon near Re- 
becca St. 

Green, William F., gunsmith, York st. 

Greene, Rictard, mason, James near Wood st. 

GREENLEAP, WILLIAM, M.D., editor, co-proprietor 
and publisher of Canadian Journal of Homeopathy, 
Gore near John st. * 

Greenwood, James, laborer, corner John and Stuart sts. 

GREER, JOHN H., railway Superintendent, Lister's 
buildings James St., houseJohn near Lyiid st. 

Gregg, Mrs. Ann, widow, John near Rebecca st. 

Gregor, Duncan, carriagemaker. Queen near Market st. 

Gregory, Hardy, lithographer, 1 West King* st. 

Grieve, James, proprietor of Northumberland inn. King 
St. west. 

Griffiths, Thomas, carter, James near Barton st. 

Grim, A., porter. Cannon near. MacNab st. , 

Grimes, Joseph, fruit store, King' William st. 

Grossman, Peter, music seller, James st., house. East 
Market st. 

GroTcr, Luther, of Qttimby & Cor, 3T Mulberry st. 

Groves, John, shoemaker, Robert st. near West avenue. 

Grugel, Geo., shoemaker, Catharina near Catharine st. 

Guard, James, mason, James near' Murray st. 

GUNN, D. 0., land agent and vendor of machines, 
43 Main st. 

Gunner, William, Main near Charles st. 

Gurney, Charles, of Gurneys & Carpenter, house East 
Market st. 

Gurney, Edward, of Gurneys & Carpenter, John near 
Henry. St. ,■ 

Gurneys & Carpenter, iron founders, John near King 
William st. 

Guthrie, Thomas, pedlar. Main near Victoria st. 

Gwynne, J. W., barrister, James near Peel st. 

Hackett, Michael, laborer, Main near Cherry st. 
. Haensel, rev. Charles Lewis Frederick, church of Eng- 
land, Augusta St. 

Hager, J. B., of White & Eager, Cannon st. 

Haines, Charles, engineer, Catharine near Lynd st. 

Haldon, David, clerk. 

Hale, J., plasterer, corner Russell and Wellington sts. 

Hall, Charles, shoemaker, William st. near Railway. 

Hall, George, merchant tailor, York st. 

Hall, J. W., carriagemaker, corner John and Barton sts. 

Hall, John, bricklayer, Broadway. 

Hall, John, carpenter and builder, John near Lynd'st. 

Hall, John, saloon, King William st. 

Hall, Robert, carpenter, Napier st. 

Hall, William, Parsonage house, James St., opposite 
Christ Church. . 

Halliday, John, laborer, Hughson near Stinson st. 

Halloran, Michael, laborer, Hughson near Wilson st. 

Eallawell, Isaac, furniture broker. King William near 
James at., house Gore near Catharine st. 

Halson, Robert, Lilliputian drug store, Stuart near 
MacNab St., house Concession near MacNab st. 

Ham, Williain, tailor, Napier St. 

Hambson, James, porter. King st. 

Hamilton, Alexander, of Hamilton, Muir & Co., Wilson 
St. near West avenue. 

Hamilton, Andrew, laborer, Sheaffe near MacNab st. 

Hamilton Branch Bible Society, revs. Robert Irvine 
and James Walker, secretaries, depository, 11 King 

HAMILTON, DAVIS & Co., exchange brokers, corner 

Merrick and James sts". opposite Post office. 
Hamilton, Francis, porter, Catharine near" Barton st. 

manager. Mulberry near Park st. 
Hamilton Gymnasium, corner Gore and James sts. 
Hamilton, Mrs., widow. Bold st. 
HAMILTON, MUIR & Co;, wholesale and retail chemists 

and druggists, corner King and James sts. 
Hapiilton Orphan Asylum, Mrs. Juson and Mrs. Walker, 

secretaries, Upper Wellington st. 
Hamilton Nail Factory, corner Henry and Hughson sts. 
Hamilton, Robert Jervis, James St., house Mountain st. 
Hamilton Typographical Society, Charles Kidner, pre- 
sident ; R. L. Gay, secretary. 
Hamilton, "William, clerk, Upper John st. 
Hammond, W. W., clerk, 65 Catharine st. 
Hammond, William, Main near Charles st. 
Hammond, Wm., teamster, corner John and Stuart sts. 
Hamon, William, Main near Charles St. 
Hams, Mrs., dealer in toys, King st. west. 
Hand, John J., of J. J. Hand & Co., house Vine near 

Bay St. 
Hand, John J., & Co., printers & bookbinders, Hughson 

near King st. 
Hannings, Robert, railway clerk, Hughson near Barton 

Hannon, William, Bast Market st. 
Haran, James, laborer, East Baj st. 
Harbottle H., captain of steamer, Hughson' st. 
Hard & Roberts, provincial marble works, York and 

Bay sts. 
Hardiker, John, dealer in groceries and pro-visions, 

James St., opposite Knox's church. 
Hardiker, Mrs.' R., Napier st. 
HARDING, GEORGE, plumber and gasfitter, and 

manufacturer of and dealer in force and lift pumps, 

baths, gasaliers, wash stands, India rubber hose, 

&c., corner James and Reliecca sts., and 45 King St. 

west of Bay St., under Water Works office, Toronto. 
Hardwood, Mrs. C, copper tin and sheet iron works. 

King William st. 
HARDY, CHARLES, dealer in flour and manufacturer 

of baking powder. King William near James St. 
Hardy, George, sawyer. Mulberry near MacNab st. 
Hardy, James, railway clerk, Paj-k near Sheaffe st. 
Hardy, Richard, watchman, Stuart near Bay St. 
Harens & Furnivall, merchant tailors, 8 James st. 
Harkin, James, laborer. Guise near Hughson st. 
Harper, Andrew, butcher, Market, house Main st. 
Harper, rev. Ephraim B., Wesleyan, corner Park and 

Market sts. "* 

Harper, Richard, grocer, John near Tyburn st. 
Harper, Thomas, hotelkeeper, York st. 
Harrington, Donald, teamster, Hannah st. 
Harrington, Mrs. Mary, seamstress, corner Catharine 

and Hannah sts. 
Harrington, T. W., engineer, boards at Royal hotel. 
Harris & Foster, sash, door, and blind factory, comer 

Wellington and East Marjset sts. 
Harris, George, pedlar, corner Simcoe and Bay sts. 
Harris, James, carpenter. King st. east. 
Harris, John, of J. Harris & Co., boards Upper James st. 
Harris, John, printer, Hess near Market st. 
HARRIS, JOHN, & Co., dealers in dry goods, 30 Kingst. 
Harris, John W., & Co., book and job printers, King 

st. west. 
Harris, Mrs., boarding house, Napier st. 
Harris, R. "W"., of Buchanan, Harris & Co., Catharine st. 
Harris, T. B., James near Tyburn st. 
HARRIS, WILLIAM, baker and confectioner, 27 

Market sq. 
Harris; William J., scalemaker, corner Pearl and Little 

Market sts. 
Harrison, George, blacksmith, William st. near Bail- 
Harrison, Henry, butcher, Market, house Burton road. 

DiUKCTORY.] 1858. 



Harrison, J. B., of Ryan & Harriaon, York st. 
Harrison, Valentine, saloon, Jamas st. near Christ 

Harriss, James W., bookkeeper, Gore near James st. 
Hart, John, harnessmaker. Cherry -near Catharina st. 
Hart, Thomas, teamster, Ray st. 
Harte, Benjamin J., of Harte & WatterS, James st. 
HARTE & WATTERS,- merchant tailors, drapers and 
clothiers, Lister buildings, James st. opposite 
HARVEY, ALEXANDER, produce merchant, York st. 
Harvey, John, clerk, James st. 
Harvey, Mrs. M., saloon, Market sq. 
Harvey, Mrs. Patrick, tavern, 5 York st. 
Harvey, Robert, general dealer. Peel near .Catharine st. 
Harvey, Samuel, auctioneer, James near Barton st. 
Harvey, T. H., Golden Gate saloon, 69 James- st. 
Harvey, William, MacNab near Peel at. 
Harwood, Mrs., tinware, t King William st. 
Haskin, William, civil engineer. Queen near York st. 
Hastie, Thomas, mechanic, Cannon near Emerald st. 
Hastings, Janues, cabinetmaker, near Russell st. and 

West avenue. 
Hatch, Edmund, saloonkeeper. King st. east. 
Hatt, J. Ogilby, barrister, Main near Hughson st. 
Hawes, John, carter, John near Henry st. 
Hawker, Mrs. A. J., Bible and Tract Society store, 

King st. east, house Rebecca st. 
Hay, John, mason, Caroline near Napier st. 
Hay, William, carpenter, Hughson near Wilson st. 
Hayden, George, painter. Main near Spring st. 
Hayes, Andrew, laborer, King st. west. 
Hayne, George, pattern maker. Queen near Canada St. 
Hays, Daniel, laborer, Mulberry near Bay st. 
Hays, Mrs. Mary, widow, Mulberry near Bay st. 
Hays, Thomas, shoemaker, Catharine st. near Railway. 
Hayward, Thomas, laborer, MacNab near Concession st. 
Health, James, blacksmith, Stuart near Hughson st. 
Heatherington, James, machinist, Little Market st. 
HEBDEN, REV. JOHN, M.A., incumbent of Ascension 

church, James near Catharina st. 
Heigh, Richard, bookbinder, corner Hess'and Hunter sts. 
HBLRIGEL, WILLIAM, King st. west. 
Heming, George, clerk, Merrick st. 
Henderson, David, proprietor of Station hotel, Stuart 

st. opposite Railway depot. 
Henderson, Geo., boot and shoe maker. Little James st. 
Henderson, James, lather, Napier st.^ 
Henderson, John, stonecutter, near Cannon st. and 

West avenue. 
Henderson, John, of Henderson & Paterson, Upper 

Hughson near Tyburn st. 
Henderson & Paterson, grocers and provision store- 
keepers, York St. 
Henderson, rev. Joseph, Main near Bay st. 
Henderson, William, saloon, King Williamst. 
Henderson, William K., Managing Director's office. 

Great West»n Railway, Maria st. 
HENDRIE & SH-BDDEN, railway forwarders. King St. 

Hendrie, William, of Hendrie & Shedden, boards at 

Burlington hotel. 
Heniberry, Mrs. Mary, widow, Concession near James St. 
Henry, James, of J. Henry & Co., John near King st. 
Henry, John, & Co., watchmakers and jewellers, 

James' st. 
Henry, Samuel, laborer. King st. east. 
Henwood, Edwin, M.D., Main near James at. 
Herald, William, sash and door factory, Broadway, 

house Napier st. 
Herald, William J., of Melville, Herald & Co., Napier st. 
Herbert, Edward, merchant tailor, James st. near Post 

Hess & Hider, bakers, corner James and Cannon Bts. 
Hess, Mrs., widow, King St. west. 
Higgins, Mrs. Bridget, widow, Ardvorlich near Dun- 
durn St. 

Higgins, James, tailor. East Market St. 

Hill, A., architect', 81 James st. 

Hill, Hezekiah, carpenter and joiner. King st. east. 

Hill, John H., carpenter and joiner. King St., house 

West avenue. 
Hill, Joshua H., hairdresser, John near Henry st. 
Hill, Michael, fancy goods, Walnut near King st. 
Hill, Robert, Duke st. 

Hill, Robert B., bookkeeper, Cherry near Tyburn st. 
Hill, Sophia, widow. Vine near MacNab at. 
Hill, Thomas S., Little James st. 
Hill, William, tailor, John near Peel St. 
HILLS, ALBERT H., architect, James near King St., 

house James near pannon st. 
Hilton, Thomas, cabinetmaker, Hess near Napier st. 
Hilton, Edward, of Juson & Co., Hughson near Can- 
non St. 
Hird, Benjamin, carpenter, William st. near Railway. 
Hislop, John, butcher, Market, house Wentworth st. 
Hobbs, James, mason, Stuart near John st. 
Hobson, Mrs-. E., Broadway. 
Hodson, Jeremiah, railway plate layer, James near 

Strachan st. 
Hogan, Jeremiah H., clothier. King st. east, house 

Main st. 
Hogan, John H., clothier, John near Main st. and 

King St. 
Hogan, Michael, laborer, James st. near Knox's church. 
Hogan, William, laborer, Wilson near Hughson st. 
Hogden, Amos, machinist, Ray near Little Main st. 
Hohl, Jacob, -laborer, Hess near Cannon st. 
Holbrook, Robert j 87 Main st. 
Holcomb & Henderson, forwarders and commission 

merchants, foot of James st. 
Holcomb, S. P., of Holcomb & Henderson, foot of 

James st. 
Holcombe, William, pamter, 24 King William st. 
Holden, JohnR., solicitor, 7 James St., house York st. 
Holland, George, sheriff's office, house corner Catha- 
rine and Maria sts. 
Holland, Michael, laborer. Guise near Hughson st. 
HOLMES, JOHN, grocer and wine and spirit mer- 
chant, King n^ar John st., house Bay st. 
Holmes, Robert, King near John st. 
Holton, Warren, nurseryman, corner King and Wel- 
lington sts., house Napier st. 
Honeycomb, John, mason, near Cannon st. and West 

Honeyman, Michael," dry goods, corner James st. 

and Market sq., house Henry near John st. 
Hood, Mrs. M., groceries, John near Catharina at. 
Hoodless, Joseph, chairmaker, &c.. King William st. 
Hooper, Robert, proprietor of Commercial inn, 80 Mac- 
Nab St. 
Hooper, Samuel, baker and confectioner, corner Mul- 
berry and MacNaffists. 
Hope, John, gardener, Peel near Caroline st. 
Hopkin & Acland, boot and shoe makers, 1 James st. 

Hopkin, .Robert,; Wellingtoh near Tyburn st. 
Hopkin, Robertj'^boot and shoe maker, Wellington near 
■ Main st. 

Hopkins, Mrs. John, widow, near Wilson and Welling- 
ton sts. 

Hornby, William, machinist, Broadway. 

Home, John, blacksmith, Catharine st. near Railway. 

Hornell, David, baker, King st. east. 

Hortiell, David, grocer, William St. near Railway. 

Hornell, William, W'illiam st. near Railway. 

Hosack, Archibald, clerk. King William St. 

Houlgrave, John, clerk. Bowery St. 

HOULT, GEORGE, proprietor of Black Horse inn 
Market sq. ' 

Hourigan, Daniel, proprietor of Redan hotel, James near 
Wilson St. t^ 

HOWARD, CHARLES, post office clerk, 100 Rebecca 
near Wellington st. 



1857. [Canada 

Howard, Charles, teamster. Main near Spring st. 

Howard, Hamilton, waiter, King William St. 

Howard, William, bricklayer, corner Spring and Ty- 
burn sts. 

Howard, William, tailor, Hughson near Wilson st. 

Howitt, Alfred, provincial land surveyor and engineer, 
King St. west. 

Hoy, Harrison, barber, Mulberry near James st. 

Hudson, Richard, clerli, Caroline near Yorls st. 

Hughes, Mrs. Catharine, washerwoman. Guise near 
Jolnn St. 

Hughes, Patrick, carpenter, Wentworth near Nightin- 
gale St. 

Hughes, Thomas A., grocer, corner MacNab and Vine sts 

Hughson, John, blacksmith, corner William and Bar- 
ton sts. 

Hughson, Mrs., Tyburn near Walnut st. 

Hull, Mrs. Hannah, widow, Park near Concession st. 

Humphreys, Isaac, moulder, Hughson near Barton. St. 

Hunns, Jesse, laborer, Hess near York st. 

Hunt, Daniel, bricklayer and plasterer, Main near 
Cherry st. 

Hunting, Samuel, gardener and sexton of Christ church, 
Hughson near Barton St. 

Huntley, John, proprietor of George inn, York st. 

Hunter, Robert, teamster, John near Unign st. 

Hurd, Hiram H., marble dealer, York and Bay sta., , 
house York st. 

Hurd, John, Peel near Catharine st. 

Hurlbert, J. B., M. A., principal of Adelaide Academy, 
Peel near Hughson st. 

Hurley, Richard, laborer, Hughson near Stinson st. 

Hurly, James, laborer, Wilson near MacNab st. 

Hutchinson, George, painter. Wood near Hughson st. 

Hutchinson, James, hatter and furrier, John near 
Peel St. 

Hutchison, Edward H., Vine near Bay st. 

Hutchison, Isabella, boarding house keeper, Main near 
Bond St. 

Hutton, Charles, salqon, York st. 

Huxtable, William, boot and shoe maker, John near 
King St. 

Hyde, Mrs. Johanna, widow, Catharine near Catha- 
rina st. 

Hylan, Michael, laborer, Wellington near Catharina st. 

Hyles, William, farmer, Catharine near Hannah st. 

lagoe, John, lumber merchant, John near Lynd at. 

Inglis, Joseph J., tailor, Catharine near Gore st. 

INGLIS, REV. DAVID, Free church, pastor of Mac- 
Nab St. church, King St., opposite Florence hotel. 

Inglis, William, blacksmith, near Cannon st. and West 

Inman, James W., dry goods, King near James St., house 
Bold St. 

Inman, Joseph, Stonecutter, Tyburn near Walnut st. 

INTERNATIONAL HOTELp Richard Beasley, pro- 
prietor. Market sq. 

International Life Assurance Company, Theodore A. 
Ambridge, agent. Queen near YoApt. 


Iredale, William, - broom maker, and boarding house 
keener, Hughson near Henry st. •» 

Irish saloon, Luke O'Brien,' proprietor, James near 
Lynd st. 

Irland, Henry William, wholesale dealer in hardware. 
King St., house King st. ea^t. 

Irvine, 6., solicitor, James near Hannah st. ' 

Irvine, H. & W., prodiice merchants, West King St., 

Irvine, John, general dealer, " Upper Hughson near 
Peel St. 

Irvine, rev. Robert, D.D., minister of Knox's church, 
Henry near James St. x .. 

Irvine, William, of H. & W. Irvine, Peel near Hugh- 
sou St. 

Irving, James, carpei^r, Catharine near Barton st. 

Jack, William, blac^raith. Little Main st. 

Jackson, David, carpentel'. King st. west. 

Jackson, Edward, Maiden lane near MacNab st. 

Jackson, George, shoema,ker, Merrick near MacNab st. 

Jackson, Thos., stonemason, Victoria avenue near 
Main st. 

Jacques, Thomas, constable, 'Vfalnut near O'Reilly st. 

Jagoe, William, lumber merchant, lt3 James st. 

JAMES, GEORGE, dry goods merchant, James near 
Rebecca st., house Wellington near King St. 

JAMES, PETER, & SON, blacksmiths, Court house sq. 

James, William, of P. James & Son, Cathcart st. 

James, William, stonemason, Little James st. 

Jarvis, C. H., of O'Reilly & Jarvis, John near Peel st. 
house The Willows. 

Jarvis, 0. R., dealer in hardware, Kingst. east, boards 
at Anglo American hotel. 

Jarvis, John, upholsterer, Merrick near MacNab st, 

Jarvis, William, cabdriver. Spring near Main st. 

Jarvis, William M., 9T York st. 

Jefferson, Holden, carpenter, corner Catharine and 
Barton sts. 

Jeffery, Mrs. Ann, tavernkeeper, 93 James corner of 
Cannon st. 

Jeffrey, James, carpenter, Hughson near Stinson st. 

JEFFREY, ROSWALD, proprietor of Florence hotel, 
King St. west. 

Jenkins, Mrs. Mary Ann, Hannah near James St. 

Jennings, Mrs. Mary, widow, Catharine near Main St. 

Jepson, William, porter. Park near Concession st. 

Johnson, David, shoemaker, John near Tyburn st. 

Johnson, George, carpenter. Barton near Hughson st. 

Johnson, Henry, waiter. Main near Victoria st. 

Johnson, James, carpenter and joiner, MacNab nesr 
Stuart St. 

Johnson, John, teamster, 98 Hughson st. 

Johnson, William, carpenter, Markland st. 

Johnson, William, mariner, Hughson near Hannah St. 

Johnston, Charles, East Market st. 

Johnston, William, carVer and gilder, York St. 

Jolley, James, saddler, John near Main st. 

Jones, William, shoemaker. Main near Bond St. 

Jones, Benjamin, livery stable keeper, Catharine near 
King William St., house Catharine near Re- 
becca St. 

JONES & FINDLAY, dealers in dry goods, James near 
King St. 

Jones, Henry, cabdriver, John near Augusta st. 

Jones, Jane, Augusta St. 

Jones, John, foreman. Little Main St. 

Jones, John, laborer. Mulberry near James st. 

Jones, Robert, carpenter, corner Wilson and Wel- 
lington sts. 

Jones, Thomas, butcher, Hughson near Stinson st. 

Jones, William, machinist. Cannon st. and West 

Jones, William, general dealer, Hughson near Lynd st. 

JOURNAL AND EXPRESS, (THE) semi-weekly, an- 
nual subscription, $3 ; W. M. Nicholson, proprietor, 
publisher and printer, Hughson near King st. 

Joy, Edward, messenger, Stuart near James st. 

Joyce, Mrs. Mary, widow. Mulberry near MacNab St. 

Judel, John, soap factor, 21 Bay St., house 11 Park st. 

Juson, Richard, of Richard Juson & Co., John near 
Hannah st. 

JUSON, RICHARD, & Co., hardware importers and 
nail manufacturers, James near King St., and cor- 
ner Hughson and Henry sts. 

Kaeberle, Louis, hotelkeeper, King William st. between 
James and John sts. 

Karckmark, Martin, blacksmith, Victoria avenue near 
King St. 

Kavanagh, Joseph, policeman, Hess near King st. 

Keadeng, Frederick, laborer, Ardvorlioh near Dun- 
durn St. 

Kean, James, laborer. Market near James st. 

KEEPER, THOMAS C, civil engineer, Water Works 
ofBce, Canada Life Assurance buildings, Upper 
James st. 

DlEKCTORY.J 1858. 



Kean, Peter, laborer, Hughson near Union st. 

Eelk, Alfred, carpenter, corner Concession and Park ats. 

Kelk, George, corner Concession and Park sts. 

Kellan, George, shoemaker, Market st. 

Keller, Jacob, tinsmith, John near Gore st. 

KELLY, E., & Co., nurserymen and florists, 221 King 
St. east. 

Kelly, Daniel, Walnut near O'Reilly st. 

Kelly, Joseph, shoemaker, Catharine st. near Railway. 

Kelly, Lawrence, laborer, Picton near MacNab st. 

Kelly, Mrs. Maria, dressmaker. Barton near Catharine st. 

Kelly, Patrick, tailor, Colborne near Park st. 

Kelly, Robert, Walnut near Peel st. 

Kelly, William, railway clerk, Ray near Little Main st. 

Kemp, John, confectioner. East Market at. 

Kemp, John, livery stable keeper. Main near James st. 

Kempster, Christopher W., sash and blind maker, cor- 
ner Cannon st. and West avenue. 

Kendall, Brothers, brewers, Hamilton Brewery, Peel 
near Catharine st. 

Kendall, Darius, laborer. Little Main st. 

Kennedy, Alexander, clerk. 

Kennedy, Charles, plasterer, near Russell and Wel- 
lington sts. 

Kennedy, John^ carpenter, Queen st. near Broadway. 

Kennedy, Joseph, constable, 83 Mary st. 

Kennedy, Joseph, railway policeman, Hughson near 
Lynd st. 

Kennedy, Owen, tailor. Upper Hughson near Augusta st. 

Kenney, John, saloonkeeper, John near King st. 

Kenny, Mrs. Mary, widow, corner Oak and Mary sts. 

Kent, Joseph, grocer. Upper Hughson near Main st. 

Kerner, John, carpenter, corner Walnut and Catha- 
rina sts. 

KERR, BROWN & Co., wholesale dry goods mer- 
chants. Gore of King st. 

Kerr, James, carpenter, Cannon near Park at. 

Kerr, John W., engineer's office, Great Western Railway. 

Kerr, Joseph B., clerk. 

Kerr, Mrs. Samuel, James st. near Knox's church. 

Kerr, Robert E., Cannon near Bay st. 

Kerr, Robert W., city chamberlain. Main near Spring st. 

Kerr, T. C, of Kerr, Brown & Co., Upper John at. 

Kerr, Thomas, gener^ dealer, Kisig near Jamea St., 
bouse corner John and Maria sts. 

KERR, W. G., general grocer, 37 King st., house King 
St. west. 

Kidd, David, laborer. Market st. west. 

Kidner, Charles, printer. East Market st. 

Kilgour, John, butcher. Market, house Lake shore. 

King, John, physician and surgeon. 

King, Mrs. Mary, widow, corner Park and Colborne sts. 

King, Robert, flour and feed store, John near Tyburn st. 

Kinmouth, Thomas, tailor, corner Walnut and Main sts. 

Kinrade, Hugh, baker, corner John and Augusta sts. 

Kirby, John, laborer. Mulberry near MacNab st. 

Kirkendall, Samuel, & Co., lumber merchants, corner 
Market and Bay sts. 

Kirkendall, Samuel, of S. Kirkendall & Co., Bay near 
King St. 

Kirkland, William H., proprietor of Alma saloon, '13 
♦ James st. 

Kirkpatrick, James, sen., county treasurer. Main near 
Hughson St. 

Knapp, L. bookkeeper, boards at Royal hotel. 

Kneeshaw, Joseph, of J. Kneeshaw& Co., Upper Hugh- 
son at. near Market. 

KNEESHAW, JOSEPH, & Co., stationers and book- 
binders, King at. east 

Knowles, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Lynd near John st. 

Knox, George, engineer, Stuart near John st. 

Knox, William, James near Wood st. 

Knox's Church, rev. Robert Irvine, D.D., minister, corner 
James and Henry sts. 

Kordes, Herman, professor of music, Park near Mul- 
berry St. 

Korteum, F. C, architect, Hess near York st. 

Kreft & Inkson, saddlers and harnessmakers, York st. 

Kyre, William, laborer, Hughson near Lynd st. 

Lacey, George, plumber, Hess near Market st. 

Lacey, Isaac, MacNab near Mulberry at. 

Lacey, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Catharine near Ty- 
burn St. 

Ladd, Edward, slater, Gore near Catharine st. 

Ladd, J. G., boards at Royal hotel. 

Lafont, J. B., professor of French, Catharine near 
Peel St. 

Laird, Charles, lather, Walnut near Peel st. 

Laker, Daniel, clerk. Main near Bond st. 

Lalor, Patrick, laborer, corner MacNab and Mul- 
berry sts. 

Lalor, Patrick, saloonkeeper, corner Mulberry and 
MacNab sts. 

Lamond, Fihlay, grocer and provision storekeeper, 
York St. 

Lampshire, Mark, Broadway. 

Lancaster, Henry, carpenter and joiner. King st. cast, 
louse near Russell st. and West avenue. 

Land, col. Robert, J. P., Barton near Wentworth st. 

Land, Robert A., King st. east. 

Lander, William, engineer, Victoria avenue near In- 
kermann st. 

Landon, Charles, proprietor of Buffalo laager beer 
saloon, corner Catharine and King sts. 

Landrigan, Charles, plasterer, John near Stinaon st. 

Langdon, Henry, agent ibr American Express Com- 
pany, James near King William St., boards at Royal 

Langtry, William, carpenter, 1 Nelson st. 

Lanigan, Edward, policeman, Hughson near Stinaon st. 

Lanphier, William, of D. Murphy & Co., Catharine 
near Rebecca St. 

Largy, H., grocer. King st. east. 

Larken, Edward, shoemaker, MacNab near Vine st. 

Laakey, William, railway constable, corner York and 
Caroline sts. 

Langhton, Malcolm, blacksmith, Cannon near Bay st. 

Laurence, J. C, boards at Royal hotel. 

Laurie, Robert, street inspector. King st. east. 

Laury, Jacob, storekeeper. Little James st. 

Lavell, rev. Charles, Wealeyan. 

Lavenagh, Thomas, laborer, Catharine near Barton st. 

Lavender, George, dealer in flour, 75 King st. 

Lavrock, George, carriage trimmer. East Market st. 

Law, David, of Young, Law & Co., corner MacNab and 
Merrick ata. 

Law, Robert, chandler. Bowery st. 

LAW, ROBERT NICOL, barrister and solicitor, Re- 
becca St., houae Tyburn near Jamea at. 

Lawder, William, machinist, William st. near Railway. 

Lawdon, John, carpenter. Queen st. near Broai-way. 

Lawler, Patrick, porter, "Tyburn near QjAry at. 

Lawless, John P., bank clerk. -*■ ^^ 

Lawrance, Thomas, carpenter. Wood pear James St. 

Lawrence, Thomas, baker, Hess near Hunter st. 

Lawrence, Thomas, carpenter, Warren $^1 Jamea st. 

Lawry, Henry James, butcher. Market, and proprietor 
of Mountain View hotel, head of James at., 

LAWSON & BROTHER, importera of cloths, dpeskins, 
and casimeres, and manufacturers of every des- 
cription of clothing, Albert house, corner King and 
James sts. and 86 City buildings, King st. east 
Toronto. ,, .^ 

Lawsdfr, John, of Lawson & Brother, Wellington near 
•Gore St. -•' ^ ' ',,- «'. 

Lawson, Joseph, of Lawssn ec Brother, Ferguson ave- 
nue near Wilson st. 

LAZARUS & BROWN, turners, Market near Bay st. 

Lazarus, G. J., of Lazarus & Brown, Caroline near 
York St. 

Lazarus, Na.than, Hess near Market st. 

Leahy, Patrick, laborer, corner 1 
Leatherland, James, engine drij 
Leavers, JaAes, saloon, King i 

fket and James sts. 
Jing St. west. 
Est. ■' 




1857, [Canaju 

Leckie, John, butcher, Market St., house Barton Bt. 
Lederle, Robert, confectioner, William near Barton St. 

Lee, George, hotelkeeper, MacNab near York St. 

Lee, Philip, jr., grocer, King st. east. 

Lee, William, mason, near Cannon St. and West avenue. 

Leegrice, John, baker, John near Tyburn St. 

Legget, Joseph, clerk, Caroline near Duke st. 

LBGGO, WILLIAM, barrister at law, master and de- 
puty registrar of the court of Chancery, Upper 
Hughson near Main St., house James near Au- 
gusta St. 

Leigh, Mrs., Peel near Caroline st. 

Leihen, John, laborer, corner Pearl and George sts. 

Lemoine, D., architect, boards at Royal hotel. 

Leonard, A., cab driver, 8 Spring st. 

LeRiche, George, clerk. ' 

Levalle, rev. Charles, Wesleyan, boards at Mrs. Hess's 
King St. west. 

Levin, John, boot and shoe maker, John near Wilapnst. 

Levy, Mark, of Prince & Levy, 25 West King st. 

Lewis,' J. W., of Sloan & Lewis, 61 Rebecca st. 

Lewis, Thomas, butcher. Market, house Barton St. 

Lewis, Thomas, lamplighter. Cannon near MaoNab st. 

Lewis, Wesley, clerk. East Market st. 

Lewis, captain William, MacMab near Burlington st. 

Lewis, William, of Croft & Lewis, James near King 
William St. 

Lewis, William, of Croft & Lewis, James St. 

Lewis, William, Walnut near Peel St. 

Lighthall, William, coveyaucer. Park near Oolborne st. 

Liman & Buckingham, butchers. Market. 

Linds, H. C, boards at Royal hotel. 

Linger, John, hotelkeeper, King st. west. 

Lintner, M., grocer and fancy storekeeper, Yotk st. 

Lister, Henry, druggist. Main near Walnut st. 

Lister, Joseph, Hughson near King William st. 

Little^ Alfred, brickmaker. King st. west. 

Little BurliAgton hotel, John Nugent, proprietor. King 
St. east. 

Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Com- 
pany, Frederick A. Ball, agent. King st. west. 

Livingston, Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, Merrick near Park st. 

'Lock, Henry, laborer, Peel near Hess st. 

Lockman, James, printer, boards corner Cannon and 
Bay sts. 

Lockman, William, carpenter, corner Cannon and 
Bay sts. 

Lodge, Mrs. C, Ray st. 

Logan, Francis, dealer in dry goods. King near John st. 

Logan, W., gaoler, Court house. 

Logic, Alexander, Judge of Wentworth county court, 
near Mountain. 

Long, Charles, laborer. King st. east. 

Long, Philip, waggonmaker, John near Barton st. 

Loomer, Mrs.^llen, widow, John near Lynd st. 

Looney, JameW., teacher, Catharina near Catharine st. 

Lord, Frederick, Wood near James st. 

Lorimer, James, laborer, Ardvorlich near Dundurn st. 

Lorimer, Jamesu of J. Lorimer & Co., West avenue. 

LORIMER, JAlllES, & Co., wholesale grocers and gene- 
ral commission merchants. King st. west near 
Bay St. 

Louden, Charles, saloon. King st. west. 

LOVE, JAMES, proprietor of Glasgow Arms inn, Stuart 
hill near Railway depot. 

L vejoy, John, surveyor, corner Stuart and Hughson sta. 

Low, William, machinist, Caroline near Market St. 

Lowey, James, painter, corner Wilson and John sts. 

Lowry, John, coal porter, Sprilig near Tyburn st. 

Ldwry, John, painter, Guise st. 

Lucas, Robert, moulder, Hughson near Barton st. 

Lundy, H., teller, John near Maria st. 

Lyall, John, boarding house, Caroline near Market st. 

LjTuburner & Torrey, sheepskin dressers and hide 
dealers, Tyburn near Spring st. 

Lyniongton, James,''storeman, near MacNab st. 

Lynch, James, lab^rj King st. east. 

Lynd, George P., contractor, 54 Rebecca St. 

Lynd, William, contractor, boards at 54 Rebecca st. 

Lynn, Adam, stonemason, Napier st. 

Lyon, John, shoemaker. Cherry near Main St. 

Lyons, Richard, tailor, boards Little Burlington st. . 

Lyons, William, porter, Tyburn near Walnut st. 

Macabe & Co., blacksmiths and carriagemakers, York 
near Caroline st. 

Macabe, Henry, of Macabe & Co., Hess near Peter st. 

MACARA & Co., produce merchants, John near Kingst. 

Macara, Mudie, of Macara & Co., Bowery st. 

Macdaniel, George, laborer, Burlington near MacNab st. 

Macdonald, A. P., & Co., contractors, 54 MacNab St. 

Macdonald, Alexander, porter, John near Henry st. 

Macdonald, Alexander, P., of A. P. Macdonald & Co., 
boards at Royal hotel 

Macdonald, D., carpenter, 116 York st. 

Macdonald, Harry, dealer in dry goods, King near 
Rebecca St., house Main near Bond st. 

Macdonald, John D., M.D.. James near Peel st. 

Macdonald, W. R., of W. R. Macdonald & Co., clerk of 
Division court and agent for Canada Western As- 
surance Company, James near Peel st. 

MACDONALD, W. R., & Co., bank, exchange and 
collection office. King near James st. 

Macdonell, M., contractor, Hughson st. 

Macfarlane, Mrs., widow, Main near Walnut st. 

Mackay, Donald, of Gordon & Mackay, boards Au- 
gusta St. 

Mackay, JEneas D., clerk, corner Wood and Hugh- 
son sts. 

Mackay, George, bookkeeper. Park near Cannon- st. 

Mackay, George, grocer, John near Tyburn st. 

Mackay, James, carpenter, Hughson near Henry St. 

Mackay, Janles D., of J. D. Mackay & Co., Bold.Bt. 

Mackay, James D., & Co., wholesale grocers. King near 
James st. 

Mackay, Mrs. R., corner Market and Hess sts. 

Mackelkan, Francis, law student, boards Merrick St. 

Mackenzie, John, master of St. Patrick's school, Peel 
near Catharine st. 

MACKINTOSH, DAVID, M.D., Edinburgh, L.R.C:S.E., 
corner Gore and Hughson sts. 

Mackintosh, Hugh, hair dresser, tS King st. 

Macklem, George, carpenter, MacNab near Conces- 
sion St. 

Maclellan, Mrs., Peel near Catharine st. 

Macmillan, Gilbert, clerk. 

MACNAB, DANIEL, & Co., wholesale hardware mer- 
chants. Gore of King St. 

Macnab, James H., clerk, boards at 3 Maiden lane. 

Macnab, John, of D. Macnab & Co., 3 Maiden lane. 

MacNab, Mrs. Daniel, Tyburn near MacNab St. 

M.P.P., Dundurn Castle, York st. 

MacNab Street Presbyterian church, rev. David Inglis 
pastor. Upper MacNab st. 

Macnabb, Alexander, engineer, York St. 

Macnabb, Duncan A., of D. A. Macnabb & Co., Wil- 
liam St. 

MACNABB, DUNCAN A., & Co., wholesale .grocers, 
and wine and spirit merchants. King near James St. 

Macpherson, Lachlan, plasterer. Cannon near Park st. 

Macrae, Alexander, bookkeeper. King William st. 

Macrae, George, clerk, James St. x 

Magan, Mrs. Mary, widow. Main near Spring St. 

Magara, Charles, laborer, Wood near John St. 

Magee, David, Main near Bay st. 

Magee, Robert, Main near Bay st. 

Magee, William, flour and feed store, James near 
Stinson st. 

Magen, Christopher, butcher, Market, house Main st. 

Maggarigal, Henry, laborer. Peel near Hughson st. 

Magill, Charles, dealer in dry goods. King near John St., 
house Catharine near Rebecca st. 

Magill, Edward, Catharine opposite Gore st. 

Magill, Edward, jr., clerk. 

Directory.] 1858. 



Maginn, Mrs. Ann, private boarding house, Hughson st. 

Magrath, Mrs. Ann, Base near MacNab St. 

Maguire, Barney, laborer. Guise near John st. 

Mahoney, Michael, saloon. Guise st. 

Mahoney, Richard, carpenter, Napier st. 

Mahony, John, saloon. Guise near James St. 

Maitland, James, saloon. East Market st. 

Maitland, John, corner Hess and Main sts. 

Malcolm, William, porter, Stuart near Hughson st. 

Malcomsoti, captain James, mariner, John near Hugh- 
son St. 

Malcomson, captain James, MacNab near Wilson st. 

Malcomson, captain John, Wilson near James St. 

Malcomson, Donald, watchman, MacNab near Wil- 
son St. 

Malcomsou, George, wharfinger, MacNab near Wil- 
son St. 

Malcomson, Stewart, corner MacNab and Wilson sts. 

Malcorone, Charles, railway clerk. Park near Col- 
borne St. 

Malone, Dennis, soap boiler, James near Stuart st. 

Malone, Michael, laborer, Catharine near Lynd st. 

Maloy, John, laborer, Hallowell buildings, Catharine 
near Lynd st. 

Managan, Thomas, laborer, Wilson near James St. 

Manley, Michael, moulder, Catharine near Barton st. 

Mann, William, carpenter. Main near Charles st. 

Manning, George, plasterer, Peel near Walnut st. 

Manning, John, plasterer, corner Peel and Walnut sts. 

Manning, Patrick, mason, Tyburn near Cherry st. 

Manphield, James, Mulberry near Park st. 

Mansfield, George, railway porter. Pearl near York st. 

Manson, Mrs. Jane, widow, corner Walnut and O'Reil- 
ly sts.> 

Manson, Thomas, merchant, Hess near Market st. 

Manrille, John R., machinist, near Cannon st. West 

Marchiston, Dunkin J., of Watkin?, Brothers & Co., 
Bowery st. 

Marquis, William, painter, Catharine near Stinson St. 

Marryat, Joseph, shoemaker, corner Hess and Napier sts. 

Marsais, Adolphe, importer of liquors, Catharine near 
Rebecca st. 

Marshall, George, salesman, King st. east. 

Marshall, Joseph, proprietor of Mechanics saloon 
corner Catharine and Barton sts. 

Martin, Edward, of R. & E. Martin, corner Peel and 
Hughson sts. 

Martin, John, blacksmith, Tyburn near John st. 

Martin, John, carpenter. Pearl near Little Market st. 

Martin, John, proprietor of Shakespeare hotel. Market st. 

Martin, John R, of Martin & McKeown, cor. Catharine 
and Hannah sts. 

MARTIN & McKEOWN, barristers, solicitors and no- 
taries public. Upper Hughson near Main st. 

Martin, Mrs. Louisa, widow. Pearl near Main st. 

Martin, Philip, sausagemaker, corner John and King 
William sts. 

MARTIN, R. & E., barristers and solicitors, James near 
King St. 

Martin, Richard, of R. & E. Martin, Main near Charles st. 

Martin, Mrs. Sarah, widow, John near Lynd st. 

Martin, Thomas, cabdriver, Merrick near MacNab st. 

Mason, James, carpenter, York St. 

Mason, William, moulder, near Robert and Welling- 
ton sts. 

Masterson, Henry M., cabinetmaker, corner Robert St. 
and West avenue. 

Masterton, R. R., clerk. 

Matheson, James, wholesale grocer, corner Merrick 
and Park sts. 

Matheson, Mrs. Jane, widow. Main near Victoria st. 

Mathews, James, painter, corner Henry and Cathcartsts. 

Mathews, Joseph B., livery stable, MacNab St., house 
Market st. west. 

Mathews, Robert, carpenter. East Market St. 

Mathewson, James, foreman, Little Peel st. 

Mathieson, James, of Mathieson & Smith, corner Mer- 
rick and Park sts. 
MATHIESON & SMITH, wholesale grocers, and wine 

and spirit merchants. King near John st. 
Maxwell, David, machinist, Victoria avenue near Ink- 

erman st. 
Maxwell, Thomas, porter, Margaret near King St. • 
Mayers, Thomas, bricklayer and plasterer, Hughson 

near Lynd st. 
McAllister, Charles, clerk, boards James st. 
McAllister, DAVID C, vulcan boiler maker and 

blacksmith. Brock near MacNab st. 
McAllister, Henry, hair dresser, 50 West King St., house 

West Market st. 
McAlpine, John L., engineer, boards at Royal hotel. 
McAndrew, Peter, brakesman, Little Main st. 
McArdle, Mrs. Martha, widow, corner John and Lynd sts. 
McArthur, D., carpenter, 23 O'Reilly st. 
McArthur, John, insurance agent, corner Hughson 

and Lynd sts. 
McAulifTe, James, grocer, Guise near MacNab St. 
McBastedo, John, furrier, West Main st. 
McBeth, And., laborer, corner Queen st. and Broadway. 
McBeth, William, bailiff of Division court, Little 

Market st. 
McBride, Daniel, carter, Catharine st. near Railway. 
McBride, James, moulder, Catharine near Augusta st. 
McBride, William, tavernkeeper, corner John a,nd Ty- 
burn sts. 
McCabc & Co., blacksmiths and carriagemakers, York st 
McCalister, Armond, hairdresser, perfumer and dealer 

in fruit. King st. west, house Market st. 
McCallof, Mrs., Little Peel st. 
McCallum, Donald, sailor. Spring near Peel st. 
McCallum, William, carpenter, Broadway. 
McCann, Henry P., confectioner, corner Wilson st. and 

West avenue. 
McCann, Jaines, bricklayer and mason, corner Catha- 
rine and Lynd sts. 
McCann, John, shoemaker, James near Cannon St. 
McCann, Lawrence, saloonkeeper. King st. east. 
McCann, Timothy, Tyburn near Walnut st. 
McCardle, Mrs. Ann, saloonkeeper, Catharine near 

Tyburn St. 
McCarthy, Denis, tavern, corner Hughson and King 

William sts. 
McCarthy, Eugene, blacksmith, Ray near King st. 
McCarthy, Jeremiah, laborer, corner John and Oak sts. 
McCarthy, Timothy, laborer, Hughson near Wilson st. 
McCartney, Mrs. F., corner Catharine and Henry sts. 
McCarty, Alexander, waggonmaker, Napier st. 
McCarty, Dennis, grocer. King st. east. 
McClaren, William, carter, Hess near Hunter st. 
McClarry, Mrs. Mary, boarding house, York st. 
McClellan, James, porter, Tyburn near Cherry st. 
McCloy, Mrs. Agnes, groceries. King st. east. 
McCleond, Angus, carpenter and joiner, John near 

Henry st. 
McClery, Mrs. Mary, boarding house, corner Pearl and 

York sts. 
McClintie, John, sailor, East Market St. 
McCloud, Daniel, bookkeeper. Walnut near O'Reilly st. 
McClow, David, carpenter. Main st. 
McClure, David, gardener, Ray near King st. 
McOLURE,REV .WILLIAM, New Connection methodist 

Main near John st. 
McCoombs, Thomas, marble cutter, Catharine near 

Barton st. 
McCorkindale, John, boot and shoe maker, York st. 
McCormick, William A., cook, corner Spring and 

Main eta. 
McCosh, James, baker, Court house sq. 
McCoy, Archibald, proprietor of Farmers inn, Guise st. 
McCoy, John, carpenter, near Robert and Wellington sts 
McCracken, Henry H., proprietor of Burlington hotel, 

King St. east. 
McCracken, James, high bailiff, 32 King William st. 



1857. [Canada 

McCracken, Thomas, bank clerk, boards Main St. 
McCuaig, John, Main near Hess St. 
McCuaig, John F., brick and drainage pipe manufac- 
turer, Catharine near Rebecca St. 
McCuaig, J. F., of Birss, McCuaig & Co., Catharine 

near Rebecca St. 
McCuIla, John, saloonkeeper, John near Main St. 
McCulIach, John, clerk, Spring near Peel st. 
McCuUey, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, Stinson 

near James St. 
McOurdie, Mrs. Ellen, tafernkeeper, John near Peel st. 
McCurdy, Alexander, laborer. Little Market st. 
McDermott, Owen, saw grinder, East Market st. 
McDonagh, Michael, laborer. Oak near Catharine St. 
McDonald, H. R., of McLean & Co., corner Main and 

Bond sts. 
McDonald, James, boot and shoe maker. King st. east. 
McDonald, John, shoemaker, 62 Tyburn st. 
McDonald, Roderick, laborer, Ray near Market ^L 
McDonell, Arch., broker, boards at Burlington notel. 
McDonnell, Archibald, contractor, 96 York st. 
McDonnell, Mrs. M., dressmaker. Cannon near Mac- 
Nab St. 
McDonnell, Robert, landing waiter, custom house, Bur- 
lington near MacNab st. 
McDonogh, Luke, policeman, Hughson near Lynd st. 
McDonougb, Andrew, grocery, Wilson near John st. 
McDowell, Henry, boards at Royal hotel. 
McDowell, Mrs., James st. near Knox's church. 
McDowell, Samuel, corner Hess and York sts. 
McBchren, John, clerk, 76 Rebecca st. 
McBlcheran, William H., painter, MacNab near King st. 
McElroy, Robert, corner Hess and Main sts. 
McEwan, Patrick, laborer, MacNab near Burlington st. 
McEwan, — , vocalist, James near Tyburn st. 
•McEwen, Mrs. Janet, boarding house, Merrick near 

Park St. 
McFadden, John, grocer, foot of James st. 
McFadyen, Alexander, brass founder. Main near Vic- 
toria St. 
McParlane, Alexander, railway clerk, Park near Col- 
borne St. 
McFarlane, Sydney, butcher. King st. west. 
McFettridge, Mrs. Jane, saloonkeeper, Lynd near 

John St. 
McGann, C.R., carpenter, corner John and Henry sts. 
McGarity, George, teamster, James near Stuart st. 
McGarrigle, John, laborer, Caroline near Cannon st. 
McGee, William, cab driver, 116 James st. 
McGill, Miss Catharine, dressmaker, corner Catharine 

and Peel sts. 
McGill, Samuel, carpenter. East Market st. 
McGillveray, Donald, laborer, James near Wood st. 
McGinnis, Hugh, ' tavernkeeper, Hughson near Stin- 
son St. 
McGivern, Edward, of E. McGivern & Co., King Wil- 
liam St. 
MoGIVBRN, EDWARD, & Co., wholesale dealers in 

hardware, King near John st. 
McGlogan, C, constable, Caroline St. 
McGowan, Archibald, machinist. Cannon near Bay st. 
McGowan, John, carter, Ray near Little Market st. 
McGowan, William, machinist, John near Barton sts. 
McGrath, Edward, waggonmaker, James near Tyburn st. 
MoGrath, John, laborer, MacNab near Main st. 
MoGrath, Robert, bricklayer and mason, Catharine 

near Lynd st. 
McGreer, William, blacksmith, Stuart near Hughson st. 
McGregor, James, carpenter, Catharine near Stinson st. 
McGuiggan, Mrs. Catharine, widow, Caroline near 

Cannon st. 
McGuire, Mrs. Bridget, widow, corner John and Wood sts. 
McGuire, James, provision store. King st. west. 
McGuire, Patrick, of Roach & McGuire, 12 WestKingst. 
McHadde, George, laborer. Mulberry near Bay st. 
McHarg, Jas., timber dealer. Maiden lane near James st. 
McHenry, James, carpenter, James near Stuart st. 

McHenry, Peter S., grocer. Market sq., house Henry st 
Mcllroy, James, contractor, Cherry near Hannah st. 
Mcllwraith, Misses Agnes & Margaret, Ladies seminary 

81 York St. 
Mcllwraith, Thomas, manager of gas works. Mulberry 
near Park St. 

Mclnerny, James, machinist. Bay st. near Victoria 

Mclnnes, Alexander, dry goodsjCatharine near Henry at. 

Mclnnes, D., of Donald Mclnnes & Co., boards at Anglo- 
American hotel. 

Mclnnes, Donald, clerk, boards Main st. 

McINNES, DONALD, & Co., wholesale dry goods mer- 
chants, corner King and John sts. 

Mclnnes, Hugh, of Donald Mclnnes & Co., Catharme 
near Henry st. 

Mcintosh, Daniel, clerk, Charles st. 

Mclntyre, James, grocer, MacNab St., house King st. 

Mclntyre, John, barrow maker, corner Simcoe and 
Bay sts. 

Mclntyre, John, carpenter, corner MacNab and Wil- 
son sts. 

MoINTYRE, JOHN, merchant tailor. Cherry st., house 
James near Tyburn st. 

Mclntyre, John, tailor, James st. 

Mclntyre, William, blacksmith, Colborne near Park at. 

Mclvoy, Mrs. Sarah, widow. Main near Cherry st. 

McKay, Edmund, proprietor of Farmers hotel, York at. 

McKay, James, coachmaker, Tyburn near Catharinest. 

MoKAY, JOHN, proprietor of Railroad inn, Stuart st. 

McKay, George, of McQuesten & Co., 36 Park st. 

McKay, Neil, laborer, Caroline near Anderson st. 

McKay, 0., Main near Hughson st. 

McKay, Peter, tailor, James near Cannon st. 

McKay, Robert, corner Catharine and Main sts. 

McKay, Robert, plasterer, Caroline near Robinson st. 

McKEAND, BROTHER & Co., importers of British and 
foreign, dry goods, 48 West King St. 

McKeand, James, corner James and Bold sts. 

McKeloan, F., law student, York near Bay st. 

McKenzie, J., of McKenzie, Young & Co., corner Gore 
and Catharine sis. 

McKenzie, John, bookkeeper,- York st. 

McKenzie, John, porter, boards Main st. 

McKenzie, Kenneth, printer, Wellington near Maria st. 

McKENZIE, YOUNG & Co., wholesale grocers, Hugh- 
son near King st. 

McKillop, Angus, grocer, corner James and Stuart sta. 

McKillop, Archibald, grocer, James near Barton st. 

McKILLOP, JOHN, confectioner, King near Catharine 


McKindry, A., laborer, Tyburn near Walnut st. 
McKinley, Archibald, carpenter, Barton near John st. 
McKinstrey, Robert, of Robert McKinstrey & Co., 

corner Vine and Ba/sts. 
McKinstrey, Robert, & Co., hardware. King near Hugh- 
son St. 
McKinstry, Henry, Vine near Bay st. 
McLachlan, Alexander, laborer, York st. 
McLaren, Mrs. D., tailoress. Little Main st. 
McLaren, William P., of W. P. McLaren & Co., James 

near Markland st. 
McLaren, W. p., & Co., wholesale grocers, corner 

James and King sts. 
McLaughlan, James, confectioner. King William at. 
McLean, Hugh, clerk. East Market st. 
McLean, John, laborer. East Market st. 
McLean, W., stage proprietor, boards at Royal hotel. 
McLean, William, carpenter,- corner James and Han- 
nah sts. 
McLellan, Donald, bookseller and stationer. King at. 

McLeod, Mrs., boarding house. Peel near Catharine st. 
-McMahon, Hugh, carpenter, Wellington near Peel St. 
McMahon, John, laborer, Hughson st. 
McManamy, Mrs. R., Broadway. 

Directory.] 1858. 



McMannus, James, mechanic, Cannon near Wellington 

McManus, J., porter, Hughson near Lynd 3t. 
McManus, Terence, laborer, 62 Catharine st: 
McMillan, William, wood agent, corner MacNab and 

Peel sts. 
McMullen, Archibald, laborer, Merrick near MacNab St. 
McMurray, T. W., law student, York near Bay St. 
McNab, Mrs., widow, 91 York st. 
McNair, Samuel, policeman, Robert st. near West 

McNamara, Denpis, laborer, Ray's block off Broadway. 
McNamara, Thomas, blacksmith, near Wilson st. and 

West avenue. 
McNanamy, Jas., painter, Robert st. near West avenue. 
McNlcol, Duncan, railway porter, MacNab near Conces- 
sion St. 
McPherson, Alexander, laborer. Little James st. 
McPberson, William, toll keeper. King st. west. 
McQuesten, Calvin, of McQueston & Co., Maiden lane. 
McQuesten & Co., iron founders and machinists, James 
McQuesten, Daniel, surgeon, Tyburn near Charles st. 

opposite Gore st., and Wellington st. near Railway. 
McRAE, COLIN, dealer in dry goods, 4 James St., 

house corner King William and Catharine sts. 
McRae, Roderick, laborer, Hughson st. near Railway. 
McRay, John, dealer in grain. King st. 
McRay, Robert, grocer, corner Market and Hess sts., 

house Little James st. 
McSouley, James, hotel. East Bay st. 
McSouley, James, saloon. Guise near Hughson st. 
McVeigh, Patrick, saloon, 11 Bay St. 
McVeigh, Wm., shoemaker, Catherine near Barton st. 
McVicar, Duncan, general storekeeper. Upper Hughson 

near Peel st. 
McVicker, Angus, tinsmith, Catharine near Barton st. 
McWilliam, Mrs., widow, James near Simcoe st. 
Meadows, James, teamster, corner Cannon st. and West 

Meadows, William, pedlar, corner Cannon and Wel- 
lington sts. 
Meads, William, grocer, corner James st. and Maiden 

Meakins, Charles Wm., sen. of Meakins & Sous, John st. 
Meakins, John, of Meakins & Sons, Main near Walnut st. 
Meakins, Jonathan, of Meakins & Sons, boards John st. 
MEAKINS & SONS, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 

Elgin block, John near King st. 
Mechanics Hall, corner James and King William sts. 
Mechanics home, Andrew Peer, proprietor, Stuart near 

MacNab st. 
Mechanics Institute, William Muir, superintendent, 

James st. 
Mechanics saloon, Joseph Marshall, proprietor, corner 

Catharine and Barton sts. 
Meikle, Jas., dealer in hardware. Peel near Hughson st. 
Mekilrick, Samuel, laborer. King st. west. 
Mellish, H. F., ironmonger, boards at Glasgow arms. 
Mellon, G., tavernkeeper, corner John and Catharine sts. 
Mellon, John, stonemason, Stevens near Nightingale st. 
Mellon, W., tavernkeeper, corner John and Tyburn sts. 
Melrose, Mrs. T., Little Market st. 
Melton, Zachariab, laborer. King st. east. 
Melville, Herald & Co., sash and door makers, corner 

Queen and Peter sts. 
Melville, Hugh M., of Melville, Herald & Co., Market st. 

president ; D. Stewart, secretary, corner James and 

King William sta. 
Methodist Episcopal Church, rev. W. Wright, minister, 

corner jfelson and King sts. 
Metcalfe, Christopher, laborer, Broadway. 
Metropolitan Theatre, corner John and Rebecca sts. 
Mewburn, P. C, Main st. 
Meyer & Brothers, liquorice manufacturers, Ray near 

Main st. 

Mewburn, Thomas C, Main near Caroline St. 

Michael, William, upholsterer, Caroline near York St. 

Middlewood, James, of Grant & Middlewood, 52 Bay St. 

Miles, James, laborer, Hess near King st. 

Miller, Edgar G., butcher, King st. east. 

Miller, Edward, constable. Spring near Main st. 

MILLER, JAMES, baker, 95 James st. 

Miller, James, painter and glazier, 46 James st. 

Miller, James, tailor, Tyburn near Cherry st. 

Miller, John, carpenter, Caroline near Main st. 

Miller, John, laborer, Market st. 

Miller, Joseph, painter, MacNab st. near Strand. 

Miller, Moses, baker, James st. near Christ church. 

Miller, Robert, finisher in foundry, Cannon near Mac- 
Nab St. 

Milligan, Thomas, laborer, Napier st. 

Mills, George, of Pringle, Mills & Bridges, corner George 
and Queen sts. 

Mills, hon. Samuel, corner Charles and West Main sts. 

Mills, Isaac, travelling agent for Provincial Insurance 

Mills, James, butcher, York St., house John St. 

Mills, James, sausage maker, corner John and Base sts. 

Mills, John W., appraiser, custom house, George st. 

Mills, Joseph, of Mills & Wright, 50 Rebecca St. 

Mills, William, Maria st. 

Mills, William Hamilton, Main near Hess st. 

MILLS & WRIGHT, wholesale and retail hatters and 
furriers, 66 King corner John st. 

Milne, John, bookkeeper, Catharine near Lynd st. 

Milne, Robert, daguerrean artist, 1 Upper James st. up- 

% stairs. 

Minty, John, railway clerk, corner Park and Col- 
borne sts. 

Mitchell, Charles, clerk, Lynd near James st. 

Mitchell, Charles J., bookkeeper. 

Mitchell, Daniel, laborer, Colborne near Park St. 

Mitchell, Daniel, laborer, Hughson near Gore st. 

Mitchell, John, Main near Charles st. 

Mitchell, Joseph, baker, Tyburn near Cherry St. 

Mitchell, Thomas, laborer, James near Lynd st. 

Moffatt, Robert, carpenter and joiner, corner Bay and 
Mulberry sts. 

Moffett, Deloss, painter, Mulberry near Bay st. 

Moller, John, saloon. King st. west. 

MoUoy, Thomas, saloon, James near Stuart st. 

Molzahn, Charles, boot and shoe maker. King st. west. 

Monkhouse, John, laborer. Walnut near King St. 

Monroe, H., teller, boards at Royal hotel. 

Monroe, James, huckster, 28 John st. 

.Monroe, James, tailor. Gore near Catharine st. 

Monroe, James, whitewasher, corner John and Re- 
becca sts. 

Monroe & Morton, cabinetmakers, John near Tyburn st. 

Monroe, Thomas, engineer at Water works, boards at 
Royal hotel. 

Monroe, William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, John 
near Peel st. 

Monroe, William, whitewasher, John near Augusta st. 

Montgomery, William, police constable. West Main st. 

Montreal Fire Insurance Company, Maitland Young, 
jr., agent. 

Montreal house, Charles Brouse, proprietor, corner 
Golborne and Park sts. 

Whitney, manager ; T. Woolverton and John. C. 
Davis, operators, James st. near Post office. 

Moody, John, dealer in toys, King st. west. 

Moody, Robert William, clerk, Tyburn near Walnut st. 

Moore, Dennis, & Co., iron founders, corner Lynd and 
Catharine sts., and 92 King St. 

Moore, Dennis, of D. Moore & Co., house John st. 

Moore, Ebenezer W., carpenter, Hughson st. near 

Moore, Edward, steam flour mills, Augusta st. 

.Moore, Edward, of E. & J. P. Moore, 2 Fergusson st. 

Moore, E. & J. F., lumber merchants 90 Rebecca st. 



1857. [Canada 

Moore, George, laborer, MacNab near Mulberry st. 
Moore, George, sailor, corner John and Base sts. 
Moore, J. F., of E. & J. F. Moore, mayor, 92 Rebecca St. 
Moore,' Jag., mechanic, near Wilson and Wellington sts. 
■ Moore, John, furniture broker, auctioneer and commis- 
sion merchant. King William near James St. 
Moore, Lawrence, laborer, John near Peel St. 
Moore, Lyman, druggist, King near Hughson st,, house 

80 Tyburn st. 
Moore, Lyman, of Winer, Moore & Co., Peel st. 
Moore, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, Main near Bond st. 
Moore, William V., tanner, corner Wellington and 

Tyburn sts. 
Moran, Daniel, teamster, Catharine st. near Railway. 
Moran, James, cabinetmaker, James and Barton sts. 
Moran, Miss Julia, Merrick near Park st. 
Morden, John, proprietor of Dundurn inn, York st. 
Moreton, George, laborer, John near Augusta st. 
Moreton, Henry B., shoemaker, Henry near Welling- 
ton St. 
Moretti, C^saire, carTcr and gilder, Catharine near 

Stinson st. 
Morgan, Richard, carriage trimmer, corner Park and 

Market sts. 
Morgan, Richard, grocer, corner Walnut and Tyburn sts. 
Morgan, William, clerk, Catharina near John st. 
Morgenroth, Adolphe, grocer, Margaret near Main st. 
Moriarty, J. Eugene, shoemaker, Catharine near Peel st. 
Morris, David, tailor, Tyburn near Walnut st. 
MORRIS, REV. A. P., M.A., principal of grammar 

school. Main st. 
Morrison, — , pound keeper, George st. ^ 

Morrison,! Charles, laborer, Picton near James st. w 
Morrison, ' George, builder. Upper Hughson st. 
Morrison, J., railway laborer. Little Mary st. 
Morrison, John, proprietor^of Enniskillen house, foot of 

James St. 
Morrison, Joseph B., dealer in stoves and tinware, King 

near John, St., house Peel st. 
Morrison, Thomas, clerk, corner Russ.ell st. and West 

Morrison, Thomas, grocer, corner John and Main sts. 
Morrison, Wm., laborer, corner Ray and Little Main sts. 
Morson, Alfred, physician and s,urgeon„ Park near 

Sheaffe st. 
Mortimer, George, saloonkeeper, John near King st. 
Morton, James William, cabinetmaker, Tyburn near 

Spring St. 
Morton, ffl., seminary, 101 James st. 
Morton, Thomas, cab driver, 9 Merrick st. 
Moss, Henry, carter, Tyburn near Wellington at. 
Mottashed, John, boot and shoe maker, Hughson near 

King St. 
Mountain View hotel, Henry J. Lawry, proprietor, head 

of James st. 
Moyes, George, laborer, Wellington near Catharina st. 
Moyes, James, bricklayer, Lynd near Mary st. 
Muir, Alexander, saloonkeeper. Burn's cottage, King 

St. east. 
Muir, E., of Hamilton, Muir, & Co., 11 Rebecca st. 
Muir, Thomas, accountant." 
Muir, Thomas, teamster, Catharine near Peel St. 
Muir, William, superintendent of Mechanics Institute, 

Park near Sheaffe st. 
Muir, William K., railway freight superintendent, cor- 
ner Park and Concession sts. 
Muirhead, Walter, butcher. Market, house Ancaster 

MullioUaud, William, flour and feed store, John near 

Peel St. 
Mullen, James, Augusta near MacNab st. 
Mulrany, John, railway conductor. Union near John st. 
MulvUney, Matthew, boot and shoe maker, corner John 

and Wilson sts. 
Mundayy William G., custom house officer, corner Mao- 
Nab St. and Strand. 
Munro, J., of Munro & Morton, Augusta St. 

Mundie, William, landscape gardener, Robinson near 

James st. 
Munro, James, cutter. Gore st. 
Munro & Morton, cabinetmakers, 38. Upper John st. 
Munster hotel, D. Nelligan, proprietor, Court house sq. 
, Murdit, John, mason. Union near John st. 
Murdoch, L., carpenter, Napier st. 
Murison, George, carpenter, MacNab near Peel st. 
Murphy, Daniel, laborer. Pearl near Main st. 
Murphy, Daniel, wholesale and retail grocer, 31 Eiug 

St., house Catharine st. 
Murphy, Edward, laborer, John near Wood st. 
Murphy, John, laborer, Wilson near Hughson st. 
Murphy, John, tailor, King st. east. 
Murphy, Michael, laborer, Hughspn St. 
Murphy, Mrs., widow, foot of James st. 
Murphy, Nicholas, laborer, Hughson near Wilson st. 
Murray, Chas., bank clerk, corner Peel and Cherry sts. 
MURRAY, ALEXANDER, & Co., importers, of silks 
and general dry goods, cloaks and millinery, 6or«- 
of King St. 
Murray, James, grocer, corner Peel and Cherry ste. 
Murray, John, Catharina near Catharine St. 
Murray, John, bank teller, .Catharine st. 
Murray, John, clerk, boards Catharine st. 
Murray, John, laborer, Burlington near MacNab st. 
Murray, John, machinist. Vine near Park st. 
Murray, John, tavernkeeper, John near Peel st. 
MURRAY, MARTIN, proprietor of St. Charles Res- 
taurant, King St. east near Catharine st. 
Murray, Mrs. William, Catharina near Catharine st. 
Murray, William F., buyer. ' 

jMuskon, John, waggonmaker. Barton near William st. 
Mylers, George, laborer, Ray near Little Main st. 
iMyles, JameS) of T. & J. Myles, Catharine near Gore st. 
MYLES, THOMAS & JAMES, coal merchants, Court 

house sq. and John st. wharf. 
|Myles, Thomas, of T. & J. Myles, foot of St. Mary, 8,t. 
Myles, William, clerk. Bay near York st. 
Myles, William, of T. & J. Myles, Bay st. 
Nash, James, merchant tailor. King near Hughson st., 

house Main st. 
Nash, Joseph P., clerk, boards at '71 Main st. 
Neenan, Mrs. Mary, widow, corner Mulberry and 

Park sts. 
Neil, John, laborer, Stinson near James st. 
Neismith, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, John near 

Gore St. 
Neligan, John, sailor, Wilson near James. st. 
Nelligan, Dennis, proprietor of Munster hotel, Court. 

house sq. 
Nelson hotel, John Armstrong, proprietor, York st. 
Nelson, John, cab driver, Wilson near James St. 
Nelson, John, huckster, near Cannon st. and West 

Nelson, Mrs. Marian, provision storekeeper, Market, 

house West avenue. 
New, Daniel, laborer, West Main st. 
Newbiggin; William, porter. Vine near MacNab st. 
Newburn, Thomas, bookkeeper, boards at Royal hotel. 
Newbury, A. S., of Newbury & Birely, 62 Main- st. 
NEWBURY & BIRELY,. jewellers and importers of 

watches, &c., Anglo-American hotel. 
Newcomb, William, machinist, Catharine near Bari^ 

ton st. 
New Connection Methodist Church, rev. David Savage, 

pastor, Main near Walnut st. 
Newson, M^. Julia, widow, John near Gore st. 
Nichol, James, stonecutter, Tyburn near James st. 
Nichols, L., laborer, Broadway. 
Nicholls, Samuel, of Fearless & NichoUs, corner Cathar, 

rina and John sts. 
Nicholls, Stephen, grocer and haberdasher, Jam«s st. 

near Christ church. 
Nicholson, Donald, builder, Charles St. 
Nicholson, Mrs. Routh, widow, comer Pearl and Littls. 
Market sts. 

Directory.] 1858. 



Kicholson, Richard, railway awitchman, Catharine St. 
NICHOLSON, W. M., propri^or and publisher of the 

Banner, and the Journal and Express, Hughson 

near King St., house Hess St. 
Nickerman, Michael, bricklayer, Catharinanear Johnst. 
Nickerson, Jesse, watchmaker and jeweller, 10 James 

St., house King st. east. 
Nicol, Peter, gasfitter, Hess near Market st. 
Nicoll, James, stonecutter, Cherry near Hannah st. 
NISBET, R., & Co., wholesale and retail boot and shoe 

makers, 26 King st. east. 
Nisbet, Robert, of R. Nisbet & Co, corner John and 

Gore sts. 
Nixon, James, merchant, John near Gore st. 
Nixon, Robert, auctioneer and commission merchant. 

King St. west, house MacNab st. 
Nixon, Thomas, tavern, Market St. 
Noonan, John, laborer, Hughson near Union st. 
NORDHEIMER, A. & S., pianoforte and music ware- 
house, James st. and Gore of King St., and at King 

St. east, Toronto, aud 57 and 59 Great St. James 

St., Montreal. 
Norman, John, ropemaker, Little Main St. 
Norris, Robert, grocer, near Wilson and Wellington sts. 
Northey, Francis, machinist, boards at 1 Y Wellingtsn st. 
Northey, George, machinist, 19 Wellington St., house 

11 Wellington st. 
Northey, Thomas, machinist, 7 West avenue. 
Northumberland inn, James Grieve, proprietor, King 

St. west. 
Norton, Mrs. Sarah, confectioner and baker, John near 

King St. 
Norton, Mrs. Sarah, milliner, James st. near Post office. 
Nowlan, Owen, livery stable keeper, corner Hughson 

and King William sts., house King William st. 
Noyes, James, scalemaker, near Cannon and Welling- 
ton sts. 
Nugent, John, proprietor of Little Burlington hotel, 

corner Catharine and King sts. 
Nugent, Mrs. Susannah, Lynd near John St. 
Nunan, Patrick, shoemaker, Guise near John st. 
Nunan, Thomas, laborer, Burlington near James st. 
Nunan, Thomas, laborer, Hughson st. 
Oakes & Campbell, flour and feed store, corner King 

and Macnab sts. 
Oakes, Mrs. Ann, widow, John near Lynd st. 
O'Beirne, M. J., dry goods, 39 King St. 
O'Brien, Eugene, carpenter, Stuart near James st. 
O'Brien, Henry, gunsmith, John near Tyburn st. 
O'Brien, James, laborer, Wilson near Market st. 
O'Brien, Luke, proprietor of Irish saloon, James near 

Lynd st. 
O'Brien, Peter, gardener, Wellington near Peel st. 
Ocean Marine Insurance Company, Theodore A. Am- 

bridge, agent. Queen near York st. 
O'Connor, Arthur, laborer, Hughson near Union st. 
O'Connor, Jeremiah, grocer, John near Augusta st. 
O'Connor, Maurice, grocer &c.. King st. east. 
O'Connor, Michael, laborer, MacNab near Burlington st. 
O'Connor, Mrs. M., Broadway. 

Odd Fellow hall, 8 King st. over Ecclestone & Bethime. 
Odd Fellows inn, Joseph J. Aynsley, proprietor. King 

St. east. 
O'Doll, John, laborer, Lynd near John st. 
O'Donaghue, Mrs. Jane, house proprietor, Cannon near 

Park St. 
O'Donnell, John, laborer, Hughson near Union st. 
O'Dowd, John, carpenter, William st. near Railway. 
Ogilvie, Robert, tailor, Cherry near Peel st. 
O'GRADY, JOHN, pastrycook and confectioner, 24 

Peel near Walnut st. 
O'Hatt, John, solicitor. King st. west. 
O'Heir, Peter, harnessmaker, corner Wellington and 

Peel sts. 
O'Keefe, Darby, laborer, Wentworth near Bay st. 

. Catharine, laundress, Wentworth near 

O'Laughlin, Peter, laborer, James near Wilson st. 

O'Leary, Cornelius, laborer, James near Wilson st. 

O'Leary, Jeremiah, teacher, corner James and Mar- 
ket sts. 

Oliver, C. L., boards at Royal hotel. 

Oliver, William, teamster, Barton near Catharine St. 

O'Malley, Daniel, moulder, Victoria avenue near Rail- 

O'Mand, William, carpenter, Hughson near Lynd st. 

O'Neill, John, professor of music, MacNab near Mul- 
berry St. 

O'Neill, Miss Eliza, dressmaker. Garth near Dundurn st. 

O'Neill, Mrs. Margaret, tailoress. Garth near Dun- 
durn St. 

O'Neill, Mrs. Mary, widow, John near Augusta st. 

O'Neill, Patrick, laborer. Little James st. 

O'Neill, Thomas, blacksmith. Pearl near Little Market st. 

O'Neill, William, stonemason, Wentworth near Night- 
ingale St. 

Ontario house, Mrs. Samuel Fish, proprietress, foot of 
James st. 

Ontario Insurance Company, William Powis, secretary, 
James near Catharina st. 

Orcutt, William P., cement roofing, corder King Wil- 
liam and Mary sts. 

O'Regan, Michael, Barton near Catharine st. 

O'Regan, Michael, grocer, 138 James st. 

O'Reilly, Gerald, M.D., corner Mary and King sts. 

O'REILLY & JARVIS, barristers and solicitors, King 
St. west, house The Willows. 

O'Reilly, Miles, of O'Reilly & Jarvis, Catharine st. 

Q'Reilly, William S., tailor, John near King William st. 

Orf, Adam, machinist, near Cannon and Wellington sts. 

Organ, William, laborer, Colborne near Park st. 

Ormiston, rev. William, minister of United Presbyterian 
church, Merrick st. between MacNab and James sts. 

Orphan Asylum, Samuel AVilson, superintendent, Wel- 
lington near Maria st. 

Orr, Daniel, tavernkeeper, John near Base st. 

Orr, William, cattle drover. Market st. west. 

Orr, William, wheelwright. Main near Bond st. 

Osborne, D. M., of J. & D. M. Osborne, West main st. 

OSBORNE, J. & D. M., produce and commission mer- 
chants, James Gore of King st. 

OSBORNE, JAMES, grocer and wine and spirit mer- 
chant, wholesale and retail, James st., house corner 
MacNab and Herkimer sts. 

Osborne, John, of J. & D. M., Osborne, West Main st. 

Osborne, Mrs., widow, 131 Catherine st 

OSBORNE, ROBERT, jeweller. King near James st., 
house Vine near James st. 

O'SuUivan, Morris, moulder, corner Barton and Catha- 
rine sts. 

Otis, Charles, soap maker, Catharine near Henry st. 

Owley, Bartholomew, laborer, MacNab near Mulberry st. 

Paine, William, laborer, Lynd near Catharine st. 

Palm, William, tavernkeeper, James st. near Knox's 


Palmer, Francis, Ijaborer, King st. east. 

Papineau, Francis, laborer, Hughson near Gore st. 

Papps, H. A,, King st. west. 

Pardon, Thomas, engine driver, Broadway. 

Park, Charles, saloonkeeper, John near Tyburn st. 

PARK & CUSACK, wholesale and^retail grocers and 
wine and spirit merchants, Market sq. 

Park, James, of Park k Cusack, corner Catharine and 
Rebecca sts. 

Park, Mrs. Elizabeth, corner Catharine and Rebecca sts. 

Park, Robert, receiving teller. Gore Bank, King Wil- ' 
liam St. 

Park, S., commission merchant. 

PARK, WILLIAM H., manager Commercial Bank of 
Canada, Catharine near Henry st. 

Park, William, jr., of Park & Cusack, Catharine st. 

Parken, James, engineer and carpenter. Locomotive St. 

Parker, A. J., blacksmith, James near Tyburn st. 

Parker, Andrew, blacksmith, Hess near Hunter st. 



185 v. [Canada 

Parker, George, John near Barton St. 
Parkinson, Henry, engineer, Oak near John st. 
Parks, John, carpenter. Liberty near O'Reilly St. 
Parrott, Ambrose, brassfounder and coppersmith, 

King William st. 
Parrott, James, carriagemaker, Maiden lane near 

James st. 
Parrott, John, paiiiter, glazier and boarding house 

keeper. Market st. 
Parrott, William, laborer, corner Park and Mul- 
berry sts. 
PARSONS & PEARSON, importers of lace, hosiery 

and fancy dry goods, wholesale and retail. King 

near Bond st. 
Parsons, Thomas, of Parsons & Pearson, King st. west. 
Parsons, William, provision dealer, Market, house Bast 

Market st. 
Passmore, Richard, butcher, Market, house Barton road. 
Patching, John, provision storekeeper, York st. % 
Paterson, Charles, dealer in fruit, King st. west. 
Patillo, George, bookkeeper, Vine St. 
Patillo, Mrs. John, widow, Russell st. near West avenue 
Patten, John, Main near Bay st. 
Patterson, Jkhn, Lynd near James st. 
Patterson, John, tailorj Catharine st. near Railway. 
Patterson, Mrs. Isabella, widow. Queen near King st. 
Patterson, Zaccheus, baker, Cannon near Park st. 
Patton, George S., clerk, Hughson st. 
Patton, Samuel, of S. G. Patton & Co., MacNab st. 
PATTON, SAMUEL G., & Co., wholesale crockery, 

china and glassware merchants, Gore of King st. 
Peace, Donald, watchman, Picton near James gt. 
Pearce, Benjamin, laborer. Guise near John st. 
Pearless, Joseph, of Pearless & NichoUs, corner King 

William St. and West av;enue. 
PEARLESS & NICHOLLS, wholesale lace and sewed 

muslins. King st. next Anglo American hotel. 
Pearson, Mrs. Margaret, washerwoman, Hughson near 

Peel St. 
Pearson, John, of Parsons & Pearson, King st. west. 
Peden, Mrs. Mary, MacNab st. near Routh's wharf. 
PEDEN, REV. ROBERT, editor, proprietor and pub- 
lisher of the Canada Evangelist, Catharine near 

Hannah st. 
Peden, Thomas, coachmaker, Mulberry near MacNab st. 
Peer, Andrew, proprieor of Mechanics home, Stuart 

near MacNab St. 
Peer, Benjamin, carpenter, Guise st. 
Peer, Philip, laborer, John near Guay st. 
Peers, William, plasterer, Henry near Cathcart st. 
PELL, GEORGE E., carver, gilder and looking glass 

and picture frame manufacturer, Hamilton Art 

repository, King near Bay st. 
Penock, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, York near Bay St. 
Pense, John, carriagemaker, Caroline near Napier st. 
Perk & Wagensil, cabinetmakers and upholsterers. 

King st. east. 
Perrin, James, brewer, Margaret near King st. 
Perry, Herman W., Anglo American livery stables. 

Main near Catharine st., house Bast Market st. 
Peters, Joseph, huckster, MacNab near Vine st. 
Pettigrew, John, mechanic, near Cannon st. and West 

Pettigrew, John, watchmaker and jeweller, next door 

to Post oflBce. 
Petz, John, saloon, James near Stingon st. 
Phelan, Dennis, proprietor of Regatta saloon, James st. 
Philips, George, laborer, James st. 
Philips, Joseph, mason, Warren near Hughson st. 
Philips, Joshua, carpenter. East Market st. 
Phillips, Joseph, stonemason, Hughson near Oak st. 
Phillips, Martin, laborer, Hughson St. 
Phillips, Mrs. Jane, Ray st. 
Philo, Mrs., boarding house, corner Catharine and 

Gore' sts. 
Phoenix Fire Insurance Company, Gillespie, Denholm 

& Co., agents, 45 King st. west. 

Pickard, Benjamin, carriagemaker, corner Catharine 
and Rebecca sts. 

Piggott, George, carfitter, corner Cannon and Caro- 
line sts. 

Pilgrim, Robert W., & Co., ginger beer makers, cornw 
Cannon st. and West avenue. 

Piper, Thomas, flour and feed store, John near King at. 

Plamondou, John, carpenter, John near Henry st. 

Platts, Thomas, porter, MacNab near King st. 

Plough, John, laborer. King st. east. 

Pococke, John, tinsmith. Peel near Charles st. 

Poe, Thomas, laborer, James near Wilson st. 

POLICE OFFICE, George H. Armstrong, magistrate, 
James McCracken, high bailiff, John Carruthers, 
chief constable. King Willam near John st. 

Poller, Charles, M.D., Park near Market st. 

Policy, John W., dry goods, 12 James st. 

Policy, Moses, clerk, boards West King St. 

Pollock, James, marble cutter, corner York and 
' Merrick sts., house Merrick st. 

Porteous, John, tailor, corner Park and Vine sts. 

Porter, Charles K., architect. Main and Bay sts. 

Porter, Edward, clerk, Catharine near Lynd st. 

Portis, William, carpenter, MacNab near Colborne st. 

POST OFFICE, Edmund Ritchie, postmaster; P. E. 
Ritchie, assistant postmaster, 58 James St. 

Postill, William, tailor, Hess near York st. 

Potter, William, laborer, Broadway. 

Powder Magazine, Barton near Wellington st. 

Powel, James, constable. Park near Murray st. 

Powell, Thomas Simkins, Mountain st. 

Power, John, laborer. Guise near James st. 

Power, John, printer, Tyburn near Spring st. 

Power, Michael, laborer. King st. west. 

Power, Pierce, mechanic, Ashley near Nightingale st. 

Powers, James, laborer, corner Garth and Breadal- 
bane sts. 

Powers, John, carriagemaker, Catharine near Barton at. 

Powers, Richard, moulder. Vine near MacNab st. 

Powis, William, clerk. 

Powis, William, secretary of Ontario Insurance Com- 
pany, James near Catharine st. 

Pravill, Joseph, carpenter, Sheaffe near Park st. 

Preddis, John, grocer, York st. 

Prendiville, J., carpenter, cornerWalnutandO'Reillysts. 

Presbyterian church, rev David IngliS, minister, Upper 
MacNab st. 

Preston, David N., ambrotypist, 8 James st. 

Price, George, laborer. Oak near John st. 

Price, Peter, tavernkeeper, James st. near Post office. 

Price, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Stuart near 
John St. 

Primitive Methodist Chapel, rev. William Stephenson, 
minister, between Gore and Henry sts. 

PRINCE & LEVY, watchmakers, jewellers, and dealers 
in all kinds of gold and silver watches and silver 
ware and fancy articles, also all kinds of engraving 
and repairing done neatly, King st. west opposite 
Bank of Montreal. 

Prince, Samuel, of Prince & Levy, 25 West King St. 

Prindibble, Mrs. Mary, widow, Dundurn near King st. 

Pring, William, Custom house surveyor, corner Henry 
and Mary sts. 

PRINGLE, J. D., of Pringle, Mills & Bridges, Hannak 
near'Hughson St. 

Pringle, Mills & Bridges, barristers. King st. west. 

Proctor, Edward, grocer, Tyburn near Walnut st. 

Proctor, Matthias, Caroline near Hunter st. 

Proudfoot, John, clerk, boards Main st. 

Pronguey, John P., carriagemaker, corner Park and 
Market sts. 

Proudfoot, William, of Freeman, Craigie & Proudfoot, 
98 Rebecca St. 

Provident Life Assurance and Investment Company, 
William Wetenhall, agent, James St. 

Provincial Insurance Company, Josias Bray & John 
Smith, agents, Isaac Mills, tri^elling agent. 

DiBECTORY.] 1858. 



Pulkingham, Jaa., carpenter, corner John and Henry ste. 

Pyle, David, bookkeeper, York at. 

Pyte, Mrs. E., York st. 

QUERNER, EMIL, chemist and druggist, Apothecary's 

hall, corner Bond and King sts. 
Qnimby, A. C, of Quimby & Co., Vine St. 
QUIMBY & Co., dealers in tobacco, cigars, &c., 37 

James st. 
Quin, Patrick, laborer. King st. east. 
Quinn, Charles, teamster, corner Park and Cannon sts. 
Quinn, John, carpenter, King st. east. 
Quinn, John, grocer. King st. east. 
Quinn, Michael, laborer, corner Wilson and James sts. 
Quinn, Patrick, laborer, Lynd near Catharine st. 
Quinn, Patrick, saloonkeeper, James near Stuart st. 
Quirk, Mrs. Catharine, saloon. Guise near John st. 
Quirk, John, boot and shoe maker, York st. 
Quirk, Patrick, laborer, Mulberry near James st. 
Radford, Samuel A., veterinary surgeon, Tyburn near 

John St. 
RAE, BROTHERS & Co., produce merchants, York st. 
Rae, R. H., of Rae, Brothers & Co., boards at Royal 

Rae, Thomas, of Rae, Brothers & Co., corner Peel and 

Bay sts. 
RAILROAD INN, John McKay, proprietor, Stuart st. 
Ramsay, Robert, butcher. Market, house Slabtown. 
Ramsdell, Charles, shoe store. King st. 
Randle, J., cooper, 62 MacNab st. 
Randle, Samuel, bricklayer, MacNab near Main st. 
Raphael, Thomas W., clerk. 
Rastrick, Frederick James, of Rastrick, Hall & Wily, 

boards at Anglo American hotel. 
RASTRICK, HALL & WILY, architects and civil en- 
gineers, James near King St. 
Reading, Mrs. Jane, widow, Russell st. nearWest avenue. 
Rearden, Cornelius, laborer, Wilson near Macnab st. 
Reardon, Martin, laborer. East Market st. 
Rearon, Michael, laborer, MacNab near Wilson st. 
Redan hotel, David Hourigan, proprietor, James near 

Wilson St. 
Reed, James, machinist. Cannon st. near West avenue. 
Reeves, John, baker, John near Augusta st. 
Regan, Jeremiah, laborer, MacNab near Burlington st. 
Regan, John, corner York and James sts. 
Regatta saloon, Dennis Phelan, proprietor, foot of 

James st. 
Registry OfBce for Wentworth county, Alexander 

Stewart, registrar, Main near Hughson st. 
Rehn, Francis, painter, John near Gore st. 
REID, COLIN D., barrister, solicitor and notary 

public, Hughson near King St., house James near 

Duke St. 
Reid, G. L., engineer, James near Bold st. 
Reid, J., dentist, King William near James st. 
Reid, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, King st. 

Reid, James, engineer, Napier St. 
Reid, John, bookkeeper, John near Peel st. 
Reid, Joseph, carter, corner Cannon and Hughson sts. 
Reid, Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, Catherine near Tyburn st. 
Reid, Samuel, carpenter, Ray near Main st. 
Reid, Wm., gardener, corner Henry and Catharine sts. 
Reid, William, machinist, York st. 
Reid, William H., clerk, James st. 
Eeily, J. P., bookkeeper, corner Park and Mulberry sts. 
Rennie, John, clerk. 

Rhine, John, saloonkeeper, icorner John and Union sts. 
Rice, Garrett S., artist, Hess near Market st. 
Rice, rev. Samuel D., Wesleyan. 
Richards, Shem, carpenter, Tyburn near Cherry st. 
Richardson, Jeremiah W., carpenter, Hughson near 

Henry st. 
Richardson, Newsam, carpenter, Wa!lnutnear O'Reilly st. 
Richardson, William, builder and carpenter. Market st. 
Richardson, William, livery stables. King William near 

James st. 

Richmond, Mrs. Ann, boarding house. Mulberry near 
Park St. 

Riddel, John, dealer in hard-^are, King St., house Her- 
kimer st. 

Riddel, John, sen., Catherina st. 

Riddle, George, clerk. Upper Hughson near Peel st. 

Riddle, John, of D. MacNab k Co., Herkimer st. 

Ridenburg, George, laborer, Garth near King st. 

Ridler, William, shoemaker. Walnut near King at. 

Ridley, Henry 'T., M.D., corner Main and MacNab sts. 

RIDLEY, SAMUEL C, contractor. Vine near James st. 

Ridley, William, laborer, James near Market st. 

Riedenburg, Louis, laborer, Margaret near Main st. 

Rignay, K., laborer, corner Wilson and Catharine sts. 

Rigoby, John, carpenter. East Market st. 

Ripley, Abraham, moulder. Oak near John st. 

Rippon, George, grocer. King st. west. 

Risband, Wm., furniture finisher, John near Henry st. 

Ritchie, E. L., bookkeeper, boards James st. 

RITCHIE, EDMUND, postmaster, and agent for British 
America Assurance Company, 58 James st. 

RITCHIE, F. E., assistant postmaster, 58 James st. 

Roach, George, of Roach & McGuire, Concession near 
Park St. 

Roach & McGuire, saloonkeepers, 14 King st. opposite 
Montreal bank. 

Rob Roy hotel, Mrs. Diuall, proprietress, 62 Upper 
John St. 

Robb, Andrew, salesman, 126 King st. 

Robb, Charles T., clerk. Cannon near James st. 

Robb, George, laborer. Cannon near Bay st. 

Robb, George C, clerk, boards Cannon st. 

Robb, James, law clerk, Cannon near James st. 

Robb, Mrs. Margaret, widow, .5 Cannon st. 

Robbins, Joseph, shoemaker, Little Market st. 

Robbins, M., blacksmith, Mary st., house Wilson st. 

Robert, D. E., of Hurst & Robert, Hess st. 

ROBERTS, JOHN, carver, gilder, picture frame manu- 
facturer, fee, Kiiig St. east, house 'Catharine st. 

Robertson, Alexander, bookkeeper, corner Liberty and 
O'Reilly sts. 

Robertson, Chs., cabinetmaker, and upholsterer, Tybur« 
near Cherry st. 

Robertson, D. D., painter, Mulberry near MacNab st. 

ROBERTSON, GEORGE, builder, sash and plane fac- 
tory. West Market and Napier sts. 

Robertson, James, blacksmith, Ray near Little Main St.. 

Robertson, James, Market st. west. 

Robertson, J., boarding house, Caroline near Napier st. 

Robertson, John, ice cream manufacturer. East Mar- 
ket St. 

Robertson, Joseph, saloonkeeper, Peel st. 

Robertson, Miss Matilda, Main near Hess st. 

Robertson, Robert, clerk, Hess near Market st. 

Robertson, William, painter, Margaret near King st. 

Robinson, Mrs. Catharine, John near Henry st. 

Robinson, Charles, carpenter, Hughson near Stinson st. 

Robinson, George, butcher, Market, house Main st. 

Robinson, Joseph, saloon, Market sq., house Peel st. 

Robinson, William, boot and shoe maker, John near 
Tyburn st. 

Robinson, William, butcher, Catharine St. near Railway. 

Robinson, William, grocer. Main near Victoria st. 

Roche, T., fireman. Guise near James st. 

Roche, Michael, laborer, Guise near John st. 

Roche, Patrick, Zealand's wharf near MacNab st. 

Rodden, William H., clerk. Cannon near James st. 

Roddick, William, tailor, James near Stinson st. 

Rodger, John, blacksmith, corner Merrick and Bay sts. 

Rodgers, John, carpenter, Concession near Bay st. 

Rogers, Mrs., widow, 11 Maria st. 

Rogers, Patrick, teamster, Catharine near Barton st. 

Rogers, Robert, teller. Park near Concession st. 

Rogerson, James M., clerk, James st. 

RoUey, John, laborer, King st. east. 

Rolston, Joseph, Peel near John st. 

Rolston, Thomas, railway guard. Peel near John St. 



1857. [Caw* 

Eooke, George, cabinetmaker, corner Park and Mer- 
rick st3. 

Eooney, Patrick, diaper, Jolin near Lynd st. 

Rose, David, tobacconist,' Caroline, near King st. 

Roseburgh, John, M.D., York st. 

ROSENBAND & DREY, importers of and wholesale 
dealers iii st3.ple and fancy goods and jewellery. 
King St. west. 

Roseaband, L., of Rqsenband & Drey, Catharine neaj 
Gore st(. 

Rosewarm, Mrs. Ann, tav^rakeeper, corner John and 
Augusta sts. 

Ross, Alexander, laborer, Garoline near Anderson st. 

Ross, Alexander, quarrynji^n, Tyburn near Spring st. 

Ross, David, laborer, Queen near York at. . 

Ross, Pinlay, carpenter. King William st. 

Ross, George, labflier, James and Market ste. 

Ross, James, carter, Caroline near Anderson st. 

Ross, John, carpenter, William st. near Railway. % 

Rosa, John, grocer. King William st. 

Ross, Kenneth, railway inspector, Russell st. near West 

Ross, L., druggist, John near Main St. 

Ross, Mrs. Alexander, widow, near Wilson and Wel- 
lington sts. 

Routh, Henry, Main near Hess st. 

Rputh, Henry W., clerk. 

Routh, Thomas, of Thomas Routh & Co., ITO Hughson St. 

ROUTH, THOMAS, & Co., forwarders. Wharf, foot- of 
MacNab st. 

Routh, William B., painter, corner Ray and William sts. 

Row, John, cabinetmaker, Caroline near Bold st. 

Rowan, Anthony, post office messenger, Catharine near 
Catharine st. 

ROWE & Co., oyster and fruit dealers, 39 James St. 

Rowe, Richard, gardener, Hunter st. 

ROWE, WILLIS, of W. Eowe & Co., Catharine near 
Rebecca st. 

Rowrth, Job, carpenter. Barton, near James st. 

Roy, R. & J., dealers in dry goods, James near King st. 

Roy, Robert, of R. & J. Roy, Duke st. 

Royal Fire and Life Insurance Company, William 
Bellhouse & Co., agents. King st. east. 

ROYAL HOTEL, Thomas Davidson, proprietor, corner 
James and Merrick ats, 

RUDD, GEORGE W., grocer and provision dealer, 
corner King' and Bay sts. 

■Rumbold, Henry, coachman. Peel near Queen st. 
' Ruse, John, boot and shoe maker. King st. west. 

Rush, John, carpenter, Pearl st. near Broadway. 

Russel, Edward, tobacconist. East Market st. 

Eussel, John, stonecutter, Hess near Hunter St. 

Russell, R., jeweller, il Maria st. 

Rutherford, George, bookkeeper. 

RUTHERFORD & SAUNDERS.Iate J. Stovel, merchant 
tailors, 48 King st. west, and 52 and 54 King st. 
west, Toronto. 

R,uthven, John, watchmaker and jeweller, corner Ca- 
tharine and BarJ;on sts. 

Euthven, Peter, grocer and commission merchant, 
James st. near Christ church, house Hughson near 
Lynd st. 

Eyall, George, M.D., Main near Catharine St. 

Ryan, C. J., of Ryan & Harrison, York st. 

Ryan & Harrison, grocers, 25 Market sq. 

Eyan, John, contractor, corner John and Union sts. 

Ryan, John, waggon and carriage maker. Barton near 
John St. 

Eyan, Mrs. flonora, dressmaker, Hannah near Hugh- 
son St. 

EYOKMAN, GEORGE, J.P., captain of volunteer ca- 
valry. Barton st. 

Eyc^man, John, J.P., King st. west. 

Sabine, J. E., bookkeeper. Upper Hughson st. 

Sadleir, Charles Anderson, of Burton & Sadleir, corner 
MacNab and Main sts. 

Sage, James, laborer, East Market st. 

Samuel, Misses, seminary. Maiden lane, near James st. 
Samuel, Thomas, clerk, John near Catharina st. 
Sanders, Mrs., weaver, Ray st. 
Sangster, J. H,, principal of Central School, 26 Catha- 

rina st. 
Savage, rev. David, minister of New connection me- 

thodist church. Main st. between Walnut and Ca- 
tharine sts. 
Savings Bank Gore District, R. P. Street, actuary, 3 

King St. west 
Sawyer, L. W., of MoQuesten & Co., Alma st. near 

Victoria avenue. 
Sawyer, S. P., of McQuesten & Co., Victoria avenue. 
Sawysr, S. P., of McQuesten & Co., Victoria avenue. 
Sawyer, W. & P., boot and shoe makers, John near 

King St. 
Scarf, William, builder. Hunter St. 
Scarth, William, clerk, boards at Burlington hotel. 
Sayer, John, machinist, Tyburn near John st. 
Scholes, Adam, boot and shoe maker, King st. west. 
Scholes, John, shoemaker, York st. 
Schomberg, George, furniture polisher, York near 

Garth st. 
Schomberg, H. A., of H. A. Shomberg A Co., Cherry 

■ near Peel st. 
Schomberg, H. A., & Co., furniture manufacturers, 

Court house sq., and corner John and Maim sts. 
Schrenk, Andrew, carpenter, Caroline near Bold st. 
Schrenk, John, carpenter, corner Caroline and Bold at, 
Sclater, Alexander, master mariner, Hughson near 

Hannah st. west side. 
Scot, Willam, carpenter and joiner, corner Caroline and 

Hunter sts. 
Scott, Mrs. Jane, widow, Caroline near York st. 
Scott, Mrs. Mary, Peel near Charles st. 
Scott, William, laborer. Market st. 
Scriven, Samuel, laborer. East Market st. 
Scully, Richafd, blacksmith, Burlington st. near Cook's 

wharf, house Hughson st. 
Sealy, Stephen, laborer, Hughson near Union St. 
Seaman, Shadrack L., merchant tailor. King William st, 
Seask, John, carpenter, Little Peel st. 
Secord, George 0., farmer. Main near John st. 
Seddon, George, tavern kfeeper, MacNab near York St. 
Seimmens & Sons, builders. King st. west. 
Seith, Alexander, boot and shoe maker,. Market St. 
Selden, Richard, carpenter, Hughson St. 
Semple, William, laborer, corner Hess and Cannon ets. 
Sennet, Miss Margaret, dressmaker and milliner, King 

St. east. 
Sennet, Mrs. J., widow. King st. east. 
Sergepnt, James T., railroad superintendent, Vine near 

Bay St. 
Sergent, Daniel, stonemason, SheaflFe near Park st. 
Servis, Robert, dealer in dry goods. Peel near Cherry st 
Shaane, John, carpenter. King st. east. 
Shadbolt, Thos., carter, corner Caroline and Market sta. 
Shakespeare hotel, John Martin, proprietor, Market .sq. 
Shane, Jeremiah, laborer, Ray st. 
Sharp, Alfred, butler, York st. 
Sharp, George, builder, York St., bouse Market st. 
Sharp, William, moulder. Bast Market st. , 
Shaunessy, P., laborer, coruerBartonandMary sU. 
Shaw, Edward, saw grinder. East Market st. 
Shaw, George, laborer. Queen st. near Broadway. 
Shaw, Mrs. Mary, widow, Hess near King st. 
Shea, James, laborer, Wilson near James st. 
Shea, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Mulberry near MacNab St. 
Shea, Patrick, tailor, Wilson near James St. 
Shearer, Daniel, moulder, Hughson near Henry St. 
Shearsmith, Joseph, potter, Catharine near Barton st, 
Shearsmith, William, plasterer, corner Gore and 

Elgin sts. 
Sheatin, John, cigar'maker. Cannon near James st. 
Shebraen, John, laborer. King st. east. 
Sheed, George, moulder, Catharine st, near Railway. 
Shehan, James, clerk, Caroline near Market st. 

Directory.] 1858. 



SHEPARD, REV. Glb^N, editor of the Christian 
Advocate, corner Catharine and Catharina sta. 

SHEPARD, WILLIAM A., printer of the Canadian 
Journal of Homeopathy, Catharine near Rebecca St. 

Sheppard, Francis, clerk, Burlington near MacNab st. 

SJieppard, Geo., actuary, corner Spring and Tyburn sts. 

Sheppard, Wm., switchman, Hannah near Hughson st. 

SherrUl, Henry Johnston, Main near Caroline st. 

Sherry, Mrs., Peel near John st. 

Shickell, Robert, shoemaker, corner Catharine and Ca- 
tharina sts. 

Shields, John, of Banks, Shields & Co. 

Shillington, Thomas, laborer, Hughson st. near Railway. 

Shine, Cornelius, laborer, Hughson near Hannah st. 

Shire & Brother, wholesale and retail clothiers, King 
St. west. 

Shire, Daniel, of Shire & Brother, Catharine st. 

Shire, Isaac, of Shire & Brother, 26 West King st. - 

Shuable, Park, John near Barton st. 

Shuttleworth, William, clerk, Napier near York st. 

Sillett, Mrs. Rachel, milliner, York st. 

Simmons, Thomas, accountant, Caroline St. 

Simmons, Thomas, accountant, King near James st. 

Simons, Edward, Cherry near Peel st. 

Simons, Thomas M., agent for Canada Life Assurance 
Company, James near Tyburn St. 

Simple, John, mason, 116 John st. 

Simpson, Jonathan, carpenter, Main near James st. 

Simpson, Joseph, produce and commission merchant, 
MacNab near York st. 

Simpson, William, clerk. 

Sinclair, James, 60 Rebecca st. 

Sinclair, John, tailor, near Wilson and Wellington sts. 

Skinner, Andrew, of J. A. Skinner & Co., King Wil- 
liam St. 

Skinner, James A., of J. A. Skinner & Co., King 
William st. 

Skinner, James A., & Co., crockery, &c., King St. e^t. 

Skirkendale, Samuel, lumber merchant, corner Market 
and Bay sts., house Bay st. 

Skuce, George, laborer, Queen St., near Broadway. 

Slaughter, John, carter. Mulberry near Market st. 

Sloan, James, upholsterer. King William st. 

Sloan & Lewis, grocers, Upper John st. 

Sloman, J., Peel near Hughson st. 

Small, George, constable. King st. east. 

Small, William, clerk, Tyburn near Walnut st. 

SMILEY & GILLESPY, proprietors, printers and pub- 
lishers of the Spectator, and printers of the Cana- 
da Evangelist, corner Upper Hughson and Main sta. 

Smiley, Hugh, bookbinder, boards John st. 

Smiley, John, of Smiley & Gillespy, Catharine opposite 
Gore St. 

Smiley, Mrs. R. K., East avenue. 

Smith, Benjamin F., machinist, Cannon near Bay st. 

Smith, Charles, furniture broker. King William st. 

Smith, Donald, of Smith & Gauld, Wilson near James st. 

Smith, Francis, railway conductor, MacNab near Can- 
non st. 

Smith, Frederick, carpenter, Stuart near Hughson st. 

SMITH & GAULD, merchant tailors, 40 King st. cast. 

Smith, George, dealer in fancy articles, John near 
King William st. 

Smith, Geo., tinsmith, corner MacNab and Cannon sta. 

Smith, George S., dentist and ambrotypiat. Market sq. 

Smith, Harry, corner James and Union sts. 

Smith, Henry, M.D., John near Henry st. 

Smith, James, clerk. 

Smith, James, grocer, John near Peel St. 

Smith, James, of Mathewson & Smith, Upper John st. 

Smith, John, flour and feed store, York st. 

Smith, John, millwright and pattern maker, East 
Market st. l 

SMITH, JOHN, produce broker and commission and 
shipping agent, and agent for Provincial Insu- 
rance Company,4 Lister's building, James at. 

Smith, John M., engineer, Murray and MacNab sts. 

Smith, John, proprietor of Steamboat saloon, foot of 
Jamea st. 

Smith, John A., post office clerk, boards at Burlingtou 

Smith, Joseph, bookkeeper, near Russell st. and West 

Smith, Joseph, bricklayer, Tyburn near Wellington Bt. 

Smith, Joseph, carpenter, Hughson near Gore st. 

Smith, Mitchell, hatter and furrier, 1 James st., house 
Peel St. 

Smith, Mrs., widow, King st. west. 

Smith, Patrick, laborer. Pearl near King st. 

Smith, Sam., gasfitter, copper and tin worker, York st. 

Smith, Samuel, saloonkeeper. King st. west. 

Smith, Samuel, tinsmith, corner York and MacNab sts. 

Smith, Thomas, saloonkeeper, MacNab near King st. 

Smith, Walter, shoemaker. Park near Market st. 

Smith, William, blacksmith, Wentworth near Nightin- 
gale St. 

Smith, William, yardsman, Broadway. 

Smith, William, York st. 

Snelgrove, Henry, cabinetmaker, and upholsterer. Court 
house sq. 

Snook, George, ga,rdener, Ray near WiUiam at. 

Sijowden, Mrs. Mary, widow, Hess near Market st. 

Softley, Edward, butcher. Market, house Slabtown. 

Sommers, Dennis, laborer, MacNab near Wilson st. 

Somerville, James, dry goods, &c., 11 James st. 

Sommerville, William, bookkeeper, MacNab near Col- 
borne St. 

Sorick, rev. Richard, Wesleyan, East Market st. 

Spear, John, blacksmith, Guise near John st. 

Spear, John, blacksmith. Wood near John st. 

SPECTATOR, (THE) annual subcription to daily 
|5, semi-weekly $3, weekly $1.50, W. Gillespy, 
editor ; Smiley & Gillespy proprietors, publishers 
and printers, corner Main and Hughson sts. 

Spelacy, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, and private 
boarding house keeper, East Market st. 

Spence, Richard C, bookkeeper. 

Spencer, G. B., agent for Liverpool and New York sail- 
ing packet and Philadelphia Steamship Company, 
corner James and King st. west; 

Spencer, George, broker and land agent, corner King 
and James ats., house Main near Charles st. 

Spencer, John, cloth dresser and carder. Main near 
Cherry st. 

Spencer, John, tinsmith. Gore near Catharine st. 

Spiers, John, blacksmith. Guise St., house Wood St. 

Spohn, Peter, of Spohn & Start, clerk of the peace, King 
at. east. 

Spohn & Start, barristers and solicitors. King st. east. 

Sporting hall, Thomas Cauley, proprietor, corner James 
and Union sta. 

Springer, Oliver, barriater, King near Jamea at., houae 
John near Gore at. 

St. Andrew's Churah, rev. Robert Burnet, miniater, 
corner Jamea st. and Maiden lane. 

ST. CHARLES RESTAURANT, Martin Murray, pro- 
prietor. King St. east near John st. 

St. George's Society, D. C. Gunn, president ; Samuel 
Cann, secretary. 

St. John, Mrs. Jane, Ladies boarding and dayschool, 
Upper Hughson near Market st. 

St. John's chapel, in conriection with Christ church. 

St. Mary's Cathedral, Right rev. John Farrell, D.D., 
bishop, very rev. E. Gordon, vicar general ; rev. A. 
Carragon, secretary, corner Park and Sheaffe sts. 

St. Mary's Convent, corner MacNab and Cannon str. 

St. Mary's School, John Looney, teacher. Park near 
Mulberry st. 

St. Mary's Ward School, Miaa A. Webster, principal 
teacher ; Miss H. Webster, asssistant teacher. 

St. Matthew's chapel, in connection with Christ church. 

St. Patrick's school, John Mackenzie, master. 

St. Thomas chapel, in connection with Christ church. 

Stack, Mrs., grocer, Tyburn near Catharine at. 



IBS'?. [Canada 

Stackwell, James, general dealer, Hughsou St. 

Stafford, Nicholas, laborer, Catharine near Barton st. 

Stafford, Philip, laborer, Wilson near Catharine St. 

Stapens, John, bricklayer, Broadway. 

Start, John Edward, of Spohn & Start, Main St. 

Station hotel, David Henderson, proprietor, Stuart st. 

Steanger, James, proprietor of Arcadian saloon, Stuart 
St. near Railway depot. 

Stennett, Myles B., surgeon dentist. Gore near James st. 

Stephen, James, stone cutter, Wellington near Main st. 

Stephen, James, surgeon, corner John and Gore sts. 

Stephen, Thomas, porter, Catharine near King 
William st. 

STEPHENS, FELIX, audit office. Great Western rail- 
way, John near Augusta st. 

Stephens, Isaac, gardener, Catharine near Stinson st. 

Stephens, J., M.D., Gore near James st. 

Stephens, James, grocer and saloon keeper, King Wil- 
liam St. * 

STEPHENS, W. C, secretary of Great Western Rail- 
way, John near Catharina st. 

Stephenson, Jonathan, painter. King st. west. 

STEPHENSON, REV. WILLIAM, Primitive methodist 
chapel, corner Stinson and Hughson sts. 

Stephenson, William, laborer, Concession near Bay st. 

Steven, Andrew, president of Gore Bank, corner Upper 
Hughson and King sts. 

Steven, Robert, laborer. King William St. 

Stevens, Authony, laborer, Wellington near Catha- 
rina St. 

Stevens, John, laborer, John near Wilson st. 

Stevens, Mrs., Broadway. 

Stevens, Thomas, laborer. King William st. 

Stevenson, Charles, builder. Walnut near Peel St. 

STEVENSON, JAMES, accountant and commission 
agent, James near Union st. 

STEVENSON, P. S., commission merchant, 5 West 
King St., house Clifton Cottage Mountain st. 

Stevenson, William, messenger. Market st. 

Stewart, Alexander, registrar of Wentworth county. 
Main near Hughson St. 

Stewart, captain, Bold near MacNab st. '■' 

Stewart & Co., iron founders, corner' MacNab and 
Tine sts. 

Stewart, D., accountant and agent, Canada Life Assu- 
rance buildings, James st. 

Stewart, Donald, porter, Peel near Queen st. 

Stewart, James, of Stewart & Co., il MacNab st. 

Stewart, John, packer. Bowery st. 

Stewart, Mrs. Donald, Peel near Hughson st. 

Stewar , Robert, policeman. Cannon near Emerald St. 

Stewart, William, bookkeeper, Tyburn near Spring st. 

Stewart, William, engine driver. Little Main st. 

Stick, Herman, blacksmith, Spring near Main st. 

Stinson, Ebenezer, Upper West avenue. 

Stinson, Thomas, Queen near York st. 

Stinson, Thomas, proprietor of Savings bank, Hughson 
near King st. 

Stirfon, Thomas, stonemason. Oak near John st. 

Stock, Mrs. Jane, boarding house, Hughson st. rear of 
Christ church. 

Stokes, William, carpenter, Tyburn near Walnut st. 

Stone, Mrs. B., restaurant. Court house sq. 

Stone, Walter, tailor, near Wilson and Wellington sts. 

Stoops, William, mechanic, corner Robert st. and West 

Storror, William, furniture warehouse, MacNab near 
Main st. 

Stotles, Henry, engine driver. Little Market st. 

Stow, Alfred, manager of Bank of Upper Canada, Y4 
James st. 

Straburn saloon, James Warrant, proprietor, York st. 

Strachau, A. R., teacher Central school, boards at 
Royal hotel. 

Stratton, Robert, Catharina st. 

Strathey, Alexander, teller, James near Augusta st. 

Strathy, Henry, bank teller, King st. 

Straford, Robert C, solicitor'fend conveyancer, corner 
Henry and James sts. 

Street, G. C, civil engineer. King st., house Park et. 

Street, Richard, Catharine near Rebecca st. 

STREET, RICHARD P., actuary of Gore district 
Savings Bank, secretary and agent for Canada 
West Farmers Mutual, and Unity Pire and Life In- 
surance Companies, King St., house Maria st. 

Streeter, H. A., blacksmith, York and Park sts. 

Stritten, Thomas, tailor, Strachan near MacNab st. 

Strong, Mrs. Maria, widow, John near Henry st. 

Strongman, David, teamster, Tyburn near Cherry st. 

Stuart, Andrew, MacNab near Hunter st. 

Stuart, captain Alexander, Main St., house King st. 

Stuart & Co., iron founders, corner MacNab andVine sts. 

Stuart, Donald, porter. Hunter st. 

Sttlart, James, carpenter, Picton near James st. 

Stuart, James, of Stuart & Co., corner John and Re- 
becca sts. 

Stuart, John, moulder. Barton near John st. 

Stuart, Mrs. M., grocer, York st. 

Stuart, Paul, of Stuart & Smith, Liberty near O'Reilly st. 

STUART & SMITH, grocers, and wine and spirit 
merchants, John near Main st. 

Stule, James, laborer, Hughson near Stinson st. 

StuU, George, cabdriver. Park near Cannon st. 

Sturgeon, James, shoemaker, near Cannon st. and 
West avenue. 

Sturrock, Peter, clerk. 

SULLEY, JOHN, boot and shoe maker, 24 King st. west. 

Sullivan, Daniel, laborer, Dundurn near King st. 

Sullivan, John, laborer, James near Union st. 

Sullivan, John, shoemaker, Catharine near Lynd St. 

Sullivan, Michael, laborer, Wilson st. near Tictori* 

Snllivan, Patrick, laborer, Hughson st. 

SulKvan, Peter, fireman, Broadway. 

Sullivan, Sylvester, laborer, Strachan near James St. 

Sullivan, Timothy, laborer, John near Augusta st. 

Sunley, William, Wellington near Peel st. 

Sunn, Charles, saloonkeeper. King st. 

Surtees, Robert, boards at Royal hotel. 

Sutherland, Angus, blacksmith. Park near Colborne St. 

Sutton, P., laborer, MacNab near Wilson st. 

Sutton, Patrick, cooper. Little James st. 

Swain, Benjamin H., grocer, James st. near Christ 

Swain, James, tavernkeeper, John near Peel st. 

Swales, John, forwarder, Hughson near Hannah st. 

Swannell, Donald, grocer, &c.. Market st. 

Swartz, P., cigar manufacturer, James near Stuart 6t. 

Sweetman, Edward, corner Park and Vine sts. 

Sweetman, John, laborer. Mulberry near Park st. 

Synam, Patrick, laborer, Hughson near Lynd st. 

Taffee, Mrs. Madeline, widow, John near Augusta st. 

Tait, James, laborer, corner John and Barton sts. 

Tallman, William, carpenter, John near Henry st. 

Tayler, Charles J., produce merchant, Stuart neat 
, John st. 

Taylor, Andrew, machinist, near Cannon st. and West 

Taylor, G., East Market st. 

TAYLOR, GEORGE, manager of Bank of British North 
America, 5 King st. 

Taylor, George, jr., carver. Bay st. 

Taylor, George, sen., cabinetmaker, Bay st. 

Taylor, James, tavernkeeper, MacNab near Mulberry St. 

Taylor, John, moulder, corner MacNab and Conces- 
sion sts. 

Taylor, John, paperhanger. Bay st. 

Taylor, Mrs., dressmaker, 54 MacNab st. 

Taylor, Mrs. Johannah, Catharine st. near Railway. 

Taylor, Thomas, carpenter, Ray near Main st. 

Taylor, Thomas, Main near James St. 

Taylor, Thomas, paperhanger. Bay st. 

Taylor, Wm. J., railway clerk, Hughson near Henry st. 

Directory.] 1858. 


Taylor, William, ' watchmaker and jeweller, James 

St. near Post office. 
Tennery, John E., grocer, King st. west. 
Terrell, James, contractor, corner Queen and Market sts. 
Terrill, Edger J., foreman, Sursden st. 
Tewkesbury, Mrs. Maria, widow, Gore near John st. 
Thomas, Charles L., pianofortes, &c., at G. E. Pell's 

Art repository, King st. west, house Vine st. 
THOMAS, E. CARTWRIGHT, sheriff. Mountain st. 
Thomas, James D., dealer in grain, Merrick near Bay st. 
Thomas, James D., of J. Crawford & Co. 
THOMAS, JAMES E., dealer in dry goods, V James st. 
Thomas, John, shoemaker, James near Stinson st. 
Thomas, Mrs. Harriet, washerwoman, Hughson near 

Wilson St. 
Thomas, Mrs. John, dressmaker, near Cannon and 

Wellington sts. 
Thomas, Robert, carpenter, Hughson near Gore st. 
Thomas, William, architect, Main near Hughson st. 
Thompson, George, laborer. Peel near Bowery st. 
THOMPSON, GEORGE, soapmaker. Upper MacNab st. 
THOMPSON, GEORGE S., teamster, Peel near Bowery 


Thompson, James, of J. Thompson & Co., Napier st. 
THOMPSON, JAMES, & Co., wholesale and retail 

grocers, Market sq. 
Thompson, John, baker, Hughson near Hannah st. 
Thompson, John, laborer, Queen st. near Broadway. 
Thompson, John, saddler, near Russell st. and West 

Thompson, Miss, dressmaker, corner Charles and 

Main sts. — 

Thompson, Miss Margaret, Main near Charles st. 
Thompson, Mrs. Ann, widow, Main near Bay st. 
Thompson, Octavius, dealer in provisions, John near 

Tyburn St., house Catharine near Peel st. 
THOMPSON, PETER, innkeeper, Wentworth st. 
Thompson, W., of Gates, Thompson & Co., boards at 

Royal hotel. 
Thompson, William, tailor, Main near Bay st. 
Thomson, James, laborer, Hughson near Oak st. 
Thomson, James Richard, barrister, conveyancer, and 

notary public, Upper Hughson near Main St. 
Thomson, Miss Agnes J., milliner, 6 James st. 
THORN, RICHARD W., tobacconist, corner Hughson 

and King sts., house Mary st. 
Thorn, William, importer of crockery and glassware 

York St. 
Thorner, John, broker, Catharine near Henry st. 
Thornton, Samuel, carpenter, John near Stuart st. 
Thornton, William, laborer, corner Wellington and 

Catharina sts. 
TifiSn, Samuel, grocer and proprietor of City arms 

saloon, corner Catharine and Lynd sts. 
Tillman, William, butcher. Market, house Caledonia 

Tinch, John, printer, corner Park and Sheaffe sts. 
Tindle, Thomas, carpenter and builder, John near 

Lynd st. 
Tinning, Edward, carpenter. Little Main st. 
Tisdale, V. H., & Co., fancy articles. King near James st. 
Tister, Daniel B., York st. 
Titus, A. M., dealer in stoves, John near King St., 

house King William near John st. 
TITUS, HENRY N., broker, James St., house King st. 

Titus, M., stove manufacturer, John st. 
Todd, George, carpenter, York st. 
Tomes, Joseph E., painter, John near King st. 
Tomkins & Co., architects, engineers, &c. King st. west. 
Tomlin, Thomas, brewer. Spring near Peel St. 
Tompkins, William G., engineer. Main near MacNab st. 
Toms & Anderson, ale and porter brewers, Peel near 

John St. 
Toms, James, corner Peel and Cherry sts. 
Toole, Michael, laborer, Victoria avenue near King St. 
Tout, Thomas, blacksmith, 5 MacNab st. 

Toronto hotel, George Atkins, proprietor, corner James 

and Murray sts. 
Tout, William, engine driver, William near Barton st. 
Towersey, Joseph, laborer, James near Barton st. 
Townson, John A., saloonkeeper, corner John and 

Barton sts. 
Tracy, 0. J., boot and shoemaker, King st. east, house 

Peel St. east. 
Travers, Dennis, Tyburn st. 
Travers, George, clerk. Peel near Queen st. 
Tremaine, W. H., engineer's oflSce, Great Western Rail- 
Tremlett, William, boot and shoe maker. King St. west. 
Tristram, George, blacksmith, corner Cannon and 

Bay sts. 
Troupe, John, teamster, Napier st. 
Troupe, Miss Mary, milliner and dressmaker, Napier st. 
True, William, Little Market st. 
Tuckett, George, tobacconist, York st. 
TuUock, Robert, laborer. Main near Catharine st. 
Turner, James, of John k James Turner, MacNab near 

Hunter st. 
Turner, John, of John & James Turner, James near 

Hannah st. 
TURNER, JOHN & JAMES, wholesale grocers, wine 
and spirit merchants. King st. adjoining Anglo 
American hotel. 
Twitcher, Frederick, John near Base st. 
Tweedie, Thomas, tailor. Park near Merrick st. 
Twist, William, stonemason. East Market st. 
Tyson, George, bricklayer, corner Jones and Dun- 

durn sts. 
Tyson, William, plasterer, Ray near Market st. 
Union hotel, Thomas Clark, proprietor, corner Stnart 

and MacNab sts. 
Union inn, John Gage, proprietor, 104 John st. 
United Presbyterian Church, rev. W. Ormiston, min- 
ister, Merrick St. between MacNab and James sts. 
Unity Fire & Life Assurance Associations, Richard P. 

Street, secretary and agent, King st. 
Unwin, Robert, railway clerk. Park near Sheaffe st. 
UNZ^JKER, JOHN H., proprietor, publisher and prin- 
tpr of the Canada Zeitung, and proprietor of Wa- 
terloo hotel, 128 King St. west. 
Ure, William, moulder, John near Henry st. 
Urquhart, Henry, express messenger, corner James and 

Main sts. 
Usher, George, cabinetmaker, Peel near Cherry st. 
Valland, James, carpenter and joiner, Hughson near 

Henry st. 
Valley, Michael, engineer, corner Picton and James sts. 
Vandersluys, Joseph, portrait painter, Locke near 

King St. 
Vangunten, John, jeweller and watchmaker, King st. 

east, house John near Gore st. 
VanNorman, Abner E., of C. H. VanNorman & Co., 

corner King and Bay sts. 
VanNorman, Caleb H., of C. H. VanNorman & Co., 

Park near Merrick st. 
VANNORMAN, C. H., & Co., jewellers and watchma- 

VANNORMAN, J. M., M.D., King near Bay st. 
Varcoe, Robert, railway clerk. Pearl near King st. 
Varney, George, laborer. Main near Catharine st. 
Victoria hotel, Robert Cobine, proprietor. King st. 

WADDELL, ROBERT R., produce broker and shipping 

and commission merchant, John near King st. 
Wade, Miss Jemima, Little Market st. 
Wade, Robert, laborer, Margaret near Main st. 
Wade, Thomas, Simcoe near Bay st. 

agent for the Guide to Holiness — depot for religious 

books, temperance publications and Sabbath School 

libraries. Main near James St. 
Wagstaff, George, laborer. East Market st. 
Wakefield, John, butcher. Market, house InacNab st. 



1857. [Cawada 

Wakeinan, Williaiii, blacksmith, King st. west. 
Waldon, Frederick, laborer, Margaret near Main St. 
Waldrati, William, plasterer, Wood near HughsOn St. 
Walker, Alfred E., bookkeeper. Cannon near Bay st. 
Walket, Archibald, clerk. Walnut near Peel st. 
Walker, F. C, builder, 68 Bay st., house Park st. 
Walker, Henry W., audit office. Great Western Railway. 
Walker, Henry, travelling agent, Gannon nearPaftst. 
Walker, James, James near Bond st. 
WALKER, JAMES, silk mercer, draper and merchant 

tailor, comer King and James sts., house corner 

Main and Bond st. 
WALKER, JAMES, soap and candle factor. King near 

James 'st., house corner Main and Bowery sts. 
Walker, Robert, dealer in dry goods and clothing, corner 

James st. and Market sq. 
WALKER, ROBERT, waggonmaker. Main near John 

St., house corner Walnut and King sts. 
Walker, Thomas, clerk. Park near Ca,nnon st. * 
Walker, Thomas, waggonmaker, Wentworth near 

Nightingale st. 
Walker, William, flour and . feed store, James and 

Barton sts. 
Wall, William, saddler. Main near Victoria st. 
Wallace, James, moulder, Henry near John st. 
Wallace, Mrs. E., boarding house, Queen near York st. 
Wallace, William, Union near John st. 
Walltoff, William, grocer. King st. east. 
Walsh, Henry, laborer, Burlington near James st. 
Walsh, John, laborer, Caroline near York et. 
Walsh, Mrs. Mary, widow. Concession near James St. 
Walster, William, butcher. Market, house Burton St. 
Walters, Andrew, plumber, painter, &c., corner John 

and Lynd sts. 
Walton, John, laborer, Lynd near John st. 
Walton, Thomas, clothier. King William st. , 

Ward, Francis, Base near MaoWab st. 
Ward, Richard, carpenter, King st. west. 
Wardess, Charles, laborer, East Market st. 
Ware, E. W., manufacturer of scales, Caroline near 

Main St. 
Ware, P. T., of P. T. Ware & Co., John near Hanifeh st. 
WARE, P. T., & Co., importers of watches, clocks, 

jewellery, electroplate, &c., and manufacturers of 

regalia. King st. east, near James st. 
Wark, William, plasterer, corner Ashley and Night- 
ingale sts. 
Warley, Miss E., dealer in berlin wool and, fancy ar- 

'ticles. King st. west. 
WARMOLL, CHARLES, dry goods and millinery, 46 

King St. east. 
Warrant, James, la'borer, corner Oak and Catharine sts. 
Warrant, James, proprietor of Straburn saloon, York st. 
Warren, Thomas, bookbinder. Cannon near Emerald st. 
Washington, Geo., carpenter, Catharine near Barton st. 
WATER WORKS OFFICE,' Thomas C. Keefer, engi- 
neer, Canada Life Assurance buildings. Upper 

James st. 
WATERLOO HOTEL, John H. Unzicker, proprietor, 

128 King St. west. 
WATKINS, BROTHERS & Co., wholesale dry goods 

merchants, 47 King st. east. 
Watkins, Frederick, of Watkins, Brothers & Co., King 

St. east. 
Watkins, John H., of Watkins, Brothers & Co., Main st. 
Watkins, John Harton, dealer in dry goods, James near 

King St., house Main near MacNab gt. 
Watkins, Samuel, dealer in dry goods, James near King 

St., house Henry near James st. 
Watkins, T. C, of Watkins, Brothers & Co., Henry st. 
Watkins & Watkins, dry goods and ready made cloth- 
ing, 3 James st. 
Watson, George, carpenter, York near Bay st. 
Watson, William, baker. King st. west. 
Watt, John, tailor, Tyburn near Walnut st. 
Waiters, Alexander, of Harte & Waiters, Rebecca near 

Mary st. 

Waiters, John, carpenter and furniture broker. King 
William st. 

Watterworth, John, carpenter. Little Market st. 

Watts, Thomas, cab driver, James near Strachah s't. 

Waits, Thomas, cab driver, Union near James st. 

Waugh, John, carpenter, 24 Bay st. 

Wayenseil, J. J., & Co., upholsterers. King near Wal- 
nut St. 

Wayte, Henry, tailor, Tyburn near Wellington st. 

Webber, Frederick, builder, Catharina St. 

Webber, John, builder, corner John and Maria sis. 

Webber, Thomas, builder, corner Catharine and Au- 
gusta sis. 

Webster, James, Caroline st. 

Webster, James, Main near Caroline St., house Union 
near Hughson st. 

Weeks, Hiram, of Campbell & Weeks, Ancaster st. 

Weir, William, moulder, Catharine near Stiuson St. 

Weldou, Norman, gardener, Ashley near Wilson st. 

Wellington, George, builder. Bold st. 

Wellington hotel, James Arthur, proprietor. King 8t. 

Wellington inn, John Bowling, proprietor, corner 
Colborne and MacNab sts. 

Wells, John, carpenter, Victoria avenue near Main St. 

Welsh, James, boot and shoe maker. East Market st. 

Welsh, John, laborer, Napier St. 

WelsTi, John, laborer, John near Rebecca st. 

Wesleyau Methodist Chapel, corner MacNab and Mer- 
rick sts. 

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, corner King and Welling- 
ton sts. 

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, corner John and Rebecca 

West, William, police constable, Tyburn near Spring St. 

Westbrooke, Mrs., washerwoman. King st. east. 

James Osborne, president; S. B. Baker, secretary- 
treasurer, Canada Life Assurance buildings. Upper 
James St. 

Weston, John, shoemaker, Caroline near Cannon St. 

Weston, Robert, waggonmaker and blacksmith, Hugh- 
son st. 

Wetenhall, E., clerk. 

Wetenhall, James S., 94 Rebecca si. 

Wetenhall, Mrs. John, Main near Caroline St. 

WETENHALL, WILLIAM, produce merchant, land 
agent, and agent for Provident Life Assnfancc 
Company, James St., near Post office. 

Wetherall, Joseph, landing waiter, Hughson st. 

Whakley, Richard, laborer, Caroline near York St. 

Whan, Maclean & Co., dry goods, corner King and 
MacNab sis. 

Whan, Thomas, of Whan, Maclean & Co., King si. east. 

Wheeler, Robert, tailor, corner James and Hannah sis. 

Wheeler, William, mariner, Burlington near MacNab St. 

Whiley, Daniel, laborer, corner MacNab and Burling- 
ton Sts. 

Whipple, E. S., dealer in stoves, Catharine near Re- 
becca St. 

White, Benjamin, barber, MacNab near King St. 

White, David, cabinetmaker, near Robert and Welling- 
ton sts. ' 

White, David, tavern keeper, corner John and Peel sts. 

White, H. S., tinsmith, Vine near MacNab St. 

White & Hager, musical instrument makers, 'King St. 

White, James, shipbuilder. Cook's wharf, near Burling- 
ton st. 

White, James, ship carpentel:. Bay st. 

White, Micha,e}, tailor, Merrick near Park st. 

White, Nicholas, laborer, Wilson near Catharine si. 

White, T. W., of White & Hager, King st. west. 

WHITE, THOMAS, grocer and provision storekeeper, 
1 14 King St. east. 

White,- Thomas, lumber merchant, comer Hess and. 
Napier sts. 

Directory.] 1858. 



White, William, mechanic, Wilson st. near West avenue . 
Whitney, Charles C, manager Of Montreal Tekgraph 

Whittel, J.,M., bookkeeper. 

Whyte, William, ship carpenter. Wood near Hughson st. 
Wilkie, William, clerk, corner James and Union sts. 
Wilkius, Miss Harriet Anne, seminary, corner James 

and Gore sts. near Post office. 
Wilkins, Mrs. Johanna, saloonkeeper. King st. east. 
Wilkinson, Jonathan, reporter, East Market st. 
Wilkinson, Mrs. Agnes, dressmaker. East Market st. 
Willcox, George, carpenter, King st. east. 
Willcox, Mrs. A., talloress. King st. west near Bond st. 
Williams, Bartley, solicitor. East Market st. 
Williams & Cooper, carriage factory, King St. west. 
Williams, Frederick, provision dealer, York st. 
Williams, Henry, railway baggage master, corner Mac- 
Nab and King sts. 
Williams, Henry, saloonkeeper, King William st. 
Williams, James, carpenter. King st. west. 
Williams, James, porter, Hughson st. 
Williams, James M., car factory. Railway 
Williams, James M., of Williams & Cooper, Upper 

Queen st. 
Williams, John, carpenter and joiner. Cannon near 

Park St. 
Williams, John, corner Cannon and Emerald sts. 
Williams, John, laborer, Willson st. 
Williams, Patrick, laborer, York st. 
Williams, S. M., of Williams & Cooper, Queen st. west. 
Williamson, David, commission merchant, John near 

King St., house Rebecca st. 
Williamson, Mrs. Mary, widow, John near Bay St. 
Williamson, Richard, laborer, James near Wilson st. 
Williker, Joseph, tavernkeeper, corner MacMab and 

Burlington sts. 
Willis, Alexander, carpenter, Catharine near Henry st. 
Willis, James, boot and shoe maker. King St. w^est. 
Willis, Robert, messenger, Broadway. 
Willoughby, captain G. E., James st. opposite church. 
Willson, John, stonecutter. Cherry near Tyburn st. 
Willson, Thomas, superintendent of City hospital 

John st. 
Wilson, Charles, vcarpenter, Ray near little Main st. 
Wilson, Henry, laborer, York st. 
Wilson Henry L., clerk, 
Wilson, hon. John, inspector of revenue for South 

Wentworth, Custom house. 
Wilson, John, carpenter, corner Wilson st. and West 

WUson, John, lumber merchant. Peel near Cherry st. 
Wilson, Joseph, grocer, King st. east. 
Wilson, Mrs., Main near Bay st. 

Wilson, T, superintendent of Orphan asylum, Welling- 
ton near Maria st. 
Wilson, WUliam, saloon, James near Wilson st. 
Wilson, William, tailor, MacNab near Cannon st. 
Wilson, William, tailor, near Cannon st. and West 

Wily, Daniel, Kinginear MacNab st. 
Windsor, Francis, laborer, Margaret near King st. 
Winer, John, of Winer, Moore & Co., 40 John st. 
WINER, MOORE & Co., wholesale and retail chemists 

and druggists, 32 King st. east. 
Winglestow, M., tinsmith, Cannon near Bay st. 
Winkler, Julius, blacksmith. King st. west. 
Winkler, Mrs. Julia, widow. Lock near King st. 
Winn, John, contractor, Colborne near Park St. 

Wishard, Adam, cabinetmaker and upliolsterer, East 
Mar3[et st. 

WOOD, ANDREW T., wholesale dealer in hardware, 
241 King St. east. 

Wood, Mrs. S., boarding house, Catharine near Re- 
becca st. 

Woodcock, Mrs. Mary, washerwoman, Hughson near 
Stinson st. 

Woodley, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, King St. west. 

Woodroffe, Henry J., classical teacher, Catharine near 
Augusta St. 

Woodruff, Ephraim, mason. Cherry near Tyburn st. 

Woods, Henry, constable. Cannon st. and West 

Woods, Jesse, blacksmith, corner MacNab and Wil- 
son sts. 

Woolley, William, porter, John near Peel st. 

Woolverton, T., operator Montreal telegraph. 

Wootman, Henry, teamster. King st. west. 

Workman, Thomas, bookkeeper. East Market st. 

Wortbington, George, builder, 99 James st. 

WRIGHT, DAVID, accountant, broker, insurance agent 
and commission merchant, James st. opposite Mar- 
ket, house Catharine near Rebecca st. 

Wright, George, of Mills & Wright, Peel st. 

Wright, James H., boards at Royal hotel. 

Wright, John N., laborer, Catharine near Lynd st. 

Wright, Peter, Cannon. st. near West avenue. 

Wright, rev. W. minister ofMethodlst Episcopal church. 
Nelson st. corner of King st. east. 

Wright, Thomas, King st. east. 

Wyatt, M., laborer, East Market st. 

Wylkwyn, David, laborer, Wentworth near Queen st. 

Wyll, Hugh, laborer, MacNab near Colborne st. 

Wyllie, George, waggonmaker, corner John st. and 
Maiden lane, house Tyburn near John st. 

Wythe, Alexander, carpenter, York st. 

Yaldon, William, tavernkeeper, corner MacNab and 
Stinson sts. 

Yearsley, Robert, painter, Hughson near Lynd st. 

Young, Charles, grocer, James near Stuart st. 

Young, David, carpenter, Stuart near James st. 

Young, George A., clerk. Peel near Caroline St. 

YOUNG, H. & R., bell hangers, gasfitters, brassfound- 
ers, plumbers, and dealers in gasaliers, pendants, 
&e.. King st. west, between Bay and Caroline sts. 

Young, Hugh, blacksmith, Vine near MacNab st. 

Young, James, Catharina St. 

Young, John, general dealer, John near Hannah st. 

Young, Mrs. John, widow, James near Hannah st. 

Young, Mrs., widow. Peel near James st. 

YOUNG, LAW & Co., general merchants, corner Mac- 
Nab and Merrick sts. 

Young Maitland, jr., agent for Montreal Fire Insurance 

Young, Miss Jane, dressmaker and milliner, King st. 

Young, Mrs., corner Peel and Catharine sts. 

Young, Robert, dealer in hardware. King st. east, 
house York st. 

Young, Robert, of H. & R. Young, Vine st. 

Zassfifel, Martin, railway clerk. King st. west. 

Zealand, Edward, wharfinger, Brock near James st. 

Zealand, WUliam, captain of schooner, MacNab near 
Burlington st. 

ZIMMERMAN, JAMES, contractor, boards at Anglo 
American hotel. 

Zincheimer, Henry, cigarmaker, John near Main st. 



Stevenson, James, James near Union St. 
Wright, David, James st. opposite Market. 


Clark, Hutchinson, Hughson near Gore st. 
Hills, Albert H., James near King st. 
Eastrick, Hall & Wily, James near King st. 


George E. Pell, proprietor. King st. west. 


Bickle, T. E.,'& Son, Medical hall. King st. east. 

Dalley, E., 110 Tort st. 

Hamilton, Muir & Co., comer King and James sts. 

Qnemer, Emil, Apothecary's hall, corner Bond and King sts 

Winer, Moore & Co., 82 King st. east. 



185Y. [CAKADi 


Best, Thomas Noakes, Jamea st. 
Booker, Alfred, King st. west. 

Stephens, Felix, John near Augusta at. 


Chihnan, Isaac C, King st. west. 

Harris, "William, 27 Market sc[. 

Miller, James, 95 James st. ^ 


Hardy Charles, King 'William near James st. 


Hamilton, Davis & COy corner James and Merrick sts., 

opposite the Post office. 
Macdonald, W. It., & Co., King near James st. 


Bank of British North America, George Taylor, manager, 5 
King St. 
« Bank of Montreal, Andrew Milroy, manager, 9 King ^ 

Bank of Tipper Canada, Alfred Stow, cashier, comerjames 
and Vine sts. 

Commercial Bank of Canada, W. H. Park, manager, Canada 
Life Assurance buildings. Upper James st. 

Gore Bank, N. G. Crawford, cashier, corner King and Hugh- 
son sts. 


Bland, J. H., James near Main st. 


Burton & Sadleir.'Canada Life Assurance buildings, James st. 

Crickmore, C. G., 22 King st. east, 

Freeman, Craigie & Proudfoot, King near James st. 

Law, Robert Nichol, Rebecca st. 

Leggo, William, Upper Hughson near Main st. 

Mai*tin & McKeown, Upper Hughson near Main st. 

Martin, R. & B., James near King st. 

O'Reilly & Jarvis, King St. west. 

Pringle, J. D.. Hannah near Hughson st. 

Reid, Colin D,, Hughson near King st. 


Harding, George, corner James and Rebecca sts., and 4.6 
King St. west of Bay st. under Water "Works office, 


Young, H. & R.,'King st. west between Bay and Caroline sts. 

Bcasley, Richard S., Market sq. 

Gillesby, Thomas, corner Market and Bay sts. 


James, Peter, & Son, Court house sq. 
McAllister, David C, Brock near MacNab St. 


Gentry & Brown, James St. opposite Market. 

McAllister, David C, Brock near MacNab et.- 

Gentry & Brown, James at. opposite Market. 

Eneesnaw, Joseph, & Co., King st. east. 


Andrews, P. H., & Co., King near John st. 
Campbell, A. J., & Co., King st. east. 
Gentry & Brown, James St., opposite Market. 
Wadsworth, Richard Dawson, Main ueaa' Jame8 st. 


Billington, John, James opposite Gore st. 
Buchau, William, corner MacNab and York sts. 
Gordon, Alexander, King st. west. 
Nisbet, R. & Co., 26 King st. east. 
Sulley, John, 24 King st. west. 


Young, H. & R., King st. west between Bay and Caroline sts. 

Grant & Middlewood, Spring Brewery, corner Bay and 
Marlborough sts., office Main near Hughson st. 

Ba'l, IVederiok A., King st. next Bank of Montreal. 

Mainilton, Davis & Co., corner James and Merrick sts. oddo- 
site Host office. 

Maodonald, "W. R., & Co., King near James st. 

bmith, John, 4 Lister's buildings, James st. 

Tit IS, Henry N., James st. 

A* addell, Robert R., John near King st. 

n right, David, James st. opposite Market. 


Clark, Hutchinson, Hughson near Gore st. 
Cummings, John, Cherry near Peel st. 
Edgar, Sharp & Co., comer "York and Caroline sts. 
Robertson, George, West Market and Napier sts. 


"Western Permanent, James Osborne, president ; S. B. Baker, 
secretary-treasiu-er, Canada Life Assurance buildings, 
Upper James st. 


Meakins & Sons, Elgin block, John near King st. 


Thompson, George, Upper MacNab st. 
"Walker, James, King near James st. 


Pell, Georee E., Art repository. King near Bay st. 
Roberts, John, King st. east, 


Bickle, T. E., & Son, Medical hall. King st. east. 

Dalley, E., 110 York st. 

Hamilton, Muir & Cb., comer King and James sts. 

Querner, IBmil, Apothecary's hall, comer Bond and King sts. 

Winer, Moore & Co., 32 King st. eltst. 

Patton, Samuel G. & Co., Gore of King st. 


Bigelow, Albert, King st. first door west of Gore Bank. 
Cummings, James, King st. east. 

guimby & Co., 87 James st. 
Thorn, Bicha>rd W., comer Hughson and King sts. 


Beasley, Thomas, Market sq. 


Moore, John F., mayor ; Thomas Beasley, clerk, Ci^ hall, 
Market sq., James st. 


Ebbs, rev. Edward, secretary. King st. east. 


Keefer, Thomas C, "Water Works office, Canada Life Assu- 
rance buildings. Upper James st. 
Rastrick, Hall & "Wily, James near King st. 


Ebbs, rev. Edward, Congregationalist, and secretary to CUr 

Tract and Missionary Society, King st. east. 
Elliott, rev. James, Wesleyan, Main near John st. 
Farrell, right rev. John, D.D., bishop, Roman catholic, 

Sheaffe near Bay st. 
Geddes, rev. J. Gamble, rector of Christ Church, comer 

John and Barton sts. 
Hebden, rev. John, M.A., incumbent of Ascension church, 

James near Catharina St. 
Inglis, rev. David J., Free church, pastor of MacNab st. 

church. King st. opposite Florence hotel. 
McCluj'e, rev. William, pastor of New Connection methodist 

church, Main near John st. 
Morria, rev. A. P., M.A., principal of Grammar School, 

Main st. 
Peden, rev. Robert, editor of the Canada Evangelist, Catha- 
rine near Hannah st. 
Shepard, rev. Gideon, editor of Christian Advocate, comer 

Catharine and Catharina sts. 
Stephenson, rev. William, Primitive methodist, comer Stin- 

son and Hughson stf, 


Cozens, George H., 45 James st. next Mechanics hall. 

Crofts & Lewis, 8 James st. 

Evans, Robert, 10 James st. 

Harte & "Watters, Lister's buildings, James st. opposite 

Lawson & Brother, Albert house, comer King and James sts,, 

and 86 City buildings, King st. east, Toronto. 
Mclntyre, John, Cheny st. 
Rutherford & Saunders, 48 King st. west and 52 and 64 Kins 

St. west Toronto. 
Smith & Gauld, 40 Kingst. east. 
"Walker, James, comer King and James sts. 


Myles, T. Se J., Court house aq., and John st. whai^f. 

Smith, John, 4 Lister'a buildings, James st. 
Stevenson, James, James near Union st. 

DiBECTORY.J 1858. 



Best, Thomas Noakes, James st, 
Birss, MoCuaix & Co., King st. east. 
Booker, Alfred, Kinejt. west. 

Fearman, Trederict T/f., Hughson near King William st. 
Lorimer, James, & Co., King st. west near Bay St. 
Osborne, J. & D. M., James, Gore of King st. 
Stevenson, P. S., 5 King st. west. 
Waddell, Robert E., John near King st. 
■Wright, David, James st. opposite Market. 


Harris, William, 87 Market sq. 
McKillop, John, King near Catharine St. 
O'Grady, John, H Peel near Walnut st. 


Blunt, Joseph, Park near Colbome st. 
Bidley, Samuel C, Vine near James st. 
Zimmerman, James, boards at Anglo American hotel. 


Fell, William, King st. west near MacNab st. 

Gillesby, Thomas, comer Market and Bay sts. 


Leggo, William, Upper Hughson near Main st. 


Lawson & Brother, Albert house, comer King and James sts., 
and 86 City bidldings. King st. east, Toronto. 

Cozens, George H., 45 James st. next Mechanics hall. 

Harte & Watters, Lister's buildings, James st. opposite 

Mclntyre, John, Cherry st. 

Rutherford & Saunders, 48 King st. west and 53 and 61 King 
St. west, Toronto. 

Smith & Gauld, 40 King st. east. 

Walker, James, comer King and James sts. 


Boice, William, & Co., King st. east. 

Buchanan, Harris & Co., King st. east. 

Gates, F. W., & Co., 43 King st. cast. 

Gordon & Mackay, 37 King near John st. 

Kerr, Brown & Co., Gore of King st. 

Mclnnes, Donald, i, Co., comer King and John sts. 

Watkins, Brothere& Co., 47 King st. east. 

Young, Law & Co., comer MacNab and Merrick sts. 


Corbey, Lewis B.., & Co., comer King and Hughson sts. 

Crofts & Lewis, 8 James st. 

Crossley, John, comer James and King William sts. 

Evans, Robert, 10 James st. 

Grafton, John S., & Co., 2 James st. 

Harris, John, & Co., 30 Kingst. 

James, George, James near Rebecca st. 

Jones & Findky, James near King St. 

McKeand, Brother & Co., 48 King st. west. 

McRae, Colin, 4 James st. 

Murray, Alexander, & Co., Gore of King st. 

Parsons Sc Pearson, King near Bond st. 

G?homas, James £., 7 James st. 

Warmoll, Charles, 46 King st. east. 


Bickle, T. E., & Son, Medical hall. King st, east. 
DaUey, B., 110 York st. 

^bmuton, Muir & Co., comer King and James sts. 
Quemer, Bmil, Apothecary's hall, comer Bond and King sts. 
Winer, Moore & Co., 32 King St. east. 


Patton, Samuel G., & Co., Gore of King st. 


Bigelow, Albert, Kii^ st. first door west of Gore bank. 
Cummings, James, King st, east. 


Ware, P. T., & Co., King St. east near James st. 


Dixon, Thomas C, Park near Cannon st. 


Pell, William, King st. west near MaCNab st. 

Prince & Levy, King st. west opposite Bank of Montreal. 


Hamilton, Davis & Co., comer Merrick and James sts. oppo- 
site Post office. 
Hacdonald, W. E., & Co., King near James st. 


American, Henry Langdon, agent, James near King Wil- 
liam st. 


Fell, William, King st. west near MacNab st. 

Prince & Levy, Kingst. west opposite Bank of Montreal. 

Rosenband & Drey.King st. west. 


Parsons & Pearson, King near Bond st. 


Bruce, John A., King st. west near MacNab st. 
Kelly, E., & Co. 221 King st. east, 


Fearman, Frederick W., Hughson near King William St. 

Hardy, Charles, King William near James St. 

Harvey, Alexander, York st. 

Macara & Co., John near King st. 

Osborne, J. & D. M., James, Gore of King st. 

Bae, Brothers & Co., York st. 

Smith, John, 4 Lister's buildings, James st. 

Waddell, Robert R., John near King st. 

Wetenhall, William, James st. near Post office. 


Browne, Edward, MacNab st. 
Browne, M. Wilson, Guise near Hughson st. 
Browue & Malcomson, City wharf, foot of James st. 
' Hendrie & Shedden, King st. west. 
Routh, Thomas, & Co., Wharf foot of MacNab st. 


Rowe & Co., 39 James st. 


Glasses, William H., King near Hnghson st. 
Mills & Wright, 66 King comer John st. 


Hamilton Gas Company, Thomas McHwraith, manager, 
' Mulberry near Park st. 


Harding, George, comer James and Rebecca sts., and 45 King 
St. west of Bay st. under Water Works office, Toronto. 

Young, H. &. R., King st. west between Bay and Caro- 
line sts. 


Harding, Greorge, comer James and Rebecca sts. and 45 King 
st. west of Bay st. under Water Works office, Toronto. 

Young, H. & R., King st. west between Bay and Caro- 
line sts, 


Buchanan, Harris & Co., King st. east. 

Young, Law & Co., corner MacNab and Merrick sts. 


Patton, Samuel G.,'& Co., Gore of King st. 


Bigelow, Albert, King st. first door west of Gore bank. 
Cummings, James, lung st. east. 


Chlhnan, Isaac C, King st. west, 


Morris, rev. A. P., M.A., principal. Main st. 


Brydges, C. J., mana^ug director, house Chedock on Moun- 
tain i John H. Greer, superintendent, Lister's buildings, 
James st. ; W. C. Stephens, secretary ; depot, Stuart near 
Bay St. i general office, Stewart near MacNab st. ; engi- 
neer's office, Stuart and MacNab sts. 


Benner, Richard, & Co„ 25 King st. east. 
Birss, McCuaig & Co., King st. east. 
Buchanan, Harris & Co., King st. east. 
Lorimer, James, & Co., King st. west near Bay st. 
MacNabb, Duncan A., & Co., King near James st. 
Mathiesou & Smith, King near John st, 
McKenzie, Young & Co., Hughson near King st. 
McLaren, W. P., & Co., comer James and King sts. 
Turner, John & James, King st. adjoining Anglo American 

Young, Law & Co., comer MacNab and Merrick sts. 


Barr, John, James near Market st. 
'Campbell, Alexander, comer York and Merrick sts. 
Campbell & Logan, King st. east. 
Cherrier & Brother, Market sq. 
Dalley, E., 110 York st. 
Galbreaith, W. D., & Co., King st. east. 
Holmes, John, King near John st. 
Kerr, W. G., S7 King st. 
Osborne, James, James st. 
Park & Cusack, Market sq. 




1857. \CAiim 

Budd, George W., corner King and Bay sts. 
Stuart & Smith, John near Main St. 
Thompson, James, & Co., Market sq. 
White, Thomas, 174 King st. east. 


Sland, J; H., James near Main st. 


Bellhouse, William, & Co., King st. east. 
Buchanan, Harris & Co., King st. east. 
MaoJfab, Daniel, & Co., Gore of King st. 
McGivern, Edward, & Co., King near John st. 
Wood, Andrew T., 241 King st. east. 
Young, Law & Co., comer MacNab and Merrick sts. 

Benson & Atkinson, King st. east. 
Carpenter, Joel, & Co., 38 King st. 

Juson, Richard, & Co., James near King st. and comer 
Hughson and Henry ^ts. 


Glassco, William H., King near Uughson st. 
Mills & Wright, 66 King corner John st. 


Bishop, Jacob, Cathcarfc st. 


Greenleaf, William, M.D., Gore near John st. 

Harding, Gfiorge, corner James and Rebecca sts., and King 
St. west of Bay St. under Water Works office, Toronto. 


Parsons & Pearson, King near Bond st. 

Anglo American, C. S. Coleman, King st. east. 

Black Horse, Greorge Hoult, Market sq. 

Florence, Roswald Jeffrey, King st. west. 

Glasgow Arms, James Love, Stuart hill near Railway depot. 

Great Western, James W, Crawford, King near MacNab st. 

International, Richard Beasley, Market sq. 

Railroad, John McKay, Stuart st. 

Royal, Thomas Davidson, corner .Tames and Merrick sts. 

Thompson, Peter, Wentworth st. 

Waterloo, John H. Unzioker, 128 King st. west 


Wright, David, James st. opposite Market. 

Britannia Life, Pi-edericK A. Ball, agent. King st. next Bank 

of Montreal. 
British America, Edmund Ritchie, agent, 58 James st. 
Canada Life, T. M. Simons, secretary, Canada Life Assurance 

buildings, Upper James st. 
Canada West Farmers Mutual & Stock, R. P. Street, secre- 

tajy and agent. King st. 
Livemool and London Pire and Life, Frederick A. Ball, agent. 

King St. west, next Bank of Montreal. 
Provident Life, William WetenhaU, agent, James St., near 

Post office. 
Royal Fire and Life, William Bellhouse & Co., agents. King 

St. east. 
Unity Pire and Life, R. P. Street, agent, King st. 


Bellhouse, William, & Co., King st. east. 

Buchanan, Harris & Co., King st. east. 

Macnab, Daniel, & Co., Gore of King st. 

McGivem, Edward, & Co., King near John at. 

Wood, Andrew T., 241 King st. east. 

Toung, Law & Co., comer Ma«Nab and Merrick sts. 

Benson & Atkinson, King st. east. 
Carpenter, Joel, & Co., 38 King st. 

Juson, Richard, & Co., James near King st. and comer 
Hughson and Henry sts. 


Belling, James, King William near James st. 

Newbury A Birely, iiglo American hotel. 

Osborne, Robert, King near James st. 

Prince & Levy, King st. west, opposite Bank of Montreal. 

Rosenband & Drey, King st. west. 

Vannorman, C. H., & Co., 3 James st. 

Ware, P. T., & Co., King st.'east near James st. 


Fearless & Nicholls, King st. next Anglo American hotel. 

Parsons & Pearson, King near Bond st. 

Gunn, D. C, 43 Main st. 

WetenhaU, William, James st. near Post office. 

Banner, Rioiiard, Jt Co„ 25 King st. east. 
Birss, McCuaig & Co., King st. east. 
Bucha^nan, Harris & Co., King st. east. 
Lorimer, James, & Co., King st. west near Bay st. 
-MacNabb, Duncan A., & Co., King near James st. 
Mathieson & Smith, King near John st. 
McKenzic, Young & Co., Hughson near Kin^ st. 
McLaren, W. P., & Co., comer James and King sts. 
Turner, John & .Tames, King st. adjoining Anglo Ameritn 

Young, Law & Co., corner NaoNab and Merrick sts. 

Barr, John, James near Market st. 
Campbell, Alexander, corner York and Merrick sts. 
Campbell & Logan, King st. east. 
Cherrier & Brother, Market sq. 
Dalley, E., 110 York st. 
Galbr aith. W. D., & Co., King st. east. 
Holmes, John, King near John st. 
Kerr, W. G., 37 King st. 
Osborne, James, James st. 
Park & Cusack, Market sq. 
Rudd, George W., comer King and Bay ^U. 
Stuart & Smith, John near Main st. 
Thompson, James, & Co., Market sq. 
Wliite, Thomas. 174 King st. east, 


Cummings, James, King st. east. 

Pell, George E., Ai-t repositoo'. King near Bay si. 

Cook, H. & D. M., & Co., Henry near James st, 

Edgar, Sharpe & Co., corner York and Caroline sts. 

Gunn, D. C, 48 Main st. 


Belling, James, King William near James it. 

JLeggo, William, Upper Hughson near Main st 


John Bell, president ; D. Stewart, secretary, comer Jama 
and King William sts. 


Cozens, George H., 45 James st. next Mechanics hall. 
Harte & Watters, Lister's buildings, James st oppositt 

Lawson & Brother, Albert house, comer King and Jsmet 

sts., and 86 City buildings. King st. east, Toronto. 
Mclntyre, John, Cherry st. 
Rutherford & Saunders, 48 King St. west, and 53 and H 

King St. west, Toronto. 
Smith & Gauld, 40 King st. east. 
Walker, James, corner King and James sts. 


Grafton, John S., &, Co„ 2 James st. 
Murray, Alexander, & Co., Gore of King St. 
Warmoll, Charles, 46 King st. east 

Burgess, John, Gore of King st. 

Nordheimer, A. & S., James st. and Gore of KiiK St., and st 

King St. east, Toronto, and 57 and 59 Great St James st. 



Juson,Richard, & Co., James near King at. and comer Hugh- 
son and Henry sts. 


Banner, (The) William M. Nicholson, proprietor, Hughioii 

near King st. 
Canada Evangelist, rev. B. Peden, proprietor, comer Main 

and Hughson sts. Court house sq. 
Canada Zeitung, J. H. Unzioker, proprietor, 128 Kingst 
Canadian Journal of Homeopathy, W. A. GreenleM, MJ). 

and A. T. Bull, M.D., proprietors, Catharine nearBe- 

becca st. 
Christian A ' vocite, Methodist Episcopal Church, praprietors, 

Catharine near Rebecca st. 
Journal and Express, W.M. Nicholson, proprietor, HughsM 

near King sc. 
Spectator, (The) Smiley & Gillespy, proprietors, comer 

Main and Hughson sts. 


Globe, (Toronto), corner King and James sts. 


Martin & McKeown, Upper TInghson near Main st. 
Reid, Colin D., Hughson near King st. 


Bruce, John A., King st. west off MacNab st; 
Kelly, E., & Co., 221 King st east 

Directory.] 1858. 




Eowe & Co., 39 James st. 


Buntin, James, & Co., Kins st. east. 


O'Grady, John, 2t Peol noar Walnut st. 

Biclde, T. E., & Son, Medioal haU, King St. east. 

Dalley, E., no Yorkst. 

Hamilton, Muir & Co., corner King and James sts. 

Querner, Emil, Apothecary's hall, comer Bond and King sts. 

Winer, Moore & Co.. 32 King st. east. 


Craigie, William, M. D., corner Hughsoii and Augusta ^ts. 
Davis, Daniel, M.D., cornel- James and King William sts. 
Mackintosh, David, M.D., Edinburgh, LJI.C.S.E;, corner 

Gore and Hughson sts. 
VanNorman, J. M., M.D., King near Bay st. 


Nordhrimer, A. & S., James st. and Gore of King st., and at 
King St. east, Toronto, and 57 and 59 Great St. James st. 


Pelf, George E., Art repository. King near Bay St. 
lioberts, John, King st. east.- 


Harding, George, corner James and E«becca sts. and 45 

King St. west of Bay ■ st. under Water Works office, 

Young, H. & E., King st. west, between Bay and Caroline sta 


George H. Armstrong, magistrate ; James McCracken, high 
baililf ; John Cafruthei-a, chief constable. King William 
near John st. 


Ritchie, Edmund, postmaster ; F. E. Ritchie, assistant post- 
master, 58 James st. 

Brega, Cliarles W., clerk, Hughson near Stinson st. 

Bucke, P. E., accountant, Catharine near John st. 

Colbeck, Henry, money order clerk, house on Mountain 
neai" East avenue. 

Eager, John Barker, clerk, James st. near Knox's church. 

Howard, Charles, clerk, 100 Rebecca near Wellington st. 


Ritchie, Edmund, 58 James st. 
Ritchie, F. E., assistant, 58 James st. 


Pearman, Frederick W., Hughson near King William st. 

Harvey, Alexander, York St. 

Macara & Co., Jbhn near King st. 

Osborne, J. & D. M., James, Gore of King st. 

Rae, Brothers & Co., York st. 

Smith, John, 4 Lister's buildings, James st. 

Waddell, Robert E., John near Kiugst. 

Wetenhall, William, James St. near Post oifloc. 


Grant, John, Tyburn neaf Cherry st. 
Rudd, George W., comer Kii^ and Bay sts. 
White, Thomas, 174 King st. east. 


Harding, George, comer James and Rebecca sts., and 45 
King st. west of Bay st. under Water Works ofBoe, 


Ware, P. T., & Co., King st. east, near James st. 


Canadian, J. J. Best, Best & Green's new block, James st. 
St. Charles, Martin Murray, King st. east near John st. 


Wadsworth, Richard Dawson, Main near James st 


Hranigan, Terence, King William st. 
Buscombe, Richard C, King near MaeNab st. 
Gillesby, Thomas, comer Market and Bay sts. 


Robertson, George, West Market and Napier sts. 


Gore District, E. P. Street, actuary, 3 King st. west. 

Dalley, Ware & Co., 120 York st. 


Bruce, John A., King st. west oif MacNab st, 


Thomas, E. Cartwright, Mountain st. 


Browne & Malcomson, City wharf, foot of James st. 
Smith, John, 4 Lister's buildings, James st. 
Waddell, Robert R., John near King St. 


Corboy, Lewis R., So Co., corner King and Hughson sts. 

Crolts & Lewis, 8 James st. 

Crossley, John, corner James and King William sts. 

Evans, Robert, 10 .lames st. 

Grafton, John S., & Co., 2 James st. 

Harris, John, & Co., 80 King st. 

Jame«, George, James near Rebecca st. 

Jones & Findlay, James near King st. 

MoKeaud, Brother & Co., 48 King st. west. 

MoRae, Colin, 4 James st. 

Murray, Alexander, & Co., Gore of King st. 

Parsons & Pearson, King near Bond st. 

Thomas, James E., 7 James st. 

Warmoll, Charlo-s, 10 King st. east. 


Walker, James, comer King and James sts. 


Thompson, George, Upper MacNab st. 
Walker, James, King near James st. 


Burton & Sadleir, Canada Life Assurance buildings, James St. 

Crickmore, C. G., 22 King st. east. 

Freeman, Craigie & Proudfoot, King near James st. 

Law, Robert Nieol, Rebecca st. 

Leggo, William, tipper Hughson near Main st. 

Martin & McKeown, Upper Hughson near Main st 

Martin, R. & B., James near King st. 

O'Reilly & JarWs, King st. west 

Prin le, J. D., Hannah, near Hughson st 

Sieid, Colin D., Hughson near King st 


Buntin, James, & Co., King st. east. 

Andrews, P. H., & Co., King near John st. 
Campbell, A. J., & Co., King st. east 
Gently & Brown, James st. opposite Market 
Kneesnaw, Joseph, & Co., King st. ea^t. 

Benner, Richard, & Co., 25 King st east. 
Birss, Mc'^uaig & Co., King st. east. 
Buchanan, Harris & Co„ King st. east. 
Lorimer, James, & Co., King st west near Bay st 
MaoNabb, Duncan A.. & Co., Kinf near James st 
Mathieson & Smith, King near John st 
McK nzie. Young & Co., Hughson near King st. 
McLaren, W. P., & Co., corner James and King sts. 
Turner, John & James, King St. adjoining Anglo American 

Young, Law & Co., comer MacNab and Merrick sts, 


Barr, John, James near Market st. 

Campbell, Alexander, comer York and Merrick sts. 

Campbell & Ijogan, King st. east. 

Cherrier & Brother, Market sq. 

Dalley, E., 110 York st. 

Galbreaith, W. D., & Co., King st. east. 

Holmes, John, King near John st. 

Kerr, W. G., 87 King st. 

Osborne, James, .Tames st. 

Park & Cusack, Market sq. 

Rudd, Geoige W., corner King and Bay sts. 

Stuart &■ Smith, .John near Main st, 

Thompson. James, & Co., Market sq. 

White, Thomas, 174 King st. east. 


Thompson, George S., Peel near Bowery st. 


Benner, Richard, &■ Co., 25 King st. east. 
Birss, MoCuaig & Co., King st. east. 
Buchanan, Harris & Co., King st. east. 
Lorimer, James. & Co., King st. west near Bay st 
MacNabb, Duncan A.. & Co., King near James st 
Mathieson & Smith, ICing near John st. 
MoKenzie, Young & L'o., Hughsffn near King st. 
McLaren, W. P., & Cd., co.ner James and King sts. 
Turner, John & James, King st. adjoining Anglo American 

Young, Law & Co., corner MacNab and Merrick sts. 



1851. [CiifiDi 

Barr, John, James near Market st. 
Campbell, Alexander, comer York and Merrick sts. 
Campbell & Logan, King st. east. 
Cherrier & Brother, Market sq. 
Dalley, B., 110 York St. 
Galbreaith, W. D., &■ Co., King st. east. 
Holmes, John, King near John st. 
Kerr, W. G., 87 King st. 
Osborne, James, James st. 
Park & Cusack, Market sg 
Budd, George W., corner King and Bay sts. 
Stuart & Smith, John near Main st. 
Thompson, James, & Co., Market sq. 
White, Thomas, 174 King st. east. 


International, James st. 

Montreal, Charles C. Whitney, manager; T. Woolverton and 
John C. Davis, operators, James St. near Post office. 


Wadsworth, Richard Dawson, Main near James st. 

Quimby & Co., 37 James st. 

Tiiom, Bdchard W., comer Hnghson and King sts. 

Lazarus & Brown, Market near Bay st. 


Meakins & Sons, Elgin block, John near King st. 


Walker, Robert, Main near John st. 


Harding, George, comer James and Rebecca sts. and 45 King 
St. west of Bay s't. under Waterworks office, Toronto. 


Keefer, Thomas C, engineer, Canada Life Assurance build- 
ings, Upper James St. 


Newbury & Birely, Anglo American hotel. 

Osborne, Robert, King near James st. 

Prince & Levy, King st. west opposite Bank of Moutroal. 

Bosenband & Drey, King st. west. 

Vannorman, C. H., & Co., 3 James st. 

Ware, P. T., & Co., King st. east near James st. 


Brovrae, Edward, MaoNab st. 

Browne & Malcomson, City wharf, foot of James st 


Benuer, Richard, & COm^o Sing st. ea^t 
Birss, McCuaig & Co., Kiiw st. east. , 

Buchanan, Harris & Co., King st. east. 
Lorinier, James, & Co., King st. west nsar Bay st. 
MacNabb, Duncan A., & Co., King near James St. 
Mathleson & Smith, King near John St. 
McKenzie, Young & Co., Hughson near Kin^ st. 
McLaren, W. P., & Co., corner James and King sts. 
Turner, John & James, King St. adjoining Anglo Americaii 

Young, Law & Co., comer MacNab and Merrick sts. 

Barr, John, James near Market st, 
Campbell, Alexander, comer York and Merrick sts. 
Campbell & Logan, King st. east. 
Cherrier & Brother, Market sq. 
Dalley, B., 110 York st. 
Galbreaith, W.D., & Co., King st. east. 
Holmes, John, King near John st. 
Kerr, W. G.. 37 King st. 
Osborne. James, James st. 
Park & Cusack, Market st. 
Rudd, George W^ comer King and Bay sts. 
Stuart & Smith, John near Main st. 
Thompson, James, & Co., Market sq. 
White, Thomas, 174 King st. east. 


Belling, James, King William near James st. 



(Hamilton Branch) — Office, 5 King st. 

Manager. — Georg-e Taylor. 

Officers. — George Mackay, accountant; John Mur- 
ray and James Goldle, tellers ; John P. LavrleSB, 
discount clerk ; William Dempster, ledgerkeeper ; E. 
H. Jackson, clerk ; Michael Mahony, messenger. 

(Hamilton Bbanoh) — Office, 9 West King st. 

Manager. — Andrew Milroy. 

Officers. — Jackson Eae, accountant ; George Goldie, 
teller j Brougb, first clerk ; John Monkhouse, second 
clerk ; John Scott, porter. 


(Hamilton Bbanoh) — corner James and Vine sts. 

Cashier. — Alfred Stovf. 

Officers. — T. Hellivyell, accountant ; H. Lundy, tel- 
ler ; V. W. Daniels and J. Maynard, clerks. 


(Hamilton Bbanoh) — Office, Upper James st. 

Manager. — W. H. Park. 

Officers. — Robert N. Rogers, teller ; Frederick Cres- 
Vfell, accountant | James Macdonald, receiving- teller ; 
0. H. Sarley, discount clerk ; W. Munroe, ledgerkeeper ; 
S. Walkington, bookkeeper ; J. Elmslie, messenger. 


Under the management and guarantee of the Canada Life 
Assurance Company. 

Oai*TAL,— $1,000,000. 

Offices, Canada Life Assurance buildings Upper 

James st. 

Hours 10 to 4, Mondays 9 to 4 and &to 8. 

Manager. — Lewis R. Marsh. 

Directors. — Hon. Adam Pergusson, Woodhill ; G. 
W. Burton, Hamilton ; Neh. Merritt, Hamilton; John 
Arnold, Toronto ; Hugh 0. Baker, Hamilton ; W. P. 


McLaren, Hamilton ; Hon. J. H. Cameron, M.P.P., 
Toronto ; D. C. Gunn, Hamiltou ; James Mclutyre, 
Hamilton ; M. O'Reilly, Hamilton ; B. P. Street; Hamil- 
ton ; Sheriflf Thomas, Hamilton ; James Hamilton, M.D., 
Dundas ; John Young, Hamilton ; Archibald Kerr, 
Hamilton ; James Osborne, Hamilton ; J. D. Prmgle, 
Hamilton ; R. Juson, Hamiltou ; hon. E. Spence, M.P.P., 
postmaster general, Toronto; D. Mclnnes, Hamilton. 

Bankers. — The Bank of Montreal. 

Incorporated by .Act of Parliament. ' 
Capital,— $800,000. 
Head Office — corner King and Hughson sts. Hamilton. 

Days of discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Andrew Steven, president ; N. G. Crawford, cashier. 

Directors. — Thomas C. Street, Peter Carroll, J. P. 

Dickerman, hon. Adam Pergusson, Francis Brmatinger, 

John Davidson, George Notman, Henry J. Noyle, 

David Thorburn. 

Agency. — Chatham A. Charteriss, Agent. 

" Gait, John Davidson, " 

Guelph, T. Sandilands, " 

" London, W. W., Street, " 

" Paris, James Nimmo, " 

" Simcoe D. Campbell, 5 W' " 

" Woodstock, . . James Ingersoll, " 

Foreign Agencies : 

Albany, U. S, New York State Bank. 

Edinburgh, Scotland, Union Bank and Branches. 

London, England,... Glyn, Mills & Co. 

New York, U. S.,. . Ward & Co. and Merchants Bk. 
Officers.— U. S. Strathv, teller ; Robert Park, receiv- 
ing teller ; Edward Ambrose, accountant ; Thomas 
McCracken, discount clerk ; Charles R. Murray, book- 
keeper ; Joseph Henderson, jr., clerk. 

Office, 3 King st. west. 
R. P. Street, actuary. 

Directory.] 1858. 




CouncU. — Adam Brown, secretary ; W. P. McLaren, 
John Voung, James Osborne, Richard Juson, J. H. 
Birss, H. 0. Baker, P. W. Gates, James Cuming, Colin 
C. Perrle, T. Bickle, P. S. Stevenson, George Parker, 
and Archibald Kerr. 



Canada Life Assurance buildings Upper James St. 
Incorporated by Act of Parliament. 
Shares $200 each. 
Entrance Fee 50o. per share — Transfer Pee 25c. per 
share, but not exceeding $2 for any one transfer. 
Monthly subscription %\ per share — Limited to 
120 months or 10 years. 
Payments due on the third Monday in each month. 
James Osborne, president ; Dr. Duggan, vice president. 
Directors. — James Osborne, G. W. Burton, H. 0. 
Baker, P.I.A., Thos. Duggan, Neh. Merritt, T. M. Si- 
mons, Chas. Magill, John Osborne, Henry J. Green- 
Bankers. — The Bank of British North America. 
Solicitors. — ^Burton k Sadleir. 
Secretary and Treasurer. — S. B. Baker. 



Eev. George Duncan, minister. Jolin st. 


Park St. between Merrick and Vine sts. 


Rev. J. C. Geddes, M.A., fector. Hours of service, 11 

a. m. and 7 p. m. ; communion, 1st Sunday in each 

month ; public baptism, 2nd Sunday in each month 

at 3 p.m. James st. between Henry and Lynd sts. 


Rev. John Hebden, M.A., incumbent ; rev. C. L. P. 

Haensel, assistant minister. Hours of service, 11 

a.m. and 7 p.m. Upper John st. corner of Maria st. 


Rev. Philip Broadwater, minister. Hours of service, 
11 a. m. and 65 p. m. MacNab st. between Can- 
non.and Mulberry sts. 


Rev. — Warren, minister. Hours of service, 11 a. m. 
and 8 p. m. Rebecca st. between John and Catha- 
rine sts. 


Rev. Edward Ebbs, minister. Hours of service, 11 a. m. 
and 6J p. m. ; Sunday school, 2§ p. m. ; prayer 
meeting on Monday, 7J p. m. ; Bible class on 
Thursday, 6i p. m., and lecture, TJ p. m. Corner 
Hughson and Henry sts. -^.j 

In connection with Christ's Church. 
Rev. C. L. F. Haensel, ofiSciating minister. 
Rev. Robert Irvine, D.D. minister. Hours of service, II 
a. m. and 6J p. m. Corner James and Henry sts. 


Rev. W. Wright, minister. Hours of service, 10 J a. m. 

and 6i p. m. Nelson at. corner King st. east. 
Rev. David Savage, minister. Hours of service, 10: 

a. m. and 6J p. m. Main st. between Walnut and 

Catharine sts. 


Rev. David Inglis, minister. Hours of service, 11 
a. m. and 6J p. m. Upper MacNab st. 


Rev. William Stephenson, minister. Hours of service, 

lOJ a. m. and 6J p. m. John st. between Goro 

and Henry sts. 
Rev. Robert Burnet, minister. Hours of service, 11 a.m. 

and 6J p.m. ; Sabbath schools, 9J a.m. and 3 p.m. ; 

service on 'Tuesday evenings, 7J p.m. Corner 

James st. and Maiden lane. 


In connection with Christ's Church. 

Hours of service, TJ and 10 a. m. and 11 p. m. Corner 
Park and Sheaflfe sts. 


In connection with Christ's Church. 

In connection with Christ's Church. 


Eev. William Ormiston, minister. Hours of service, 11 

a. m. and 6J p. m. Merrick st. between MacNab 

and James sts. 


Revs. Samuel D. Rice, Ephraim B. Harper and Charles 
Lavell, ministers, officiating in rotation at the fol- 
lowing churches : MacNab st. Church, John st. 
Church, East King st. Church, Bethel Church, 
West Main st. Church. Hours of service, lOJ 
a. m. and 6J p. m. ; Sabbath school in each at 2 
p. m. ; weekly lecture, Tuesday evenings ; Bible 
class, (John st. Chapel) Monday evenings ; prayer 
meetings in each church Thursday evenings. 

Mayor. — John P. Moore. 

Aldermen — Robert N. Law, George H. Mills, Michael 
Wilson Browne, Mi